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Full text of "The flora of British India, by J.D. Hooker assisted by various botanists"

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Dates of Publication of the Several Part^ of this Volume, 

Part IV. pp. 1-240, was published May 1876. 
„ V. pp. 241-496, „ July 1878. 

„ VI. pp. 497 to end „ May 1879. 






Sm J. D. HOOKER, C.B., K.C.S.I. 

M.Dm F.aB., D.C.L. OXOK., LL.D. CAinTAB. 







, / 



IGl I ■ 101 . 

cji ■ L ■ \a 






Okder XLV. SABZACSJE. (By J. D. Hooker.) 

Climbing or erect shrubs or erect trees, glabrous or with simple hairs. 

Ltave* alternate, exstipulate, simple or compound. Flatoers small or minute^ 

hermaphrodite or polygamous, usually panicled. Calyx 4H5-partite, imbricate. 

Petals 4-6, equal or imequal, opposite or alternate with the sepals, imbricate. 

Disk usually small, annular. Stamens 4-5, opposite the petals, mserted at the 

base of or on the disk, all perfect or two only perfect and three without anthers; 

filaments clavate, flattened or subulate; anthers didymous, cells dbtant bursting 

transversely or by a deciduous cap. Owiry 2-3-celled, compressed or 2-3-lobed ; 

styles 2-3, free or connate or 0, stigmas punddform ; ovu^ 1-2 in each cell. 

JR5^ carpels 1-2, dry or fleshy, mdehiscent. Seeds compressed or globose, 

Insilar, hilum broad, testa membranous or coriaceous, albumen 0; embryo 

various, cotyledons often contorted, radicle deflexed. — ^Distrib. A small chiefly 

Indian order, vnth 4 genera and about 35 species. 

Stamens 4-5, all pt^rfect and equal 1. Sabia. 

Stamens 5, very unequal , . 2. MsuosiCA. 

1. SABZA, Coleb. 

Climbing or sarmentose shrubs ; branches with the bud-scales persistent at 
their bases. Leaves quite entire. Flowers axillary, solitary, cymose or 
panicled, usually hermaphrodite, 2-bracteate; bracts, calyx, corolla, stamens 
and carpels all opposite. Calyx 4-5-partite. Petals 4-5, with transparent 
lines, green, purplish or yellow. Disk annular, 4-5-lobed. Stamens 4-5, 
inserted at the base of the disk ; anthers extrorse or introrse. Carpels 2, rarely 
3, cohering slightly ; stj'les 2, erect, terminal, cohering slightly ; ovules 2 in 
each carpel, collateral or superposed, horizontal. Ripe-carpels 1 or 2, gibbous, 
-with a subbasal style, dry or drupaceous. Seed reniform, testa coriaceous, 
dotted ; embryo curved, cotyledons straight or incur^-ed flat rugose or undidate, 
radicle cyliniric. — Distrib. About 10 species, natives of tropical and tem- 
perate India. 

• Peduncles l-Jhwered, 

1. S. campanolatSy Wall, in Poxb. FL Ind, ed, Carey ^ ii. 311; Cat. 
1002 ; leaves oblong acuminate puberulous base acute, petals elliptic nerved, 
filaments subulate much shorter than the petals. Hook, f.^T, FL Ind, i. 
200; Brandts, For. Flor, 110. 

Teuhbatb HncAULTA ; from Simla, alt. 5000 ft., to Sikkim, alt. 9-10,000 ft. 
A elmbiDg shrub. Leaves 2-4 by J-1^ in., membranous, puberulous on both 
«urfiice9, nerves reticulate. Peduncles 1-2 in., subclavate. Flowers J in. diam., 
VOL. n. B 

2 XLV. SABIACRE. (J. D. Hooker.) ISahia^ 

Bnbgloboso or campanolate, green. Sepals orbicular. Petals J-^ long, enlarging and 
persistent after flowering. Anthers extrorse. Drupes 2^ in., pale blue, orbicular, 

2. S. leptandra, Hook. /. <$- T. Fl. Ind. i. 209 ; leaves elliptic or 
oblong acuminate glabrous base rounded^ petals elliptic-oblong obtuse, fila- 
ments elongate. 

SnuuH Himalaya ; alt. 5-7000, ft. J, D. H. 

A shrub. Leaves thinly coriaceous, very variable in size and usually 3-4 by 1-1 J" 
in., rarely 6 by 3 in., beautifully reticulated between the few oblique nerves. 
Feduncles 1-2 m. Flowers campanulate, groenish*purple. Sepals 5, rounded. 
Petals I in. long, punctate. Filaments ligulate, anthers extrorse. Drupe as in S, 

* Flowers in 5- or tnore^/hwered cymes or panicles, 

3. S. purpurea, JSbok. /. <$■ T, FL Ind. i. 200 ; leaves oblong lon^- 
acuminate base usually rounded young puberulous, cymes 3-5-flowered, petsila 
acute, filaments broadly subulate. S. parviflora, Wall. Cat. 1001, in part, 

Khasu Mts. ; alt 4-6000 ft. WaUich, etc. 

Leaves 2-3 by |-1 in., often 6 by 2^ in. on the flowerless branches, glabrous, 
tliinly coriaceous ; nerves oblique, uniting far within the margin. Peduncles long, 
izregularly branched. Fhtoers small, purplish. Sepals ovate, subacute. Petals 
ovate-lanceolate, 5 -nerved. Drupe as in S. eampanulata, 

4. S. malabartoa, Bedd, Ic PI, Ind, Or. t. 177; leaves elliptic- 
oblong acuminate margins waved base rounded, cymes very short 2-6- 
flowered, petals elliptic obtuse, filaments subulate. 

liVssTEBif Pbninsxtla ; Anamallay hills, alt. 3-4000 ft., Beddome. 

A climbing shrub, quite glabrous. Leaves 3-5 by 1-1} in., thinly coriaceous, 
pale, margin cartilaginous; nerves many, spreading, much reticulated beneath; 
petiole ^1 in. Peduncle \-^ in. Flowers ^ in. diam. Sepals small, ovate, acute, 
ciliate. Peitds glabrous. Stamens shorter than the petals. Filaments slender. 
Anthers didymous, cells diveiging. Ovules snbcoUateral. Drupe \ in., reniform, 
reticulated. — Beddome figures t]he petals as connate at the base. 

5. S. parvlflora, WaU. in Boxb, Fl, Ind. ed. Carey, ii. 310 ; Cat, 1001, m 
part', leaves ovate or oblong acuminate matgins waved, cymes dichotomous 
7-11-flowered, stamens unequaL Hook, f, 4* T, Fl, Ind, i. 210. 

SuPTBOFiCAi. and Txmfebatb Hdialata ; from Kumaon to Sikkim, alt. 3-6000 ft. 

A climbing shrub ; branches very slender, tips puberulous. Leaves 2-4 by 
]~1^ in., thinly coriaceous, glabrous, pale beneath, nerves almost horizontal. Bracts 
minute, ciliate. Flowers minute. Sepals ovate, ciliate. Petals narrowly oblong, 
l^nerved. Filaments ligulate. Drupe ^-J in., obovoid, oblong or subglobose ; stono 

6. S* lanoeolataf Colebrooke in Trans. Linn. Soc, xii. 355 t. 14; 
leaves oblong-lanceolate base acute or obtuse, cymes long^pedimcled corym- 
bose many-fiowered, petals ovate-lanceolate, stamens included. WaU. in 
Iboxh. Fl. Ind. ed. Carey, ii. 309 ; Cbf . 999 ; Blume Mus, Bot. 368 ; Hook. 
f. ^ T. Fl. Ind. i. 210. 

Khasia Mts., Silhbt and Assam, from the sea level to 4000 ft. 

A climbing shrub. Leaves 4-7 by 1^-2 J in., shining above, glaucous beneath, 
thinly coriaceous, nerves nearly horizontal, petiole J-J in. Peduncles lJ-2 in., 
slender, sometimes supra-axillary. Flotoers greenish, sweet-scented. Sepals ovate, 
acute. Petals \ in., subacute. Filaments subulate. Anthers introrse. Drupe } in , 
pulpy, blue ; stone rugose, compressed. 

SdbiaJ] ZLY. SABiAGSiB. (J. D. Hooker.) 3 

7. 8. limonlaoea, WaU. Cat. 1000; leaves oblong or lanceolate acute 
or acuminate tbicklj coriaceous, panicles long glabrous, petals broadly oblong, 
stamens included. Sook. /. ^ T. Fl. Ind, i. 210. Celastrinea. WaU. CM. 
9015; Grif. Notul. iv. 423; Ic. PI. Am. t. 668 f. 2. 

Tbopical Snuuv, Bhotak, and the Ehasia Hts., ascending to 8000 ft; 
SiLHBT, Assam and Cbittaoono. 

A lofty climber. Leavea 3-7 by 1 j-2^ in., base rounded or acute, much reticulate 
when dry ; nerves oblique, iDCurved. Panicles reddish, quite glabrous, axillary or a 
little supra-axillaiy, with persistent bud-scales at their bases. Flowers minute, 
yellowish^ Sepals orbicular. Petals ^ in., shortly clawed, obovate, S-nerred, fleshy. 
Filaments fleshy, incurred. — This approaches the JaTanese 8. menescoria, BL 

8. 8. paAioolataf Edgw. in Hook. /. <$* T. Fl. Ind. i. 211 ; branches 
glabrous, leaves elliptic- or oblong-lanceolate acute coriaceous base rounded 
or acute, panicles long pilose, petab oblong, stamens included. Brandts For. 
Flar. 117. 

Subtropical WssTBiur Hdcaiaya ; in Kumaon and Qarwhsl, ascending to 3000 ft. 

Branches giahioxiB, Leaves 6-8 by 1^-3 in., glabrous, young puberulous, much 
reticulate ; nerves oblique, arched. Sepals elliptic, 1-nerved, densely hair^. Petals 
^^ in., oblong, subacute, 3-5-nerved. Filajnents ligulate. Drupes | in. diam., 
usually solitary, orbicular, compressed. 

9. 8« tomentosaf Hook, f.\ branches and nerves of leaves beneath 
tomentose, leaves elliptic or elliptu>-Ianceolate acute, petiole very short, panicles 
bzanched many-flow^ed and glabrous, petals linear-oblong, stamens included. 

Uffrb Assam? alt. 3500 ft., Griffith, 

Branches slender, the younger clothed with soft spreading hairs, as are the petioles. 
Leaves 2} by 1 in., rather coriaceous, bullate between the spreading nerves, which are 
very prominent and hairy beneath ; petiole ^ in. Panicle much branched, many- 
flowei^, peduncle puberulous; branches and pedicels slender, glabrous. Flowers 
jm in. diam. FiUtments ligulate, shorter than the petals. Fruit didymous, of two 
ooovoid diverging rugose suboompressed carpels, each nearly ^ in. long. — The only 
specimen 1 have seen has but two leaves, and is remarkable for its very ^ort petioles 
and tomentxun. There is no habitat on the ticket, which resembles those of Griffith's 
journey from Upper Assam to Biilna. It contains the following inscription: — 
"Sabia sp., fiructibus subrotundis. 15. Alt. 3500." 

10^ 8« ▼iiidiSBiinaf Xurz in Joum. As. Soc. Beng. 1872, ii. 804; 
glabrous, leaves obovate- to elliptic-lanceolate acuminate membranous, petiole 
^-} in., panicles lax, style S-fid, stigma curved. 

Akdamak IsLus., Kurs, 

Leaves 6-8 in., acuminate at both ends. Flowers small, white, pedicels \ in., slender, 
thickened above. Sepals glabrous, ovate, obtuse. Petals almost } in. long. Stigmas 
horse-shoe shaped. Fruit unknown. — ^I know nothing of this species beyond Kurz's 

2. aiaXiXOSMA, Blume. 
(MiLLmoToiOA, Roxb., WELLiNaxoNiA, Meissn.) 

Trees or shmbe, usually pubescent or tomentose. Leaves simple or odd-nin- 
nate: leaflets subopnosite, the terminal rarely wanting. Flowers in brancned 
tenmnal or tennin&l and axillary panicles, small or minute, hermaphrodite; 
bracts cadncons. BracteoUs and sepah 6-9, persistent, forming an uninterrupted 
"vdiorl loimd the much larger petals, outer smaller. Petals 6 ; 3 larve, nearly 
Qrbicular, Tal?ate| or imbncate ; 2 smaller, interior, placed behind the fertile 


4 XLY. sabiacej:. (J. D. Hooker.) IMeliosma. 

stamens, eitlier membranous and nearly free, or reduced to a bifid scale adnata 
to the filament. Stamens 6 ; 2 fertile, opposite the smaller petals, filament 
short, flattened, incurved, expanded at l^e top into a cup, which bears two glo- 
bose cells that burst transversely, springing back elasticaUy ; 3 deformed, broad, 
opposite the larger petals, 2-fid with 2 empty cells, together forming a cup over 
tne pistil. Disk cupular or annular, with 2-5 simple or toothed teeth. Char^ 
sessile, 2- rarely 3-celled, contracted into a mmple or 2-partible style, stigma sim- 
ple ; ovules 2 in each cell. Drupe small, oblique, subglobose ; stone crustaceous, 1- 
celled, with usually a basilar rounded projection, over which the seed is 
curved. Seed globose, testa membranous; cotyledons conduplicate, radicle 
incurved. — Distrib. Species about 20, natives of IVopical Asia and the Malay 
Archipelago, with a very few S. America. 

* Leaves simple. 

t Leaves 8errate4oothed (see also 3. M. Wightii and 4. M. simplicifolia). 

1. K« dlUeniaDfoliaf WalL niss. (Millingtonia) ; leaves obovate or oblan- 
ceolate coarsely spinulose-toothed pubescent or tomentose beneath, panicles 
lax slender, flowers pedicelled, sepeus and bracteoles ciliate, petals membran- 
ous, inner orbicular. Brandts For, Flor, 116 ; Wt. 8^ Am. in Ed, New Phil. 
Joum., 1833, 179; Wt lU. i. 144 (MiUingtonia) ; Millingtonia, TToff. Cat. 8116. 

Tbxperatb Hixalata; from Simla, alt. 4-8000 ft., to Suuuic, alt. 8-10,000 ft. 
—Distrib.? Japan. 

A small tree, 20 ft. ; branches, petioles, and panicles covered with soft rusty 
pubescence. Leaves 6-12 by 3-6 in., membranous, cuspidate-acuminate, nar- 
rowed into the petiole ; nerves very many, parallel, ending in marginal teeth. Panicle 
as long as the leaves or longer, spreading, lax-flowered ; bracts broad, deciduous ; 
pedicels very short ; flowers white. Drupe globose, | in. diam., sometimes didymous. 
— ^This is very near indeed to the Japan M. myriantha Sieb. & Zncc, which is just 
distinguishable by the persistent subulate bracts. Wallich's 8116 seems to be a young 
state of this, with large leaves glabrous beneath. 

2. M. pniierenB, WalL Cat. 8114 JE, F (MUlingtonia) ; leaves ob- 
lanoeolate caudate-acuminate coarsely serrate glabrous or puberulous beneath, 
flowers sessdle glomerated, sepals and bracteoles about 7 au suborbicular cili- 
ate, petals membranous. Brandis For. Flor. 116. M. acuminata, Royle HI. 
139. M. integrifolia, Wall. Cat. 8114 O in part (MiUingtonia). M. rigida and 
M. ferruginea, Sieb. 8r Zucc. (in Herb. Hook.) 

Subtropical and TEMPKkATE Himalata ; alt, S-8000 ft., from Marri to Nipal. — 
Distrib. Japan. 

A small tree ; branches, petioles, and panicles clothed with rusty pubescence. 
Leaves 5-9 in. by 2-3 in., very coriaceous, narrowed into the petiole, almost spinulose 
serrate, apex long quite entire ; nerves stout, ascending, very prominent beneath ; 

Setiole j—l in. Panicle often much larger than the leaves, spreading, erect ; flowers 
ensely fascicled on the ultimate branchlets, larger than in M.dillenupfolia or simpUei- 
folia. Drupe J in. diam. globose. — The Japanese specimens have usually longer 

Setioles, but I find no other difference. The aensely glomerate larger flowers at once 
istinguishes this firom 3f. simplicifolia. The M. intesrrifolia Wall. Herb, under 
8114 G-. consists of one specimen of this with nearly entire leaves, and one of M, 
simplieifoliaf both from Nipal. 

ft Leaves quite entire, or subserrate when yowng only, 

3. M. Wigrbtil, Planch, in Herb. Hook; leaves coriaceous obovate 
elliptio-obovate or oblanceolate shortly acuminate glabrous or pubescent be- 
iieath, flowers sessile glomerate, sepals and bracteoles about 9 broad ciliate 
the outerpubescent on the back; petals membranous. Brandis For, Flor, 116 
(under M,pimgens). Millij]^nia simplicifolia, Wall, Cat, 8114 A, M. pungens, 

MeUoitna,'] xly. sa6UC££. (J. D. Hooker.) 5 

WaU. ; Wt ^ Am. in Ed. New FhU. Joum. 1833, 178 ; W. ^ A. I^odr. 116 : 
Wtght Ic. t. 964, 3 ; Thwaites Enum. 69; Bedd, 1%. Sylv. Anal. Qm. 77 ; Bedd. 
It Sylv. Man. 77. 

Wbstbrn PsmNSXTLA ; firom the Concan soath-wardB. Cstlon, Central Province, 
alt. 5-7000 ft 

Very similar to M. punffens, and perhaps only a form of that plant ; but the habit 
is more robust, the leaves usually brewer in proportion, less tapered to the base, and 
quite entire, often more oblong-cdliptic, with rarely a caudate apex, and if toothed the 
teeth are less spinulose ; the flowers aire of the same size, and similarly aggregated ; 
the fruit also appears to be of the same size. * 

4. BE. Bimplioilblia, Boxb. Fl. Ind. i. 103 ; Cor. PL t. 264 (Milliiigto- 
nia) ; leaves membranoiis obovate oblanceolate or oblong-lanceolate quite en- 
tire or toothed when young glabrous or pubescent beneath, flowers sessile 
distinct, sepals and biacteoles about 6 ciliate outer narrow hairy on the 
back. WalL Oat. 8114 B, C, D, W ^ A. Prodr, 116 (MiUingtonia) ; M. 
integiifolia, WaU. Cat. 8114 O (MiUingtonia); Thwakea Bnum. 69; Chif. 
Natvl. iv. 162 ; Ic. Bl. A». t. 442 ; Bedd. Fl. Sylv. Anal. Qm. 77. 

Tbofical Hdcaiata ; Nipal, WaUich; Sikkim, alt. 2-4000 ft. J. H, D. ; Bhotan 
Griffith — Khasta Hts. ascending to 3000 ft. ; Assam, Stlhet, Tsnasssbim at Mergui» 
Cfriffith ; Wbstkbn PRNUfsuLA, in subalpine forests, BeddoTne. Cbtlok, common up 
to an elevation of 3000 ft. Bistbib. Java ? 

A large tree ; branchlets and petioles puberulous, panicles pubescent. LeaveB 6-16 
by 4-7 in., narrowed into the petiole, young sometimes obtusely toothed, usually 
memlmuious, shortly acuminate, glabrous or puberulous beneath, vnth strong raised 
nerree ; petiole ^-2 in. Panicle often longer than the leaves, sometimes leafy, oc 
panides in the upper axil ; branches slender. Flowers much smaller than in M. Wightii, 
not glomerated, more hairy on the bracts and sepals, which are much more acute. 
Fndt about ^ in. diam. — Miquel gives this as a native of Java, but 1 have seen no 
specimen from Java exactly according with it. I have seen no Western Peninsula 
specimens of this, but Beddome says it is' common on the Ghats, about 2-3000 ft. 
elevation, above which its place is taken by M.pungene (Wightn). 

6. BE. elliptioaf Hook. f. ; leaves coriaceous elliptic acuminate at both 
ends quite entire densely rufous pubescent or tomentose beneath, panicle 
densely tomentose, flowers sessile distmct, sepals and bracteoles 3-6, oroicular 
very coriaceous subciliate, petals very coriaceous subTalvate. SabiaP flori- 
bunda, Miq. Fl. Ind. Bat. Suppl. i. 621. 

Malacca, Griffith, Maingay ; Simcapobb, LM. 

A tree ? ; branchlets, petioles, leaves beneath and panicles clothed with very soft 
rusty dense almost velvety tomentum. Leavee 3-7 by 1^-3 in., glabrous except Uie 
pubescent midrib above, quite entire, rarely oblanceolate, narrowed into the petiole ; 
nerves arched, very prominent beneath ; petiole \-\ in. Panicle as in the genus, 
usoally larger than the leaves. FUnvxTe of the size of i&f. wmpli/nfclia, verj distinct 
from all ^e preceding in the small coriaceous glabrous sepals. /Nominal ecaUe 
2-fid, ciliate at the tip (Maingay) — Kurz (Jour. As. Soc. Beng. 1870, ii. 74) refers 
Sabia ? fioribunda of Miquel to M. ein^pHcifolia, meaning no doubt this species, under 
which I hence cite it. 

6. K. laaoifoliaf Hook. f. ; clothed with spreading villous pubescence, 
leaveB very long oblanceolate acuminate membranous, flowers sessile, aggre- 
pted, sepals and bracteoles 6 outer lanceolate ciliate and hairy on the Dack 
mner glaorous oblong. 

Malacca, Maingay. 

Bramehlete cvlindric, clothed with a rough and much 'more spreading pubescence 
than in any of tne other species, especially on the panide and nerves of the leaves be- 

6 XLY. SABUGEJ!. (J. D. Hooker.) IMeltosma. 

neath. Leaves 12-18 hj 8}-4 in., vexy long and narrow, very acuminate, but not 
caudate, very gradually narrowed into the short petiole; upper sur&ce minutely 
flcabrid ; nerres numerous, arching. Panicle shorter than the leaves (in the only spe- 
cimen). Flowera oa small as in M, timplieifolia, crowded on the ultimate branchlets. 
Inner sepals very coriaceous, obtuse, qmte glabrous. Petals And fruit not seen. 

** Leaves odd-pinoate. 
t Leaflets serrate or toothed, 

7. K. plnnataf Boxb, Fl. Ind, i. 104 (Millingtoma) ; nearly glabrous, 
leaflets 6-12 pairs oblong or oblong- or linear-lanceolate acuminate more or less 
serrate glabrous, panicle puberulous venr laige, flowers pedicelled or sessile. 
Maxim. Diagn, Fl. Jap. Jbec. iv. and v. 26S ; Wall. Cat. 8115 & 8117. 

SxKKiH HncALATA, alt. 1000 ft. J. D. H. Stlhbt, Boxhurgh. Khasia Mts., alt. 
3-5000 ft. H.f. ^ T, Uppbb Assam, Griffith,— JiierrmB, Japan? 

A middling- sized tree ; branches smooth. Leaves 6-18 in. ; petiole cylindrie ; 
leaflets 3-6 by 1-1^ in. shortly petiolnlate, much acuminate, sometimes nearly entire. 
Panicle as long as the leaves, terminal ; branches spreading ; bracts minute, cadu- 
cous, subulate. Flowers white, minute. Sepals and hractedes 5, broadly orbicular- 
ovate, minutely ciliate, otherwise glabrous. Petals subvalvate, glabrous. Disk 
d-angled. Drupe as large as a pea. — The 3f. rho^folia, Maxim., of Japan seems to be the 
tsamo as this. 

8. M. WallioUl, Planch, m Herb. Hook. ; pubescent, leaflets 3-G-pairs 
oblong oblong-ovate or obovate-acnminate more or less spinulose-toothed, 
pubescent beneath, panicle tomentose, flowers very shortly pedicelled. 

Tbopical HncALATA; Nipal, Wallioh; Sikkim, Herb. Griffith, Khasia Mt8.» 
alt. 4-6000 ft., H.f. # 21— DisTHiB. Korea. 

A small tree; branchlets rusty puberulous. Leaves, 6-12 in.; leaflets, 3-7 in., 
straight or &lcate, rather coriaceous; petiole, petiolules and under-surface clothed 
with a spreading rusty tomentum ; nerves many, curved ; upper surface opaque ; 
base rounded oblique. Panicle stout, much latched ; hairs short spr^ing; 
bracts caducous. Flowers minute, on short stout pedicels. Sepals and bracteoles 5, 
glabrous, orbicular^ovate. Petals subvalvate. Drupe globose, the size of a small 
pea. — Sinall specimens of this from Moflong in the Khasia seem identical with 
a Corean plant collected by Wilford. 

tt Leaflets quite entire. 

9. M. Amottiana, Wight^ HI., i. 144, t. 53 (Millingtonia) ; nisty- 
tomentose, leaflets 5-7 pairs subopposite ovate-lanceolate subcaudate acuminate 
pubescent beneath, panicles rusty pubescent, flowers Ch)wded sessile or shortly 
pedicelled. Thwaites Enum. 59 ; Bedd. Fl. Sylv. 1. 160. Sapindus P microcarpus, 
W. & A. Prodr. 112. 

Wbsthbn PsmNSULA; from Canara southwards, Wight. Getlon; in the 
central province, alt. 4-7000 ft. 

A tree?; branchlets, petioles, petiolules, leaflets beneath and panicle clothed 
with a spreading subfnrfuraceous or velvety rusty pubescence. Leaves 6^-10 
in.; leaflets 3-5 by 1^1^ in., rather membranous, lower often falcate and 
recurved, base rounded, nerves not prominent, tips finely drawn out, upper surface 
opaque; petiolules \-^ in. Panicle axillary and terminal. Flowers very numer- 
ous, crowded on the branchlets of the panicle. Sepals and bracteoles 5, orbicular- 
ovate, obtuse, ciliolate, rather pubescent. Petals subvalvate. Drupe globose, the 
size of pea. 

10. BE. Bumatranaf Jack in Mai. Misc. ii. 30 (Millingtonia) ; glabrous, 
leaflets 8-6 pairs eUiptio- or obovate- or ovate-lanceolate acuminate base acute 
panicle contracted pnbeseent, flowers large crowded. M. nitida, Blume Cat. 

MeUosma,'] xly. sabuosa. (J. D. Hooker.) 

Sort, BuU. 32 ; Bumphiay iii. 202, lab. 169 ; Neea m Flora, 1825, 106 
tonia) ; Miq. Fl, Ind. Bat. L pt 2, 617. Iniia integenima, Blume Bijd, 231. 

Maulcca, Oriffitk, Maingay, — ^Distbib. Somatara. 

A moderate-suEed tree; branchlets glabrous. Leaves 1-1^ ft.; petiole nearly 
terete ; leaflets 6-10 in., opposite, Teiy variable in shape, coriaceous, shining on 
both snr&ces ; nerres arched, much reticnlate ; petiololes i-} in. Panide stout, 
erect, rastjr-pnbescent, with rather spreading short pubescence; bracts acominate, 
ciliate. Sepals and hracteoles 6, the outermost very small, broedly orbicular-OTate, 
rather thid^, glabrous. Petals subralvate. Filaments larger than usual in the 
genus, without lateral teeth, the scale (petal) behind them being larger, elliptic and 
entire. Frteit nearly } in. diam. — 1 think there can be no doubt but that this ia 
Jack's M. Sumairana; and that it is the same with Blume*s M, nitida, 1 have 
in proof Java specimens of the latter named by Blume. Jack states that the ter- 
minal leaflet is sometimes absent. Griffith has a single imperfect specimen of 
apparently this plant from Malacca, with a few spinulose teeth on the upper part of 
the leaflets ; it may be M. ooi^fusa, Bl. of Sumatra. 

11. K. laAOeolata, Bhune Cat, Hcrt, Buit. 32; Bumphia, iii. 200, 
1. 168 (B. excepted), yar.puhescens; pubescent, leaflets 6-8 pairs, very coriaceouB 
linear-oblong caudate-acuminate puoescent beneath margins recurved, panicle 
tomentose vnth very long branches. 

Malacca, Mt. Ophir, Griffith, Maistgay (M. Sumatrana, Kew distrib, not of 
Jaeky — ^DisTBiB. Sumatra, Borneo. 

A tree; branchlets stout, rusty-pubescent. Leaves 1-2 ft. ; petiole stout, terete; 
leaflets 5-7 by 1^-1] in., often recurved and subfSedcate, base rounded, rigidly coriaceous, 
shining above, opaque and pubescent beneath with much raised nerves ; petiolules 
stout, } in. Panietes very lai;^e, with long spreading branches, almost velvety with 
rusty tomentum. Flowers minute, rather scattered, sessile or nearly so. Sepals 
and bractsolss 4 or 6, broadly orbicular-ovate, glabrous, outer ciliate. Petals valvate. 
FUamemts short ; sodes 2-fla. Frveit not seen. — ^The Bomean and Sumatra specimens 
are more glabrous on the leaflets beneath, but I find no other difference. 

Nat. Obd. XLVL AMAGARDXAGiUB. (By J. D. Hooker.) 

Trees or shrubs ; juice often milky and acrid. Leaves alternate, opposite in 
Bouea, exstipulate, smoiple or compound. IrMorescence various ; flowers small, 
regular, unisexual, poljrgamous, or bisexual. Caiyx 3-^nartite, sometimes 
accrescent, spathaceous in Oluta, Petals 3-5, alternate witn the sepals, free, 
larely 0, imbricate or valvate in bud, sometimes accrescent. Disk flat, 
cup-uiaped or annular, eutire or lobed, rarely obsolete. Stamens as many as 
the petals, mrely more, inserted under, rarely on, the disk, filaments usually 
subulate ; anthers 2-celled, basi- or dorsi-fixed. Ovary superior, half inferior 
in HoUfama, 1- or 2-6-celled, rudimentary or 2-3-fid in the ^ ; of 6-6 £ree 
carpels in Buehamania ; styles 1-4, or stigma subsessile ; ovules solitary in the 
cells, pendulous from the top or wall or from an ascending basal funicle. 
F^ruit usually a 1-6-celled 1-o-seeded cbrupe ; stone sometimes dehiscent. Seed 
«xalbaminous ; embrvo straight or curved, cotyledons plano-convex, radicle 
short — ^Distrib. Chiefly tropical ; genera about 45 ; species about 450. 

Sorindeia Madagascariensis, DC. {Wall, Cat, 8491), is cultivated in gardens is 

Tbibe L AnaoardlesD. Ovary l-celled, or if 2-celled, with one cell 
nearly suppressed. 

A. OvnleB pendulous from a basal fusicle. 


* Sepah and petals not accrescent. 

Calyx 4-5-partite. Petals 4-6. Stamens 4-10. Leaves 
alternate, usually compound 1. Unvs. 

Calyx d-partito. Petals 0. Stamens 3-4. Leaves alter- 
nate, compound 2. Pistacia. 

Calyx 4-5-partite. Petals 4-5. Stamens 1-5. Style fili- 
form. LiBaves alternate, simple 3. Manoifera. 

Calyx 5-pArtite. Petals 5. Stamens 8-10, all or a few 
only perfect. Torus stipitate. Style filiform. Leaves 
alternate,8imple . *3. Anacabdiuu. 

Calyx 3-5-pareite, valvate. Petals 3-5. Stamens 3-5, all 
perfect. Style short. Leaves opposite, simple . . 4. Bouea. 

Calyx spathaceous. Petals 4-6. Stamens 4-6. Torus stipi- 
tate. Style filiform. Leaves alternate, simple . . 5. Gluta. 

Calyx 3-5-lobed. Petals 3-5. Stamens 10. Carpels 5-6, 
one only perfect. Styles short. Leaves alternate, 
simple 6. BucHANAmA. 


Sepals or petals accrescent. Leaves simple. 

Calyx spathaceous. Stamens 5 or numerous ... 7. Mslanorrhcba. 
Calyx 5-partite. Stamens 5 8. Swintoxia. 

B. Ovules pendulous from the top of the cell or from the walls of tho 
OTaiy above the middle. 

* Leaves Z-foUolate or pinnate. 

Calyx not accrescent. Petals valvate. Stamens 10. 

Style 1 9. SoLEXocABFUS. 

Calyx not accrescent. Petals imbricate. Stamens 10. 

Stylo 1 . . . .10. Tapikia. 

Calyx not accrescent. Petals imbricate. Stamens 5, 

with 5 staminodes. Style ver^ short .... 11. Pentaspadon. 
Calyx not accrescent. Petals imbricate. Stamens 8-10. 

Styles 3-4 12. Odika. 

Calyx accrescent. Petals 4. Stamens 4. Style 3-fid 13. PABismA. 

** Leaves sin^e. 

Petals imbricate. Stamens 5. Styles 3. Drupe on a much 

enlarged peduncle 14. Semscabpus. 

Petals imbricate. Stamens 5. Style 1. Drupe buperior . 15. Dbimtcarpus. 

Petals valvate. Stamens 5. Styles 3. Drupe inferior . . 16. Houoabna. 

Petals valvate. Stamens 5. Style 1. Drupe superior • 17. Melanochyla. 

Petals imbricate. Stamens 4. Style 1, short. Drupe 

superior . . .18. Nothopeoia. 

PetaLi imbricate. Stamens 6-10. Style 1. Drupe superior 19. Campnospebica. 

Tribe n. SpondiesD. Ovary 2-5-ceIled ; ovules pendulous. Leaves 

Flowers polygamous. Stamens 8-10. Styles 4-5, free above 20. Spondias. 
Flowers bisexaL Stamens 10. Styles 5, thick, connate 
at the lips • 21. Dracontomelum*. 


Qdyx 8-fid. Stamens 8. Crazy 8-celled. Leaves entire . ?22. Bumphia. 

JB&tw.] XLYi. AKAGABDUOKfi. (J. D. Hooker.) 9 

1. &BVSf Linn. 

Trees or ahmbs, with often an acrid juice. Leaves alternate^ simple or 1-3* 
foliolate or pinnate : leaflets quite entire or serrate. Flowers small, in terminal 
and axillary panicles, polygamous. Calyx small, 4-6-parted, persistent; seg- 
ments nearly ec[ual, imoncate. Petah 4-6, equal, spreading, imbricate. Stamens 
4, 5, 6, or 10, inserted at the base of the dOusk, free ; filaments subulate : anthers 
short, imperfect in the 2 flower. Ovaty sessile, ovoid or globose, l-celled ; 
styles 3, tree or currate^ snort or long ; stigmas simple or capitate ; ovule pendu- 
lous from a basal frmicle. Drupe small, dry, compressea; stone coriaceous,i 
cnistaceous or bony. Seed pendulous from the funicle, testa membranous, coty- 
ledons flattiah, radicle hooked short superior. — A large genus of about 120 
species, natives chiefly of warm temperate regions. 

Sect. 1. Gcytlniui. Leaves simple. Panicle with many flowerless finally 
elongate capillary hairy pedicels. Flowers bisexual. Drupe obovate, com- 
pressed, stone triangular. 

1. &• Gotiniis, Linn.; Botss. Fl, Orient, ii. 4; leaves long-petioled 
elliptic or obovate glabrous ortomentose. Brandis For.Flor, 118. R. velutina. 
Wall. Cat. 908 (excl, C. in Serb, Linn, Soc.) ; R. IsBvis, Wall. mss. in G. Don 
Oen, Syst, ii. 65. 

WxsTERK SuBTBOPicAL HnujJLTA ; alt. 3-6000 fb.» from Marri to Ktimaon. — 
JhsTRiB. from Syria westirards to France. 

A shrub or sinall tr«e. Leaves 2-4 in., obtuse ; nerves spreading, parallel ; petiole very 
■lender, 1-2 in. Panides axillary and terminal, very large, slender, and many-flowered. 
Fhwers ^ in. diam. ; pedicels very slender. Sepals linear-oblong, obtuse. Petals 
tvice as long, elliptic. Stamens shorter than the petals ; anthers large. Disk broad* 
4«angled. Drupe ^ in., compressed, covered with white hairs. — The numerous hairy 
flowerless pedicels of the very large copious panicles give this bush a remarkable 
appearance during and after flowering. Wall, Cat, 908 C. (in Herb. Linn. Soc. only) 
is Rhus succedanea. 

Sect. 2. Sumao. Leaves 3-foliolate or odd-pinnate. Flowers polygamous 
dicscious or bisexual Drupe ovoid or orbicular. 

* Leaves trifoliolate. 

2. S. parvlfloraf Baxb. Fl. Ind. ii. 100; sofdy tomentose, leafleta 
elliptic oblong-obovate or orbicular irregularly crenate above the middle. DC, 
Prodr. ii. 70; WaU. Cat, 991 ; Dalz, 8f Gibs, Bomb. Fhr. Suppl, 19 ; Brandis 
For, Fhr, 119. 

WssTBBK HiMATATA ; alt. 2- 5000 ft., from Kumaon to Nipal. Cbktuai. Ikuia. 
on the Fashmarchi hills, Brandis. 

An unarmed shrub; branchlets, leaves beneath, petioles and panicle densely 
dothed with soft rusty tomentum. Leaves palmate, S-follolate ; petiole 1-1^ in., 
itont ; leaflets 14>8 in., sessile or the terminal contracted into a petiole, coriaceous, 
tomentose on botn sur^uses especially beneath ; nerves spreading, parallel. Panicles 
axillary and terminal, sUky, longer than the leaves. Flowers ^ in. diam. ; pedicela 
v«y short; bracts linear. Sepals ovate, the outer hairy. Petals twice as long, ob- 
long. Disk 6*lobed. Drupe j in. diam., ovoid, compressed, red-brown, shining. — 
The Ceylon specimens alluded to in Brandis are no doubt cultivated ones. 

3. Mm mysoreiiBiSf Heyne: W, 8f A. Prodr. 172; pubescent, leaf- 
lets small obovate or cuneate sinuate-toothed or -lobed. Brandis For. Flor, 
119; Beddome Fl, Sylv, Anal, Oen, 78. t. xi. f. 8; WaU. Cat, 997. 

KoBTH Wbstbrn Ikdia ; Scind, Stocks ; Bohilkund, near Delhi. Wbstkbn Pakjab^ 
Solima range, alt. 2500-5000 ft. Western Fbniksttla ; Maisor and the Dekkan. 
A small ahmb; branches woody, fleznous, often spinous; branchlets, petioles^ 

10 XLYi. ANACABDiACE£. (J. D. Hooker.) lBhu8. 

leaves beneath, and panicle clothed with a rather Airfuraceoas pubescence. Leaves 
palmately 3-foliolate ; petiole ^-f in. ; leaflets f-1^ in., the terminal always much 
the largest, lateral often very small, all sessile and contracted at the base. Panicles 
sabsimple, very slender, axillary and terminal. Flowers ^ in. diam. ; pedicels short ; 
"bracts minute. Sepals ovate, 2 smaller. Petals oblong, much larger than the sepals. 
Stamens short. Disk obscurely 5-lobed. Drupe | in. diam., sub^obose, compressed, 
red-brown, shining. — ^Brandis suspects that this may be a fozm of B, parviflora, but 
I cannot think so. 

4. &. paAiOQlataf WdU. Cat, 093 j glabrous, leaflets elliptic or 
^Uiptio-oblong obtuse entire or very obscurely sinuate-lobed. 

Bhotan, Griffith ; Birma at Yenangheum, WaUioh, — ^Distbib. Yunan. 

Probably a tree; quite glabrous except the minutely puberulous panicles. 
Leaves rather coriaceous, palmately 3-foliolate ; petiole 1-1^ in. ; leaflets 3-6 by 
1-2 in., rarely oblanceolate, sessile, contracted at uie base, terminal the largest and 
sometimes petiolulate; nerves many, spreading, parallel. Panicles very slender, 
.axillaiy and terminal, elongate ; branchlets recurved. Flowers ^ in. ; shortly pedicelled. 
Sepals orbicular. Petals not much larger, ovate-oblong, obtuse. Disk cup-shaped. 
Drupe ^ in. diam., nearly orbicular, depressed. 

** Leaves odd-pinnate. 

t Leaflets pubescent or totnentose beneath. 

5. TLm seml-alataf Murray ; DC, Prodr, ii. 67 ; petiole usually win^ 
Bbove, leaflets 4-6-pair8 sessile toothed densely pubescent beneath, panicle 
equalling the leaves, pericarp indehiscent. Brandis For, Flor, 119. K. budd- 
amela, Boxb. Fl, Ind, ii. 99 ; Wight Ic. t. 661 ; WaU. Cat, 994. K. javanicay 
X. (fid. DC). R. Amela, Don Prodr. 248. 

Temfebatb Hihaiaya ; from Banahal to Sikkim, alt. 3-6000 ft. Khasia Mts., 
«lt. 3-5000 ft 

A small tree ; branchlets, petioles, leaves beneath and panicles clothed with a 
•dense soft pubescence. Leaves 10-18 in. ; petiole cylindric ; leaflets coriaceous, sessile, 
oblong, acuminate, base cuneate, terminal petiolulate, opaque above, pale reddish- 
white beneath ; nerves many, parallel. Panicle large, broad, with a stout peduncle. 
Flowers ^ in., white or pale yellow-green. Sepals ovate, obtuse, pubescent. Petals 
much larger, oblong, ciliate, and with a ciliate median ridge on the upper surface. 
Stamens exceeding the petals ; anthers large. Disk cup-shaped, 10-lobed. Styles 
rather long. Drupe \ in. diam., orbicular, compressed, red, idiining, acid. — I have 
specimens from the Bombay Presidency collected by Dr. Gibson (perhaps cultivated), 
and from Ritchie (Griffith's Herbarium) collected at Baraghur (probably east of the 
Indus) with the name *' Semall-Shoorookee." The leaves are very small, the leaflets 
■about 1 in. long, more sharply serrated ; it may be a different species. 

6. &. pimjAbonBis, Stewart iH Brandis For. Flor. 120; petiole not 
winged pubescent, leaflets 5-6-pair8 sessile quite entire or serrate towards the 
tip slightly pubescent beneath, panicles mucn smaller than the leaves, flowers 
fiessile, pericarp indehiscent. 

North Wxstern Hdcaiata; Kunawur, alt. 6000 ft., Thojnson. Eajaori and 
Bussahir, alt. 2500-8000 ft., Brandis. 

A tree 30-40 ft. ; branchlets, petioles, leaves beneath and panicles covered with 
a very fine pale pubescence. Leaves 12^18 in. ; petiole slender, terete ; leaflets 
sessile, oblong or ovate-oblong, acuminate, membranous, opaque above, base 
rounded ; nerves numerous, slightly arched, simple. Panicles about half the length 
of the leaves, subscssile ; branches dense, spreading. Flowers unknown. Drupes 
^ in. diam., orbicular, compressed, red, tomentose. 

7. &• khaaianaf So<^.f.; petiole very slender glabrous, leaflets 8-12- 

BhmsJ] XLYi. AKACABDUCEJS. (J. D. Hooker.) 11 

pairs membranous suljeessile lanceolate incised-flenate long-acuminate hairy 
chiefly on the nerves beneath, pericarp dehiscent. 

Ks48iA Mtb. ; at the Borpanee, and at Chittaooko. ff.f, ^ T, 
A large tree. Leaves 1-1^ ft. ; petiole terete, soft, pabescent toTirards the tip ; 
leaflets S-4 by }-} in. ; base cuneate, oblique, glaucous beneath ; nerves rerj slender, 
about 15 pairs, arched, clothed with soft white spreading hairs. Flowers not seen. 
Drupes } in. diam., in open panicles, pedicelled, orbicular-ovate, compressed ; epicarp 
pipery, pale, irregularly torn, ezposiDg a fibrous endocarp. — I have only examined 
nnpeHect specimens of this very distinct plant, which approaches B, pui^abensis in 

B. S. WaUlohllf Hoohf.; petiole tomentose not winged, leaflets 3-5- 
pairs subsesaile quite entire densely softly tomentose beneath, panicles much 
shorter than the leaves, pericarp dehiscent. K. vemicifera (m part), JDC 
Jhrodr. ii. 68 ; Bayh lU. 176 ; Brandts Far. Flor. 120. B. juglandi&lia, WaU. 
Cat. 906 (not of Willdenow). 

TsxFBBATB HiKAiATA ; from Garwhal to Nipal, alt. 6-7000 ft. 

A tree ; branchlets stout, petioles and leaves beneath and panicles, clothed with 
a soft dense rusty tomentum. Leaves 12-18 in. ; petiole terete ; leaflets 6-9 by 
2-3 in., coriaceous, elliptic or oblong, acuminate, shortly petiolulate ; base rounded, 
upper snr£Bu;e pubescent or glabrous ; nerves 20-25 pairs, parallel. Panicles much 
shorter than the leaves, axillary ; branches short, stout. Flowers subsessile, <^ in. diun. 
Sepids small, broadly ovate, obtuse. Petals much larger, obovate, concave, white ? with 
very broad dark veins. FUaments short; anthers large. Disk broad, cup-shaped, 
obscurely lobed. Drupes densely crowded, ^ in. diam., globose, puberulons ; epicarp 
dry, crostaceous, bursting irregularly ; stone globose, very thick, bony, surrounded by 
wax. — I agree with Brandis in rsgarding this as quite distinct from the Japanese 
wax txee {S. vemicifera), from which it differs in the sessile flowers and laxer and 
longer panicles ; juice corrosive. The Sikkim specimens referred to this species by 
Brandis have glabrous petioles, and belong to R. insignis, 

0. S. inslgniSf Hookf. ; petiole not winged glabrous, leaflets 3-4 pairs, 
petiolulate glabrous above tomentose beneath, panicles shorter than the leaves, 
urupe pedicelled, pericarp dehiscent. 

Sixxnc HucAULTA, interior valleys, alt. 3-6000 ft. J, D. H. Ehasia Mts. at 
Nurtiung, alt. 4000 ft. H.f. ^ T. 

A snuil beautiful tree. Leaves 12-18 in. ; petiole terete ; leaflets 6-9 l^y 3-4Mn., 
coriaceoiis, quite entire, elliptic or oblong, abruptly acuminate, glabrous and sJiin- 
ing above, rusty, softly tomentose beneath ; nerves very numerous, as in S. Wallichii. 
flowers not seen. FVuitittg panicles axillary, stout, 10 in. long-peduncled ; branches 
spreading. Drupes scattered on the panide, globose ^ in. cUam. ; epicarp thin, 
dry. bursting irregularly and enclosing a globose white mass of wax containing a very 
•mall flattened crustaceous stone. — Similar in many respects to B. Wallichii^ but very 
different in the glabrous petiole and panicle, petioluled leaflets that are often cordate 
at the base, large lax glabrous panicles, and smaller very different fruit. The panicles 
and petioles are crusted with lenticels in some Sikkim specimens. 

10. S.T Dbnna, Hamilton in Wall. Cat. 8502 (Terebinthace® ?) ; ^ 
tiole not winged and leaflets beneath softly tomentose ; leaflets 4 pairs petio- 
lulate oblong abruptly acuminate. 

NiFAL at Fatgong, Hamilton. 

Letnes 2 ft. ; petiole stout, cylindric, grooved ; leaflets 6-10 by 3-4 in., coriaceous, 
terminal obovate, with a cuneate base, the rest oblong with a cordate base ; midrib 
•tout ; nerves 25 pairs slightly arched; under sur&ce clothed with soft spreading hairs, 
upper smooth, glabrous, with a slender midrib ; petiolule robust, cylindric ^-jt in. — 
I have only leaves of this very fine plant, which appear to be closely allied to Jr. Wal- 
UekU, and B. insignis, differing from the former in the much less tomentose leaves 
and petiolulate leaflets, and from the latter in the pubescent petiole. 

12 XLYi. AKACABDiACEJE. (J. D. Hooker.) \_Ehu8. 

ft Lea/lets quite glabrous beneath, 

11. TL, Buooedajiea, Linn. ; glabrous, leaflets 3-6 pairs oblong- elHp- 
tio- or oyate-lanceolate caadate acuminate, panicle slender, flowers pedicellea, 
pericarp dehiscent. DC. Prodr. u. 68 ; Itaxb. Fl, Ind, ii. 98 ; Wight. Jc. t. 660 ; 
BrandtB For. Flor. 121 ; WaU. Cat. 992. R. acuminata, DC. Prodr. ii. 68. 
Spondias P WaU. Cat. 8479. 

Tbmfbhatb Hdcalata, from Kashmir, alt. 3-6000 ft. ; to Sikkim, alt. 5-8000 ft. 
and Bhotan ; Khasia Mts., alt. 2-6000 ft — Distbib. Japan. 

A tree about 30 feet high, eTerywhero glabrouB, except the panicle in some va- 
rieties. Leaves crowded at the ends of the branches, 6-18 in. ; petiole terete, 
slender ; leaflets 2-5 by 1^2^ in., petiolnlate, elliptic-oblong or oblong- or ovate-lan- 
ceolate, tip very slender ; oase rounded or acute, straight or oblique ; nerves numerous, 
slightly arched, slender. Panicles axillary, half the leneth of the leaves, slender, lax, 
'with a very few scattered hairs, or glabrous. Flowers ^th in. diam., yellow-green ; 
pedicel slender. Sepals broadly ovate, obtuse. Petals much larger, oblong or obtuse. 
Disk 5-lobed. Drupes ^ in. diam., in drooping panicles, gibbous, compressed, epicarp 
T&rj thin, bursting irregularly; stone compressed, bony, surrounded with "wax. — 
Perhaps two or three species are mixed up here, but 1 cannot satis&ictorily distin- 
guish them without more complete specimens than 1 possess. 

Vab. 1. hinudaica; shoots glabrous, leaves scattered, petiole 1-2 ft., leaflets 6-8 
pairs, 4-6 by 1^-2^ in. petiolulate obliquely ovate-lanceolate acuminate very mem- 
branous, midrib often pilose beneath, nerves 10-15 pairs, much arched, panicle pu- 
bescent in flower, fruiting glabrous very lax, drupes pedicelled laterally compressed. 
— ^N.W. Himalaya, alt. 3-6000 ft., from Kashmir to Nipal. This differs from the 
Jaj^ese plant in the pul)e8cent panicle and fewer more-arched nerves. There are fruits 
of it from Nipal in V^llich's Herbarium on the dieet with var. 3. 

Vab. 2. sikkimensis; shoots pubescent, leaves as in var. 1, flowering panicle lax 
glabrous, fruit unknown. — A large tree of the Sikkim inner valleys, Lachen-Lachoong, 
etc., alt. 5-8000 ft. 

Vab. 3. aeuminata, DC. Prodr. ii. 68 (jp.) ; leaves usually crowded at the ends 
of the branches, petiole 6-10 in., leaflets 2--5 pairs, 2-5 by 1^-2 in. elliptic or ellip- 
tio-obovate or -oblong often abruptly caudate-acuminate at length coriaceous, nerves 
25-30 pairs horizontal straight parallel, panicle glabrous in flower, fruiting panicle 
more dense, drupes on very short stout pedicels laterally compressed. — Himalaya 
from Nipal to Bhotan, Khnsia Mts. 

Vab. 4. spharocarpa; leaves of var. 3, drupes depressed spheres. — Khasia, 

12. a. OrlffithU, Hoohf.: glabrous, leafleta4-7 pairs oblong or o^'ate- 
oblong acuminate, panicle stout pubescent, flowers subsessile, pericarp de- 

Khasia Mts. alt. 4-6000 ft., Simons, etc. ; Mishmi Hnxs, Griffith. 

A small tree. Leaves towards the ends of the branches, 1-2 ft. ; petiole stout, 
terete; leaflets 5-10 by 2j-4i in., coriaceous, quite entire, rounded or cordate, rarely 
acute at the hase, glabrous and opaque above, very obscurely puberulous on the midrib 
and principal nerves beneath ; petiolnles 1 in., very stout ; nerves strong. PanicUs 
b-Q m. long, axillary ; peduncle and branches stout, pubescent. Flowers ^ in. diam., 
almost sessile. Sepals broadly ovate, obtuse, pubescent. Petals much larger, 
linear-oblong, obtuse. Stamens exserted. Disk broad, sinuate-lobed. Drupes on 
short stout pedicels, about j-J in. diam., nearly orbicular, compressed ; e|)icarp thin, 
borsting irregularly; stone compressed, surrounded with wax. — A very distinct spe- 
cies, closely (dlied to R. succedanea, from which it differs in its much larger size, 
stouter habit, larger leaflets often cordate at the base, pubescent stout panicle, 
nearly sessile flower and smaller drupes. 

Pittada.'] xltl ANACABDUCEiE. (J. D. Hooker.) 18 

2. PX8TAGXA, linn. 

Trees or ahrubs. Leaves alternate, exstipulate, pinnate, or 3-foliate. Flmoen 
onall, apetaloua in axiUaiy racemes or panicles, dicedous. Male fl. Calyx 
3-^fid. Stamens S-7. Disk smalL Rudiment of Ovary minute or 0. Feic. 
JU bracteate. Sepals 3-4. Stamens and Disk 0. Ovary sessile, 1-celled ; style 
short, d-fid, stigmas capitate, recurved ; OTule pendulous from a basal funicle. 
Drupe dry; stone bony. Seed with a membranous testa; cotyledons thick, 
oily, cuired. Dibtbib. Species about 6, natives of Western Asia and the 
Meditetranean region, and one Mexican. 

Several species of this genus, allied to Mediterranean forms, are found in Afghan- 
istan and Beluchistan, but do not cross the frontier. The seeds of P. vera, L. the 
Pistachio-nut, are imported into N. Western India. 

P. Integrenima, Stewart m Brandis For, Fhr, 122, t. xxiL ; leaflets 
4-5 pairs lanceolate caudate-€u;uminate. Rhus integerrima, WaU, Cat, 8474. 
R. Kakrasingee, Rayle III, 175. 

Kobtb-Wbstkbn' FBOMTnEB ; Peshwur vall^ and Salt range. Westbbn Hdca- 
XATA ; alt. 1200 to 8000 ft., from the Indus to Kumaon, usually on hot slopes. 

A nearly glabrous tree, 40 ft. and up-wards. Leaves 6-9 in., with or without a 
terminal leaflet ; petiole terete, puberulous ; leaflets sub-opposite, petiolulate, coria- 
ceous, q|iite entire, base oblique ; nerves many, arched. Panicles lateral ; ^ compact, 
pubescent ; ^ lax, elongat^ ; flowers pedicelled, with 2 ovate bracts. Statnens 6-7, fila- 
ments short ; anUiers large, dark rod. Fbm. fl. Sepals 4, linear, and bracts ded- 
duoos. St^ almost 8-partite. Drupe j- in., broader than long, glabrous, rugose, 
grey. — Wood very hard and handsome. 

3. MAMOZl-BSA, linn. 

Trees. Leatfes alternate, petioled, quite entire, coriaceous. Flowers emaU, 
polygamous in tenninal puudes, pedicel articulate ; bracts fdedduous. Calyx 
4-5 partite ; segments imbricate, deciduous. Petals 4-5, free or adnate to tbe 
disk, imbricate ; nerves thickened, sometimes ending in excrescences. Stamens 
1-5, rarely 8, inserted just within the disk, or on it, 1 rarely more perfect and 
much larger than the others, the others with imperfect or smaller anthers, or 
teduced to teeth. Ovary sessile, 1-celled, oblique ; style lateral ; ovule pendu- 
lous, fdnide basal, inserted on the side of the cell above its base, rarely hori- 
lomtaL Drupe laiffe, fleshy ; stone compressed, fibrous. Seed laige, compressed^ 
testa papeiT ; comedons plano-convex, often xmequal and lobed. Distrib. A 
trojncal Asiatic, chiefly Malayan genus, of about 30 species. 

Of the spedes here described some may be referable to Malayan ones that are 
imperfectly (toscribed by Blume and others. The genus is a very difficult one, and 
the Malayan species want careful reinsion with many specimens. 

Ssci. 1. Disk tumid, usually 5-lobed, broader than the ovary. Petals free 
from the disk, inserted at its base. 

* Petals with 1-5 free or confluent ridges that do not end in wart-like ex- 

t Pdmde pubescent or tomentose, 

1. K. Indloaf Linn. ; leaves oblong or linear-oblong or elliptic or obo- 
VEte-lanceolate obtuse acute or acuminate, panicle usually tomentose, petals 5 
with 3 ridges, stamens 1 fertile and. 4 reduced to short capitate subulate 
fikmentBi style sub-terminaL JRoxb, Fl. JnJ. i. 641; W, ^ A. Ih^r. 170; 

14 XLYi. ANACABDUGEj;. (J. D. Hooker.) IManffifera. 

Beddome Fl, Sylv, 1. 162 ; WaU, Cat. 8487 {excl. D. G. ^ I.) ; Dalz, 8r Gibs. 
Bomb. Flor. 61 ; Bot. Mag. t. 4610 ; Brandts For, Flor. 126. M. domestica, 
Qaertn. Fruct. t. IQO.—Bheede Hwi. Mai. iv. 1 1, 2. 

Tbopical Hihalata; alt. 1-3000 ft. from Knmaon to Bhotan Hills and yallcys 
of Bebab, the Khasia Mts., Birma, Oudh, and Wssthbit Peninsula from Kan- 
deish southwards. — Distjub. Cultivated as far west as Muscat, in all Eastern tropi- 
cal Asis^ and generally in the tropics. 

A large tree, glabrous, except the panicle ; branches widely spreading. Leaws 
6-16 in., very variable in breadth, crowded at the ends of the branches, acute, acu- 
minate or obtuse, shining, nerved, quite entire, margins often undulate ; petiole 1-4 
in., swollen at the base. Panicles a foot and more, pubescent, rarely glabrate ; bracts 
elliptic, concave. Flowers yellow, odorous, subsessile, rarely pedicelled, i and Q 
on the same panicle. Sepals ovate, oblong, concave. Petals twice as long, ovate, 
ridges 3-5, orange. Disk fleshy, 5-lobed. Stamen 1, inserted upon the disk, flhiment 
subulate ; anther purple. Ovary glabrous. Drupe 2~6 in., compressed, yellow. — It 
if often diJSScult to say whether so common a tree is wild or not in a given lociility, 
but there seems to be little doubt but that it is indigenous in the localities enume- 
rated above. Amongst the varieties, those with an almost glabrous panicle from the 
Western Peninsula look the most unlike the ordinary cultivated form. One Maisor 
specimen has leaves 10 by U in., much resembling those of M. ohlong\foiia^ Wallich's 
8487 D. is a Sorindeia, a Madagascar plant accidentally intermixed ; 8487 G. is 
Btu^nania? acuminata {Wall, (kit, 081), and 8487 I. is, I suspect, M. sylvatica. 

2. BE. oaloneuraf Kurz in Bemg. As. Soc, Joum. 1873, ii. 66 ; leaves 
oUong or oblong^lanoeolate finely reticulated between the nerves acuminate, 
pamcb spreading tomentose, flowers crowded sessile, petals 6 with 3 ridges^ 
stamens 1 or 2 fertile, ovary rough, style lateral or hoBal. 

Mabtaban, Kurz. 

A moderate sized tree. Leaves 4-6 by 1:^1} in., equally reticulated on both sur- 
faces between the 16-20 pairs of arching nerves ; petiole |-1 in., much thickened at 
the base. Panicle tomentose throughout. Flowers much as in M. indica, the re- 
flexed petals having 3 ridges. (Fruit as large as a hen's eg^, subreniform, smooth, 
obtuse, yellow, sweet and acid, Kurz). — My specimens of this are imperfect ; it is 
evidently very nearly indeed allied to M. indica, difiering chiefly in the very fiine re- 
ticulation of the leaves, as pointed out by Kurz. Wallidi's 3f. indica, 8487 H. from 
Tavoy is possibly the same. 

8. K. pentaAdrftf Hook./.; leaves oUong or oblong-lanceolate acumi- 
nate reticulated on both surfaces, panicle' spreading tomentose, flowers crowded 
Buhsessilei petals 6 with 3 ridges, stamens 6 perfect, ovary smooth, style sub* 

Malacca, Griffith^ Maingay. 

A tree. Leaves i-\2 by 2-4 in., quite similar to those of M. indica, as are the 
panicles and flowers, except that Maingay describes the disk as more Mly and 
&irly developed than in any form he had flgured. The 6 stamens are all perfect 
and unequal. The petals are yellowish-white, with yellow brown ridges. Maingay 
figures the style as nearly terminal, and the ovule as quite laterally suspended. — The 
Malay name is * Mam ploni,' which means mango ripened artificiaUy. 

4. BK. Orlffithil, Hook. f. in Trans. lAnn. Soc. xxii. 168, in note: 
leaves small oblong or oblong-ooovate obtuse reticulate between the nerves, 
inflorescence of many suberect compound pubescent racemes, petals 4 orbicular- 
oblong not much exceeding the sepals, stamen 1. 

MAI.ACCA, Griffith. 

Branches stout. Leaves 3-5 by 1 j-2 in. ; nerves about 10 pairs ; base narrowed ; 
petiole stout, ^ in. BoGsmss (branches of a reduced panicle), not much if at ail longer 

^era.'] xlyl ajsuloaxdvlCZM. (J. D. Hooker.) 15 

thm the leayes, stoot^ finelj pnbeseent. Flouftrs very small, J in. diam., subsessile. 
BeptU broadly orate, tomentose. Petalg orbicnlar-ovate, with 2 short or more con> 
ftiient ridges. JHak with 5 or 6 sabidate points. Stamena short. 

5. K. BOleropbyllaf JTooA. /. ; leaves fflabrous broadly elliptic with 
obtuse narrowed tips most thickly coriaceous case acute or founded nerves 
oiiBCurey petioles much thickened at the base, panicle pubescent of many erect 
stoat spcifbrm branches^ petals not much exceeding the sepals, stamen 1. 

IfATArrA, Mamga^. 

Branches very thick, woodj, glabrous, angled, and channelled. Leaves 4-5 by 
2-2^ in., alternate, not approximate at the ends of the branches, exceedingly thick 
and oard when dry,smooth on both sni&ces ; midrib strong; nerves about 10, &int ; 
retieolations very obscure ; petiole 1 in., of the upper leaves \ in., extremely thickened 
at the back especially, the tiiickening sometimes extending up the midrib. Panicle 
4-6 in. long. Itowers sessile, ^ in. diam.; bracts ovate. Smals ovate, pubes- 
cent. FsUUs ovate-oblong, with 8 short ridges. Disk small. Xotmg drupe nearly 
orbicular. — ^N6 other Ma$^^era has foliage at all like this. 

ft Panicle quite glabrous. 

6. K. sylvatioaf Boxh, Fl. Ind. L 644; leaves lanceolate or oblong- 
knceolate usually long-petioled| panicle ample g^brous, branches slender, 
flowers pediceUedy petals 5 with o ridges, stamen 1 with no imperfect ones, 
ovary smooth, style lateral. M. indica, Wall, Cat, 8487 1. 

Tboficax. Nipai. and Sikxdc Htmatjlta, J, D, H.; Silhet, Boxb,; T^vrkmiL 
Hts., ff,f. 4" ^* i AjtfDAUAx IsLS., Kurg, 

I am in some doubt about this plant, which is well figured in Boxburgh'a 
drawings, but of which I have seen no flowering or fruiting specimen. I believe 
it to ^ a common tree in the Silhet, Ehasia and Sikkim jungles, with usually 
longer more membranous young leaves than the Mango, and a more open lax per- 
fectly glabrous panicle, anid loose pedicelled flowers. Boxburgh contrasts it with 
the cultivated sorts as having a much larger panicle, with the numerous ramifica- 
tions more erect and slender, flowers more completely monandrous, disk villous. 
The leaves he describes as in the common Mango. The drupe he figures as ovoid, 
gradually narrowed at the top into a sharp curved beak. Graham {Cat Bemb. P/.) 
states that is a native of the Bombay C^hats, but no one has ^confirmed this. 
Xurx*8 specimens, thus named from the Andaman Islands, have leaves 10-12 by 
2|-3} in., membranous, much reticulated, elliptic-lanceolate, acuminate, petiole 
very slender f--2 in. ; nerves 16-20 pairs, slender, arched. I have gathered similar 
specimens in Sikkim and Silhet, wiUi petioles 4 in. long, and Wallich's 8487 I. quite 
agrees with these. My Khasia ones, with slender branched panicles (as in Box- 
bnrgh's description and figure), but flowers all dropped, have leaves like those of 
M, indiea, Kurz {Joum. As, 8oc. Beng. 1870, ii. 76), observes that Miquel has 
iBoorrectly identified this plant with M, indica, from which it is at once distin- 
guished by the very difEeorent white flowers, the disk and acuminated fruit. 

7. K. lonirtpoBf Griff, Notidy iv. 410 ; leaves oblong- or elliptio-lanceo- 
kte acuminate fiuntJy reticulate, panicle very lax spreading branches slender, 
flowers pedicelled, petals 6 narrow with one slenaer basal ridge branching 
into 5 nerves, stamen 1, imperfect ones minute. 

Maiacca, Griffith, Maingay, 

A tree. Leaves 6-10 by l}-3 in.« with 14-10 pairs of nerves, reticulation 
obscure above, more distinct beneath; petiole }-U m. Panicles usually longer 
than the leaves, branches widely spreading, pedicels \ in. Flowers ^-J in. diam. 
Bepds ovate, subacute. Petals white, with yellow veins, very narrow, recurved. 
IHsk broadly conical, papillose, 5-lobed. Stamen &r exserted, filament elongated. 
(hmg smooth; s^le lateral, long, slender; ovule obliquely ascending. — ^Tlus, as 

16 XLYi. ANACABDUCSiE. (J. D. Hooker.) IMangifera. 

Griffith remarks, is very near AT. sylvaHca, and as far as I can see may be a form 
of that plant, differing chiefly in the smaller disk and rery narrow petals. Ghriffith 
describes the calyx and pedicels as pubemlous, bat I find no trace of this. The 
Malay name is * Boa Pow.' — Griffith, 

8. K. zeylanloaf Hook, f, ; leayes obloDg-obovate oblong or elliptic- 
lanceolate obtuse or rounded at the lip leticuStted, panicle glabrous stout 
narrow, sepals orbicular, petals 6 oblong with 5 ridges^ stamen 1 with 6-8 
minute subulate filaments, style subtenmnal. M. indica, Thwaites Enum, 75 ; 
Buchanania ? zeylanica, Blutne Mm, Bot, i. 185. 

Chtix>n ; abundant up to an elevation of 3000 ft. 

A tree, everywhere quite glabrous. Leaves small,' 2-3} by 1-1^ in., coriaceous, 
usually rounded at the tip, nerves 12-16 pairs, arching; petiole j-j in. Fanide 
stout, erect, much longer than the leaves. Flowers ^ in, diam. ; pedicel slender. 
Petals short, elliptic-oblong, with 5 nerve*like ridges. ]>isk large. Stamen short. 
Ovary obscurely pubescent. — ^Thwaites identifies this specifically with the culti- 
TBted M. indica, but it appears to me to differ much in habit and foliage, in the 
contracted panicle, more pedicelled flowers, perfectly glabrous sepals, and short 

9. K. gT'ttOllipeBf Hook, f, ; leaves small elliptic-lanceolate acuminate 
obscurely reticulate, petiole very slender, inflorescence of many slender erect 

n* "yrouB compoimd racemes, pedicels very slender, petals 5 lanceolate with 
ridges, stamen 1 perfect slender with 4 short subulate filaments, style 

Malacca, Mainpay, 

A large tree, everywhere perfectly glabrous ; branches very slender for the genus. 
Leaves 3-4 by 1-1} in., undulate, much narrowed at both ends, nerves faint, 
arched; petiole remarkably slender, J-1 in., not much thickened at the base. 
Baeemes (branches of a sessile panicle which start in a fascicle from the tips of 
the branches), long, very slender, much exceeding the leaves, and liearing short 
lateral branches throughout their length; pedicels very slender. Flowers about 
^ in. diam. Sepals ovate, obtuse. Petals twice as long, pale green with purplish 
ridges. Filament slender, exserted. Disk rugose. Ovary quite smooth; ovule 
pendulous from a basal funicle. 

10. BE. oblongrifoliaf Hook, f, ; leaves linear-oblong obtuse or sub- 
acute very coriaceous not reticulated beneath, petiole lon^, panicle large 
spreading quite glabraus, flowers pedicelled, petals 5 elliptic-oolong with a 
l)a8al tubercle and 3-6 more or less confluent ridges, stamen 1 perfect with 4 
fihorter antheriferous ones, style subterminaL 

Malacca, Grriffithf Maingay ^cult.). 

A very large tree, glabrous throughout ; branchlets stout. Leaves 8-12 by 1|-2| 
in., very coriaceous, with undulate margins, faintly reticulate above, not at all or 
very obscurely so beneath ; base usually rounded ; nerves 20-25j)air8. Panicle very 
iurge, branches widely spreading, 2-3-chotomou8ly divided. Flowers distant, ^ in. 
dUam. ; pedicel rather stout, }-i in. Sepals veined. Petals rather short, yellow, riage.H 
tipped with red. Fruit 4 in. long, ovoid, dull green. — ^Maingay, from whom this 
description of the fruit is taken, says that this is cultivated at l^^lacca as the Queneo 


Petals 4, with 1-5 free or confluent ridges that terminate in wart-like 

11. BE. quadrifldaf Jack in Boxh, FL Ind, ed. Carey, ii. 440 ; leaves 
elliptic-oblong or oblong-lanceolate obtuse narrowed into long petioles reticulate 
beneath inflorescence of many erect stout glabrous compouna racemes, petals 4 

Mangifera.'] xlyl akaoabdiag&s. (J. D. Hooker.) 17 

short ovate with 3 short confluent ridges, stamen 1, the others fedoced to minute 
teeth. WaU, Cat, 8489. 

Tesuoxq, Jack; Malacca, Mcdngays — ^Distbib. Sumatra. 

A lofty tree, perfectly glabrous throughont ; branchlets very stout. Leaves 4-^ by 
1^2 iu^ rarely acute, very coriaceouB ; nerves 15-20 pairs, reticulation above obso- 
lete ; petiole 1-2. in. BaeemeB equalling or exceeding the leaves, collected on a short 
peduncle, rachis stout, branchlets 1-6 flowered. Flowers small, ^ in. diam. ; pedicel 
longer than the petals. Sepals broadly orbicular-ovate. Petals twice as long, pearly- 
white (Maingay) ; the ridges raised at their ends. Stamens \crj short, inserted on 
the disk. Disk tumid, 4-lobod. Style lateral. {Drupe roundish, becoming very 
dark-coloured, Jack), — Maingay in his MSS. describes the petals as 6, and stamens as 
usually 2, but I find the flower to be uniformly 4-merous and monandrous ; Jadi^ 
however states that a small superfluous fifth petal is sometimes placed within the 
This is allied in flower and inflorescence to M, Griffithii, 

12. M. Maln^ayif Hook, f, ; leaves elliptic-oblong acute or acuminate 
not reticulate on either surface or obscurely so beneath only, panicle glabroua 
spreading, flowers pedicelled, petals 4 oblong with 3-5 confluent ridges, stamen 
1 perfect, the others reduced to teeth. 

Malacca, Maingay, 

A tree, everywhere quite glabrous. Leaves 4-9 by 1^3| in., coriaceous, nervea 
15-20 pairs, not strong, arched; petiole 1-2 in. Panicle equalling or exceeding the 
leaves, branches pale green (when dry), rather slender. Flowers { in. diam., pedicel 
slender. Sepals ovate, obtuse. Petals about twice as long. Stamen short. Styla 
subulate, subterminal. — There appear to be two varieties of this in Mainga/s Her- 
barium ; one (called Sapoong or Sampong), with larger leaves not narrowed into the 
petiole, opaque above, with sunk nerves, tumid between the nerves ; the other 
(marked as txuly wild) with brown (when dry) more shining leaves, narrowed into 
the petiole, more reticulated beneath, and the nerves not sunk ; its leaves are like 
those of Jif, indieOt from which its glabrous pedicellod flowers and warted petels at once 
distinguish it ; both difler from M. quadrifida in the inflorescence. The first variety 
haa» according to Maingay, globose green fruit 3-4 by 2^-3 in. 

13. M. mioropliyllaf Chriff, MSS, ; leaves small elliptic acuminate 
leticidate beneath, panicle stout contracted puberulous, flowers very shortly 
pedicelled, sepals broadly ovate, petals 4 oblong with 3 ridges, stamen 1 with- 
out mdiments of others. 

MAI.AOCA, Griffith ; in orchards. 

A small tree ( Griffith), Leaves 1^-4 by \-\\ in., shining above ; nerves 8-10-pairs ; 
petiole slender, \-\ in. Panicle short, stout, rather irregular, sometimes reduced to 
erect oompound racemes, by the abbreviation of the peduncle and the branches being 
erect. Flowers about J in. diam., on short stout pedicels. Sepals pubescent. Petals 
about twice as long, the ridges distinct. Filajnent slender. Style lateral. Fruit ovi- 
form, green, very turpentiny, Griffith, — Griffith has what appears to be a small state 
of this, with small very shining leaves, quite polished on the upper surflice. 

Sicr. 2, Disk narrow, often reduced to the form of a stalk to the ovary, 
mel J obsolete in the g fl. 

• Peiali free from the disk, 

14. K. odorataf Orif, Notul, iv. 417 ; leaves elliptic-lanceolate or oblong 
acute or acuminate-reticulate, panicle very stout with ascending stout branches 
glabrous, petals 5 linear-oblong reflexed m)m the middle with a thick branching? 
tidge. M. fcetida, var, d. Miguel in Herb, Hook, 

"i^sJACCK Griffith,^J)tgrBiB, Java (Zollinger, 430). 

18 XLYi. AKACARDUGEJE. (J. D. HookcT.) IMatigifera. 

A tree, everywhere quite glabrous, or rery obscurely pubescent on the panicle. 
Leaves 6-12 by 2-4 in., very coriaceous, reticulate on both surfaces ; nerves about 20- 
pairs, very strong ; petiole stout, l^lf in., much thickened from below the middle to 
the base. Panicle with stout green branches that turn black when dry. Flowers j- in. 
diam., odorous, flesh-coloured. Sepals ovate-oblong. Petals three times as long, 
reflexed, greenish, suffused with blood-red. Perfect stamens sometimes 2 (Griffith), 
the impeifect ones slender, subulate, capitate. Ovary glabrous. (Drupe oblong, 
stinking, yellow-green, with yellow spots, filled with a sticky gum ; flesh yellow, flbrous, 
Bweet, not turpentiny ; stone compressed, flbrous ; cotyledons rugose, equal at^ the 
base, one overlapping at the top. Griffith.) — ^Malay name " Koeene " or " Kohini," 
according to Griffith, which is the name Maingay gives to Af. oblongifolia (a totally 
different plant). This much resembles M. Partk, Miq., of Java, which has a more 
efihse panicle with long tertiary branchlets and very long pedicels. 

15. M. lagrenifera, Or^. Notvl. iv. 414, t. 667, f. 3; leaves small 
obovate-oblong or -spathulate obtuse or rounded at the tip, panicle large spread- 
ing pubescent, petals 5 linear-oblong obscurely thickened in the middle, stamens 
5 perfect. 

MaUlCCA, Griffith, Cvmming (2330), Maingay, 

Averj lofty tree (Griffith); branchlets stout, with pale bark. Leaves 3-6 by 
1^1 J in., very thickljr coriaceous, gradually narrowed into a very stout petiole J— li^ 
in., not reticulate on either surfieice ; nerves about 20 pairs, very faint, spreading and 
parallel. Panicle on a long and stout peduncle, much exceeding the leaves. Flowers 
} in. diam. ; pedicels very short. Sepals many, orbicular, tomentose. Petals three 
times as long, concave, ptirple, erect till a late period. Disk a slender stipes. Fila- 
ments very slender (purple, alternating with short horns, Maingay), Ovary glabrous ; 
style capillary, lateral. (Drupe pyriform, 4^ by 2| in., pale green, with a pink blush, 
fl^ livid or purplish flesh-colour ; stone fibro-coriaoeous, adherent to the membranous 
testa ; radicle basal, very large. Maingay.) — Called Lanjoot by the Malays, according 
to Maingay and Griffitii. The latter describes the drupe as smooth, glaucescent, 
fleshy, fetid, exuding a black varnish, traversed by innumerable flbres ; stone ovate- 
lanceolate, fibro-coriaceous. Seed erect, adhering to the bl&ck tegument on the one 
side, on the other smooth ; cotvledons with one half the surface smooth, the other 
wrinkled. Maingay describes the disk as hemispherical, but 1 do not flnd it so. 

16. K. fta^VBikB, Maingay MSS. ; leaves very narrowly 1lineaiK)blong- or 
lanceolate acute aciuninftte or rounded at tiie tip, panicle sprea<f!ing quite gla- 
brous, petals narrow linear, stamens 5, one much longer than the^cthers whose 
anthers are imperfect. ^ 

Maiacca, Maingay. 

A tree, everywhere quite glabrous. Leaves much longer and narrower th\^n in any 
other species, 6i--10 by 1^1 J in., coriaceous, reticulated on both surfaces, vnargins 
waved, base acute abruptly contracted into a very slender petiole 1^ in»; 
nerves 25-36 pairs, slender, almost horizontal. Panicle longer than the leaves, 
peduncle long and branches thick, black when dry. Flowers erect, almost j in. ijong; 
pedicel turbinate. Sepals unequal, ovate-lanceolate. Petals very narrow, qfcct, 
reflexed sharply from the middle, 1-nerved (Maingay), 3-ncrved m a young sqfte. 
Disk a slender pedicel. Filaments very slender, Sorter than the capillary 'stwlc* 
which is lateral. (Drupe obliquely broadly oblong-globose; flesh yellow, acid aT* 
terebinthine ; stone thin, flbrous; testa coriaceous, Jfaiway.)— This in folial 
approaches very closely Blume's M. maerocarpa of Java, which has still narrow! 
leaves with crimped edges, 40 pairs of nerves, and a bitter-sweet fruit as large as 
child's head. 

♦• Petah adnate to or inserted on the disk, 

17. M. foDtiday Lour, Fl. Coch, 160 ; leaves large elliptic-oblong oi 
*oboyate obtuse or acute not reticulate, nerves strong, panicle very stout glabroi 

Uanffifera.'] XLVI. ANACABDiACBiB, (J. D. Hookpr.) 19 

spreeding, flowers subsessile, petals 5 linear-lanceolate 3-ridged inserted on the 
disk, stunens 6 one perfect the rest shorter imperfect. Hoxb, Fl, Ind, ed, 
Carey, u. 440 ; WaU, Cat. 8488 ; GHf, Notui. iv. 419. M. Horsfieldii & M. 
foetida, Miq, FL Ind. Bat, i. pt. 2. im.—Rumph, Amb. i. 98. t. 28, 

Malacca, Pbnamo, and Sistgafobe, Jaekt &c. — ^Distbib. Throughout the Malay 

A large tree; branchlets Tory stout. Leaves very large, 10-12 by 3-4 in., very 
coriaceous, pale when dry ; sur&ce raised above between the stout nerves, of which 
there are about 20 pairs ; base acute ; petiole stout, 1-2^ in. Panicle large, stout, 
with very spreading branches, and these again with short tertiary cymose branchlets 
(deep bloood-red, Maingay), black when d^. Flowers J in. diam., pink or dark red. 
Sepals ovate, obtuse. Petals reflezed from the middle, inserted on the pedicel -like 
disk above its base, but not decurrent on the disk. Ovary glabrous ; style slender, 
lateral. {Drupe variable in form, not compressed, oblique, green, smooth, very fetid ; 
flesh yellow, thick; stone almost 2-edged, chartaceous, fibrous ; cotyledons equ£j, 
4iuricled at the base; radicle short. Griffith.) — Maingay describes the fruit as 
coarse-flavoured, and not imlike Lanjoot (M. lagenifera), stringy. Malay name 
Sachang or Bachong. Kumph and Loureiro describe the drupe as hairy, but no one 
else does so ; possibly the fibres of the stone are alluded to by these authors. 

18. ai. OOBBlaf Jack m Roxh. Fl. Ind. ed. Carey, ii. 441 ; leaves cuneate- 
obovate or -oblong or -elliptic with very short thick petioles, panicle branched 
tomentose very stout, petals 5 erect adnate to the disk long narrow vnth one 
central rid^, stamen 1. Oriff. Nottd. iv. 415. M. foetida, Blume (according 
to Miguel m Herb.). 

Malacca, Maingay (cult.). — ^Distrib. Sumatra, Java. 

A large stately magnificent tree {Griffith); branchlets very stout. Leaves 6-16 
by 2f-d^ in., very thi<My coriaceous, smooth, rather shining, obscurely reticulated 
beneath, decurrent on the petiole, which is \-l in. ; nerves about 20-30 pairs, slightly 
arched. PanicU very stout and much branched (of a glaucous reddish colour. Jack), 
Flowers in dense heads on the tertiary branchlets, j in. long ; bracts broad ; pedicel 
very thick, short. Sepals short, broadly ovate, pul)escent. Petals erect, adnate by the 
ridge to the disk, linear, concave, purple. Disk slightly lobed, Imperfect stamens 
reduced to mere teeth; filament of perfect one slender. Style lateral, slender. 
(Drupe oblong-obovate, reddish-white. Jack.) — Chriffith says that the corolla is more 
connate with the disk in the female, and that the panicle is cream-coloured and petals 
white ontside and lilac inside, and that the larger cotyledon alone is auricled. — 
Malay name Beenjai or Binjaee. 

19. ai. Baperbaf Hook. f. \ leaves very large subsessile cuneate-oblan- 
oeolate not reticulate, panicle spreading pubescent, flowers subcapitate very 
large, petals 5 lanceolate acuminate adnate to the disk with a flat central ridge, 
stamens 6, 1 perfect. 

Malacca, Maingay. 
' A gigantic tree {Maingay) ; branchlets as thick as the thumb. Leaves 10-16 by 
3-6 in., veiy thickly coriaceous and hard, obtuse, narrowed below into the short very 
thick petiole, not reticulate ; nerves about 35 pairs, spreading, not sharply defined 
but prominent, midrib very stout ])cneath. Panicle hoar\'-pulK;scent, probably 2 ft. 
long, peduncle very thick ; primary br.mchcs strict, ascending, branched at the tips 
and there bearing heads of flowers two inches across ; bracts large, concave. Flowers 
f in. diam., lilac. Sepals hoary, j- in. long, ovate- lanceolate. Petals adnate to the 
toras by the central ridge, concave, recurved. Filaments all slender, one antheri- 
feroos. Ovary oblique ; style slender, subterminal ; ovule laterally attached, hori- 
sontaL — ^This is a grand species, allied to M. casta, but far larger in all its parts than 
any other of the genus. It is curious that no one but Maingay should have met with 
po oonspiciioiis a tree. Large sheathing stipule-like scales occur amongst the leaves, 
iriiose natore I cannot ascertain, 


20 XLYI. JOrAGAEDlAOEiB. (J. D. Hooker.) IMangifera^ 

20. M. polioarpaf Cfriff. Notul. iv. 416 (polycarpa), 1. 167, f. 2 (caosia) ^ 
leaves large eessile oblanceolate obtusely acuminate &intly reticulated undulate. 

DCaiacca, Griffith. 

A large tree, like M, foetida ; branches stout. Leaves nearly 1 foot long, rery 
ooriaceoTis, nerves 20-30 pairs, arched; petiole ^ m,, winged, flattened. Flowers 
unknown. Drupe oblong, base rather broader, brown, dusty all over, of a strong- 
Dorian or Mango taste ; flesh and juice copious acid and pleasant ; stone lanceolate, 
compressed, coriaoeo-ftbrous ; embryo obclavate. — Griffith, from whom most of the 
above description is taken, says that this is the ' Camang,' and that he proposes for it 
the name of Mangifera ?policarpa (misprinted pdyearpa, at p. 416 of the Notulse), 
in allusion to the russet-coloured fruit, which is unique in the genus. Judging &om 
the foliage, this is probably allied to M. casia. 


Hakgifbba. Pegu, Kur2 n. 2021 ; leaves very like those of M. fragrans in 
shape and size and with equally slender petioles ; but the nerves are far less nume- 
rous, about 20 pair, arched, very slender, and the under-surfiM^ is far less finely 
reticulate, pale brown and quite opaque. 

Mangifbra. Pegu, Kurz n. 2020 ; leaves 14-18 by 3J-4 in., narrowly 
elliptic-lanceolate acuminate membranous ghiaoous beneath, finely but not closely 
reticulate, nerves about 30 pair slender well defined slightly arched, petiole 2-4 iu» 
very slender. — I give this as a Mangifefra on Kurz*s authority. 

*3. AXTAOAHDZniMI, Bottb. 

Shrubs or trees. Leaves alternate, petioled, fflmple, quite entire. Panicles 
terminal, bracteate. Flowers small, polygamous. Calyx 5-partite, segmenta 
erect, imbricate, deciduous. Petals 5, unear-lanceolate, recurved, imbricate. 
Disk filling the base of the calyx, erect. Stamens 8-10, all or some fertile ; 
filaments connate and adnate to the disk. Ovary obovoid or obcordate ; style 
filiform, excentric, stigma minute; ovule 1, ascending from a lateral funicle. 
Nut Mdney-shaped, seated on a large pyriform fleshy body formed of the 
enlarged disk ana top of the peduncle ; pericarp cellular and full of oil. Seed 
kidney-shaped, ascending, testa membranous, aoherent ; cotyledons semi-lunar ; 
radicle short, hooked. — -Distrib. A small tropical American genus, of which 
one species is naturalised in Asia. 

A. oooidentalef Lirvn,'y DC, Prodr, ii. 62; leaves obovate or obovate- 
oblong glabrous obtuse retuse or rounded at the tip, base rounded or cuneate. 
Box'b. Fl, Ind. ii. 812 ; WaU. Cat. 990 ; Wight. 4r uim. Prodr, i, 168 ; Orah. 
Oat. Bomb. H, 40; Dab, ^ Gibs. Bomb, Fhr, Suppl, 18; Griff. Notul, iv* 
408, t. 665, f. 3 e.f. ; Bedd. Fl. Sylv. t. im.^Bheede Hart. Mai, iii. t 54. 

Hotter parts of India, especially near the soa. Naturalised from America. 

A small tree ; trunk short, thick, crooked. Leaves 4-8 by 3-6 in., hard ; nerves 
about 10 pair, nearly horizontal; petiole \-^ in. Panicles 6-10 in., pubescent; 
branches long naked to the tips where the flowers are collected ; bracts lanceolate, 
gibbous, hoary. Flowers \ in. diam., yellow with pink stripes. Stamens usually 9, 
all fertile, one larger than the rest, frvit 1 in., on a pyriform fleshy receptacle 
2-8 inches long. — The Cashew-nut. 

4. BOVBAf Meissn. 

Trees. Leaves opposite, petioled, coriaceous, glabrousi quite entire* FUnoer9 
smallj in axillaiy and tenninal panicles, polygamous. Sepals 3-5, deciduous, 

3auea.'] xlti. ANACABDUCiLiB* (J. D. Hooker.) 81 

Talvate. Petals S-6, imbricate. Disk veiy small. Stctmens 8-5, LoBerted 
within the disk, all fertile. Ovary sessile; style short, terminal, stigma 
obscurely unequally 3-lobed; ovule ascending from the wall of the cavity. 
Drupe fleshy; stone thin, fibrous, 1-celled, Inseeded. Seed suberect; coty- 
ledons fleshy ; radicle very short, inferior. — Distbib. Species 6, natives of 
Tropical Asia and the Malay Archipelago. 

1. B. bnrmaaioay Grif, Plant. Cantor 14; leaves 5-7 in. elliptic- 
lanceolate obtusely acuminate, nerves 12-15 pairs, panicles obscurely pubenuous 
lax-flowered, flowers 4-5-merous. B. oppositifoHa, Meissn, in Walp. Pep. i. 
566. B. Brandisiana, Kurz in Journ. As. Soc. Peng. 1871, ii. 50 ; 1873, ii. 66. 
Mangifera oppoaitifolia, Poa:b. Fl. Ind. 1.640-, Hort. Pengh. 18; Wall. Cat. 
^90. Cambessedea, Wt. ^ A. Prodr. i. 170. 

Pbou, Tknasserim and the Aia>AMiLN Isiands. — Distbib. Java. 

Leaves very coriaceous, pale ; nerves above sank, very slender, beneath raised with 
■a slender incised line along the ridge. Panicles much shorter than the leaves^ 
slender, spreading, lax, few-flowered. Flowers about | in. diam., yellow, pedicelled, 
quite glabrous. Sepals rounded. Petals oblong, keeled on the &ce. Stamens 
usually 4. Ovar^/ obliquely ovoid. Drupe 1-2 in., broadly ovoid, compressed, 
yellow, eatable. — 'Mariam' or 'Hai-een' of the Burmese. Kurz states Uiat the 
stamens are usually 8, perhaps a misprint for 3. 

2. B. mlorophjlla. Griff. Plant. Cantor 15 -y Notvl. iv. 423; leaves 
2^-^ in. elliptic-lanceolate obtuse or obtusely acuminate, panicles denad- 
flowered obscureW^ puberulous, flowers 4-merous. B. diversifolia, Miq. Fl. Ind. 
Pat. SuppL i. 522. ?B. myrsinoides, Plume Mus. Pat. t. i. 204; Migud 
L c. i. pt. 2, 635. 

Malacca, Griffith, Maingay. — Distbib. Sumatra. 

Very similar to B. burmanica, but much smaller in all its parts and usually 
triandrous. — ' Boomaniya Paigo ' of the Burmese. 

3. B. maorophTlla, Griff. Plant. Cantor 15 ; Nottd. iv. 420, t 567, 
f. 4 ; leaves 6-10 in. oolong-lanceolate obtuse or obtusely acuminate, panicle 
much branched dense-flowered very pubescent, flowers usually 3-merous. ? B. 
gandaria, Plume Mus. Pot. i. 204, in note ; Miguel Fl. Pnd. Pat. i. pt 2, 635. 

Malacca, Griffith, Maingay. — ^Distbib. Java, Borneo. 

A much larger plant tlian B. opposUifolia, with more oblong glossy leaves, the 
nerves 12-20 pairs sunk on the upper surface, raised on the lower but not grooved on 
the ridge. Panicle 2-3 in. long ; branches stout, spreading horizontally and bearing 
densely crowded cymes of flowers about -h in. diam. SepaU 3 in thid 9 {Griffith). 
Stamens 3-5. Drupe ovoid oblong, a little oblique, as large as a hen's egg ; pulp 
yellowish, acid, not terebinthine ; stone leatheir, fibrous, adherent to the testa. 
Cotyledons lilac, equal, reticulate, rugose {Griffith). 'Boomaniya Baitool' of the 

5. CI&UTAy Linn. 

Trees with caustac juice. Leaves crowded at the ends of the branchlets, 
ahort-petioled, simple, oblong, coriaceous. Panicles axillaiy and terminaL 
Flowers small, hermaphrodite. Calyx spathaceous, bursting irregularlvi 
caducous. Petals 4-6, adnate to the disk, imbricate. Disk ebngate, rare|^ 
short. Stamens 4-6, inserted on tiie disk, filaments capillary. Chary sessile 
on the disk or stipitate, oblique, 1-celled ; style lateral, miform, stigma simple ; 
ovule 1, pendulous from a basal funicle. Perry stalked, dry, deformed, 
tubercled or ridged. Seed with the testa adherent to the pericarp and fidl of 
Idaek juice ; cotyledons large, connate, fleshy ; radicle short, obtuse, incurved. — 
Distbib. About 8 speciee, all Malayan. 

29 y^hYU AKACABDUGE^. (J. D. Hooker.) [Oluta. 

1. O. eleeranB, Wall, m JS(u-6. 17. Ind. ed. Carey , n, S16 -, Ca^. 1003 
(Syndesmis) ; leaves elliptic-lanceolate acuminate not reticulate above, 
petiole and nerves slender, panicles lax and flowers perfectlv glabrous. Inde^ 
teiminata, WaU. Cat. 9049. 

PsNANo, Porter, Maingay. 

A small tree, perfectly glabrous throughout; much branched; trunk stout, 
Leav€$ 3-5 in., tapering at both ends, shining, reticulate beneath ; nerves 8-12 pairs, 
arched ; petiole J-1 A in. Panicles much shorter than the letives, slender. Flowers 
J in. long, subcorymbose. Calyx tubular, membranous, scarlet, split, mouth 2- toothed. 
Petals linear-lanceolate. Disk elongate. Stamens 4-5, as long as the petals. Drupe 
} in. long, when dry, gibbous-oblong, smooth, style-scar nearer the base than top. 
— ^A most beautiful and fragrant tree. 

Vab. HcJftri ; leaves linear-oblong obtuse, nerves more oblique. Tenasserim or 
Andaman Islands, Heifer, — Probably a different species. 

2. CI. tavojana, WaU. Cat. 1004 (Syndesmis) ; leaves oblonfr-lanceo- 
late obtuse acute or acuminate reticulate on both surfaces, petiole short, 
panicles long-peduncled puberulous. Syndesmis sp., Griff. NotuL iv. 410. 

Tbnassebim, at Tavoy, Gomez ; Mergui, Griffith. 

A small tree with white branches. Leaves 4-12 by 1 J-3 in,, very coriaceocs, brown, 
rather waved; nerves 16-20 pairs, arched; petiole usually \ in., stnut. Panicles 
slender ; peduncle 1-3 in. ; flowers loosely coninbose, like those of G. clegansy but 
smaller, about J in. long ; pedicel stouter ; calyx (scarlet) shorter, puberulous, not 
toothed. Petals linear-spathulate, white. 

8. O. ooarotata, Griff. Notul. iv. 409, t. 667, f. 1 (Syndesmis) ; leaves 
recurved conduplicate short-petioled linear- or obovate-oblong obtuse or sub- 
acute reticulate on both sumces, margins waved, panicles pubescent, flowers 

Maiacca, Griffith, Maingay. 

A small tree. Leaves 6-10 by 2-3 in., coriaceous, bright brown when dry ; nerves 
15-22 pairs, very slender ; petiole J-| in. Panicles much branched, 3-5 in. ; flowers 
crowded at the tops of the branches, |^in. diam. Calyx short, almost campanulate, 
«plit and lobed, very pubescent. Petals 5, obovate-lanceolate tipped witli red". 
Stamens 5. Drupe subglobose, with an irregular raised ridge round the l>ase, others 
down the sides ; rind diy, papillose, coriaceous ; flesh white, fibrous and spong}* : stone 
coriaceous, adnato to Uie testa. Seed erect; embryo very large, cotyledons sub- 
hemispheric unequal fleshy, opposite faces pink, radicle short. — The description 
of the fruit is taken from Griffith's Notulse and figure. The recurved subsessile 
leaves and large fiowers at once distinguish the species. 

4. CI. travanoorloaf Bedd. Flor. Sylv. i. t. 60; leaves subsessile 
small obovate-oblong roimded at the tip, panicles spreading tomentose, calyx 

Wbsteun Pkninsuia ; Ghats of Tinnevelly and Travancor, Beddotne. 

A very tall timber tree. Leaves 4-6 by I5-I} in., coriaceous, reticulate on both 
6ur£Bice8 but especially beneath; petiole very short, dilated. Panicles crowded, 
terminal and in the upper axils, subcorymbose, shorter than the leaves ; bracts ovate,, 
boat-shaped. Calyx truncate at the base, very short, coriaceous, irregularly toothed 
or lobed, split on one side, less deciduous than in the other species. Petals 5» 
dliptic-obovate, obtuse, downy on both surfaces. Disk very short. Stanuns 5, 
filaments subulate. Drupe 1 in. diam., depressed-globose, stipitate. 

6. BVOBAXTAirZA, Koxb. 

Trees. Leaoes alternate, petioled, simple, quite entire. Panicle terminal 
and axiUary, crowded. Flowers small, white, hermapbiodite. Calyx short,. 

Bueha/nania,'\ xlyi. ANACARDUCEiB. (J. D. Hooker.) 23 

5-5-toothed or -lobed, persistent, imbricate. Petals 4r^, oDlong, recurved^ 
imbricate. DM orbicular^ 5-lobed. Stamens 8-10, free, inserted at the base 
of the diak. Carpeb 6-6, free, seated in the cavity of the disk, one fertile, the 
rest imperfect ; style short, stigma truncate ; ovide 1, pendulous from a basal 
fimicle. Drvpe small, flesh scanty ; stone crustaceous or bony, 2-yalved. Seed 
gibbous, acute at one end; cotyledons thick; radicle superior. — Disibib. A 
tropical Asiatic, Australian and Pacific Island genus ; species about 20. 

1. B. latlfoUa, Roxb, FL Ind, ii. 885; leaves usually broadly 
oblong rounded at the tip closely reticulate on both surfaces yUlous 
^beecent or glabrate beneath, panicle woolly or velvety, flowers crowded. 
Wt. ^Am.Prodr. L 169; WaU, Cat. 983; Bedd. Fl. %/.t.l65; DaU/^Oibs, 
Bomb. Fl. 62 ; Grah. Cat, Bomb, H, 41 ; Brandis For, Flor, 127. Spondiaa 
elliptica, Bottl. 

Hot, drier parts of Iia>iA, from Kumaok ascending to 1500 ft, and Oitdh, 
throagh Csntbal IimiA and to the Western Peninsula, Birma and Tenassebim. 

A tree 40-50 ft., subdeciduous; branchlets as thick as the finger. Leaves 6-10 
in., very coriaceous or hard, nerves 15-20 pairs, stout, nearly straight ; petiole ^-h in., 
stout, pubescent. Panicles terminal and axillary, shorter than the leaves, pyramidal, 
branches stout ; bracts small, caducous. Flowers \ in. diam., sessile, greenish white. 
Odjfx 5-toothed. Petals oblong. IHsk fleshy. Stamens 10, spreading, as long as the 

rtals. Ovaries one perfect, conical, pubescent, 4 others reduced to filaments. Drupe 
in., subglobose, sbghtly compressed, black ; stone hard, 2-valved. — ^There is a 
specimen marked from Malacca in Griffith's Herbarium. 

2. B. anernstlfolla, Boxb, Fl. Ind. ii. 386 ; Cor. PI. in. t. 262 ; leaves 
linear-oblong or elliptic or elliptic-lanceolate obtuse or rounded at the tip 
base not narrowed into the petiole glabrous on both surfaces, nerves very 
slender, panicles quite glabrous, flowers sessile. WaU. Cat. 982; W. <$■ A, 
Prodr. 169 ; Grah. Cat. Bomb. PI. 41 ; Wiffht Ic. t. 101. Spondias simplici- 
foUa, JRottl. Mangifera axillaris, Lanik. 

Westkrn Peninsula ; the Concan, from the Adjunta Jtmgles, Graham^ south- 
vaids. GxYix>N, in the northern parts of the island. 

A tree, perfectly glabrous throughout, branchlets stout. Leaves 4-6 by \\-2 in., 
thinly coriaceous, shining above, delicately reticulate beneath, rounded or acute 
at the base ; nerves 12-16 pairs, very slender ; petiole }-l} in., slender. Panicles 
axillarjr and terminal, about as loDg as the leaves, peduncle and branches slender, 
spreading. Flowers in small clusters ^ in. diam., quite glabrous, nearly sessile. 
Drupe I in. diam., obliquely spherical. — The Malayan and Australian forms referred 
to this appear to me to differ much in the leaf-base, narrowed into the shorter stouter 
peduncle, and other points. 

3. B. erlabra, WaU. Cat. 984 ; leaves broadlv elliptic or oblong or almost 
otbicalar obtuse or roimded at the tip quite glaorous, base rounded, nerves 
strong, panicle spreading puberulous, flowers sessile. 

Tbnassbbdc ; at Moulmein, Wallich, 

A tree. Leaves 4--6 by 2-3 in., usually quite elliptic and rounded at both ends, 
sometimes more acute at the base, very coriaceous, upper surface raised between the 
nerves, &intly reticulate, lower strongly reticulate shining; nerves 12-15 pairs; 
petiole always short, J in. Panicle shorter than the leaves, rusty puberulous, glabrate 
in fruit ; branches spreading, rather stout. Flowers ^ in. diam., rather crowded, very 
shortly pedicelled. FYuit unripe, glabrous. — ^Wallich's are the only specimens of this 
that I nave seen ; it is nearest B. augusttfolia, but differs materially in the broad 
shnost rounded leaves, very short petiole, and pubemlous panicle. 

4. B. Incidaf Blume Mus. Bot, L 184; quite glabrous throughout| l«a^«i 

21 XLYi. AHAGABDiAGEiE. (J. D. Hooker.) [BucAoftanuK. 

pbovate or olmvate-oblon^, tip rounded or obtuse reticulate on both surfaces 
narrowed into the petiole, panicles lax spreadingy branches slender, flowers 
not crowded pediceUed. Mtq, Fl, Ind, Bat, 1. pt. 2, 636. B. palembanica, 
Blumef Turcz, in Bull. Mosc, 1858, pt. i. 473. Hjpericinea angustata, Wall, 
Cat. 4830. B. suboboyata, Orif. Notui. iy. 413. 

Eastbbk Peniksttla; from Tenasserim to Malacca, and Penang. — Distbib. 
Sumatra, Borneo, Australia? 

A tree, quite glabrous throughout. Leaves 4-7 by \\-2 in., coriaceous, very 
brown when dry and rather shining; nerves 12-15 pairs slender, arched; petiole 
1-lf in., gradually dilated upwards. Panidee usually longer than the leaves, \erj 
many-flowered. Flotoers | in. diam. (4-5-merous, white, disagreeably-scented, 
Griffith). Sepals orbicular. Petals elliptic, obtuse. Filaments subulate, white. Drupe 
\ in. diam., orbicular, compressed with a sharp edge. — Blume's B. arborescens, and 
perhaps B, long\folia, are hardly distinct from this, as is Miquel's pettolaris and 
oancana. 1 should refer hither also the glabrous panided Australian plant placed 
under angusttfolia, Koxb., in the Flora Australiensis. 

Vab. intermedia, leaves obovate-spathulate membranous. B. intermedia, Wiaht 
lb. t. 81. — Naggarie hills, Madras. 

5. B. aouminatay Turcz. in Bull. Mosc. 1858, i. 472 ; glabrous 
throu|g:hout, leaves long- or short-petioled obovate or oolanceolate abruptly 
acuminate, panicles spreading exceeding the leaves long-peduncled very slender 
lax-flowered, flowers pedicelled. B. sessilifolia, Blume Mus. Bot. i. 184. 
Hypericinea lucida, WaU. Cat. 4827. Terebinthacea, Wall. Cat. 8505. 

Tenasserim ; at Moulmein, LM ; Penakg, Porter ; 3£alaoca, Griffith^ Maingay. 
Distbib. Sumatra. 

A small tree. Leaves 4-7 by 2-2| in., thinly coriaceous, tips very acute, base 
much narrowed, reticulate on both sumces, quite sessile in Penang specimens, with 
slender petioles sometimes 1| in. in Malacca and Tenasserim ones, bright brown 
When dry ; nerves about 15 pairs, slender. Panicles chiefly axillary, branches divari- 
cating. Flowers -^ in. diam. Sepals small, orbicular. Petals oblong. Filaments 
compressed. Drupe as in B. lucida. — I think there is no doubt of Blumo*s B. sessilU 
folia being a sessile-leaved form of this, which is far more £requently a petioled plant, 
and therefore better fitted to Tuzczaninofi*s name than to Blume's, though against the 
laws of priority. 

6. B. lanoeolatay Wt. Ic. t. 237: III. i. 185; leaves elliptic-lanceolate 
obtusely p.cuminate, petiole stout, panicles short pubescent, flowers crowded 
Bubsessile. Buchanania P acuminata, Wall, Cat. 981. 

WxsTEBN PENnrstriA; nearQuilon, Wight. 

A tree. Leaves 4-6 by 1}-1} in., reticmate and shining on both sur£eu;c8, margin 
waved, base acute but not contracted into the petiole; nerves 16-20 pairs, slender 
arched ; petiole |^ in., stout. Panicles shorter than the leaves, numerous, stout, 
axillary and terminal. Flowers \ in. diam., crowded on the E^ort stout lateral 
branches. Sepals rounded. Petals broadly oblong. Filaments subulate. Fruit 
unknown. — ^Wallich's B, ? acwninata, from Tavoy (Cat. 981), is very similar to this ; 
it has fruit only, and the nervation is a little dijSerent. 


B. LAHCTFOiiiA, Boxh. Fl. Ind, ii. 886; 'a large tree, leaves lanceolate obtuse 
pointed ludd entire, panicles terminaL'— Chittagong. 

B. ? ACUHiKATA, Wall. Cat. 981. See at end of 6. lanceolata. Tavoy, GoTner, in 
fruit only. 

B. XJJLIPLOSA, Kur^ in Joum. As. Soo. Beng. 1872, pt 2, 304 ; * leaves 6-7 in. 
ovate-oblong coriaceous finely tomentose glabrescent above, petiole ^ in. stout, panicle 
tanninal lax difbse much branched hoazy or yellowish pubescent, flowers minute. 

Mekmorrhcea.'] xlyu ikagabdiacej!. (J. D. Hooker.) 25 

pedioelfl short slender, bracts minute snbulate, calyx hoaiy, lobes ^ in. long oblong 
tente, petals ^ in. oboTate-oblong, filaments subpnberulons, oyaiy glabrons.'— 
Martaban, Kurs. 



Treee with a Tamish juice. Leaves alternatey simple, quite entire, coriaceous. 
FanicUs aadUaiy. Flowers rather large^ hermaphitxlite. SepaU b, cohering 
into a pointed cap, deciduous. Petals 5-8| linear-oblong, imbricate, mu^ 
enlaigea in fruit. Disk hemispheric or columnar. Stamens 6 or veiy numerousi 
inserted all over the disk ; filaments capillary. Ovary stalked, lenticular, 
obliaue, 1-celled ; style sublateral, stigma simple ; ovule 1, pendulous from a 
basal fimicle. JFhiit dry, subsessile on a lon^ pedicel rising from the 
stellately spreading persistent petals, globose coriaceous. Seed subglobose or 
oblong; testa papery; cotyledons tni^, plano-convex; radicle ascending. — 
The following are the only species. 

* Stamens many. Fndt pediceUed, 

1. M. OBitata, WaU, PL As. Rar. i. 9. t. 11, 12: Cat. 597; leaves 
obcvate or elliptic obtuse softly tomentose on both surfaces. 

MuHsnFoiiB, BmiLL and Tskasssrdc, WalUch, &c. 

A laige dedduons tree; branchlets very stout, velvetj. Leaves 6-14 bj 
4-6 in. ; base cnneate ; nerves 2S-30 pairs, stout, slight ; petiole flattened, winged, 
\-\ in. Panicles 1 ft. long, peduncled, tomentose. Flowers lax \ in. diam. ; pedicels 
uecder. Calyx calyptriform, beaked, pubescent. Petals 5-6, eventually 2-4 in. long» 
linear-oblong, obtuse, coriaceous, reticulated, gland-dotted, pubescent. Stamens 
2(^0. Drupe the size of a cherry, red, glaucous ; pedicel \ in. — The varnish tree. 

2. X. grlabra, WdU. Plant. As. Bar. iii. t. 283; Cat. 1005; leaves 
obovate-oblong or eUiptio-lanceolate obtuse quite glabrous, nerves 16-20-paii8. 
Mehinorrhoea, Qrif. Nottd. iv. 409. 

Tkxasskbdc, at Tavcnr, Gomez ; Kergui, Griffith. 

A tree; branchlets noary. Leaves ^\0 in., undulate, coriaceous, shiningabove, 
reticulate on both surfaces; base cuncate; nerves 16-20-pairs, slender, arched, 
very different from M, usitata; petiole \ in. flattened, wingedi Panicles lax, 
slender, sparingly branched, about equalling the leaves, puberulous. Flowers on 
slender pedicels, white, ) in. diam. Calyx membranous, calyptriform, acute pube- 
scent. Petals linear-oblong, acute, puberulous, eventually 2-2^ in. long, linear- 
oblong or -spathulate, coriaceous, veined. Drupe § in. diam., depressed or globose, 
quite smooth ; pedicel very slender, 1-1:}^ in. 

** Stamens 5. Fruit subsessile. 

3. X. Maingrayif PTook./. : leaves broadly elliptic obtuse long-petioled, 
quite glabrous. 

Malaoca, Mainyay. 

A gigantic tree {Maingay) ; branchlets rather slender. Leaves 4-6 by 2-3 in., 
very coriaceous, deeply reticulate on both surfaces; nerves 18-20-pairs, strong- 
parallel ; petiole 1-2 in. Panicles terminal and axillary, longer than the leaves, long- 
pednneled, pubescent, curved, lax-flowered. Flowers \ in. diam. Calyx calypitri- 
fonn, membranous, veined, split on one side as in Gluta, pubescent. Petals linear, 
oblong, obtuse, tomentose. Stamens 6 ; filaments filiform, hairy. Disk elevated. 
Ovary tomentose. Drupe | in., oblong, obtuse, smooth. 

4. X. WalUobUf ITook. f. ; leaves petioled broadly obovate tip rounded, 
nenes 12-14 pairs, panicles very numerous excessively branched very long 
•dfUy tomentoee. Stagmaria verniciflua, Jack ? Wall, Vat. 980. 

26 XLYi. anacabdiagej:. (J. D. Hooker.) ISwintonia. 

SiNCAPOBB, Wallich ; Malacca, Mamgay, 

A large tree. Leaves 6-8 by 3>4 in., coriaceous, obscurely reticulate above, more 
distinctly beneath; nerves strong, nearly straight; petiole 1-1 J in. PanicUa 
terminal and in the uppermost axils, branched from the base, curved, a foot long and 
more, together forming a drooping mass of long arched finely pubescent angled (-when 
dry) peduncles, that branch towards their ends into slender tomentose branchlets 
with innumerable softly downy flowers ; bracts large, obovate, concave, very mem- 
branous. Flowers very shortly pedicellod, Jin. long. Calt/x narrow-ovojd, very 
membranous, almost 2-valved. Petals linear-oblong, inserted towards the base of the 
disk, villous on both surfaces. Stamens 6. Disk short. — ^Wallich, who assumed this 
to be Jack's Stagmaria vemiciftua ( GliUa Benghas, L.), found a tree of it in the forest 
of Sincapore, close to Botany Hall, which, I assume, was his temporary residence. 

8. SWZNTOarZA, Griff. 

A tall tree, quite glabrous. Leaves alternate, lonc^-petioled, simple, quite 
entire. Panicles terminal and axillary, very large and broad. Flowers small 
Ixermaphrodite or unisexual. Calyx small, 5-loDed, lobes rounded imbricate. 
Petals 5, adnate to the middle of the disk, linear-oblong, imbricate, much 
enlarged and reflexed in fruit. Disk short or elongate or cylindric. Stamens 
6, inserted on the top of the disk, free. Ovary sessile, OToid, 1-K^lled, narrowed 
into the slender style ; stigma capitellate ; ovule pendulous from a basal funicle. 
Jhupe ovoid, smooth, sessile, coriaceous, subtended by the 5 reflexed enlarged 
petals. Seed erect, testa thin; cotyledons amygdaloid. — ^Dibtrib. The 
xbllowing are the only species known. 

1. S« Clrlffithiiy Kurz in Jour. Befng, As, Soc, 1870, id. 75; leaves 
elliptic-lanceolate acuminate at both ends, petiole long slender, panicle much 
larger than the leaves lax spreading ^uite glabrous, branches very slender, 
flowers pedicelled. Swintonia, Oriff, %n Pric, Linn, Soc, 1846, 283. Astro- 
petalum 1, Grrif. Notul, iv. 411, t. 6o6, f. 2, 6. c, d, 

Tbnassbbih, at Mergui, Griffith ; Heifer, 

A lofty tree, glabrous throughout ; branchlets very slender. Leaves 4-7 by 1-1 J 
in., sometimes subopposite or 3-nate ; tip obtuse ; margin waved, obscurely reticulate 
above and beneath; nerves 16-20-pairs,very slender ; petiole 1^ in. Panicle copiously 
branched from near the base. Flowers long-pedicelled, ^ in. diam. Petals linear- 
oblong, quite glabrous, rapidly enlarging. Fruit unknown. — 1 do not find the 
irregular pellucid dots which Griffith describes. Habit of a Mango, conspicuous 
for its dense masses of flowers which, when bruised, emit a peppery smell. 

2. S. Belferl, Hook, f, ; leaves narrow-lanceolate obtusely acuminate, 
hase acute, margms undulate, petiole long slender, panicles much longer than the 
leaves lax spreading quite glaorous, flowers pedicelled. 

Tbnassebih or Akdaman Islands, Heifer, 

Yery nearly allied to S. Griffithii^ but branchlets stouter. Leaves much longer, 
d-10 by 1-1 J m., drawn out into longer points, with more numerous (26-30) pairs of 
nerves, rather stouter petioles, and more waved margins ; they are also of a dark 
brown colour when dry, whereas those of 8. GriffithU are pale greyish-brown. Drupe 
(ripe) obovoid, ^ in. The reflexed petals 2 in. long, linear, obtuse, veined, glabrous. 

3. S. Sohwenkii, Teysm. ^ Hinnend, Cat. Hort. Bogor. 230 ; leaves 
oblong-lanceolate tip obtuse rounded or obtusely acuminate, base rounded 
glaucous beneath, petiole very slender, panicles excessively branched longer or 
flhorter than the leaves, flowers minute subseesile. Kurz in Joum, As. Soc^ 

StomiofMO.] XLYi. ANACABDUCRS. (J. D. Hooker.) 27 

Beng. 1870, ii. 75. Anauxanopetalum Schwenkii, Teysm, ^ Binnend, m 
Miqud Jowm, i. 368. Astropetalum 2, Griffith, Notvl. iv. 415. 

Malacca, Griffith; Maingay. — ^Distbib. Sunatra. 

A tall tree ; branchlets rather slender. Leaner 3-6 in., usnallj obtusely acnminate, 
rather thin ; margins hardly undulate ; nerves about Id-pairs ; petiole very slender, 2-2| 
in. "Ptmides numerous from the upper axils, branched, peduncles and branches and. 
pedicels excessively slender and spro&ding. Flowers the smallest of the genus, when 
first expanded, ^ in. diam., shortly pedicelled. Calyx-lobes orbicular, glabrous. Petals 
oblong on expansion, very rapidly enlarging, finally 2\ in. long, linear, obtuse 
ooriaoeous^ veined. Drupe } in long, oblong, smooth. Cotyledons oblong, amygda- 
loid ; radicle lateral* minute. — Kurz refers to this Astropetalum 1 of Griffith's 
Kotnle, which, as it appears to me from Griffith's notes and specimens, is his original 
SvfmUmia^ to which he attached the MS. name of 8, floribunda, but for which I have 
adopted Kurz's 8. ChriffitMi, The reference to '' Cat. Hort. Begor." is taken from 
Enzz. I do not find the name in the edition of that work at Kew. 

4. S. Bpiciferaf Hook,f, ; leaves obovate or elliptic-obovate tip rounded 
hsae cuneate, panicles long^er than the leaves branches strict^ flowers formings 
pubescent spikelets at the tips of the branchlets. 

Pknamo ? Maingay. 

A lofty thick-stemmed tree {Maingay), Leaves 3J-7 by 1 J-2 in., coriaceous, upper 
mtfiftce shining with ver^ obscure nerves, under glaucous with 12-15 pairs of very 
slender nerves, reticulation very indistinct ; petiole J-1 in. Panicles subcorymbose, 
•ometimes leafy, repeatedly tricnotomously forked ; branches angular, strict, suberect^ 
^iabroos, articulate, ultimate divisions } in., stout, clothed with imbricating small 
bracts and flowers ; rachis with dose-set deep scars ; bracts orbicular, concave, 
pubescent. Flowers J in. diam. when first expanded, apparently polygamous, most of 
tbnn males and caducous ; pedicel very short. Calyx hemispheric, 5-lobed, lobes 
oilnciilar, pubescent. Petals 5, oblong, obtuse, hoary, eventually 1-2^ in., reflexed, 
linear-oblong, obtuse, coriaceous in fruit. Stamens 6, filaments subulate ; anthers 
obloDg. JHsh confluent with the thickened base of the filament in the male. Drupe 
} in. long, obliquely ovoid, smooth; pericarp thin. Cotyledons amygdaloid. — ^I 
assume this to be a Penang plant from the tickets and writing being of the same kind 
as is attached to Mainga/s other Penang plants. A very different species from the 
lest, the imbricating flowers on the thick tips of the branchlets of the panicle is a 
coziaos character. 

9. SOIiBXrOOAHPVS, Wt & Am. 

A tree. I/eaves crov^ded at the ends of the branches, odd-pinnate ; leaflets 
opposite, glabrous, crenulate. Panicles terminal. Flowers small, hermaphrodite. 
Calyx small, 6-toothed, imbricate, deciduous. Petals 5, ovate, valvate. Disk 
koad, annular* Stamens 10, inserted at the base of the disk. Ovary sessiloj^ 
l-celledy style davate, stigma obliquely truncate; ovule 1, pendulous from 
the top of the cell. Drupe small, obuquely oblong, truncate, compressed; 
pericarp cellular, full of oil. Stone hard. Seed linear, compressed ; cotyledons 
anear, plano-conyex ; radicle very short, superior. 

L 8. indlea, Wi. ^ Am. Prodr. i 171 ; Beddome Fl. Sylv. t. 233 ; Amd^ 
Gen. 79. 

Wbbtsbn pENnrsuLA; Malabar and Travanoor, ascending to 2500 ft. on the 
Anamally hills, Beddome, 

Leases 6-12 in.; petiole angled, slender, pubescent; leaflets 4-6-pair8, 2-4 in., 
nbo(mo«ite, sessile, except the terminal, which is long-petiolulate, oblong or oblong- 
linoaoiate acuminate ; base obliquely cordate, quite enture or remotely crenate, rather , 
oomeeoos, glabrous, nerves S-10-pairs, faint. Panides much branched ; branches erecU^ 

28 XLYi. AVAGARDiAGEiB. (J. D. Hooker.) [Tapiria. 

rbtent, pubescent, at length glabrate. Flowers shortly pedicelled, J-| in. diam. Drupe 
in. long, pedicelled. 

10. TAPZHZA, Jxm. 

Erect or scandent shrubs or trees. Leaves alternate^ odd-pinnate ; leaflets 
numerous, subopposite, serrate. Panicles axillary and terminal. Flowers small, 
green, polygamous. Calt/x S-partite ; segments unbricate, persistent Petals 6, 
small, oblong, imbricate. Ihsk broiad, 5-lobed. Stamens 10, inserted at the 
base of the disk -, anthers globose. Ovary in the ^ immersed in the disk, 4-5- 
lobed, with 4-5 styles ; in the $ ovoid, more fiee, 1-celled ; style short, conic, 
.stigma simple ; ovule pendulous from the top of the cell. Drupe obliquely ob- 
long, fleshy ) stone rugose, crustaceous. Seed oblong, testa membranous ) cotr- 
ledons large, plano-convex ; radicle superior. — Dibibib. Species 8 or 10, chieny 


1. T. hirButay Hookf, in Benth ^r Hook,f, Gen, Plant, i. 423 ; Eobergia 
hirsuta, Roxh, Fl, Ind, ii. 455 ; Pegia nitida, Uoleb, in Trans, Linn, Soc, xv. 
864 ; PhlebocHton, Wall, in Trans, Med, ^ Phys. Soc, Cole. vii. 230 ; P. ex- 
tensum, Oat. 8499. 

Geihiux and Eastebn tropical Hdcai^ta, £rom Nipal and Sikkim, ascending to 
4000 ft. ; to Bhotan, Griffith, Assam, Silhbt, and CmrrAOONO. 

A scandent shrub, more or lees clothed -with soft villous tomentum. Leaws 8-12 
in. ; petiole villous, slender ; leaflets petiolulate, 5-7 pairs, 1-4 in., oblong, acuminate^ 
membranous, rarely quite entire, base cordate. Panicles villous; bracts ovate. 
J^roers ^ in. diam., pale, sweet-scented. Drupe the size of a currant, black ; flesh 
next the stone cellulfur and full of viscid brown balsam. 

11. PBNTASPADOXr, Hook. f. 

Trees. Leaves odd-pinnate ; leaflets opposite subsessile, quite entire. Po- 
fWiles axillary, peduncled, branched, branchlets very slender. Flowers pediceUed, 
iHinute, hermaphrodite. Calyx-lobes 5, imbricate. Petals 5, oblong-obovatei 
«tronglj^ imbricate. Stamens 5, minute, inserted at the base of the cUsk, alt6^- 
nate with 5 short subulate staminodes which are free or adnate to the side of the 
disk, filaments short, broadly subulate : anthers didymous. Disk cupular, ob- 
scurely 10-lobed. Ovary seated on the disk, very minute, 1-ceUed, contracted into 
a stout short style, stLp^ma globose or obliquely oblong, large ; ovule 1, pendulous 
£rom the upper part of the cavity. 

1. P. ? velatlnoBy Hook, /. ; petioles leaflets beneath and panicles 
clothed with velvety tomentum. 

Malacca, Maingay, 

Branchlets Btont, woody, cylindric, covered with dose-set scars of fallen leaves, tips 
velvety. Leaves crowded at the ends of the branches ; petiole 6-10 in. stout, cylindnc, 
velvety, bearing no leaflets on the lower third or fourth ; leaflets 2-3^ in. subsessile 
^cept the petiolulate terminal one, oblong, acute or acuminate, base rather oblique 
and rounded, thinly coriaceous, opaque above with pubescent midrib, thickly tomen- 
tose beneath ; nerves 12-14 pairs, slender, arched. Paniclee usually shorter than the 
leaves, triangular, densely T^vety, except the flowers, peduncle 2-4 in. ; branchlets 
very numerous, erecto-patent, strict, very slender indeed, much divided and spread- 
ing. Flowers ^ in. diam. on short glabrous pedicels ; bracts minute. Cal^x lobes 
ovate. Petals spreading, minutely puberulous. Stamens and Ovary very mmute, as 
compared to the petals. Drupe 1 m. long, rather scurfy outside, compressed, ovoid* 
obliquely beaked, 1-celled ; pericarp celluUr and ftill of black varnish, endocarp thin. 

OiinaJ] zlyi. anacabdiagejs. (J. D. Hooker.) 20 

8md pendulous, oblong, compressed ; testa thin ; cotyledons thin, flat ; radicle supe- 
rior. — ^Maingaj notes Uiat this tree is poljgamo-dioecious, but all the flowers I haye 
examined seem to be hermaphrodite. Owing to the minuteness of the parts of the 
flower he states he was unable to make out the structure of the ovary and ovoles. 
That I have given is, I think, correct. 

The genus Pentaspadan was founded on a Bomean plant (Trans. Linn. Soc. xxiii. 
168 t, 24), afterwards published from Snmatran specimens as Nothoproiium by Mi- 
qoel (Fl. Ind. Bat. Suppl. 527)t "who referred it to Burseracea. Miquel's description 
18 most imperfect, and I added to it in the Genera Flantarum the character of having two 
styles, taken from flowers sent to me by Miquel as belonging to his plant, but which 
prore to belong to a totally different one. Marchand (Rev. Anacard. 90, 1 83) was 
the first to identify Notnoproiiwn with Pentaspadon, and his identification I have 
confirmed by specimens subsequently received from Miquel. The fruit of the original 
ipeeiefl being unknown, it is possible that that here described may not be con- 

12. ODZXTA, Eoxb. 

Trees with few stout soft branches. Lecme8 few at the ends of the branches,^ 
•Itranatey odd-pinnate, deciduous; leaflets opposite, quite entire. Racemes 
simple and panided, terminalj &scicled. Flowers small, moncBcious or dioecious, 
fiaacled, shortly pedicelled. Calyx 4-5-lobed, persistent ; lobes rounded, im* 
bricate. Petals 4-6, imbricate. Disk annular, 4-5-lol)ed. Male fl. Stamens 
8-10, inserted witlun the disk. Ovary 4r-6 parted. Fem. pl. Ovary sessile, 
oblong, 1-celled ; styles d-4, stout, stigmas simple or capiteUate ; ovule pendulous 
from near the top of the cell. Iht^pe smail, compressed, reniform, crowned 
by the distant styles ; stone hard. Seed compressed ; embryo curved, cotyle- 
dons flat fleshy, ladide superior. Distbib. About 12 species, of which most 
aie African. 

1. O. WodleP, Boxb, Fl. Ind. iL 293 ; W.^A. Ptodr. i. 171 ; Thwaites 
Emun. 78; Orah. Cat. Bomb. PI. 42; Wt. Ic. t. 60; Bedd. Fl. Sylv. t. 123; 
Watt. Cat. 8476; Boyle HI. t. 81 ; Dak. ^ Oibs. Bomb. Fl. 51 ; Brandts For. 
Fhr. 12S.-'Bheede Hort. Mai. iv. t. 32. 

Throughout the hotter parts of India, from the extreme N.W. and along the foot of 
the Himalaya (ascending to 4000 ft.) to Assam, BmicA, Thkassbbim, the Akdakan 
IsLAMDB, and Cinxnx. 

A deciduous ugly tree 40-60 ft. ; trunk very thick ; branches few ; bark exfoliat- 
ing ; young parts clothed with stellate down. Leaves 12-18 in. ; petiole terete ; leaf- 
lets 3-^ pairs, petiolulate, 3-6 in., oblong-oyate, caudate-acuminate, quite entire. 
Saeemes idender, S compound, $ simple pubescent. Flotoers 4-merous, &Bcicled, 
ahoitly cymose, inodorous ; bracts ciliate. Sepals obtuse, ciliate. Petals twice as 
bog, oblong, spreading, purplish and greenish-yellow. Stamens equalling the petals 
in the ^ . Drupe red. — The tissues abound in starch, whence it is most easy to in- 
oease this tree by cuttings of almost any part. 

13. PASZSHZA, Hook. f. 

Beaatifiil flowering trees. Leaves alternate, odd-pinnate ; leaflets numerous^ 
qphe entire, coriaceous. Panicles ample, nodding. Flowers dioecious. Male. 
Calyx cupular, 4-lobed; lobes oyate, Talvate. P^als 4, oblong, imbricate. 
Disk short, annular, obscurely 4-lobed. Stamens 4, inserted below the margin 
of the disk. Budimentary ovary columnar. Fem. fl. Calyx 4-lobed, lobes 
matJy enlarged in fruit. Petals 4. Disk ? Stamens 4 ? Ovary sessile, ovoid, 
l-€elled; style terminal, imeaually 3-fid, stigmas capitate; ovule j>endulous 
from near the top of the cell. Fruit dry, globose, pubescent, pointed by 
^ s^le-base, pericarp thin. Seed pendulous, testa membranous ; cotyledons 
tmyigcUdind ; Tadide superior.-— Dibibib. The following are the only species. 

so XLYi. iNACABDiACEiB. (J. D. Hooker.) IParishia. 

1. P. inBigrnlSy JSbok,f. in Trans, Linn, Soc. xxiii. 170, t. 26; leaflets 
6-S pairs, thinly coriaceous, ovate-cordate or -oblong oblique glabrous beneath, 
fruiting sepals 3-3^ in. Astronium inagne, Marchand Rev, Anacard, 177. 

TsMAssEBiif, at Kergui, Chiffith ; Axdaxak Islds., Parish^ Kurz, 
Leaves 1-2 ft., petiole cylindric, glabrous; leaflets petiolulate, 5-8 in., Tariable in 
shape, often gradually narrowed to the tip £rom just above the base, shining above, 
reticidated beneath; midrib quite excentric; nerves 12-20 pairs, slender, arched. 
Panicles as long as the leaves, villous with spreading hairs. Flowere \ in. diam., 
broadly campanulate. Sepals pubescent. Disk tomentose. Drupe the size of a large 
pea, globose, pointed, tomentose ; enlarged sepals puberulous, acute or rounded at the 

2. P. Maingrayif Sbok, f. ; leaflets 10-12 pairs, thickly coriaceous 
oblong or linear-oblong obtuse pulierulous beneath, fruiting sepals 6-7 in. 

Malacca, Maingay, 

A tree abounmng in a resinous slightly viscid secretion {Maingay). Leaves 
crowded at the ends of the branches; petiole 12-18 in., pubescent woody terete ; 
leaflets 3-5 in., shortly petiolulate, base rounded, liard, shining above, with 
obscure nerves; beneath minutely puberulous, and minutely reticulated; nerves 
15-30 pair, slender, spreading, nearly straight. Panicles apparently shorter than 
the leaves, pubescent. Petals linear-oblong. Disk pilose. Young fruit densely 
clothed with hispid ferruginous bristles; fruiting sepals puberulous, nearly 1 in. 
bioad, tip rounded. — I have assumed that the fruits belong to the leaves of the plant 
with which Maingay has placed them ; but in one of his Herbarium specimens, the 
leaves of P. Maingayi are &stened down with the fruit of a species with pubescent 
pericarp and acute Suiting sepals 4^ by 1 J in. 

8. P. pabOBoenB, JSbok, f, ; leaflets 5 pair thickly coriaceous oblong 
ecute or acuminate pubescent beneatii, fruiting sepals 5 in. 

Maiacca, Maingay. 

A lofty tree. Leaves 8-14 in.; petiole pubescent, terete; leaflets 3-5 in., sub- 
sessile, base rounded, above glabrous except the midrib, shining, beneath lurid 
thickly pubescent much reticulate; nerves 10-12 pairs, very strong, arched. Panicle 
divided to the base into numerous fascicled branches, densely softly tomentose. 
Flowers I in. diam., pcdicelled. Ovary conical, pilose ; styles 3. Drupe ^ in. long, 
between conical and spherical, densely tomentose. Pericarp cartilaginous ; fruiting 
sepals I in. diam., tip rounded. 

14. SSXSOASPirS, Linn. f. 

Trees. Leaves alternate, simple, quite entire, coriaceous. Flowers small, 
polygamous or dioecious, in terminal, rarely axillary panicles. Cah/x 5-0-fid, seg- 
ments deciduous. FetcUs 5-6, imbricate. Disk broad, annular. Stamens 5-S, 
inserted at the base of the disk, imperfect in the $ flowers. Ovary 1-celled ; 
styles 3 ; ovule pendulous from a basal funicle. Drupe fleshy, oblong or sub- 
globose, oblique, seated on a fleshy receptacle formed of the thickened disk and 
calyx l»se ; pericarp loaded with acrid resin. Seed pendulous, testa coriaceous, 
inner coat somewhat fleshy ; embryo thick, cotyledons plano-convex, radicle 
superior. — Disibib. About 20 species, tropical Asiatic and Australian. 

* Leaves more or less pubescent beneath. Panicles pubescent (see also 
7* 8. margiruxtd). 


1. S« Anaoardimnf lAnn, /. ; leaves very large oblong or obovate- 
oblong tip rounded, base rounded cordate or cuneate opaque above brown 
minutely pubescent beneath, panicle tomentose, drupe 1 in. JRoxh, Flor, Ind, 

Semeoarptts.'] xlyi. ahacabdiacej;. (J. D. Hooker.) 81 

iL 83; Cor. H. i. t 12; W. ^ A. Prodr, L 168; Wt, l€, «. 568; Ordh, Ckxt. 
Bomb. Tt. 41 ; Dalz. ^ Oibs. Bomb. Fl 52 ; Bedd. Fl Sylv. t. 166 ; Brandts 
For. Flor. 124 ; Wall. Cat. 8478. S. latifolius, Fers. (ex Marchand). Anar- 
cardium latifolium; Lanik. lU. t. 208. A. officinarum, OcBrtn. 

Tboficai. ovteb. Hdcalata, £rom Sirmore to Sikkim, ascending to 3600 ft. ; and 
throughout the hotter parts of India, as fax east as Assam (absent in the Eastern 
Peninsula and Ceylon). — ^Bistbib. Eastern Archipelago and N. Australia. 

A moderate-sized dioecious deciduous tree, exuding a dark juice ; young parts 
petideB leaves beneath and panicle clothed with a fine pale pubescence. Leaves 9-30 
hj 5-12 in., yery coriaceous, flat, margin cartilaginous, rarely linear-oblong, usually 
eontracted below the middle; nerves 16-25 pairs, stout, slightly arched; petiole 
1-2 in., rounded, not winged. Panicle equalling or shorter than the leaves, stout ; 
branches spreading ; bracts lanceolate. Flowers j-^ in. diam., subsessile, fascicled. 
FetaU mucn longer than the calyx, oblong, greenish-white. Filaments subulate. 
Drupe 1 in. long, obliquely ovoid or oblong, smooth, shining, black ; cup orange-red. 

Vab. cune{^ia ; DC. Prodr. ii. 62 ; leaves cuneato at the base often tomentose 
beneath. Tropical Himalaya, Khasia Mts., Behar, and the Concan. — S. cuneifolia, 
Boxb. FL htd. ii. 86 ; Grah. Cat. Bomb. PI. 41. 

2. 8. miorooarpa. Wall. Cat. 989 ; leaves large obovate or subpanduri- 
£>nn tip rounded base acute obtuse or rounded glabrous and opaque above 
pde wiui fine subscahrid pubescence beneath, drupe ^ in. 

BiBMA ; on the Irawaddy, WaUich. 

Very similar in habit and foliage to 8. Anacardium, but the drupes are less than 
half the size. — Kurz's 8. albescens (see p. 35), which he describes as having the petals 
valvate or subvalvate, a glabrous disk, pubescent ovary and 3 thick styles ; found in 
the Moung forests, Pegu, by Br. Brandis, may possibly be this. 

3. 8. pubOBoeiui, Thwaites Enum. 77 ; leaves lanceolate finely acumi- 
nate under sur&ce and petiole velvety-tomentose nerves nearly straight, panicles 
slender velvety, drupe ^ in. 

Cbtvov, at Batiapoora, Walker^ Thwaites. 

A small tree (Tmoaiies). Leaves 6-12 by 2-2^ in., opaque and glabrous above 
except the pubescent midrib, densely clothed with rusty brown tomentum beneath, 
base acute or rounded ; nerves 16-20 pairs, somewhat arched ; petiole J-1 in. Panicle 
with very spreading branches. Flowers glabrous. Drupe oblong, slightly oblique, as 
broad as the short cup. 

4. 8« ThwalteBliy Hook.f.\ leaves lanceolate finely acuminate under 
sor&ce and petiole laxly pubescent or glabrate nerves much arched, panicles 

Cbyxjoh, at Morowe CJorle, ThwaiUs. 

This, which is regarded by Thwaites as a glabrous form of 8. puhesoens, seems to 
me to be at once distinguished not only by the different pubescence, but by the much 
aiehed nerves. 


Leaves glabrous on both surfaces. Panicles glabrous. 

6. 8. travaaoorloa, Bedd. Flor. Sylv. t. 232 ; leaves very large oblong 
or obovste-oblong thickly coriaceous, shining and reticulate on Doth surfiaces, 
tap rounded, base rounded or acute, petiole 2 in. 

WssTBBir Phkiksui^; Travancor Ghats, alt. 2-3000 ft., Beddome. 

A reij lazge tree. Leaves 12 by 5-6 in., occasionally lanceolate and acuminate, 
19KJ eonaseoos, dark green and snining above, paler beneath; nerves 16-18 pairs, 
Udi rftticiUated beneaUi ; petiole 2 in. Panicles axillary and terminal, compound, 
i|nadiDg, about equalling uxe leaves. Flowers dioodous, 5-6-merous» Calyx pubes* 

32 XLYi. ANACARDiAOEJE. (J. D. Hookor.) ISemscarpui. 

cent, andeiliate, ^ with a large turbinate rudiment of an ovaiy. Drupe 1 in., obliquely 
oblong, rounded at the tip ; cup broad, short. Beddome. 

6. S. aurloulataf Bcddome Fl. 8ylv. under t 232 ; Ic. Plant, Ind. Or.^ 
1. 187 ; leaves sessile oblanceolate tip obtuse reticulate on both surfaces nerves 
strong beneath. 

Westbrit PRNINSUI.A ; Travancor and Tinnevelly Mountains, Hayne^ Beddome. 

A good-sized dioecious tree. Leaves 7 by 1| in., oblanceolate, obtusely acuminate, 
very gradually narrowed at the base and there furnished with 2 rounded lobes just 
above the petiole, dull green, glabrous, midrib slightly rusty, margin membranous, 
reticulations prominent beneath ; petiole J-^ in. Flowers S 3-5-merous. Drupe 
obliquely obovate, \ in. diam., broader than long, very oblique ; cup short, broad. — 

7. S- margrinataf Thwaites Enum. 77 ; leaves 6-14 in. elliptic-obovate 
OP oblanceolate abruptly obtusely acuminate glabrous or pilose beneath, base 
contracted auricled margin broadly cartilaginous, petiole very short and thick, 
panicle from the old wood glabrous or pilose, nut J in. 

Cetlon-; damp forests in the Gallo, Katnapoora and Ambagamowa districts. 
Walker, Thwaites, 

An erect shrub, 6-8 ft., sparingly branched. Leaves 2|-5 in. broad, bright brown 
when dry, but hardly shining, white margin ^ in. broad, reticulate beneaUi ; nerves 
about 12 pairs, slender, arched; midrib grooved beneath; petiole \ in., remarkably 
thick. Panicle short, slender. Nut ovoi£ subcompressed, oblique, reddish ; cup half 
as long, scarlet. — Described chiefly from Thwaites, who states that there is a form 
with the leaves beneath clothed with spreading rigid hairs. 

8. S« obovata, Moon Cat, 22; leaves 3-7 in. subsessile very broadly 
obovate or oblong thickly coriaceous shining on both surfaces, tip rounded or 
retuse, base cordate, panicles quite glabrous. Thwaites Enum, 77. 

Cetlon ; at Caltura and Katnapoora. 

A moderate-sized tree, glabrous throughout. Leaves 2^-3} in. broad, very thick, 
dark brown alx>ve when dry, paler beneath, reticulated on both surffices, but the 
nervules not well defined ; nerves 6-8 pair ; petiole | in. Panicles rather slender, 
branches spreading. Flowers minute. Unripe mU oblong, with a rather elongate 
narrow cup. 

9. S. Bfoonli, Thwaites Enum, 77 \ leaves 6-12 in. oblong or oblong- 
lanceolate shortly acuminate thickly coriaceous many-nerved much reticulate 
beneath, petiole very short, panicle terminal large spreading. 

Cetlon, south part of the island, Thwaites, 

A moderate-sized perfectly glabrous tree. Leaves 2^} in. broad, hard, rather 
shining grey-green above, with distinct and rather hnxA reticulations, which are 
stronger on the brown undersur&ce ; nerves 18-20 pairs, very spreading, shining 
beneath, with the midrib grooved ; petiole ^p-J in., very thick. Panicle with a stout, 
peduncle and spreading branches. Flowers numerous, \ in. diam. 

10. S. oorlaoeaf Thwaites Enum, 76; very robust, leaves 3-7 in. 
obovate or obovate-oblong thickly coriaceous tip rounded much reticulate be- 
neath base subacute not narrowed into the very short petiole, panicles very 
lobust with spreading branches, drupe large broader than long. 

Cbtlok ; central province, alt. 5-7000 ft., Thwaites, 

A moderate-sized tree, glabrous throughout ; branchlets as thick as the finger. 
Lstmes li-8| in. broad, hainlly shining, pale above when dry, brown beneath, nervw 
10^12 pairs, slightly arched, not well defined, as is the case with the reticulations 
beneath ; midrib beneath grooved ; petiole J-J in. long, and broad. Panides foscicledt 

Smneearpms.^ xlyi. anacardiige^ (J. D. Hooker.) 3S 

laehi* Tery stout. J^ovoiv j^ in. diam., sessile, clustered. jBTii^ 1^ in. diam., obUqiielj 
eosdste, compressed, apicniate ; cup short, narrow. 

11. 8. sabpeltata, Thwake$ JSnum. 75; leaves peltate 10-15 in. 
oUong or ovate- or obovate-oblong abruptly obtusely acuminate thickly coria- 
eeous broadly margined shining and reticulate above opaque and minutely 
cloady dotted beneath, panicle terminal stout, nuts transversely oblong. 

GsTijOir ; forests between G^Ue and Batnapoora, Thwaites. 

▲ large tree, glabrous throughout; branchlets as thick as the finger. Leaves 
4-6) in. broad, very thick, polished above and reticulate on both surfaces, base 
roonded with the petiole inserted \ in. within it ; nerves 1 6-20 pairs, nearly horizontal ; 
midrib grooved on both surfaces ; petiole l|-2 in., very stout indeed. Panicle small 
for the size of the plant, branches spreading. Flowers ^ in. diam. Nut l\ in. broad, 
mnch shorter; cup large, kidney-shaped, fleshy. — A very handsome plant. 

12. S. Oardnerl, Thwaites Enum. 76 & 410; leaves 6-15 in. lanceo- 
late or elliptic or linear-lanceolate obtasely acuminate strongly closely reticulate 
and dark oeneath, midrib broad above, petiole 1-2 in., panicles axillary and 
t^minal, nuts ) in. obliquely oblong broader than long. 

Gbtlok, common in the central province, ascending to 3000 ft. 

A moderate-sized tree, glabrous throughout ; branchlets not very stout. Leaves 
nsnallj narrowly elliptic-lanceolate, coriaceous, opaque above, dark and densely 
rtticnlate beneatn ; base not decurrent on the petiole ; margin cartilaginous, waved ; 
midrib very broad and flat; nerves 10-15 pairs, nearly horizontal or arched and 
aaeending ; ultimate venules curved with free ends, pale on a dark green ground. 
PmieUa nomerous, axillary and 'terminal. NiUs ohlique, broader than long; cup 
shallow. — ^The minute reticulation of the undersurface of the leaf of this species is 
quite peculiar. Thwaites' original 1257 (of first distribution) has leaves of the 
foUowmg species and fruit of this. Miurchand (Rev. Anacard. 169) refers this to S, 
Jnaeamum var. angustifolium DC, (Frodr. ii. 62), an Amboyna plant, I know not on 
what authority. 

IS. S. Walkerl, Hock, /. ; leaves 4-7 in. elliptic or oblong-lanceolate 
acuminate transversely strongly reticulate and pale beneath, midrib slender 
above, petiole 1-2 in., panicles terminal axillary and on the old wood, nut ovoid- 
oblong erect half sunk m the cup. — S. obscura, Thwaites Enwn. 410. 

OmTum; Walker, Tkwaites (G. P. 2940). 

This, which was first sent out by Thwaites with 8. Gardneri, and afterwards 
rsfeired by him to 8. obscura, difiers from the latter in the leaves not being decurrent 
and the long petioles, and from the former in the very different reticulation of the 
pale undersurrace of Uie leaf, as well as in the form of the nut. 

14. 8. obseuraf Thwaites Enum, 7G ; leaves 3-6 in. obovate-oblong 
narrowed into the very short petiole tip obtuse or rounded pale and strongly 
xeticulate beneath, midrib slender above, panicles terminal, nut ovoid-oblong. 
? 8. zeylanica, i?/ume Mus, Bat, i. 180. S. oblongifolia, var. Thioaites, C.P. 
1268 ; Marchand Rev. Anacard, 109, var, 3. 

Cwnxm ; in the central province alt. 3000 ft., Macrae, Thwaites, Gardner. 

A moderate-sized tree, glabrous throughout. Leaves 1X-.2 in. broad, gradually 
decurrent on the petiole, undersur&ce and its reticulations like those of 8, Walkeri ; 
petiole I in. Nut \ in., half sunk in the cup. 

15. S. acnmlwata, Thwaites Enum. 76 ; leaves 4-12 in. elliptic- ovate- 
aroUoi^lanceolate finely caudate-acuminate closely reticulate and dark beneath, 
petiole f in., panicles terminal and axillary, nut 1 in. obcordate broader than 
loDg. S. oUongifolia, Thwaites Enum, l.c, S. oblongifolia, var. 2, Marchand Eev. 
Anacard. 160. 

VOL. n. D 

84 :!XLYL AKkCASLDiACEM. (J. D. Hooker.) [Semecarpus. 

CxTLON ; forests in the Galle, Ratnapoora and Ambagamowa districts, I%waiie8, 
I retain this species with great hesitation, having only a flowery specimen, and 
finding it referred to a variety of S, abUmgifolia, by Thwaites, in his Adoenda. From 
the latter it appears to me to be wholly mstinct, having precisely the peculiar reticu- 
lation and undersur&ce colouring of 8, Gardnerit from which it differs in the long 
acute tail to the apex of the leaf and slender midrib above. According to Thwaites's 
description, it further differs in the less coriaceous leaves, smaller panicle, and 
differently shaped fruit. From 8. nigro-viridia and 8, obscura it seems to me to differ 
in the leaf not being decurrent into the petiole, and in its very long acute tip. 

16. S. nlgrro-virldls, Thwaites Enum, 76 & 410 (excl. var. acumi- 
nata) ; leaves 3-6 in. obovate-cuneate or ohlong-obovate narrowed into the 
petiole^ tip rounded or abrujjtly obtusely acuminate, pale and reticulate beneath^ 
midrib above slender, panicles terminal short, nut broader than long. S. 
oblongifolia, var. nigro-viridis, Thwaites (O.P. 631, 641, 2444, 2686) ; Mar- 
chand Rev, Anacard, 169. 

Cetlok, central province, alt. 2-4000 ft., Thwaites, 

A moderate-sizea tree, glabrous throughout. Leaves \\-2 in. broad, very variable 
in breadth, but almost always cuneate-obovate and decurrent on the petiole, which is 
J-1 in., very dark green ; nerves 6-10 pairs, much arched, reticulate as 8, obscura and 
S, Walkeri, Panicles short, reduced to racemes. Flowers large, } in. diun. Nut 
described by Thwaites as obliquely rounded or obcordate, compressed, with a hooked 
apiculus, and narrower cup ; and this they are in his No. 2586, but in one specimen 
of 631 they are ovoid and erect, and quite 1 in. long. Thwaites's 631 bis, with $ 
flowers only, also sent as 8. niffro-viridis, has elliptic-lanceolate leaves finely acuminate 
and not narrowed into the petiole, which is longer, with very large spreading panicles. 
It is probably identical with his original 1257, mentioned under 8. Gardneri. 

17. S. parvifoliaf Thwaites Enum, 77; leaves 1^-3| in. obovate or 
elliptic decurrent on the slender petiole tip roimded or obtusely abruptly 
acuminate, margin cartilaginous, strongly closely reticulate beneath with thick 
nervules, racemes terminalslendep few-flowered, flowers pedicelled. S. oblongi- 
folia var. 4, Marchand Eev, Anacard, 169, 

Ceylon ; Galle district, at Hinidoon Corle, T%waites. 

A moderate-sized tree, glabrous throughout. Leaves the smallest of the genus, 
|-1 J in. broad, very thickly coriaceous, and with a remarkably strong cartilaginous 
bolder, shining above with a slender midrib, imdersurface pale; nerves 7-12 pairs, 
nearly horizontal ; petiole ^ in., much^ more slender than usual in the genus. 
Racemes shorter than the leaves. Nut unripe, elongate-conic with a curved acuminate 
tip and a turbinate narrow cup. 

18. IS. lurldaf Hook,/,) leaves 5-8 in. narrowly elliptic-oblong or 
-lanceolate obtuse very coriaceous decurrent on the petiole opique and 
retic\ilated beneath with many spreading nerves, midrib albove broad, panicles 
terminal black when dry shorter than the leaves, flowers minute pedicelled. 

Malacca, Maingay, 

A tree, quite glabrous throughout. Leaves lh-2\ in. broad, almost shining above, 
very opaque and lurid (as if glaucous when fi^sh) beneath, usually suddenly contracted 
into an obtuse tip ; nerves 30-40 pairs, very slender, but not much raised beneath ; 
midrib convex and much broader above ; petiole }-l in., stout. Panides terminal 
and axillary, much branched, the lateral branches J-1 in. long, bearing loose cymes 
of ^flowers not ^ in. diam. Calyx obtuselv 5-lobed. Petals broadly oblong, obtuse. 
Stamens 5, anthers subglobose. Disk broad, fleshy, margin lobed. Ovary imperfect 
I am very doubtful of the genus of this plant, of which I have seen no fruit. 

• »• 

Leaves glabrous on both surfaces. Panicles pubescent. 

SerMearpui.'] xlyi. ANACASDiACEiB. (J. D. Hooker.) 35 

19. S. sabpandarifbrmlft, Wall. Cat. 987 ; leaves lanceolately pan- 
durifonn acuminftte membranous white l)eneath, petiole short slender, panicle 
terminal much branched. 

Chittaooko, WaUich (colt in Calcutta Bot (hardens). 

BranchleU stout. Leaves 1 ft. and upwards by 3^ in., broadest much above the 
middle, thence rapidly narrowing upwards to a very acuminate point and downwards 
to the petiole but dilating again for one-fourth above the base, exceedingly thin and 
membranous, opeque* above, beneath brownish white, with faint indications of 
pubescence on the nerves and midrib, reticulations very delicate ; nerves 16-30, very 
slender, straight ; petiole }-) in. Famdea as long as the leaves, very robust and 
much branched, finely pubescent. Flowers unknown. Fruit immature, obliquely 
orbicnlar, compressed, with a small cup. 

20. 8. lieteroplijlla, Blume Mus. Bot. i. 187 ; leaves 6-14 in. oblong 
or obovate-oblong thicldy coriaceous tip abruptly obtusely acuminate shining 
above pale ajid reticulated beneath, petiole ^1 m., panicle pubescent very large 
with fiJender erecto-patent branches, flowers minute. Miq. Fl. Ind. Bat. i, pt. 

Tbcasskrxm or Ajxdamajx Islands, Heifer.— 'Di^nraiB. Sumatra, Java. 

Perfectly glabrous except the panicle. Leaves very variable according to Javanese 
specimens, 1-4 in. broad, thick, hard, and leathery, reticulated on both surfaces, 
whitish beneath, margin thickened, cartilaginous, base acute but not decnrrent on the 
petiole ; nerves 12-15 pairs, shining, somewhat arched. Panicle of the ^veiy large, a 
foot long and more, and as broad ; branches strict, pale, the ultimate slender with 
small clusters of minute sessile flowers. Nut in Java specimens transversely oblong» * 
1 in. diam. ; cup much narrower, shallow, pubescent when young. 


8. STTBitACEXOSA, KuTz in Jour. As. Soc. Beng, 1872, ii. 304 ; young parts pu- 
herulons, leaves deciduous ? distant 8-4 in. oblong or oblong-lanceolate obtuse or 
subobtose snbdecurront into a broad glabrous petiole |-1 in. thinly chartaceous 
glaucous glabrous and shining above, glaucous beneath and minutely puberolous when 
young, midrib thick, nerves parallel, reticulations lax and conspicuous, panicles 
axillary and terminal graceful puberulous, flowers small in fascicled cymes, pedicels 
very short densely pubescent, calyx puberulous, petals valvate, filaments capillary, 
disK hispid, styles 3 thick. — Pegu, Kurz. Probably a Holigama. 

'MS. ACUMINATA, JTttrr in Jour. As. Soc. Beng. 1870, ii. 7o ; perfectly glabrous, 
leaves 6-12 in. ctmeate-obovate or -oblong acuminate, base narrowed acute or 
acuminate glaucous beneath, nerves slender acutely prominent, reticulations lax con- 
spicuous, panicles terminal slender shorter than the leaves, lax quite glabrous, calyx- 
teeth broad acute, petals oblong-lanceolate acuminate, disk hispid, ovary glabrous, 
drape obliquely oblong broader than long, cup as broad, scarlet. — Frequent in the 
liareetB of Arxacan on sandstone ; also in Cmttagong, Kurz. 

8. UBVioATA, Thwaites in Herb. (Coll. 3948) ; a small species in a very imperfect 
state, with glabrous elliptic-obovate obtusely acuminate leaves 2-4 in. long shining 
aliove tiansvefsely strongly reticulated beneath, — South parts of Ceylon. S. oblon- 
gifbUa var. 6, Marchand JXep. Anacard. 109. 

8. ALBS8CENS, Kurz in Beng, As. Soc, Jour, 1871» ii. 51 ; *a large tree, young 
parts velvety-tomentose, leaves 7-12 in. elongate-obovate or cuneate-lanceolate 
shortly and^btnsely acuminate, base cuneate rounded or obtuse shining and glabrous 
above except the pubescent nerves, thinly clothed with white tomentum and sparingly 
hairy beneath, nerves yellow conspicuous yellowish pilose not tomontose, rcticulationn 


86 XLVL ANACABDUCEJB. (J. D. Hooker.) ISemeearpus. 

lax, petiole |-1 in. thick tomentose, panicle densely yellow tomeiitoee nsnally shorter 
than the learea, flowers small racemolose, pedicels -f^ in., calyx minnta pubescent, 
petals yalyate or sabyalTate ^ in. shortly pubescent, ovazy densely appressedly 
hirsute, stigmas 3 thick glabrous, disk glabrous, stamens 6, filaments short rather 
broad 1 or 2 longer and abortiye.' — Kurg, 
Fwav ; in the Moung &rest. Brandia. 

15. D&ZIITOAmPUS, Hook. f. 

Lofty trees. Leaves altematei petioled^ simple, quite entire. JRacemes or 
panicles axillary. Flowers small, subglobose, polygamous. Calffx superior; 
lobes 5y rounded, imbricate. PetcUs 6, erect, orbiciuu:, imbricate. Disk broad, 
annular. Stamens 5, inserted at the base of the disk. Ovary inferior, 1-ceIled ; 
style 1, yery short ; stigma capitate ; oyule attached to the wall of the cell. 
IJrupe transyersely obliquely oyoid, fibrous, flesh resinous ; stone coriaceous. 
8eM attached to me wall of the cell, testa membranous ; embryo thidc, coty- 
ledons plano-conyex radicle minute opposite the hilum; plumule hairy. — 
DisTBiB. 2 or 3 Indian species. 

1. D. racemoBiis, Hook,f. in Benth. ^ Hook^f. Gen. PL i. 424; leaves 
linear-oblong or lanceolate acuminate glaucous beneath, margins wayed. Holi- 
gama lacemosa, Baxb. Fl. Ind, ii. 82 ; WaU. Cat. 1006. 

SnnuM and Bhotak Hucaiata, alt. 2-5000 ft ; Silhet and Ehasia Mts., alt 

A large tree ; branchlets glabrous. Leaves 4-12 in., coriaceous, shining above, 
opaque and grey beneath ; nerves 20-30 pairs, strongly arched ; reticulations delicate ; 
midrib above rather broad; petiole it in.» stout Baoemee branched in axillary 
&8cicles, shorter than the leaves, pubescent or glabrate. Flowers -fg in. diam., 
crowded, the mdes most so, greenish-white. Drwpe red, 1 in. diam. — Marchand 
(Rev. Anacard. 172) mentions a Holigama angusti/aia Eoxb. as identical with this, 
but I find no such name published by Koxburgh. 

16. KOXiZaAmXTA, Ham. 

Lofty trees. Leaves alternate, simple, petioled, entire, coriaceous ; petiole 
furnished with 2 or 4 spur-like deciaous appendages. Bacemes or panicles 
axillary and terminal. Flowers small, crowded, polygamous. Calyx superior ; 
tube cup-shaped ; teeth 5, imbricate. Petals 5, densely villous in front, cohering 
with tlie edge of the disk and at the base, persistent, valvate. Disk lining the 
calyx-tube, obscure in the $ . Stamens 5, inserted on the edge of the disk, 
coherent at the base with the petals, filaments subulate, glabrous; anthers 
snuill, subglobose. Ovary inferior, 1-celled; styles 3-5, terminal, stigmas 
capitate or clavate ; ovule pendulous from near the top of the cell. Drupe sub- 
compressed, oblong or ovoid, resinous, acrid ; stone coriaceous. Seed parietal, 
testa membranous; embryo thick, cotyledons plano-convex; radicle minute 
next the hilum. — Distbib. 7 species, all Indian. 

* Leaves quite glabrous beneath. 

1. K. Amottianay Hook.f. ; leaves cuneate-obovate obtuse or acute quite 
glabrous decurrent on the petiole, petiole with two tubercles at the top, panicles 
slender tomentose, drupe glabrous. H. longifolia, Wt. ^ Am, Prodr. i. 169 ; 
Grah. Cat. Bomb. PI. 41 ; Dalz. ^ Gibs. Bomb. Fl. 51 ; Beddomd^Fl. Sylv. t. 
167 (not of Boxburgh). Terebinthacea, WaiU. Cat. 8604. 

WxsTSBN pBiriKsxjLA ; from the Concan southwards on the Ghats. 

SoUgamct.'} xlyl akacabducbji, (J. D. Hooker.) 37 

A tree, braneheB stout. Leavts 6-9 by 2-3 in., ooriaoeouB, shining above, zetica- 
Uted and glaneoos or not beneath ; nerres 16-20 pairs, strong, nearly stxaig^ pro- 
minent on both suz&cee ; petiole ^1 in., rather slender ; petioLar spurs early deci- 
dnous. PimieUa of oompound zaoemes, axillary and terminal, shorter or longer than 
the leaTee, thickly rufous-tomentose when diy. Fiowers crowded, minute, ^^ in. 
diam., enveloped in tomentum. Dn^ I in., obliquely oUong, rounded at the top, quite 
^brons, long pedioelled. — Wight^s originaUy distributed specimens (No. 626) have 
leayee pubescent beneath. 

2. S. fbmiff Ineat MarcJumd Reo, Anarcard, 171 ; leaves cuneate-obovate 
roimded at the tip quite glabrous decurrent on tbe petiole^ petiole with two 
tubercles at the top, racemes robust clothed with dark rusty tomentum. 
Terebinthaoea, WaU. Cat. 8503. 

Wbstkbn PnfiNsnLA.: Coorg, Esrb. Stocks; Travaxtcob, Harh. Wall.; Manga- 
lore, Wight. 

Very similar to Jff. Amottiana, but the racemes axe short and veiy robust, lees 
bnnched and clothed with a deeper red (when dry) tomentum, and the flowers are 
much larger, being f^y ^-^ in. diam. Stamens longer than the petals. Styles 3-4 in., 
elongate. — The terminal bud of this species seems more glabrous than in the H. 

8. B. longifblia, Baxb. Cor. Tl. ill. 79;, t 282 ; Fl. Ind. ii. 80 ; leaves 
1-2 ft. Tery narrowly cuneate-oblanceolate acuminate membranous glabrous and 
glaucous beneath, petiole very short and thick, petiolar spurs 2 or 4 persistent 
or deciduous, ^ panicle finely pubescent. DC. Prodr. ii. 63. 

GHrrrAooKO, Boxburah, &c. ; Pbgu, Kurz. 

A tall tree ; bark white. Leaves thinly coriaceous, hardly shining above, ciliate 
when quite young, endinff in a long acuminate point, gradually narrowed from above 
the middle to the base miich is hanlly decurrent on the petiole ; nerves 20-25 pairs, 
erecto-patent, slender, reticulations laige ; petiole j-^ in. Panicle very large and 
spreading, $ tomentose. Flowers ^ in. diam., clustered. Fruiting panicle 18 in. long, 
with spreading decurved branches. Drupes (inunature) oblong. — Specimens ftom 

4. S. Belferl, ffook. f. : leaves 8-16 in. cuneate-oblanceolate acute or 
acuminate gkucous beneath ratner coriaceous, decurrent on the very short pe- 
tiole, spurs two on each side slender persistent, f panicle much branched sonly 
densely tomentose, $ simple racemose. • 

Tbnasserdc ; at Mergui, Bel/er. 

BranekUts stout, as thick as the finger. Leaves very variable in size, the smaller 
7 by 2 in., with 1(^-12 pairs of nerves ; the large 16 by 4 in.) with 26 pairs of nerves ; 
upper surfiM» opeque, under purplish-brown when dry ; midrib very prominent, 
grooved, nerves dightly arched, slender ; transverse venules reticulated. Panicles ^ 
•rather idender, clothed with soft lax ferruginous tomentum. Flowers A in. diam., in 
small glomeroles; Q in stout simple racemes, pedicelled, veiy much larger than 
the $. Drupe subcyiindric, truncate, } in. — Iliis may prove to be a form of H. 
longifoUop but I do not think so. 


Zem>es pubescent beneath. 

5. B. Ckrahamti, Hook.f. (not of Kurz) ; leaves 12-16 in. oUanoeolate- 
coneate triangular above the middle and acuminate finely pubescent beneath, 
petiole very snort and thick, petiolar spurs 2 or 4 persistent. Semecarpus Qx»> 
hamii, Wt. le. t. 236; IlL L 185; Dak ^ Gibs. Bomb. Fl. 52. 

WasnBir P ja i msmA ; Concan, OtahaMf &c 

A tree 20-80 ft. ; branchlets very robust. Leaves 4-6 in. diam., gradually nar 
rowed from above the middle to the base, hardly decurrent on the petiole, very rigidly 

38 XLYi. AKAGABDUCEiE« (J. D. Hookdr.) IHoUgonuu 

corificeous, shining above, pale and reticulated beneath ; nerves 20-30 pain, Teiy pro- 
minent beneath ; petiole J in., spurs 1 or 2 on each side j— J in. Panicles terminal, $ 
a foot long, much branched, clothed vith ferroginons tomentum, $ shorter. Floii>er§ 
clustered, ^ about | in. diam. StyUs 8. Drupe ovoid, glabrous, § in. long, Vippvf 
^ or j- exserted. — Kurz gives this as a native of Pegu, but the plants he sends to Kew 
under this name are in part the true H. longifoUa of Boxburgh, and in part H, albi* 
cane. H. Crrahamii differs from H. Ungifolia in the leaf being more triangular at 
;bhe top, not rounded and suddenly acuminate. 

6. S. Beddomeiy ffook.f,; leaves 10-22 in. cuneate-oblanceolate some- 
times much produced below acute or acuminate densely velvety beneath young 
membranous and ciliate. 

Western Peninsula. ; Anamall^ hills, Btddome, 

An enormous tree, Beddome. Leaves when old 10 in. long, coriaceous, densely 
velvety, rufous ; nerves 1 8-22 pairs, stout, ferruginous, those of young plants 20 in. 
long, membranous, ciliate with long hairs on the margin midrib and under surf&ces ; 
nerves slender 40-50 pairs, horizontal in the lower very elongated portion, more 
arching above ; petiole short ; stipular spurs capillary, caducous. —A very fine species 
of which the leaves only are known. 

7. K. albioanSf Hook, f, ; leaves 6>16 in. oblanceolate-cimeate or ohlong 
coriaceous acuminate shining and reticulate above white beneath and glabrous 
or yery minutely pubescent in the midrib only laxly reticulate, panicle pube&* 
cent as long as the leaf much branched; branches slender, ^ flowers shortly pe- 
dicelled i in. diam., drupe broader than long oblique. H. Grahamii, Kurz m 
Jaum, As, Soc. Beng, 1872, ii. 205. 

Psau, Mabtaban, Kurz^ McLelland, Scott. 

Branchlets as thick as the thumb. Leaves 2-4 in. broad, base not decurrent on 
the petiole, obtuse ; midrib stout faintly grooved; nerves 14-18 pairs all raised, 
arched ; petiole J-J in. Panicle of <J peduncled, rachis curved, branches very 
slender, spreading ; of $ also much branched and spreading. Flowers $ only seen. 
Sepals small. Petals obtuse, pubescent. Filaments very slender. Disk pubescent. 
Drupe pedi celled, | in. diam. when dry, turgid, somewhat compressed, very oblique, 
the exposed portion much smaller, convex, puberulous. — Apparently a very dis- 
tinct species, of which a large-leaved specimen from Kurz is marked H. Grahamitf 
Kuns {SemecarjmSf "Wight.) I find no trace of spurs on the petiole, but have seen 
no very young leaves. Kurz dsscribes this as beard-like« 

17. BffBXiAXrOOBTXiA, Hook. f. 

Trees. Leaves simple, yery coriaceous, ezstipulate, quite entire. Paniclei 
branched, axillary and terminal. Flowers small, unisexual. Calyx-tube per- 
sistent, enlarged in fruit and adnate to the tcit base of the drupe, cupmar, 
lobes 6, erect. Petals 6, inserted on the edge of the disk, very conaceous, per- 
sistent, erect or suberect, villous in front, valvate. Disk lining the calyx-tube. 
8ta:ineiM inserted on the edge of the disk, filaments stout, sometimes coherent at 
the base with the petals villous; anthers oblong. Ovary globose, 1-celled; 
style short, stigmas 3 ; ovule 1, pendulous from near the top of the celL Drupe 
globose, areolate at the base by the enlaiged calyx, flesh full of black varnish^ 
•etone tiiick, hard. Seed oblong, testa thin; cotyledons amygdaloid| radicle 
superior. — Dibtbib. The following are the only known species. 

1. Bf • tomentosay Hook, f, ; branchlets petiole panicle and midrib be- 
neath yelvety-tomientose, leaves oblong acuminate rounded or subcordate at the 

Mdanoehyla.'] XLYt akacabdiaogj:. (J. D. Hooker.) 99' 


Bntneklets rather Btout, denfiely clothed with soft spreading ferraginous tomentimi* 
jCeawt 6^14 by 2-4 in., hard, smooth but hardly polished above, with a slender mid- 
rib, not reticulated; beneath pale with 30-35 pairs of strong arched pubescent 
nenres, and £unt retieulations ; petiole very thick, ^-4 in. Pamde exceeding the 
leayesy rachis almost yillous, branches spreading pubescent. Flowers ^ minute, 
■f^ in. diam., in small lateral cjrmos, shortly ]^dicelled. Calyx lobed for half 
wa^ down, lobes obtuse. Petals oblong, obtuse, pubescent outside, villous within, very 
coriaceous. Filaments rigid nearly as long as tiie petals. Drupe elliptic, globose, 
1-lJ in. diam., orange-yellow, clothed with ferruginous (when dry) pubescence, and " 
ML of black varnish. 


2. ai. aniT^uitifoliay Hook, f. ; leaves linear-lanceolate or -oblanceolate 
acumiiiate quite glabrous^ petiole long slender^ panicles slender puberulous. 

Malacca, Maingay. 

Branehlets rather slender, minutely puberulous, as are the panicles. Leaves 6-10 by 
1^1} in., hard, base acute often unequal, margin rather waved, shining on both sur- 
fiMses, reticulations not well defined ; midrib slender above, strong beneath ; nerves 
15-20 pairs, arched ; petiole 1-1 4 in. very slender, greatly thickened from i in. above 
the base. Panicles chiefly axillary, very slender, longer or shorter than the leaves. 
Flowers in lateral cymules, ^ -h m. diam. ; like those of M, iomentosat but much less 
tomentose. Drupe unripe ^-f in. diam, globose, apiculate, puberulous. — Maingay 
describes the corolla as imbncute, but I find it to be quite valvate. 

3. ai. aiaingrajif ^ook.f, ; leaves narrowly elliptic-oblong or -oblanceo- 
late abruptly acuminate pubescent beneath, panicle stout tomentose. 

MAUiCCA, Maingay. 
A tree yielding a copious black varnish, Maingay. Branehlets rather slender, gla- 
brous or pubescent. Leaves 6-8 by 2^— 3 J in., ngidly coriaceous, narrowed into the 
petiole, smooth but hardly shining above, beneath minutely pubescent; nerves 20-25 
pairs, strong, arched; reticulations 1)eneath distinct, transverse; petiole ^-} in. Pa- 
mide terminal, stout, ferruginous. Flowers pubescent, ^ g in. diam. subsessile ; $ 
more than twice as large, with an almost urceolate calyx. Filaments rather broad. 
Omay globose, hairy. Fruit not seen. 

4. ai. aurloulataf Hooh,f, ; leaves narrowly linear-oblong from an au- 
oded tapering base recurved acuminate glabrous polished sessile or with a 
very short enliurged petiole, panicle $ stout pubescent. 

Halacca, Maingay. 

Branehlets very thick and woody. Leaves 1 8 by 3-4 in., rigidly coriaceous, appa- 
rently folded down the middle, recurved, polished on both surfaces, base J-J in. broad, 
auricles recurved ; nerves about 30 pairs, slightly arched, more prominent above than^ 
beneath, transverse reticulations faint beneath ; midrib at the base suddenly expand- 
ing into a petiole } in. long and as broad, which is adnate to the branch. Panicles 
terminal, smaller than the leaves, rusty -pubescent, rachis very stout. Flowers ^ clus- 
tered about \ in. diam. Dnipe oblong-globose, 1^1^ in. diam., puberulous, ribbed 
when dry ; stone very thick. 

18. XrOTBOPSaZA, Blume. 

Small tree. Leaves alternate or opposite, petioled, entire. Racemes short 
axillary. Flowers small, bracteate, white, polygamous. Calyx small, 4-d« 
lobed, persistent. PetaU 4-6, spreading, imbricate. Disk annular, 4-&-lobed« 
Stamens 4--5, inserted on the maigin of the disk, filaments free hairy. Ovary. 
free, sessile, ovoid, 1-celled ; style very short, stigma simple ; ovule pendulous 

40 XLTL laiGAXDUCiiE. (J. D. Hooker.) [Noikopegia* 

from near the top of the celL Drupe depressed-turlniiatey striate^ tipped with 
the sfyley flesh oellalar. Seed penduloue; cotyledons thick, ]^hm(>-eonyeXy 
ndicle short subhtteraL — ^Disibib. The following aie the only species. 

1. W. €k>lelwooklanat Blume Mug, Bet, L 203; hranchlets grlabrousy 
leares elliptio-lanoeolate acuminate quite glabrous, margin usually waTed. Bedd. 
Fhr. 9ylv, 1. 164 ; Anal. Gen. 79. Pegia P Oolebrookiana, Wt Ic. t 296 ; iff. L 
185. Gl jcycarpus racemosus, Dalz. in Hook. Kew Joum, Bot. ii. S9 ; Hook. Ic. 
It. t 842; Dak. ($• Gibe. Bomb. Fl. 61, exd. «^.; Thwmtes Enum. 78. 

WanxRx pENixguiA ; on the Ghats from the Soathem Concan soathirazds. 
CsTLOK ; ascending to 3000 ft. Common. 

A Binall tree, abont 15 ft. high, with milky acrid juice. Leaee9 2-8 by 1-2^ in., 
usually elliptic-oblong with a tendency to be more narrow below than above, rarely 
narrower and 8 by 1^ in., base decnrrent on the petiole, shining above, usually white 
beneath ; nerves 15-20 pair, not prominent beneath, arched, reticulations also not 
sharply defined ; petiole ^-j in. Baeemes mnch shorter than the leaves, solitary and 
fucicled, strict ; ^ branched, mnch lone^er and more branched than the $ , more or 
lees pubescent. Jftowers minute ; ^ sessile or nearly so, ^ in. diam. Petais suberect 
with recurved tips, hairy on the back. Sepals almost orbicular. FilamerUs almost 
glabrous. Drupe \ in. diam., red, top depressed. 

Vas. 1. Heyneana ; leaves smaller 2-3 in. more shortly petioled obtuse, drupe blue. 
— Terebinthacea? Wall. Cat 8500. 

Vab. 2. maerocarpa ; leaves 3-4 in. obovate-oblong shortly obtusely acuminate 
very coriaceous, drupe j^-} in. diam., top not depressed. — Shevagheiy hills, W^kt. 

2. Htm travanoorloaf Beddome MSS. ; branchlets j^tiole and midrib 
beneath pubescent with short spreading haiis, leaves elliptic-lanceolate acumi- 
nate, petab hairy within. 

WxsTERX Pj« insula; Travancor, Beddome. 

Leatfes 6-7 by li-;!} in** almost membranous, margin thickened, green below, ciliate 
towards the base which is acute and not decnrrent on the petiole ; nerves 80-85 pairs, 
slightly arched; petiole ^ in. Flowers $ in supra-axillary glomerules, ^ in. diam. 
P^ais ovate-lanceolate. Filaments hairy, broad. — 1 have seen only imperfect 

8. Hfm aareo-IUva* Beddome MSS. ; branchlets petiole and midrib be- 
neath densely rufous villous, leaves opposite narrow linear. 

Wrstebn Pkninsula ; Tinnevelly, Beddome. 

Leaves 7-8 by 1 in., obtuse or acute, rather membranous, shining above, much 
reticulated boneaUi ; nerves about 30 pair, slender, arched ; petiole ^ in. — I have seen 
only an imperfect specimen of this very curious species. 

19. OABKPVOSPBBXA, Thwaatee. 

Trees. Leaves alternate, very coriaceous, simple, quite entire. Racemes 
axillaiT, ample or sparingly brancned. Flowers sessile, minute, hermaphrodite. 
Calyx §--5-partite ; segments erect, persistent, imbricate. Petals 3-6, suborbicular, 
erect, imbricate. Dtsk urceolar. Stamens 6-10 ; inserted at the base of the 
disk. Ovary fi«e, sessile, ovoid, 1-celled (or 2-oelled with 1 cell suppressed)^ 
style very short, stigma discoid or capitate ; ovule 1, pendulous &om the top of 
the oelL Drupe ovoid, fleshy : stone hard, almost 2-celled by a vertical plate 
fitm the top of the horse-shoe shaped celL Seed pendulous, curved round the 

Cam^fnatperma.'] xlyl iHACASDUCXis. (J. D. Hooker.) 41 

imperfect septum; co^ledons curved, flattish : radicle short superior. — A ffenus 
of 6 species, of which one is a nadye of Madagascar, and another of the 

1. O. sa jUulomilf Thwmtea in Rook, Kew Joum, Bot, vL 65, ^. L A ; 
JS^Mim. 78; leaves glabrous above dotted beneath finely reticulate, racemes short 
stout glabrous. 

CwTUOx; Saf&Bgan and Ambamagowa districts, generally oa river banks. 

A lamouB tree, 80-40 ft. ; branchlets stout, terete, youngest parts minutely scaly. 
Leavet S-7 by 2-2^ in., elliptic-obovate or oblanccolate or obovate, obtuse, base decur* 
rent on the petiole, thickly coriaceous, smooth and beautifully reticulated on both 
surC&ces, the numerous spreading nerves hardly more distinct than the reticulations, 
pale brown when dry, covered beneath with minute dot-like scales ; midrib prominent 
beneath ; petiole stout^-] in. Baceme usually shorter than the leaves, racnis stout. 
Flowers j^ in. diam. ifrti^ nearly globose, ^-^ in. diam. purple. 

2. 0> maoroplijllay Hook, /. ; leaves obovate-oblong or obcimeate tip 
rounded puberulous beneath, reticulations obscure, nerves close-set 20-35 pairs, 
racemes furfuraceously-pubescent. Buchanania macrophylla, Blume Mus. Bot, 
i 185 ; Miq. Fl. Ind. Bat. i. pt. 2, 637. 

Malacca, Griffith. SnfCAPORE ; Schomburgk, &c. — ^Distrib. Sumatra, Borneo. 

A small tree ; branchlets pubescent, as thick as the finger. Leaves full grown, 
S-14 by 3|-^ in., thickly coriaceous, shining above, and scarcely reticulate beneath, 
dothed with a very fine rusty down; nerves ni^ly straight, strong, transverse, 
venules obscure ; petiole 1-3 in., very stout, winged, channelled above, pubescent all 
ofer. PanieUs slender, very variable in length, sometimes 1 ft., lateral branches 
short or long. Flowers very minute, in clusters along the rachis and branches, 
globose, ^g in. diam., tetramerous. Sepals rounded, pubescent. Petals orbicular- 
ovate, obtuse, erect. Filaments shortly subulate. Drupe ^~} in., subacute, com- 
pressed, nearly orbicular ; stone crustaceous, 3-4-celled. 

3. O. Oiiffitllliy Marchand Rev. Anacard. 174 ; leaves obovate-oblong or 
obcnneate, tip rounded perfectly glabrous reticulate on both sur&ces, nerves 
14-18 pairs, racemes furfiiraceously pubescent. Semecarpus ? grandifoUa, WaU, 

Maxjlcca, Griffith^ Mainaay ; Pbnang, Porter. 

A tall shrubby tree, WdlXich. Very similar in foliage to C. macrophylla^ but the 
leaves are less thick, perfectly glabrous and reticulate on both surfaces, the nerves 
ftwer and more distant, the petioles longer (2-3 in.) and winged to the base, and the 
panicles are more slender. — Griffith (MSS.) describes the flowers as ^5-merous, but 1 
find them to be 4-meron8. 

4. O. anrioulataf Hook. f. ; leaves obovate-spathulate auricled at the 
very base tip roimded quite glabrous reticulated on both sur&ces, nerves 12-18 
psir, panicles pubescent very slender. Buchanania auriculata, Bluine Mm, 
Bot, L 185; Miq. FUInd. Bat. i. pt. 2, 637. 

SmcAPOS^ Mainaay, T, Jnderson. — Distbib. Sumatra, Borneo. 

Leatfes of the same character as those of C. GriffithU but smaller, 6-0 by 2-3 in., 
Goriaceoiis, rery gradually narrowed downwards into the petiole, which is |-1 in., the 
aorides quit« small, beautifully reticulate on both sur&ces, as in C. zeylanica, nerves 
arched, very slender. Panicle as in P. grandifolia, but less pubescent. Flowers 
timilar, 4-meroiis. 

42- XLYi. AKACABDiAOK£. (J. D. Hooker.). ISpancUati 

20. SPOXTDXAS, Linn. 

Deciduous glabrous trees. Leaves usually crowded at the tips of the 
branches, alternate, odd-pinnate; leaflets sub-opposite, usually caudate-acumi- 
nate. Panddes terminal, spreading. Flaioers small, polygamous. Calvx small^ 
4r-5-fid, deciduous, lobes slightly imbricate. Petals 4-5, spreading, suWidyate. 
Disk cupular, broad, crenate. Stamens 8-10, inserted beneath the disk. Ovary 
sessile, free, 4r-5-celled ; styles 4-6, conniving ; OTules solitary, pendulous in 
the cells. Drupe fleshy; stone hard, thick, 1-5-celled, the ceUs erect or 
diYeiging and opening by canals through the top of the stone. Seeds pendulous, 
testa membranous ; embryo straight, cotyledons elongate plano-convex, radicle 
short superior. — Dibtrib. About 8 species all tropical. 

Spoitoias DULas, WiUd, ; Boxb. Fl. 2nd, ii. 452 ; WaU. Cat. 8477 A. ; with 
crenate longer leaflets, is a South-Sea Island plant, introduced into India, and called 
* Hog-plum' and * Otaheite Apple.' — Wall. Cat. 8477 B. from the Calcutta gardens is 
in part S. ItUea, L., the Hog-plum of the West Indies. 

Spomdias?; Wall. Cat, 8479, from Hurdwar appears to bo Ithits suceedanea, 

1. S. mangrlfera, WiUd. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 75 ; leaflete 4-6 pairs 2-0 in* 
oblong acuminate quite entire, panicle 1-2 ft., drupe ovoid, stone rough and 
fibrous. Jioa-b. Fl. Ind. ii. 461 ; W. ^ A. l^odr. 173 ; Wt. lU. i. 180, t. 76 ; 
Wall. Cat. 8476; Bedd. Fl. Sylc. t. 169 ; Dah. iSr Qtbs. Bomb. Flor. Su^. 19; 
Grah, Cat. Bomb. PI. 42 ; Brand, For. Flor. 128. S. amara, Lamk. ; JStam. in 
Trans. Linn. Soc. xiii. 631. Evia amara, Comm,; Blume Mus. Bot, i. 234; 
Thwaites Enum. 78. Mangifera pinnata, Kam. (iiot Lamk.). — Bheede Hart* 
Mal. i. t. 60. 

Throughout India from the Ixdtjs eastwards and southwards to MAUkCCA and 
Ceylon, ascending to 6000 ft. in the Himalaya. AVild and cultivated. — Distbib. 
Tropical Asia. 

A small tree, everywhere glabrous. Leaves 1-1 J ft. ; petiole slender; leaflets 2-9 
by 1-4 in., shortly petiolulate, shining, more or less oblique; nerves 10-30 on each 
side, horizontal, joined by a strong intra-marginal one. Panieles largo, spreading, 
sparingly branched. Flowers \ in. diam., scattered, uni- or bisexual. Ccdyx d-toothed. 
Peteds oblong, greenish-whit«. Disk broad, 10-toothed. Filaments short, subulate. 
Drupe 1^-2 in. long, yellow, smooth; flesh very austere; stone cavernous, usually 
with 1 (1-3) perfect seed. — The * Amra' of the Hindoos, and the Hog-plum of many 

2. S. aomnlnataf Roxb. Fl, Ind. ii. 463 ; leaflets 6-8 pair 1^-3 in. 
elliptic caudate-acuminate quite entire or obscurely crenidate, panicle 6-8 in., 
drupe ovoid-globose, stone smooth fibrous. Grah, Cat. Bomb, PL 42 ; W. ^* A. 
Prodr. 173; JVall, Cat. 8478. 

Wkstkbx Peninsula; Malabar, Heyne, Boxburyh; in the Concan hills, near 
Kenuery caves, Graham ; Canara, Bitchie. 

An elegant middling sized tree (Koxb.), apparently dififering from S. mangifera 
chiefly in the smaller leaves with longer points, the very short panicle, and smooth 
stone (if I am right in referring a fruiting plant in Wight's Herbarium to this 
species). — In Wallich's Herbarium, specimens of Odina Wodier are mixed with this. 

3. S. azillarlB, Roxb, Fl. Ind, ii. 463 ; leaflets (>-8-pairs ovate-hinceolat^ 
acuminate serrate, drupe ovoid-oblong, stone smooth. 

NiPAL, Roxburgh. 

A small Melia-looking tree. Leaves 1 ft. ; petiole slender ; leaflets shortly petio- 

l^fondias.'] xtvi. AMACABDUCEiS.- (J.D.Hooker.) 43 

Idate, 3-4 in., pale beneath, not abruptly acuminate as in S.] manffifera and 
oeumiMoia ; nerves free, arching. FUwers solitary or subsolitary on the branches, 
long pedicelled, ^ in. diam., vhite. Oi%ur lobes acute. Petals elliptic, subacute. 
FilamemU short, subulate. Disk annular, 10-lobed. Ovary 5-celled with 5 short 
««eet styles. Drupe 1} in. loos, rounded at the top, yellow. Stone 5-celled, quite 
flmalL — I know this plant only through Bozbuigh's description and excellent drawing, 
which r e p r ese nts a true JSpondias in the structure of flower, fruit and embryo ; but 
the arched-nerved leaves which he describes as * gash-serrate' but figures as obtusely 
serrata), and the subsolitary flowers on the branches with peduncles } in. long, are 
fidte* unlike any Spondias I know. 

4 8. T maoropbylla. Wall, Cat, 8480 ; leaflets 3-4-pair &-0 in. elliptic 

BiBiiA, at Taong-dong, Wallich. 

This, of which there are only mutilated leaves and fragments of a panicle without 
ilower or fruity in Wallich's Herbarium, may be only 8. mang\fera. 

21. DSAOOXTTOMBXiirM, Blume. 

Trees. Leaves alternate, odd-pinnate ; leaflets opposite or alternate, quite en- 
tire. Panicles axillary and subterminal. Flowers small, pale, hermaphrodite. 
Cfa/yx 5-partite, segments conniving, imbricate. Petals 6, suberect, suDvalvate. 
Disk cup-shaped, crenulate. Stamens 10, inserted at the base of the disk. Ovari/ 
sessile, 5-celled ; styles 6, thick, erect (like ovaries), connate by their obtuse, stig- 
matiferous tips : ovules solitary and pendulous in the cells. Drupe globose, 
fleshy, tubercled above the middle by the style-bases ; stone hard, depressed, 2-5- 
celled ; cells diverging, opening by canals tnrough the top of the stone. Seeds 
compressed, pendulous, testa membranous; cotyledons plano-convex, radicle 
short superior centrifugal. — Distrib. 5 species natives of tropical .Vsia and the 

1. ]>. manffifemm, Blume Mm, Bat, i. 231, t. 42 ; leaflets 5-8 pairs 
Ofppofiite and alternate oblong-lanceolate aciuuinate, panicle much branched pu- 
bescent or tomentose. Poupartia mangifera, Blume Bijd, 1160 (e,rcl, sijnmi.), 
P. pinnata Blanco Flor. FUipp, 303. 

Eastbbk Pknutsula, South Andaman Islands. Kurs ; Malacca, Griffith^ Maingay ; 
Penang, Maingay.-^Diarruva, Eastward to the Philippines and Fiji Islands, nativo 
and cultivated. 

A large tree. Leaves 1-1^ ft.; petiole cylindric, glabrous or pubescent; leaflets 
peUolulate. 5-7 by l\-2\ in., usually mtber falcate and oblique at the rounded or cor- 
date base, gradually narrowed to the subacute apex, (glabrous above, 1)eneath glabrous 
Ebemlous or with tufts of hair in the nerve axils; nerves 10-12 pair, arched, reticu- 
ions close small ; petiolulo \ in. Panicle equalling or exceeding the leaves, pubes- 
cent or tomentose ; pedicels slender, ebracteate. Flowers campanulatc, j-^ in. diam., 
greenish white. Sepals pubescent or tomentose. Petals longer, recurved. Fila- 
menls slender. Drupe 1 m. diam., depressed. — A varial)Ie plant in pubescence, of 
which I think D. sylvestre, Blume, and D.puhendum^ Miq. are varieties. 

Vab. 1. Leaflets nearly glabrous beneath with occasional tufts of htiir in the 
nerve axils. — ^Andaman and Malacca. 

Vak. 2. Leaflets and petiole pubescent beneath. — 3Ialacca. 

Vab. 3. Leaflets glabrous beneath, panicles and flowers rusty-tomentosc. — 

44i SLYI. ANAGABDUCBJi. (J. D. Hooker.) IBumphiom 


22. miTMPBZA, Uxau 

A yery large tree. Leaves alternate^ jpetioled, simple^ broadly OTate-cordate, 
toothed, rough, aromatic. Racemes axillary. Flowers bitter. Caiyx tubular, 
d-fid. Petals 8, oblong. Stamens 3, ezserted. Owury subtrigonous ; style 
simple. Drupe coriaceous, turbinate, S-grooved ; stone Sncelled, dnseeded. 

1. m. tUtofolla, Lamk, Did, vi. 352; iS. t. 25; DC. Prodr. iL 90. 
K. amboinensis, lAnn, Sp, H, 49. — Bheede Sort, Mai, iy. 1. 11. 

fXkTJL-Rkxt ; stony sandy mountain woods in Parakaroo and elsewhere, Bheede. 

A yery lazge tree ; bark red within, aromatic. Leaves 4t-6 by 2^3^ in., aromatic, 
5-nerved at the base ; petiole 1-1^ in. Bacemet axillary and terminal, shorter than 
the leaves, woolly. Flofoers i in. diam., inodorous. Drupe 1 in. long, oboyoid ob- 
tusely 3-lobed, rough and setose, flesh bitter ; stone triquetrous, 3-celled. 

Of this remarkable plant nothing is known except from the plate and description 
of Rheede. 1 follow the majority of authors in placing it at the end of TerebinthaeeeSt 
with which, however, 1 suspect it has nothing to do. Jussieu (Gen. PL 370) suggests 
that it may be more allied to Sapindaeect. To me it looks more like a Euphorbiaceous 
or Verbenaceous plant. 

Wallich's TsBEBniTHACBA ? No. 8501, ex Herb. Wight, is a mixture of Gamga 
pinnaia fruits with the leaves and immature fruit of another plant that I do not 
recognise and which is in a most imperfect state. 

Obder XLVn.— OOmXAmXBS. (By J. D. Hooker.) 

Usually glabrous shrubs, with 4rangled sarmentose branches, the lower op- 
posite; buds scaly. Leaves opoosite, rarely d-natoiy whorled, quite entiTOi 
sessile, exstipulate. Racemes axulary. Flowers small, green, hermaphrodite or 
polygamous. Sepals 5, spreading, imbricate, persistent. Petals smaller than the 
sepab, fleshy, keeled witnin, thickened after flowering and embracing the fhut 
Stamens 10, hypogynous, free or the alternate adnate to the petals, filaments 
short; anthers lu^e, oblong, rouffh. Disk 0. Carpels 5-10, free, 1-celledy 
whorled on a fleshy receptacle ; styles slender, subulate, fleshy, papillose aU oyer ; 
ovules 1 in each cell, pendulous from the top. Fruit of 5 or 10 oblong com- 
pressed dry little nuts, closely embraced by the fleshy petals, 1-celled, Inseeded. 
Seed compreased, testa membranous, albumen a thin layer f cotyledons plano- 
convex, radicle superior. — Distrib. 3-5 species natives of S. Europe, N. Africa, 
Japan, the Himalaya, New 2iealand, and tine Andes. 

An order of doubtful affinity, perhaps nearest FhytoULccea^ which should in this 
work have been placed in Thalamiflora, 

OO&ZA&ZA, limu 

Character of the order. 

1. O. nepalensU, Wall. PI. As. Bar. iii. t. 289; Cat. 6817; leayes 
ovate or elliptic 3-7 nerved, stamens 10, carpels 5. Brandis For. Flar. 128. 

Tbicfbb^tb and Sxtbtbopical Hdcalata, from Marri alt. 3-6000 to Bhotan ; 
ascending to 11,000 fb. in Sikkim. — Distrib. Yunan. 

A shrub with arched branches, glabrous or puberulous on the leaves beneath and 
racemes. Leaves 1-2 by }-li in., usually broadly rounded-cordate and abruptly aeo^ 

MarmffoJ] XLYm. uobisqilm. (J. D. Hooker.) 45 

mi]iBta» rarely oTBte-obloog or elliptic and acute or acuminate, minutely serrulate. 
Baeetmet axillazy or in the forks, wmtary or clustered, 2-6 in. long, rachis glabrous 
or pubesoent ; bracteoles oblong, concave, deciduous. Flowers about J in. diam. Fruit 
j-jin. diam., black. 

Obdsr XLVin.—JiIO&nraBJS. (By J. D. Hooker.) 

BedduouB trees witb soft wood. Leaves alternate^ odd-pinnate or 2-3-pin- 
Bate ; leaflets opposite, quite entire^ caducous as well as tlie pinnules, glandular 
attliebaBe. Jranicles axillary. Flowers irrej^ular, bisexual. C^yx cup- 
ahapedy 6-cleft ; segments unequal, petaloid, deciduous from above the base, im- 
bricate. Petals 6, unequal, upper smaller, lateral ascending, anterior larger. 
Stamens inserted on the edge oi the disk, declinate, 6 perfect opposite the petals 
ahenmting with 5 (or 7) which are reduced to antherless maments ; anthers 
dorsifixed, 1-celled. Disk lining the calyx-tube. Ovary stipitate, 1-celled ; 
style slender, tubular, stigma penorated ; ovules numerous, in 2 series, on 3 pa- 
netiJ placentas. Capsule elon^te, beaked, d-6-angled, 1-celled, loculicidally 
S-Talred, corky ana pitted within. Seeds many, in pits of the valves, testa 
ooikj winged or not, albumen 0; embryo straight, cotyledons plano-convex, 
isdide very short superior, plumule many-leaved — Distbib. 8 species, natives of 
Western Asia and N. Africa. 

A natural order of very doubtfiil affinity, which has been referred to near JReaedacear 
Ggfparuieaf MeUanthea, Vtolarieat Polygalea, Leguminosa, Biffficniacete, and others. 

BffO&nraA, Lamk. 

Ghaiacter of the order. 

1. ai. pterjiroBpermaf Gartn. ; DC, Prodr, ii. 478 ; leaflets elliptic 
ofBte or obovate, nerves obscure, flowers white, capsule 9-ribbed, seeds winged. 
W. 4- A. Prodr. 178 ; Wight lU. i. 186, t. 77 ; Bedd. Flor. Sylvat. t. 80 ; Dalz, ^ 
GfUm. JBomb.Fl. 314 ; Grah. Cat. Bonib, PL 43 ; Brand. For. Fl. 129 ; WaU. Cat. 
5B14. M. oleifera, Lamk. Fncycl. i. 398. M. zeylanica, Pers. M. polygona^ 
DC. Prodr. ii. 478. Hyperanthera Moringa, VaM. ; Roxh. FL Ind. ii. 368 ; 
Gr^. Natul. iv. 672, t. 609. H. decandra, WiUd. Guilandina Moringa, Linn. 
^Sheede Hart. Mai. vi. 1. 11. 

Forests of WssrHRX Himalaya and Oudh, and cultivated elsewhere throughout 
India. — Distbib. Cultivated in various tropical countries. 

A small tree, bark corky, wood soft, root pungent; young parts tomentose. 
Leaves 1-2 ft., usually 3-pinnate ; petiole slender, sheathing at the base; pinnae i-6 
pairs ; leaflets 6-9 pairs, ^-4 in., opposite, pale beneath ; petioMes slender ; glands 
unear, hairy. Panidiee spreamng, bracts linear. Flowers pedicellcd, 1 in. diam., honey 
scented. Sepals linear-lanceolafe, reflexed. Petah narrowly spathulato. Fertile 
filaments villous at the base. Ovary hairy. Pod 9-18 in., pendulous, 9-ribbed. 
Seeds 3-gonous, winged at the angles. — The Horse-radish tree. 

2. ai* oonoaAensiSf Altnmo in Grah. Cat. Bomb. PL 43 ; leaflets I'- 
ll in. broadlv elliptic or orbicular, nerves 4-6 pair distinct. Dalz. 4* Gibs.. 
Bomb. Flor. 5ll ; Brandis For. Flor. 130. 

BupUTAyjL, on dry hills ; SnvDH and the Goncax. 

A teee, very similar to M. pterygesperma, but the leaves are much larger as are 
the leaflets, which are often retuse at the tip ; the petals are yellowish streaked with 
pink. Seeds \ in. long, very broadly trigonous with membranous wings. This may 
possibly be the red*fiowered species alluded to by Hoxburgh (Fl. Ind. ii. 368) as occur- 
Bag near Maldah. 

46 TiLJX. GONNARACEJE. (J. D. Hooket.) {Agdosa. 

Order XLIX. OOmTASAOXUE. (By J. D. Hooker.) 

£i*ect or climbing 8liruT)8 or trees. Leaves alternate, exstipulate, 1-3-folio- 
late or odd-pinnate ; leaflets quite entire. Flmcers racemed or panicled, regular 
or siibregular, usually bisexual. Cali/x 6-lobed or -partite, usually persistent, 
imbricate or valvate. Petals 6, usuaUy narrow, free or slightly cohering, very 
rarely valvate. Stamens perigynous or hypogynous, sometimes declinate, 5 or 
10, tnose opposite the petals often shorter and imperfect ; filaments frequently 
connate at the base. tXsk 0, or small annular or incomplete. Carpels 6, rarely 
1-3 or 6-7, globose, hirsute, 1-celled; styles subulate or filiform, stigmas 
capitellate simple or 2-lobed ; ovules 2, collateral, ascending, orthotronous. 
JFrudt usually of 1 rarely 2-3 sessile or stalked 1- rarely 2-€ieeded follicles. 
Seed erect, arillate or not, testa thick sometimes i arilliform below the middle, 
aril various ; cotyledons fleshy in the exalbuminous, leafy in the albuminous 
seeds, radicle superior, rarely ventral. — Distrib. 12 genera, all tropical. 

The following Wallichian species of this order are to bo rejected. 

CoKNABACEA, Wall. Gat. 8538, B. is an undeterminable apparently Connaraceoos 

CoNXABACEA ? Wall. Cat. 8534, is DUdium platysepalum, Baker. 

Cokkahacba ? Wall. Cat. 8550, is Cupania glabratcL, Kurz. 

CoNKABACKA ? Wall. Cat. 8553, consists of the foliage of a W'dUmghbeia and 
fruit of a Connarus. 

Tribe I. GonnareeD. Calyx imbricate. Seeds exalbiuninous. 

Calyx not clasping the 1)ase of the capsule. Seeds cxarillate . 1. Agbuba. 

Calyx accrescent, clasping the base of the sessile capsule. 

Seeds arillate 2. Boubea. 

Calyx slightly accrescent, not clasping the base of the sessile 

capsule. Seeds exarillate 3. Boubbopsis. 

Calyx not accrescent, clasping the pedicel of the stipitate cap- 
sule. Seeds arillate 4. Comxabxjs. 

Tribe II. GnestidesD. Calyx valvate. Seeds albuminous or exalbu- 

Calyx 5-partite, exceeding the petals. Carpels 5, sessile. Cap- 
sule hispid within. Seeds albuminous 5. Citbstis. 

Calyx 5-partite, rcYolnte. Petals narrow. Carpels 5. Seeds ex- 
albuminous , C. T.£niochijena, 

Calyx 5-partite, erect. Petals oblong. Stamens 5, perfect. 

Carpel 1. Seeds exalbuminous .7. EixiPAin'Hns. 

1. AaSXiSA, Soland. 

Erect or scandent shrubs. Leaves 3-foliolate. Panicles or racemes axillary. 
Calyx 5-partite, not accrescent nor embracing the firuit, imbricate or subvalvate. 
Petals lanceolate or ligulate, obtuse, free or connate at the middle. Stamens 5 
or 10. Disk ^-annular or 0. Carpels 3-5. Capsules 1-2, sessile or shortly 
stalked, coriaceous, rugose or lamellate. Seed erect, exalbuminous; testa 
arilliform below the middle. — Distrib. 9 species, African and Asiatic. 

1. A. vestitaf Hbok,f, : branches leaves beneath and inflorescence densely' 
tomentose, leaflets elliptic obtusely caudate-acuminate, stamens 5, styles 6 \ery 

'Agdaa.^ xldl connarace£. (J. D. Hooker.) 47 

Blender. Cnestis yestita. Wail, in JEEerh, Lmn, Soc, Connaracea, Wall. Cat, 
8536. Hemiandrioa bomeensis, JSbok, f. in. Trans, Linn, Soc, xxiii. 171, t. 28. 
Troostwjckia angularis, Miq, FL Ind, Bat, Suppl, 531. (See Kurz in Joum. 
Am. Soc. Beng. 1870, pt. ii. 76.) 

Eastbbn Peionsula, Sincapore, Jack; Penaog, Porter \ Malacca, Griffith, 
Mamgay, — ^Distrib. Borneo. 

Denaely clothed -with ftilvous hairs. Leaflets 3-6 by 1^-2^ in., lateral, snbsessile, 
terminal petidulate ; nerves beneath very stout, strongly reticulate. Sacemes 1 in., 
dender, hirsute. Flinoers^ in. diam. Capsule f in. long, ovoid with a curved beak, 
stroDgly tubeiculate or sublamellate, densely tomentose. Seed obovoid ; testa thin, 
arilliform towards the bade. 

2. A. WalUoUlf JS6ok,f. ; branches and leaves quite glabrous, leaflets 
orate-oblong or oblong obtusely-pointed, base rounded or cordate, stamens 10, 
styles 5 very short. Connaracea, Wall, Cat, 8544. 

EAflTKBN PsmifSUUL ; Sincapore, Wallich ; Malacca, Griffiihy Maingay, 
Branches and petioles slender. Leaflets 4-6 by 1^2^ in., coriaceous, lateral 
shortly terminal long-petioltdate ; nerves strong beneatn. i?ac0m€« j--l in., densely 
pubescent. Flowers j- in. diam. Stamsns and carpels stout. Capsule ^-§ in. long, 
obtusely beaked, tuberded, rusty tomentose. Seed oblong, testa thin. 

2. ROVSfiA, AubL 

Trees or shrubs. Leaves odd-pinnate; leaflets subopposite or alternate. 
Panicles axillary. Flowers small ; pedicels usually slender. Sepals 5, orbicular, 
imbricate, enlai^ped and clasping the base of the ripe capsule. Petals 6, usually 
linear-oblong. Stamens 10 ; filaments connate at the base. Ovaries 5,4 usually 
imperfect ; style slender. Capsule sessile, curved. Seed erect, arillate, exalbu- 
minous. — Distrib. Tropics ; species about 50. 

* Leaflets few, 1-6-pairs, petiolulate, glabrous. 

^ 1. TLm santaloides, W. ^ A. Prodr, 144 ; quite glabrous, leaflets 2-4- 
pair 2-4 in. polished reticulated, elliptic or ovate, caudate-acuminate shining, 
principal nerves indistinct, base usually rounded, sepals orbicular not ciliate, 
ovariee glabrous. PUmch, in Linnaaj xxiii. 418 ; Dah, ^ CHbs, Bomb, FL 53. 
Connarus santaloides, Vahl Symb, iii. 87 ; DC, Prodr, ii. 85. 0. monocarpus, 
W,4r A. Prodr, 143 (not of Linn,), Connaracea, Wall. Cat, 85S2.—Bunn. 
Thes, Zeyl, t 80. 

Wbstsbn PBinKSXTULs ; from the Concan to Travancor. Cbtlon. 

Leaflets 1 J-3 by 1-li in., coriaceous, sometimes acute at the base ; nerves rarely 
distinct ftrom the reticulations of the leaflet and usually spreading horizontally from 
the midrib, but this is a very uncertain character. 'Racemes terminal and axillary, 
2-4 in., simple or compound, slender ; pedicels slender, \ in. ; bracts small. Flowers 

t\ in. diam. Petals twice as long as the linear-oblong sepals. Capsule falcate, 
1 in., obtuse, apiculate or pointed. 

2. TLm conunatataf Planch, in Linnaa, xxiii. 420 ; quite glabrous, leaflets 
S-4-pair8 3-6 in. ovate elliptic or elliptic-lanceolate caudate-acuminate shining, 
inrincipal nerves usuallv very distinct beneath, lower pair long ascending, base 
usoally acute, sepals orl>icular not ciliate, ovaries glabrous. Cnestis monadelpha, 
Boxb, Fl, Ind. ii. 454. Connaracea ? Wall, Cat, 8549 (non. or fruit.), Con- 
oamcea, WaU. Cat, 8547, 8548. 

AflBAX, Sqjsbt, CHrrrAGOKG, Bibma and southwards to TaxAssRHUL-^DiOTRiB. 

So similar in roost respects to R. santaloides that I scarcely douU ite being an 
tut/em form <^ that plant, distinguished by the nervation of the leaflets, which are 

48 XLDL CONNABAOEJE. (J. D. Hooker.) [Bourea. 

more usually acute at the base. Some Tavoy specimens are, howerer, almost ioter'- 

3. R. oaudataf JPlanch, m LimuBa, xxiii. 410 ; quite glabrous, leaflets S-5 
pairs elliptic-ovate with long caudate-acuminate obtuse points not shining, petiole 
very slender, sepals ciliolate, petals oblong obtuse. 

Assam, Jenkins; Khasia Mts., alt. 1-4000 it., Griffith^ H,f, ^ T, 

Very similar to R, aantaloides, but much smaller in all its parts and more slender, 

-with more membranous leaflets 2-2^ in., of which the points are ^^ as long as the 

blade, finely reticulate, not shining. Bacemes or panicles 1-2 in. Flowers j- in. 

diam. Capsule j-l in., slightly curved, broader upwards. Petals not much exceeding 

the sepals. Ovaries glabrous, style short. 

4. R. pololiellaf PUmch. in Linnaa, xxiii. 419 ; quite glabrous, leaflets 
1-3-pair 1-1^ in. ovate-lanceolate obtusely caudate-acuminate shining, sepals 
fiuborbicular ciliolate. 

Majlacca, Griffith, Maingay. 

A smaller leaved plant than B, caudata with more coriaceous leaflets, which are 
dark chestnut-brown when dry, and Irnve slender petiolules ^ in. long ; they are 
uniformly reticulated on both surfaces without obvious principal nerves. Panicles 
very slender, ofti?n exceeding the leaves ; pedicels J in., capillary. Flowers \ in. 
diam. Petals twice as long as the sepals, linear-oblong, connate, just above the base. 
Ovaries 5, pilose ; styles very slender. Capsule ^ in., stout, curved, pointed. 

5. R. aoomlnataf Hook, /. ; qmte glabrous, leaflets 3-4 pair elliptic or 
elliptic-oblong abruptly caudate-acuminate finely reticulate on both sur&ces 
sliining above subglaucous beneath, petiole very slender. Onestis acuminata. 
Wall, Cat, 8533 (Connaracea). 

Singapore, WaUich. 

Branches slender. Leaves 2J-6 in. ; petiole quite glabrous, petiolules very short ; 
leaflets 1^-3 by ^\\ in., thinly coriaceous, brown when dry ; base rounded. Capsule 
J in. — The specimens are very imperfect. • 

*• Leaflets very numerous, small, 1J-2J in., sessile, oblong. 

t Leaflets very pithescent beneath. 

C. A. mirOBaf Planch, in LinncBa^ xxiii. 422 ; branches petioles leaves 
beneath and inflorescence softly pubescent, leaflets O-O-pairs 1^-2^ in. oblong 
obtusely acuminate, base cordate, mnicles stout, pedicels shorter than the calyx. 
Oonnarus ? nigosus. Wall, Cat, S^7, Connaracea. 

Easterx Peninsula; Sincapore, Wallich, Fenang, Porter. Malacca, Griffith^ 

Branches stout, velvety. Leaves 1 ft.; petiole stout. Leaflets shining a1x)ver 
reticulate on both surfaces. Panicles shorter than the leaves. Flowers ^ in. diam., 
rosy. Sepals orbicular, pubescent. Petals twice as long, pilose on the back. Capsules 
^^-j in., pointed. 

7. R. ▼Ulosaf Planch, in lAnMsa, xxiii. 422 ; branches petioles and in* 
florescence sofdy pubescent, leaflets 12-20 pairs f in. oblong rounded at the tip 
pilose beneath, panicles slender, pedicels equalling the calyx. 

Tknasskrim, at Mergui, Griffith, Heifer,— Distbib. Sumatra. 

Branches rather stout, velvety. Leaves 3-8 in. ; petiole slender ; leaflets faintly 
reticulate and polished above, base oblique subcordate. Panicles shorter than the loaves, 
clothed with aonso spreading soft hairs. Flowers J in. diam. Sepals orbicular^ 
scarcely pilose. Petals glabrous, linear-oblong, twice or thrice as long as the calyx. 
Capmde \ in., curved. 

Bovfrea.'] XLix. connasacejb. (J. D. Hooker.) 49 

8. R. MlgeuiBf Pkmch. m Lnmaa, xxiiL 423 ; branches petioles leaves 
bea[ieaUi and panicles densely shortly pubescent, leaflets 12-20 pairs in. linear* 
oblong rounded at the tip base oblique, racemes strict contracted. Oonnarus 
iulgens, (Connaracea P) JVaU. Cat. 8524. 

SiifCAPORB, WalUch, Maingay, 

Pubescence rusty when dry. Leaves 3-5 in., petiole rather stout ; leaflets slightly 
dilated or contracted at the base, opaque, reticulation very obscure. Racemes (very con- 
tracted panicles) axillary, strict, shorter than the leaves ; pedicels very short indeed. 
Flowers not seen. Capsule } in., much curved, obtuse. — I do not see why Wallich 
propoeed the trivial name of fvlgens for this ; in its dry state it is a remarkably lurid 

ft Leaflets glabrous beneath or nearly so, 

9. R. Btenopetalaf Hookf, ; petiole and midrib of leaflets beneath pubes- 
cent, leaflets 6-10 pairs j-l in. obliquely ovate or obovate 2-lobed at the tip, 
racemes very short, pedicels slender. Onestis steriopetala (mwpriTit for stenope- 
tala), Chiff. Notul, iv. 433, t. 611,/. 2. Rourea No. 23 indescripta. Planch, in 
LmnaOf xxiii. 421. 

TsrASSBBiH, at Hergui, Grriffith. 

Branches glabrous, branchlets pubescent. Leaves 2-4 in. ; petiole slender ; 
leaflets contracted cordate and very oblique at the base, shining above and below, 
nerree and reticulations obscure. Racemes apparently almost reduced to fascicles ; 
bracts ovate, ferruginous. Sepals lanceolate, acute, spreading, imbricate, pubescent at 
the tip. Petals linear, very narrow, 2| times longer than the sepals. Coaries pilose. — 
The flowers are described from Griffiths' Notul^e ; the spreading calyx is anomalous 
in the genus. 

10. R. Wallioliianaf Planch, in Linnaa, xxiii. 421 ; petioles and panicles 
pubescent, leaflets 16-^0 pairs ^-} in. linear-oblong roundea at the tip ^brous 
on both surfaces, racemes slender, pedicels equalling or exceeding the calyx, 
flowers ^ in. diam. Connaracea, WcUl, Cat, 8526. Oonnarus mimosoides, VM P 
WaU. Cat, 8626 D. 

Tkkasserix and Martabak; Amherst, Wallioh; Tavoy, Gromez; Moulmein, 

Zi«iiw» 6-10 in. ; leaflets very uniform, always obtuse, base rounded or subcordate, 
upper surface dark brown hardly shining, lower chocolate brown opaque; nerves faint. 
Raeemes slender, much shorter than the leaves, villous, paniculate at the base, pedicels 
very slender, exceeding the calyx. Sepals orbicular, ciliate. Petals \ in. long, linear, 
glabrous. Capsule ^-f in. long, curved. — A specimen of this is mixed with Wallich's 
8526 B. 

11. S. oonoolor, Blume Mus. Bat, i. 264 ; petioles and racemes pubes- 
cent, leaflets 16-20 pairs J in. oblong rounded or ret use at the tin glabrous on 
both surfaces, racemes slender, pedicels about equalling the calyx, nowers \-^ in. 
diam. R. parvifolia, Planch, in Linnaa, xxiii. 420. Oonnarus mimosoides, Vahl f 
WaU. Cat, 8626 A.B. ? 0. mimosoides, Jack in Mai, Misc, 2, viL 44. 

Sdccapobb, Prince ; Malacca, Griffith. — Dist. Borneo. 

Branchlets finely pubescent. Leaves 2-6 in. ; petiole slender ; leaflets cordate at 
the base, shining above, chocolate-brown and minutely reticulated beneath. Racemes 
equalling or exceeding the leaves. Flowers the smallest of the Indian species. Sepals 
orbicular. Petals twice as long, linear-oblong. Capsules}^ in.. ^ pointed. — There is a 
Wallichian specimen in Herb. Benth. under Wall, Cat, 8526 B. with the leaves 
shining beneath. 

12. WL* simlliSf Blume Mus. Bot. i. 264 ; petioles and racemes pubescent, 
leaflets 8-12 paiis linear-oblong 2-lobed at the tip shining above, very sparsely 

Toi^ n. 1 

50 XLix. oONNARACEiE. (J. D. Hooker.) [Bourea. 

pubescent or glabrate beneath; racemes slender, pedicels equalling the calyx. R. 
sororia and R. parallela, Planch, in LintuBa, xxiii. 421 ; Gonnarus mimosoides 
VM, ? WaU. CaL 8526 0. 

Eastbrn FifiinMSUUL, Penang, Porter; Maulcca, Maingay. — Distrib. Sumatra, 

Branchlets pubesoent, Leaver Z-Q in. ; petiole slender ; leaflets cordate at the base, 
usually shining above with raised nerves, or with the nerves obsolete, subglaucous be- 
neath. Racemes shorter than the leaves. Flowers ^ in. diam. Sepais broadly oblong, 
very pubescent. Pet€Us twice as long. Capsule } in., much carved. 

3. ROVaSOPSZS, Planch. 

Trees or shrubs. Leaves odd-pinnate, leaflets few. Flowers in axillary 
panicles, pedicelfi slender. Sepals oblong, slightly imbricate, somewhat en- 
larged ana spreading, but not clasping the base of the capsule. Petals linear- 
oblong. Stamens 10, the alternate longer. Ovaries 6 ; styles slender. Capsule 
linear-oblong, recurved. Seed ovoid, testa thin black arilliform at the basej 
cotyledons amygdaloid. — Distrib. Species 2, a Javanese and Indian. 

This genus, which (Gen. PL i. 432) when the fruit was unknown I united with 
Roureay proves to be exarillate, and I therefore restore it. 

1. R. publnerviSf Planch, in lAnnaa, xxiii. 424; branchlets petioles and 
nerves beneath finely pubescent, leaflets 3-pairs ovate or elliptic with a con- 
tracted notched tip. Indeterminata, WaU, Cat, 9050. 

Eastbrn Pkninstjia, Penang, Porter ; Malacca, Griffith, Maingay, 

Leaves 4-8 in. ; petioles slender; leaflets, 2-4 in., alternate, petiolulate, base acute ; 

nerves distinct, arched. Panicles or racemes axillary, shorter tnan the leaves, nearly 

glabrous ; pedicels | in. Flowers \ in. diam. Sepals nerved, glabrous, very obtuse. 

Petals strap-shaped, three times as long. Ovaries pubescent Capsule 1 in., nearly 


4. COirirARirSf Linn. 

Trees or shrubs. Leaves odd-pinnate ; leaflets 5, rarely 3 or more, quite 
entire. Panicles axillary and terminal, branched. Flowers small. Sepals 5, 
deciduous or persistent and clasping the pedicel of the capsule, not accrescent, 
imbricate. Petals 5, linear or ligulate and slightly dilated upwards. Stamens 
10, 6 shorter and sometimes without anthers. Ovaries 6, densely pubescent, 4 
usually imperfect or obsolete, the fifth vnth a slender style, stigma capitellate. 
Capsule oblique, stipitate, inflated, broader upwards ; valves glabrous or pubes- 
cent within. Seeds arillate, testa shining, albumen ; cotyledons amygdaloid, 
— Distrib. Species about 55, all tropical. 

The structure of the flowers is remarkably uniform in all the Indian species which 
are with difficulty distinguished. 

• Valves of the capsule quite glabrous within. Leaves quite glabrous 
]beneath in all. Natives of the Western Peninsula^ 

1. C. monooarpuBy Linn, ; W, <$- A, Prodr, 143 ; leaflets elliptic or 
elliptic-lanceolate obtusely acuminate, nerves 3-5 pairs, very slender, filaments 
glabrous, capsule 1^2 in. narrow turgid contracted into the stalk, not veined 
nor shining. Planch, in lAnnaa, xxiii. 426. 0. asiaticus, Willd. Sp, PL iii. 602. 
0. pinnatus, Lamk. Encycl. ii. ^; III. t. 572 ; W, 8r A, Prodr, 143 ; Orah. Cat. 
Bomb, PL 35 \ Dab, <$* Gibs, Bomb, Flor, 53. Omphalobium pinnatum, DC 

ObrmoTitf.] XLIX. CONNABACEJ!. (J. D. Hooker.) 51 

Prodr. ii 86. 0. indicum, OttHn, Fruct, i. 217, t 48, fig. 3 ; DC. I c. 85. 
Oonnaracea, WaU. Cat, 8539, excl. D.—Bheede, HoH. Mai, vi. t. 24 P yii. t 26. 

Wbbtbbm PiinNSuiA, from the CoQcan to Travancor. Cbtlon, abundant. 

LeafieU 3-4 bj 1^1} in., glossy above, reticulations faint, quite glabrous, 
Fanides densely pubescent. Flotoert \ in. long. SepaU ovate-oblong, subacute, 
jmbeecent. Petals twice as long, slightly pubescent on the back. Longer filamenta 
three times as long as the shorter, all antheriferous. Capsule dark-coloured, rounded 
at both sutures, dehiscing tardily, contracted but neither acute nor apiculate at the 
tip. Testa black, shining. Very near the C oligophyllus of Penang, but the capsule 
is quite gUbrous within. —I think there can be no doubt that this, which is clearly 
Lamarck's C. pinnaitts^ is also LinnsBus's C. monoearpuSt which being one of the 
commonest plants in Ceylon, cannot have escaped Burmann's notice. Wight & Arnott 
describe it as having a sessile capsule, no doubt from Kheede's figure, which, if it 
belongs to this plant, is a very bad one, also as having a glabrous calyx, which is not 
the case. 

2. C- Wi|rl^t**f Saok. /. ; leaves elliptic-ovate obtusely pointed, nerves 
5-6 on each side arched slender, capsules 1^7 i in. compressed, base narrowed 
into the stalk shining hardly pointed. Kourea? sderocarpa, W, <Sf* A, in 
Wight Cat, 934. (See note under Pongamia, W, ^ A, Prodr, 262.) 

WzsTERN Peninsula, Wight ; the Goncan, Stocks. 

Leaflets 3-3 J by li--!} in** coriaceous, hardly shining, finely reticulated, quite 
glabrous. Capsules pale chestnut coloured, shining, rounded, strongly striate on the 
ventral and dorsal faces, narrowly keeled at the sutures, early dehiscing, pale and 
quite glabrous within. — I have described this from a fruiting specimen. The capsule 
resembles that of C. paniculatus, but is quite glabrous within. 

8. O. Ritolilei, Hook. f. ; leaflets elliptic-lanceolate obtusely acuminate, 
nenree 5-7 on each side liednt, capsule } by ^ m. turgidly oblong rounded at the 
top, base cordate. 

Western Peninsula, the Concan, Stocks ; the Bamghat near Belgaum, Ritchie. 

Leaflets 3-4 by 1^-1} in., finely reticulated, quite glabrous. Panicles rusty- 
pobeecent. Flowers crowaed, I in. long. Sepals ovate-oblong. Petals about twice a 
long. Capsule quite as broad from suture to suture as across the valves, dark- 
eolouTed« intruded at the base, which is very rounded, and suddenly contracted into 
the stalk. — The capsule much resembles that of C, latifolius, WalL, but is more 
cordate at the base and larger. 

•• Valves of the capsules more or less pubescent or velvety vnthin (un- 
known in C, GriffUhU and semidecandrus, 
t Leaflets more or less pubescent beneath, 

4. O. fermgiikenBf Jack in Mai, Misc. 2, vii. 37 ; branches panicles 
and leaves beneath densely rusty tomentose, leaflets 7 oblong or oblanceolate 
acuminate rugose^ capsules 2-2^ oy 1^ in. compressed velvety narrowed into the 
stalk. — Oonnaracea, VTall, Cat, 8530. 

Easttbrn Peninsula, Sincapore, Malacca, and Penang, Jack, ^c. 
Densely clothed witi rusty velvety tomentum. Leaflets 8-6 by 1 J 2J in., thickly 
eoriaeeous, rugose, and pubescent above when young, glabrate above when old, base 
rooiided or subcordate ; petiolules very short and stout ; nerves 6-8 pairs, arched, 
very much sunk above and raised beneath. Panicles shorter than the leave'^, very 
ftoat. Fhwers nearly J in. long. Sepals oblong. Petals twice as long, narrowly 
linear-spathnlate. Filaments glabrous, shorter, half as long as the others. Capsule 
almost woody, readily dehiscing, hardly pointed, densely tomentose, valves finely 
pttbitoeiit within. 


64 XLix. CONHARACEJE. (J. D. Hooker.) [Oonnarus. 


C. 6PBCIB6 ? leaflets 5-8 in. elliptic and stout, branches almost black and yery 

e Wished, nerves 7-B pair very strong beneath, panicle slender hoary, sepals ovate- 
nceolate, petals glabrous. — Sincapore or Penang, Walker, 

C. SPBCIBS ? leaflets as in C. pinnaiusy but nerves beneath very strong. — Anamallay 
hills, alt. 3000 ft., Beddame, 

CoNNARUs ? TELUTiNus, WoU, Cot, 8536, consists of foliage and diseased frnit of 
a Spatholobus, with one capsule of Eilipanthua tometUonts, H. f. 

CoNirABVS ? Jacxiaktts, Wall. Cat. 8552, is Cupania Jackiana, Hiem, 

GoNNABus lOMosoiDBS, Vohl 8ymh. iii. 87 ; DC. Prodr. ii. 85, from the Nioobar 
Islands is indeterminate from description. 

6. CMBSTZS, Juss. 

Shrube or trees. Leaves odd-piimate ; leaflets many, quite entire. Fhwers 
solitary, fascicled or racemed, tomentoee, rarely panicled, polygamous or dioe- 
cioiis, rotate. Sepals 6, yalvate or imbricate at the tip, spreading in fruit. Petals 
'6f shorter or lon^r than the calyx. Stamens 10, free. Ovaries 5-7, sessile ; 
styles short, stigmas capitellate. Capsules l-S, kidney-shaped, cylindrio 
curved or waved, pubescent, often villous or clothed with rigid hairs within- 
Seed exarillate, albumen fleshy ; cotyledons thin. — Distrib. Tropical Asia and 
Africa ; species about 10. 

1. C. ramiflora, Oriff, Notul. iv. 432 ; softly tomentose or villous, leaf- 
lets 12-15-pairs linear-oblong, tip rounded obtuse or subacute, base roimded or 
cordate. 0. flaminea, Oriff, Ic. 433, t. 608, f. 2. C. platantha, Oriff. I.e. 434; 
Kurz in Jour, As. Soc. Beng. 1870, pt. ii. 75. Oonnarus foliolosus. Jack in Wall, 
Cat, 8529. 0. igneus, WaU, Cat, 8528, (Oonnaracea). Bourea dasyphylla, Miq, 
Fl, Ind. Bat. /S^. 528. 

BiKMA, at Amherst, Chappedong and Rangoon, Wallich. Tknassbbim, at Hergui, 
Griffith. MouLMBiK and the 8. Andahams, Kwe^ &c. FaxANO, Malacca and 
Sincapore, Wallich, Griffith^ &c. — Distrib. Sumatra, Philippine Islands. 

A climbing shrub. Branches stout, woody. Leaves 1 ft. ; petiole slender, pube* 
scent ; leaflets subsessile, 1^3 in., sometimes contracted below the middle, glabrous 
and shining above ; nerves 6-10 pairs, slender, arched. Panicles axillary, fascicled, 
slender, much shorter than the leaves, densely clothed with pale soft tomentum. Flowers 
^ ^ in. diam., rosy, $ smaller. Sepals linear-oblong, obtuse. Petals shorter in the 
^, longer in Uie $ , linear-oblong, obtuse or emarginate, glabrous. Filaments slender, 
glabrous. Ovaries 5-7 (usually 6, Griffith), hirsute ; styles short. Capsules 1-3 in. 
long, bossile, falcate, enlarged and tumid above the middle, obtuse, woody, rugged ; 
valves thickly woody, velvety within. Seed short, broad, compressed, testa thm. — 
I think there can be no doubt but that this answers to the three species of Onestis 
described by Griffith and cited above, though his names are not attached to any of 
his specimens. It has been distributed as Onestis foliolosus and C, igneus. Planch. 
MSa in Herb. Hook. 

6. TJBNZOCBZiBSMA, Hook. f. 

A rambling shrub. Leaves odd-pinnate, glabrous ; leaflets 6, quite entire. 
Panicles axillary, short. Flowers hermaphrodite. Calgx-tube short, hemispheric, 
segments 5, enlarged and revolute in mdt, yalvate. Petals 5, much exceeding 
the calyx. Stamens 10, alternately shorter^ nearly free at the base. Ovaries o, 

TcBnioehlcBna,'] xldl convabacbje. (J. D. Hooker.) 55 

eeesile ; styles short, stigmas discoid. Capmdes 1-3, cy^oid, compressed, puljes- 
cent ; YaJyes glabrous within. Seed oblong, arillate ; albumen ; cotyledons 

1. T. OrlffitUl, Hoohf, in Benth. ^ Hook, Oen. m. i. 434. 

Maxacca, Griffith, Mcdngay, 

Branches rather slender, quite glabrous. LecJieU 3-7 by l{-3 in., sometimes almost 
orbicular, base usually cordate, shining above and beneaUi, nerves 3-5 pairs, arched ; 
petiolulee very short. Bacemes 2-3 in., fascicled, densely pubescent, slender. Flowers 
rotate, |- in. diam. Sepals oblong, pubescent, recurved in flower. Petals twice as long, 
linear, dilated upwarcb, glabrous. Filaments short, subulate. Capsules 2-3, J-1 in., 
obtuse, densely pubescent, valves coriaceous. Seed short, slightly compressed, testa 

7. BZiZiZPAMTBirS, Hook. f. 

Trees or shrubs. Leetves with 1 leaflet, quite entire. Bacemee axillary, 
short. FlotoerB hermaphrodite or polygamous. Sepals 5, not enlarged in fruit, 
suberect, valvate. Petals 6, longer than the sepals, oblong-lanceolate, densely 
pubescent. Stamens 10, 6 shorter, vnthout anthers, filaments short subulate 
connate at the base. Ovary 1, strigose ; style short. CapstUe stalked, oblique, 
velvety ; valves glabrous withm. Seed arillate, albumen ; cotyledons pls^o- 
convex. — Distbib. Malayan Peninsula and Islands. 

* Leaves glabrous beneath or nearly so. 

1. 8. Tbwaltesii, Hook./. ; leaflet elliptic obtusely caudate-acuminate, 
capeiule curved into a semicircle beaked densely closely pubescent. Connarus 
omfoliatus, Thwaites Bnum, 80 and 410.. 

Obtlok, Central Province, at 3-4000 ft 7%waites 

A moderate sized tree ; branches slender, black. Leaflet 2-3} by 1 -If in., reticu- 
late ; petiole and petiolule \-\ in., slender. Bacemes 4-7-flower^, pubescent, bracts 
deciduous. Flowers subdioeaous, -j^ in. diam., green. Sepals acute. Petals twice as 
long. Capsule 1| in. long, compressed, woody. 

2. 8. Belferiy Hook, /. ; leaflet elliptic-lanceolate or linear-lanceolate 
acuminate, nerves 6-7 pairs strong beneath. 

TsNASSSBiH or AinxAMAN Islands ; Heifer, — Distbib. Borneo. 

Branches slender, black. Leaves 4-7 by 1|-2J in., very variable in length and 
breadth, thinly coriaceous, with slight pubescence on the petiole and midrib beneath ; 
petiole slender, | in. Bacemes j-) in., pubescent Flower-buds, | in. long, fyuit 

3. 8. calopbylliiBf Kurz Andam, Bep. Append. B. 6 ; and in Beng. As. 
Sac. Jour. 1872, ii. 805 ; leaflet ovate ovate-lanceolate or eUiptic long-acumi- 
nate quite glabrous, nerves 6-7 pairs very slender. 

Akdamax Islands, Kurz. 

A tree 20-30 ft. ; shoots and buds pubescent. Leaflet b-l by 2-2| in., coriaceous, 
finely reticulated, gradually narrowed to the obtusely acuminate tip, pale ; petiole 
slender, |-1 in. Bacemes \ in., densely pubescent. Petals \ in., densely pubescent, 
linear-oblong. Capsules J-1 in., obovoid or ellipsoid, subacute, densely velvety ; valves 
woody, glabrous within. — ^The description of the petals and inside of the capsule it 
taken from Kurz. 

56 XLVL cONNABAOBiE. (J. D. Hooker.) [EUipanthus. 

** Lftrvei pubescent or tomentoae beneath, 

4. B. tomentOBUBf Kurz in Jour, As, Soc, Beng, 1870, pt. ii. 305 ; 
leaflet elliptic ovate or orbicular obtuse acute or obtusely acuminate densely 
pubescent beneath, nerves 6-6 pairs very slender. ConnarusP monophyllus, 
WaU, Cat. 8551 (Oonnaracea). 

Pegu, Mabtabut, and Tbnassbbim, Wallich.y &c. — Distrib. Siam. 

Branches densely tomentose with fulvous hair. Leaflets 4-6 by 2-3 J in., usually ellip- 
tic or elliptic-lanceolate, but often broader and sometimes quite K>rbicular, coriaceous, 
fflabrous, shining And very finely reticulated above ; petiole ^-| in. Racemes ^ in., 
densely tomentose. Flowers |in. diam. Sepals obtuse. PetalstwicQ as long, oblong, 
obtuse. Filaments hairy. Ovary strigose. Capsule 1^ in. (2 in., Kurz), semicircular 
or obovoid, contracted into the stout stalk, obtuse, apiculate, densely velvety, sutures 
rounded, valves woody, glabrous within. 

5. B. Orlffitbii, Mook, f, ; leaves ovate-lanceolate caudate-acuminate 
rusty-pubescent beneath, nerves 8-10 pairs strong beneath. 

Maiaoca, Griffith. — Distrib. Borneo. 

Branches slender, rusty pubescent or tomentose. Leaflet 4-5 by lJ-2 in., coria- 
ceous, glabrous and shining above, tomentose chiefly on the nerves beneath ; petiole 
^-\ in. Racemes \ in., few-flowered. Capsules J in. long, curved, semicircular, beaked, 
densely clothed with rusty velvety tomentum, stalk very short, valves woody, glabrous 

Ordeb L. XiSOVKZMOSBS. (By J. G. Baker, F.Ii.S.) 

Herbs, shrubs, or trees. Leaves stipulate and usually alternate, pinnate or 
digitate or simple, often stipellate,«ometunes with the rachis ending in a tendril. 
Inflorescence axillary leaA)pposed or terminal, usually simply racemose or 
panicled ; bracts and bracteoles usually both present. Flowers usually irre- 
gular, hermaphrodite^ rarely regular or polygamous. Sepals 5, combined or free, 
often unequal, sometimes combined into two lips. Petals 5, rarely fewer by 
arrest, 'usiially free and imequal. Stamens normally ten, perigynouser almost 
hypogynous, rarely fewer by arrest or indefinite ; filaments free ot variously com- 
bmed. Anthers 2-celled, the dehiscence almost always longitudinal. Ovary 
free *, style simple, cylindrical, usually declinate ; stigma capitate, terminal 
or oblique. ''Owifes one or more 'on! the ventrAl suture. JVut^ usually dry, a pod 
splitting open along both sutures, sometimes continuous and indehiscent, at 
others separating into l-seed^ joints. Seeds usually exalbuminous ; cotyledons 
foliaceous or amygdaloid, witn a straight or innexed accumbent radicle. — 
DiSTBiB. 'One of the most cosmopolitan of natural orders, the second largest of 
flowering plants, containing between 6000 and 7000 known species. Of the 
three suborders it is only the first ithat is cosmopolitan, the two others not 
reaching beyond the tropical and warm temperate zones. 

Suborder I. PAPILIONACEJE, Corolla papilionaceous. Petals irregular, 
imbricated,^ the uppermost (standard) outermost, tne four others in two opposite 
pairs. Stamens aefinite. 

Tribe I. Podalyrlesa. Stamens hee, Poe^ dehiscent, i^eove^ digitate.. 

Shrub with connate stipules •. 1. Piptanthus. 

Herbs with free stipules ■ 2. Thkrhofsis. 

Tribe n. OevilflfteeD. Stamens monadelphous. Pod dehiscent, not jointed. 
£e<i&e9 simple or Ai^tately 3-foliolate. 

L . IXGUMIKOSA. (J. G. Baker.) 57 

Anthen imt/brm. KeeipetaU tearceiy cohering, 


** Anthem dimcrphous. Keel petohJimUy cohering. 

Leaflets entire, subfleasQe. 
Keel obtuse. 

Calyx 2-lipped 4. Abotrolobiuh. 

Calyx snbequally 5-toothed . . ' . • . . 6. Lotonokis. 
Keel beaked. 
Pod flattened. 

Plowen solitary in axils of leaves .... 6. Hetlakdia. 

Flowers in terminal racemes 7< Friotropis. 

Pod turgid 6. Crotalaria. 

Leaflets toothed, stalked* 9. Ononis. 

Tribe nL TxifolieeD. Stamens diadelphous. Pod usually dehiscent, not 
jointed. Leaves digitately or pinnately 3-foliolate ; leaflets usuallj toothed. 

* Leaves digitately S-foUolate, 

Petals persistent, adnate to the staminal tube . . .10. TRiFOLimf. 
Pttals caducous, free from the staminal tube . • • 11. Farochbtus. 


Leitoes pinnately ^foUolate, 

Pod elongated, straight or recurred . .• • • . 12. Trioonxlla. 

Pod short, round, or oblong 13. Mklilotus. 

Pod falcate or spiral 14. Mxdicaoo. 

Tribe IV. ^oteee. Stamens diadelphous. Pod dehiscent, not jointed. 
Leaves pinnately 6-foliolate \ leaflets entire. 

15. Lotus. 

Tribe y. OaleiroGB. Stamens usually diadelphous. Pod dehiscenti not 
jointed. Leaves imparipinnate ; leaflets entire. 

* Anthers apicukite. Hairs fixed hy the centre. 

Stamens monadelphous • . . . . ' . .16. Ctamopsxs. 
Stamens diadelphous 17. Lydigofera. 

** Anthers obtuse. Hairs basi/ixed. 

Pod 1 -seeded, indehiscent. Leaves gland-dotted . .18. Fsoralba. 

Pod few- or many-seeded, siibindehiscent or late in dehiscing. 
filaments flliform. 

Pod membranous, inflated 19. Colittba. 

Pod woody or very firm 20. Millettia. 

Filaments dilated . 21. Mx7NDITI.ea. 

Pbd many-seeded, soon dehiscing. • 
Flowers mostly in leaf-opposed racemes .... 22. Tkphrosia. 
Flowers mostly in axillary racemes. 

Pod very long, distinctly septate 23. Sbsbania. 

Pod linear or oblong, not- septate. 

Calyx very oblique 24. Caraoaka. 

Calyx not oblique. 

Keel very short, obtuse 25. Gt7I.dbn8t.sdtia. 

Eleel long, obtuse ....... 26. Astragalus. 

Keel long, appendiifulate 27. Oxttrofis. 

£8 L. LBGUMJNOSA. (J. G*. Baker.) 

Tribe VI. BedjrsareeD. Stamens diadelphous or monadelphous. Poc 
jointed if more than l-eeeded. Leaves odd-pinnate. 

* Leaves exsHpeUate, 

Stamens monadelphous ; anthers uniform. 

Leaflets 1-3. Flowers in a lax raceme . . . .28. Tatebmieba. 

Leaflets 8. Howers in a dense head .... 29. Ebbnus. 

Leaflets 4 . . . ' . . . . . .30. Gbissapsis. 

Iieaflets many . . ..'.'. • • .81. Onobbtchis. 

Stamens diadelphous (9 and 1) ; anthers uniform. 

Ovule solitary. Pod 1 -jointed ....•• 32. Lbspedeza. 

Ovules few. 

Spiny shrub, with simple leaves 33. Alhaoi. 

Herbs with imparipmnate leaves. 

Pod distinctly jointed ' . ' . ' . . ' . . 34. Hedysabum. 
Pod marked only by &int transvf*rse lines . • 35. Stbacheta. 

Stamens monadelphous ; anthers dimorphous. 

Joints of pod 2-6, muricated 36. Zobnia. 

Joints of pod 1-2, rugose ...... 37. STn^sAifTEBS. 

Stamens in two bundles of 5 each ; anthers uniform. 

Pod twisted inside the .calyx 38. Smithia. 

Pod straight exserted from the calyx 

Calyx 2-lipped 39. JEscHTKOVXHdL 

Calyx 5-toothed 40. Obxogabfux. 


** Leaves stipeUate* (Stamens in all 9 and 1 ; anthers uniform.) 

Ovary 1-ovuled. 

Racemes terminal, capitate •' . .* .' • . 41. LEPTODBSifiA. 

Bacemes axillary, lax 42. Elbiotis. 

Ovules several. Pod not distinctly jointed. 

Pod turgid 43. Ptcnospoba. 

Pod flat . • . . . . . . . .44. PSEUDABTHBIA. 

Ovules 2 or more. Pod distinctly jointed. 
Pod twisted up so that the joints are brought l&ce to face. 

Calyx accrescent ; teeth lanceolate . • • • 45. Loubba. 
Calyx not accrescent ; teeth setaceous . . • .46. Ubabia. 
Pod not twisted up. 

Joints turgid . ^ .47. Altsicabpus. 

Joints flattened. 
Pedicel abruptly inflexed at the tip . . . ' .48. Mbcopus. 
Pedicel not inflexed. 

Eacemes in fascicles from the old wood . . .49. Ouoeikia. 
Bacemes simple or panicled from the year's shoots . 50. DBSMODrcM. 

Tribe Vn. Vioieee. Stamens diadelphous (the tenth abortive in Abrus) 
Pod dehiscent, not jointed. - Leaves equally pinnate ; petiole ending in a tendri 
or bristle. 

Shrubs with the tenth stamen absent . . . • .51. Abbus. 
Herbs with diadelphous stamens (9 and 1). 

Leaflets toothed 52. Ciceb. 

Leaflets entire. 
Tube of stamens oblique at mouth . • . .58. VidA. 
Tube of stamens truncate at mouth . . ... 54. Lathtbxts. 

Tribe Vni. PhaseoleeD. . Stamens monadelphous or diadelphous. Pot 
dehiscent^ not jointed. Olimbing, rarely erect herbs or shrubs, with pinnatelj 
d-foliolate leaves. 

L. LEOUMiirosjB. (J. G. Baker.) 59 

Siibtribe I. Gltoinxjl JLeaves not gland-dotted ; leaflets stipellate. Nodes 
of racemes not tumid. Flawer$ smalL Petals about equal in length. Style 

^ Stamens diadelpKnus. Stipules and bracU conspicuous persistent. 

Stjle fUifbrm. Calyx -teeth distinct. 

StJuidArd spurred. Flowers dimorphic . . .65. Amphic^rpsa. 

Standard dol spurred. Flowers uniform . .66. Shutbria. 

Style flattened upwards. Calyx truncate .57. Dumasia. 

** Stamens monadelphous. Stipules arid bracts minute caducous. 

Anthers uniform, all fertile 68. GLYcnrx. 

Alternate anthers abortiye . ..... .59. Tbramkus. 

Sabtribe II. Ebytuujlnejs. Leaves not gland-dotted; leaflets stipellate. 
Nodes of racemes tunud. Flowers conspicuous. Petals very unequal Style 

Keel exceeding the wings and standard. 

Anthers dimorphous . • 60. Mucttna. 

Anthers uniform ........ 61. Apios. 

Standard exceeding the keel and wings .62. Ertthrina. 
Standard and keel equal ; wings short 63. Stronotlobon 

Sabtribe m. GaiIactiejb. ' Leaves not gland-dotted; leaflets stipellate. 
Nodes of racemes tumid. Pctais equal. Style beardless. 

* Stamens diadelphous. 

Two upper calyx-teeth not fused . . . . . 64. Gbona. 
Two upper calyx-teeth fused into one. 

Keel nearl;^ straight 65. Gaiactia. 

Keel semicircular 66. Cochuaiithtjs. 

Pod l-seeded, not winged. 

Flowers small, panicled 67. Spatholobits. 

Flowers large, racemose 68. Butea. 

Pod many-seeded, winged . . ... . .69. Mastbbsia. 

** Stamens monadelphous. 

Upper lip of calyx projecting 70. Canavaiia. 

Upper teeth of calyx not projecting. 

Pod oblong, tuigid, 1-2-seeded 71. Dioclka. 

Pod linear, flat, many-seeded 72. Pueraria. 

Subtribe IV. Ettphassolejs. Leaves not gland-dotted. Stamens diadel-* 
phous. Style bearded below the stigma. 

* Stigma oblique. 

Keel spiral 73. Phasbolus. 

Keel not spiraL Style filiform 74. Viona. 

Keel not sfinL Style flat upwards 75. Pachtrhizus. 

** St^i^ma terminal. 

Petals Tery unequal in length 76. Clitoria. 

Petals equal in length. Pod flattish 77. Dolichos. 

Petals equal in len^^th. .Pod square, 4-winged ... .78. Psophocabpus. 

60 li. LBQUMiKORiB. (J. O. Baker.) 

SubtrilM V. Oajavbjb. Leaoes gland-dotted below ; stipellie often abortive. 
Nodes of raceme not tumid. Style not bearded. 

• Ovuies 3 or more. 

Pod with depressed lines between each seed. 

Seeds with a large grooved aril 79. AiTLOSia. 

Aril absent . . . 80. Cajaitus. 

Pod without depressed lines between the seeds . . .81. Bunjojua. 


Ovules 1-2. 

Galjx-teeth accrescent 82. Gtlista. 

Calyx-teeth not accrescent. 

Funiculus at the end of the hilum . . . • • . 83. Ebiosexa. 
Funiculus centric on the hilum. 

Leaves pinnate. Pod compressed 84. Rhtnchosta. 

Leaves digitate. Pod turgid 85. FLmaifoiA. 

Tribe IX.. Dalbers^ieflB. Stamens monadelphous or diadelphoua. Pod 
continuous, indehiscent. Leaves odd-pinnate. 

* Leaflets distinctly alternate. 

Flowers small, white or reddish ...... 86. DALmmoiA. 

Flowers large, yellow 87. Ptsbocabpus, 

•• Leaflets opposite. 

Pod flat, almost woody, wingless 88. PoicoAidA. 

Pod flat, thin, Arm, winged down one or both sutures . . 89. Debris. 
Pod round, subdrupaceous ....... 90. Euchbbsta. 

Tribe X. SoplioreflB. Stamens free. Po(^ not jointed. ZeovM odd-pinnate, 
rarely simple. 

Leaves simple. Bract and bracteoles large, opposite, per- 
sistent 91. Dalhovsisa. 

Leaves odd-pinnate. Bracts and bracteoles small, caducous. 
Sti^Tna terminal. 

Pod moniliform 92. Sophora. 

Pod equal, flat, membranous .93. Calpubkia. 

Stigma oblique. 
Pod indehiscent, flattish, narrpwly winged . . .94. PsRioopSta. 
Pod turgid, dehiscent, fleshy or coriaceous . . •96. Ormosia. 

Sfbordeb II. CyESALPINIEjE. Petals imbricate, slightly unequal, the 
upper innermost in bud. Stamens definite. 

Tribe XI. SuoflBsalplnieflB. Leaves ample, abruptly bipinnate. 

* Calyx-disk sub-basal ; sepals imbricated. 

Sutures of pod not winged 96. Gjssalpinia. 

Both sutures of pod winged 97. PsLTOFHORUKi 

Upper suture of pod winged 98. MsEOinixmoir. 

Podsamaroid 99. PtSROLOBiuic. 

** Calyx-dM sub-basal; sepals valvate. 

Pod thin, flat , 100. PoiKCiAirA. 

Pod turgid, moniliform 101. PARjUNSoxna. 

L. LBOUMiMosiE. (J. O. Baker.) .61 

Tafyxnlisk placed connderabfy above the base, 

102. Waoatba. 
See also Mbsombubon, § Tubicaiys, 

XTT. OassieflB. Leaves simply pinnate. Calyx^tvhe short; disk 

Anthers mostly dehiscing by a terminal pore . 103. Cassia. 

Anthers dehiscing loDgitudinally . . .104. Cynombtra. 

Stamens diadelphous (0 and 1) . . . .105. Sindora. 

is 2. LeaTes nnequally pinnate • . • . 106. DiAumc. 
8 10. Leaves equally pmnate. 

Is usually 6 107. Hardwicxia. 

U 4 108. Cbudia. 

Xm. AmberstleflB. Leaves equally pinnate. Disk at the top of 
fed calyx-tube. 

se 100. Saraca. 


• diadelphous (9 and 1) 110. Amhbrstia. 

s monadelphous, only 3 developed . . . 111. Tamabindus, 

B 5, free, equal 112. Humboldtia. 

8 3-8, free 113. Afzeua. 

XIY. BanlUnieflB. Leaves simple, mostly deeply 2-lobed. 

114. Bauhinia.' 

BDEB m. MIMOSEM, Petals regular, valvate, usually united above 
Stamens definite or indefinite. 

XY. MimoseflB- Stamens definite, usually ten. 

thers at first gland-crested, 

Ji flowers in round heads . . . .115. ysPTUKiA. 

flowers in round heads 116. Xtlia. 

trees with flowers in spikes. 

r with tendrils 117. Eiitada. 

ithoQt prickles 118. Aoenanthbra. 


mrgid with a thick mesocarp 119. Prosofis. 

Jiin, coriaceous, finally twisted . . . .120. Dichbostachts. 
long, thin, flat 121. Piptadbmia. 

thers not gland<rested. 


eeth imbricate. Stamens moDadelphous . . .122. Pakkia. 

eeth valvate. Stamens free. 

ignlate, coriaceous, continuous. 

dershmb with clavate stigma • * .123. Dbsxamtuus. 

w with capitate stigma 124. LBuciBNA. 

ointed 125. Mimosa. 

. . . . • 126. Acrocarpus. 

XVI. Aoaoieae. /SS^ameiu indefinite. 

;m ••••••••• 127. AcAaA. 

62 ii. LEauMiNOSA. (J. O. Baker.) IPijpianthus. 

Stamens monadelphous. 
Leaves bipinnate. 

Pod thin, ligulate, the sutures not thickened . . .128. Albizzia. 
Pod large, turgid, oblong, indebiscent, the sutures not 

thickened 129. Srriajtthbs. 

Pod rather falcate, the sutures much thickened . .130. Cai.liaxdra. 

Pod circinate 131. PrrHBCOLOBixnc 

Leaves simply pinnate • • 132. Imga. 


A shrub. Leaves digitately 3-foliolate. Flowers racemed, bracteate. 
CalyX'tuhe campanulate ; teeth equal, lanceolate. Corolla three times the calyx; 
petals all with long claws ; standard orbicular, erect, margins . reflexed ; wings 
obovate ; keel-petals obovate-oblong, connate down the back^ slightly incurved. 
Stamens free ; anthers uniform. Ovary linear, stalked, downy, 6-10-ovulate ; 
style filiform, incurved ; stigma minute terminal. Pod linear, flattened^ con- 
tinuous within. — DiBTEiB. A single endemic species. 

1. P. nepalenBlB, D. Don in Sweet, Brit. Flower Gard. t. 264 ; Brand, 
For, Flor. 132. Thermopsis nepaulensis, DC. Prodr. ii. 99. T. labumifolia, 
Don Prodr. 239. Baptisia? nepalensis, Hook. Exot. Flor, t. 131. Anagyris 
nepalensis, Grah. in Trail. Cat. 5340. A. indica^ Lindl. in Trans. Hort, ooc, 
vii. 245. ... 

Teicperate Himaiata, from Simla to Buotan, alt. 7-9000 ft. 

A shrub 6-10 feet high ; habit of the laburnum ; branches downy. Stipules small, 
connate, amplexicaul ; petiole 1 in. or loss ; leaflets glabrescent, lanceolate, 2-4 in., 
narrowed to both ends. Flowers 12-20 in subdense racemes ; bracts large, de- 
ciduous ; bracteoles 0. Calyx downy, deciduous from the base. Corolla yellow, above 
1 in. long. Pod 2-5 in., S-lO-seedeid. 


Perennial herbs. Leaves stipulate, 3rfoliolat€; bracts large, leafy, free. 
Flowers showy, usually yellow, racemed. Calyx-tube turbinate ; teeth lanceo- 
late ; two upper more or less connate. Petals all long-clawed ; standard orbicu- 
lar, sides renexed ; wings obovate ; keel-petals obovate-oblong, faintly joined 
down the back. Stamens free; anthers uniform; Owiry linear, sessile or 
stalked, oc-ovulate ; style filiform, incurved ; stigma minute terminal. Pod 
turgid, linear or oblong, straight or falcate, continuous within. — Dibtrib. 
Species 12, China, Japan, N. America. 

1. T. barbata, Boyle III 106, t. 32, fig. 1 ; densely shaggy, leaflets 
oblanceolate, corolla deep purple, pod linear-oblong. ITook. jBot, Mag, t. 4868. 
Anagyris barbata, Grah. in Wall. Cat. 5341. 

Tempkratk and Subalpinb Hiualata, from Kashmir and Kukawab to Skkxxk, 
ascending to 11,000 ft. 

Bootstock woody. Stems 1-ft. ox more, copiously branched dichotomouslj. Leawi 
sessile, subglabrescent, often opposite ; stipules just like the leaflets in texture and 
shape. Flowers 6-12, short-stalked, opposite or ternate. Calyx, shaggy, like the 
leaves, 3 lower teeth twice the tube. CQroUa 1 in^ long. Pod short-staULed, \-^ ixu 
broad, 1-6-seedod. 

Thermopna.'] L. leguminosjb. (J. O. Baker.) 63 

2. T. Inflataf Oamb, in Jacquem, Voy. Bot, iy. 34, t. 30 ; finely downy, 
leaflets obovate-cuneate, corolla yellow, pod broad-oblong. Benth, in Hook. 
Land, Jowm, ii. 431. 

Hdcaiataj of TiBBT and Kxtnawab, alpine region, alt. 15-17,000 ft. 

General habit of the last, but not more than half a foot high. Rootstock woody, 
▼idely creeping. Leaves sessile ; leaflets fleshy, glaucous, ^-J in. SHpides like the 
leaflets in shape and texture. Racemes close, 6~10-flowered. Flowers short-stalked, 
in two* or threes. Calyx finely silky, the three lower teeth as long as the tube. 
iW short-stalked, 6-10-Beeded, oblong, an inch or more thick, more membranous and 
flexible than in T. harbatOt and dehiscing less readily. 

3. ROTBZA, Fers. 

Diffuse annuals. Leaves petioled, digitately 3-foliolate. Flowers copious, 
minute, in the axils of tbe leaves. Calyx-tvhe turbinate, the teetb as long as 
the tube, the two upper broader and arched. Corolla scarcely exserted, all the 
petals narrow, nearly straight, distinctly un^uiculate, those of the keel scarcely 
cohering. Filaments united in a tube which is slit along the top; anthers 
nniform, minute. Ovary sessile, linear, oo-ovulate ; style short, straight, fili- 
form, stigma capitate minute. Pod linear, slender, nearly straight, compressed, 
eontinuous within. — Distrib. Two species, the other Trop. African. 

1. S. trifoliata, Pers : DC. Prodr, ii. 382 ; Wall Cat. 5821 ; Wt. ^ 
ArnL Prodr, 196 ; Wight Ic. t. 199. Lotus indicus, Desr. in Lam, Enc. iii. 
606. Trigonella indica, Linn. ; Roxh, Fl. Ind. iii. 389. Dillwynia trifoliata. 
Roth Cat. iii. 71. Glycine leptocarpa, Orah. in Wall. Cat. 6616. Hosackia 
indica, Orah. in WaU. Cat. 6940. 

Tboficai. Plains from Bxjndklkxjnd to Cbtlon. — Distrib. Australia. 

A eopiously-branched diffuse annual with slender stems a foot or more long. 
Stwtdes free, minute, 4-lunate, persistent ; petioles shorter than the leaflets ; leaflets 
obUnceolate-oblong, obtuse, minutely mucronate, rather fleshy, silky, ^-1 in. long. 
Flowers 1-4, on short pedicels in the axils of most of the leaves. Calyx silky, 
^ in. Corolla inconspicuous, fugacious. Pod 14-2 in., silky. Seeds 20 or more. 

4. ARGTROZiOBZVM, Fckl. ^ Zeyh, 

Herbe or shrubs. Leaves digitately 3-foliolate; stipules free. Flowers 
yellow, in terminal or leaf-opposed racemes or umbels. Calyx 2-lipped, slit 
nearly to the base, with (in Indian species) 6 distinct teeth, 2 to the upper, 
3 to the lower lip. Corolla scarcely if at all exserted ; standard roundish ; 
wings oblong ; keel-petals broad, joined down the back to the obtuse incurved 
tip. Stamens monadelphous ; anthers dimorphous. Ovary linear, sessile, 
OD-oTuled ; style elongate, filiform, curved gradually upwards inside the keel, 
stigma minute oblique. Pod linear, straight, continuous within, compressed, 
sobtoruloee. — Distrib. Species 40-60, mostly South African. 

1. A> flacoidum, Jaub. 4* Spach in Ann. Sc. Nat. ser. ii. xix. 48; 
terminal leaflet lanceolate acute, upper lip of calyx as long as lower, 4 upper 
teeth deltoid, lowest subulate. Benth. in Hook. Land. Joum. iii. 360. Oytisus 
flaccidus, Rayle HI. 197. Glycine P flaccida, Wall. Cat. 6617. A. divaricatum, 
Jaub. 4- Spach. loc. cit. ; HI. PL Orient. I 116. 

64 L. LEOUMmosJB. (J. G. Baker.) {^Argyrohhium. 

Tropical and Tbhpbratb tracts of north-west India, ascending from the plains to 
9000 ft. 

A shrub with very slender diffuse branches reaching 12-18 in. high. Stipules 
minute, linear, persistent ; pietioles much shorter than the leaves ; leaflets pale, silkj, 
subequal, lanceolate, acute, |-| in. long. Flowers 1-6 in leaf-opposed racemes on 
peduncles that exceed the leaves. Calyx }-J in. ; teeth shorter than the limb. Pod 
densely silky, 6-8-8eeded, } in. broad. — Cytisus languinosus, Boyle M88., is a form 
with more densely silky vestiture. 

2. A. roBeuniy Jauh. 4* Spach. in Ann, 8c, Nat, ser, ii. ziz. 61 ; end leaflet 
obovate-cuneate very obtuse, upper lip of calyx shorter than lower, teeth all 
lanceolate. Oytisus roseus, Camb, in Jacq. Voy, Bot, iv. 36, t. 40. A. omithopo- 
dioides, Javb, 8f Spach, loc, cit. ; III. Pi, Orient, i, 116. A. Kotschyi, Botes, 
Diagn, vi. 32. 

Troficai. and Svbtbmfrratb tracts of the north-west, ascending from the plains 
to 7000 ft. in KuMAON. — Distbib. Persia. 

General habit of A, Jlaccidum, but nearly or quite glabrous. Stiptdes the same : 
petioles as long as or shorter than the leaves ; leaflets \-\ in. long, often nearly as 
oroad, point truncate or emarginate. Peduncles 1-4-flowered, exceeding the leaves. 
Ccdyx \ in., glabrous ; teeth of upper lip exceeding limb. Corolla yellow tinged with 
red; standard longer than upper lip of calyx. Pod glabrous, 10-15-seeded, ^ in. 
broad. — A. trigoneUoideSt J. ^ 3.^ with a similar habit, but a shorter flatter pod with 
much fewer seeds, will probably be found in Scinde. 


Herbs or shrubs with digitately trifoliolate leaves^ stiptdes connate or free, 
flowers in terminal or leaf-opposed racemes or umbels. Calyx-tube narrow- 
turbinate; lowest tooth deeper than the other 4. Corolla little exserted; 
Btcmdard very narrow ; wings shorter and still narrower ; keel longer, suddenly 
incurved at tiie tip, its petals firmly joined along the back. Stamens united in 
a tube sUt along tne top ; anthers dimorphouB. Ovary sessile, linear^ oo-ovulate; 
style abruptly incurved at the base, stigma minute oblique. Pod linear, 
usually compressed, but in our species turgid. — Distbib. Species 60, nearly all 
restricted to South Airica. 

1. Zi. Zieobordeay Be/nth, m Hook, Land, Joum. ii. 607. Leoboidea 
lotoides, Delile Fragm, PI. Arab, 23, tab. 1. 

ScmnB ; between the plains and Rohill pass, Stocks. Punjab ; Peshawur, Stewart, 
DiSTRiB. Through the desert region to Algeria, Abyssinia and the Cape. 

A much-brauched finely silky diffuse annual, | fi^ or less high. Stipules minute 
lanceolate, deciduous ; petiole as long as leaf; leaflets oblanceolate, rather fleshy, obtuse, 
minutely mucronate, \-^ in. Flowers 1-6, subsessile in axils of most of the leaves. 
Calyx silky, ^ in. Corolla pale yellow or red, scarcely exserted. Pod linear-oblong 
turgid, 4-8-8eeded, scarcely exserted. 


Caly.r-tuhe turbinate ; teeth lanceolate, three lowest deepest. Corolla much 
exserted; standard lar^e, round; wings much smaller, obovate; keel-petals 
narrow, joined along tne back, narrowed into an incurved beak. Stamens 
united in a tube slit above ; anthers dimorphous. Ovary sessile, 2-ovulate ; style 

Heylandia,'] L. L£GTnimo&B. (J. O. Baker.) 65 

elongated filiform abruptly incurved at the base ; stigma terminal.. Pod oblong, 
flat, l-2-8eeded. — Distrib. A single endemic species. 

1. B. latebrosa, DC. Mem, Leg, 201 ; TF. 4* A, Prodr, 180; Dah. <$• 
G^. Bomb. Fl. 64 Hedjsarum latebroeum, Lhn. Mont. 270. H. leiocarpa, 
DC, he, cit. ; WaU. Cat. 6342. Hallia hirta, WiM, Sp,. Pi, iii. 1169. Cro- 
talaria uniflora, Koen. in Roxh. Ft. Ind. iii. 271. Heylandia bebecarpa, DC. 
loc. cit, t, 34. Goniogyna bebecarpa, leiocarpa and latebrosa^ DC, in Ann. Sc, 
Nat, $er, 1. iy. 91. 

Eyeiynehere in th& tropical region from the G-anobtic pikin and Scindb to Cbhtlok. 

A prostrate more or less silky much-branched herb. Leaves dose-set, alternate, 
simple, subsessile, cordate-ovate, ^-\ in. long, more produced in the lower half. 
Flowers in the axils of most of its leaves, subsessile, solitary. Corolla yellow, 
\-\ in. Pod silky, \-^ in. long. 

7. PRZOTROFZS, W. ft A. 

Cdtyx-ivbe campanulate ; teeth subeouaL Corolla much ezserted ; standard 
foundish ; wings oooyate-oblong ; keel broad, with a long distinct ascending 
beak. Stamens monadelphous ; anthers dimorphous. Ovary distinctly stalked, 
OD-oyulate ; style long, abruptly incurved at the base, bearded on the inner 
side, stigma capitate. Pod distinctly-stalked, 6-6^eeeded, oblong, flattened, 
conUnuous within. — ^Distbtb. A single endemic species; 

1. P. cytlsoideB, W. ^ A, Prodr. 180 ; Bmth, iii Ltook, Lond, Joum, 
ii. 694 ; Walp, Ann. iv. 461. Orotalaria cytisoides, Poxb, Fl. Ind. iii. 276 ; 
WaU, Cat. 6422 ; DC. Prodr. iL 131. 

Tbopical East Himalaya ; Nipal to Ava, ascending to 6000 ft. in Sixxim. 

Underskrub, with the habit of Crotalaria striata^ with slender glabrous branches. 
Stipules ; petioles as long as the leaves ; leaflets 3, oblong, glabrous, membranous, 
2-3 in. long, narrowed to both ends. Racemes copious, short-stalked, leaf-opposed 
and terminal, closely 12-20-flowered. Catyx | in., finely silky ; teeth lanceolate, as 
long as the tube. Corolla pale yellow, glabrous, 2-3 times the calyx. Pod 1 in. by 
I in., narrowed to both ends ; gynophore filiform, quite as long as the calyx. 


Herbs or shrubs of yery various habit and yeetiture. Leaves simple or 3- 
foliolate, very rarely odd-pinnate. Flowers in terminal or leaf-opposed racemes, 
often showy. Calyx-tuhe short ; teeth linear or lanceolate, subequal or shortly 
connate in two lips. Corolla equalling or exceeding calyx ; standard with a short 
daw, usually round ; wings obovate-oblong, shorter ; keel broad, equalling the 
wings, its petals joined down the back, much incurved, distinctly b^ked. 
Stamens monadelphous ; anthers dimorphous. Ovary sessile or stipitate, linear, 
usually multi- rarely 2-ovulate; style long, abruptly incurved at the base, 
bearded upwards, stigma minute oblique. Pod sessile or stipitate, straight, 
linear or oblong, tuigid, continuous within, usually manynseeded. — Distrib. 
Speciee 2-dOO ; spread everywhere in tropical and subtropical regions. 

Sbct. I. ArenarlSDy Benth. Rigid copiously stiffly-branched undershruls* 
often spiny, with scattered small rigid deciduous simple leaves. — A small group, 
^racteristic of the desert Flora, reaching westward through Arabia and North 
to Senegal. 


^6 L. LBGUMiNOSiE. (J. G. Baker.) IGrotalana. 

1. C. Buiftlla, HamUt, in Wall, Cat. 5386 ; Benth, in Hook. Lond. Jaum, 
ii. 474 ; Dalz. ^ Oib$, Bomb, Flora, 64. 

SciKDB and Punjab, in aandj plains, ascending to 4000 ft. Cambat, in the desert 
region, DalzeU. — Destbib. Afghanistan and Beloochistan. 

A low undershrub, with very numerous stiff erecto- patent branches, clothed with 
fine pale tomentnm. Spinet none. Leaves scattered, deciduous, subsessile, oblong or 
lanceolate, rigid, pale green, silky, \-\^ in. long; stipules 0. Flowers 6-12, in 
elongated terminal racemes ; pedicels 2-bracteolate, very short. Calyx densely silky, 
\-\ in. ; teeth long, lanceolate. Corolla yellow, scarce exserted. Pod oblong, 3-4- 
se^ed, rather longer than calyx. 

Sect. IT. DlfitiBflB, Benth, Copiously-branched herbs with flexuose trailing 
stems. Leaves close^ simple. Stipules or small, not decurrent. Bacenies afi 
lateral, leaf-opposed, usually reduced to few flowers or one only. Pods glabrous 
or downy. 

2. C- blfloray Linn, ; pod subglobose finely silky flexible 12-20-seeded. 
DC. Prodr, ii. 127; W, 8f A, Prodr, 190. Astragalus biflorus, Linn, Mont, 
273. 0. nummularia, WiOd, Sp, PI. iii. 979 ; Boab, Fl, Ind. iii. 271 ; DC, 
Prodr, ii. 129 ; WaU, Cat, 6417 (ex parte), 0. hirta, Both Kov, Sp, 339. 0. 
Rothiana, DC, Prodr, ii. 127. U. Rothii, Spreng, Syst, iii. 237. Oicer num- 
mularisefolium, Lamk. ; DC, Prodr, ii. 354. 

Plains of the Pkninsuia and Cbylon. — Distreb. Java. 

A silky trailing annual, with stems 1-1^ ft. long. Leaves close, subsessile, 
densely silky, ovate or roundish, ^1 in. long, obtuse, mucronate ; stipules minute, 
usually 0. Pedicels 2-4 times leaves, 1 or closely 2-flowered. Calyx \ in., densely 
silky ; teeth long, upper lanceolate, lower linear. Corolla yellow, scarcely exserted. 
Pod compressible, f-^ in. long, short- stalked. 

3. C- grlobosa, W, ^ A, Prodr, 190 ; pod subglobose finely silky hard 
2-4 seeded. Benth, in Hook. Lond, Jaum. ii. 476. 0. globulosa, Wtyht in Wall, 
Cat., 6412. 

Carnatic, Dindygul hills and Courtallum, Wight, G, Thomson, 

Habit, vestiture, leaves, infloresence, calyx and corolla just as in C. hiflora, but 

pod smaller, not compressible, glabrescent before splitting, with seeds larger and much 


4. C. filipeBy Benth, in Hook, Lond. Joum. ii. 476 ; finely silky, stipules 
0, leaves cordate-oblong oblique, peduncles thread-like 1-3-flowered, bracts and 
corolla very minute, pod oblong glabrous 8-10-seeded. Dalz, 4* Gtbs, Bomb, 
Flora, 66. 

Plains of the west side of the Wbstrrn PsNncsxTLA ; Bekkan, Edgeworth, 
Stems very slender, ^1 ft., clothed with fine spreading deciduous silky hairs. 
Leaves pale, ngid, prominently veined, subsessile, obtuse, much more rounded on the 
lower side. Peduncles copious, rigid, 3-6 times the leaves, glabrous ; flowers dis- 
tant if more than one; bracts persistent, reflexed. Calyx ^ in. long, finely silky; 
teeth long, all lanceolate. Corolla yellow, exserted ; standard erect, veined, roimd, 
^ in. bro^. Pod short-stalked, \ in. long. 

6. C. filiformiBy WaU. Cat, 5389 ; subglabrous, stipules semilunate per- 
sistent, leaves oblong, peduncles 1-2-flowered, bracts linear very minute^ corolla 
very small, pod linear-oblong glabrous 12-16-seeded. Benth, in Hook. Lond, 
Joum, ii. 476. 

Ava; Mount Prome, Wallich, 

Stems slender, copiously branched, thinly silky when young. Leaves short-stalked, 
membranous, pale, subacute, 1-2 in. long, glaucous below ; stipules small, spreading, 

Oroidlaria.'] L. lequminosjb. (J. O. Baker.) 67 

ibliaeeoiiB. PedHneUa Tory slender, sometimes pseudo-terminal faj the develop- 
ment of leaves from their nodes ; flowers if two distant. CcUyx ^ in. long ; teeth 
deep, lanceolate. Corolla yellow, not distinctly exserted. Pod short-stalked, ^^ in. 

6. 0« trlobopliorai Benth, MSSr, densely silky, stipules 0, leaves 
oUiquely cordate-oblong, peduncles 1-2-flowered, bracts and corolla very small, 
pod oblong glabrous 6-8-seeded. 

CoNCAX plains, Stocks. 

Stems slender, copiously branched, 1-1^ ft, clothed with long silky yellow-brown 
hairs. Leaves sessile, membranous, ^1 in. long, obtuse or subacute, pale, membranous, 
more broadly rounded on the lower side. Peduncles thread-like, rig^d, clothed with 
long hairs, rarely two-flowered, often leafy downwards, longer than the leaves. Caljiix 
^ in., denselv silky ; teeth long, linear. Corolla yellowish, scarcely exserted. Pod 
ihort-stalked, j-^ in. long. 

7. 0> StookBll, Benth. M8S. ; subglabrous, stipules deciduous very 
minute, leaves linear-oblong, peduncles 1-flowered, bracts and corolla yery small, 
pod linear-oblong glabrous 1^16-seeded. 

CoNCAir, Stocks; and contained also in Heifer's Tenasserim and Andaman 

Stems slender, very copiously branched, 1-1^ ft. Leaves short-stalked, obtuse, 

^1 j> in. long, membranous, equally narrowed on both sides at the base. Pedicels 
form, 2-3 times the leaves ; bracts subulate. Calyx X in.; teeth long, liuoar. 
Corolla yellow, slightly exserted. Pod sessile, j-^ in. long, finally black. 

8. O. ▼esttta* Baker ; densely silky, leaves lineaivoblong, stipules 0, bracts 
lanceolate persistent, racemes 4-5-flower9d, corolla middle-sizea, pod oblong 
glabrous l&-20-seeded. 

Herb. Stocks, probably from Concan. 

Stems slender, much branched, ^1 ft., densely clothed with yellow-brown silky 
hairs. Leaves nearly sessile, moderately firm, equal-sided, ^1^ in. long, base rounded, 
point rather obtuse. Peduncles spreading, exceeding leaves ; bracts acute, j-^ in. 
bog ; pedicels shorter than calyx. Calyx \ in., shaggy ; teeth linear, long. Corolla 
not exserted. Pod nearly sessile, |-f in. long. 

9. O. prostrata, Roxh. Hort. Bang. 54; Fl. Ind. iii. 270; finely silky, 
stiimlee 0, leaves obovate-oblong rather oblique, racemes 2-4-flowered, bracts 
tfomilate very minute, corolla small, pod lineaiw)blong glabrous 12-15-8eeded. 
Bottl. m WUld. Enum. 747 ; DC. Prodr. ii. 130 ; WaU. Cat. 6419 ; W. ^ A. 
Ptodr. 189 (exd. syn.^ ; Mart, in Munch. Denk. 6, t. E. 

Plains from the Uppsb Ganobs to Cetlon, ascending to 6000 ft. in the Chenab 
valley. — Bistbib. Java. 

Stems slender, \-\ ft, clothed with short adpressed or spreading silky yellow- 
brown hairs. Leaves nearly sessile, A-1^ in. long, obtuse, pale, glaucous below, pro- 
duced (cordate) on the lower side at the base. Peduncles finely sil%, usually twice the 
leaves. Calyx ^-} in., densely silky; teeth linear, long. Corolla yellow, not 
exaerted. Pod nearly sessile, |-| in. long. 

10. O. bamlftiBa, Orah. in Wall Cat. 5421; shortly silky, stipules 
minute subulate, leaves round-oblong, peduncles laxly 3-6-flowered, bracts and 
ooToUa veiT small, pod oblong glaorous 6-8-seeded. Benth. m Hook. Land. 
JourtL IL 476. 0. prostrata, Wtght Herb, ex parte. 

KfntAOV to SuuuK and Ehasia, ascending to 6000 ft Atcakat.t.ay hills, alt. 4000 


68 t. LiotTMiNoaa. (J. G. Bakec) lOrotdUma. 

Stems nnder a foot long, slender, flexuoee, much branched, densely clothed with 
short spreading yellow-brown silky hAirs. Leaves nearly sessile, very obtuse, mem- 
branous, pale, glaaoous below, equal at the base, ^1 in. long. Peduncles arcuate, 
densely silky, usually 2-3 times the leaves, sometimes leafy below ; pedicels cemuous, 
lownr as long as the calyx. Calyx jt in., densely silky ; teeth linear, very long. 
Corolla yellowish, not ezserted. iW short-stalked, \ in. long. 

11. C. ferruirtnea, Grah, in WaU. Cat, 5398; finely silky or shaggy, 
stipules lanceolate spreading, leaves obovate-oblong, racemes laxly 2-8-flowered, 
bracts small linear, corolla middle-sized, pod lulea^oblong glabrous 20-80- 
seeded. Benth, in Hook. Land, Joum. ii. 476. 0. canescens, TFall, Cat, 5415. 
0. crassifolia, Mam. in Wall, Cat. 5416. 0. obliqua, WaU. Cat. 5388. 0. 
leioloba, Bartl, Ind, Sem, HoH. Gott. 1837 ; LinnoM xii. Littb. 80. 0. piloaifl- 
Bima, Miguel Fl. Ind. Bat, i. 327. 

NiPAi. to Assam, ascending to 5-6000 ft. ; Ava, Mabtabak, Gstlok. — Distbib. 
Java, Philippines, Formosa. 

More robust than all the preceding. Branches in the type finely silky. Leaves 
short-stalked, moderately thick, pale beneath, obtuse, equal-sided, 1-2 in. long ; stipules 
persistent, foliaceous, often deflexed. Peduncles usually 2-3 times the leaves ; racemes 
much elongated; bracts persistent, spreading or deflexed. Calyx \-^ in., shortly 
silky ; teeth long, upper lanceolate, lower linear. Corolla not distinctly exserted. 
Pod short-stalked, 1-1 J in. long. 

Vab. 3. pUosissinuit Benth, MS8. ; leaves and flowers larger, calyx and branches 
densely clothed with longer bright yellow-brown silky hairs. — Khasia ; 3-5000 ft^ 
Hook,fil.4- Thomson. 

12. C. aoioularis, Ram. in WaU, Cat. 5390 ; finely silky, stipulee small 
lanceolate, leaves oUong oblique, racemes closely 12-20 flowered, bracts lanceo- 
late, corolla small, pod linear-oblong glabrous 16-20 seeded. Benth. in Hook. 
Land. Jaum. ii. 476. 0. disticha, jelling, in Flora, 1847, 694. 

Bbnoal to Ava and Tenassbrik. — Distbib. Java, Philippines. 

StcTiis slender, a foot long or more, thinly clothed with spreading silky hairs. 
Leaves nearly sessile, obtuse, glaucous-green, membranous, thinly silky, |-1J in. long, 
rounded on the upper, cordate on the lower side at the base ; stipules persistent, re- 
flexed. Peduncles equalling or exceeding leaves : bracts small, persistent, reflexed. 
Calyx J-J in., densely silky, teeth linear, very long. CoroUa not exserted. Pod 
sessile, |-f in. long. 

13. C. evolTOloides, Wight in WaU, Cat. 5410 ; finely silky, stipuks 
linear minute, leaves round-oblong obtuse slightly oblique, racemes 3-^ flowered, 
bracts minute lanceolate, corolla small, pod oblong finely downy 8-10-seeded. 
W. 4" A. Prodr. 188 {excl. syn,) ; Benth, in Hook, Land, Jaum. ii. 477. 0. 
hirsuta, WaU, Cat. 5413 A.C. 

Tropical region, Nilghibis and Ceylon. 

Stems 1-2 feet long, copiously branched, clothed with fine short spreading bain. 
Leaves short-stalked, ^1 in. long, moderately firm in texture, always obtuse. Pedtmelei 
equalling or much exceedmg the leaves ; pedicels cernuous, exceeding the bracts, 
shorter than the calyx. Calyx ^ in., long densely pubescent ; teeth long, linear. d»- 
roUa yellow, slightly exserted. Pod short-stalked J— f in. long. — The plant figured 
under this name in Wight's Icones t. 31 from CourtaUum has much larger fiowera and 
is probably a distinct undescribed species. 

14. C. Ursata* Willd, %). PI ill. 978 ; finely silky, stipules linear mi- 
nute, leaves ovate acute slightly oblioue, racemes 2-3-flowered, bracts lanceolate 
minute, corolia middle-sized, pod oblong finely downy 8-10-eeeded, JRojcb. FL 
Ind. U. 270 ; WaU. Cat. 5413 B ; DC. Prodr. ii. 126 ; W. ^ A. Ph)dr. IQS. 

Oroidlarku] l>. lbgumzkosj^. ^J. O. Bak^.) 69 

0. dichotoma, HUh Nov, Sp, 340. 0. rubiginosa, Itoxb, JFl, Ind. ill. 269, non 
WSkL 0. bi&ria, Wall. Cat. 5399, t» pmi. 0. triflora, Heyne in WaU, Cat. 

Tropical re^on, Ckmtral Htmat.ata, BoyU, Edgeworth, Thornton ; Buin>BLCUin), 
Edgemarih ; Wbsthbic PsKiKsuiiA, Heyne^ Wight, 

Yerj near the last. Leaves more membranoiui, always acute, 1-2 io. Peduncles 
riunter, more slender, often leafy, densely clothed with short spreading silk^ hairs. 
Calyx ^ in., densely pubescent. Corolla yellow, distinctly exserted. Pod just the 
in shape and size. 

15. 0« blfiurlai Lmn. Suppl, 322 ; inconspicuoiudy pubeecent^ stipules 
Mnear miimte, leaves round-oblong obtuse slightly oblique, racemes 1-2-flowered, 
hnctB small lanceolate, corolla middle-sized, pod oblong finely downy 10-12- 
seeded. DC, Prodr, ii. 127 ; W, ^ A, Prodr. 188 (excl. syn,) ; Wt, Ic. t, 30 ; 
WM. Oat, 5399, ex parte ; Dalz, ^ Qibs, Bomb, Fl. 56. 

Tropical regions of the Wbbtbrk Phninsttla and Cbtlon. 

Habit of the two last, but pubescence short and inconspicuous. Leaves short- 
stalked, moderately firm, |-lx in., upper casually narrow, but all obtuse. Peduncles 
iloatish, usually exceeding the leaves ; bracts reflexed, persistent. Calyx |-| in., ob- 
senrely pubescent : teeth linear-lanceolate, long. Corolla yellow, slightly exserted. 
Pod short-stalked, }-l^ in. long, very turgid, glabrescent before it splits. 

16. O. multlfloray Benth, in Hook. Lond, Joum, ii. 478 ; shortly silky, 
stipules linear minute, leaves ovate acute, racemes 2-6-floweTed, bracts linear, 
eoroUa large, pod oblong 10-12-6eeded. Miq. Fl. Ind, Bat. i. 328. C. bifaria, 
var. nmltiloia, Am, in Nooa Act. Nat. Cur. xviii. 329. 

CxTix>v, alt. 3-5000 ft., Gardner, ThwaUes^ &c 

The most robust and showy species of the section. Leaves distinctly stalked, sub- 
eoriaceous, dark green, glandular, punctate, usually 1-2 in., but reaching in a narrow- 
leaved form 4-6 in. Peduncles j^-4 foot, stout^ arcuate, densely clothed like the 
stem with short spreading brown hairs ; pedicels cemuous, ^ in. ; bracts reflexed, 
penistent. Calyx \~\ in., inconspicuously downy ; teeth lanceolate, very long. Corolla 
yellowish, equalling the calyx ; standard nearly 1 in. broad, veined with dark purple. 
Pod short-stalked, 1^2 in. long, densely clothed with dark brown silky hairs. 

Sbot. m. AlatflD, Benth. Diffuse or suberect pubescent perennials. Leaves 
simple. Stipules decurrent as a persistent wing to the brancnes. Racemes all 
kteml, leaf-oppoeed 1-3-flowered. Pod stipitate linear-oblong glabrous. 

17. 0> alataf HamiU, ex JRoxb. in Don. Prodr, 241 ; suberect, stipular 
winff broad, leaves thin oblong obtuse or subacute, peduncle elongated often leafy, 
p^ODg^^talked. Boxb, JETort. Beng. 98 ; Fl, Ind. iii. 274 : DC, Prodr, ii. 124 ; 

WaU, Cat, 5366 ; Benth. in Hook, Lond. Joum. ii. 478. 0. sagitticaulis, Wall. 
Cat. 5357. 0. bialata, Roxh. Fl, Ind, iii. 274. 

KuiEAoif to Assam and the Khasia Mts. ascending to 5500 ft. ; Ava, Wallich ; 
Mmmmi, Griffith ; Pbqu, MeLelland. — Distrib. Java. 

A saberect under-shrub 1-2 ft. high. Stem and leaves below clothed with short 
silky pubescence. Leaves subseesile, much thinner than in C. rubiginosa, varying from 
obovate to ovate-oblong, reaching 2-3 in. ; stipule forming a wiug from one node 
nsaily to the next, its point lanceolate-deltoid. Racemes 2-3-fioweied ; bracts small, 
psnisteiiti ovate, acuminate. Calyx f in., densely ^ky ; tube campanulate ; bracteoles 
userted above the base. Corolla pale, not exserted. Pod linear-oblong, glabrous, 
1|-1} in. long, 30-40-seeded. 

18. O. mblgr^osaf WHld. Sp, PI, iii. 973; difiuse, stipular wing narrow, 
kavw mtU lound-obovate obtuse coriaoeousy pedimde short not leafy, pod short- 

70 L. LBGimiKOSA. (J. Q. Baker.) [Oroialana. 

stalked. DC iVorfr. ii. 126; W. ^ A. Prodr, 181; Wl. Ic, t. S&6 \Benth. in 
Hook, Lend, Jowm, ii. 478. 0. ovalifolia, Wall, Cat, 6411. 0. Wightiana, 
WaU. Cat. 6368 B. 

NxLGHiBis up to 4000 ft. 

A spreading shrab with stems ^1 foot long, densely shortly grey-downy. Leatfe$ 
Bubsessile, rarely an inch long, dark green, always very obtuse, and densely clothed 
with grey or when young with yellow-brown pubescence ; stipules passing suddenly 
into a narrow wing from the spreading deltoid points. Racemes sparse, 1-4-flowered. 
Bracts small, persistent, ovate ; bracteoles small, lanceolate, inserted above the base. 
Calyx |-| in., denselv silky. Corolla yellow, not exserted. Pod oblong, 1-1^ in. long, 
glabrous, 20-30-seeaed. 

Vab. 1. soabreUa; stems stronger and more ascending, flowers rather larger, 
pod more distinctly stalked. 0. scabrella, W. & A. Prodr. 181. — Niixjhibis and 


Vab. 2. Wightiana ; stems suberect much more robust than in the type, leaves 
thinner more silky larger reaching 2-8 in. long l|-2 in. broad, corolla and calyx {-J in. 
long, pod 1^2 in. long. 80-40-8€^ed. C. Wightiana, Grah. in Wall, Cat. 5358, A. ; 
W, ^ A. Prodr, 181. — Nilohibis and Gbtix>n up to 6000 ft. 

Sect. IV. OaljolneBy Benth, Oopiously-branched difilise annuals or low 
ehrubs with slender branches. Leaves simple, more or less hairy, stipules or 
small not decurrent. Bacemes all tenninal or a few also lateral. Podi 
glabrous or pubescent^ exserted or included. 

* Pod decidedly exserted from the calyx, 

19. C pnslllaf Heyne ; DC, Prodr, ii. 128 ; annual, densely silky, stipules 
0, leaves linear very sniall, racemes terminal and lateral laxly 3-6-flowered| 
bracts minute lanceolate; pod silky sessile twice the calyx. WaU, Cat, 6396 ; W* 
4- A, Prodr, 189. 

Wbstkrn Phniksvla. ; Bombay to Courtallum. 

Stems under half a foot high, with copious ascending branches clothed with ad« 
pressed brown silky hairs. Leaves subsessile, firm, obtuse, |-} in. long, densely silky* 
Racemes very copious, short-stalked, ^1 in. long. Calyx campanulate, silky ^ in. deep; 
teeth deep, all linear. Corolla yellow, scarce exserted. Pod ^ in. long, thinly silky, 
4-8-8eed^ — The smallest of all the species. 

20. C. birta, WUid, ; DC, Prodr, ii. 130 ; annual, finely hairy, stipules 0, 
leaves small linear obtuse, racemes capitate 2-4-flowered, bracts lanceolate foli»* 
ceous, pod glabrous sessile twice calyx. Mart, in Munch. Denks. 6 1. ^. ; W,8^ A,. 
Prodr. 182 ; Benth, in Hook. Lond. Jofwm. ii. 667. 0. chinensisi Boxh. Fl. Ind, 
iii. 208 ; WaU, Cat. 6386, nm Linn, 0. pilosa, Boxb. in E. L C, Mus, 1 370 ; 
BoUl. Nova Act, 1808. 

DisKKAir, near Hydrabad. 

A diffuse annual with slender branches, thinly clothed with short spreading hairs. 
Leaves short-stalked ^ in., moderately dose, rounded at the base. Flowers 
crowded at the end of leafy branches ; pedicels very short. Calyx J in., densely silky; 
teeth long, all linear, acuminate. Corolla scarce exserted. Pod oblong, 15-20-se6ded. 
— ^Differs from ckmensis by its small obtuse leaves and much shorter calyx. 

21. C. mjBorenslSy Both; DC, Prodr, ii. 126 ; annual, densely silky, sti- 
pules linear persistent, leaves linear-oblong obtuse, racemes terminal and lateral 
laxly 6-9<flowered, bracts lanceolate folia^us, pod subsessile glabrous twice the 
calyx. WaU, Cat. 6361 ; W. ^ A. Prodr. 182. 0. stipulaoea, Boxh, Fl. Ind. iiL 
264. 0. hirsuta, Boxh. in E, L C, Mus,, 1. 1696. 

TsoFiCAL BBOioK, all thiough India proper, ascending to 4000 ft in Kuiuoif. 

Oroialaria,'] L. lxqumihosjb. (J. Q, Baker. )^ 71 

Copionsly bfftnched, 1-2 ft. high,' the stems clothed with long dense erecto-patent 
brown silky hairs. Leaves membraDoas, short-stalked, 1-3 in. long, rounded at both 
ends, thinly silky. Racemes stalked, reaching 6-0 in. long. Calyx ^-| in. deep, 
densely clothed with long silky hairs ; teeth all long, acnminate, upper lanceolate, 
lower linear. Corolla yellow, not exserted. Pod oblong, 1-1^ in. long, 20-30- 

22. O. trlquetray Dalzell in Hook, Kew Joum, ii. 84 ; suffiniticose, branches 
triquetrous obecurely pubescent, stipules lanceolate minute, leaves lanceolate- 
oblong obtuse, racemes lateral and terminal laxly 2-3-flewered, pod silky short- 
stalked 3-4 times the calyx. Dalz, 4* Gibs, Bomb, Flora, 56. 

Western Psnimsijla; Concait and Malwan, DaUell, Stocks, Law; Cetlon, 

SuffrutieosCr 1-2 ft. high with copious very slender ascending branches angled down 
to the base. Leaves membranous, pale green, glabrescent, 1-2 in. long, broadly rounded 
at the base. Baoetnes long-stalked, very lax ; bracts minute, lanceolate. Calyx ^^ in. 
deep, thinly siHcy; teeth long all linear, acuminate. Corolla pale yellow, ^ in. 
long ; standard OTate, pointed. Pod oblong-cylindrical, } in. long, thin^ coated with 
short yellow-brown silky hairs, 15-20-seeded. 

2S, O. albiday Heyne ; DC, Prodr, ii. 126 ; suf&uticose, branches terete 
minutely silky, stipules 0, leaver linear or oblanceolate obtuse, racemes mostly ter- 
minal laxly 6-20-flowered, bracts linear very minute, pods glabrous sessile 1^ or 
twice the calyx. W, ^ A. Prodr, 189. 0. montana, Boxb. FL Ind, iii. 265 j W. 
fSr A. Prodr, 182. 0. scoparia, WaU, Cat. 5418. 0. parva, Qrah. in WaU. Cat, 
5402. 0. punctata, Qtah, in WaU. Cat, 5401 A, ^ C, 0. tenuis, WaU, Cat, 

Tboficai. B3B0I0N through Indiaproper and Ceylon, ascending to 5500 ft. in Kumaok, 
and to 6-7009 in the West Himaiayas. Bibma, WalUch, Pbqu, McClelland, 
TzNASsEBiM, Heifer. — Distrib. Malay Isles, China, and Philippines. 

A shrub 1-2 ft high, with very numerous firm slender, obscurely silky branches. 
Leavts short-stalked, firm, 1-2 in., thinly silky beneath, pellucido-punctate, glabres- 
cent above. Racemes 2-4 in. long, rarely lateral. Ckilyx turbinate, ^ in., finally 
I in. long, thinly silky ; teeth long, 3 lower linear acuminate, upper broader often 
snbobtuse. Corolla pale yellow, glabrous, scarcely exserted. Pod oblong-cylindrical, 
^-| in. long, 6-12-seeded.. 

Var. 1. epunctaia; leaves membranous pubescent not dotted, racemes very lax 
3-6-flowcred, calyx teeth all linear acuminate. C. eptmctata, Dah. in Kew Joum. iii. 
210; Bah. ^ ChAs, Bomb. Flora, 56.— Soxttbsbn Cowtcan, BaUslL 

•• Pod included or very slightly exserted, 

24. C. nanav Burnt, Fl, Ind. 156, t 48, fig. 2 ; leaves oblanceolate obtuse, 
ncemee capitate 6-12-flowered, calvx densely, silky, upper teeth connate, pod 
ovoid small glabrousr sessile slightly exserted.. DC. Prodr, ii. 127 j W, 8f A, 
Prodr. 191 ; Dah, ^ Oibs. Bon3>, Fl. 56. 0. umbellata, Wight in WaU. Cat. 
6383 ; W. ^ A. Prodr, 191 ; Dah. ^ Gibs. Bomb. Fl. 56. 0. bifiora, Herb. 
Madr, in WaU. Cat, 5381, not of Linn, 0. sobolifera, Grah, in WaU, Cat. 
5420 B. 

WasTHBy Pbninsvia and Cktlon, ascending to 6000 ft. 

An annual 1 ft. or less high, with copious slender terete ascending or spreading 
btmnches clothed with short silky hairs. Leaves ^-1 in., moderately firm, thinly silky 
above, densely so below, base sabcuneate, stipules 0. Bracts and bracteoles minute, 
nbulate ; upper flowers often quasi-umbellate. Calyx ^-jr in. long, densely clothed with 
long silky hairs ; teeth of lower lip narrow, acuminate. Corolla pale, not exserted. Pod 
6-S-8e6ded, black when mature. 

Vab. 1. patula\ leaves narrow linear, calyx more shortly silky. C. patula, Grah. 
M Wall, Cot, 5371.— BiaifA, Wallich, Griffith. 

72 t. LSQUMiNOSiB. (J. G. Baker.) ICrotalaria, 

25. C. ItnlfbUa, Lmn, fil. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 128 ; leaves oblanceolate obtuse 
rarely linear, Tacemes elongated laxly 6-20-flowered, calyx shortly silky, upper 
teeth* connate, nod small OTtnd-oblong sessile glabrous as long as calyx. Herb, 
FL Ind. ii. 266 ; Dwi. Ftodr, 241 ; WaU. Cat, 6400 in part ; W. ^ A. Prodr. 
190 {excL gyn,) ; Dah. ^ Gibs. Bomb. Fl. 66. 0. csespitosa, Roib. FL Ind. 
iii. 269. d. montana, Heyne in Roth Nov, Sp. 336 ; DC, Prodr, ii. 126, not of 
jRoxb. 0. sobolifera, Orah. in Wall. Cat. 6420 A. 0. stenophylla, Vogel m 
Nova Acta Nat, Cur. xix. Suppl. 7. 0. saxatiHs, ZoUing. in Flora, 1S47, 694. 
C. melanocarpa, WaU, Cat, 6382. 

Tbopical rboiok: Sixxnr, alt. 1-4000 ft. Westbbn PbAinsttia, Cetlon, Bibxa, 
Pbou. — BisTRiB. Maday Isles, China, Philippines, N. Australia. 

Annual, ^-2 fb. high, with copious slender firm terete branches clothed with short 
adpressed silky hairs. Leaves short-stalkecl, moderately firm, shortly silky, base sub- 
cnoeate ; stipides 0. Racemes usually terminal only, reaching ^-1 ft. long ; bracts and 
bracteoles subulate, very minute. Calyx ^-^ in. long, deeply bilabiate, densely 
shortly brown-silky ; teeth of upper lip very short, of lower deep linear. Corolla pale 
yellow, glabrous, scarcely exsested. Pod 8-10-seeded, black when mature. 

26. C teota* Roth ; DC. Prodr. ii. 126 ; suffruticose, thinlv shortly silky, 
leaves obtuse obovate-oblong, racemes lax terminal only, calyx middle-sized, up- 
per teeth subconnate, pod oblong as long as calvx. Benth. in Hook. Lend. Joum, 
li. 669. 0. viminea, WaU. Cat. 6397 ; W. 8^ A. Prodr. 189. C. linifoUa var. 
WaU. Cat. 6400 B. 0. punctata var. WaU. Cat. 6401 B. 

Wbstebx PBNIKSTJI.A, in the Concan, Nn.GHiRiB8, PuLNET Mrs. 

A low undershrub with numerous stiff terete erecto-patent branches, clothed with 
short grey sflky hairs. Leaves firm, A-1^ in., cuneate in lower half, retuse or 
emarginace at apex, glabrescent above, thinly silky below ; stipules 0. Racemes 6-12- 
flowered, j-^ ft. long, usually distinctly stalked ; bract* and bracteoles linear, vtry mi- 
nute. Calyx j-J in. long, shortly velvety, lower teeth linear. Corolla pale yellow, 
glabrous, equalling the calyx. Pod sessile, glabrous, 9-12-seeded. 

27. Cs.oooaltaf Qrah. in WaU. Cat. 6360 ; sufilruticose, shortly silky, leaves 
oblanceolate-oblong usually acute, flowers in lax terminal racemes and often 
solitary from leafy nodes, calyx middle-sized shortly silky, teeth all lon^, upper 
broad rather obtuse, pod oblong included. Benth. in Hook. Land. Joum, ii. 666. 
0. rhizophylla, Grah. m WaU. Cat. 6431. 

Khasia Mts. and Silhet, alt 3-5000 ft. 

Stems 2-3 ft. high, annual ?, simple or with few or many virgate ascending branches 
clothed with short adpressed silky hairs. Leav^es firm, 2-3 in., subcuneate at base, 
glabrous above, glaucous and obscurely silky beneath ; stipules setaceous very 
minute. Terminid ra^xmes 6-20-flowered, ^—^ ft. long ; bracts linear, minute. Calyx 
^— f in. deep, densely clothed with short brown silky hairs ; upper teeth oblong-spath- 
ulate, ^— } m. broad. Corolla glabrous, deep videt-blue, as long as the calyx. Pod 
glabrous, sMsile, 10-16*8eeded. 

28. C. caljolnftf Schrank ; DC. Prodr. ii. 129 ; annual, shortly silky, leaves 
linear or lanceolate acute or rather obtuse, flowers few in lax racemes and solitary 
from leafy nodes, calyx large densely clothed with long silky hairs, teeth all 
long, upper broad rather obtuse, pod lineer-oblong included. 0. stricta, Roxb. FL 
Ind. iii. 266 not of Roth. 0. Roxburghiana, DC. Prodr. ii. 129. C. anthylloides, 
Don Prodr. 241 ; WaU. Cat. 6806 A. ex parte ; W. 8r A. Prodr. 181 ; Dah. ^ 
Gibs. Bomb. FL 64, not of Xani. 0. linearis, Herb. Madr. m WaU. Cat. 6370. 
0. crinita, Grah. in WaU.Cat. 6408. 0. salicifolia var. ? WaU. Cat. 6369 B. 

Tropical bxgion, from the Himalatas to Cxtlon, ascending to 5,600 ft. in Kv- 
MAQX.— DisTBiB. Trqpical Africa, Malay Isles, China, N. Australia. 

Ondalaria,'] L. LS0tnnK082. (J. O. Baker.} 78 

8i0wu 1-2 ft lifgfa, simple <x with a fe-^ slender ascending branches clothAd with 
short adpressed silky hairs. Ltaves moderately firm, asually 2-4 in., but in the linear 
foam 6-6 ir.^ usually acnte, glabiotis above, obseurdy sillcy beneath ; stipules subn- 
lata, Teiy minnte, deciduous. Terminal racemes 2-12-flowered, rarely reaching ^ ft. 
long; bzactfl and bracteolee large, lanceolate. CcUyx J-l in. long, persistently 
dMiseiy clothed with long brown silky hairs ; lower teeth lanceolate-acuminate, upper 
oblanoeolate, |>-j in. broad. Corolla glabrous, pale yellow, shorter than the calyx. Pod 
sessile, glabrous, j-f in. long, 20-30-seeded. 

29. C sessUifloraf Lmn, ; DC, Prodr. ii. 129 ; annual, shortly silkv; leaves 
finear acute rarely lanceolate, flowers in elongated racemes rarely solitary from 
leafy nodes, calyx middle-sized densely clothed with long silky hairs, teeth all 
long, upper lanceolate acute, pod oblong as long as the calyx. Bpnth. in Hook. 
land, Joum, ii. 665. 0. antliylloides. Lam, ; WaU. Cat, 5366 A. in part j B. 0. 
C. venuG^ WaU, Cat, 5365. 0. nepalensis. Link Enum. ii. 228. U. brevipes, 
CSuimp, in Hook, Kew Jowm. iv. 44. U. eriantha, Sieb, 4* Zucc, FL Jap, 13. 0. Old- 
hami^ Miq, Asm, Mui, Lwg, Bat, iii. 42. 

Uffxb Punjab and along the base of the Himalayas to Assam, ascending to />,500 ft. 
in KxTXAOir ; Bibma, Wallich; Pegu, McLelland. — Distrib. China, Philippines, 

Sterne 1-2 ft. high, simple or furnished with few or many ascending branches. 
Leaves moderately firm, narrowed to both ends, 2-6 in., glabrous al^ve, thinly 
silky below ; stipules setaceous, very minute. Flowers deflexed, 2-20 to a raceme, 
close ; racemes r^ching 6-9 in. long ; bracts and bracteoles long, setaceous, persistent. 
Calffx |-^ in. long, brown silky hairs long and dense, but not as much so as in caly- 
tima ; teeth aU acute, upper ^ in. broad. Corolla blue-white, glabrous, not exserted. 
Bod glabrous, sessile, 10-15-seeded. 

80. C. elllneiuils, Linn, ; DC Prodr, ii. 130 ; annual, laxly silky, leaves 
or oblanceolate obtuse or subacute, flowers 3-6 densely capitate all termi- 
nal, calyx middle-sized, teeth long upper lanceolate, pod oblong as long as 
calyx. Benth. in Hook, Land, Joum, ii. 566 (not of JRoxb.) 

Uppkb Gakobitc Pladt, CoircAN, Malabab, Peou, and Tknassebim. — Distbib. 
Somatra, Philippines, China. 

Sterne 1-2 ft high, usually with several atout ascending branches densely clothed 
with long brown silky hairs. Leaves moderately firm, sparsely silky, 1-2 in., pale 
below, bue rather rounded ; stipules 0. Calyx f-^ in., densely laxly silky ; lower 
teeth linear; bracts and bracteoies linear, persistent. Corolla glabrous, not exserted. 
iW sessile, glabrous, 15-20-8eeded. 

81. C- speolosa* jHeyne; DC. Prodr. ii. 129 ; shrubby, densely silky, leaves 
Hnear-oblong obtuse, flowers 6-12 densely catritate all terminal, calvx middle- 
rized, teeth all long narrow acuminate, pod oolong included. Benth. in Hook, 
Lomd. Joum, ii 564. 0. cephalotes, JTerA. Madr, m WaU. Cat. 5373. 

Mtsobb, Heyne. 

Stems quite woody, with rigid erecto-patent branches, densely clothed with short 
bii^t brown silky hairs. Leaves firm, 1-1^ in., densely silky on both sides, 
xoimded at both ends ; stipules subulate, very minute. Heads copious, round, terminaL 
usaally with a leaf just beneath ; bracts lanceolate, as long as calyx, persistent velvety. 
Calyx ^ in. long, densely persistently velvety. Corolla as long as calyx, densely silky 
on ue outside. Pod sessile, glabrous, 10-12-seeded, much shorter than the calyx. 

82. ۥ dtibla* Orah, m Wail, Cat. 5404 ; annual, shortly silky, leaves 
oboTBte cuneate subacute, flowers 12-30 in dense terminal heads, calyx small 
danaely silky, teeth all long acuminate, pod oblong as long as calyx. BentK tn 
JE&ofc. Land. Jcfum, iL 568. 

74 L. LEOUMmosJ!. (J. G.^aker.) [Grotalaria. 

Wbsthrit PEKnrsuLA, Stocks, Beddome, Ghittaoono, Sook. fit. f Thonaon, Tx- 
NASSBRIK, Griffith, 

SteTna 1-2 ft. high, simple or with many sabpatent or arcaate-ascending branches. 
Leaves membranous, 2-8 inches, cuneate in lower third, thinly silky above, pale 
and densely silky beneath ; stipules minute, setaceous. Heads round or oblong, mostly 
with a leaf just beneath ; bracts and bracteoles large, persistent, ovate-acuminate. Calyx 
4 in. deep ; pubescence long, pale brown, silky, veiy dense ; teeth linear or lanceolate. 
Corolla glabrous, as long as calyx. Pod sessile, glabrous, 6-8-seeded. 

38. C oapitatftf Benth. MSS. ; shrubby, finely silky, leaves oblanceolate 
subacute, flowers 6-20 in dense terminal heads, calyx middloHBized, teeth all 
long, upper broad subacute^ pod oblong included. 

Khasia Mts., 5-7000 ft, Hook. fil. and Thomson^ Lobb, Simons. 

Branches csespitose from a perennial rootstock, 1-1^ ft. long, slender, suberect, 
mostly simple, dothed with short silky pubescence. Leaves firm, cuneate in the 
lower half, 1-1 J in., green, glabrous above, densely shortly silky below ; stipules 
0. Heads round or oblong, 1-2 in. long ; bracts and bracteoles small, linear, persistent. 
Calyx ^ in. deep ; the vestiture and shape of teeth as in C. sessiliflora. Corolla deep 
violet-blue, glabrous, as long as the calyx. Pod sessile, glabrous, not seen mature. 

34. C. prieBtle joideBy Benth. MSS. ; shrubby', laxly silky, leaves ob- 
lanceolate-oblong subacute, flowers few in dense tenninal heads, calyx middle- 
sized shaggy, teeth aU long, upper lanceolate acute, pod oblong included. 

CoNCAN, Law, Stocks ; Anaicaixats, Beddome. 

A low undershrub with long ascending branches, densely clothed with moderately 
long brown silky hairs. Leaves firm, subsessile, ^1 in., glabrescent above, thinly 
shaggy beneath, base rather rounded ; stipules 0. Heads 4-d-flowered ; bracts lanceo- 
late, acuminate, persistent as the calyx. Calyx ^-| in. long, as densely shaggy as in 
C. calycina ; upper teeth ^-^ in. broad, lower linear. Corolla glabrous, as long as the 
calyx. Pod sessile, glabrous, 10-15-seeded. 

Sect. V. GlauoflBf Benth, Erect herbs or shrubs, glabrous throughout. 
Stipules or very minute deciduous. Racemes terminal. 

35. C luteBoenBy Dah. in Hook. Kew Joum. ii. 34 ; herbaceous, bracts 
linear very minute, calyx-teeth linear. O. peduncularis, Dah, ($* Gibs, Bomb, 
Flor, 55, not of Of-ah, 

CoNCAN, plains, Law, Daleell. 

Stems erect, slender 1-8 ft. high. Leaves membranous, pale, nearly sessile, varying 
from oblong obtuse to linear acute, reaching 4-6 in. Raceme laxly 6-15-flowered; 
pedicels cemuous finally ^ in. long. Calyx \ in. ; tube veiy short. Corolla 
yellow, twice the calyx; standard ovate, conspicuously veined. Pod 1-1| in. long; 
gynophore finally equalling calyx. 

36. C. nerllfollay Wall. Cat. 5362 ; shrubby, bracts linear very minute, 
calyx-teeth lanceolate. Benth. in Hook. Land, Joum, ii. 560. 

AvA ; mount Taong Dong, Wallich. 

A shrub with slender terete branches. Leaves membranous, pale» nearly sessile, 
lanceolate, rather rounded at the base, subobtuse, 3-4 in. Racemes laxly 12-20- 
flowered, reaching half a foot long ; pedicels slender, as long as calyx. Calyx \ in. 
long ; tube campanulate. Corolla nearly twice the calyx ; standard orbicular, obtuse. 
Ovary linear, silky. Pod unknown. 

37. C. pedunoiilariBy Orah, in Wall, Oat. 5369; bracts large ovate 
acuminate persistent, calyx-teeth lanceolate. W, ^ A, Ptodr, 186 ; Benth. m 
Hook, Land. Joum. ii. 4o0. 0. elegans, Bedd. in Madr. Joum, iii. 178 ; Ic. PI. 
Ind. Or. t. 106. 

OrotaUma,'] l. ligttminosji. (J. O. Baker.) 75 

Nn/OHnus, at about 4000 ft. eleTatioo, Wight, Beddome, 

General habit of C. peduneularis. Leaves narrow -linear, short-stalked, reaching 5-6 
in. Bacem$ laxly 12-20-flowered, finally a foot long ; lower pedicels |-1 in. long ; 
bracts reflexed, Sorter than the pedicels. Calyx | in. ; teeth one-third the tab«. 
Corolla smaller than in the last ; standard the same shape and colour. Pod 1^2 in. 
long; gynophore finally exceeding the calyx. 

Sbot. VI. BreotSDy Benth, Erect herbs or shrubs, the foliage more or less 
silky or pubescent. Stymies 0, or small, not decurrent. Racemes rarely other 
than tenninaL Pods glabrous, several times longer than the calyx. 

38. 0« retUBay Lmn, ; DC. Prodr. ii. 126 ; branches and calyx subglabrous, 
stipules subulate very minute, leaves obtuse glabrous above puberulent below, 
bracts subulate, corolla much exserted. Roxh. Fl, Ind. ill. 272 ; Bot. Mag. t. 
3661; J?<rf. -B<y. t 263 ; WaU, CW.6406; W, ^ A, Prodr. 187; Bah. ^ Gibs. 
Bomb. Fl. 65. Lupinus cochinchinensis. Lour. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 410 — Rheede. 
Mai. ix. t 25. 

Tropical region ; Hdcalatas to Cbtlok and Malacca, but often cultivated. 
DuTBiB. China, Malaya, N. Australia, Trop. Africa and America, in both the last 
donbtfolly wild. 

A robust midershrab 3-4 ft. high, with stout striated branches. Leaves short 
stalked, oblanceolate^blong, moderately firm, cuneate at the base, 1^-3 in. Bacenus 
laxly 12-20-flowered; pedicels shorter than calyx. Calyx f-^in. ; teeth lanceolate, 
twice campanulate tube. Corolla nearly twice calyx, yellow tinged with purple. 
iW linear-oblong, l-H in. long, distinctly stalked, ld-20-8eeded. 

39. O. serioeaf Retz.-j DC. Prodr. ii. 126 ; branches and calyx subglabrous, 
stipules leafy persistent, leaves subacute or obtuse glabrous above finely silky 
beueath, bracts ovate foliaceous, corolla much exserted. W. ^ A. Prodr. 
186 ; WaU. Cat. 6406 ; Roxb. Fl. Ind. iii. 273, not of Burm. ; Dak. ^- Gibs. 
Bomb. Fl. 66. 0. spectabilis, Roth.-j DC. Prodr. ii. 126. 0. macrophylla, 
Weinm. SylL ii. 2Q. 0. cuneifolia, Schrank SyU. ii. 78. 

Tropical region ; through India proper, ascending to 3000 ft. in Kumaon. 
Maiaoca, Griffith. Pbott, McClelland. 

Habit and branches of C. retusa. Leaves oblanceolate-oblong, moderately firm in 
texture, 3-6 in., cuneate at the base. Racemes laxer, 20-40-fiowered, often a 
foot long ; bracts persistent, refiexed ; pedicels exceeding calyx. Calgx ^ in. ; teeth 
laoeeolate, twice campanulate tube. Corolla half as long again as calyx, generally 
purplish. Pod 1-2 in. long, distinctly stalked, J-| in. broad. 

40. 0« asflMtmloay Benth. in Hook. Lond. Joum. ii. 481 ; branches and 
calyx silky, stipules minute subulate, leaves acute glabrous above finely silk^ 
bdow, bracts linear-lanceolate minute, corolla much exserted. 0. Burmanni, 
DC. Prodr. ii. 126 P 0. sericea, Burm. Fl. Ind. t. 48, fig. 1 P 

Khasia Mts., alt. 3-4000 ft, Hook. JU, ^ Thomson, Lohh ; Assam, Mrs. Mack, — 
DiSTBiB. Philippines, Ottmiiig, 1886. 

Oeneral habit just that of the two preceding, to which it is allied closely. Leaves 
oblanceolate-oblong, short-stalked, moderately firm, 2-4 in. long, cuneate at the base^ 
Bacemes laxly 20-30-fiowered reaching a foot long ; lower pedicels equalling calyx. 
Calyx |-f in. ; teeth lanceolate, twice campanulate tube. Corolla } in. deep, golden- 
yellow. Pod 1^2 in. long, distinctly stalked. 

41. 0« SLurzUf Baker ; branches and calyx silky, stipules minute subulatei 
leares acute glabrous above finely silky below, bracts linear-lanceolate minute, 
ooioUa not exserted. Kurt in Jowm. Asiat. Soc. Beng. vol. xlii. pt. 2, p. 229. 

Paor, Kure, No. 1664. 

Closely allied to C. assamica, from which it differs mainly in calyx and corolla, the 

76 L. LEQUHmosii. (J. O. Baker.) [OroiaiUma* 

former being the same size, but cleft more deeply, with narrower teeth and the latter 
much smaller. Leaves rather more coriaceous, 3-4 in., narrowed ^m the middle 
to both ends, the adpressed brown pubescence of the underside coarser and less ailky. 
Pod oblong, glabrous, distinctly stalked. 

42. C. Xiesobenaultll, DC. Prodr. ii. 126 ; bTanches and calyx sub- 
glabrous, stipuleR minute lanceolatey leaves obtuse glabrous above densely grey- 
silky below, Diacts ovate persistent, corolla much exserted. W, ^ A. Prodr, 186 ; 
Benth. in Hook, Land, Joum, ii. 481 ; Grah. Cat. Bomb. PL 44 ; DaU, ^ Oiba, 
Bomb, Fl, 54. C. lupiniflora, Grah, m WaU, Cat, b4ff7, 

NiLOHiRis and highest Ghauts of Concait. 

General habit of the three preceding, to which it is closely allied. Leaves oblan- 
ceolate-oblong, subcoriaceous, 3-4 in., cuneate at the base, clothed beneath with 
thick white silky pubescence. Racemes rather densely 20-80-flowered, reaching ^ ft. 
long ; bracts like those of C. sericea but smaller ; lower pedicels as long as the calyx. 
Calyx J in. ; toeth lanceolate, twice campanulate tube. Corolla yellow, } in. deep. 
Pod distinctly stalked, linear-oblong, 1^ in. long. — A specimen from Ram Ghaut, 
Ritchie, perhaps distinct, has subulate bracts and leaves finely silky beneath. 

43. C. formosav Grah, in WaU, Cat, 6393 ; branches and calyx densely 
silky, stipules lanceolate minute, leaves obtuse glabrous above densely silky 
beneath, bracts linear silky persistent, corolla not exserted. W, 4' -4« Prodr, 
186 ; Wt, Ic, t. 981 ; Benth, in Hook, Lond. Joum, ii. 481. 


Bwarfer and more branched than the four preceding, with woody stems densely 
dothed with grey or yellow-brown silky hairs. Leaves oblanceolate-oblong, 2-3 in. 
moderately firm, short-stalked, cuneate at the base. Racemes very dense, 1-2 in., 
long ; pedicels ^i in., densely silky. Calyx shaggy, :J-| in. ; teeth deep, lanceolate- 
deltoid. Pod oblong, 1^-1 i in. long, distinctly stalked. 

44. C. barbata* Grah, in WaU, Cat, 5394 ; shrubby, stipules 0, leaves 
oblanceolate-oblong subacute thinly silky above densely silky beneath, racemes 
simple &-12-flowered, bracts minute lanceolate, pedicels as long as calyx, pod 
stalked. W, ^ A, Prodr, 181 ; Wt, Ic, t. 980 ; Benth, in Hook, Land, Joum. 
ii. 483. 

Niix}HiRis ; Travancor, ascending to 6000 feet, Beddome, 

Sparingly branched. Branches woody, clothed with ascending dark brown silkv 
hairs. Leaves like those of C. sericea in shape and size, moderately firm, short-stalked, 
cuneate at the base. Racemes finally half a foot long ; pedicels ^-) in., densely 
silky, not bracteolate at the middle. Calyx } in., deeply bilabiate, densely shaggy 
with dark brown silky hairs ; teeth of lower lip linear, equalling limb. Corolla scaice 
exserted. Pod 1^ in. long by half as broad, 1^20-8eeded. 

45. O. longrtpeSy W, ^ A, I^odr. i. 183; shrubby, stipules 0, leaves 
obovate-oblong rather obtuse both sides minutely silky, racemes copiously 
panicled, bracts foliaceous ovate, pedicels as long as calyx, pod stalked. Benth. 
in Hook. Lond, Joum, ii. 483. 


A stiff undershrub with a straight woody stem, copiously paniculately branched. 
Branches densely clothed with short ferruginous silky hairs. Leaves coriaceous, short- 
stalked, more or less rounded at base, vestiture thin and shining, lower 3-4 in. 
Flowers 3-4, close together near the top of numerous rigid branches ; bracts copious, 
reflexed, foliaceous. Calyx ^ in., densely clothed with brown silky hairs, aeeply 
bilabiate ; lower teeth reaching half way down. Corolla }-J in. ; standard silky on 
the back. Pod linear-oblone, 1-1 J in, long, 10-12-seeded, narrowed into a loog 
gynophore.— Except for the ^abrous pod, its affinity is with C, madurmsii. 

OroidlarkL] L. LsaxjMnio&aE. (J. O. Baker.) 77 

46. O. peguaaa, JBmth. M8S. ; slirubbyy stipules 0, leaves oblong- 
kooeolate both sides obscurely silky, racemes prolonged into the axils of 
numerous leaves, bracts subulate very minute, pod sessile. 

Pbou ; near Rangoon, McClelland. 

Bram^km slender, terete, finely pubemlent or glabrescent. Leatfes nearly sessile, 
}-4 in., narrowed to both ends, firm and thinly silky on both sides in ezposnre, 
bnt membranous and glabrous above in a shade form ; lower pedicels as long as 
the calyx. Flowers beside the lax terminal racemes springing solitary or in pairs 
from many of the leaf-bearing nodes. Calyx } in. ; teeth long, linear-lanceolate. 
OoroUa seaicely exserted. Pa3 cylindrical, } in. long, 10-12-6eeded. 

47. O. salielfblia, Heyne in Wall. Cat. 5369 A. ; herbaceous, stipules 0, 
leaves oblong or lanceolate acute both sides shortly silky, racemes long-stalked 
simple few-flowered, bracts minute lanceolate, pedicels as long as calyx, pod 
stalked. W. ^ A. Prodr. 182 ; Benth. in Hook. Land. Joum. ii. 482. 

Wastxaif PawinsuLA, Heyne. 

Stem 8ti£^ sparingly branched, densely clothed with short ascending ferruginous 
sflkj hairs. Zeotet ceasing a space below the inflorescence, lower oblong or 
oblanceolate-oblong, upper linear-lanceolate reaching 3-4 in., both sides clothed 
with hairs like those of the stem. Flowers near the end of long branches. 
Oahfje } in. deep, densely coated with bright brown velvety hairs ; teoth linear, all 
vary long. Corolla bright yellow, not exserted. Pod 1 ^-2 in. long, half as broad. 

48. O. lanata, Bedd. in Madr. Joum. iii. 178; 7c. PI. Ind. Or. t. 106; 
shrubby, stipules foliaceous ^-lunate, leaves large oblong, racemes not panicled, 
bncts minute lanceolate, pedicels short, pod stalked. 

WasTBBH PfWiHSUJUL ; Anamallay and Pulney Mts., alt. 8-4000 ft., Beddome. 

A shmb 12-15 feet high, with the habit, stipules and inflorescence of C. semper- 
femtu. Branches stout, densely clothed with short brown pubescence. Leaves dis- 
tiaetly stalked, membranous, very large, green and glabrous above, thinly matted 
beneath. Calyx ^-i in. long, densely silky ; teeth linear-lanceolate, twice the tube. 
Corolla yellow, much exsert^. Pod 'glabrous ' (Beddome) oblong, 1^1} in. long. 

Sbct. VII. BliocarpaDy Benth. Erect shrubs, the foliage more or less silky 
or pabeaoent. Leaves simple, stipules not decurrent. Racemes terminal only or 
bota terminal uid lateral, in one ^up copiously panicled. Pods silky or 
Telvety, many or few-seeded exserted or included. 

*Flawer9 racemed. 

49. C« ▼eimoosaf Linn. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 125 ; branches acutely angled, 
•tipnlea foliaceouB ^lunate, leaves ovate the base deltoid usually obtuse, racemes 
lateral and terminal not panicled, pod stalked obscurelv downy 4-6 times the 
ca^ Bat. Mag. t. 8034 ; W. ^ A. Prodr. 187 ; Wt. Ic. t. 200 ; Dalz. 8f 
Ms. Bomb. FL 66. 0. angulosa, Lamk. ; Roxh. Fl. Ind. iii. 273. 0. coerulea, 
Jaeq. le. 1. 144. 0. acuminata, O. Don. Qard. Diet. ii. 134. — Rheede Hort. Mai. 

TaoncAi' bboiok ; HncALavAS to Crtlox (reaching 2000 ft. in Snucm ) ; BmKA, 
WeilUck\ Paou, McClelland; Maiacca, ^rt^M.— Distbib. China, Malaya, Trop. 
Afriea, Manritins, Trop. America. 

Gopioasiy branched, scarcely shrubby, 2-8 feet high. Branches at flrst pubemlent, 
iOOB glabreaoent. Leaves thin, obscurely downy beneath, reaching 4-6 in., casually 
•euta. Baeemes moderately close, 12~20-flowered, ^ foot or more long ; bracts linear, 
f«j ayjuito; pedicels equalling or shorter than calyx. Calyx ^ in., obscurely 

78 L. LEQUMiNOSii. (J. G. Baker.) [lOrotdUma. 

downy; teeth lanceolate, twice tabe. Corolla twice calyx, yellow, white and blue. 
Pod finely pubescent, 1-1^ in. long, 10-12-8eeded. 

60. C semperflorenSy Vent. ; DC Prodr. ii. 126 ; branches terete, 
stipules foliaceous ^lunate, leaves oblong' rounded at base acute or obtuse, 
racemes lateral and terminal not panicled, pod stalked obscurely downy 4r-6 
times the calyx. WaU. Cat, 6391. 0. Wallichiana, W. ^ A. Prodr. 187; 
Wt Ic. t. 982. 0. Amottiana, Benth. in Hook. Land. Joum. ii. 660. 

Tbopicax bboion; Nilghiris. — Distbib. Java. 

More shrubby than C. verrucosa. Branches snlcate and puberolent when young, 
BOon glabrescent and terete. Leaves 2-4 in., moderately firm, green and glabrous 
above, pale and shortly downy below, distinctly petiolate. Jnjlorescenee like that of 
C. verrucosa ; bracts minute, subulate ; pedicels i— J in., finely downy. Calyx |-^ in., 
more or less densely puberulent ; teeth linear, twice the campanulate tube. Corolla 
J—} in., bright yellow. Pod 1^2 in. long, finely downy, 10-12-8eeded. 

Var. 1. Walkeri; stipules mostly subulate minute, leaves firmer smaller more 
acute nearly or quite glabrescent beneath. C. Walkeri, Amott in Nov. Act. Nat. Cur. 
xviii. 398. C. semperflorens, Benth. in Hook. Lond. Joum. ii. 660. Ceylon, 4-7000 
feet. — Looks generally quite distinct, but Gardner's No. 660 connects it with the type. 

61. C Beyneana* Chrah. in WaU. Cat. 6414 ; branches terete, stipules 
small ^lunate, leaves oblong acute narrowed at base, racemes lateral and 
terminal not panicled, pod subsessile obscurely downy &-4 times the calyx. 
W, 8f A. Prodr, 187 j Benth, in Hook. Lond. Joum, ii. 660 j Bot, Mag, t. 

Western Pbninsxtia ; Mysore, Travancor. and Canara. 

General habit of C. semperflorens^ of which it is most likely a mere variety. Branches 
woody, slender, soon glabrescent. Leaves membranous, distinctly petioled, 8-4 in., 
narrowed at both ends, hardly at all puberulent ; stipules smaller. Inflorescence and 
bracts identical ; pedicels ^-J in., slender, faintly puberulent. Caiyx J in. ; teeth 
lanceolate, very deep. Corolla slightly exserted. Pod 1^-1 J in. long, clothed with 
deciduous fine pubescence, 10-12-Beeded. 

62. C leptOBtaobya, Benth. in Hook. Lond. Joum. ii. 662 ; branches 
angular, stipules or minute subulate, leaves lanceolate acuminate, racemes 
lateral and terminal not panicled, pod oblong sessile densely velvety 2-3 times 
the calyx. 

Western Peninsula ; Concan, Jacquemont, Stocks, Law. 

A stiff erect shrub with the habit and slender sulcate thinly silky branches of 
C. juncea and tetragona. Leaves 4-6 in., membranous, green, thinly clothed on both 
sides with shining brown silky hairs, rather rounded at the base. Bacemes laxly 12-20- 
flowered, reaching ^ ft. long ; bracts lanceolate very minute. Calyx ^ in., densely 
silky ; teeth linear, very deep. Corolla yellow, not exserted. Pod 6-6-8eeded, |-j in. 

63. C tetragrona, Boxb. Fl. Ind. iii. 263 ; branches angular, stipules 
or minute subulate, leaves large linear or lanceolate acuminate, racemes lateral 
and terminal not panicled, pod linear-oblong short-stalked rarely 2-3 times the 
calyx. Andr. Bot. Rep. t. 693 ; DC. Prodr. ii. 128 ; Wall. Cat. 6367, A-0. ; 
W, ^ A, Prodr, 186. 0. grandiflora, ZoUing. in Miq. Flor, Ind. Bat. i. 333. 

KuMAON (up to 3500 ft.), and along the Himalayas to Sikxik and Assam. Piou, 
McClelland. — Bistrib. Java. 

A stiff shrub, reaching 6 fb. high, with sulcate thinly silky slender erecto-patent 
branches. Leaves short-stalked, distant, membranous, both sides thinly silky or 
glabrescent, reaching ^1 ft. Bacemes laxly 6-10-fiowered, half a foot or more long ; 

Crtdakuria.'] L. LiQUMiNO&fi. (J. G. Baker.) 79 

|yncts minute, linear. Calyx j-1 in. long, densdly brown-velvety; teeth very long, 
linear or lanceolate, acuminate.* Corolla lemon -yellow, glabrous, little exserted. Pod 
1^-2 in. long, densely persistently dark-brown and velvety, 12-20-seeded. 

64. 0« Jimoeay Lmn, ; DC, Prodr, ii. 125 ; branches terete miiltisulcate, 
stipnlee or minute subulate, leaves linear or oblong rather obtuse, racemes 
lateral and terminal not panicled, pod oblong sessile velvety twice the calyx. 
Bot. Mag, t. 400; Raxh, Cor, PI. t, 193; Fl. Ind. iii. 269; WaU, C/i^. 6409; 
W.8^ A. Prodr, 185 ; Dah, ^ Gibs. Bomb, Fl. 64. 0. fenestrata, Bot. Mag, 
t 1933. 0. benghalensis, Lamk. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 126 : WaU. Cat. 6396. 0. 
tenuifolia, Boxh. Fl. Ind. ii. 263; DC. Prodr. ii. 126; Wall. Cat. 6368. 
C. porrecta, WaU. Cat. 6363. C. viminea, WaU. Cat. 6397 B. 0. sericea, 
Wuid, not of Betz,'-Bheede Hort, Mai. ix. t. 26. 

Plains from the Hdcalatas to Gbtlon, but often planted for its fibre. BmifA, 
Wallieh ; Pbou, McClelland. — Distbib. Malay isles, Australia. 

A stiff shrub several feet high, with slender virgate rigid thinly silky branches. 
Leatfea nther distant) firm, linear or oblong, usually 1^3 in., shining on both 
sides with thin short brown silky hairs. Racemes loosely 12-20-flowered, reaching a 
foot long ; bracts minute, linear. Calyx ^- } in. long, densely clothed with ferru- 
ginoos velvety hairs ; teeth linear-lanceolate, very deep. Corolla bright yellow, 
giabroos, slightly exserted. Pod 1-1 j- in. long, clothed with short-spreading persistent 
silky hairs, 10-15-seeded. Yields Sun fibre. 

55. O. obteota, Orah, in WaU. Cat. 6372 ; branches terete, stipules 
or minute deciduous, leaves oblong obtuse, racemes terminal and lateral not 
panicled, pod stalked densely velvety twice the calyx. W. 8f A, Prodr, 186 ; 
Jc. t 206 and 383. 0. tetragona, WaU, Cat. 6367 D, 

Wssmur Peninsula ; Nilghiris and Cochin. 

A tall shrub, with curved woody branches densely clothed with short brown silky 
hairs. Leaves short-stalked, coriaceous, 2-4-in., both sides more or less silky. 
Racemes rather close, 12-20*flowered ; bracts minute, lanceolate. Calyx j-1 in., 
densely velvety, deeply bilabiate ; teeth linear. Corolla slightly exserted ; standard 
silky on the back. Pod 1^2 in. long, 10-12-8eeded, densely coated with dark brown 
velvecy pubescence. 

Tab. 1. glabrescens; branches and leaves glabrescent. C. glabrescens, Benth. 
M Hook. Lond. Joum. ii. 663. — Camatic, near Courtallum, Wight, 


Flowers panicled, 

66. C madarensUl, Wight in WaU, Cat, 6376; leaves ovate-oblong 
ekisely silky, stipules 0, racemes panicled, bracts round cuspidate subdeciduous, 
ealyx-teeth narrow, corolla exserted, pod many-seeded much exserted. W. <$* A. 
Prodr. 184 ; BentK. in Hook, Lond, Joum, ii. 663. 0. candicans^ W, 4" -^^ 
lVo(&. 184. 

NiijQHibis and Madura hills, in the Casnatic. 

A stiff erect nndershrub, copiously pahiculately branched. Branches clothed with 
shoit dense brown silky hairs. Leaves short-petioled, obtuse, subcoriaceous, broadly 
founded at base, 2-4 in., clothed on both sides with fine very short shining silky 
bain. Bracts fewer and more deciduous than in other panicled Eriocarps. Calyx 
4 in. .deep, densely silky, deeply bilabiate; teeth narrow, acuminate, two upper 
uooeolate. Corolla f in. ; standard rather pointed, densely silky on the back. Pod 
sfaoii-stalked, nearly glabrescent, 10-12-seeded, 1 in. long. 

57. O. sabperfollata, Wight in WaU. Cat. 6377 ; leaves oblong acute 
cloaely silky, stipules 0, racemes panicled, bracts xouzid spreading persistent, 

80 L LKQTJMmosii. (J. O. Baker.) lOrotalaria. 

calyx-teeth narrow, corolla twice calyx, pod many-fleeded much exserted. 
W,8f A. Frodr. 184 ; Benth. m Hook. Land. Joum. ii. 563. 

Carnatic ; Dindygul hills alt. 200*0 ft., Wight. 

G-eneral habit and inflorescence just as in C. madurenHs, to which it is closely 
allied. Leaves thinner, narrowed to a point, less rounded at the base, 2-4 in. long. 
Branches densely clothed with short spreading silky hairs ; bracts sometimes opposite^ 
^ in. long, densely silky on the back. CaXyx j-f in. deep, finely silky ; teeth lanceo- 
late, acuminate, with reflexed borders. Corolla |-} in. ; standara rather pointed, sillqr 
on the back. Fod oblong, stalked, twice the calyx, wiUi 12 or more seeds. 

58. C. AilTa, Roxh. Fl. Ind. iii. 266 ; leayes oblanceolate closely silky, 
stipules or minute subulate, racemes panicled, bracts oyate cuspidate, calyx- 
teeth broad foliaceous, corolla slightly exserted, pod oblong 2-seeded included. 
Wail. Oaf. 5875; TF. ^ A. Frodr. 183; Dalz. ^ Gibs. Bomb. FL 64. 0. 
pulchra, DC. Frodr. ii. 126, not of Andrews. 0. grandis, Hort. Calcutt. 

Maisob, the CoNCAN, Nilohiris, and Cbtlon. — Distbib. Java, Sumatra, and 
naturalised in the Seychelles and Mauritius. 

A stiff erect shrub 3-5 feet, copiously paniculately branched. Branches densely 
clothed with short brown silky hairs. Leaves nearly sessile, subcoriaceous, 3-4 in. 
long, obtuse or subacute, cuneate at the base, shining on both sides, with a silky lustre 
ftom minute hairs. Branches elongated with several bracts flowerless. Calyx ^— | in. 
deep, densely silky, with a pair of conspicuous bmcteoles ; upper teeth oblong, lower 
lanceolate. Corolla J-1 in.; standard rather pointed, densely silky on the back. 
Fod thinly silky, sessile, about as long as the calyx. 

59. C. puloberrimaf Boxb. Fl. Ind. iii. 267 ; leayes oblanceolate-oblong 
closely silky, stipules 0, racemes panicled, bracts copious oyate-acuminate 
reflexed, upper calyx-teeth broad foliaceous, corolla scarcely exserted, pod 
oblong included 5-6-8eeded. Bot. Mag. t. 2027 ; WaU. Cat. 5374 ; DC. Frodr. 
ii. 126 ; W. 4* A. Frodr. 184 ; WU Ic. t. 481. 0. pulchra, Andr. Bot. Bep., 
t. 601, not of DC. 


A stiff erect shrub 3-4 ft. high, copiously paniculately branched. Leaves nearly 
sessile, subcoriaceous, obtuse or subiicute, cuneate at the base, 3-4 in. long, shining on 
both sides with dense short dose brown silky hairs. Flowers few, near the top of the 
branches ; bracts numerous, large, reflexed, persistent ; pedicels short, densely silky. 
Cak/x |-| in. long ; upper segments oblong, lower lanceolate ; standard silky on the 
back. Pod oblong, bright brown, sessile, as long as the calyx. 

60. O. luniilatay Heyne in WaU. Cat. 5378 ; leayes oblanceolate acuta 
loosely silky, stipules small obtuse, racemes panicled, bracts copious peiBiatant 
like the stipides, calyx-teeth narrow, corolla twice the calyx, pod oblong 
1-seeded scarcely exserted. W. ^ A, Frodr. 183 ; Wight Jc. t 480 ; Benith~S^ 
Hook. Lond. Joum. ii. 564. 

Tanjore, in the Cabnatio ; Obtloit. 

A stiff erect undershrub, copiously paniculately branched, clothed with dense 
spreading brown silky hairn. Leaves diort-petioled, moderately firm, densely fliU^, 
cuneate at the base, usually 1-2 in. Branches elongated, with nunuvona am- 
plexicaul reflexed small bracts below the flowers. Calyx densely silky, f-^ in. long; 
teeth long, all linear, the edges slightly recurred. Corolla ^\ in. ; standard rather 
pointed, thinly silky on the back. Fod sessile, flnely silky, as long as the calyx. 

61 . C ramosiSBlmay Boxh. Fl. Ind. iii. 268 ; leayes small oblanceolate 
densely silky, stipules 0, racemes panicled, bracts lanceolate persistent, calyx- 
teeth narrow, corolla little exsorted; pod l-seeded scarcely exserted. W.^A» 

Orotaiaria.^ L. LBOUHiNoaaB. (J. G. Baker.) 81 

Ihwh-. 18a G. tomentosa, Bottl. in Wall. Cat. 6380. 0. pellita, Bert. ; DC. 
Frodr. iL 128 P 0. OampbelHi, Am. in Wight. Cat. 2310. 

Wbstbbk Pbminsuia, RottleTf Heyne ; interior of Bbnoal, Roxburgh. 

Shmbby, erect, mnch branched. Stems a foot or less high, densely coated, like the 
leares, wiUi thick silky brown hairs. Leaves crowded, subsessile, sabobtuse, thick, 
coneate at the base, \-\ in. long. Branches densely pubescent, generally short. Bracts 
not abundant, small, Mcate, sUky on the back, black and viscous on the &ce. Calyx 
j- in. long ; teeth long, linear, with reflexed edges. Corolla } in. ; standard pointed^ 
silky on the back. Pod sessile, as long as the calyx, oblong, densely silky. 

62. O. paaloiilatay WUld. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 120 ; leaves small oblanceo- 
late looeely silky, stipules linear, racemes panicled, bracts copious persistent 
£ilcate linear-suDulate, calyx-teeth narrow, corolla exserted, pod l-2H9eeded 
Bcaroely exserted. JRoxb. jFI. Ind. iii. 274 ; WaU. Cat. 6379 ; W. ^ A. Prodr. 
183. 0. chinensis, Lamk. Diet. ii. 196, not of Linn. Ononis glutinosa^ Mart., 
m Denk» Acad. Mun. vi. 166. 

Cabmatic, near Yellore. — Bistbib. Java. 

Shrubby, 2-3 feet high, with very numerous stiff ascending branches, clothed with 
looBe brown silky hairs. Leaves 1-1^ in. long, obtuse, loosely silky, cuneate at the base, 
nearly sessile ; stipules just like the very copious bracts, conspicuous, Mcate, with 
reflexed glandular margins. Branches short, with a few flowers near the end. Calyx 
^in. ; teeth long, silky on the back, lanceolate or linear with recurved viscous edges 
fike the bracts and bracteoles. Corolla ^-f in. ; standard very silky on the bi^. 
Pod oblong, sessile, flnely silky. 

Gboup 8. TrifollolataD DispennaB. Leaves 3-foliolate. Pod ob- 
liquely subglobose, small, sessile, 2-seeded. Feiennial herbs or undershrubs. 
Oyrtolobus, R. Br. 

03. 0« medloagrinoaf Lamk, Diet. ii. 201 ; herbaceous, branches slender 
diffuse thinly clothed with adpressed silky hairs, petiole shorter than the small 
obliuaceolate leaflets, racemes 2-0-flowered, corolla twice the calyx. W. 8f A. 
Prodr. 192 ; Benth. in Hook. Lond. Jaum. ii, 677 ; Thwaites JEnum. 82 ; Boiss. 
Fl. Orient, ii. 26. C. procumbens, JRoxh. Hort. Beng. 98 ; Fl. Ind. iii. 278, et 
WaU. Cat. 6437, m paH. 0. foHosa, WUld. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 131. 0. divaricata, 
Orak. in WaU. Cat. 6436. 0. virgata. Mart. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 131. Indigofera 
capitata, Grah. in WaU. Cat. 6490. 


Tropical region, from the West Himalayas to Cetlox and Biuma, ascending to 
6000 ft. in Kashmir. — Distrib. Malay isles, Afghanistan, China and Australia. 

. A ^^ffase perennial, with slender much-branched stems, ^l ft. long, thinly silky 
upwards. Stipules setaceous, very minute, deciduous ; leaflets j— ^ in. long, retuso 
emaiginate, glabrous above, obscurely silky below. Racemes copious, terminal and 
leaf-opposed ; peduncles exceeding the leaves ; bracts minute, linear. Calyx thinly 
silky, campenulate, ^ in. deep ; teeth linear, exceeding the tube. Corolla yellow. Pod 
^ in. long, glabrescent. 

Yab. 1. hemiarioides \ stems prostrate very slender, leaflets very small nearly 
<ir quite as broad as long, peduncles short 1-d-flowered. C. hemiarioides, W. ^- A. 
Pr^r. 192. 

Yab. 2. negleeta ; liranches more robust and more ascending than in the typo, 
acemes 6-9-flowered, leaflets rather larger. C. negleeta, JV. 4' '^* Prodr. 192. C. 
pr o cum bens, Roxh. ^ Wall, ex parte. 

Yab. 3. luxurians\ stems much stronger, 2-3 ft. high, petioles reaching ^ in. 
long, terminal leaflet |-1 in., racemes 6-12-flowered. C. luxurians, Bcnth, in Hook. 
LoSd. Joum. ii. 578. C. medicaginea, Hamilt. in Wall, Cat. 5484. 

64. O. Wllldenowlanaf DC. Prodr. ii. 134 ; herbaceous or suflruticose, 
TOL. n. G 

82 L. LEQUMiNOS^. (J. G*. Baker.) [Groiahma. 

l>Taxiches often stiff clothed with short fine down, petiole shorter than the small 
oblanceolate leaflets, racemes 3--6-flowered, corolla thrice the calyx. W, ^ A. 
Prodr. 191 ; Benth, in Hook. Lond. Jowm. ii. 679. C, spartioides^ Spren^. j WalL 
Cat, 5436. 0. genistoides, Willd. Sp. PL iii. 987, rum Lamk. 

Western Peniksxtul. 

Perennial, reaching 2-3 ft. high, with very numerous ascending elongated branches. 
SHpules small, setaceous, persistent; leaflets }-^ in. long, firm, obtuse, emaiginate, 
silky on both sides. Racemes copious, terminal and lateral ; bracts minute, linear- 
setaceous, persistent. Calvx j^ in. long, fiuely downy; teeth linear, exceeding the 
tube. Corolla yellow ; keel with a narrower and longer beak than in the last. Pod 
pubescent, ^ in. long. 

66. O. trifollastram, JVtUd. Sp. PL iii. 983 ; herbaceous, branches elong^ 
ated ascending finely downy, petioles exceeding the oboTate-oblong leaflete, 
racemes elongated 12-40-flower8d, corolla thrice the calyx. Poxb. FL Ind, 
iii. 277 ; WnU. Cat. 5432, excl. G. H.\ W. ^ A. Prodr. 191 ; Wiffht le. t 421. 
O. virgata, Poxh. in E. I. C. Mus. tab. 373. 0. medicaginea, DC. Prodr. ii. 133. 
O. stricta. Roth. ; DC, Prodr. ii. 133. Lupinus trifoliatus, RotU. in Noo. Act, 
Per. iv. 223, t. 6. 0. stipitata, Orah. in Wall Cat. 6426, A. 

Assam and Western Pbninsuia. 

An erect perennial 2-3 ft. high, with numerous erecto-patent slender branches. 
Petioles an inch or more ; stipules minute, setaceous ; leaflets membranous, ^1 in. 
long, glabrous above, obscurely silky below, obtuse at the point, often deeply emar- 
ginate. Racemes copious, both terminal and lateral, short- peduncled, reaching 4-6 in. 
long ; bracts minute, setaceous. Calyx ^ in. long, finely silky ; teeth linear, twice the 
length of the tube. Corolla yellow, glabrous. Pod subquadrangular, sessile, thinly 
sillqr, J in. long. , 

66. C Votonil, W. <$- A. Prodr. 192 ; shrubby, branchlets elongated ob- 
scurely silky, leaflets middle-sized oboyate-oblong, racemes closely 12-20- 
flowered, corolla 2-3 times the calyx. WigJU Ic. t. 762. 0. trifoliastrum, Wall, 
Cat. 6432, G. 0. rostrata, W. ^ A. Prodr. 191. 

NiLQHiRis and Pn.NKY Mountains. 

Branches firm, ascending, terete, clothed with minute grey silky hairs. Stipules 
setaceous, persistent, ^ in. ; petioles shorter than the leaflets ; leaflets cuneate in the 
lower half, reaching 1-1 j- m. long, green and glabrous above, thinly silky below. 
Eacetnes copious, short-peduncled lateral and terminal, 1-3 in. long ; bracts small, 
setaceous. Cali/x thinly silky, ^ in. long ; teeth lanceolate, equalling the tube. 
Corolla yellow ; keel with a very long beak. Pod ^ in. long, subquadrangular, thinly 

67. O. rlgrtda, Het/ne ; DC. Prodr. ii. 133 ; shrubby, branchlets short stiff 
obscurely silky, leaflets minute obcordate, racemes 2-^flowered, corolla 2-3 
times the calyx. W. ^ A. Prodr. 191. 

Carnatic, Heyne, G. Thomson. 

A low shrub with very numerous woody subpatent branches, the old ones glabre- 
scent, the copious branchlets almost spiny in old plants. Stipules setaceous, veiy 
minute ; petiole very short ; leaflets pale green, thick, obscurely silky, not more than 

Jin. long. Racemes copious, close, all terminal ; bracts linear, very minute. Calyx 
in. long, thinly silky ; teeth lanceolate, equalling the tube. Corolla yellow, glabrous; 
beak of keel long and narrow. Pod ^ in. long, thinly silky. 

Gbgttp 9. TrlfoliolataD PolysperxnaB. Le^tves 3-foliolate. Pod ob- 
long or cylindrical, stalked or sessile, glabrous or pubescent, many-seeded. Herb* 
or ^irubs. 

<7roia2arta.] L. liguminosa. (J. G. Baker.) 83 

68. O. orlzenslB, JRottl. ; DC. Prodr, ii. 131 ; herbaceous, diflfuse, thinly 
hairjy leaflets obovate-oblozig obtuse, racemes yery lax, bracts foliaceous per- 
Astent, corolla small scarcely exserted^ pod oblong glabrous long^stalked. JRoj'6. 
Hort. Beng. 08; Fl. Ind. iii. 276j WaU. Cat. 542C; W. § A. Prodr. 103; 
Dah, 4* ^^* Bomb, FL 57. G. macropoda, A. Bich. Fl. Abyss, i. 157. 

Plains throughout the Wbsthbic P ewlns u l a. — Distbib. Abyssinia. 

Piertnmialf with spreading slender copiously-branched stems, 1-1^ ft. long, clothed 
with short spreading brown hairs, which are bulbous at the base. Stipules linear, 
persistent; petiole 4-1 in. ; leaflets 1-1^ in. long, moderately firm, glabrous above, 
thinly clothed with long hairs below. Lateral racemes numerous, 3-12-flowered ; 
brsets large, orate-acuminate, reflexed ; pedicels filiform, 3-4 times the calyx. Calyx 
i in. long ; teeth linear, long. Pod ^^ in. long, 8-10-seeded, with a stalk as long 
as the calyx. — ^The only representative of the Diffusa in the trifoliolate series. 

69. O. IflDVlflrata* Lamk. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 131 ; fruticose, obscurely downy, 
leaflets obovate-oblong obtuse, racemes terminal 2-4-flowered, bracts minute 
aetaceous, corolla 2-S times the calyx, pod oblong glabrous long-stalked. Benth. 
in Hook. Load. Joum. ii. 576. 0. stipitata, Grah. in WaU. Cat. 5425, B. ; W. 
4- A. Prodr. 103. 

Plains of the Wxbtbbn Pezciksvla. 

A small shrub, with long slender terete erecto-patent branches, finely downy or 
glabrescent. Stipules minute, setaceous, deciduous ; petiole as long as leaves ; leafiets 
^1^ in. long, green and glabrous above, pale and obscurely silky below. Racemes 
sabeozymbose at the end of copious branchlets ; pedicels cemuous, bracteolate, thinly 
silky. Calyx \ in. deep, thinly silky ; teeth lanceolate, as long as the tube. Corolla 
jellow, |-J in. ; keel with a very long beak. Pod J-j in. long, 8-10-seeded, with a 
stalk as long as the calyx. 

70. O. inoana* Linn. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 132 ; sufiruticose, loosely downy, 
leaflets obovate obtuse, racemes terminal and lateral elongated, bracts minute, 
corolla slightly exserted, pod subsessile cylindrical loosely pubescent. Bot. Beg, 
t 377. O. affinis, DC. Prodr. ii. 132. 0. Schimperi, A. Bich. Fl. Abyss, i. 
151. O. herbacea, Schweig. in Schranck Syll. ii. 77. 

Kviulon; 6000 ft, Strachey and Winterbottom, Edgetoorth; Ceylon, Gardner, 
&& Perhaps naturalised only. — Distrib. Malay isles, Trop. Africa and America, 

An umdershrub, 2-4 ft. high, with robust terete branches, the whole plant, including 
calyx and pod, clothed with fine spreading brown silky hairs. Stipules setaceous, 
minute; leaflets 1^2 in. long, very obtuse, cuneate in the lower half, membranous. 
Saesmss closely 12-20-flowered, reaching 6-9 in. long. Calyx ^ in. long ; teeth long, 
lanceolate. Pods deflexed, rather recurved, 1-1^ in. long, 20-30-sceded. 

71. O. olavata* W. 8c A. Prodr. 104 ; shrubby, obscurely downy, leaflets 
obovate obtuse, racefaies terminal and lateral donated, bracts minute setaceous, 
corolla much exserted, pod thinly silky oblong-cylindrical short-stalked. Benth. 
in Book. Land. Joum. li. 587. (D. cytisoides, Wight in WaU. Cat. 5424, D. 

CAsarATic ; Dindygul hills, Wight. 

A low shrub with arcuate ascending terete glabrescent branches. Stipules 
setaceous, very minute ; petiole shorter than the leafiets ; leaflets thick, rather fleshy, 
obtuse, cuneate in the lower half, pale, sub^labrous. Racemes 20-30-flowered, short- 
peduDcled, reaching ^ ft. long. Calyx campanulate, thinly silky, ^-^ in. long ; teeth 
lanceolate, as long as the tube. Corolla yellow, glabrous, f in. long. Pod deflexed, 
nther recurved, 10-12-8eeded. 

72. C« braeteata* Boxb. Fl. Ind. iii. 378 ; shrubby, obscurely downy, 
leaflets large oblong acute, racemes terminal and lateral elongated, bracts minute 

o 2 

86 L. leguhinosj:. (J. G. Baker.) ITrifolium^ 

10. TazrOXiZUX, Linn. 

Annual or perennial herbs. Leaves with stipules adnate to the petiole and 
digitately 3-foliolate leaflets. Flowers small, copious, in dense axillary heads. 
Calyx- tube turbinate ; teeth mostly 5 subequal. Corolla adnate to the staminal 
tube, and fading without falling ; standard and wings narrow ; keel straight, 
obtuse. Stamens diadelphous ; filaments more or less dilated ; anthers uniform. 
Ovary sessile or stalked, few-ovuled ; style filiform, incurved above the base ; 
stigma oblique. Pod minute, included, membranous, indehiscent, 1 or few- 
seeded. — Distrib. Species perhaps 200, mostly European and Oriental, many 
N. American and Trop. Afncan. 

T. MINT7S, Smith, is included in Hohenackcr s Neilgherry plants, no doubt from 
introduced specimens. 

T. BBsupiKATUM, Litin., is largely cultivated in Afghanistan, Hazara and Khagan, 
in the subtropical zone. 

1. T. pratense, Linn, ; DC. Prodr. ii. 106 ; erect, heads subtended by a 
pMr of opposite leaves, calyx not accrescent. Boiss, FL Orient, ii. 116. 

Kashmir to Gabwhal, 4-8000 ft.— Distrib. Afghanistan, Siberia, Orient, Europe. 

Perennial; stems a foot or more high, slightly downy. Stipules very broad; 
leaflets oblong ; toothing obscure. Heads roundish ; flowers very dense, usually red. 
Calyx pubescent ; teeth setaceous, the lowest longer than the rest, exceeding the tube. 
Pod 1-seeded, opening by a lid. — One of the common forage clovers. 

2. T. repensy Linn.\ DC. Prodr. ii. 198; trailing, peduncles elongated 
naked, calyx not accrescent. Boiss. Fl, Orient, ii. 146. T. venulosum, Moyle 

Tempkbatb and Alpine Himalaya, ascending to 20,000 ft.; Nclghibis and 
Okylok, perhaps introduced. — Distbib. Through Europe and Asia, also North 

Stems slender, glabrous, wide-creeping. Stipules narrow ; petioles and peduncles 
long, ascending ; leaflets obovate emarginatc, distinctly toothed. Heads globose, not 
dense ; flowers finally deflexed. Calyx glabrous ; teeth subequal, shorter than the 
tube. Corolla white or with a pink tinge. Pod minute, linear, 3-4-seeded. — Com- 
monly cultivated. 

8. T. firagriferamf Linn, ; DC. Prodr. ii. 202 ; trailing, peduncles elon- 
gated naked, fruit calyx accrescent. Boiss. Fl. Orient, ii. 136. 

Kashmir, temperate zone, Jacguemxmt, Thomson. — Distbib. Europe, Orient, N. 
Afinca, Abyssinia. 

Hahit of 21 repens, for which it is easily passed over in flower. Stipules lanceo- 
late, with cuspidate points ; petioles and peduncles elongated ; leaflets less distinctly 
toothed. Corolla a deeper pink. Calyx in fruit becoming an ovoid membranous - 
persistent bladder, enclosing the small ]-2-seeded pod. 

11. PAaOCBSTUSyHanult. 

A slender creeping herb. Leaves S-foliolate. Flowers on axillary peduncles. 
Calyx tube campanulate; two upper teeth subconnate. Corolla free from 
staminal tube ; standard oroad, obovate clawed ; win^s much shorter, obtuse ; 
keel as long as the wings, incurved and subacute at tne tip. Stamens diadel- 
phous ; filaments not dilated ; anthers uniform. Ovary sessile, linair, oc-ovulate ; 
style elongated, glabrous, suddenly incurved above the base, stigma terminal. 
Pod linear, turgid, continuous within. A single species. 

1. P. oommimis, Hamilt. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 403 ; WaU. Cat. 6972 ; Boyle 
lUust. t. 36 ; Dm. Prodr. 241. P. major, Dan Prodr. 241 ; DC. Prodr. loc. 

Tngondla.'] U LfeauMiNOSJi. (J. Q. Baker.) 87 

cit. ; WaU. Cat, 6626 ; W, ^ A, Prod. 262 ; Wight Ic. t. 483. P. oxaUdifolia, 
JBojIle must, 201. P. maculata^ R. Br, in Benn. PL Jav. Bar, 162, t. 34. 

AifiKE, TxxPEHATB and SuBTBOPiCAL HiKAULTA from SncLA and Gabwhal to 
Assam, alt. 4-13,000 ft Nilohi&is, Cetlon, Bibma, Wallich ; Tenassbbim, Parish, — 
DisTBiB. Java, Zumbesi'land. 

Bkizome thread-like, wide-creeping. Petiole long, filiform, bearing leaves like 
those of Oxalis Acetosella ; leaflets subsessile, obovate, cuneate, emarginate, entire, 
glabrous or slightly pubescent. Peduncles overtopping the leaves, 1-2-flowered. 
Calyx \ in. deep ; teeth lanceolate. Corolla ^} in., purplish- white. Pod straight, 
gUbrous, linear, J-1 in. long. 

12. TAZaOVSXiXiA, Linn. 

Annual herbs. Leaves pinnately 3-foliolate, toothed. Flowers racemed, 
lemon-yellow. Calyx tube campanidate ; teeth distinct^ subequal. Petals free 
from tne etaminal tube; standard and wings narrow; keel shorter, obtuse. 
Stamens diadelphous; filaments not dilated; anthers uniform. Ovary sessile^ 
manj-OTuled ; style glabrous ; stigma terminal. Pod linear or linear-oblong, 
compressed or subterete, not spiral, usually exserted, many-seeded, continuous 
within. — DisTBiB. Species 60, mostly Mediterranean and Oriental. Many cul- 
tiyated for forage. 

• Pod short, turgid, 

1. T. ooovata, DelUe ; DC, Prodr, ii. 185 ; Boiss, Fl, Orient, ii. 84. T. 
argata, Visiani PI. JEggpt, 33, t. 8, fig. 1. 

Plains of Scimde, Stocks ; Upper Ganoetic Platw, near Lucknow, Anderson. — 
DisTBiB. Egypt, Nubia. 

Diffuse, densely cseepitose, glabrous or subglabrous, annual, with slender stems a 
few in. long. Stipules deeply laciniated ; petiole exceeding the sharply-toothed minute 
oblanceolate cuneate leaflets. Flowers 2-4 together in copious sessile axillary clusters. 
Calyx \ in. ; teeth linear-setaceous. Corolla slightly exserted. Pod elliptical, 
scarcely exserted, glabrous, usually 2 -seeded. 

•• Pod long, turgid. 

2. T. Foenmn-prraDOiuny Linn, ; DC. Prodr, ii. 182 ; pod large long- 
beaked, reticulations distant not transverse. Ro.vh, Fl, Ind, iii. 389 ; TVaU. Cat. 
6084 ; W. (J- A. Prodr. 106 ; SiUh. ^ Sni. Fl. Graca, t. 706 : Boiss. Fl. Orient. 
ii. 70. 

Kashiob, Punjab, Uppbb GAKOirric Plain, &c — Distbib. South Europe and 
Orient, widely cultivated. 

Anntial, robust, erect, subglabrous. Stipules not laciniated ; leaflets toothed, 
}-l in. long, oblanceolate-oblong. Flowers 1-2, sessile in the axils of the leaves. 
Calyx 4—^ in., teeth linear. Corolla much exserted. Pod 2-3 in. long, 10-20-seeded, 
with a long persistent beak, often fEdcate. 

3. T. polyoerata* Xtnn. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 184; pod small not beaked, 
reticalationB close transverse, flowers 1-6 in a sessile or short^peduncled mubeL 
T. indsa, Boyle III, 197 ; Camb. in Jacq. Vby. Bot. 36, t. 42 ; Boiss, Fl Orient. 
ii. 76. T. pinnatifida, Cav, ; DC. Prodr. ii. 183. T. monantlia, C. A. Meyer in 
Led. Fl. Bass. i. 634 ; Boiss. Fl. Orient, ii. 77. T. orthoceras, Kar. 8f Kir. ; 
Walp. Bep. i. 637 ; Boiss. Fl. Orient, ii. 77. T. geminiflora, Bwnge Bel. Lehtn. 
71. T. Iffahuica, Boiss. Fl. Orient, ii. 73. 

Punjab and IJppbb Ganoetic Plain, ascending to 6000 ft. — Distbib. West 
Siberia, Orient, South Europe to Spain. 

Annual, more slender, branchea and difluse than in the last. Stipules not laci- 
niated ; points setaceous ; leaflets smaller, sharply inciso-dentate or even pinnatifid, 

88 L. lequminosj:. (J. G. Baker.) {^TrigoneUa. 

oboTate ; base deltoid, entire. Flowers 1-6 usually 2-4, sessile or on a short common 
peduncle in the axil of leaf. Chlyx ^ in., subcylindrical ; teeth setaceous, shorter 
than tube. Corolla slightly exserted. Pod 1-2 in. long, Mcate, ^ in. broad, much 
'wrinkled transversely, 10-20-Beeded. 

4. T. bamosa. Linn.; DC, Prodr. ii. 183; pod small not beaked, reti- 
culations close transverse, flowers 6-12 in short-peduncled racemes. Boiu. FL 
Orient, ii. 84. T. obcordata, Wall. Cat. 6986 ; Benth. in Boyle III. 197. T. 
nervosa, Klotzsch in Beise Br. Wold. Bot, 158, t. 1, fig. 1. 

Included amongst Wollich's plants, with the habitat of Tikari {HaTnilton), but a 
doubtful native of India proper. — Distbib. Afghanistan, Egypt, Nubia, Cape. 

Annual^ glabrous. Sterne csespitose, diffuse, 1 ft. or more long. Stipules broad, 
deeply cut ; leaflets obovatc-cuneate, shallowly toothed, J— ^ in. long ; base deltoid, 
entire. Racemes close, equalling or falling short of the leaves, terminated by a spine. 
Calyx short'pedicelled, \mder ^^r in. deep; teeth lanceolate, shorter than the tube. 
Corolla three times the calyx. Fod |-^ in. long, much curved, 4-6-seoded. 

••• Bod linear or linear-oblong flat, 

5. T. grrciOiliSt Benth, in Boyle Bl, 197; glabrous, peduncles 1-3- 
flowered, corolla distinctly exserted, pod linear straight 6-8-seeded. 

Kashmir, Kttmaok, Gurwhal, &c., alt. 6-7000 ft. 

Stems very slender, trailing, 1-1^ ft. long. Stipules linear, faintly toothed; 
petiole shorter than leaflets, often scarcely any ; leaflets obovate-cuneate, ^-^ in. long, 
finely inciso-dentate, veins raised. Peduncles filiform, exceeding leaves, ending in a 
conspicuous awn. Calyx ^ in. ; teeth setaceous, as long as the tube. Pod |-^ in. by 
^ in., marked with distinct rather close transverse veins. 

6. T. pubesoens, Edgw. MSS. ; finely downy, peduncles 1-3-flowered, 
corolla slightly exserted, pod linear-oblong straight 10-12-seeded. 

Hazara, Kashmir, Kumaon, Pin, Kunawar, &c., alt. 5-10,000 ft. 

Stems more branched and stouter than in the last, reaching 1 ft. or more long. 
Stipules linear, faintly toothed ; petiole shorter than the blade ; leaflets obovate> 
oblong, cuneate at the base, distinctly inciso-dentate, ^-J in. long. Peduncle as long 
as the leaves, not ending in an awn. Calyx h in., finely downy ; teeth linear-setaceous, 
exceeding the tube. Pod downy at first, ^-^ in. by \-\ in. ; veins transverse, distinct, 
very close. 

7. T. emodif Benth. in Boyle III. 197; flowers 4-6 rarely up to 12 
closely racemose, corolla 2-3 times the calyx, pod linear-oblong straight 4r-6- 
seeded. Melilotus emodi, Wall. Cat. 5941. Trigonella himalaica. Wall. MSS. 
T. cachemiriana, Cattib. in Jacq. Voy. Bot. 36, t. 41. Botryolotua cachemy- 
rianus, Javh. ^ Spach. Illust. i. 125. T. rhytidocarpa, Boiss. 4' ; Bal, FL Orient, 
ii. 78. 

Kashmir to Nipal, alt. 4-10,000 ft. — Distrib. Afghanistan, Persia, Orient 
Habit and inflorescence of T, comiculata, from which it mainly differs in pod. Stenu 
glabrous, copiously branched, 1 ft. or more high. Stipules slightly inciso^entate, 
points linear-setaceous ; leaflets obovato, distinctly inciso-dentate in the wild form. 
Peduncles 1-2 in. long, terminated by a distinct point Calyx glabrous, J-^ in.; 
teeth linear, as long as the tube. Pod ^-j in. by ^-^ in., glabrous, with close dis- 
tinct raised veins. 

8. T. ooraioulata, Linn. ; DC, Prodr. ii. 184 ; flowers 6-12 closely race- 
mose, corolla 2-3 times the calyx, pod narrow linear falcately recurved 4-8- 
seeded. Boxb. FL Ind, iii. 389 ; W. cS* A. Prodr. 196 ; Wight Ic. t 384 ; Sibth, 
4" Sm. Fl. Grceca, t. 761 ; Boies. FL Orient, ii. 83. T. elatior, Sibth. <J- Sm, FL 
Qraxa, t. 762. T. fimbriata, Boyle lU. 197. T. esculenta, WUld. ; DC. Prodr. 
ii. 186 ; WalL Cat, 6985. 

MeUUfiiu.'] L. LBGUMiNOSiB. (J. G. Baker.) 89 

Bmoix, Kashxib and Ladak to Kuicaon, alt. 5-12,000 ft. — Distbib. Af- 
gbanistan. Orient, South Europe. 

Diffiise, yezy much branched, glabrous, suberect, 1 ft. or more high. Stipules 
deeplj or faintl j toothed, points setaceous ; petiole as long as or exceeding leaflets ; 
lealieta obovata-cuneate, £untly inciso-dentate, i-} in. long. Peduncles exceeding the 
leayes, awned at the tip. Calyx ^ in. ; teeth snorter than the tube. Pod ^-} in. by 
^ in., glabrous, marked with close transverse raised veins. 

18. XBXiZXiOTirS, Juss. 

Annual or biennial herb. Leaves with toothed pinnately d-foliolate] leaflets. 
Flowers in long racemes. Calt/x-tuhe campanulate ; teeth 5, subequal, lanceo-> 
late. CoroUa caducous, firee from the staminal tube; standard and wincfs 
narrow; keel strai^t, obtuse. Stamens diadelphous, filaments not dilated; 
anthers uniform. Orary sessile or stipitate, few-^vuled ; style filiform, glabrous, 
much incurved, stigma terminaL Pod oblong, much exserted, indehiscent. — 
Distbib. Species about a dozen ; spread through the temperate regions of the 
Old World. 

1. BK. parriflora* Desf. ; DC, Prodr. ii. 187 ; annual, corolla pale yellow 
minute, standard exceeding wings and keel, pod glabrous. Wall. Cat. 6948 A, 
B. ; W.J^ A. Prodr, 196 ; Boiss. Fl Orient, li. 108. M. indica, AU. FL Ped. i. 
806. M. minima, Hoth ; DC, Prodr, iL 189. Trifolium indicum, Linn, ; Eavb. 
Fl. Ind. iiL 888. 

WssrsBN Penucsuul, Bbnoal, North West Pbovtncbs, tropical zone. — Dis- 
TED. Orient, Europe, and introduced in many other regions. 

Stems slender, 1-1^ ft. high. Stipules linear acuminate ; leaflets obovate or ob- 

LoM., only known in India in cultivation. 

2. SB. alba* Lamk, Diet. iv. 68 ; biennial, corolla white, standard exceed- 
ing wings and keel, pod glabrous. Boiss. Fl. Orient, ii. 109. M. altissima, 
WaiL Cat. 6942, mm ThuSl. M. leucanths, Koch ; DC. Prodr. u. 187 ; W. ^ 
A. Prodr. 196. M. vulgaris, WUld. Fnutn. 490. 

Northern Provinces, ascending from the plains of Bsnoal to 12-13,000 ft in 
NrBBA, and 11,000 ft. in Ladak. — Distbib. Europe, Orient, Siberia, &c 

Much taller and more robust than the last. Stipules and leaflets similar. Racemes 
in flower l|-2 in., in fruit 3-4 in. long. Calyx under ^ in. ; teeth lanceolate, shorter 
than the tube. Corolla always white, inodorous, 2-3 times the length of the cnlyx 
in the temperate zone, nearly as small as in M.parviflora in the plains. Pod as in the 
last, but larger, often 2-8eeded. 

8. X. offiolnallSf Wilid. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 186 ; biennial, corolla yellow, 
standard the same length as the wings and keel, pod hairy. Boiss. Fl. Orient, 
ii. 100. M. macrorhiza, Pers. ; DC, Prodr. ii. 187. M. altissima, Thuill. Fl. 
Par. 878, nan WaUich, Trifolium oflScinale, Willd, ; Boxb, Fl. Ind. iii. 388. 

NvBBAand Ladak : 10-13,000 ft., TTtomson, Stewart. — Distbib. Europe, Orient, &c. 

Very like M. alba in general habit and identical in stipules and leaflets. Racemes 
denser, and not quite so long. Cak/x ^ in. ; teeth lanceolate, as long as the tube. 
Corolla linear, yellow, odorous, usually three times as long as the calyx. Pod dis- 
tinctly stipitate, ^ in. long, l-2-6eeded, not so obtuse. 

14 XSDZOAaO, Linn. 

Herbs, rarely shrubs. Leaves pinnately 3-foliolate ; leaflets toothed. Ckdyx^ 
tabe campanulate ; teeth 5, subequal. CoroUa more or less exserted, free 

90 I. LSQUMINOSJS. (J. G. Baker.) [Medicago. 

from the staminal tahe; Btandard and wings oblong; keel Btraighty obtuae. 
Stamens diadelphous ; filaments filiform; anthers imiform. Ovary eessile, 
usually many-ovuled ; style shorty little incurved ; stigma oblique. Pod usually 
spirally twisted, many-seeded, indehiscent, rarely siclde-ehaped^ in M. lupuUna 
one-seeded. — Distkib. Species about 40 ; spread principally round the Mediter- 

M. SATivA, Linn. ; Wall. Cat. 6946, A, B, probably a cultivated race of M.falcata, 
characterised by the pod forming a double spiral and flowers usually purple, is ofbeu 
grown for forage in Madras, Bengal, and the North-West Provinces. 

• Suberect, perenmal, 

1. X. fUcata, Linn. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 172 ; Boiss. Fl. Orient, ii. 93. M. 
sativa, WaU. Cat. 6945 0, D. M. procumbens, Besser, Prim. Fl. Qal. ii. 127. 

Kashmir, Lat)ax, Kvnawar, &c.; alt. 5-13,000 ft. — Distbib. Afghanistan^ 
Orient, and all through Europe. 

Subglabrovs, copiously branched, 1-2 ft. high. Leaflets oblanceolnte, ^1 in. long. 
Peduncles exceeding leaves. Flowers 12-20, in close racemes. Calyx \ in. ; teeUi 
setaceous, as long as the tube. Corolla bright yellow, twice the calyx. Pod linear, 
sickle-shaped, glabrous, ^-} in. long, 6-10-seeded. 

•• Diffuse trailing annuals or biennials, 

2. X. Inpullnc^ Linn. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 172 ; biennial, pod minute linear 
sickle-shaped unarmed one-seeded. Wcdl. Cat. 5944; Botss. FL Orient, ii. 

Tropical and temperate tracts of the north-west, ascending from the Indus valley 
and Gangktic plain to 10-12,000 ft. — Distbib. Orient, Siberia, Europe, Abyssinia, 
often cultivated. 

Stem 1 ft. or more long, finely downy. Stipules toothed; points lanceolate, 
acuminate; leaflets obovate, faintly inciso-crenato, base deltoid, entire. Flowers 
12-20, densely capitate ; peduncles exceeding the leaves. Calyx ^ in. ; teeth seta- 
ceous, as long as the tube. Corolla slightly exserted. Pod ^ in. long, indehiscent, 
glabrous or downy, faintly veined longitudinally, finally black. 

8. X. orbloalarlSy All. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 174 ; annual, pod spiral unarmed 
large vertically compressed. Boiss. Fl. Orient, ii. 97. 

Kashmib ; temperate region, Falconer. — ^Distbib. Orient, Mediterranean, Abjs« 

Stems slender, subglabrous, a foot or more long. Stipules short, deeply ladniated ; 
leaflets ^-} in. long, obovate-cuneate, faintly inciso-dentate. Peduncles shorter 
than the leaves, 1-3-flowered. Calyx jt in. ; teeth linear-setaceous. Corolla yellow, 
much exserted. Pod ^-f in. broad, with 4-5 flattened spirals, distantly finely trans- 
versely veined. 

4. X. laolniatat ^tf. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 180; annual, stipules laciniated^ 
pod small subglobose spiral muricated, corolla scarcely exserted. Boiss. FL 
Orient, ii. 104. 

Punjab ; tropical region, Fleming , Jacquemont, Aiichison. — Distbib. Orient, Medi- 
terranean, Abyssinia. 

Stems glabrous, very slender, reaching a foot long. Leaflets ^-f in. long, obovate- 
-cuneate, sharply inciso-dentate or even pinnatifid ; petiole equalling or exceeding 
leafiets. Peduncles filiform, awnod, 1-2-flowered. Calyx narrowly turbinate, ^in.; 
teeth setaceous. Pod ^ in. broad with 4-5 sharply muricated spirals. 

5. X. dentlcalata« WiUd.; DC. Prodr. ii. 176; annual, stipules laci- 
niated, corolla twice the calyx, pod subglobose spiral muricated. Boiss. FL 
Orient, ii. 102. M. canescens, Ch-ah. in Wall. Cat. 5946. M. polymorphSi 
Boxb. FL Ind. iii. 890. 

Xohit.] L. Lsommiosf. (J. O. Baker.) 91 

Tropical zone of the nozth-vest : ScnrDE, Benoai^ Otjde, Punjab, Kuuaon, &c — 
BisTsiB. Orient, Abyssinia, Enrope, Japan, China, Siberia. 

Stems subglabrous, more robust than in M, minima and laciniata. Leaflets ^-} in. . 
loDg, oborate-cnneate, funtlj toothed. Peduncles short, closely 2-6-flowered, not 
awned. Ca/yx -^ in. ; teeth lanceolate, as long as the tube. Pod with 2-4 spirals, . 
the Teined face j-j- in« broad without the spines, which are ^-^ in. long in the type, . 
but reduced down to mere tubercles in the var. N. apiculaia, Willd. 

6. X. minima* Lamk. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 178 ; annual, stipules subentire, pod 
small subglobose spiral muricated. Boiss. Fl. OrietU, ii. 103. 

t, alt. 5-6000 ft., D, Thomson. — Distbib. Afghanistan, Orient, Mediter- 
ranean, Abyssinia, Europe. 

Finely downy, the stems under ^ ft. long. Petioles as long as the leaflets, which are 
oboTate-cuneate, j—} in. long, distinctly toothed. Peduncles as long as the leaves, 
flo— ly 2-6-flowerad, not mucronate. Calyx ^ in., finely downy ; teeth linear-seta- 
ceous, as long as the tube. Corolla distincuy exserted. Pod ^ in. broad, exclusire of 
the long spines, formed of 4-5 close spirals. 

16. X1OTIJS9 l^wn, 

Herbe. Leaves usually 5-foliate, the lowest pair of leaflets arising from the base 
of the petiole like stipules. Cali/.v tube campanulate, teeth subequal. Corolla 
cadncoosy free from the staminal tube; standard obovate clawed, exceeding 
the wings and incurved shortly beaked keel. Stamens diadelphous, filaments 
dilated at the apex ; anthers uniform. Ovary sessile, many-ovuled ; style long, 
ahmptly inflexed, stigma terminal. Pod linear, turgid, septate between the 
seeds. — Distbib. Species 60 or more, spread through North and South temperate 

L. major. Scop, is in Bellew's Kashgar collection. 

1. 1h oomloiilatiiSy Linn. ; DC, Prodr, ii. 214 ; herbaceous, leaflets 6, 
upper 3 remote from lower 2, flowers in peduncled terminal umbels. Boiss. FL 
Orient, ii. 166. L. bracteatus, Wall, Cat, 6939. 

Wkst HncAULTAs, as far east as Nipal, principally in the temperate zone up to 
10,000 ft., but descending into the plains. — Distbib. Europe, Orient, Abyssinia, Japan, 

Perennial. Stems slender, glabrous or obscurely silky. Leaflets 6, the end one 
sessile and two lowest stipule like. Flowers 4-8 in a close umbel, subtended by a re- 
doead triibliolate leaf, at the end of a long peduncle. Calyx ^ in. ; teeth lanceolate-cus- 
pidate. Corolla showy, 2-3 times as long as the calyx. Pod cylindrical, straight, }-l 
in. long. 

Vab. minor ; a dwarf form, from the plains of Scindc with solitary flowers and 
fleshy leaflets ^ in. bug. 

2. &. r Oarolnl, DC. Prodr. ii. 212 ; suflruticose, leaflets 3 all sessile 
rarely 6, flowers sessile axillary solitary. Boiss, Fl, Orient, ii. 174. Ononis 
AucWi, Jaiib, ^ Spach HI. PI. Orient, i. 96. L. Stocksii, Boiss. Fl. Orient. 

ScxzTDB in sandy ground near the sea, Stocks. — Distbib. Through Persia to Nubia. 

Halnt less like that of a Lotus than of an Ononis, to which genus it also approaches by 
its slightly dimorphous anthers. Stems ^1 ft., copiously stifiiy branched, covered like 
the leaves with short grey tomentum. Leaflets pale, fleshy, j-J in. long, oboyate-cunc- 
ate. Flowers copious, inconspicuous. Calyx ^ in., densely downy; teeth linear, 
twice the tube. Corolla not exserted. Po(2 linear, straight, ^^.O-seeded, J-| in. long. . 

^2 L. LE0T7MIN0SJE. (J. O. Baker.) \_Gyamap8i8. 


Erect annuals, with S-foliolate leayes, laterally attached hairs and small pur- 
ylish flowers in axillary racemes. Calt/aytahe obbque ; teeth miequal, the lowest 
•elongated, setaceous. Petals caducous : standard and win^s narrow ; keel obtuse, 
slightly incurved. Stamens monadelphous ; anthers uniform, apiculate. Ovary 
sessile, linear, 6-8-ovuled ; style short, filiform, much incurved, stigma capitate. 
Pod linear, straight, subtetragonous, 2-yalved, septate between the seeds. — 
DisTRiB. Species 2, the other Arabian and trop. African. 

1. C. psoralloldes, DC, Prodr. ii. 216; WaU, Cat, 6920; W. ^' A, 
Prodr, 197; Wight Ic, t. 248. Psoralea tetragonoloba, Linn.Mant, 104. Lupinus 
iarifoliatus, Cav, Ic, t. 59. Dolichos psoraloides, Lamk, Diet, ii. 300. D. tabse- 
formis, L'Herit, ; Roxh, Fl, Ind. iiL 316. 

Plains from the Himalaya to the Wbstbrn PsimrsvLA, but often, perhaps always, 
•cultivated. — Bistbib. Afghanistan. 

A robust, erect annual, 2-3 ft. high, clothed with adpressed grey hairs attached by 
the middle, as in Indigo/era. Stipules long, linear-setaceous ; leaves petioled, S-foliolate ; 
leaflets ovate, acute, inciso-dentate, 2-3 in. long. Flowers 6-30 in copious close short- 
peduncled axillary racemes; bracts setaceous, protruded. Calyx ^| in. Corolla 
scarcely exserted. Pod thick, fleshy, straight, 1^2 in. long. 

17. XNDXaorS&A, Linn. 

Herbs or shrubs clothed more or less densely with adpressed hairs laterally 
4ittached, often silvery-canescent. Flowers in copious axillary racemes. CalyA: 
minute, campanulate ; teeth 5, subequal or the lowest longest. Corolla caducous ; 
standard obovate ; keel straight, not rostrate, spurred on each side near the base. 
Stamens diadelphous ; anthers uniform, apiculate. Ovary sessile, usually manv- 
ovuled ; style snort incurved, stigma capitate usually penicillate. Pod usually 
lineaiM^ylindrical, rarely oblong or globose, turgid, rarely flattish, in one section 
vcrescent-shaped, densely muricated. — Distrtb. Species 260-300, spread through 
all tropical regions and also abundant at the Cape. 

SuBGEN. 1. AoanthonotoBy Benth, Pod recurved, sickle-shaped, 1- 
«eeded, muricated along the ventral suture. 

1. X. eohlnata, TTt^W.; DC. Prodr, ii. 222; Roxh, Hort. Peng, 98; Fl. 
Ind. iii. 370 ; Wall. Cat. 5466 ; W, 4' A. Prodr. 198 ; Wight Ic, t, 316 ; Dalz. 
4* Gibs. Bomb, Fl, 67. Hedysarum nummularifolium, Zirin. Sp. PL 1061 (excl, 
-syn,). n. rotundifolium, Vahl Symb. ii. 81. H. erinaceum, Poir, Diet, Su0)l, 
vi. 393. Onobrychis rotundifolia, Desv. ; DC. Prodr, ii. 348. O. cuneifolia, bC, 
Prodr, ii. 348. Indigofera prostrata, Boab. MSS, 

Plains of Ceylon and the Western Peninsxtul. — Distbib. Guinea. 

A diffuse much-branched annual Mnth sterna 1-2 ft. long. Leaves simple, nearly 
sessile, broad-obovate, obtuse, mucronate, glabrescent, membranous, J-j in. long ; sti- 
pules linear-setaceous. RaccTnes copious, short- peduncled, 6-10-flowered. Calyx -k 
m. ; teeth setaceous, very long. Corolla pinkish, \ in. Pod under ^ in. long, laterally 
-flattened, beaked with the persistent stylo. 

SuBOEN. 2. SphaDrldlophoray Desv. Pod minute, unarmed, globose, 
1 -seeded. 

2. X. llnifolia, Retz;DC, Prodr. ii. 222; Roxb. Fl, Ind, iii. 370; Cor, 
PI, t, 196 ; WaU. Cat. 6489 ; W, ^ A. Prodr, 198 ; Wight Ic. t, 313 ; Dalz, (Sf 
Gibs. Bofnb. Fl. 68 ; Boiss. Fl. Orient, ii. 188. Sphseridiophora linifolium, Desv, 

J^oum, Bot, iii. 126, t. 6, fig. 36. S. ab}'88inicum, Jaidf, et Spach, III, t, 494. 

Indigoferc^l L. legumiko&b. (J. O. Baker.) 93 

Throughoat India from the Hucaiatas to Cbtlon, oommoD. — Distrib. Abyssinia, 
A%lianiftan, Malay Isles, N. Australia. 

Aauhud^ the whole plant persistently silyery-hoary. StcTna slender, copiously^ 
loanched both at the base and upwards, ^1 ft. Leaves simple, subeessile, ^1 in. 
long, typically linear, acute, but yarying (var. CampbeUii^ Wight) to obovate, obtuso^ 
with a macro; stipules minute, setaceous. Flowers 6-12 in copious dense subsessile 
racemes. Calyx n^in.* silvery ; teeth long, linear-setaceous. Corolla bright red, 2-3 
times the calyx. Pod hard, mucronate, silvery, under ^ in. thick. 

SuBOSN^. 3. finindlflToferay Benth. Ovary with at least 2 oyules, usually 
with many. Pod linear or oblongs unaimed^ turgid. 

Group 1. SimpiicifoluB, Leaves simple (in Sp. 6 casually 3-folioliate.) 

3. Z. oordifoliay Heyne ; DC. Prodr. ii. 222 ; herbaceous, loosely pubes- 
oenty leaves subsessUe cordate-ovate, flowers in dense sessile beads, pod oblong 
2-«eded. W. ^ A, Prodr. 109 ; Dab. ^ Gibs. Bomb. Fl. 68. lleylandia ? cor- 
difolia, Qrah. m WaU. Cat. 6343. 

Plains throughout India proper, ascending to 4000 ft. in the Chenab valley.--* 
DiSTRiB. Afghanistan, Beloocnistan, Nubia, Malay Isles, K.Australia. 

A copiously branched diffuse annual with stems j-} ft. long. Lea ves subobtuse with 
a mncro, flexuous, ^-} in. long, obscurely downy above, densely below ; stiptdes sotace* 
oos, minute. Hmda copious, 4-8-flowered. Calyx ^ in. densely downy ; teeth long,. 
setaceous. ■ Corolla bright red, not ezserted. Pod under j- in. long, pubescent, casually 

4. Z. triqaetraf Dalz. m Hook. Kew Joum. ii. 36; herbaceous, thinly 
a ige n teo-caneacent, loEives subsessile oblong, flowers 6-12 in smidl pedunclea 
ivoemes, pod linear 4-6-seeded. Dalz. <$* Gibs, Bomb. Flara^ 68. 

Plains of Cokcan, BaXeelU Stocks, 

Perennial, greenish in shade, obscurely silvery in exposure. Stems very fiexuous, 
truling, 1 ft. or loss long, slender, acutely triquetrous. Leaves firm, ^-} in. long, nar- 
rowed or slightly rounded at both ends ; stipules setaceous, persistent, nacemes short- 
peduDcled, &ially an inch long. Calyx ^ in., canescent ; teeth long, setaceous. Corolla 
i in., bright red. Pod ^-^ in. long, turgid, glabrous, the flatten^ sutures margined 
by acute seels. 

6. Z. calonenraf Kurz in Joum. Asiat. Soc. Beng. 42, 2, 220 ; shrubby,. 
fhlTO-pubendous, leaves small petioled elliptical with veins beneath much raised^ 
racemes short close, pods unknown. 

Paov, Kurz. 

An erect branched shrub. Leaves J-J in., rounded to lx)th ends, mucronulate, char- 
taceooa, glabrous above, glauccscent and softly pubescent below ; petiole as long a» 
blade ; stipules minute, linear-subulate. Racemes usually shorter than leaves ; pe- 
duncle ^ in.; bracts subulate, moderately long. Calyx broad, short. Corolla ^ in., 
probably rose. Ovary densely silky. 

6. Z. Bniiioniana« Grah. in Wall. Cat. 5491 ; shrubby, argenteo-ca- 
Descent, leaves large petioled oblong, racemes close elongated, pods cylindrical 
many-seeded. Wall. PI. As. Bar. t. 279. 

BiBMA, Mount Prome, Wallich. 

Branches long, virgate, terete, slender. Leaves oblong, casually 3-foliolatc, firm,. 

Group 2. Sessilifloree. Leaves odd-pinnate. Flowers in dense sessile or 
short-peduncled heads. Pods short, few-seeded. 

'94 L. LEQUMiKOSii. (J. G. Baker.) llndigofera. 

7. Z. ^iBLndaloBt^Willd. ; DC, Prodr, ii. 223 ; thinly pubescent, not at all 
aigenteo-canescent, leayes distinctly petioled always 8-foliolate, corolla 3--4 times 
the calyx, pd l-2-8eeded. Roxh.FL Ind. iii. 372 ; WaU. Cat, 5461; W, ^ A. 
Prodr, 199 ; Wight Ic, t. 330 ; Dalz, ^ Gibs, Bomb, Fl, 68. I. fhimentacea, 
Eoxh, MSS. 

Plains of Wsstern Pbicinsvla. and Buitdbucund. 

Annual^ with elongated slender branches clothed when young with spreading hairs. 
Stipules setaceous, minute ; petiole nearly as long as the leaflets ; leaflets oblanceolate, 
membranous, A-1 in. long, green above, hairs adpressed obscure, pale glaucous with co- 
pious distinct ulack dots below. Heads j— | in. long, sessile. Calyx -f^ in., pubescent ; 
teeth long, setaceous. Pod brown, finely pubescent, oblong, ^ in. long, the sutures often 
•dentate, in var. 7. Sykesiif Herb. Griff., globose, 1 -seeded. 

8. Z. triflTonelloldeSf Javh, <$> Spach,'' lUutt, t. 482; densely silyeryy 
leayes distinctly petioled 6-7-foliolate, corolla scarcely ezserted, pod linear 3-4- 

r seeded. I. aspenfolia, Hochst, in Schimp, PL Abt/u, No. 2272. I. aeruginis. 
Schweinf, Fl, ASthiop, 11. 

Plains of Scindb, Stocks, — Distbib. A^hanistan, Abyssinia. 

Annual ; stems csspitose, trailing, much branched, ^1 It* long. Leaves ^-l in. 
long ; leaflets firm, alternate, oblanceolate ; stipules linear ; petiole i-| in. Heads 
•copious, alwajTS sessile, round or oblong, 12-20 flowered. CtUf/x ^ in.; teeth long, 
setaceous. Corolla red. Pod ^ in. long, cylindrical, silvery-hoary, torulose. 

9. Z. enneaphylla* Linn,-, DC, Prodr, ii. 229; thinly silyery-hoaiyy 
leayes nearly sessile 7-11-foliolate, corolla slightly exserted, pod oblong 2-6eeded. 
Hoxb, Fl. Ind, iii. 376; WaU, Cat, 6444 ; W, ^ A. Prodr. 199 ; Wight 7c. t 
403; Dalz, ^ Gibs. Bomb, Fl, 68. I. ciespitosa, Wight in Wall, Cat. 6447. 
Hedysarum prostratum, Xinn. Mant. i. 102 ; Burm. Fl, Ind. t. 66, fig. 1. 

Plains of India from the HiifAULTA.s (where it ascends to 4000 ft.) to Cbtlok and 
BiBMA. — Distbib. Angola, Malay isles, North Australia. 

Annual or biennial. Stems densely csespitose, 1-1 ^ ft., trailing, much branched. 
Leaves ^l|^ in. long ; leaflets flrm, oblanceolate, alternate; stipules minute, setaceous. 
Heads l2-20-flowered, dense, short- peduncled or sessile. Co/yjr^-^in., hoary; teeth 
long, setaceous. Pod |-^ in. long, cylindrical, thinly hoary. 

Group 3. Digitat€B, Leaves digitate or nearly so, rarely 1-foliolate, sessile. 
Flowers solitary, pedicellate. 

10. Z. onlflora, HamUt. MSS. ; herbaceous, branches yery slender, 
pedicels excedinff the leayes as long as the pod. Roxb, Fl. Ind. iii. 374 ; WaU. 
Cat. 6446 ; W, ^ A, Prodr. 199 ; Wig/U Ic. t, 333 ; Dalz, ^ Oibs, Bomb, Fl, 68. 

Plains of the Westebx Pbkiksula and Cabxatic. 

Perennial. Stems herbaceous, very slender, copiously branched, l-H ft. long. 
Stipules setaceous, very minute ; leaflets 3-7t rarely 1, narrow, oblanceolate, subobtuse 
or subacute, ^-f in. long, pale green, membranous, with a few obscure adpressed 
hairs, not always perfectly digitate. Pedicels flliform, f-^ in. Calyx scarcely ^ in. ; 
teeth long, linear. CoroUa red, Jin. Pod glabrous, straight, linear, |-^ in. long. 

11. Z. aspalatholdes, Vahl; DC, Prodr, ii. 231; shrubby, branches 
woody rigid, pedicels as long as the leaves much shorter than the pod. W, fy 
A. Prodr, 199 ; Wight Ic, t. 332 ; Hook, Ic. t. 188 ; Dalz. ^ Gibs. Bomb, Fl. 
438. I. aspalathifolia, Boxb, Hort, Beng, 98 ; Fl. Ind. iii. 371 ; WaU. Cat, 6446. 
Aspalathus indicus, Linn. Sp. Plant, 1001. Lespedeza juncea, WaU. Oat. 
-6743, B^Bheede Hort. Mai Lx. t. 37. 

Plains of Cabnatic and Csylok. 

Indigcfera.'] l. lbquminosa. (J. O. Baker.) 95 

A low umderthrmb, with copiously spreading rigid terete branches and argenteo- 
caneseent branchlets. Leqflets 1-5, pale green, with a few obscure adpressed hairs, 
oblanceolate, -^p-i- in. long, often complicate. Pedicels erecto-patent, ^-^ in. Calyx 
and corolU like tnat of /. uniflora. Pod straight, glabrous, turgid, ^-§ in. long. 6-^- 

Qioup 4. DMt^lora. Leaves odd-pinnate. Flowers few together, in lax 
short-peaimcled racemes. 

12. Z. pentaphyllaf Linn, ; DC, Prodr, ii. 230 ; branches with only a few 
spreading deciduous ^andless hairs, leaflets 5 oboyate, racemes 2-4-flowered,pods 
nabioitt. W. ^ A. Ihrodr, 200 ; Wight Ic, t. 385, non Burch, I. elabra, Xinn. ; 
DC. Prodr, iL 229. I. fragrans, Rkz, ; DC. Prodr. loc. dt. ; J^orS. Fl. Ind. iiL 
375 ; WaU. Orf. 6452. 

Plains throughout India Proper from the Hdialayas to Cetlom. — Distbib. Trop. 

Annual, densely csspitose; branches firm, very slender, a foot or more long. 
Lnves short-potioled, \-\ in. long; leaflets opposite, membranous, pale, glaucous 
below, with a few adpressed bristly hairs ; stipules setaceous, persistent. Calyx ^s in. 
long ; teeth long, setaceous. Corolla ^ in., bright red. Pod tuigid, straight, |-| in. 
long, a-12-8eeded, not at all torulose. 

13. Z. tenoifolla, RoUl ; W. 8r A. Prodr. 200 ; branches and pod with 
only a few adpressed hairs, leaflets 7-9 oblanceolate, racemes 3-6-flowered. 
Dck. ^ Oibs. Bomb. Fl. 58. 

Plains of the Western pEmNsuui and Cbtlon. 

General habit of /. pentaphylla, which it approaches closely. Leaves }-l in. long, 
sbovt-petioled ; leaflets opposite, firmer than in the last and much narrower, wiUi 
onmeroiiui adpressed hairs on both sides ; stipules setaceous, rery minute. Racemes 
slKnt-pednncled, equalling or slightly exceeding the leaves. Calyx and corolla as in 
/. penUiphylla. Pod straight, cylindrical, }-l in. long, 8-10-seeded, distinctly torulose. 

14. Z* ▼isoOMlf Lamk. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 227 ; branches and pod densely 
clothed with minute gland-tipped hairs, leaflets 7-0 oblanceolate, racemes G-12- 
flowered. Boxh. Fl. Ind. m. 377 ; W. ^ A. Prodr. 200 ; Wight Ic. t. 404 ; 
WaU. Cat. 5451 ; Boiss. Fl. Orient, ii. 189. I. glutinosa, Perott. ; DC. Prodr. 
he. cit. I. lateritia, Willd. ; DC. Prodr. loc. cit. I. graveolens and glutinosa, 
Boxh. MS8. Galega Colutea, Burm. Fl. Ind. 172. 

Plaiss of India from the Himalatas to Cetlom ; Bibxa. — ^Distrib. Trop. Africa, 
Afghanistan, Malay isles. North Australia. 

Branches densely csspitoee, 1-3 ft. high, more robust and woody than in the two 
last, persifltently densely viscous throughout. Leaves }-l^ in. long ; leaflets mem- 
branous, opposite, pale green above, very glaucous below, with persistent adpressed 
bristly hairs ; stipules setaceous, minute ; petiole ^ in. long, viscous like the branches. 
Raeemes shoxt-pMuncled, about as long as the leaves. Calyx and corolla as in the 
two last. Pod straight, }-l in. long, 10-12-seedod, faintly torulose. 

15. Z. pedioellata, W. ^ A. Prodr. 200 ; branches and pod glabrescent, 
leaflets 3 oUanceolate-oblong, racemes 6-12-flowered. Wight Ic. t. 983. 

NiiOHiRis and Puuiet hills. 

Perenmal. Branches trailing, firm, very slender, a foot or more long, faintly 
rabeseent when young. Stipules linear, minute ; petiole shorter than the leafiets ; 
leaflets firm, J-^ in. long, with a few adpressed grey hairs on both sides, and black 
tesnle glands below, the end one subsessilc. Racemes ^1 in. long. 6-12-flowered; 
pedicels 2-8 times the calyx, with distinct linear bracteoles. Calyx ^ in., shortly 
pubescent ; teeth long, setaceous. Corolla red, twice the ealyr. Pod straight, |-} 
UL long, many-seeded, obscurely pubescent at first, not at all torulose. 

96 L. LEOUMiKOS^. (J. O. Baker.) [Indigofera. 

Group 6. Tinctorite, Leaves odd-pinnate. Racemes many-flowered, usually 
peduncled. Pods linear, usually many-seeded. 

• Leaflets ^^. 

16. X. tiifoliata, Liim, ; DC. Prodr. ii. 223 ; sufiruticose, branches and 
membranous leaves thinly clothed with adpressed haurs, racemes sessile con- 
gested, leaflets 3 the end one sessile, pod straight glabrescent 6-8-seeded. 

JV, 4- A. Prodr. 201 ; Wight Ic. t. 314 ; Dah. ^ Otbs, Bomb. Fl 59. I. pro- 
strata, WiUd, ; Da Prodr, ii. 233 ; Roxh. HoH. Bmg, 08 ; FL Ind. iii. 873. 
I. moluccana, DC. Prodr. ii. 232. I. multicaulis, DC. Prodr. ii. 223. I. canes- 
cens, Grah. in Wall. Cat. 5448. I. jjeregrina, DC. Prodr. ii. 224. I. orizensis, 
Jtorb. MSS. I. adenophylla, Grrah. in Wall. Cat. 5462. I. congesta, Grah. m 

WaU. Cat. 5471. 

HisLLLATAs (ascending to 4000 ft. in Knmaon) to Cetlon, Trkassebdc, Hel/er. — 
DiSTUiB. Java, China, Philippines, North Australia. 

Perennial. Stems copiously branched, trailing or suberect, 1-2 ft. long, soon 
glabrescent. Stipules minute, setaceous; petiole shorter than the leaflets, which are 
Always 3, digitate, oblanceolate, J-1 in. long, grey-groon abovo, glaucous below with 
black dots. Racemes 6-12-floWered, usually shorter than the petiole. Calyx ^ in. ; 
teeth long, setaceous. Corolla red, 3-4 times the calyx. Pod deflexed, ^-| in. long, 
the sutures acutely bordered, the valTes not torulose. 

17. Z. ▼estltat Baker ; suf&uticose, branches and leaves densely pubes- 
cent, leaflets 3 the end one sessile, racemes sessile congested, pod straight 
pubescent many-seeded. 

Westebn PaNiirauLA ; Pulney hills, Wight. 

Closely allied to the preceding, diflering mainly in pubescence. Branches very 
slender, densely csespitose, under a foot long, ascending, clothed like the petioles, and 
leaves with short spreading soft brownish hairs. Petiole j— | in. ; leaflets crowded, 
obovate, soft, thick, obtuse, ^ in. long. Racemes as in /. trifoliata. Calyx densely 
pubescent, teeth setaceous, plumose. Pod clothed with brown pubescence like that 
of the branches. 

18. Z. tritat Linn.JU. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 232 ; sufiruticose, branches and mem- 
branous leaves thinly clothed with adpressed grey hairs, leaflets 3 obovate the 
end one stalked, racemes congested, pod straight tetragonous 6-10-6e6ded not 
torulose. Roxh. Fl. Ind. iii. 371 ; Don Prodr. 245 ; Mook. Comp. Bat. Mag. 
t. 16 ; W.^ A. Prodr. 204 ; WaU. Cat. 5449 ; Wight Ic. t. 315, 386 ; Dak. 
4- Gibs. Bomb. FL 60. I. cinerea, Willd. ; DC Prodr. ii. 232. I. timoriensiB, 
Willd. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 223. I. canescens, Lamk. ; DC. Prodr. 224, nan Wall. 
I. hedysaroides, Lamk. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 232. I. arcuata, Willd. ; DC. Prodr. 
ii. 232. I. rigida, WUld. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 224. I. armata, WaU. Cat. 5468. 
I. argentea, WaU. Cat. 5455, in part. I. Leschenaultii, DC. Prodr. ii. 223. I. 
terhata, Roxb. MSS. I. virgata, DC. Prodr. ii. 224, non Roxb. 

Plains of India from the Hiuaultas to Ceylon ; BuufA. — Distbzb. Trop. Africa, 
llalay isles. North Australia. 

An undershrub, 2-3 ft. high, with firm slender branches, soon glabrescent. St^tJer 
minute, setaceous ; petiole ^-^ in. ; leaflets always 3, the end one 1-1} in. long, the 
side ones opposite. Racemes 6-12-flowered, usually sessile, seldom over an inch long. 
Calyx -^{-^ in., white-canescent; teeth long, setaceous. CoroUa purplish-red, twice tb» 
calyx. Pod deflexed, }-l j- in. long, the firm glabrescent valves obtusely keeled. 

19. Z. sabulata, VaJU\ DC Prodr. ii. 232; suifruticose, branches and 
membranous leaves thinly clothed with adpressed grey hairs, leaflets 5 obovate 
the side ones opposite, racemes elongated, pod long recurved 10-15-8eeded not 

Indigofera.'] L. leouhinosjs. (J. O. Baker.) 97 

tonilose. I. mucronata, Spreng, ; DC, Prodr. ii. 227. I. flxiccida, Kamig. ; 
:Roxb, Hort. Beng. 98 ; FL Ind. iii. 376 ; W. ^ A. Prodr. 204 ; JFtght Ic. 
t. 387 ; WaU, Cat, 6475. I. scabra, Roth ; DC, Prodr, ii. 229. I. Thonningii, 
Tlumn, et Schum. PI, Gum, 866. 

Plains of the Western Pbxinsuul and Cetlon. — Distbib. Trop. Africa, Tiop. 

Habit and leaflets of /. trita, from which it differs in racemes, leaves and pod. 
Branches woodj, Tirgat«, soon glabrescent. Leaflets thin, glabrescent above, pale 
beloiw with a few adpressed grey hairs, always 5 on the leaves of the main branches, 
-)-l in. long. Peduncles 1-2 in. long ; racemes 20-40-flowered, reaching 4-6 in. long. 
Calgx ^ in. : teeth setaceous. Corolla lilac, 2-3 times the calyx. Pod 1-2 in. long, 
■sabtetragonal from the raised keel of the valves. 

20. X. margrlnulatay Grah. in Wall, Cat, 5407 ; suiBniticose, branches 
and membranous leaves thinly clothed with adpressed grey hairs, leaflets 5 
opposite obovate, racemes elongated, pod straight turgid 6-6-seeded. W, Sf A, 
iWr. 204. 

CoNCAX, Stocks ; Bindygul hills, in the Carnatic, Wight, 

General habit of /. subulata, from which it scarcely differs, except in pod. Leaflets 
the same in shape, size, and vestiture. Bacemes lax, short-pedunclcd, 2-3 in. long, 
exceeding the leaves. Pods deflexed, J-1 in. long, clothed with minute adpressed 
deddnons grey hairs, the valves broadly rounded. 

21. Z. aagnlosay Edgew, MSS, ; suf&uticose, branches and membranous 
leaves thinly clothed with adpressed grey hairs, leaflets opposite 6 oblong, 
racemes elongated, pod short moniliform l-^seeded. I. subulata var. angulosa, 
JBdgew. in lann, Joum, ix. 311. 

BnxDBLXtryD, Edgeworth, 

General habit, leaves and flowers of the two preceding. Leaflets 1-1^ in. lonp, 
pale grey-green. Bacemes peduncled, 30-50-flowered, reaching 4-6 in. long, much 
exceeding the leaves. Pod \-\ in. long, deeply constricted between the seeds, with 
a beak which is gradually narrowed into the style. 

22. Z. pauotfoliaf DelQe ; DC, Prodr. ii. 224 ; shrubby, branches and 
snbeoiiaoeous leaves argenteo-canescent, leaflets 3-5 alternate, pods O-S-seeded 
tomloee recurved. WaU. CcU, 5454 ; W, ^ A. Prodr, 201 ; Wight Ic, t. 331 ; 
Daiz, jr Gihs. Bomb, FL 69 ; Boiss, Fl, Orient, ii. 190. I. argentea, Boxh. Fl, 
Ind. iii. 374; Wall, Cat, 5455, ex parte, non Linn, I. heterophylla, 
Baxb, MSS, 

Plains from Scinde and the Upper Ganges to Ceylon. — Distrib. Java, Beloo- 
chistan, Arabia, Trop. Africa. 

A shrub reaching 4-6 ft. high, with copious woody branches. Leqflcts firm, ob- 
lanceolate-ohlong, ^1 in. long, sometimes solitary on the branches ; petiole short, but 
distinct. Bacemes short- peduncled, 20-60-flowered, reaching 3-4 in. long. Calyx 
Kirerjt t}i in. ; teeth lanceolate-cuspidate, as long as tlie tube. Corolla red, 3-4 timts 
the calyx, thinly silvery externally. Pod \-\ in. long, glaucous, distinctly torulose. 

•• LerrfUis many, opposite (except I, endecaphglla) ; flowers small, 

23. Z. parvlfloraf Heyne ; herbaceous, thinly argenteo-canescent, leaflets 
7-0 linear or narrow oblanceolate opposite poa long glabrescent 15-20- 
neded recurved at the tip. Wall, Cat, 5467; W, §• A, Prodr, 201. I. 
linearis, Guill, ^ Per, Fl, Seneg, 184. Indigastrum deflexum, Javh, ($* Spach, 
la, t 492. 

T0£^ n. H 

98 L. LEGUMiNOSiE. (J. O. Baker.) llndigofera^ 

Plains of the Cabxatic and Wbst Peninsula. — Distbib. Arabia, Trop. A£rica, 
N. Australia. 

A suberect copiously-branched annual, 1-2 ft. high, with, slender flnelj canescent 
stems. Leaves short-petioled, 1^-2 iu. long ; leaflets membranous, ^1 in. long, obtiuse 
or subacute, thinly argenteo-canescent ; stipules minute, setaceous. Racemes con- 
gested, sessile, ^-1 in. long, 6-12-flowered. Calyx ^ in. ; teeth linear, long.. Corolla 
lilac, 2-3 times the Ciilyx. Pod 1-1^ in. long, finely canescent -when young, 

24. Z. endeoaphylla, Jacq. Ic, t. 670 ; herbaceous, stem and leaves with, 
only a few adpressed hears, leaflets 6-d oblanceolate alternate, pod straight 
prlabrescent O-lO-seeded. DC, Prodr. ii. 228 ; Bat. Beg, t. 789. I. pusiUa, 
Lamk, ; DC. Prodr. ii. 229 ? I. Kleinii, W, ^ A. Prodr, 204. I. debUis, Orah^ 
in Wall, Cat. 5406. I. anceps, Vahl. ; Poir, Diet, Suppl. iii. 147. I. Schim- 
periana, Hochst. in Schimp, PI. Abyss. No. 366. 

Plains of the Westkrn Pbninsxtla. Bibma, Wallich, — ^Distbib. Cape, Trop. 
Africa, Siam, China. 

An annual or biennial, vith trailing stems 1-2 ft. long. Leaves nearly sessile, 1-3 
in. long; leaflets membranous, obtuse, ^-J in. long, with a few adpressed grey hairs ; 
stipules ^^ in., lanceolate, acuminate. Racemes close, usually pedunclod, 1-4 in. long. 
Calyx ^jj-^ in. ; teeth setaceous, long. Corolla violet-purple, twice the calyx. Tods^ 
deflexed, J-1 in. long. — If Lamarck s i^me belong here it has priority. 

25. Z. hlrsntay Linn.-, DC. Prodr. ii. 228; herbaceous, stems densely 
clothed with short spreading pubescence, leaflets 5-11 opposite laige obovate, 
pod short straight pubescent 0-8-seeded. WaU. Cat. 5460 ; W. ^ A. Prodr. 
204; Boxh. Fl. Ind. iii. 376; Ja^o. Ic. t. 569; Hook. Comp, Bot.Mag. t. 24. 
I. fusca, G. Doriy Geti. Syst. ii. 211. I. ferruginea, Schum. 4' Thonn. P/. &um. 
S70—Bheede Ilort. Mai. ix. t. 30. 

Plains from the Himalayas (ascending to 4500 ft. in Kumaon) to Ckylon, Ava, 
and Tknasskmm. — ^Distkib. Trop. Africa, Trop. America, Java, Philippines, N» 

Annual or biennial, suberect, reaching 2-4 ft. high, the pubescence grey or brown. 
Leaves short-petioled, 2-6 in. long ; leaflets membranous, grey-green, glaucous below, 
reaching 1-2 in. long, densely coated with adpressed hairs ; stipules setaceous, 
plumose. Racemes short-pedundod, very dense, 2-6 in. long. Calyx ^ in., densely 
pubescent ; teeth setaceous, long, plumose. Corolla rod, not much exserted. Pod 
^J in. long, densely clothed like the branches. 

26. Z. semltrQiig'a, Forsk.-^ DC. Prodr. ii. 230; suflruticose, densely 
argenteo-canescent, leaflets opposite small obovate 5-9, pod linear straight 4-6- 
seeded not torulose. 

Plains of Scinde, Stocks. — Distrib. Arabia, Egypt, Abyssinia. 

A low shrub, diffusely branched from the base. Leaves under 1 in. long; 
leaflets obtuse, ^-^ in. long, subcoriaceous, sometimes emarginate ; stipules 
minute, setaceous. Racemes laxly 6-12-flowered, short-peduncled, usually exceeding 
the leaves. Calyx ^ in., canescent ; teeth linear-lanceolate, as long as the tube. 
Corolla twice the calyx, thinly silvery externally. Pod ^ in. long, turgid, canescent. 

27. Z. argrenteaf Linn. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 224 ; shrubby, densely argenteo- 
canescent, leaflets large obovate, pod reflexed 3-4-seeded torulose. L'Her, 
Stirp. t. 79 ; Boiss. Fl. Chrtnt. ii. 190, non Bo.vh. nee Wall. I. glauca, Lanik. 
Diet. iii. 24^. I. articulata, Gouan III. 49. I. tinctoria, Forsk, Egypt, 138, 
non Linn, 

Indigo/era.'] I. LEOUHmosj!. (J. O. Baker.) 99 

Plains of Scixdb, Stocks. — Distrid. Arabia, E^;ypt, Abyssinia. 

A Bhrab several feet high, with sulcate woody branches. Leaves 1-2 in. long ; 
leaflets opposite, subcoriaceous, persistently argenteous,, ^1 in. long ; petiole ^ in. ; 
stipoles minute, setaceous. Racemes subsessile, 12-20-flowered, shorter than the 
leares, ^I in. long whilst in flower. Calyx ^ in., campanulate, argenteous ; teeth 
ddtxnd, cuspidate, as long as tube. Corolla ^ in., reddish-yellow, externally canescent. 
Pod |-4 in. by ^ in., at first argenteous, finally glabrescent, distinctly torulose. 

Yas. cterulea; leaves 2-3 in. long, leaflets 7-9 less argenteous than in tho 
type, racemes more elongated 1-2 in. long, pod less decidedly torulose. I. 
caerules, Roib. Fl, Ind, Hi. 377 ; W, 4- A. Prodr. 203 ; Wi. Ic. t. 366 ; Dalz. 4- Gibs. 
Bomb. Ft. 69. I. retusa. Grab, in Wall. Cat. 6476. I. brachycarpa, Grah. in Wall. 
Cat. 6470. I. tinctoria, var. brachycarpa, DC. Prodr, ii. 224. Plains of Banda and 
the Western Peninsula. 

28. Z. tinctorlay Linn. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 224 (excl. var, /3) ; shrubby-, 
&intly ftrgenteo-canescent, leafleta 0-13 large obovate-oblon^, pod nearly 
straight 8-12-8eeded not torulose. Roxb, Fl. Ind. iii. 379 : Wall. Cat. 5474 ; 
W, ^ A. Prodr. 202 ; Wt, Ic. t. 3G5 ; Dalz. ^ Gibs. Bomb. Fl. 69 ; Brand, 
For. Fl, 135. I. indica, Lamh, Diet. iii. 245. 1. sumatrana, Gaertn, Fruct, 
iL 317, t. l^^Bheede Hart. Mai, 1. 1. 54. 

Hie universally cultivated indiga Whether it be truly wild is doubtful. 

A shrub 4-6 ffc. high, with twiggy woody thinly silvery branches. Leaves 1-2 in. 
long ; leaflets opposite, membranous, tiirning blackish when dried ; petiole ^-1 in. 
Baemnea lax, nearly sessile, 2-4 in. long. Calyx jj in., silvery ; teeth as long as the 
tube. Corolla j-^ in., reddish-yellow. Pod j-l in. long, ^ in. thick, glabrescent, 
scarcely at all recurved. — L Anil, Linn. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 225, also commonly ciilti- 
vated, a native of America, differs by its short congested racemes and pod turned 
back like a sickle. /. flaccida var. constricta, Thwaites Enum. 411, from Ceylon, 
is probably a distinct species, but the flowers are unknown. It has the habit and 
leaves of £ tincioria, with a slender tetraquetrous subtorulose 4-6-seedod pod. 

29. Z. Wlgrbtily Grah. in Wall. Cat. 5458 ; shrubby , densely argenteo- 
caoescent, leaflets 11-21 small oblanceolate, pod linear straight 8-12-seeded 
Dot torulose. W. <J- A. Prodr. 202 ; Dah. ^ Gibs. Bonib. Fl. 59. I. foliolosa, 
Qrah, in Wall. Cat, 5485. I. polyphylla, Bottler MSS. nan Heyne nee DC. 
L iiumoeQA, Thwaites Enum. 83. 

Plains of the Wbktkbn Pexinsula and Ceylon. 

A low shrub, with numerous erecto-patent silvery woody branches. Leaves 
fhort-petioled, 1^2 in. long ; leaflets opposite, rigidly subcoriaceous, persistently 
silvery, obtuse, \--\ in. long. Racemes sessile, dense, 1-14 in. long. Calyx g\ in.,. 
rilveiy; teeth finear, as long as the tube. Corolla yeflowish red, ^-^ in. long, 
externally canescent. Pod turgid, straight, flnely canescent, 1-1^ in. long. 


• Leaflets many, opposite (except I. Dosua) ; Jlowers large for the genus. 

30. Z. oyllndraoeaf Wall. Cat. 5482; shrubby, branches glabrous^ 
leaflets small oblong obscurely hispid, stipellie and bracts minute, pedicels 

KcPAL, Wallieh. 

An erect shrubby perennial, with slender woody erocto-patcnt branches. Leaver 
ihort-petioled, 1^-2 in. long ; leaflets membranous, opposite, obtuse, green above, pale 
Ukfw, \-\ in. long, both sides with a few short adpressed hairs. Bacenies very lax, 


100 L. LEGUMiNOSiE. (J. G. Baker.) [Indi^ofera. 

ehort-peduncled, finally 3-4 in. long; pedicels J-J in. Calif x oblique, ^ in. ; teeth 
short Carnlla ^ in. long, pale red. Pod straight, glabrescent, turgid, 1^-1} in. 
long, 8-10-8eeded. 

31. X. leptostaohyay DC. Prodr, ii. 225 ? shrubby, branches glabiouB, 
leaflets middle-sized oblanceolate-oblong 13-19 obscurely hispid, stipellue minute^ 
pedicels short, bracts 0. 

Khasia and Sikmm, temperate zone, 5-8000 ft., H. f^^ T, 

An erect shrub, reaching 10ft. high, with slender twiggy branches, thinly silky 
only when young. Leaves short-petioled, 3-4 in. long ; leaflets membranous, opposite, 
^1 in. long, green above, glaucous below, nearly glabrescent. Peduncles reaching 
1-2 in. ; racemes lax, finally 2-3 in. long ; pedicels not much longer than the calyx. 
Calyx j5 in., finely brown-silky ; teeth short, d^toid. Corolla J-| in., pale red, canes- 
cent externally. Pod glabrous, straight, 1-1 J in. long, 6-8-8eeded, turgid, witli narrow 
sutures. — The Candollean synonym may not unlikely belong to a form of /. ptdchella, 

32. Z. Oerardlanay Wall. Cat. 5486; shrubby, branchlets argenteo- 
canescent, leaflets small oblanceolate-oblong 9-17, stipellae and bracts minute. 

Temperate and subtbopical Wrstbrk Hihalata ; common, from the Saltrange 
to Kumaon, alt. J>.-1 0,000 ft. — Disthib. A^hanistan. 

A low copiously-branched shrub, the branchlets distinctly argenteo-canes- 
cent. Leaves short-petioled, 1-2 in. long; leaflets subcoriaceous, |-4 in. long, 
opposite, palo grey-green, thinly clothed with short white bristles above, glaucous and 
thinly argenteo-cancscent below, obtuse, oft-en emarginate. Racemes distinctly pe- 
duncled, 1-2 in. long, 12-20-flowered ; pedicels very short. Calyx obliquely cam - 
panulate, argenteous, ^ in. long : teeth deltoid-cuspidate. Corolla ^-^ in., pale red, 
canescent externally. Pod lJ-2 in. long, subcylindrical, glabrous, 6-10-seeded; 
sutures narrow. 

Var. heterantha; leaflets more numerous 17-25 smaller, corolla and pod 
smaller, the former, J in., the latter l-lj^ in. long. I. heterantha. Wall. Cat. 
5480, A.B.C. ex parte. Brand. For. Fl. 135. I. Dosua, WaU. Cat. 5481 B. ; BoL 
Reg. 28, t. 57, non Hamilt. I. virgata, Roxh. Fl. Ind. iii. 383 ? I. quadrangiilaris, 
Grah. in Wall. Cat. 6483. I. polyphylla, DC. Prodr. 227 ?— Temperate and sub- 
tropical Himalayas, as east as Khasia and Bhotan, ascending to 8000 ft. — 
Distrib. Afghanistan. 

33. Z. gaXe^oideBf DC. Prodr. ii. 225; shrubby, branches glabrescent, 
leaflets large oblong 11-25, stipellae and bracts minute. I. uncinata, JRoxb, 
Fl. Ind. iii. 382 ; Wall. Cat. 5472. I. Finlaysoniana, Wall. Cat. 5488. I. 
ZoUingeriana, Miq. Flor. Ind. Bat. i. 310 ? 

Tropical zone ; Khasia and Mkrgiji to Cetlon, Malacca and Siam. — Distbib. 
Malay isles, Philippines, S. China. 

A tall shrub, with twiggy woody branches, thinly coated with adpressed hairs at 
first. Leaves distinctly petioled, ^1 ft. long ; leaflets opposite, membranous, usually 
obtuse, 1-H or 2 in. long, green al>ove, glaucous below, the hairs short, adpressed, quite 
obscure, tlacemes short-ped uncled, very dense, 2-3 in. long, not lengthened in fruit. 
Calyx ^ in., canescent; teeth short, deltoid. Corolla pale red, J-J in., finely 
canescent externally. Pods glabrous, the longest of the genus, 2^3 in. long, sub- 
cylindrical, straight, 15-18-seeded, beaked. 

34. Z. braoteataf Grah. in Wall. Cat. 5477; suflruticose, branches 
prlabrescent, leaves middle-sized oblanceolate-oblong 7-17, stipelloB and bracts 

Khasia, 5-6000 ft., Hook. fil. ^ Thomson] Nipal, Wallich\ and an exstipellatd 
form from Kashhib, 6-6000 ft., Thomson. 

Indigofera,'} L. lsquhikos^. (J. O. Baker.) 101 

A low shrub, with copious slender trailing branches with a few adpressed hnirs 
at first. Leaves distinctly petioled, 3-4 in. long.; leaflets opposite, membranous, 
^1 in. long, obtuse, pale green above, glaucous beneath, nearly glabrous ; stipellse 
setaceous, | in. long. Paluncles reaching 2-3 in., bearing a close short raceme , 
bracts herbaceous, boat-shaped, with a cusp, enfolding the buds. Calyx -^ in., 
campanulate, obscurely hai^; teeth deltoid. Corolla f in. long, pale red. Pod 
linear, glabrous, not seen mature. 

85. Z. atropurparea, HamUt, ; DC, Prodr. ii. 225 ; shrubby, branches 
glabrescenty leaflets large oblong 11-17, stipellas minute, bracts lanceolate 
acuminate exceeding the buds. Don Prodr, 244 ; Roxh. Fl, Ind, iii. 381 ; 
JFail. Cat. 54G3 ; Wtffht Ic, t. 369 ; Brand, For, Fl, 136 ; Bot Mag, t. 3066 j 
Bot, Reg, t. 1744. I. Hamiltonii, Grah, m Wall, Cat, 5465. 

Tropical and temperate zones, through the HnfAUkTAS, from Hazara and the 
Punjab to Kkasta, reaching 9000 fL 

A tall shrub, with twiggy woody branches, only thinly coated with adpressed hairs 
st first. Leaves reaching 6-9 in. long ; leaflets opposite, membranous, obtuse, usually 
1-1 1 in. long, green aboTe, pale green below, glabrescent ; petiole 1-2 in. Bacenus 
flhort-pedunded, long and narrow, 4-8 in. long, dense upwards ; bracts ^ in., subpor- 
fiistent, narrowed gradually into a long point ; pedicels very short. Calyx ^ in., 
obliquely campanulate ; teeth short, deltoid. Corolla j— ^ in., a much darker deeper 
red than in any of the others. Pod linear, turgid, 1-1^ in. long, glabrous, 6-10- 
feeded, not at all reflexed or narrowed into a beak. 

36. Z. hebepetalay Benih, MSS. ; shrubby, / branches prlabrescent, 
leaflets large oblong 13-17 membranous, stipellce distinct, bracts Doatnshaped 
cuspidate exceeding the buds. 

HncALATAs, from Kashmir to Sikkim, 6-15,000 ft. 

A tall shrub, with twiggy woody branches, only thinly coated with adpressed hairs 
in the young state. Leaves 4-6 in. long ; leaflets opposite, membranous, obtuse, usually 
l-I J in. long, much smaller in a subalpine form, dull green above, pale but sciircely 
glaucous below, with a few short adpressed bristly hairs on both sides. Racemitt 
pedunded, 2-4 in. long, laxly 12-20-flowered ; pedicels and calyx as in the last ; bracts 
more deciduous, enclosing the buds, witli a sotnccous tip protruding beyond them. 
Corolla f in. deep, a much lighter and more crimson red than in 7. atropurpurea, 
^broos externally, the keel} in. deep. Pod glabrous, turgid, straight, 1^2 in. Ion 


37. Z. puloheUay Roxb, Sort, Beng, 57; Fl, Ind, iii. 382; shrubby, 
braDches obscurely hispid, leaflets large obovate-oblong 13-17 subcoriaceous, 
stipelke abortive or very minute, bracts exceeding the buds. W. <5j- A, Prodr, 
203 ; Wight Ic. t. 367 ; Dalz, ^ Gibs. Bomb, Fl. 60 ; Bedd. Fl. Sglv. 85 ;■ Anal. 
Gen, t, 12, fig. 1. I. purpurascens, Roxb. Fl. Ind, iii. 383. I. cassioides, 
Rattler ; DC. Prodr. ii. 225 ; Wall, Cat. 5468. I. verrucosa, Grah, in Wall. 
Cat. 5469. 1. glaucescens, Gra/i, in Wall. Cat. 5484. I. elliptica, Ravb. Fl. 
Ind, iii. 380. L violacea, Roxb. Fl. Ind. iii. 380 ; WaU, Cat, 5470 ; Bot, Mag. 
t 3348. I. arborea, Roxb, Fl, Ind. iii. 381 ; WaU, Cat, 5478 ; Wight Ic. t, 
368. I. Jirahulia, HamiU. in Wall, Cat, 5464. I. Gibsonii, Grah. Cat. Bomb. 
PI. 46. 

Throughout the Hdcalayas and hills of India fropeb, ascending to 5000 ft. in 


A shrub 4-6 feet high, the trunk reaching the thickness of a man's leg. Branches 
Bolcate, thinly coated with grey adpressed hairs at first, soon glabrescent. Leaves 
sbort-petioled, 3-6 in. long; leaflets opposite, firmer in texture than its allies, 
obtoBe, often emarginate, usually |-1 in. long, pale green above, glaucous below, thinly 

102 L. LEGUMIKOSJS. (J. G. Baker.) [Indigofera. 

coatod with short adpressed grey hairs. Racemes short-peduncledf moderately close, 
1-3 in. long ; pedicels short ; bracts exceeding the buds, usually boat-shaped with a 
cusp. Cali/T ^ in. long, argenteo-canescent ; teeth short deltoid. Corolla bright 
red, glabrous externally, the largest of all the species, generally J-^ in., reaching 
J-f in. long, the standard f in. broad, reflexed in the expanded flower. Pod straight, 
turgid, glabrous, Ij— If in. long, 8-12-seeded, the sutures broader than in the 

88. Z. Dosnay Hamilt, ; DC, Prodr, ii. 225 ; shrubby, branches densely 
pubescent, leaflets small linear-oblong 21-31, stipellse abortive, bracts exceeding 
the buds. D(m Prodr. 244 ; WaU. Cat. 6481 A, nan B, nee Bot, Reg. 28, t. 67. 
I. heterantha. Wall. Cat. 6480 C, ex parte. I. virgata, Roxb. Ft. Ind. iii. 388 ? 

Temperate Central and East Hi3lixatas ; Simla to Bhotan and Assam, 
6-8000 ft. 

A low shrub, with woody branches, clothed with short spreading grey or 
brownish pubescence. Leaves subsessile, 1-3 in. long; leaflets usually opposite, mem- 
branous, obtuse, j—^ in. long, dull green above, glaucous below, more or less densely 
pubescent. Racemes distinctly peduncled, moderately close, 1-3 in. long ; bracts j- in. 
long, lanceolate-cuspidate, silky ; pedicels very short. Calyx ^ in., densely silky ; 
teeth deltoid-cuspidate. Corolla bright red, glabrous, J-J in. Pod straight, glubrescent, 
1-1^ in. long, 8-12-seeded, with very broad sutures. 

Vab. tomentosz; branches clothed with dense brown silky pubescence, leaves 
6-9 in. long, leaflets 41-51 often subacute and 1 in. long, racemes longer, bracts 
densely brown-velvety, with a very long^ cusp. I. tomentosa, Grah. in Wall. 
Cat. 6487. I. stachyodes, Lindl. Bot, Reg. 1843, t. 14. — Khasia, Sikkim, Silhet, 
Bhotan, 1-6000 ft. 

Group 6. Pantculata;. Leaves odd-pinnate. Flowers inpanicled racemes. 

39. X. mysorenBis, Rottl ; DC. Prodr. ii. 222 ; WaU, Cat, 6469 ; W,^A, 
Prodr. 202. I. polyphylla, Heyne MSS., non. DC. 

Plains of the Caunatic, llcyne. 

A low erect copiously-branched shrvh, the young stems slender, clothed with 
short spreading grey pubescence. Leaves sessile, of the main branches 1-3 in. long; 
lejiflets 11-21, oblong, membranous, opposite, f-^ in. long, thinly clothed on both 
sides with adpressed grey hairs ; stipules setaceous, \ in., persistent. Racemes lax, 
elongat^*d, more or less pmieled, each flower subtended by a bract just like the leaflets, 
and the branches furnished low down with 3-5-foliolate leaves. Calyx ^ in. ; teeth 
lanceolate, very long. Corolla red, glabrous, twice the calyx. Pod linear-cylindrical, 
Btr.iight, ^-J in. long, 4-6-seedcd, finely pubescent 

SuBGEN. 4. AmeoarpuBy Benth. Ovai^ with at least two ovules. 
Pod linear, unarmed, flattened. 

40. X. anabaptista, Steud. Kom, edit. 2, 805. I. Hochstetteri, B(dier 
in Oltv. Flor, Trop. Africa, ii. 101. I. ornithopodioides, Hochst. et Steud. in 
Schimp. Hh. Arab. No. 7C9 ; Jaub. et Spach HI. PI. OrieiU. t. 480; Boiss, 
Fl. Orient, ii. 188, non Schum. et Thonn. 

Plains of Scinde and the Punjab. — Distrib. Afghanistan, Arabia, Nile-country. 

A diffuse annual, with stems 1 ft. or more long, thinly clothed with adpressed 
white hairs. Leaves short-petioled ; leaflets 3-7, opposite, oblanceolato ^1 in. long. 
Racemes short-peduncled, closely 12-20- flowered, under an inch long. Calyx ^ in., 
argenteo-canescent ; teeth setaceous. Corolla scarcely exsertcd. Pod linear, reflexed, 
^-J in. long, 6-8-seeded. 

Psoralea.'} L. lequminos^. (J. G. Baker.) 103 

18. FSO&AXiSA, linn. 

Herlw or undershrulifi. leaves simple or odd-pinnate, conspicuously 
^land-dotted. Ga/y.r-tube campanulate ; teeth 5, distinct. Corolla little ex- 
serted ; petals all with distinct claws ; keel obtuse, the tip slightly incurred. 
Upper gtittnen free or connate, the tube in an early stage often closed ; anthers 
small, uniform or slishtly dimorphous. Ovary sessile or short-stalked, ovulate ; 
style long, filiform, incurved, stigma minute, terminal. Pod ovoid or oblong, 
1-fieeded, indehiscent, the pericarp adhering to the seed. — ^Distbib. Species 
ftbout 100, mainly Cape and N. American. 

1. P. ooryllfbliaf Linn, ; DC. Prodr, ii. 218 ; herbaceous, leaves simple, 
racemes dense short. Btirtn. Fl. Ind. 172, t. 40, fig. 2 ; Boxb, FL Ind, iii. 387 ; 
Wall. Cat. 6361 ; W. 4* A, Prodr. 198 ; Bot. Mat/, t. 666 ; Dalz. ^ Gib$. Bomb. 
Fl. 60. Trifolium unifolium, Forsk. Flor. jEgypt, Arab. 130 ; Burm. Fl. Ind. 

Plains from the Hucalatas through India proper to Ceixon. 

An erect annual, 1-3 ft. high. Branches firm, conspicnously gland-dotted. Leaves 
distinctly petioled, roundish, 1-3 in. long, inciso-repand, firm in texture, both sides 
conspicuously dotted with black dots, nearly glabrescent. Flowers 10-30 in dense 
Cf>pioa8 long-peduncled heads. Calyx nearly sessile, ^ in. ; teeth lanceolate, long, tho 
lowest longest. Corolla yellow, little exserted. Pod small, black, subglobose, glabrous. 

2. P. pllcatay Delile ; DC. Prodr. ii. 221 ; shrubby, leaves trifoliolate, 
racemes lax elongated. Delile^ Egypt, t. 37, fig. 3. 

Plains of the Punjab, TTtomson^ Edyeworth, Stewart. — ^Bistbib. Arabia, Egypt, 
Trop. Africa. 

A low copiously-branched shrub, the stems obscurely argenteo-canescent, ver- 
rocose, the denuded branchlets subspinescent. Leaves short-petioled ; leaflets sub- 
coriaceous, dull green, oblanceolate, obtuso, repand, gland-dotted below only, reaching 
^1 in. long, the end one largest, the side ones oblique. Racemes short-pcduncled, 
2-3 in. long ; lower flowers in distant fascicles ; bracts ovate, very minute. Calyx 
^ in., clothed with adpressed white hairs, accrescent, clasping tightly tho included 
pod ; teeth short, the lowest longest. Corolla yellow, slightly exserted. 

10. COXiITTSA, linn. 

Shrubs with odd-pinnate leaves and showr yellow flowers in sparse copi- 
ous axillary racemes. Calyx campanulate, with 6 short teeth. Corolla much 
exserted ; standard round, fixed in its place bv two basal callosities ; keel broad, 
much incurved, not beaked. Stamens aiadelphous ; anthers uniform. Ovary sti- 
pitate, linear, oo -ovulate ; style filiform, much inctirved, bearded along the inner 
side, stigma large oblique. Pod large, membranous, inflated, continuous within, 
nearly or quite indehiscent. — Distkib. Species 3 or 4, spread through South 
Europe and Temperate Asia. 

1. C- arboresoensy Linn. var. nepalensis. C. nepalensis, Sitns Bot. 
May. t. 2622 ; Lindl. Bot. Beg. t. 1727 ; BetUh. in Boyle HI. 198 ; Brand. For. 

Temperate "West Hiualata, Kunawab, Tibet, Xipal, &c, alt. 8-11,000 ft. — 
DiSTiUB. Orient, 8. Europe. 

A 8ubglabrou.s shrub, 6-10 ft. high. Leaflets 0-13, obovate, pale green, j— § in. 
long, often emarginato, ol>8curely silky in tho young state. Bacemes as long as the 
l^ves, laxly 3-4-flowered. Calyx J-^ in. Corolla bright yellow, J in. long ; standard 
famished at tho base with two nipple-shaped papillae. Pod iJ-2 in. long, faintly 
downy when young, splitting at the tip before ripening. 

104 L. LEOUHiNOSiE. (J. O. Baker.) IMiUeUia. 

20. XXXiXiSTTZA, Wt. & Am. 

Tree8 or large shrubs, usually climbers. Leaves odd-pinnate. Flowers showy^ 
in axillary racemes, often fascicled, simple or paniculate and terminal. Calpj: 
campanulate ; teeth generally short or nearly obsolete. Corolla much exserted ; 
petals with long claws ; standard broad ; keel not beaked. Stamens monadel- 
phous or diadelphous, iilaments filiform ; anthers imiform. Ovary sessile, linear, 
lew-ovuled ; style filiform, inciirved, glabrous, stigma capitate. Pod linear or 
oblong, 1- or few-seeded, flat or turgid, late in dehiscing or hardly dehiscent. — 
DisTRiB. Species 40-50, spread through the tropics of uie Old World. 

Sttbgex. 1. ZSmnlllettla. Standard not auricled at the base. Stamens 
monadelphous or diadelphous. 

* Leaves lustrous beneath, with thin sUky pubescence. 

1. K. serloea, Xr. Sf A, Prodr. 263 ; leaflets 7-0 coriaceous obovate-ob- 
long cuspidate exstipellate sericeous below, standard densely silky on the back, 
stamens monadelphous, pod linear velvety. JBenth. PL Jung. 248. Pongamia 
sericea, Vent. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 41 G. Dalbergia angustifolia, Hassk. PI. Jav, Bar, 

Forests of Birma, Maulcca, Penang, and Sincapore. — Distbib. Malay 

A woody climber, the bra nchlets covered with fine short brown pubescence. Leaves 
1 ft. or more long ; leaflets 6-9 in. long, shining and glabrous above, on petiolnles 
4-| in. long; pubescence beneath grey or pale brown. Racemes lateral, 6-9 in. long, 
the lower nodes with very short brjinches, bearing dense fascicles of pedicellate flowers. 
Calyx ^ in., silky, scarcely toothed. Corolla j-^ in., reddish, very silky. Pod 
4-6 in. long, densely coated with thick dark brown velvet. 

2. K. rublgrlnosaf W. ^ A. Prodr. 268 ; leaflets 5-7 coriaceous obovate- 
oblong cuspidate stipellate sericeous beneath, standard densely silky on the back, 
stamens diadelphous, pod oblong glabrescent. Wight Ic. t. 207. 

Hills in the Cabnatic near Courtallum, Wight. 

Habit of the preceding, the branchlets and imderside of the leaves coated with 
persistent shining yellowish-brown silky down. Leaflets 4-8 in. long, not shining, 
when young sericeous also above ; stipellse obscure ; petiolules ^— | in. long. Racemes 
nearly as long as the leaves, most of the nodes bearing short branchlets, on the tip of 
which the flowers are fascicled. CaJyx campanulate, silky, ^ in., short-pedicelled. 
Corolla reddish, \ in., densely silky. Pod 2-3 in. long, sublignose, 2-3-se6ded, 
when young densely velvety. 

8. K. splendenSy XT. <$* A. Prodr. 268 *, leaflets 7-0 coriaceous oblanceo- 
late-oblong cuspidate stipellate sericeous below, standard densely silky on the 
back, stamens diadelphous. 

Tropical forests of the Nilohiris and Anamallat hills. 

Habit and inflorescence of the two preceding, the branchlets and leaves beneath 
coated persistently with white or yellowish -brown shining short silky hairs. Leafiets 
6-9 in. long, opaque, glabrous above ; stipellse setaceous ; petiolules ^\ in. Ra^xmes 
shorter than the leaves, the nearly sessile flowers densely fascicled at the end of short 
branchlets. Calyx ^-^ in., densely silky, with a pair of small ovate bracteoles. Corolla 
reddish, ^in. long. Ovary linear, densely silky, 4-6 ovulate. Pod not seen. 

•• Leaves opaque, pubescent beneath. 

4. X. pulohrOf Benth. MSS.', leaflets small 15-10 scarcely subccria-- 

MtttetHa.!^ L. leouhinosje. (J. G. Baker.) 105- 

ceous obl&nceolate-oblong acute stipellate slightly silky below, standard glabrous 
on the back, stamens monadelphous^ pod glabrous linear ri^dly coriaceous flat 
smooth. Mundulea pulclura^ Benth. Pi Jung. 248. Tephrosia pulchra^ Col^. in 
JVaiL Cat, 6630. Pongamia cassioidee, Wall. Cat. 6918. Dalbergia tephrosioides,. 
W.^A. Prodr. 210. 

Forests of Ehasia, AssaA, Silhbt, Ava, and Bibma, ascending to 4000 ft. — 

DiSTBiB. Philippines, Cuming , 1208? - 

An erect tree, with the branches and leaves below tliinly clothed with opaque greyish • 
silkish pubescence. Leaves and leaflets the smallest of all the species, the former 
not more than 2-5 in. long, green and pubescent above ; petiolules very short and 
8tipells minute. Racemes copious, shorter than the leaves, the flowers fascicled, shortly 
pednncled firom the main rachis. Calyx ^ in., scarcely toothed. Corolla reddish, §-^ 
io. Pod 2-4 in long, ^ in. broad, 1-4-seeaed. 

6. X. raoemosaf JBenth. Fl. Jung. 249 ; leaflets 13-16 scarcely subcoriar 
ceous obovate-oblong acute distinctly stipellate slightly downy beneath, standard 
srlabrous on the back, stamens diadelphous, pod coriaceous glabrous torulose. 
Tephroeia racemosa, W. ^ A. Prodr. 210 ? Kobinia racemosa, Roxh. Fl. Ind. 
iii. 329? Pongamia racemosa, GVaA. wi Wall. Cat. 6014. Wisteria pallida, 
Daiz. ^ Gibs. Bvmh. Plora, 61. W. racemosa, Dalz. 8f Gibs. loc. cit. Pongamia 
Oopcor, Grah, in WaU, Cat. 6891 ? Millettia pallida, Bah. in Linn. Joum. 
xiii. 187. 

Tropical forests of the Goncan and Obissa. 

A woody climber, with thinly silky branches. Leaves reaching 1 fl. long ; leaflets 
2-3 in. long, scarcely more than membranous, glabrous above, obscurely silky or gla- 
biescent below ; petiolules short, with large setaceous stipellse. Racemes copiously pa- 
nicled, the flowers not fiisdcled on short branchlets, but close shortly pedicellate on 
the main rachis ; bracts exceeding the buds, setaceous, deciduous. Calyx ^ in., densely 
silky. Corolla f-^ in., whitish. Pod linear, narrow, A ft. long, 4-6-8eeaed. 

Kozburgh*s plant, which inhabits the forests of Orissii, may bo distinct. As 
figured in his set of unpubb'shed plates it has red flowers and much smaller bracts. 

6. SK. pendnlaf Benth. PI, Jung. 260 ; leaflets 7 obovate-oblong cuspi- 
date membranous exstipellate closely silky beneath, standard glabrous, pod ilat 
woody glabrous. Pongamia pendula, Grah. in Wall. Cat. 6902. Millettia 
leucantha, Kurz in Joum, Asiat, Sac. Beng. xlii. 2, 68. 

Ava, Prome hills, Wallich ; Bibma, forests of Pegu, McLeU^rnd, Kurr. 

An erect tree, with thinly silky branchlets, and leaves ^ ft. long. Leaflets thin, 
flexible, 2-3 in. long, dull green, thinly silky above, when mature densely clothed with 
adpressed grey silky pubescence below, the lowest as long as broad ; petiolules under 
4 m. Flowers in short dense racemes in the axils of the leaves ; pedicels densely 
ascicled, ^-J in. Calvx J-J in., shortly grey-silky; teeth deltoid, shorter than the 
tube. Corolla shorter than the calyx. Pod oblong, 3-o in. long, 1^ in. broad, tuberclcd, 

7. SK. oaoiaf Benth, PI. Jung. 260; leaflets 7 obovate-oblonff rather 
obtuse coriaceous exstipellate thinly matted with adpreesed grey hairs oeneath, 
standard glabrous, pod flat rigidly coriaceous obeciurely grey-canescent. Pon- 
gamia cana, Grah. tn Wall. Cat. 6903. 

Ata ; banks of the Irrawaddi at Yenanghuen, Wallich. 

Climber, with grey pubescent branches and leaf-rachis, the latter ^ ft. long. Side 
leajUts oblong, 2^-3 in. long, the end one obovate ; upper surface glabrous, rather 
shining ; petiolules ^ in. Buds densely crowded ; pedicels very short ; bracts lanceo- 
late, silky, as long as the calyx. Calyx minute, densely brown-sericeous ; teeth del- 
toid, half as long as the tube. Pod dehiscing early for the genus, 2-3 by }-| in. 

106 L. LEQUMiNOSJE. (J. G. Baker.) IMillettia, 

8. M. tetraptera, Kurz in Joum, Adat, Soc, Beng, xlii. 2, 69 ; leaflets 7 
isubcoriaceous oboyate-oblong exBtipellate at first densely softly pubescent on 
both sides, standard glabrous, stamens monadelphous, pod glabrous indehiscent 
with each suture produced into a broad hard horizontal wing on both sides. 
Pongamia tetraptera, Hort. Calc, Legum. indeterm., WaU, Cat, 5976. 

BiBMA ; forests of Pegu, &c. Wallich^ Griffith, Kwrz, 

An erect tree, with branchlets clothed with dense drab-brown short pubescence. 
Leaflets obtuse, i-4 in. long, flexible and densely soft-pubescent at first, but becoming 
rigid and glabrescent when mature ; petiolules under ^ in. Flowers in short close 
nearly sessile racemes in the axils of the leaves ; pedicles fascicled, ^^-^ in. Calyx 
^ in., thinly clothed with adpressed hairs ; teeth deltoid. Corolla pale blue. Fod 
fiublignose, quadrangular, straight, linear di-4 in. long, nearly an inch thick, the wings 
^-} in. broad in the middle, narrowed to each end. 

9. M. publnerriSy Kurz in Jovm. Asiat, Soc, Beng, xlii. 2, 68 ; leaflets 
•«lliptic-oboyate obtusely acuminate glaucous and pubescent on the midrib below, 
standard glabrous on the back, ovary pubescent, pod unknown. 

Mabtabax, Kurz. 

An erect tree 20-25 ft. high, the young parts puberulous. Ltaf\ ft. with a puber- 
•nlouB rachis ; leaflets (number not stated) 2-3 in. long, thinly chartaceous. Baceinea 
leaf-opposed, slender, simple, 2A-3 in. long ; pedicels capillary, pubescent, solitary or 
fescicled. Ckilt/x reddish, broader than deep, ^-jj^ in. long, slightly pubescent, obscurely 
■toothed. Corolla yellowish-white; standard above ^ in. long. — Kurz loc. cit, 

10. K. xnontioolay Kurz in Joum, Asiat, Soc, Beng, xlii. 2, 67 ; leaflets 
7-9 oblong shortly acuminate fulvo-pubescent beneath, standard glabrous, ovary 
thinly fermgineo-pubescent, pod unknown. 

Mabtaran, alt. 7000 ft., Kurz. 

A robust climber, resembling M. pachycarpa, with verrucose branches and ferm- 
gineo-pubescent glabrescent branchlets. Leaflets petioluled, witli adpressed fulvous 
pubescence on the ribs. Flowers blue, in simple solitary racemes 4-7 in. long, arising 
above the scars of the fallen leaves. Calyx ^-^ in., longer than broad ; teeth obscure, 
anterior one largest. Standard ^ in., petals much smaller than those of M. pachycarpa, 
— Kurz loc. cit. 

11. BE. paohyoarpaf BeiUh, PI, Jung. 250; leaflets 11-13 subcoriaceous 
oblanceolate-oblong cuspidate exstipellate finely downy below, standard glabrous 
on the back, stamens monadelphous, pod woody rugose glabrous. 

Forests of Khasia, Sikkih, and Assam up to 4000 ft. Malacca, Griffith. 

A largo climl)cr, with the branches and leaves below more or less densely clothed 
with pale brown pubescence. Leaves 1 ft. or more long ; leaflets 6-8 in. long, gla- 
brous, opaque above, sometimes subcaudate, the pubescence below short, loose, decidu- 
• ous ; petiolules ^-\ in. Racemes copious, 6-9 in. long, most of the nodes with short 
branchlets. Calyx ^-\ in., distinctly pedicelled, densely downy ; teeth very short. 
Corolla J-1 in. long. Pod 1-3-seeded, rugose, 1-1} in. broad, reaching 4-6 in. long. 

*•• Mature leaflets glabrescent beneath, 

12. BE. clnerea* Benth. PI. Jung. 249 ; leaflets 5-7 obovate-oblong cuspi- 
>^ate membranous stipellate soon glabrescent beneath, standard densely silky on tne 

back, stamens diadelphous, pod thick linear velvety torulose. Pongamia cinerea, 
Grah, in Wall. Cat. 5888. P. palustris, Grah, in WaU. Cat. 5889 ; P. pani- 
culata, Grah. in WaU. Cat, 5904. P. heterocarpa. Wall, MSS. P. oblonga, 
Grah, in WaU. Cat. 5893 ? 

MtUeUicL'] L. LEQUiiiNOSiE. (J. G. Baker.) 107 

Forests of Smmc, Euasxa, Sblhst, Assam, CHrrrAGozro, and BmiiA, ascending to 
4000 ft — JhserasB. China ? 

▲ -woody climber, with young bianchlets and leaves below with a little opaqne 
grey deciduous pubescence. Leaflets laige, reaching 4-1 ft. long, thin and flexible ; 
both sides green ; petiololes and setaceous stipellsB ^-f in. Racemes most or all in a 
panicle above the leaves ; flowers distinctly pedicellate, not fascicled, subtended by a 
pair of setaceous bracteoles. Calyx ^ in., densely, sil^, distinctly toothed. Corolla 
H in., densely coated with grey silk. Pod veiy turgid, 4-6 in. long, 1 in. broad, 
3-5-Beeded, sublignose. 

13. X. ovalifoliaf Kvrz in Joum. Asiat. Soc, Beng, xlii. 2, 68^ excl, syn, 
W. Jjr A,', leaflets 7 ovate-eUiptic shortly acuminate chartaceous glabrous, 
standard glabrous on the back, pod small linear-oblong glabrous flattish with 
obtuse sutures. 

BiBXA, at Prome, Kur;::. 

An erect glabrous middle-sized tree. Leaves ^1^ ft. ; leaflets ^1 in. long, glau- 
cescent and finely reticulated beneath ; petiolules slender, ^ to ^ in. Racemes slender, 
glabrous, 2-3 inches, one or several together, arising from young branchlets ; pedi- 
cels capillary, solitary or fascicled. Calyx glabrous, purplish, broader than long, ^^ in., 
long, nearly truncate. Corolla blue ; standard ^ in. long. Pod 2-3 in. long, 2-3-8eeded 
at middle, sublignose, pale, incurred, narrowed to base, sparsely verrucose. — Kurz 
loc, cit. 

14. X. OflDmleaf Baker ; leaflets 7 obovate-oblong cuspidate subcoria- 
ceous Btipellate glabrous, standard densely silky, stamens monadelphous, pod 
large flat rather woody finely brown-velvety. Pongamia caerulea, Grah, in Wall. 
Cat. 589^ 

AvA, at Phanoc, Wallich ; Malacca, Maingay. 

A woody climber, with glabrous branches. Leaflets 4-6 in. long, glabrous on both 
fides from an early stage ; petiolules ^-^ in. Flowers in close short-ped uncled racemes 
in the axils of the leaves ; pedicels very short, densely fascicled. Calyx campanulate, 
-k long, faintly silky, nearly truncate. Corolla three times the calyx, the standard 
densely white-canescent on the l)ack. Pod linear-oblong, 7-8 in. long, 1^1} in. broad, 
recurved, late in dehiscing, clothed with dense short persistent brown velvety pubes- 

15. BK. grli^uoesoenSy Kurz in Joum, Asiat. Soc. Beng. xlii. 2, 07 ; 
leaflets obovate-oblong cuspidate membranous exstipellate glabrous beneath, 
stand^d glabrous on the back, stamens monadelphous, pod flat on the face 
woody linear-oblong glabrous not torulose with Iboth sutures expanded into 
narrow wings. 

BiBMA ; forests of Pegu and Martaban, Kurz. 

A woody climber, wiUi glabrous branchlets. Leaflets thin, flexible, green above, 
dull below, reaching ^ ft. ; petiolules \ in. Racemes close, simple, } ft. long, axillary on 
short peduncles ; pedicels in pairs, exceeding the calyx. Calyx ^ in., with a few 
minute hairs ; teem deltoid. Corolla | in., steel-blue. Pod 3-4-seeded, tubercled, \ ft. 
by 1 in. 

IG. BK. PisGidiaf Wight Ic. t. 86 ; leaflets 5-7 obovate-oblong cuspidate 
ripdly coriaceous exstipellate glabrous, standard glabrous on the back, stamens 
dukderphous, pod thin compresEMdd oblong glabrous. Galedupa Piscidia, Roxb. Ft. 
Ind. iu. 241. 

Forests of Snuuic, Khasia, Silhet, and Mishmi, ascending to 4000 it. 

A woody climber, with whitish branchlets, only the youngest branchlets and leaves 

108 L. LEauMiNOSJ:. (J. G. Baker.) [MiUettia, 

finely silky. Leaflets of medium size, reaching 3-4 in. long, both sides green, qaite 
glabrous ; petiolules short. Racemes copious, short, simple, laxly flowered ; pedicels 
J-J in., oilen geminate, neither bracteate nor bracteolate. Calyx ^-^ in., thinly 
silky ; teeth short, obtuse. Corolla snow-white, ^~| in. Pod 3-4 in. by 1-1^ in., nar- 
rowed to a point ; valves quite smooth, dehiscing earlier than in the other species. 

17. M. Brandisiana, Kurz in Joum. Asiat, Sac, Beng, xlii. 2, 60 ^ 
leaflets 13 or more lanceolate glabroiis subcoriaceous stipellate, standard silky 
on the back; stamens diadelphous, pod thin compressed ligulate-oblong glabrous. 

BiBMA, near Yomah, Kurz, 

An erect tree, with slender terete glabrous branches. Leaflets 1-li in. long, narrowed 
to an obtuse tip, rather rounded at the base. Hacemes very lai, panicfed at the end of the 
branches and sending out small shoots from the lower nodes; pedicels much shorter 
than the calyx ; bracts minute, glabrous, lanceolate. Calyx ^ in. glabrous, broadly 
campanulate ; teeth deltoid. Corolla lilac, ^-} in. Pod 3-4 in. long, under an inch 
broad, 2-4-seeded, the valves quite smooth and flat, twisting when dried. 

18. M. erianthay Benth, PL Jung, 250 ; leaflets 5 obovate-oblong cus- 
pidate rigidly coriaceous exstipellate glabrous, standard densely silky, stamens 
oiadelphous, pod oblong lignose rugose glabrescent. 

Forests of Maiacca, Griffith^ Maingay, 

A woody climber, with only the youngest branches silky. i>cr/«/5 reaching 5-6 in. long, 
very rigid in texture, both sides green and quite glabrous ; petiolules J--J in. Bacemes 
copious, short, subsessile, dense, subspicate ; bracts large, roundish, densely silkv, clasp- 
ing and hiding the buds. Calyx subsessile, fin., clothed with bright yellowish -brown 
silky pubescence, like the bracts and standard ; teeth as long as the tube, broad, imbri- 
cated. Corolla j-1 in., densely silky. Pod beaked, turgid, 3 in. long, l-seeded, sub- 

19. M. atropaipurea, Benth. PL Jung. 249 ; leaflets 7-9 oblong acute 
rigidly coriaceous exstipellate glabrous, standard glabrous, stamens diadelpbous, 
pod oblong convex smooth rather woody glabrous. Pongamia atropurpurea, 
WalL Cat. 6910 ; PL As. Bar. t. 78. 

Forests of Martabak, Tenassebim, Malacca, and Penano. — Distrib. Su- 

An erect tree, with thick, glabrous branches. Leaflets 4-6 in. long, very thick and 
rigid, shining above, both sides quite glabrous, reticulato- venose ; petiolules ^-^ in. In- 
flcrescence a dense terminal panicle above the leaves ; racemes not branched ; bracts 
minute, ovate; pedicels |-J- in. Calyx ^ in., thinly silky; teeth short obscure. 
Corolla dark purple, 1 in. long. Pod mirrowed to both ends, 3 in. long, subindehis- . 
cent, 1 -seeded in our specimens. 

Sitboe:;^. 2. Otosemaf Benth. Standard auricled at the base on both 
sides of the claw. Stamens monadelpbous. 

20. K. auricnlatay Baker ; branchlets finely downy, leaflets 7-9 obovate 
obtuse or cuspidate membranous thinly silky, flowers shortly pedicellate, pod 
woody permanently sericeous. Brand, For, Flor, 188. Kooinia macrophylla, 
Boxh, FL Ind, in. 829. Ponwamia macrophylla, Orah, in Wall, Cat. 5802. 
Otosema macrophylla, Benth, PI. Jung, 249. Amerimnum pallidum. HamiU. 

KoHiLcuxD and KriCAON to Sikkih, reaching 3500 ft.; also on Parasnath 

JfiZZetfui.] L. LSOUMiNOS^. (J. G. Baker.) IO9 

A large, robust, woodj climber. Leaves reaching 1-2 ft. long ; petiole 4-6 in. long ; 
leaflets green, glabrescent above, 6-12 in. by 3-6 in., minutely stipellate, pale below, 
sometimes subcoriaceous. Flowers in copious close axillary racemes near the top of 
the branches, fascicled on a downy rachis 4-6 in. long; bracts minute, linear. Calyx 
\ in., densely silky ; teeth very short. Coro/^ whitish, three times the calyx, densely 
silky. Pod straight, very hard, 5-6 in. long, 1 in. broad ; sutures thickened. 

21. SK. ftiitio<HMiy Benth, 3£SS. ; branches finely downy, leaflets &-11 
oblanoeolate-oblong obtuse or subacute thinly silky, flowers subsessile, pod 
woody glabrescent. Kobinia fruticosa, Havb. FL Ind, iii. 328. Pongamia 
froticosay Cfrah, in Wall, Cat, 909. Otosema fruticosa, Benth, PL Jung, 249. 
Amerininum fasciculatum, HamUt, MSS. 

Forests of Bhwoal, Assam and Pi»u. 

A woody climber. Leaves long-petioled, j-1 ft. long ; leaflets 4-6 in. long, 1 J-2 
in. broad, obscurely stipellate, glabrous above, thinly sericeous beneath. Flowers 
in dense short axillary racemes and also in terminal panicles. Calyx ^ in., densely 
sericeous, subtended by minute ovate bracts and bracteoles. Corolla | in. red, the 
standard densely silky. Pod hard and woody, silky when young, 6-7 in. by 1-1^ in. 

22. SK. extensay Benth, MSS,; branches finely downy, leaflets 9-11 
obovate-oUong membranous acute thinly silky, flowers short-peaicelled. Pon- 
gamia P extensa, Wall, Cat, 5900. Otosema extensa, Benth, PI, Jung. 249. 

Mabtaban, Wallick, 

A little-known climbing species, closely allied to the two preceding. Leaflets long- 
petioled, distantly placed on an elongated nearly glabrous rachis, glabrescent above, 
not seen fully developed. Flowers in verv copious close axillary racemes 6-8 in. long 
near the top of the branches. Calyx ^ in., campanulate, scarcely toothed, with a 
pair of very minute bracteoles at the base. Corolla | in., densely silky, reddish lilac. 
Pod like that of M, auriculata when young, but not seen mature. 

23. SK. leiogrjma, Kurz in Joum, As, Soc. Beng, xlii. 2, 07 ; branches 
ferrugineo-tomentoee, leaflets 9-13, flowers distinctly pedicelled, ovary glabrous. 

Hartaban, Kurz. 

A woody climber with terete minutely lenticellate branches , all the young parts 
inrrugineo-tomentose. Adult leaves not known. Racemes 4-5 in., arising from 
shortened lateral branches, and forming usually ample lateral panicles ; pedicels 
i-J in., nodding, velvety. Calyx broader than deep, under \ in. long, fulvous-velvety, 
<)b8carely toothed, upper tooth largest. Corolla glabrous, violet ; standard ^in. long, 
emarginate, yellow at the throat. Young pod smooth, linear, acuminate, l^laced by 
Korz next to M, extensa, 1 have seen no specimen. 

24. SK. oaudatay Baker; branches glabrous, leaflets 7-0 oblong 
caudate coriaceous glabrous, flowers pedicellate, pod glabrescent not woody. 
Pongamia ? caudata, Grah, Wall. Cat. 6895. Otosema caudata, Benth, PI, Jung, 

Forests of Khasia and Silhit, ascending to 3000 ft. 

A woody climber. Leaflets minutely ntipellate, 6-9 in. long, firm, bright green 
above, glaucous below, narrowed out at the tip into a long distinct tail. Racemes 
axillary, short-peduncled, not so dense as in the others, 4-6 in. long. Calyx cam- 
panulate, ^ in., scarcely toothed, densely silky. Bracts very minute. Corolla 
J-J in., densely silky. Pod linear, straight, rigidly-coriaceous, subequally turgid, 
3-4 in. long, | in. broad. 

112 L. LEQUMiNOSiB. (J. G. Baker.) [T^hrosia. 

jugate (reduced to one in T. Qrahami, Wall, Cat. 5B52), oblong, obtuse, sab- 
coriaceous, the end one much larger than the others, 2-3 in. long, }-l in. broad, 
grreen, glabrous above, clothed with persistent white silky pubescence beneath, 
the nerres prominent; stipules lanceolate, ascending. Peduncles often exceeding 
the leaves ; racemes closely 3-r2-flowered ; flowers casually also in the axils of 
the leaves ; pedicels very short. Calyx ^ in., densely silky ; teeth long, setaeeous. 
Corolla j-^ in., pale red, silky. Pod sli^tly recurved, 2-2^ in. long, 10-12-8eeded, 
glabrescent. JStjfle flattened, bearded throughout. 

Var. 1. pulcherrima ; leaflets large (end one 3 in. long) coriaceous often solitary, 
veins below very prominent, bracts ovate-lanceolate, flowers few close, pod per- 
sistently velvety. T. pulcherrima, Wight MSS. Nilghiris and Ceylon. 

Vae. 2. coccinea; leaflets 1-5 }-l in. broad cuneately narrowed in the lower 
half, branches closely argenteo-canescent, bracts linear minute, racemes elongated. 
T. coccinea, Wall. Cat 5633; PI. As, Rar. t. 60. Birma, Wallich. 

Var. 3. intermedia^ W. ^ A. ; branches velvety, leaflets much smaller 9-13 
\-}t in. broad the end one not much larger than the others, the veins less pro- 
minent ; racemes not so close as in the type. T. intermedia, Grah. in Wall. 
Cat. 6632. Western Peninsula and Ceylon, 

6. T. splnosay Pers,; DC, Prodr. ii. 254; shrubby, branches doeely 
arprenteo-canescent; stipules spiny, flowers 1-2 all in the axils of the leaves. 
Wall. Cat. 6651. W, Sc A, Prodr, 214 (excl. syn.) j Wight Ic. t 372. (Salega 
spincNsa, Linn, ; Roxh, Fl, Ind, ill. SSS. 

Plains of the Western Peninsula and Cetix)N. — Distrib. Java. 

A low shrub, with very numerous terete flexuoso ascending branches. Spines 
spreading, |— J in. Leaves short-petioled, ^-1 in. long; leaflets 5-7, narrow- 
oblanceolate, rigidly subcoriaceous, truncate, often emarginate, glabrous above, 
glaucous, nearly glabrous below. Flowers all axillary ; 1-2 rarely 3 from the nodes ; 
pedicels -j^-ff in. Calyx ^ in., teeth linear-acuminate, as long as the tube. Corolla 
red, twice the calyx. Pod J-1 in., nearly glabrescent, recurved, 5-6-8eeded. Style 
much incurved, flattened, glabrous. 

6. T. senticosay Pers. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 254 ; shrubby, branches cloeely 
argenteo-canescent, stipules not spiny, flowers 1-2 all in the axils of the 
leaves. W, ^ A. Prodr, 211 ; WigH Ic, t. 370 ; Dah. ^ Gibs. Bomb, FL 61. 
Galega senticosa, lAnn. Amceii. iii. 19. G. pentaphylla, Harb, Fl, Ind, ill. 384. 
T. pentaphylla, Gr(^, in Wall, Cat, 5650. T. elegans. Wall. Cat. 6634. 

Plains of the Western Peninsula and Ceylon ; Birma, Wallich. 

A low shrub, with copious erecto-patent terete slender branches ; petiole very 
short ; stipules minute, ascending, setaceous ; leaflets usually 5, rarely 3, nar- 
row-oblanceolate, l-lj in. long, truncate or emarginate, green, glabrous above, 
thinly silky beneath, cuneately narrowed in the lower half. Flowers usually geminate ; 
pedicels J in., an^enteous. Calyx ^ in. ; teeth linoAr, as long as the tube. Corolla 
more than twice the calyx, argenteous. Pod 14-2 in. long, 6-8 seeded, much 
Tcciurved, persistently thinly canescont. 

7. T. purpureay Pers. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 251 ; herbaceous, stems glabrescent 
or finely downv, racemes elongated, pod glabrescent or finely downy slightly 
recur^-ed 6-lOieeded. Wall, Cat, 6638 ; W, ^ A, Prodr. 213 ; Daiz. ^ Oibs. 
Bomb, Fl, 61. T. leptostachva, DC. he. cit. Galega purpurea, Linn, ; Baxh. 
Fl, Ind, iii. 386. G. lancerofolia, i?ar6. Fi. Ind, iii. 386. G. Oolonila and 
flericea, Ham, in Linn, Trans, xiii. 544r-5. G. tinctoria, Lamk. ; Barb, Fl, 
Ind. iii. 386, non L. T. stricta, Grah, in Wall. Cat. 6630. T. Taylorii, 
Grah. in. Wall. Cat, 5637. T. Wallichii, Grah, in Wall. Cat, 5640. T. lobata, 
Grah, in WaU. Cat. 6646. T. tinctoria, Grah. in Wall. Cat, 6643. T. gale- 

T^^^knmaS] h. LiouMiNOflii. (J. G. Baker.) 113 

gdldes, Gfrah. m Wall. Cat. 5649. T. lanceffifblia, Link ; DC. loc. cit. T. indi- 
ffofen, Bert. Misc. xix. 9, t. 6. T. lanceolata, Grah. in Wall. Cat. 6636. 
Ind^fera flexuosa, Orah. in Wall. Cat. 6i7S^Iiheede Hort. Mai. i. t 55. 

Tropical xone, spread universally from the Htmatayas to Gbylox, Malacca and 
SiAM, ascending to 4000 ft. in the north-west.— Distbib. Everywhere in the Tropics. 

A oopiooslj-branched saber^t perennial, 1-2 ft. high, with slender firm terete 
stems. jLeaves short-petioled, 3-6 in. long; stipules linear-subulate, ascending or 
reflexed ; leaflets 13-21, narrow oblanceolate, obtuse, green, glabre8c*ent above, 
glaucous, obscurely silky below. Baeemes copious, all leaf-opposed, 8-6 in. long, lax ; 
lower flowers fucicled ; pedicels ^>-j- in. ; bracts minute. Calyx ff-^ in., closely 
iilky ; teeth linear-subulsle, as long as the tube. Corolla ^-| in., r^, thinly silky. 
JM 1^2 in. by } in. broad ; style subglabrous, penicillate at tne tip. 

Vab. I. maxima; taller, suberect, stipules lanceolate reflexed, racemes many- 
flowered elongated, corolla ^ in. long, pod glabrescent 2-2^ in. long 10-12- 
seeded. T. maxima, Pers.; DC. Prodr. ii. 252. W. ^ A. Prodr. 213. Galega 
maxima, Lmn. 9p. PI. 1063. T. Mitchellit, Grah. in Wall. Cat. 5641.— Plains of the 
Western Peninsula and Ceylon. 

Vab. 2. pumila; lower, more difihse, persistently finely downy, stipules linear- 
setaceous, leaflets 9-11 smaller more downy, corolla rather smaller, pod 1-1^ in. 
long finely downy. T. pumila, Pers.; DC. Prodr. ii. 254. T. timoriensis, DC Pir>dr. 
ii 254. T. diflfusa. W. # A. Prodr. 213. Galega difiusa, Boxb. Fl. Ind. iii. 387. 
O. proenmbens. Ham. in Drans. Linn. Soc. xiii. 547. T. j)arviflora, Wight in Wall. 
Cat. 5642. — Distribution of the type. 

8. T. Bookerianay W. <$* A. Prodr. 212; herbaceous, stems finely 
dommy, Tacemes elonffatedy pod alirlitly recurved S-lO-seeded clothed with 
peniatent 1m>WDi8h silW hairs. T. Colutea, Wight. ; Wall. Cat. 5647. Galega 
nirtey Mam. in Tram. lAmn. Soc. xiii. 546. T. amcBuay Sort, Calc. non Pers. 

Plains from the Hikalatas to Gkylon and Malacca. 

Closely allied to T. purpurea, from which it scarcely differs except in the vestiture 
of the pod. Stipules linear; leaflets 13-19, narrow oblanceolate, J-1 in. long, 
truncate or emarginate, glabrescent above, thinly persistently silky below. Racemes 
all lateral, reaching 6-9 m. long ; pedicels -f^ in. Calyx densely silky, ^-^ in. ; 
teeth setaceous, exceeding the tube. Corolla \-^ in. Pod 1^2 in. by ^ in. ; style 
llattMied, subglabrous, penicillate at the tip. 

9. Ta ▼Ulosay Pers. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 251 ; herbaceous, stems finely downy^ 
laeemea elongated, pod much recur\'ed 6-8-8eeded densely clothed with white 
sflky hairs. WaU. Cat. 6645 , W. ^ A. Prodr. 212. dalega villosa, Linn. ; 
JUkvb. Fl. Ind. iii. 385. T. argentea, Pers. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 252 ; W. ^ A. Prodr. 
212. Galega argentea, Lamk. Diet. ii. 599. G. Barba-jovis, Burm. Fl. Ind. 

Plains from the Hikalatas to Cbtlow. — Distrib. Mauritius, Trop. Africa. 

Habit of T. purpurea^ but stems somewhat firmer and more woody, clothed with 
short adpressed white hairs. Leaves nearly sessile, 2-3 in. long; stipules linear, 
ascending or reflexed; leaflets 13-19, grey-green, glabrescent above, persistently 
silky below, nairow oblanceolate, often emarginate. Baeemes half a foot or more 
loaa ; lower flowers in distant fascicles, lowest often in the axils of the leaves ; 
pedicels very short ; bracts setaceous, plumose. Calyx \-\ in. deep, densely silky ; 
teeth setaceous, lower exceeding the tube. Corolla pale red, not much exceeding 
the calyx. Pod 1-1^ in. long, ^ in. broad, densely persistently velvety; stylo 
glabrous, flattened, densely penicillate at the tip. 

Yak. 1. ineana; stems clothed with short spreading pubescence, leaflets rather 
Woader, pod still more densely silky. T. ineana, Chrah. in Wall. Cat. 5644 ; 

Toi.. n. I 

114 L. LsaiTMniosjB. (J. G. Baker.) ITephrosia^ 

W. f A. Prodr. 212; Wt. le. t. 371. Oalega incana, Boxh. Fl, Ind. iii. 385. G. 
Golntea, WUld. 8p, PL iii. 1246 (excluding description of pod). T. Ehrenbergiana^ 
Schwei^f* PI, JEtHop. 18. — Distribution of tho type. 

10. T. paucifloraf Orah. in Wail. Cat. 6635 ; herbaceous, steins finely 
rilky, flowers usually all in the axils of the leaves, pod glabrescent or finely 
downy slightly recurved 6-d-6eeded. T. anthylloides, HochBt. ; Baker m OUv, 
Flw. Trap. Africa, ii. 118 P 

Plains of Scdtdb, Stocks, DaUell ; Pukjab, Stewart ; Birma, WaUich. 

Stems densely caespitose, under a foot high. Stipules ascending, setaceoos; 
leaflets 6-9, narrow oblanceolate, finely silky beneath, 1-1^ in. long, often emar- 
ginate. Flowers usually all geminate on short pedicels in the axils of the upper 
leaves, casually produced into a sparse raceme. Calyx ^ in., finely silky. CcroUa 
red, twice the calyx. Pod 1-2 in. by i in. ; style glabrous, flattened. — ^Probably a 
third variety of T. purpurea. The Indian difiers from the African plant by 
smaller flowers and fewer seeds. 


T. FuscA, W. 4- A. Prodr. 210 (T. argentea, Wiaht in Wall. Cat. 6648, non Pers.\ 
is a plant gathered by Dr. Wight on the Dindygul bills, of which the flowers are not 
known. In general habit, leaves, inflorescence, vestiture, and the shape of the calyx 
and pod, it resembles closely Mundulea suberosa, but the leaflets are shorter and mora 
obtuse, and the pod dehisces readily, like that of a Tephrosia, and the sutures are not , 
thickened so as to form a prominent border. The calyx is that of § Brissonia. 

23. SBSBAXrZA, Pers. 

Soft-wooded shrubs or herbs. Leaves long, very narrow, abruptly-^oiate^ 
with very numerous deciduous linear-oblong obtuse mucronate leaflets, jnawers 
in axillary racemes. Calyx campanulate, shallowly 2-lipped or 5-toothed. Co- 
rolla much exserted ; petals all with long claws ; standard broad : keel obtuse^ 
straight, or in § Agati recurved and subrostrate. Stamens diadelpnous ; anthers 
uniform. Ovary linear, stipitate, manv-ovuled ; style filiform, incurved, glabrous, 
stigma capitate. Pod very long and narrow, dehiscent, with distinct septa be- 
tween the very niunerous seeds. — ^Dibtbib. Species about 20, spread everywheie 
through the tropics. 

SuBGEN. 1. Busesbaiiia. Flowers emBh ; bud straight. 

1. Sa flBgrypttacay Pers.*. DC. Prod. li. 264; perennial, unarmed, pod 
flexible twisted. Wall. Cat. 6666 ; W.^A. Prodr. 214 ; Wt. Ic. t. 82 ; Bedd. FL 
Sylv. 86, Anal. Gen. 1. 12, ^. 3 ; Brand. For. Flor. 137 ; Boiss. Fl. Or. iL 193. 
-^Eschynomene Sesban, Linn. ; Roxh. Fl. Ind. iii. 332. JE,. indica, Burm. Fl. Ind, 
169. Ooronilla Sesban, WUld. Sp. iii. lU7--Bheede Hort. Mai. vi. t 27, 

Plains from the HimalatIs to Cetlon and Slav, ascending to 4000 ft. in the 
north-west. — Distbib. Cosmopolitan in tropics of old world. 

A soft- wooded shrub of short duration, 6-10 fl. high, with terete twiggy branches. 
Leaves 3-6 in. long; leaflets 21-41, glabrous, linear-oblong, pale green. Ftowers 
6-10, in copious lax axillary racemes ; pedicels filiform, J-J in. Calyx J in., glabrous, 
membranous ; teeth short, deltoid. Corolla J-J in., glabrous, pale yellow or (in 8. 
picta, Pers.\ Bot. Reg. t. 873), more or less tinged with deep red. Pod 6-0 in. loqg, 
weak, torulose ; sutures little thickened. 

2. S> acnleatay Pers. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 266 ; annual, muricated, pod loiv 
firm not twisted nor torulose. WaU. Cat. 6666 , W. ^ A. Prodr. 214 j Dah^ 

SetbofMO.] L. LBauMiNOSJB. (J. G. Baker.) IIS 

Oib$, Bomb, Fl. 62. iEBchynomene bispinosa, Jacq, Ic. t. 564. 'M, spinulosa. 
JRaxb. FL Ind. iii. 333. Coronilla aculeata, WiUd. % FL iii. 1147. 

PlainH £rom the West Hdcalatas to Cktlou and Sijlx. — Dxstbxb. Cosmopolitan 
in tropics of old world. 

Suffiraticose, reaching several feet high, the branches and leaf-rachises armed with 
small -weak prickles. Leaves reaching ^1 ft. long; leaflets glabrous, 41-81, 
smaller and narrower than in 8, tBgyptieica, Racemes laxly 3-6-flowered, distinctly 
pednncled. Calyx ^ in., glabrous. Corolla J-^ in., pale yellow ; standard dotted with 
red. P^d 6-9 m. by ^ in., straight or rather falcate, beaked with the persistent 

Vab. 1. paiudosa; more robust, unarmed, leaves glabrous. M, paludosa and uligi- 
noea, Boxb. Fl, Ind, iii. 333-4. 

Vab. 2. serioea ; branches robust unarmed, leaflets more or less silky even when 
mature, racemes subsessile. S. sericca. DC. Prodr, ii. 266 — Plains of Ceylon, Fergus^ 
Jo», CP., 3850. 

Tab. 3. cannabina; branches obscurely muricated, racemes subsessile 3-4« 
flowered, corolla and calyx smaller, the former not more than j> in. long. S. canna- 
bina, Pers. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 216 \W.^ A. Prodr. 216 ; Wall. Cat. 6667. JEschynomene 
cannabina. Bets. Ohs. \. 26. Coronilla cannabina, Wdld, 8p, H. iii. 1148. S. affinis, 
Sekrad,; DCloe.eit. 

3. S. prooninbens, W, ^ A, Prodr, 215 ; annual, obscurely muricated, 
pod short flexible torulose not twisted. Dalz, ^ Gibs, Bomb. FL 62. .^Eschy- 
nomene procumbensy Boxb, FL Ind, iii. 337. M, diflfusa, Boxb, MSS, 

Plains of the Western Peninsula. 

Branehes lower and more slender than in the last. Leaves 2-3 in. long ; leaflets 
81-41, linear-oblong, fflabrous, glaucous. Floioers solitary or geminate, without a 
eommon peduncle. Ccuyi ^ in. long. Corolla 8 times the calyx. Pod straight, 2-3 in. 
long, -^ m. thick, 16-20-seeded, distinctly torulose. 

SuBGEif. 2. AgTfttiy Desv. Flowers large ; bud falcately recurred. 

4. S. ffiundlflora, Pers. Si/n. ii. 316 ; Bedd. FL St/lv. 86; Brand. For. 
FIcr, 137. -^Eschvnomene grandiflora, Linn, 8p. 1050 ; Boxh. Fl. Ind. iii. 331. 
Agati grandiflora, 1)e9v, ; DC, Prodr, ii. 266 ; WaU, Cat, 5654 ; W, ^ A. Prodr. 
215. Coronilla grandiflora, WUld, Sp, iii. U^b^Bheede Hort, Mai. i. t. 51. 

Plains of the Western Peninsula, a doubtful native. — Distrib. Mauritius to N. 
Australia, but often cultivated. 

A short-lived soft-wooded tree, 20-30 ft. high, with virgate terete branches. 
Leaves }-l ft. long; leaflets 41-61, linear-oblong, pale green, glabrous. Flowers 

in short axillary racemes. Calyx 1 in. deep, glabrous, shallowly 2-lipped. Corolla. 
8-4 in. deep, white or, in JE. coccinea^ Desv. ; DC. loc. eit, (iGschynomenc coccinea, L.), 
more or less deeply tinged with red. Pod 1 foot or more long, falcate, firm, not toru- 
lose, the sutures much thickened. 

• 24. CAAAaAHA, Lam. 

Usnally low shrubs, with the leaf-rachises and the stipules usually spine- 
tipped ana hardened, persistent from year to year. Calyx campanulate, pkced 
▼ery obliquely on its pedicel, produced on the upper side ; teeth 5, deltoid or 
lanceolate. Corolla much exserted ; standard broaa, with reflexed edges ; keel 
not at all beaked, usually as long as the wings and standard. Stamens diadelph- 
ous; anthers uniform. Ovary linear, sessile, many-ovuled ; style filiform, incuned, 
glabrous, stigma minute terminal. Pod linear, turgid, not at all torulose, con- 
tinuous, but sometimes pubescent within. — Distbib. Species about 15, spread 
widely through Central Asia. 


116 L. h%0iUvmo8M. (J. G. Baker.) [OarugcuuK 

* Leaf-racMs iuppreMed. 

1. O. pyirn^oaf DC. Prodr, ii. 268 ; leaflets 4 digitate oblanoeolate gk* 
brouB, flowers solitaiy nearly sessile. JBrcmd, For. Flor. 134. Robinia pygmaga^ 
Xtnn. i^. Fi. 1044 ; Po^. JY. Itoss, i. t. 45. Genista versicolor, WaU. Cat. 
6822 ; Royle III. t. 34, fig. 2. 0. versicolor, j^en/A. tn Boyle III. 198. 

West Hdiaultas, temperate and alpine regions; Tibet, Ktjnawab, &c., alt. 
^17t000ft. — ^DiSTBiB. A^hanistan, Altai to Davtiria. 

A low iinder8hrul\ with the habit of a prickly Crenista, the branches armed with a 
pungent, ascending trifid spine under an inch long from each of the close nodes. 
Letwes solitary or geminate in the spine axils, with rarely a perceptible petiole; 
leaflets ^-^ in. long, firm, pale green. Pedicels jointed, shorter than the calyx. Calyx 
glabrous, j- in. long; teeth short, deltoid. Corolla bright reddish-yellow, } in; 
standard glabrous. Pod linear, turgid, glabrous, naked within, }-l in. long. 


Leaf-rach%B produced J with a spme at the end. 

2. C Gonferta* Benth. MSS.\ leaflets 4-6 oblanceolate subglabrous^ 
stipules spinous, flowers 1-2 subsessile. 

Balti, temperate or alpine region, Winierbottom. 

Nodes crowded on the castaneous downy branches. Spines woody, an inch long» 
Stipules broad, scariose, downy, with a spiny tip ; leaflets \-^ in. long, obtuse, with a 
macro, at first &intly silky beneath, subcoriaceous. Pedicle downy, i^orter than the 
calyx. Calyx } in., finely silky ; teeth deltoid, ciliated, half as long as the tube. Cb- 
rolla 1 in. long, the keel incurred, with very long claws. Ovary linear, densely 
pubescent, 10-ld-ovuled ; style long, much incurved. Pod unknown. 

3. C. d^rardlana, Boyle III. 198, t. 34, ^. 1 ; leaflets 8-12 oUan- 
ceolate-oblong densehr pubescent, stipules not spinous, flowers 1-2 subsessile. 
Brand. For. Flar. 133. Astragalus Gerardianus, Grah. in Wall. Cat. 6938. 
C. spinosissima, Benth. in Boyle lU. 198 ; Comb, in Jacguem. Toy. Bot. t. 43. 

West Hihalatas, temperate and alpine region, alt. 8-13,000 ft.; GtmwHii^ 


A shrub reaching 3-4 ft. high, with very close nodes and downy young branches. 
Old spines erecto-patent, pungent, 1-1^ in. long, often downy. Leaflets ^-| in. long,, 
obtuse, mucronate, firm, densely silky ; stipules deltoid, scarious, not spine-tipped and 
consequently the ^d spines simple, not trifid. CcUyx shortly pedicelled, f in. long, 
densely pubescent ; teeth deltoid-cuspidate, half the tube. Corolla twice me calyx. 
Pod j-1 in by 1 in., woolly within and persistently clothed with grey pubescence on 
the outside. 

4. C. poljraoaatliaf Boyle III. 198; leaflets 10-12 obovate-oblong 
densely pubescent, stipules spinous, flowers 1-2 on a short pedimcle. Astragalus 
polyacanthus. Wall. Cat. 6934. 

Centbai. Hixalata, alpine or temperate region; Kui£aow, BUnkworth; QjiR' 
WHAL, Stracheyand Winterbottom. 

A low shrub, with close nodes and densely downy joung branches. Old spines 
1-2 in. long, weaker and less pungent than in the last. Xea/-rachi8es densely matted 
with pale brown woolly pubescence ; leaflets j— f in. long, pale green, rigidly coriaceous, 
truncate, mucronate. Common peduncle short and not always developed. Calyx ^ in. 
long, densely silky, subtended by a pair of linear bracteolcs ; teeth setaceous from a 
deltoid base, half as long as the tube. Corolla yellowish, twice the calyx. Ovary 
linear, densely pubescent. Pod unknown. 

5. C brevisplnay Boyle III. 198; leaflets 12-16 obovate-oblong gla- 
brous or finely silW, stipules spinous, flowers 2-4 on a common peduncle. 
Brand. For. Flor. 133. 

Caragana,'] l. leouminosa. . (J. G. Baker.) 117 

Wb8T HniALATAs, temperate region, alt. 5-9000 ft. ; TCAimifre, Kvkawab, GKtb- 
iTKAi^ Sno^A, Ace. — DisTRiB. Chinese Tartaiy, Afghanistan. 

A shrub sereral feet high, the nodes less cro^rded than in the preceding, the young 
hranehes finely downy. Old spine-tipped rachises 2-4 in. long, rigid or flexible. 
LoafleU f-} in. long, subcoriaceous, glabrescent on both sides or thinly pubescent be- 
low. TiduncU 1-2 in. ; bracts and bracteoles linear, scarious ; pedicels downy. Calys ^ 
in. long, subglabrous ; teeth half the tube, lanceolate-cuspidate. Corolla glabxouBt 
yellowish, twice the calyx. Pod glabrous, linear, 2 in. long, woolly within. 

*** Spmeleu Mf-rackis produced, with a leaflet at the end (Ohesneya, Lindl,). 

6. C. orassioanlis, Benth. MSS. ; leaflets 21-25 linear-oblong pubeft- 
teat, flowers solitary. Astragalua crassicaulis, Orah. in Wall, Cat, 5932. A. 
nalngenus, Don Prodr. 245 P Oaragana (Nephelotrophe) nubigena, Bunge 
Man, Astrag, 240 P 

HfifATJkTAs, alpine region, alt. 12-17)000 ft. ; Gubwhaii and Ktticaon to Sikhx. 

Sterna thick, tufted, woody, creeping for a few inches below the surface, clothed 
Tery densely with the long old tough but not pungent or spinous leaf-rachises. Leavee 
in a lax rosette at the sui&ce, short-petioled, l-l]^ in* long ; leaflets green, not coriace- 
ous, ^-\ in. long, truncate or emarginate. Peduncle downy, as long as the caljnc. Ccdyx 
(in. long, very oblique, densely pubescent ; teeth ^-^ tube. Corolla reddish-yeUow, twice 
tne calyx ; standard pubescent on the outside ; wings and keel shorter. Pod linear- 
oUong, f--} in. long, finely pubescent, stuffed inside with cottony down. 

7. 0> onneatay Baker '^ leaflets 11-13| flowers 1-3 lonf-peduncled. 
Ouldenstaedtia cuneata, Benth, in Boyle III, 200. Chesneya vaginalis^ JavJb, and 
apaeh. HI, 96, t. 48 P (calyx teeth shorter). 

Tbkfkratb and Altovb West Htkatayas, alt. 8-13,000 ft. ; Tibbt and Kxtnawab* 
— BiSTRiB. Orient ? ; Kashgar, BeUew, 

Branches 2-3 in. long, crowded from a woody rhizome. Stipules small, deltoid ; 
leaf-rachis, including distinct petiole, 2-4 in. long ; leaflets obovate, j-^ in. long, truncate, 
cmaiginate, not oormceous, densely pubescent. Peduncle equalling or orertopping the 
IsaTes ; pedicels very short Cah/x f-^ in. downy ; teeth linear-lanceolate, hau as long 
as the tube or more. Corolla twice the calyx ; standard pubescent ; wings rather shorter ; 
ked shorter stilL Pod straight, linear, glabrous, 2-2^ in. long, 10-12-Beeded, slightly 
staffed within. This and the last hare the oblique ^yx of Calophaeoj but in habit 
and corolla lanffe better under Guldenstadtia, — ^Dr. Aitchison sends from Ladak a plant 
with deep purple flowers, more hoary leaves and narrower pod, which may be distinct. 

25. airXABMSTJBDTZA, Fisch. 

Spineless perennials. Leaves odd-pinnate. FUfwers solitary or mnbellate on 
kng ajdllary peduncles. Calyx-tube campanulate, not oblique ; teeth 5, distinct^ 
upper broader. Corolla much exserted ; standaid round ; keel not more than 
liau as long as the other petals, straight, obtuse. Stamens diadelphous ; antiiera 
vniform. Ovary sessile, numy-ovuled j style incurred very short, stigma capitate. 
Pod linear, tui^d, not toruloee, continuous within. — ^Distbib. Species 7-8, all 
Oentral Asian. 

1. d. Umalaloa* Baker; shortly caulescent, leaflets 11-13 oboTate- 
«l)Cordate densely sUky, flowers 1--3, calyx-teeth much shorter than the tube. 

TTrifATATA, alpine zone, alt. 11-16,000 ft. ; KuiCAOw and Gubwhax. to finr^w- 
Stems 1-2 in. long, csespitose firom a perennial rootetoek, densely siU^. Leatfes 
i'H in. long, distinctly petioled, densely clothed with pale brown sillgr hairs ; stipulate 

118 t. LEQUMiNOSJE. (J. G. Baker.) lOuldenatoBdiuK 

large, leafj, ovate ; leaflets ^-^ in. long, not at all rigid. Peduncle filiform, 1-S in. 
long ; pedicels shorter than calyx ; bracts lanceolate, very minute. Calyx ^ in., silky ;. 
upper teeth deltoid, lower lanceolate. Corolla 3-4 times calyx; standard round, 
glabrous. Pod linear, glabrous, ^ in. long, 6-8-seeded, with a narrow border to th& 
upper suture. 

2. d. mirpoureiiBiBy Benth. MSS.-, stemless, leaflets S-7 oblong 
obscurely pubescent, flowers 1-3, calyx-teeth as long as the tube. Astragalus 
mirpourensis, Camb, in Jacqucm. Voy. Bot, 39, t. 40. 

Upper Ganoetio plain at Mirpour, Jacquemont, Hazaba, Dr, Stewart," 
Bhisomes slender, branched, with the leaves and peduncles in a rosette at the sur- 
fiice. Petiole j-1 in., obscurely pubescent, like the rachis and underside of the 
leaves ; leaflets j— ^ in. long, obtuse, glabrescent above, not at all rigid. Peduncle a» 
long AS the leaves ; pedicels scarcely any. Calyx \ in. flnely silky ; teeth lanceolate- 
acuminate. Corolla twice the calyx. Pod twice the calyx, linear, finely silky. 

3. d. mnltifloray Bwnge Enum, PL Chin, 18 ; stemless, leaflets 11-13 
oblong densely silky, flowers 3-6, calyx-teeth as long as the tube. 

West Hqialata, RoyU, the exact station not known. Distbib. China. 

Bosettes of leaves and peduncles densely crowded at the surface on a slender woody 
rhizome. Xeq/'-rachis 2-4 in., including the distinct petiole, densely pubescent; 
leaflets \-^ in., obtuse, soft, not rigid. Peduncle equalling or overtopping the leaves ; 
bracts linear, exceeding the very short pedicels. Calyx ^ in.; teeth linear-lanceo- 
late. Corolla violet or yellow, twice the calyx. Pod twice the calyx, linear, straight, 
densely pubescent. 

26. ASTAAaAXiVS, Linn. 

Herbs or undershrubs with pinnate leaves, the leef-rachis tenninatiiig either 
in a leaflet or a spine. Calyx tubular or campanulate, equal or gibbous on the 
beck ; teeth 6, subequaL Corolla usually distinctly exserted ; petals subequal 
or wings and keel shorter than the standard, the keel incurved, obtuse. Stamens 
diadelphous; anthers uniform. Ovary sessile or stalked, many-ovuled ; style 
incurved, stigma capitate. Pod linear or oblong, usually turgid, continuous 
within or more or less completely longitudinally 2-celled from the introyersion 
of the inferior suture. — Distbib. Belts the world in the north-temperate zone, 
the head Quarters being Western and Central Asia. Mono^phed in the 11th 
volume of the 7th series of the Memoirs of the Impenal Academy of St. 
Petersburg, by Bunge, who estimates the number of species at 1160-1200. 

SuBGEN. 1. TrioliostyliiSy Baker, A herbaceous perennial, with basifixed 
liairs, the style bearded down the inner face below the stigma, as in Fhaseolua, 

1. A. Beydel, Baker. 

West Tibxtan HncAiATis, alpine region, alt. 15-16,000 ft., Strachey, By the- 
Tso-kar sea, between Rupschu and Korsog, Heyde. 

Bhizome slender, woody, the whole plant not reaching more than an inch above the 
soil. Leaves {-^ in. long ; leaflets 17-19, oblong, crowded, complicate, persistently 
aigenteo«cane8cent, fleshy ; stipules small, deltoid, fleshy, spreading. Peduncles \-\ in. 
Fhwers 2-4 in a close umbellate head : bracts and pedicels minute. Calyx ^ in.» 
densely argenteo-canescent ; teeth lanceolate-deltoid, rather shorter than the campanu- 
late tube. Corolla more than twice the calyx, rose-red with the tij) deeper; petals 
subequal ; limb of standard round, reflexed, deeply emarginate. Pod I in, long, oblongi 
membranous, much inflated, short-stalked, glabrous, 1 -celled, many-seeded. 

SuBGEN. 2. Poflponopliaoey Bunge. A group of various habit, with 
"hmifiTed hairs, diflfering from all the zest by its penicillate stigma. 

Astragahu,'] L. liouminosa. (J. 6. Baker.) 119 

^ Annuals with lender trailing stems and sessile pods (habit of Sul)gen* 

2. A. amlierstianiiSf Benth. in Bayle III. 190 ; corolla scarcely ex^ 
eeeding the calyz^ pod 10-12-fleeded with the valves but Uttle inHexed^ Bunge 
Mon. L 6y ii 3. 

West Himalayas, temperate region, alt. 6-10,000 ft.; Kistwab, Kukattab, 
Chamba, SncLA. — ^BisTBiB. A^hanistan. 

Stems densely csespitose, diSnse, J-1 ft., clothed with dense adpressed whitish hairs. 
Leaves short-petioled, 1-1^ in. ; leanets 13-17, narrow, oblong, obtuse, ^~-| in. long, 
denselv clothed with thick adpressed white hairs ; stipules minute, lanceolate. Flowers 
4-10, in close distinctly-peduncled racemes ; pedicels very short ; bracts minute, seta- 
ceous. Caljfx \-^ in., shaggy with hairs like those of the leaves ; teeth setaceousi, as 
long as the tul^. Corolla primrose-yellow. Pod linear, turgid, |-i in. long, much 
xecnrved, rostrate, thinly pubescent. 

3. A. sabnmbeUatiiS, Klotzschin Beise Pr, Wold. Bat. 160, t. 3; 
corolla moze than twice as long as the calyx^ pod 20-24-seeded with the 
sutures much inilexed. A. hippocrepidis^ Benth. MSS, ; Bunge Mon, i. 6^ ii. 3 ; 
Boias, Fl, Orient, ii. 231. A.^corpiurus, Bunge Man, loc, cit, A. humifusus, 
Jaeguem, MSS. 

PuxJAB, Hazara, Kashxib, tropical and temperate regions, ascending to 
6-7000 ft. — DisTRiB. Beloochistan, A%hanistan. 

Stems }-l ft., diffuse, branched, dothed with short deciduous ascending white 
hairs. Leaves 1-2 in. ; leaflets 13-21, distant, oblong, glaucous, j— | in., thinly or 
densely pilose or nearly glabrescent ; stipules minute, lanceolate, cuspidate. Bacemes 
distinctly pedunded, 6--10-flowered, lax or close ; pedicels very short ; bracts setaceous, 
Terv minute. Ca/yx ^ in., thinly pubescent ; teem setaceous, as long as the tube. Co- 
rolla § in., yellow tinged with rose-purple ; blade of wings lanceolate, shorter than 
the standard and keel. Pod, j^} in., cylindrical, much recurved, shortly pubescent, 
almost completely bilocular. 

** Perennials with slender C€Bspitose trailing stems and stalked pods (habit 
of Subgen. Hypoglottb). 

4. A. pyonorlilzasy Wall, Cat. 5927 ; glabious, flowers 1-2, calyx- 
teeth lanceolate nearly as long as ihe tube, wings shorter than the keel. Benth. 
tpi Bogle III, 100 ; Bunge Mon. L 4, ii. 1. Sphserophysa pycnorhiza, Benth, Oen. 
iton/. i. 504 

Nepal, WaUieh, Sikkim, alt. 6-12,000 ft, HooJcJU. 

Root woody, fusiform. Stems wiiy, J-1 ft. Leaves an inch or more long ; leaflets 
dose, 11 -.13, green, obovate-oblong, trnncate-emarginate, \ in. long, clothed with 
only a few very short obscure hairs ; stipules free, minute, membranous, deltoid. Pe- 
duneles equalling or exceeding the leaves, dothed with short mixed black and white 
hairs ; pedicels very short ; bracts membranous, lanceolate. Calyx J in., gibbous, clothed 
with minute pubescence like that of the peduncle. Corolla ^-^ in., purplish ; limb of 
standard round, 4 in. broad ; wings half as broad as the depth of the keel. Pod 1-} in. 
long, glabrous, inflated, 12i-16-8eeded, the suture not inflexcd ; stalk much snorter 
than the calyx. 


6. A. Ponlanns, DC, Prodr. ii. 283; slightly pubescent, floweis few, 
wings M long as the keel, calvx-teeth half as long as me tube. Bunge Mon. 
L 4, ii. 1. A. macrorhizus, JQon Prod. 245, non On. 

NiPAi^ WaUiek, 

Plamt prostrate, beset with a few scattered adpressed hairs. Leaver with 8-10- 
pairs of oval alternate mncronnlate leaflets, which are pubescent beneath, but when 

120 L. LXGUHnro8£. (J. G. Baker.) lA9kagalm». 

.young silky ; sUpules connate. Peduncles twice as long as the leaves. Calyx } in. lon^. 
CoroUa purple ; standard | in. long, blade broad. Pod silky, subolate, 20-fleedea. 
Described from DC. and Bunge loc, cU, — No specimen seen. 

6. A. kongrrensiSf Bemth. MSS, ; green, finely silky, flowers in a dense 
head, wings shorter than the keel, calyx clothed with adpreesed silky hairsy 
teeth lanceolate much shorter than the tube. 

SiKKm ; Kongra Lama, alt. 15,000 ft., H(yok. fiL 

Subacaulescent, with a slender rhizome, creeping below the surface. Leaves dis- 
tinctly petioled, 2-8 in. long ; leaflets 15-17, roundish-oblong, obtuse, not complicate^ 
pale green, thinly coated with short white hairs ; stipules ^-^ in., orate, obtuse, per- 
sistent, slightly silky. Flowers 5-6, ascending or cemuous, in a dense head ; pedunclea 
H-2 in., erect, clothed with adpressed block hairs ; pedicels yery short, densely black- 
silky; bracts linear, not very small. Calyx ^ in. CoroUa twice the calyx, deep 
purple ; keel as long as the standard. Ovary densely silky, multiovulate, witn a stalk 
nearly as long as the calyx-tube. 

7. A. tribnllfolios, BevUh. MSS. ; glaucous, densely tomentose, leaflets 
crowded, flowers few in a dense head, calyx-teeth subulate as long as liie tobei 
wings much shorter than the keel. Bunge Mon, i. 4, ii. 2. 

Westbbn Tibbt, alpine region; valley below Hanle Hupchu, alt. 14,500 ft.; Tiom- 
9on^ Heyde, 

Rootstock long, woody, fusiform. Stems and thick glaucous leaves densely clothed 
with short spreading white hairs. Leaves 1-2 in. long; leaflets crowded, 17-21, 
oblong, \-\ m. long; stipules minute, deltoid, leaf-like, free. Peduncles 1-2 in., 
the short pubescence growing black upwards ; pedicels very short ; bracts subulate, 
conspicuous, persistent. Calyx \ in., densely clothed with short black pubescence. 
CoroUa purplish, half as long again as the cidyx ; standard } in. broad. Chary siUy, 
distinctly stalked ; ovules about 20. Pod not seen. 

8. A. Bendersoniy Baker; glaucous, densely tomentose, leaflets 
crowded, flowers 1-2 together, calyx-teeth lanceolate shorter than the tube. 

Tibet ; upper part of the Karakash valley. Dr. Henderson. 

Closely cdlied to the last, the thick glaucous crowded leaflets clothed with dense 
white hairs, the whole plant in the single specimen gathered not more than a 
couple of inches high. Leaves }-^ in. long; leaflets 13-17, obovate-oblonfl, obtuse, 
-folded together. Peduncles short, clothed wiUi short white pubescence. Calyx ^ in., 
matted with mixed black and white hairs. Corolla seen in bud only. Pod oblong, the 
same size and shape, and as much inflated as in A. pycnorhieus, membranous, with a few 
short adpressed nairs and a short stalk ; sutures scarcely at all intmded ; seeds 
about 20. 

*** Tall perennials voith almost woody stems , lax Jtowers, mid Umff^alhsd 
few-seeded pods (habit of Subgen. Phaca). 

9. A. Faloonerif Bunge Mon. i. 4 ; ii. 2 ; densely pubescent, stipules 
broad foliaceous, leaflets 13-17, pod turgid glabrescent A. acutiflorus, JBen^ 

West Tibet, Falconer ; Hazara, Winterbotiom. 

Stems flexuous, old glabrescent, young clothed with short spreading whits psbes- 
cence. Leaves l-l^ in. long; leaflets dose, glaucous, obtuse, oblanceolate-obLong, 
}-} in. long. Racemes few-flowered, lone-peduncled ; pedicels shorter than tiie caiji^ 
downy. Calyx ^ in., gibbous, nearly gl{U)rous ; teeth' very shorL Corolla lilac, ^ in. ; 
wings lanceolate, acute, as long as the keel. Pod ^-| in. long, narrowed to both sndi,. 
4-6-seeded ; stalk twice the calyx ; inflexed suture reaching idl through in the lovir 
part, not in the upper. 

AttragdluB.'] l. leouminosje. (J. G. Baker.) 121 

10. JLm adesmtolbliuSy Benth, MSS.; glahrous, stipules laxige foliace- 
ooSy leaflets tbt^ numerous, pod flat glabrous. Bunge Mon, i. 4 ; ii. 2. Phaca 
Boffin^teri, l^lotzKh Iteise iV. Wald, Bot, 169, t. 3. 

West Tibetan Ilimalayas, alt. 8-12,000 ft ; Dras, Zamskab, Prri, Ladax» 

Branches zigzag, glabrous, terete, woody, reaching several feet in height. Leaves 2-6 
UD. long ; leaflets 25-41, green, oboTate, emarginate, rather fleshy, lower ^-J in. long, 
upper growing gradually smaller ; stipules persistent, obliquely cordate<ovate. Ra- 
ssMct Tery lax, ^-1 ft ; pedicels very short ; bracts minute, linear. Ckdyx ^ in., ob- 
lique, tolmloso-eampannlHte, glabrous ; teeth minute, deltoid. Corolla lilac, | in., the 
petals subequal in length ; limb of wing lanceolate, acute. Pod oblong, \-\ in., nar- 
rofwed to both ends, 4-8-scedod ; lower suture hardly at all inflexed ; stalk more than 
twiee the calyx. 

11. JLm triobooarpiiBy Orah, in Wall. Cat. 5026 ; obscurely dlky, sti- 
palee minute, leaflets very numerous, pod turgid flnely downy. Bunge Mon. 
I. 4 ; iL 2. A. sesbanioides, Benth. in Boyle III. 199 ; "Bunge loc. cit. 

Central Himalayas, temperate region, alt. 5-8000 ft. ; Simla, Gurwital, Kuicaok. 

Erect, suffiruticose, reaching several feet high, the branches straight, virgate, much 
f i inu w e d. Leaves subsessile, 2-4 in; leaflets 31-41, oblong, ^-f in. long, subobtuse, 
sale green, clothed with minute silvery hairs. Racemes very copious, distinctly pe- 
mnded, erecto-patent 2-4 in. long, with very numerous flowers; pedicels short, 
Btfnuoos, clothed with dense short mixed black and white hairs ; bracts linear, minute. 
Chlyur glabrous, campanulate, oblique, ^V i°- > teeth deltoid. Corolla lilac, 4-5 times 
the eatyz ; limb of standard round ; wings lanceolate, shorter than the keel. Pod }-| 
in. long, oblong, completely 2-celled, 4-6-seeded ; stalk much exceeding the calyx. 

SuBGSK. S. TrimentouSy Bunge. Annual weeds with basiflxed hairs, 
nnall yellow flowers in usually dense heads, and glabrous stigmas. 

12. A. prolixusy Sieher PI. jEgypt, Kvsic. ; heads dense peduncled, leaflets 
11-17 oblong obtuse, pod short straight lineaivoblong 6-8-seeded nearly 
bUocular. Bunge Mon. i. 9 ; ii. 6 ; Botes. Fl. Orient, ii. 223. A. arabicu8« 
Ekrhenb. ; Bunge Mon, loc. cit. ; Boiss. loc. cit. Phaca Vogelii, Webh in Hook. 
N^. Fl. 123, t. 8. 

nains of Scindb and Punjab. — ^Distrib. Gape Verde islands ; through £!gypt to 

Stems very slender, f-1 ft., densely clothed upwards with adpressod white hairs. 
Lmufss distinctly petiolea, ^-1 j in. long ; leaflets distant, glaucous, jf—^ in., clothed with 
line adpressed white hairs; stipules minute, lanceolate, free. Heads 6-1 2-flowered ; 
peduncles rarely as long as tne leaves. Calyx under ^ in., densely matted ; teeth 
iinear-setaceous, nearly as long as the tube. Corolla little exsertcd. Pod sessile, 
ntgid, j— } in. long, densely pubescent 

13. A. AitoUsonly Baker ; heads very lax short-peduncled, leaflets ob- 
loa^ emaiginate, pod very long and slender straight or slightly recurved 
di^tly toruloee unilocular 15-20-seeded. 

PrxJAB, Salt range, Aitchison. 

Stem suberect, \ ft., slender, thinly white-canescent. Leaves distinctly petioled, 
l)-2l in. long; leaflets distant. 17-25, alternate, \ in. long, grey-green, thinly 
9oatca with adpressed short white hairs; stipules minute, deltoid. Racemes 4-6- 
loweced; pedicels rwj short; bracts minute. Calyx ^ in. campanulate, thinly 
vhite-silky ; teeth linear or lanceolate, nearly as long as the tube. Corolla twice 
hm ttlyx, white with a purple tip ; standard longer than the wings and keel. Pod 
l| in. long, under ^ in. Uiick, thinly white-canescent at first ; dissepiment not at all 
JKvrred ; seeds distent, very smalL 

122 L. LEOUMINOSA. (J. G. Baker.) lAHriigahii. 

14. A. ophlooarpiuiy Bemth. M8S. ; heads lax nearly sessile, leaflets 
oblong emaiginate, pod very long and slender sickle-shaped slightly torulose 
unilocular 10-12-seeded. Bunge Mon, i. 10 ; ii. 6 ; Boiss, FL Orient, ii. 224. 

Ladax, alt. 11,000 ft., Thomson. — Distbib. Persia. 

Stems slender, diifiise, ^-\ ft., densely finely white-downy. Leaves distinctly petioledr 
^1 in. long; leaflets moderately close and thick, distinctly notched at the apex, 
matted on both sides with short white hairs; stipules lanceolate, very minute. 
Bacemes 3-6-flowcred; pedicels and bracts minute. CcUyx under ^ in., densely 
matted ; teeth lanceolate, shorter than the tube. Corolla nearly twice the calyx, its 
petals subequal in length. Pod 1-1 i in. long, thick, finely downy, the dissepiment 
not at all incurved, the oblong seeds with a space corresponding to the slight con- 
strictions of the pod between them. 

15. A. tribnloides, Delile; DC. Prodr. ii. 288; heads dense sessile^ 
leaflets 13-15 oblong-lanceolate acute, pod short linear-oblong densely pubescent 
little recurved 10-12-seeded subbilocular. Bunge Mon, i. 10 ; ii. 7 ; Boiss. FL 
Orient, ii. 224. A. minutus, erpocaulis and ammocryptos, Boiss, Diagn, ix, 

Plains of Punjab. — Distbib. Canaries, through Egypt to A^hanistan. 

Stems slender, densely csespitose, trailing, ^-1 ft., densely clothed upwards with 
ascending white hairs, leaves distinctly petioled, 1-2 J in. long ; leaflets mostly close, 
densely clothed with long white hairs on both sides ; stipules minute. Heads 6-10- 
flowered. Calyx tubular, ^^^ in., densely matted ; teeth setaceous, shorter than the 
tnbe. Corolla pale yellow, little exserted. Pods ^ in. long, turgid, densely pubescent^ 
the cluster often spreading from the stem like the spokes of a wheel from the aads. 

16. A. bamoBOSf Linn. \ DC. Prodr. ii. 290; heads pedunded dense^ 
leaflets 13-25 oblong emarginate, pod long cylindrical glabrous much recurved 
nearly bilocular 16-18-6eeded. Sibth. 8f Sm. FL Orac. t. 728 ; Bunge Men, 
L 13 ; IL 13 ; Boiss. FL OrietU. ii. 238. 

Plains of Pitnjab at Lahore, Peshawur, &c — ^Distbib. Canaries, Mediterranean 
region, Orient. 

More robust and less hairy than the other species, the stems 1-2 ft. long. Leam$ 
distinctly petioled, ^-\ ft. long ; leaflets distinctly stalked, pale green, J-j in. long, 
glabrescent above, or thinly matted with silvery hairs on both sides. Heads 6-20- 
flowered ; peduncles much shorter than the leaves. Calyx ^ in., matted with mixed 
black and white hairs ; teeth subulate, as long as the tul)e. Corolla pale yellow, half 
as long again as the calyx. Pod \-\ in. long, cylindrical, firmer than in its neigh- 
bours, quite glabrous. 

17. A. grraoilipeSy Benth. MSS. ; heads dense peduncled few-flowered, 
leaflets 9-13 oblong obtuse, pod cylindrical pubescent little recurred 10-12- 
seeded half-bilocular. Bunge Man. i. 15 ; ii. 17. 

West Tibkt; Zanskar and Indus valley, alt. 11-14,000 feet, Thomson. 

Aciiulescent, or stems short, subcrect, densely clothed with ascending strong white 
hairs. Leaves long-petioled, 1-3 inches long ; leaflets distant, greenish, ^-f in. long* 
densely clothed with hairs like those of the stem; stipules minute. Heads 8-6- 
flowered; peduncles pilose, 2-4 in. Calyx J in., tubular; teeth short, setaceoos. 
Corolla pale yellow, twice the calyx ; standard narrowed suddenly into a deltoid ti|^ 
the wings shorter and keel shorter stiU. Pod ^-f in. long by ^ in., sessile, dotbtd 
with short dense white bristly hairs. 

18. A. oontortaplioatus, Zinn.; DC, Prodr. ii. 290 ; heads dense short* 
peduncled, leaflets 13-17 oblanceolate-oblong emarginate, pod cylindrical downy 
Tery much recurved nearly bilocular 20-30H3eeded. Bunge Mon, i. 18 ; iL 20; 
Bau8. Fl. Orient, ii. 230. 

Afiragaha.^ L. LBGUMiNOSf. (J. O. Baker.) 123. 

FUins of Puzr^AB and SairDE. — Distrib. East Europe, Orient, West Siberia. 

Stems suberect, ^1^ ft^ densely clothed with short soft spreading white hairs. 
Leaves distinctly pedoled, 3-4 inches long ; leaflets |-4 in., distant, greenish, thin at 
first* densely pilose on both sides ; stipules lanceolate, free, larger than in all the pre- 
ceding. Heads rery dense, many-flowered, on pilose peduncles much shorter than tho 
leaxes. Calyx ^ in., densely pilose ; teeth setaceous, plumose, exceeding the tube. 
Corolla little ezserted, the lanceolate acute wings shorter than the standard and keeU 
iW I in. long, sausage-shaped, membranous, rugose, completely conduplicate. 

Stboex. 4. PodolotOBy JRoyle. A caulescent perennial, with a few 
obscoie basifixed hairs and naked stigma, differing from all the other groups bj 
the endocaip of the unilocular pod separating as a thin membrane and produced 
into septa between the seeds. 

19. A. hosaokloldeSy Benth, Oen. i. p. 507. Podolotus hoaackioides. 
Boyle la. 198. 

KuxAox and Gurwhal, temperate region. 

Stems slender, glabrous, zigzag, densely csespitose, 1^1^ ft. Leaves short-petioled, 
1-1 1 in. ; leaflets 13-15, fl;reen, glabrous, oblong, obtuse, ^f in. ; stipules minute^ 
deltoid. Peduncles equalling or exceeding the leares, 1-2-flowerod. Calyx ^ in.» 
glafaroos; teeth short, deltoid. Corolla yellow, twice the calyx; petals equal in 
length, wings and keel abruptly incurred. Pod linear, tuigid, straight, ^} in. long^ 
5-^8eeded, with a stalk as long as the calyx. 

Sttbgen. 5. HTpogrlottis. Herbaceous perennials, with basifixed hair%, 
flowers in dense mostly pedunded capitate heads, and naked stigmas. 

* Heads sessile or pedunded. Flowers lilac or purple. 

20. A. oonfertos, Benth. MSS. ; stems very dwarf densely csespitodd^- 
thinly clothed with adpressed white hairs, leaflets ll-lS, calyx clothed with 
adpreeeed Uack hairs, teeth linear shorter than the tube, pod stalked unilocular 
&w-aeeded. Btmge Men. i. 23 ; ii. 27. 

Wbst Tibbt, alpine region; Pangong and Parang valley, alt. 15-17f500 ft.». 
Thomson, Henderson. 

Bkisoms woody, fusiform, the whole plant not more than 1-3 inches high above 
the soil. Leaves \--^ in. long ; leaflets silvery, thick, close, complicate, oblong, densely 
canescent, ^ in. or less long ; stipules small, lanceolate. Heads 6-8-flowerod ; 
peduncle 1-1^ in., mostly subr^ical, clothed with adpressed black and white silky 
hairs ; pedicels and bracts very small. Calyx ^ in., the tube campanulate. Corolla 
twice the calyx ; keel and wings subequal, rather shorter than the btandard. Omryt 
silky, not seen fully developed. 

21. A« rlflrldaliiBf Benth. MSS.-, stems very short glabrous, leaflets 
17-21, calyx clothed vnth adpressed black sillnr hairs, teeth lanceolate as 
hog as the tube, pod oUong turgid sessile unilocular 6-8-8eeded. Bunge Man^ 
L2»; ii. 26. 

SoLxnc, alpine region ; Tungu, alt 13,000 ft., Hook.fil. 

Rkieome slender, much branched below the surface, the whole plant closely 
resembling A. alpinus in habit, not more than 3-4 inches high above the soil. Leaves 
distittctljr petiolod, 1-]^ in. ; leaflets g^een, linear-oblong, obtuse, ^ in. long, thinly 
eoated with adpressed white hairs ; stipules ^ in. deltoid, membranous. Heads 6-10- 
Howered ; peduncles and pedicels both veiy short. Calyx under \ in. Corolla twice - 
the calyx ; limb of standard oblong, exceeding the wings and keel. Pod glabrous^ 
oblong, membranous, ^ in. long. 

22. A. alplmiBy Linn. iSb. 1070 ? ; stems short slender clothed with ad- 
white silky hairsy leaflets 11-13, calyx clothed with adpressed mixed 

124 L. LEGumNOSJE. (J. G. Baker.) [AstmgaluB. 

l>lack and white eilky hairs, teeth setaceous bs long as the tube, ovaiy stalked 
glabrous few-ovuled. Phaca astragalina, DC, Prodr, ii. 274 F 

Wbst Tib»t ; Bnrgil pass, Winterbottom, — ^Distreb. Alpine region through north 
temperate eone. 

Stems 3-4 in. high, simple, ascending. Leaves about an inch loiig ; leaflets oblong, 
Bcute, pale green, thinly coated with close silvery hairs on both sides ; stipules deltoid, 
foliaceous, rather large. PedvncUs 1-1 ( in., thinly silky. Heads 3-6-flovered; 
bracts linear, exceeding the short pedicels. Calyx ^ in. Corolla twice the calyx ; 
wings shorter than the standard and keel. Tod not seen. — The Sikkim plant re- 
ferred here by Bunge is our A, kongrentis, 

23. A. tfbetanos, Benth, MSS, ; stems slender short ascending thinly 
dothed with adpressed mixed black and white hairs, leaflets 21-26, calyx-teeth 

densely black-silky setaceous a third as long as the tube, pod linear stalked 
bilocular 6-10-seeded. Bunge Man, i. 52 ; ii. 85 ; Boiss. FL Orient, ii. 250. 
A. Maxwellii, JHoyle lU. 198 P 

West Tibet, temperate and alpine region, alt. 9-14,000 ft.; Dbas, Zaxskai^ 
NuBRA, Ladak, Tkomsonj Henderson. — ^Distbib. Afjghanistan. 

G-eneral habit of A, Hypoglottis, to which it is closely allied. Stems zigzag, firm, 
slender, branched, ^-\ ft. Leaves 2-4 in. long, distinctly petioled ; leaflets oblong, 
-obtuse, moderately close, pale green, thinly canescent at first, glabrescent above when 
mature ; stipules small, lanceolate or deltx)id, free. Heads subglobose, 10-20-fiowered; 
peduncles 1-4 in., the black hairs predominating upwards ; bracts lanceolate, much 
exceeding the short black pedicels. Calyx f in., the teeth densely, the tube tlmdj 
black-silky. Corolla twice the calyx ; wings shorter than the standard ; keel still 
shorter. Pod ^-} in., rather recurved, fin^y black-silky ; stalk shorter than the 

24. A. 'bjpogrlottoideSy Bakery stems slender short ascending thin^ 
clothed with adpressed white hairs, leaflets 17-19, calyx densely coated wi1& 
mixed black and white silky hairs, teeth linear a thiid as long as the tube, ovaiy 
atalked 8-10-oyulate. 

TiBBTAir Himalayas, the exact station not known. Dr. Henderson. 

Closely allied to the last, with which it agrees in general habit. Leaws I-l}- in. 
long; leaflets oblong, obtuse, pale grey green, persistently coated on both sides with 
adpressed silvery hairs ; stipules foliaceous, connate in lower half. Flowers 12.20, in 
a dense head, not more than half the size of those of A. Hypoglottis and tibetatms ; 
peduncles 1^-2 in. long, with a few black hairs mixed with tne white ones upwards. 
Calyx J-J in. Corolla deep purple, | in., the proportion of the petals as in the last. 
Developed pod unknown. 

25. A. leiuiertioides, Benth. MS8.\ stems short firm erect glabrous, 
leaflets 9-11, calyx-teeth linear densely black-silky half as lon^ as the 
nearly naked tube, pod stalked silky unilocular d-4-6eeded. Bunge ilfon. L 24 ; 

SiKXiM, alpine region ; Tungu, alt. 13,000 ft.. Hook. fil. 

"Whole plant under a foot high. Leaves 1-2 in. long ; leaflets green, oblong, obtust^ 

^-^ in. long, with a few black hairs ; stipules foliaceous, lanceolate, ^-^ m. lonft 

-^ihated at first with black hairs; petiole twice as long as the stipules. Hew 

12-20-flowered. Pedicels very short; peduncles erect \-^ ft., with a few adpressed 

black hairs in the upper half; bracts minute, shaggy with olack hairs. Calyx V-| iut 

'tube campanulate, nearly naked; teeth black-plumose. Corolla ^ in., petals sab> 

>equal. Pod ^ in. densely silky, narrowed from the middle to botn ends; stalk as 

ong as the calyx-tube. 

26. A. striotuftf Gfrah. in WaU. Cat. 5924 ; stems short slender asceodhiir 

Asiragalui.'] l. LZQmiXsgsm. (J. O. Baker.) 125. 

dotlied with adpressed white silky haiis, leaflets 19-25, calyx clothed with 
adptessed mixed black and white hairs, teeth linear shorter than the tube,. 
pod stalked linear-oblong unilocular 6-8-seeded. Benth, in Royle lU, 198 y 
Bunffe Mon, i. 23 ; ii. 27. A. mutabilis, Jacquem, MSS, 

Through the Himalayas in the alpine region, alt. 11-16,000 ft., from Nubba and 
Ladax to Souux and Sii.hbt. 

Sienu danaely csMpitose, firm but slender, branched, ^1 ft long. LeatKs short- 
pedoled, 1-1^ in. long; leaflets close, oblong, obtuse, ^ in. long, pale green, persistently 
coated with adpressed white hairs ; stipules small, deltoid, free, foliaceons. Heads very 
dense, 20-40-flowered ; peduncles 2-4 in., with a few black hairs mixed with tha> 
silTexy ones near the top; pedicels black, shorter than the minute bracts. Ca/yx- 

Lip. Corolla twice the calyx ; wings and keel shorter than the standard. Pod \ in. 
og^ short-stalked, lather recurred, clothed like the calyx. 

27. A. ozjodon. Baker; stems short slender ascending clothed with 
adpreeaed white silky bails, leaflets 15-17, calyx clothed with adpressed mixed 
black and white hairs, teeth setaceous twice as long as the tube, ovary stalked. 

Wbbt Tibbt, Falconer. 

General habit of A. strictut. Stems densely csespitose, ^^ foot high. Leaves 
1-11 in. long ; leaflets oblong, obtuse or subacute, densely white-strigillose on the 
bus, thinly on the face, alternate, the lower distant ; stipides moderately large, con- 
nate, silky on the back. Peduncles 2-3 in., very slender, densely clothed with 
adpressed mixed black and white hairs; pedicels black, very short; bracts JL-^ 
in.. lanceolate, membranous. Calyx ^ in.; tube campanulate; teeth much longer- 
in proportion than in any of its allies. CoroUa j^ in. ; keel and standard equal ; 
wings mnch shorter. Mature ]^d not seen ; oyary thinly silky. 

28. A. densiflonui, JTor. 4* Kir, Enum, PL Sony. No. 245 ; stems elong- 
ated firm glabrous, leaflets 11-13, calyx minute clothed with mixed black and 
white haiis, teeth lanceolate short, pod globose sessile minute unilocular 1-2^ 
seeded. Bunge Mon. i.21\ iL 22. 

West Himalayas, alpine region, alt. 12-17»000 ft.; Lahul, Sassab, Zakskab,. 
T.Ai>Ay^ KtTNAWAB. — DisTRiB. A^hsnistan, Central Siberia. 

Stems densely csespitose, rigid, erect, ^1 ft. long. Leaves 1-2 in. long ; leaflets 
thick, oblong, glaucous, obtuse, ^ in. long, obscurely white-strigillose on both sides ; 
fltifmles small, deltoid, fbliaceous, free. Piduncles 1-4 in., with a few black and white 
lavs in the upper half; bracts minute, linear, black, ciliated, exceeding the very short 
black pedicels. Calyx ^-^ in., campanulate ; teeth shorter than the tube. Corolla 
hlac, three times as long as the calyx ; keel and wings much shorter than the standard.. 
Pod rugose, silky, ^ in. long, turgid, membranous. 

39. A. melanostaohjVy Benth. MSS. ; stems elongated firm glabrous^ 
leaflets 13-15, calyx clothed with black silky hairs, teeth as long as the tube^ 
pod oblong sessile half-bilocular 2Hseeded. Bunye Mon. i. 21 ; ii. 22, A. brac-^ 
tecsns, Klotzsch Beise Pr. Wald. Bot. 160, t. 5, non Boiss. 

West Himalayas, alpine rsgion, alt. 10-15,000 ft. ; Kashxib, Lahui., Tijbbt. 

Stewu 1^2 ft. high, moderately stout Leaves distinctly petioled, 1-3 in. long i 
leaflets oblong, glaucous-green, obtuse or emarginate, ^ in. long, nearly naked; 
stipules J-} in., free, foliaceous, deltoid-cuspidate. Heads dense, 1-3 in. long; 
peduncles 2-6 in. long, clothed with short spreading mixed black and white hairs^ 
dense at the base of the head ; bracts |-| in., lanceolate, foliaceous, persistent. Calyx' 
\^ in. nearly sessile. Corolla narrow, naif as long again as the calyx ; keel and 
wings shorter than the standard. Pod included in the calyx, ^ in. long, clothed with 
flne black silky hairs. 

126 L. LEauMiNosjE. (J« G. Baker.) \^Attragahu. 

30. A. bbotanensiSf Baker] stems firm elongated glabroosy leaflets 
21-25, calyx glabrous, teeth short linear, pod cylindrical sessile manyHseeded 

Bhotax, temperate region ; grassy banks at Panga, 7000 ft., Griffith. 

Stems 1-2 feet high, slender glabrous, terete, with distant nodes and ascending 
branches. Leaves 2-4 in. long ; leaflets oblanceolate-oblong, obtose, Jw| in. long, green 
and glabrescent above, clothed with a few obscure adpressed hairs below ; stipules 
•free, lanceolate, f-^ in. Flowers 12-20, in very dense heads; peduncles 2-5 in. long» 
with only a few obscure adpressed white hairs at the top ; bracts lanceolate, glabrous, 
}^ in. Cafyx nearly sessile, \ in. long, tubular ; teeth a third as long as the tube. 
Corolla twice the calyx, colour uncertain ; wings rather shorter than the keel and the 
latter than the standard. Pod Arm, turgid, straight, ^ in. long ; seeds about 20. 

31. A. inoonspioauBy Bakery stems short filiform tndling snbglabrons, 
leaflets 15-17, cal3rx-tube with a few adpressed black hairs, teeth minute 
lanceolate or setaceous, pod stalked unilocular 10-12-seeded. 

KuHAOX ; banks of the Ralam river, alt. 9000 ft., Strachey and Wtnterhottom, 
Habit of a small Vicia, ^Leaves 1-1^ in. long; leaflets opposite, oblong, obtuse, 
I in. long, green, glabrescent when mature, thinly silky at first ; stipules minute^ 
lanceolate. Flowers 3-4 together, on a short peduncle clothed with ascending grey 
silky hairs ; pedicels distinct, but shorter than the minute deltoid bracts. Calyx \ in., 
tubuloso-campanulate, nearly naked. Corolla scarcely twice the calyx, the petals 
•^ual in length. Pod not seen mature. 

32. A. tenaioanliSy Benth, MSS. ; stems elongated subglabrous Tery 
weak and slender, leaflets 13-15, calyx thinly clothed with short black huis, 
teeth not more tiian ^-^ as long as the tube, pod oblong sessile unilocular 
4-6-fleeded. Bunge Man, i. 23 ; ii. 28. 

SiKKiM and East Nipal, temperate region, alt. 7-9000 ft. Hook, fil. 
Stems straggling, branched, a foot or more long. Leaves l-l^ in. ; leaflets oblong, 
■obtuse, opposite, thin, glaucous green, finely downy ; stipules free, minute. Heads 4--8- 
flowered, not very dense; peduncles an inch or less long, finely downy; bracts 
lanceolate or deltoid, minute. Calyx \ in., tubuloso-campanulate. Corolla | in.; 
standard slightly exceeding the keel and wings. Pod \ in. turgid, membranous, ob- 
scurely downy. — General habit of an Ervum, 

33. A. slkkimeiisiSy Benth, MSS.*, stems elongated slender weak 
nearly glabrous, leaflets 19-21, calyx clothed with adpress^ black hairs, teeth 
half as long as the tube, pod small oblong stalked unilocular 2-3-6eeded. Bunge 
Mon. I 23 ; ii. 28, 

SiKKiM and East Nipal, alt 8-12,000 ft.. Hook. fil. 

Stems 1-2 feet, erect, very slender, with distant nodes clothed only with a little 
minute adpressed white pubescence. Leaves 1^2 in. long ; leaflets oblong, obtuse or 
-emarginate, clothed when young with adpressed white silky hairs, green and glabres- 
cent above when mature ; stipules minute, lanceolate, falcate. Peduncles short, clothed 
with copious adpressed black hairs; flowers 20-30 in an oblong head; pedicels 
black, very short ; bracts deltoid, minute. Calyx ^ in. tubuloso-campanulate. Corolla 
twice the calyx ; standard slightly exceeding the keel and wings. Pod ^-^ in. long, 
membranous, turgid, densely black-silky ; stalk as long as the c^yx-tube. 

34. A. himalayanus, Klotzsch Betse Pr. Wold. Bat. 160, t 4; stems 
-elongated slender wei^ nearly glabrous, leaflets 21-26, ceJyx clothed with minuts 
adpressed black and white hfiurs, teeth half as long as the tube, pod linear- 
oblong stalked subunilocular 5-6-8eeded. A. carinalis, Benth. MSS. ; Bwige 
Mon. i. 23 ; ii. 28. Fhaca longicaulis and cachemerica, Benth, MSS, 

AiiragahuJ] l. LSOumNOSf. (J. 6. Baker.) 127 

Wnrr Hdcaiatjui, temperate and alpine region, alt 6-13,000 ft. ; Lahul, Kulit^ 
KuKAWAB, KAwmmi, Gabwhai^ • 

Stems Terj slender, 1-2 feet long, with distant intemodes, clothed when young with 
•a fev minnte adpressed white hairs. Leaves lJ-2 in. long; leaflets thin, oblongs 
obtnse or emarginate, V-\ in. long, pale green, with a few short adpressed white hairs ; 
stipules minute, lanceolate, spreading. Peduncles shorter than the leaves, clothed with 
Biized black and white hairs ; pedicels ^ in. ; bracts rery minute. Calyx ^-4 in.» 
e&mpanulate. Corolla \-^ in., keel slightly exceeding the win^, falling short of the 
staiMaxd. Pod |-^ in. long, membranous, finely black-silky; stalk exceeding 
the calyx. — A specimen gathered by Strachey and Winterbottom at the Melam 
glacier m Kumaon has setaceous calyx-teeth, twice as long as the campanulate tube, 
«nd will probably prove a new species between A. himalayanus and Maddenianus, 

36. A. MaddenlaniiBf Benth. MSS.-, stems elongated slender weak 
clothed at first with short spreading black and white hairs, leaflets 19-21 , calyx 
<dotlied with minute adpressed black and white hairs, teeth setaceous as long aa 
the tube, pod stalked unilocular d-4-seeded. 

KunAox ; temperate region, alt. 10-11,000 ft.. Madden, Edgsworth, ^ 
General habit exactly as in A. himalayanus, but the young branches densely beset 
with short spreading black and white bristly hairs. Leaves 1^2 in. long ; leaflets 
oblanceolat^-oblong, obtuse, densely clothed at first on both sides with adpressed 
silvery hairs; stipules minute, spreading. Heads few-flowered; peduncle ^1 in., 
clothed like the bianches ; bracts linear, exceeding the short black pedicels. " Calyx 
l[-^ in. Corolla \ in. ; wings much shorter than standard and keel. Pod } in. 
long, membranous, densely white-silky, narrowed to both ends; stalk exceeding 
the calyx. 

** Heads pedtmcled. Flowers yellow » 

36. A. ea»bm IrengJBf Bun^je Mon. i. 30 ; ii. 34 ; stems elongated shaggy 
with long hairs, leaflets 20-33, calyx thinly clothed with long hairs, coroOa 
much exserted, pod sessile finely putrescent bilocular G-8-seeded. 

Kashxib, temperate region, alt. 9-1 0,000 ft., Jacqtiemont, Falconer, 
Stems stout, erect or ascending, under a foot high. Leaves distinctly petioled, 3-4 
inches long ; leaflets close, oblong, obtuse or acute, |-^ in. long, dull green, clothed 
densely at fbrst with long fine hairs ; stipules ^ in. long, free, lanceolate, membranous, 
ttnAted. Heads dense, round ; peduncle 1-3 in. ; pedicel ^V-J in., sliaggy ; bracta 
linear, plumose, persistent, \-^ in. long. Calyx J-^ in.; teeth linear, shorter than 
the tube. Corolla } in. ; standard exceeding the wings and keel. Pod 4 in. long, 
firm in texture, linear-oblong, straight, hollowed down the keel, narrowed into a long* 

Vak. 1. Falconeri, Baker; taller, much less shaggy, stipules narrower an inch 
long, leaflets 31-34 broad-oblong obtuse. — Kashmir, Falconer, 

37. A. floridllBy Benth. MSS.; stems elongated clothed with minute 
rather spreading black hairs, leaflets 25-31, calyx densely clothed with ad- 
preeeed mack hsors, pod long-stalked unilocular 4-(>-eeeded. Bunge Mon, i. 24 ; 

Siucm, alpine region ; Tungn, alt. 13,000 ft.. Hook, fit. 

Stems moderately stout, erect, ^-1 ft. Leaves 1^3 in. ; leaflets linear-oblongs 
-glaucous, subacute, 2-4 in., thinly clothed with adpressed silvery bristles ; stipules 
lanceolate or deltoid, free, \-\ in. Heads round or oblong, 1 2-30-flowered, the lower 
flowers cernuous; peduncle 1-2 in., densely black-silky; pedicels black, ^ in. ; bracts 
Fmear, minute. Calyx under \ in. ; tooth short, linear. Corolla bright yellow, twice 
the calyx ; petals nearly equal. Pod linear-oblong, J in. long, narrowed to both ends» 
densely black-silky ; stalk as long as the cal^'x-tubc. 

128 L. LEOumNOSiE. (J. O. Baker.) lAsiragaJuB. 

38. A. leuoooepbaluSf Grah, in WaU. Cat, 5923 ; stems short slender 
densely clothed with loose white hairs, leaflets 21-31^ calyx shagvy with, 
white nairs, corolla little exserted, pod minute oblong sessile unilocumr 3-4- 
aeeded. Benth. in Royle III. 198^ t. 32, fig. 2 ; Bunge Mon. i. 48 ; ii. 76 ; Boisa. 
17. Orient, ii. 241. 

West HimalaTas, temperate and tropical zone, alt. 1-7,000 ft. ; Punjab, Kashiob^ 
SnCLA, GuBWHAi^ KirnAOTX. — ^DiSTRiB. Afghanistan. 

Stetn* densely csespitose, ascending, ^ ft., densely persistently tomentose. Leaves 
1--8 in.. long ; leaflets close, oblong, glaucous, densely argenteo-canoscent, thick, obtuse or 
subacute, ^ in. long ; stipules small, foliaceous, connate below the middle. Heads 
small, very dense, oblong ; peduncles 2-6 in., densely white- tomentose ; bracta lanceo- 
late, exceeding the buds. Cali/x J in. long, subsessile, Tory shn^y ; teeth setaceous, 
as long as the tube. Corolla pale yellow, \ in. ; keel rather shorter than the standard 
and wings. Pod ^ in. long, included in the calyx, finely downy. 

••• Heads fetuyfUmered^ sessile or nearly so, in the axils of the leaves of an 
tUmgated stem ; flowers yeUoic. 

39. A- Mnnroiv Benth, MSS, ; Bunge Mon, I, 30 ; ii. 35. 

Tibet Himalayas, alpine region; Prri, Lahul, Ladax. — Distbeb. Kaahgar». 

Rhizome stou^, long, woody, fusiform. Stems ciespitose, stout, erect, ^1 ft., shaggy 
throughout with dense spreading white hairs. Leaves 1^2 in. long ; leafiets 19-21- 
oblanceolate, obtuse, ]-l in. long, thinly clothed with loose white hairs ; stipules 
4 in., free, linear, or lanceolate. Calvx short-pedicelled, ^-^ in., thinly pubescent ; teeth 
unear-setaceous, nearly as long as the tube. Corolla ^-J in., pale yellow ; petals sub* 
equal. Pod oblong, sessile, membranous, much inflatea, an inch long, nearly bilocular, 

Sttbgen. 6. Phaoa.* Herbaceous perennials or undershrubs with 
fiowers in elongated racemes, basi-fixed hairs and naked stigmas. 

* Stipules small. 

40. A. maoroptems, DC. Prodr, ii. 283; shrubby^ leaflets 13-17 ob- 
lanceolate, calyx-teeth minute, corolla lilac, pod oblong sessile turgid bilociilar 
5-6-8eeded. Bunge Mon. i. 21 ; ii. 22. A. vicioides, Led, Fl. Alt, 3, 301, t. 286. 
A. distans, BenUi, MSS. A. longipes, Kar. and Kir. ; Led. Fl. Boss, i, G18. A. 
puberulus, K. and K. Enum. PL Alt. No. 240. 

Tibetan Himalayas, nlpine region, alt. 9>12,000 ft. ; Ladax, Zaksxab, &c., Thomp- 
son. — DiSTRiB. Western and Central Sil^eria. 

An erect undershrub, 2-3 ft. high, with numerous erecto-patent stiff'yirgate glabrous 
branches. Leaves 2-3 in. long; leaflets distant, thick, pale green, glabrescent, A-j in« 
long ; stipules minute, lanceolate, free, spreading, caducous. Racemes yery lax, ^1 ft. 
long ; peduncles stiff, ascending, ^1 ft. ; pedicels ^ in. ; bracts very minute. Odvx 
campanulate, -^ in. long, with a few minute adpressed black hairs ; teeth deltmd- 
cuspidate. CoroUa | in. ; keel much shorter than the wings and standard. Pod 
J-^ in. long, glabrous, turgid, narrowed to a beak, nearly straight. 

41. A. oUorostaohySy Xt7i<2^. in Trans. Hort, Soc. vii. 249; shrubby, 
leaflets 13-17 oblong, calyx-teeth very short, bracts lanceolate, corolla pale green 
tinged with lilac, pod olilong turgid stalked bilocular 6-10-seeded. BungeMon. 
i. 2^ ; ii. 32. A, (iovanianus, Grah. in Wall, Cat. 5925. A. himalensis, Jae^ 
guem. MSS. 

West Himalajas, alpine and temperate region, alt. 5-14,000 ft. ; Pangi, Lahui^ 
Kashxib, Simla, Kumaon, Gubwhal. 

-" — — - 

* Name used here in a much more restricted sense than in Bunge's Monograph. 

AMbragahuJ] L. LiouiONOSjg. (J. O. Baker.) 129 

An anderahmb, seyeral feet hi^h, with abnnd&nt alender biancheB, pubescent when 
flmtoie, clothed with short spreading hairs aboTe. Leaves {-^ ft. long ; leaflets thin* 
oblong, obtose, 4-} in. long, green, glabrescent above, glaucous, finely white-silky be- 
neath ; stipules lanceolate, free, small, spreading. Racemes dose, copious, long- 
pednncled, 2-4 in. long ; pedicels -^ in. long ; bracts lanceolate, scarcely exceeding 
the buds. CtUyx tubi^ar, under } m. long, finely downy, oblique at the mouth, the 
teeth deltoid. Corolla twice the calyx ; petals subequal. Pod turgid, membranous, 
^brouB, ^ in. long, narrowed to both ends ; its stalk twice the calyx. 

42. A. Stowartli, Baker', shrubby, leaflets 13-15 oblong, calyx-teeth 
half aa long ad the tube, bracts long setaceous plumose, corolla pale yellow 
tinged with lilac, pod oblong turgid stalked bilocular 6-8-seeded. 

TT^'^p*. temperate region, alt 6-9000 ft, Dr, J, L, Stewart, 
Habit of the last, from which it differs by its leaves persistently and densely 
whit^-silky, and long setaceous plumose calyx-teeth and bracts, the latter conspicu- 
ously protruded beyond the buds. Stipules \ in., linear-setaceous, spreading, caducous. 
Branches firm, many-ribbed, clothed with copious adpressed short white hairs. Ra* 
eemes j-| ft., in the single specimen panicled near the base. Calyx ^ in. long, includ- 
ing the teeth, densely silky. Pod ^-\ in. long, oblong, glabrous, very turgid, fully 

43. A. longrioanUSy Baker*, shrubby, leaflets 21-25, narrow-oblonfif, 
cahx-teeth hidf as long as the tube, bracts long setaceous plumose, corolla pale 
yaAow-lilac, pod oblong tuigid stalked bilocular 10-12-eeeded. 

yAOTtiftn^ temperate region. Falconer. 

Oeneral habit of the two preceding, to which it is closely allied. Branches with 
only a few adpressed short silky hairs. Leaves 4-6 in. long ; leaflets ^-f in. long, 
finely white-suky, greenish above, glaucous beneath ; stipules minute, free, lanceolate. 
Bracts as in the last. Calyx \ in., with copious minute adpressed black hairs 
and deciduous longer white ones. Pod ^ in. long, glabrous, narrowed to both ends ; 
its stalk j-^ in. long. 

44. A. olllolatiui, Benth, MSS. ; stems herbaceous, leaflets oblong 17-19, 
ealyx-teetli elongated setaceous, corolla yellow tinged with lilac, pod oblong 
tmgid stalked bilocular 8-10H9eeded. Bunge Man, i. 27 ; ii. 33. 

West Himalayas, temperate region ; Ladak, Kashmtr, Kistwas, alt 6-9000 ft. ; 
T%omMm, Falconer. 

Stems 1-2 ft. or more high, firm, hollow, erect, glabrous. Leaves reaching J-J ft 
long ; leaflets thin, obtuse, green and glabrescent, \-\^ in. long, glaucous, thinly white- 
silky at first below ; stipides \-^ in., free, persistent, lanceolate or deltoid. Racemes 
long-pedunded close, subsecund ; bracts linear, not exceeding the buds. Calyx J in., 
oblique, tubular ; teeth setaceous, plumose, half as long as the tube. Corolla nearly 
twice the calyx ; keel shorter than the other petals, broad, abruptly upcurved. Pod 
1 in. long, oblong, turgid, membranous narrowed into a beak, clothed with fine short 
fpreading black hairs ; stalk as long as the calyx. 

45. A. xiiihooarpiuiv Benth. MSS. ; herbaceous, leaflets 21-25 oblong, 
corolla yellow, calyx-teeth short linear, pod ensiform subcompressed stalked 
bilocular 8-12HBeeded. Bunge Mon. i. 27 ; ii. 32. 

East Himalayas, alpine region, alt 10-11,000 ft; Sduldc and East Nipal, 


Stems 2-3 ft high, erect, hollow, obscurely pubescent upwards, glabrous below. 
Ltarts j-4 ft long; leaflets thin, narrow, oblong, obtuse, 1-1 ^ in. long, green, glabres- 
cent above, glaucous, thinly silky below ; stipules lanceolate, spreadwg, free, ^1 in. 
TOL. U. X 

130 L. LEQUHiNOSiB. (J. O. Baker.) lAstragalus. 

Bacemea long-pedanded, at first dose, finally 2-3 in. long ; pedicels -^-k in., black ; 
bracts lanceolate, not protruded. Calvx f in., tubular, viUi a few black nairs ; teeth 
more densely black-silky, less than half as long as the tube. Corolla bright yellow, 
^— I in. ; petals sobequal. Pod 1-1 J in. by i-| in., glabrous, membranous, narrowed 
gradually to both ends, rather recurved ; stalk as long as the calyx. 

46. A. emodiy Stevd. Nomen, edit. 2, p. 161 ; herbaceous, leaflets oblong 
21-25, cal3rx-teeth half as long as the tube, corolla yellow, pod long-stalked 
oblong turgid subbilocular 12-16-8eeded. Bunge Mon. i. 28 ; ii. 33. A. podo- 
carpus^ Chrah, in Wall. Cat. 5930, non C. A. Meyer. • 

KxjMAON, alt. 10-11,000 ft., Blinkworth, Strachey and- Winterhottom. 

Stems tall, fistular, stout, erect, glabrous. Leaves 6-9 in. long ; leaflets thin, obtuse, 
\-\ in. long, glabrescent on both sides, green abore, glaucous beneath ; stipules lanceo- 
late, acute, free, reflexed. Bacemes long-peduncled, 2-3 in. long; pedicels ascending, 
J in. long, finely downy ; bracte lanceolate. \-^ in. CkUyx \ in., long, subglabrous, 
tubular. Corolla twice the calyx ; petals equal. Bod oblong, turgid, membranous, 
glabrous, 1^-1^ in. long, narrowed gradually into a beak; stalk |-j in. long. 

47. A. khaBianaSy Benth. MSS. ; shrubby^ leaflets oblong 21-25, 
calyx-teeth minute, corolla yellow, pod oblong turgid stalked bilocular 12- 
16-8eeded. Bunge Mon. i. 27 ; ii. 32. 

Khasia, temperate region, alt. 6-7000 ft., Hook. fil. and 7%)mson, Griffith. 

Stems tall, erect, shrubby, much branched, subglabrous. Leaves 4 in. long ; leaflets 
thin, narrow oblong, obtuse, ^-} in. long, green and glabrescent above, glaucous with a 
few adpressed white hairs below ; stipules lanceolate, free, ^ in. long. Bacemes long- 
peduncled, moderately close, subsecund, finally 3-4 in. long; pedicels ^ in., finely 
downy ; bracts lanceolate, caducous, \ in. Calyx \ in., tubular, scarcely at all pilose. 
Corolla twice the calyx; petals subequal. Bod oblique oblong, very turgid, mem- 
branous, glabrous ; stalk exceeding the calyx. 

48. A. oolateooarpuBy Boiss. Diagn. ix. 65; shrubby, leaflets round- 
oblong 11-13, calyx-teeth long, corolla yellow, pod oblong turgid stalked 
bilocular 10-12-seeded. Bunge Mon. i. 26 ; ii. 32 ; Bmss. Ft. Orient, ii. 271. 

West Tibetan Himalayas and Kxtnawab, alt. 6-10,000 ft., Thomson, Munro. — ^Dn- 
TBIB. Afghanistan. 

A tall undershrub, with copious erecto-patent terete virgate glabrous branches. 
Leaves 4-6 in. long ; leaflets opposite, firm, glabrous, obtuse, glaucous, J-} in. long ; sti- 
pules free, minute, deltoid. Bacemes long-peduncled, at first close; flnally |-J ft. long; 
pedicels short, pilose ; bracts linear, not protruded. Calyx j in., tubular, thinly pilose ; 
teeth setaceous, half as long as the tube. Corolla f in. ; keel abruptly incurved, much 
shorter than the wings and standard. Pod glabrous, very turgid, 1-1^ in. long, nar- 
rowed to both ends ; stalk finally longer than the calyx. 

• • 

Stipules large. 

49. A. ftigridoSy Bunge Mon. i. 25; ii. 28; herbaceous, leaflets 0-15 
oblong, calyx-teeth minute, pod oblong stalked unilocular 6-S-eeedecL Pbaca 
frigida, Linn. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 273. 

"Westbrn Himalayas, temperate region; Gurwhal, Kistwar, Lahtji^ — Distbib. 
Mountains through the north temperate zone. 

Stems 1-2 ft high, erect, stout, glabrous. Leaves 4-6 in. long ; leaflets opposite, 
thin, an inch or more long, green, glabrescent above, glaucous with a few obscure hain 
below ; stipules ovate or lanceolate, acute or obtuse, free, persistent, ^— | in. long. i?<H 
eemes long-peduncled, moderately doee, subsecond, finally 2-8 in. long ; pedicels Ua^- 

Asiragalits.'] L. lbguminos^. (J. 6. Baker.) 131 

silkj, -f^ in. Calyx f in., tubular, with a few obscure adpressed black hairs. 
CofvUa twice the calyx, bright yellow ; standard exceeding the wings and keel. Pod 
an inch long, glabrous, turgid, membranous, narrowed to both ends. 

60. A. ▼ioioideSy Gfrah, in Wall, Cat, 5931, rum. Ledeb. Herbaceous, 
leaflets oblong 17-21, c^yx-teeth minute, pod oblong stalked bilocular 8-9- 
Beeded. A. concretus, Benth. in Royle lU, 199. 

Central Himalayas, temperate region ; Nipai^ Kistvab and Kunawab. 

Sterna 1-2 ft high, erect, moderately stout, hollow, glabrous. Leaves \-^ ft. ; leaflets 
1-1 1 in. long, thin, oblong, obtuse, green and glabrescent above, glaucous, with a few 
adpressed hairs below ; stipules broad, membranous, connate, ^-J in. long. Racemes 
long-pedunded, dose, 2-3 in. long ; pedicels ^^ in., subglabrous ; bracts lanceolate, 
} in. Calyx \ in., tubular, glabrous except the teeth, the mouth oblique. Corolla 
bright yellow, twice the calyx ; petals equal. Pod glabrous, oblong, membranous, tur- 
gid, ^-^ in. long, narrowed to both ends. 

51. A. grraveolens, Ham, tn Wall. Cat. 5929 ; shrubby, leaflets 17-19 
loand-obloDgy calyx-teeth half as long as the tube, pod ensiform subcompressed 
stalked bilocular i2-18-«eeded. Bunge Man. i. 26 ; ii. 31 ; Benth. in Boyle III, 
199. A. rotundifolius, Boyle lU, 199 ; Bunge loc. cit. A. medullaris, Boiss, 
Diagn, ix. 66; Fl. Orient, ii. 268; Bunge loc. cit, A. Scottianus, Stocks MSS,. 
A. stipulatus, Jaquem. MSS. nan Don, 

West Himalayas, temperate region, alt. 4-12,500 ft. ; Eashkib, Ejsttab, Piri, 
OuKWHAi., KuKAWAB, KuMAoiT. — DiSTBiB. Afghanistan, Beloochistan. 

A tall undershrub, with copious yirgate terete glaucous branches. Leaves 4-6 in. 
long ; leaflets opposite, firm, obtuse, glaucous, glabrous on both sides, subdistant, ^-1 in. 
long; stipules i^ree, foliaceous, cordate, ovate or lanceolate, 1-1^ in. long. Racemes 
kviig.peduncled, J— 1 ft. long ; pedicels, ^-J in. ; bracts linear, glabrous. Calyx tubular, 
glabroas, J in. long ; mouth very oblique. Corolla yellow, twice the calyx ; standard 
slightly exceeding the wings and keel. Pod 1-1^ in. long, \ in. broad, glabrous, mem« 
branous, nearly straight ; stalk as long as the calyx. 

52. A. Stipnlatiui* D. Don in Bot. Mag. t. 2380 ; Prod. Nep. 246 ; 
herbaceous, leaflets 31-41 oblong, calyx-teeth as long as the tube, pod oblong 
subseesile bilocular 15-20-seed6d. WaU. Cat. 5928 ; Bmth. in Boyle HI 199 ; 
i^M^e 3f on. L 28 ; ii. 33. 

East Himalayas, temperate region, alt. 6-8000 ft ; Nipal and SnuuM. 

Stems stout, erect, hollow, glabrous, 3-6 ft. high. Leaves 4-1 ft. long ; leaflets thin, 
obtuse, 1-2 in. long, green, glabrescent above, glaucous with a few adpressed hairs 
below; stipules membranous, concrete, leaf-opposed, amplexicaul, 1-3 in. long. 
Racemes long-pedunded, ^-1 ft. long, at first dense ; pedicels ^ in. ; bracts ^ in., 
lanceolate, membranous. Calyx tubular, J-1^ in., finely grey-downy. Corolla yellow, 
I in. ; petals equaL Pod glabrous, turgid, rather recurred, narrowed into a long beak. 

SiTBOSN. 7. Myobromaf Bunge, Stemless or short-stenuned perennial or 
low shrubs, with stipules adnate in the lower part to the petiole, leaf-rachis 
ending in a leaflet, lai^ yellow flowers in close heads, giobous calyces and 
naked stigmas. 

* Stemlets. 

53. A. rhlisanthnfff Boyle III. 200; heads subsessile, leaflets oblong 
obtuse densely silky, leaf-rachis not indurated, calyx-teeth linear, pod subsessile. 
Btmge Mon, i. 35; ii. 60. 


134 L. LEGTJMiNoafi. (J.G.Baker.) [Asiragalus. 

any leaflet at the end, large yellow flowers in the axils of the leaves without 
any peduncles, gibbous calyces and naked stigmas. Included in Fischer's mono- 
grapn in Tragacanthoj from which they are separated by their pedicelled gibbous 

* LeafletB fflahrescent or obscurdy silky, 

61. A. polyaoanthaB, Royle lU. 199, non WaU. Cat. 6034; spines 
short, stipules deltoid or lanceolate-deltoid, leaflets 9-13, flowers sessile in the 
axils of the leaves usually geminate, corolla twice as lon^ as the calyx. A. 
Daltonianus, Bunge Mon. i. 44 ; ii. 69. A. psilocentrus, Fisch. ; Bunge Man, 
i. 44 ; ii. 70. A. scariosus, Benth. MSS. ; Bunge Mon. i. 44 ; ii. 71. A. Grah- 
amianus, Boyle III, 199, t. 36, flg. 2 ; Bunge Mon, i, 44 ; ii. 68. A. Jacque- 
montii, Bunge Mon. i. 44 ; ii. 68. 

Common in the north-west, ascending from the plains of the Funjab to 12,000 ft, 
reaching east to Kumaon and Gharwal. — Distrib. A%hanistaD. 

A copiously-branched undershrab, with short branchlets armed with the crowded 
ascending old leaf-mchises, which are not more than l|-2 in. long. Leaflets oblong, 
glabrescent or persistently slightly silky, pale glaucous green, rather thick in texture, 
often complicate, J-J in. long. Pedicels silky, |-^ in. Calyx tubular, ^ in. long, 
glabrescent or thinly silky ; mouth oblique ; teeth short, linear. Corolla 1-1^ in* 
long ; wings shorter than the standard, and keel than the wings. Pod ^ in. long, 
dimidiate-oblong, turgid, sessile, bilocular, 15-20-8eedod. 

62. A. oioerifoliaB, Boyle-, Bunge Mon, i. 44 ; ii. 70 ; spines elongated, 
leaflets 31-41, stipules lanceolate or linear-lanceolate, flowers in peduncled 
heads, corolla not twice as long as the calyx. A. oplites, Benth, MSS, A. 
tenuispinus, Bunge Mon. i. 44 ; ii. 70. A. microphyllus, Jacquem. MSS, 

West Himalayas, temperate and alpine region, alt. 10-17>000 ft. ; Nubba, Ladax, 
Kashmir, Garwhal, Kunawar, &c. 

An undershrub, densely armed with the erecto-patent rigid stramineous leaf- 
rachises, which are ^— ^ ft. long. Leaflets finely silky at first, mostly glabrescent 
when mature, pale green, thick in texture, obtuse, sometimes emarginate, ascending, 
caducous, :J-| in. long, oblanceolate or obovate-oblong. Flowers usually 3-4 together 
on short peduncles from the axils of the leaves ; pedicels ^-J in. ; bracts linear or 
Betaceous, exceeding the pedicels. Calyx \-^ in., with a few adpressed black or 
brownish silky hairs ; teeth setaceous, a thira as long as the tube. Proportion of the 
fetaU as in the last. Pod \-^ in. long, oblong, turgid, bilocular, densely silky, narrowed 
to the point, 15-20-seeded. 

• • 

Leaflets persistently densely silky. 

63. A. mnltlcepSy Wall. Cat. 5937; main stems not produced, branchlets 
with densely crowded nodes, flowers 1-2 together in leaf-axils usuaUy not 
peduncled; corolla twice as long as the calyx. Bunge Mon. i, 44, ii. 69. 

West Himalayas, temperate zone, alt. 10-12,000 ft. ; Siicla, Kumaox, Gabwhal. 

Tufts densely congested, armed with the very crowded ascending old leaf-rachisefl, 
which are 1^3 in. long. Stipules \ in., lanceolate, adnate only at the very base,* 
leaflets 21-31, mostly crowded, obovate-oblong, ^-4 in. long, thick in texture, 
dull green, clothed with grey silky hairs. Pedicels ^-^ in. ; bracts linear, exceeding 
the pedicels. Calyx | in., thinly silky; teeth linear-setaceous, half as long as the 
tu}>e. Corolla } in. ; standard exceeding wings and keel. Pod sessile, oblong, tuigid, 
bilocular, 12-14-8eeded, clothed with fine grey silky hairs. 

64. A. zanBkarenBiSf Benth, MSS.-, main stems shorti branchleti 

Astragalui.'] L. leoumikosj:. (J. G. Baker.) 135 

with denselj crowded nodes, flowers in short-peduncled heads^ corolla half as 
long again as the calyx. JSunge Man. i. 43^ ii. 67. 

West Himalayas, temperate and alpine region, alt. 10-14,000 ft.; Zanskab, 

A didiotomously-branched nndershmb, with the old part of the stems densely 
beset with stiff persistent ascending leaf-rachises 3—4 in. long. Stipules lanceolate, 
^ in. long; leaflets 21-25, close, oblong, obtuse, caducous, ^-f in. long, densely 
clothed on both sides with rather spreading short pale brown silky pubescence. 
¥%ower$ np to a half-a>dozen in heads much overtopped by the leaves ; pedicels ^ in., 
densely pubescent ; bracts linear-setaceous, plumose. Calyx J-| in., tubular, densely 
silky ; teeth setaceous, \ as long as the tube. Corolla } in. ; wings shorter than 
standard and keel than wings. Ovary oblong, silky, short-stalked ; ovules about 20. 
Pod not seen. 

65. A. leptooentruSy Bunge Man. i. 44 ; ii. 60 ; main stems elon^ted, 
hnnchlets with densely crowded nodes, flowers 1-2 together in leaf-axUs not 
peduncled, corolla twice as long as the calyx. A. leptacanthus^ Benth. M8S. 
nan Boiss. ^ BtJige. 

West Himalayas, alpine region. Piti, alt. 14,000 ft., TTiomson; Hazaba, 

A low undershrub. with branches clothed with very dense short pale brown 
spreading pubescence. Leaf-rachisea erecto-patent, 2-3 in. long, persistently pubes- 
cent; leaflets 21-31, oblong, obtuse, ^— | in. long, persistently matted on both 
sides with thick grey* brown silky pubescence. Pedicels ^ in., densely silky ; bracts 
plumose, linear-setaceous. Calyx ^ in., densely silky ; teeth linear-setaceous, a third 
as long as the tube. Corolla an inch long ; keel much shorter than standard and 
wings. Pod oblong, ^-f in., sessile, silky, turgid, bilocular, 12-14-seeded. 

66. A. blouaplSy Fisch. Men. Trag. No. 94; main stems elongated, 
nodes not crowded, flowers 1-d together in the axils of the leaves not 
pedoncled, corolla half as long again as the calyx. Bunge Mon. i. 43, ii. 69. 
A. lasiocladus, Benth. MSS. 

TTa«ai»a and WssT Tibet, temperate zone, Winierboitomt Jacquemont^ Falconer. 

General habit of A. polyacanthus. Branches clothed with dense spreading or 
deflexed pale brown sill^ hairs. Spines 1-2 in. long, stramineous, erecto-patent. 
Stipules }-J in., lanceolate-cuspidate; leaflets 13-17> oblong, |-f in. long, obtuse, 
or subacute, shaggy with dense pubescence like the stem. Pedidls very short. Calyx 
^ in. long, shaggy with dense sUky hairs like the stem. Corolla |-| in. ; wings and 
keel mvL& shorter than the standard. Pod shaggy, subsessile, oblong, bilocular, f-^ in. 
long, S-lO-seeded. 

SuBOEsr. 9. TraflTAoaatliay Bunge. A low shrub with basifixed hairs, 
indurated spiny leaf-rachis, caducous leaflets and sessile calyx narrowed equally 
to the base. 

67. A. stroblliferaB, Boyle III. 199 ; Bunge Man. i. 83, ii. 146 ; Comb. 
m Jacquem. Toy. Bot. S9, t. 47, not Lindl. 

West Himalayas, temperate and alpine region, alt. S-1 3,000 ft. ; Pm, Kashjob, 
KunAWAB. — DiSTuiB. Afghanistan. 

A copiously-branched undershrub, not more than a few inches high, densely 
armed with the ascending spine- tipped stramineous petioles, which are 1-2 inches 
long. Stipules membranous, deltoid, adnate to the petiole, like those of a rose, 
except at the tip ; leaflets 11-13, oblanceolate, glaucous, rigid, acute, ^-f in. long, 
stfigillose. Flowers a few sessile in the axil of each petiole, scarcely protruding 

136 L. LBGUiiiNOS^. (J. 6. Baker.) lAHragalnu, 

beyond the stipules. Calyx \ in. long, cleft down to the base, e&ch lobe like a dense 
tuft of thick white pubescence. CoroUa yellow, little ezserted ; petals equal, marces- 
cent ; standard panduriform. Pod sessile, silky, 3-4'-seeded. 

Bonge gives his A, alabrtfoliuSf Hon. i. 93, ii. 167> gathered also by Griffith in 
Afghanistan, from the West Himalayas, on Falconer s authority. It has much longer 
petioles, longer flat glabrous leaflets, flowers of many nodes at the top of a short stem 
aggregated into a thick very dense oblong head. 

SxTBGEN. 10. Ceroldothriz, Bunge (including Calycoc^stis). Herba- 
ceous perennialB, densely caneecent wim adpressed white bnstly hairs fixed 
by the centre like those of Indigoferaj moderately large yellow flowers and 
glabrous stigmas. Outlying representatives of a group of above 300 species, 
mostly Central Asian. 

68. A. pedanoulaiiSy Royle lU, 199; leaflets 21-25 distant narrow- 
oblong, racemes many-flowered lax in the lower part, calyx permanently 
tubular, pod linear very turgid unilocular many-seeded. Bunge Mon, i. 96, 
ii. 168. 

Wbst Tibrt; Dras and Zanskar, alt. 9-12,000 ft., Thonwm, Henderwn; 
KuNAWAB, Boyle. 

Steyns tall, erect, glabrous, firm, little branched, 1-2 ft. high, with only a few obscure 
adpressed bristles. Leaves 3-4 in. long ; rachis channelled down the face ; leaflets 
obtuse or subacute, f-^ in. long, pale green, glabrescent above, persistently strigiUose 
below ; stipules deltoid, free, membranous. Bacemes 2-4 in. long, dense upwards, 
Phaca-like ; peduncles iSnally ^ ft. or more ; pedicels very short, cemnous ; bracts 
lanceolate, ^ in., subpersistent. Calgx \ in., finely downy ; teeth very short, upper 
deltoid, lower lanceolate. Corolla twice the calyx; keel and wings nearly equal, 
rather shorter than the standard. Pod sessile, firm, glabrous, very turgid, |-^ in. long, 
depressed down the keel, but the suture not intruded ; seeds 15-20. 

69. A. sabulatas, 3f. Bieb. Fl Taur. Caucas, ii. 193; leaflets 9-13 
distant linear, racemes few-flowered lax, calyx permanently tubular, pod long 
cylindrical half-bilocular many-seeded. Boiss, Fl, Orient, ii. 481. A. anfrao- 
tuosus, Bunge Mon, i, 125, ii. 218. 

Wbst Tibbt, alpine region, alt. 12,000 ft., Thomson, Henderson.- !i^«jtrib. Ai^faan- 
istan, Bsloochistan, Crimea, West Siberia, Chinese Tartary. 

Sums nn^er a foot high, 2-3 times dichotomously forked, the branches divaricated, 
thinly clothed with minute white bristles. Leaves ^-1 in. long; leaflets ^-} in. 
acute, firm, pale green, persistently strigillose on both sides ; stipules linear, very 
minute. Bacemes 3-12-fiowered, 1-2 in. long; peduncles rigid, exceeding the leaves, 
clothed with mixed black and white adpressed hairs; pedicels very short; bracts 
minute, lanceolate, persistent. Calyx cylindrical, ^— | in. long, densely clothed with 
adpressed mixed black and white bristles ; teeth minute, lanceolate. CoroUa nearly 
twice the calyx ; wings shorter than the standard ; keel much shorter, the lamina 
not more than half as long as the claw. Pod cylindrical, 1-1^ in. long, canescent 
with similar bristles to those of the calyx and peduncle, firm, rostrate, 20-30-seeded, 
straight or slightly recurved, narrowed to a short stalk. 

70. A. nivalis, Kar, 8r Kir. Enum, PI, Sang. No. 272; leaflets 13-17 
close oblonff, racemes many-flowered capitate, calyx becoming inflated, pod 
very small half-bilocular few-seeded. Bunge Man. i. 137, ii. 234. A. Thom- 
sonianus, Benth, MS8, 

West Tibet, alpine region, alt. 11-16,000 ft; Zanskar, Ladak, and Sasiar, 
Thomson, Stewart. — Distbib. Central SiV>eria. 

Boot thick, woody. Stems \-^ ft., densely csespitose, slender, finely caneiio«nt Urf 

OmffiropiB,'] L. LiouMiNOSiB. (J. G. Baker.) 137 

1-1^ in. ; leaflets j-} in., obtuse, densely white-canescent on both sides ; stipnles small, 
lanceolate, cuspidate, free. Flowers 6-20, in a dense head, all ascending ; peduncles 
1-2 in., finely canescent ; bracts lanceolate, shaggy, exceeding the very short pedicels. 
Calyx ^ in. membranous, tubular at first, densely silky, becoming much inflated after 
the petals &11 ; teeth short, lanceolate. Corolla nearly twice the calyx ; wings shorter 
than the standard ; keel shorter still. Pod ^-| in., oblique oblong, silky, distinctly 
stalked, 2-^seeded, with the introverted suture reaching half through. 


Of A, caruleuSf Hort. Paris; Bunge Mon. i. 103, ii. 184, a species near A. 
Onohryeku^ supposed to have been raised in the Paris garden from Ceylon seeds, we 
know nothing. No doubt the locality is a mistake. 


Herbaceous perennials with odd-pinnate leaves, the flowers usually in dense 
heads. Calyx tubular or campanulate, with 6 sube^ual teeth. Corolla more or 
less exserted ; standard longest ; keel shortest, pointed with a distinct cusp. 
Stamens diadelphous ; anthers uniform. Ovary sessile or stalked, many-ovulea ; 
style abruptly incurved beardless, stigma capitate. Pod oblong or roundish, 
turgid, continuous longitudinally within, unilocular or rarely bilocular. — ^Distrtb. 
Species about 100, spread through the North temperate zone. 

Sbct. I. Bypogrlottldel. Flowers in dense peduncled heads. Leaflets not 
more than one ffom the same point. — Habit of Astragalta, section Hypoglottis, 

• Flowers purple^ rarely yellow. 

1. O. lapponloay Oaud, FL Helv. iv. 545 ; stemless or shortrstemmed, 
leaflets lanceolate 13-25, flowers in permanently dense heads, calyx nearly 
sessile, pod of the lower flowers or . all the flowers deflexed. 0. microrhyncha, 
BefUh. MSS, Phaca lapponica, DC Prodr, ii. 274. 

Wbstbbn Himalayas, frequent in the alpine and temperate regions, alt. 9-17,000 
ft SixxiM, Hook. fil. — DisTRiB. Mts. of Europe and Siberia. 

Stems often not developed, sometimes ^-^ It. long. Leaves 1-3 in. long ; leaflets 
|-^ in., green in the type, with a few adpressed white silky hairs or sometimes nearly 
glabrescent; stipules ^-j- in., leaf-opposed, connate towards the base. Peduncles 
|-^ft., with only a few adpressed hairs ; flowers 6-20 in a dense rounded head ; bracts 
minute, linear. Calyx ^-| in., coated with adpressed nearly black silky hairs ; teeth 
linear, shorter than the tube. Corolla bright purple, f-^ in. long; keel much 
shorter than the win^. Pod linear-obloug, J-^ in. long, unilocular, keeled down the 
back, 5-6-seeded, aothed with a few obscure black or white hairs ; stalk as long as 
the calyx -tube. 

Yam. 1. Jaequemontiana, Benih.; stemless, very dwarf, the whole plant not 
more than 1-3 in. high, leaflets few small thick greenish, heads 1-3-flowered, corolla 
rather larger than in the type. A high alpine form. 

Yak. 2. kumtfusa, Kar. ^ Kir., sp. ; stemless, leaflets densely and persistently 
white-silky on lx>th sides, caVx more densely silky, the black hairs mixed with 
eopious white ones. O. glacialis, Benth. MSB. — Alpine zone of Kashmir and Western 

Yak. 3. xanthantha, BaJcer ; general habit and leaves of the type, but calyx 
longer, with teeth quite as long as the tube and corolla yellow. — East Tibet ; Lama 
alL 16,000 ft., Hook. fil. 

2. O. moUlSf JRoyle III. 108; stemless, tall, leaflets densely white- 

188 L. LEGUMiNOSii. (J. G. Baker.) {^Oxytropie. 

ulky 13-25 oblong or lanceolate-oblongy heads finally Bublax, corolla half 
as long again as the calyx, pods ascending. O. fioribunda, JSenth, in Royle NL 
108. Astragalus vesiculosus, Jacquem, MSS, 

West Himalayas, alpine region, alt 10-12,000 ft. ; Lahul, Zakskab, Eunawab, &e. 

Tufts ^-1 ft. high, crcwded at the top of a woody rootstock. Z^vef long-petioled, 
2-3 in. long ; leaflets ^—^ in. long, moderately thick, pale green, densely clothed on 
both sides with persistent adpressed white silky hairs ; stipules lanceolate or deltoid- 
cuspidate, densely silky. Peduncles usually much overtopping the leaves ; heads 
finally 2-3 in. long ; pedicels very short ; bracts minute, linear. Calyx ^-J in long, 
densely clothed with mixed black and white silky hairs. Pod ^-| in. long, oblong- 
cylincbical, unilocular, distinctly stalked, 6-8-seeded. 

3. O. Tbomsonl, Benth, MSS, ; stemless, tall, leaflets lanceolate 
densely white-silky 13--61, heads finally sublax, corolla twice as long as the 
calyx, pods ascending. 

West Himalayas, temperate and alpine region, alt. 7-16,000 ft. ; Lasul, Ladat, 

General habit of 0. mollis, ZeavM long-petioled, 4-6 in. long; leaflets grey-green, 
narrower in proportion, |-1 in. long, not so t^ick nor densely silky as in the last; stipules 
lanceolate, ^ in. long. Racemes finally 3-4 in. long ; peduncles equalling or over- 
topping the leaves; pedicels A-^ in. ; bracts linear, small. Calyx 4— | in., densely 
clothed with mixed black ana wnite silky hairs ; teeth plumose, the lower nearly as 
long as the tube. Pod oblong-cylindrical, unilocular, 4-6-8eeded, with a few minute 
adpressed white hairs ; stalk as long as the calyx-tube. 

•* Flowers mostly yellow, rarely varying to purple, 

4. O. densay Benth, MSS, ; acaulescent, very dwarf, leaflets 15-17 
minute densely-silky, heads few-fiowered short-peduncled, pod ovate-cylindrical 

West Tibet, alpine region, alt. 16-1 7,000 ft, Thomson^ Sirashey, 
Tufts densely catspitose from a woody root, the whole plant not more than 1-1 i in. 
above the surface. Leaves under \ in. long ; leaflets ^ in. long, close, oblong, thickly 
matted with persistent grey-silky hairs ; stipules deltoid, membranous, 1^-2 in., con- 
nate downwards. Heads 3-6-flowered; peduncles densely silky, V-\ in.; pedicels 
very short. Bracts small, linear. Calyx ^ in., densely silky ; tuoe campanulate ; 
teeth linear, shorter than the tube. Corolla half as long again as the calyx. Pod 
sessile, finely silky, narrowed gradually from the middle to the point, turgid, 6-^ 

6. O. Straoheyaaai Befnth,''MSS,\ stemless, very dwarf, leaflets 5-7 
densely silky, heads few-flowered short-pedimcled, pod ronnd-oblong turgid 

West Tibet, alpine region ; Darma Yankti, alt. 15,600 ft., Straehey f Wintet' 

Whole plant not above a couple of inches above the surface. Stipules deltoid, 
membranous, minute ; leaflets thick, complicate, oblong, ^-^ in. long, densely matted 
with grey-brown silky hairs. Beads short-peduncled, 2-3-flowered ; bracts minute ; 
pedicels very short. Calyx ^ in. long, tubular, densely clothed with ascending grey 
silky hairs ; teeth linear, ^\ tube. Corolla half as long again as the calyx. Pod 4 in. 
long, sessile, 3-4-8eeded, densely clothed with long persistent pale brown silky hairs. 

CO. tatarioai Jacquem, MSS. ; stemless, leaflets small 13-21 densely 
matted with white silky hairs, heads dense long-peduncled, bracts minute, pod 
sessile inflated unilocular round-oblong. 

Oxyfropis.'] L. LEQUMiKOSiE. (J. 6. Baker^ 139 

West Tibet, alpine region, freqnent, alt. 13-17,000 ft. ; Nitbba, Zamskab, Piti, 
Fasano, Ladak, &c. * 

Denaelj tufted, the whole plant 3-4 in. high. Leaves \-\ in. long ; leaflets close, 
except the lowest, oblong or oblanceolate-oblong, ^— | long, thick, densely persistently 
matted with white silky hairs on both sides ; stipules minute, deltoid, silky. FUnoers 
20-40, in very dense heads ; pedicels scarcely any ; bracts minute, linear, white-plu- 
moee. Cafyx ^-\ in., densely white-silky ; teeth nearly or quite as long as the tube. 
Corolla not more than half as long again as the calyx, usually all yellow, rarely pur- 
ple or the keel lipped with purple ; standard oblong-spathulate, exceeding the wings 
and keel. Pod much inflated, membranous, sessile, ^-| in. long, 5-6-Beeded, shaggy 
with loose dense white silky hairs. 

7. O. oaohemirloay Comb, in Jacquem, Voy, Bat, 38, t. 44; stem 
shorty leaflets 13-21 obbng-lanceolate densely white-silky, heads dense long- 
peduncled, bracts distinct lanceolate, pod sessile inflated round-oblong uni- 

Wbst Tibbt and Kahhmtr, temperate zone, alt. 8-10,000 ft.— Distrib. Central 

Whole plant J-J ft. high. Stems ascending from a woody rootstock, finely pubes- 
cent. Leaves 1-2 m. long ; leaflets |-^ in. long, clothed on both sides with loose 
white silky hairs; stipules lanceolate or deltoid, connate downwards. Flowers 12-30 
in a dense head ; pedicels very short. Calyx fin. long, densely white-silky ; teeth 
linear, nearly or quite as long as the tube. Corolla half as long again as the calyx. 
Po<^ just like that of the last but rather larger. 

8. O. XelnsliaaBenily Schrenk*, Led, FL Ross. i. 78C; stem distinct, 
leaflets 17-31 thin large oblong green pubescent, heads dense long-peduncled, 
bracts conspicuous, pod short-stalked oblong unilocular. Bunge Bel, Lehm, 76. 

Ws8T Himalayas, temperate region; valley of Kishengunga, alt. 9-11,000 ft., 
SUufort, — ^DiSTRiB. Siberia. 

Stems a foot or more high, at first thinly pilose. Leaves 3-4 in. long ; leaflets 
|-f in. long, obtuse, thinly clothed with rather long whitish hairs on both sides ; sti- 
pnles }-| free, lanceolate or oblong. Flowers 12-20 in a dense head ; peduncles erect, 
4-6 in. long ; pedicels ^-^in. ; bracts linear, ^\ in. long, ciliated with black hairs. 
Calyx } in., tubular, thinly clothed with adpressed black hairs ; teeth linear, half as 
l(mg as the tube, black-plumose. Corolla twice as long as the calyx. Pod oblong, 
tw^id, j-f in. long, straight, 6-8-seeded, with a few dark silky hairs. 

Dr. Hooker procured from Nipalese Tibet flower-heads of a fifth yellow-flowered 
species which, as fiair as the material goes, matches the Siberian 0. argentata^ Led, It 
differs from O. Meinshausenii by larger bracts, longer calyx with linear teeth as long 
as the tube, corolla shorter in proportion, not more than half as long again as the 
calyx. These two represent in the Himalayas the group of 0. campestris. 

Sbct. 2. VertloUlares, BC, Herbaceous perennials with flowers in 
dense heads, with leaflets often in pairs horn, the same point, so that they are 
whorled when the nodes are opposite on the two sides of the leaf-rachis. 

9. O. mlorophyUa, DC, Prodr, ii. 279 ; Led, Fl, Boss, i. 678. 0. 
chiliophylla, Boyle III, 198 ; Camb, in Jacquem, Toy, Bot, 38, t. 45. 

West Himalayas, alpine region, alt. 11-16,000 fL ; Zanskab, Fiti, Sassab, 
KuBJEtA, KuxAWAR, &c. ; SouLiM , Hook, fil, 

Stemless, erect, ^-4 ft. high, the tufts densely csespitose at the top of a woody 
Tootetock. the deltoid imbricated stipules clothed with dense tufts of long white 
lilky hairs. Leaf short-petioled, 1^-3 in. long ; leaflets crowded, linear-oblong, ^-\ in. 
long, subcoriaceous, grey-green, gland-dotted, with fine deciduous pubescence, the edges 
Bmcb reflezed. Peduncles equalling or oyertopping the leaves ; flowers 4-15, the heads 

140 L. LEOUMiNoaiB. (J. 6. Baker.) lOxyiropis, 

at first close, becoming 2-3 in. long when thej expand. Calyx } in. long, tubular, 
clothed with large sessile glands, nearly gIaVh>Ti8 ; teeth short, linear, pubescent. CarolUt 
bright purple, twice the calyx. Pod half-bilocular, sessile, linear, turgid, recurred, 
densely gland-dotted, glabrous, bilocular ; seeds 20-30. 

Sect. 3. Pliaooidel. Herbaceous caulescent perennials^ with flowera in 
elongated racemes. — Habit of Astragalus^ section Phaca, 

10. O. dlfltisa, Led, Alt. iiL 281 ; Icon. Boss, t 451. 0. glabia, DC 
AjBtrag. No. 31, t. 8 ; Prodr, ii. 280. 

West Tibet, temperate region, alt. 7-8000 feet, — Distbib. West Siberia. 

Caulescent, 1-2 ft. high. Stems copiously branched, firm, slender, zigzag, terete, 
glabrous. Leaves 2-3 in. long; leafiets 9-13, lanceolate, ^1 in. long, green, rather 
Uiick, acute, glabrous or with only a few minute obscure hairs ; stipules minute^ 
free, deltoid, foliaceous. Racemes 2-4 in. long ; pedicels very short ; bracts minute^ 
lanceolate. Calyx ^ in., campanulate, with a few adpressed black and white haim. 
Corolla yellow, twice the caljrx. Pod |-^ in. long, oblong, sessile, turgid, unilocular, 
straight, glabrous, 6-10-seeded. 

28. TAVB&NZB&A, DC. 

Much-branched undershrube. Leaves simple or 3-foliolate. Flowers in lax 
racemes. Calyx-tube turbinate ; teeth 5, distinct, setaceous from a deltoid base. 
Corolla marcescent, much exserted; standard obovate; wings small, much 
shorter ; keel obtuse, as long as the standard. Stamens monadelphous : anthers 
uniform. Ovary stalked, 2-4-oyulate; style long, filiform, inflexea, stigma 
minute, capitate. Pod of 1-4 flattened indehiscent densely muricated jointe. — 
DiBTRiB. Species 3-4, reaching Egypt and Abyssinia. 

1. T. nommiilariay BC. Prodr, ii. 339 ; Mem, Leg. vi. t. 62 : Bom, 

Fl. Orient, ii. 608. Hedysarum nummularifolium, DC. in Ann. Sc. Nat. iv. 
102. H. sparteum, Burm, Fl. Ind. 166, t. 61, fig. 2 P T. spartea, DC. loc. ck. ? 
Onobrychis difliisa. Comb, in Jacquem, Toy, Bot. t, 49. x. cuneifolia, Am. m 
Wight Ic. t, 1066 ; Dah, ^ Gibs. Bomb, Fl. 67. T. gonoclada and T. ephedro- 
ides, Jaub, ^ Spach. III. t. 61 and 62. Hedysarum Gibsoni, Chrah, Cat, BonA, 

Plains of Scinde and the Punjab. — Distbib. Afghanistan, Orient. 

A copiously-branched undershrub, 1-2 ft. high, with slender finely canescent 
terete branches. Leaves shortly potioled, usually Sfoliolate ; leaflets very variable in 
size, |-1 in. long, obovate-oblong or nearly round, thick, pale green, thinly canescent 
beneath, the side ones not opposite ; stipules free, minute, lanceolate, scariose. Racemes 
few- or many-flowered, usually exceeding the leaves. Calyx ^-^ in., thinly silky. 
Corolla red, glabrous, |-^ in. Joints of pod 1-4, roundish. 

29. BBfiirUS, Linn. 

Villous herbs or undershrubs. Leaves odd-pinnate; leaflets entire, exsti- 
pellate ; petiole often spinose. Flowers red, in dense peduncled axillary spikes. 
Calyx-teeth 6, subequal, setaceous, plmnose, exceeding the tube. Corolla madi 
ediorter than the calyx ; standard broad ; keel obtuse, as long as standard ; -wings 
short. Stamens monadelphous, the upper free at the base ; anthers unifono. 
Ovary sessile, 1 -ovulate ; style filiform, incurved, stigma capitate. Pod flat, 
oblong, included in the calyx-tube, membranous, indehiscent. — ^Distbib. Spedfls 
8, Oriental and Mediterranean. 

1. B. stellatay Boiss. Diag, ii. 100 ; Fl. Orient, ii. 667. R txagacait- 

Ebemu.'] l. LXOUMiNOSiB. (J. Q, Baker.) 141 

thoidesy Jauh. ^ Spach, 227. iii. 68^ t. 254. E. horrida and ferrugineay Jtxub, ^ 
Spaeh, la. p. 159>160. 

PmaAB-HiMAULYA, alt. 4-6000 ft., Steujart. — Distbib. Persia, Afghanistan, Beloo* 

A low ondershmb, densely armed with woody erecto-patent spines 1-1^ in. long. 
LemB shorter than the spines, digitately trifoliolate ; leaflets lanceolate, subcoriaceous, 
sericeons, |-} in. long. Flinoers sessile in dense stalked heads, on peduncles at most 
as long as the spines, each head surrounded by a whorl of large lanceolate bracts. 
Cafyx ^ in., densely clothed with long brown silky hairs. 

80. OBZSSAPSZS, W. & A. 

Annuals. Leaves with two pairs of leaflets. Flowers in terminal racemes, 
with laige membranous persistent veined cUiated persistent bracts. Calyx deeply 
d-fipped ; upper lip entire, lower obscurely toothed. Corolla 2-3 times calyx ; 
Bfeukdaid roundish ; keel obtuse. Stamens monadelphous ; anthers uniform. 
(hary short-stalked, biovulate ; style incurved, stigma minute capitate. Joints 
of pod 1-2, turgid in the middle, with a distinct flat border, reticulately-veined, 
1-eeeded, indehiscent. — Distrib. Sp. 3, the other Trop. ALfriccm. 

1. O. oiistata, W. ^ A. Prodr, 218 ; flowers not more than ^ as long 
as the lon^-bristled bracts. Bah. ^ Qibs, Bomb. Fl. 62. IZornia disperma, (h'ah, 
m WaU. Cat. 6663. Uedysarum bijugum, Klein MSS. 

Plains of WssTHBir Psniksula, Cstlon, Ata, Mabtabak, TsKAsssBor, and 

A densely csespitose trailing annual, with slender naked branches ^2 ft. long. 
Liams petioled, with a very short rachis ; leaflets obovate, oblique, glabrous, truncate, 
\-\ in. long ; stipules lanceolate, membranous, distinctly spurred. Heads dense, ter- 
miDaU 4-2 in. long ; bracts much imbricated, ^ in. broad, reniform, ciliated with firm 

fllow bristles ^ in. long. Calyx ^ in. long Corolla twice the calyx. Joints 1-2, 
in. long. 


2. O. tenella* Benth. in Hohen. Pi. Ind. Or, No. 659 ; flowers nearly or 
quite as long as the short-bristled bracts. 


Habit of the last, but much smaller. Leasts all four nearly from the same 
point, h-^ in. long, obliquely obovate, truncate, glabrous. Racemes copious, termi- 
nal, pedimcled, 4-12-flowered ; bracts obliquely oblong, less imbricated, \-^ in. broad, 
strongly veined, ciliato-denticulate. Calyx ^ in., deeply cleft. Coro//a yellow, ^ in., 
Joints 1-2, with a flat edge, round, with a turgid centre. 

31. OirOB&YCBZS, Gaertn. 

Herbs. Leaves numerous, odd-pinnate, exstipellate. Flowers numerous, red, 
in long-peduncled axillary racemes. Calyx-tube campanulate ; teeth 6, dis- 
tinct. Corolla much exserted ; standard broad ; wings short ; keel obtuse. 
Stamens monadelphous; anthers uniform. Ovary sessile, 1-2-ovulate; style 
filiform, incurved, stigma terminal minute. Pod compressed, reniform, ina&- 
kisoent, 1-2-seeded, eaveolate or echinate. — Distrib. Species about 50, Euro- 
pean and OrientaL 

1. O. Stewartll, Baker. 

Punjab ; Hazara, Dr. Stewart. Kawul Pindee, Dr. Aitchison. 

Stems slender, 1 j|-2 ft., glabrescent. XeaZ-rachis 3-4 in. long, including distinct 

142 L. LEOUMtKOSiE. (J. G. Baker.) ILespedeza, 

petiole; leaflets 9-11, oblanceolate, subacute, distant, ^-} in. long, obscurely canes- 
cent; stipules linear, minute. Racemes long-peduncled, 6-9 in. long, lax; buds 
crowded; pedicels very short; bracts linear, minute. Calyx campanulate, ^ in., 
silky ; teeth lanceolate. Corolla 3-4 times calyx ; standard glabrous, veined. Pod 
reniform, turgid, |-| in., 1 -seeded; faces woody, deeply alveolate ; edge muricated 
with close minute spines. A second species, of which we have a scrap from Hazara, 
gathered by Winterbottom, with oblong obtuse leaflets and a much larger calyx and 
corolla agrees, as far as the material goes, with 0. heterophi/Ua, C. A. Meyer ; Led. 
Fl. Ross, i. 71 1» from Persia and the Caucasus. 

32. XifiSPSOBZA.Mich. 

Herbs or undershrubs. Leaves exstipellate, trifoliolate. Flowers copious^ in 
racemes^ or crowded in the leaf-axils. Calyx-tube campanulate; teeth lan- 
ceolate or linear. Corolla exserted ; standard broad ; Keel obtuse or acute. 
iSS^amen/^ diadelphous ; anthers uniform. Ovary sessile or stipitate, l-ovulate; 
style long, filiform^ incurved ; stigma minute, terminal. Pod small, oblong, com- 
pressed, 1 -seeded, reticulato-venose, indehiscent. — Distrib. Species 20-25, the 
others Siberian, Chinese, Japanese, and N. American, one Javan. Monographed 
lately by Maximowicz. 

SxTBOEN. Sulespedeza. Ked obtuse, not much incurved. 

1. Xi. serioeay Miq. Ann. Mus, Lug. Bat. iii. 49 ; petiole short, leaflets 
small linear-cuneate 4-6 times as long as broad grey- or white silky beneath, 
flowers 2-4 congested in the leaf-axils, pod small sessile. Hedysarum sericeumi 
Tkunh. Jap. 289. Ajspalathus cuneata, Don Prodr. 246. L. cimeata, O, Don, 
Oen. Syst. ii. 307. Anthyllis cuneata, Ihtm, Bot. CuU. vi. 100. L. junoea, 
WaU. Cat. 6743 ; DC, Prodr. ii 348 in part, non Pers. L. aigyrsea, Suh, d 
Zucc. Ahh. vi. 2, 120. 

Along the Himalayas from Hazara and Kashmir to Assam, alt. 3-8000 ft. — 
Distrib. China, Japan, N. Australia. 

An erect undershrub, 2-^3 ft. high, with tough long slender branches. Lsava 
ascending, crowded ; leaflets ^-^ in. long, rigidly coriaceous, truncate or emarginate, 
narrowed gradually in the lower half, very variable in vestiture, usually glabrous 
above, clothed with adpressed grey or white silky hairs below, rarelv both sides clothed 
with loose white pubescence ; petiole j^ in. Flowers 2-4, on short pedicels in the axils all 
down the branch ; bracteoles linear, minute. Calyx -^-^ in., canescent ; teeth linear- 
subulate, very long. Corolla twice the calyx, white, tinged with purple. Pod ^ in., 
thinly silky ; style twice its length, 

2. Xi. Junoeai Pers. JEnch. ii. 318 ; petiole short, leaflets small oblanceolate 
3-4 times as long as broad thinly grey-silky beneath, flowers 2-6 in umbels sessile 
or shortly peduncled in the leaf-axils, corolla small, pod small sessile. DC 
Prodr. ii. 348 in party non WaU. Hedysarum jimceum, lAnn. JU. Dec. i. t 4 
L. variegata and L. kanaorensis, Camb. in Jacquem. Toy. Bot. 42, t. 60, 61. 

Kashmir and Kttnawar, temperate region, alt. 4-8000 ft. — Distrib. Siberia, North 

Stems slender, 1-2 ft. high, finely downy, erect or decumbent. Leaves not nearly 
BO crowded as in the last ; leaflets j— } in. long, rigidly subcoriaceous, obtuse, narrowed 
gradually in the lower half; petioles \-\ in. Umbels usually sessile, produced fur 
down the branches. Co/yxJ-^ in., canescent; teeth linear-setaceous, 3-4 times Um 
tube. Corolla twice the calyx. Pod and style as in L. sericea. 

8. Xi. Oerardlana, Orah, in WaU. Cat, 6744 ; petiole short, leaflets o\h 

Letpedeza,"] l. LBuUMiNOSiE. (J. G. Baker.) 143 

lanceolate gfrej-rilky below, umbels sessile or shortrpeduncled in the axils of 
the leaves, corolla h^e, pod small sessile. 

Along the Himalayaa, temperate region, alt. 5-10,000 ft ; Sdcla and Eumaon 

to SlKKIM. 

Stems 1-3 ft., densely pubescent. Leaves moderately close, ascending ; leaflets 
4-} in. long, rigidly coriaceous, glabrescent on the upper side, densely grey-silky be- 
low ; petioles |-^ in. Umbde 4>8-flowered, usually sessile ; bracteoles linear, half as 
long as the calyx. Calyx ^ in., densely pubescent ; teeth linear-subulate, 2-3 times 
the tube. Corolla f-^ in.; keel tipped with purple. PdM^ considerably shorter than the 

4. J^m elegranSf Camh. in Jacquem. Toy, JBot, 4S, t. 62; upper leaves 
suppressed, petiole produced, leaflets oblong grey-silky beneath, umbels sessile, 
pod small sessile, maxim. Synop, Oen, LeUp, 40. 

Kashmib, temperate region, alt. 5-6000 ft., Jacguemont, Thomson, 
Stems 2-3 ft., finely downy. Petiole ^-j in. ; leaflets ^-} in. long, obtuse, gla- 
brescent above, densely grey-silky beneath. Flowers 6-8, in sessile umbels, rarely in 
ifaoit racemes, reaching low down the branches and forming at the top a close leafless 
panicle. Calyx ^-^ in., densely pubescent; teeth linear-subulate, very long. Corolla 
half as long again as the calyx. Pod ^ in. long, oblong, downy. 

5. !•• elliptloa, Benth. Cat. Griff. PI. No. 1745; petiole produced, leaflets 
laxge obovate-oblong thinly grey-canescent beneath, flowers in peduncled racemes 
the upper panicled, pod stipitate exserted. Maxim. Synops. Oen. Le9p. 27. 


yuAWA, temperate region, alt 5-6000 ft., Griffith^ Hook, fil, and Thomson. 

Sums woody, reaching several feet high, finely pubescent. Leaves not crowded ; 
kafleU subooriaceous, 1-lAin. long, obtuse, green, glabrous above, grey, finely downy 
below ; petiole 1-1^ in. uacemes many-flowered, close or lax, the peduncles some- 
times as long as the leaves ; pedicels shorter than the calyx ; bracteoles linear, as long 
Si the tube. Calyx ^-J in., densely canescent ; teeth lanceolate, acute, twice as long 
Si the tube. Corolla deep red, twice as long as the calyx. Pod oblong, j- in. long, 
finely downy, distinctly stalked. — Very near the common East Asian L. bicolor, Turcz. 
Led. FL Ross. i. 715 (X. viatorum, Champion), from which it differs mainly by its long 
aente calyx-teeth. 

6. !•• tomentosay Sieb, ; Maxim. Synops. 60 ; petiole short, leaflets larve 
obovate-oblong densely downy beneath, flowers in peduncled racemes, pod sessile 
included. Hedysarum tomentosum, Thunb. Fl. Jap. 286. L. glomerata^ JJomem. ; 
DC. Prodr. iL 360. 

WasTBBir Himalaya, temperate region, alt 6-7000 ft., Edgevoorth. — Distbib. 
China, Japan, Korea. 

Stems 2-3 ft, erect densely pubescent Leaves distant ; leaflets 1-2 in. long, ob- 
tuse, thick, subcoriaceous, at first thinly silky above, densely silky, and the veins raised 
beneath ; petioles 1-^ in. ; stipules subulate, persistent. Racemes distinctly peduncled, 
3-^ in. long, moderately close, rarely congested, sessile (Z>. glomerate, Horn.) ; pedicels 
Tery short Co/yx i-J in., densely pubescent ; teeth linear-subulate, 3-4 times the 
tube. Corolla whitish, half as long again as the calyx ; standard not longer than the 
wings and keeL Pod shorter than the calyx, oblong, pubescent — Very near L, hirta, 
Elliott of North America. 

SuBGBzr. OzjTamplilSy Wall. Keel acute and much incurved, like that 
of a Chrotalaria. ( CampylotrcpiSy Bunge.) 

7. !•• nUMrostylih Baker ; petiole short, leaves small thinly clothed b6- 

144 L. LEGUMiNOSJB. (J. O. Baker.) ILetpedeta^ 

neath with whitiBh silky hairs, calyx and large pod densely clothed with 
spreadinfi- hairs. Oxyramjphis sericea, Orah, in Wall, Cat. 6349. Leepedea 
sericea, Itoyle MS8. von Imquel. Orotalaria macrostyla, Don Prodr, 242. Ozy- 
ramphis macrostyla, WaU, Cat, 5348, non Lindley, L. Royleana, Miguel Ann, 
Mus. Lug, Bat,, iii. 60. O. stenocarpa, Khtztch Heise JFV. Wald, Bat. 168, 
t. 1, fig. 2. 

Himalayas, tropical and temperate zones, alt. 2-7000 ft. ; Simla and GKtbwsal 
to Ehasul 

An undershrub, 3-4 ft. high, with woody densely pnbesoent branches. PHioU 
^\ in. ; leaflets obovate-cuneate, rigidly subcoriaceous, ^-j in. long, grey, glabres- 
cent, venose above, usually persistently silky, rarely (0. macrosit/la. Wail.) subgla- 
brescent below, broadly rounded, sometimes deeply emarginate at the point, tiie petio- 
Inle of the end one not more than } in. Bacemes short, dense, many-flowered, catkin 
like when unexpanded, the silky ovate bracts hiding the buds ; pedicels h-^ in., 
densely silky. Calyx \ in. ; teeth lanceolate, twice the tube. CoroUa deep red, three 
times the calyx. Pod short-stalked, \-\ in. long, narrowed to both ends ; style per- 
sistent, ^ in. long, densely plumose in the lower half. 

8. Xi. eriooarpai DC, Prodr, ii. 349 ; petiole produced, leaflets small 
thinly grey-canescent beneath, calyx and small pod clothed with adpreesed silky 
hairs. Oxyramphis viigata, WaU, Cat, 6360. O. macrostyla, lAndl, Bot. Beg. 
xxxii. t. 28, non WaU. L. paniculata, Boyle M8S, Desmodium angulatunii 
W(dl Cat, 6729 M. 

Himalayas, temperate and tropical zones, alt. 3-9000 ft. ; TTakap* and TTAginfT^ 
to Khasia and SnuuM. 

A copiously-branched erect shrub, 3-4 ft. high, with slender silky angular Air- 
rowed branchlets. Petioles ^1^ in. ; leaflets obovate-cuneate, ^1 in. long, rigidly 
subcoriaceous, green, glabrous, reticulato-venose above, broadly rounded at the apex, the 
end one on a petiolule ^-jr in. long ; uppermost leaves reduced or suppressed, kaoemet 
copious, peduncled, not dense, many -flowered, 2-4 in. long; bracts not exceeding 
buds ; pedicels ^ in. Calyx ^ in ; teeth linear-subulate, twice the tube. CorolU 
deep purple-red, {-^ in. Pod ^ in., long, minutely stalked, more coriaceous than in the 
last ; style as long as the pod, slightly pubescent near the base. — L. paniculata, Boyle, 
is a mere form, with lax racemes and longer pedicels. 

9. Xi. Tbomsonl, Benth, MSS. ; petiole produced, leaflets laige densely 
aigenteo-canescent beneath, calyx and small pod finely grey-silky. 

Khasia, temperate region, alt. 5000 ft, Hk. fil, ^ Thomson, Lobb, 
Habit of the last, to which it is closely allied. Petiole 1-2 in. ; leaflets oblong, 
1-2 in. long, subcoriaceous, obtuse, green, glabrescent, less venose above. Upper 
leaves suppressed or much reduced, so that the racemes form a terminal panicla 
Bracts ^ in., linear, subpersi stent, canescent on the back ; pedicels ^-^ in. Calyx ^in.; 
teeth lanceolate, as long as the tube. Corolla J in., deep red. Pod f-} in. long, shortly 
stipitate, finally glabrescent, subcoriaceous ; style f in., not at all plumose. 


L. DECORA, Kurs in Joum, Asiat, 8oe. Beng. 42, 2, 231. An erect shmln 
3-5 ft. high, with angular stems clothed with adpressed fulvous down. SHjnUes 
linear-subulate \ in. ; petiole 1-1^ in. ; leaflets obovate-oblong, obtuse with a macro, 
chartaceous, 1-1^ in. long, glabrous and dark green above, glaucescent and feintly 

Eubescent below. Bacemes short, but slender, fulvo-pubescent ; bracts ovate-lanceo- 
ite, cuspidate, -^ in. long, persistent, glanduloso- pilose. Calyx ^ in., fulvo-pubes- 
cent ; teeth ovate-acuminate. Corolla twice length of calyx, blue. Immature pod 
oblique ovoid, compressed, shortly sericeous. Martaban, Kwrz, 

L. pARViFLORA, KttTz iu Joum. Asiat. Soc. Beng. 42, 2, 231. A shrub, with 
angular silky branches. Stipides linear-subulate, } in.; petiole canescent* ^ in.; 

Aikagi,^ L. lequminobjb. (J. 6. Baker.) 145 

laaflets orste-elliptic, ^-1 in. long, chartaceons, dark green and glabrous above, glau- 
eeseent and pilose below. Racemes axillary, stiff, folvo-pubescent, twice as long as the 
IfATes ; bracts cadnoons ; pedicels very short. Cali/x densely falvo-pnbescent, ^ in. ; 
tasth anbalate. Corolla scarcely twice as long as the calyx, probably blue. Immatnre 
foi obUque oToid acuminate, silky. Mabtaban, Eey, F. Mason, ex ICurz loc cit. 

I cannot separate from Z. tommUoea by the description L, pinetorum, Kurz in 
Joom. Asiat. Soc. Beng. 42, 2, 281, from Martaban. 

83. AZiBAaZ, DesY. 

Low shrub. Leaves simple. Flowers axillary. Calyx campanulate ; teeth 5, 
distiiicty minute. Corolla exserted; standard broad; keel obtuse. Stamens 
diadelpnous; anthers uniform. Owtry linear, sessile, 6-8-oyulate; style fili- 
form, incurred ; stigma minute, capitote. Pod linear, subcontinuous or moni- 
fiibrm ; joints oUong, small^ tuigid, smooth. — ^Distbib. Species 1^ spread from 
Soogaria to Greece and Nubia. 

1. A. manronmif Desv.\ DC Prodr. iii. 352; Wall. Cat, 5760; 
W. ^ A. Prodr. 232 ; Dalz, <J- Gibs. Bomb. Fl 67; Boiss. FL Orient, ii. 558. 
A. napaulensium, JDC. loc. cit. A. mannifera, Desv. ; Jaub. ^ J^ach. HI. t 401. 
Hedysanmi Alhagi, Idnn. ; Boxb. Fl. Ind. iii. 344. Manna hebraica and nepa- 
lenais, Don Prodr. 24l7. 

Plaucs of the Nobth Wxst FaoynrcBS, Ufpeb Gakoes and Concax, ascending to 
3000 ft. on the Kisheugunga. 

A low shrub, armed with copious subpatent hard pungent spines ^1 in. long. 
Leaves simple, drooping from the base of the spines or branches, oblong, obtuse, 
rigidly ooriaoeous, glabrous. Flowers 1>6 from a spine, on short pedicels. Calyx 
glsbioos, -^g-^ in. Corolla reddish, 3 times the calyx. Pod 1 in. long or less, falcate 
or straight. 

34. BSOYSA&VM, Linn. 

Herbs. Leaves numerous, odd-pinnate, exstipellate. Flowers usually red^ 
in copious long-peduncled axillary racemes. Calyx-ttibe campanulate or 
tubular; teeth 5, distinct, long or short. Corolla much exserted; petals 
unequal in relative proportion in the different species ; keel obtuse. Stamens 
diadelphous ;- anthers uniform. Ovary linear, stalked, fow-ovuled ; style very 
long, filiform, abruptly inflexed, stigma minute terminal. Pod of 1-3 flattened 
indehiscent joints, m our species not muricated, but reticulately yeined on the 

&ce0, tke sutures usually furnished ^^-ith acute entire or toothed borders. 

DiBTRlB. Species about 50, spread through the North Temperate zone. 

♦ Calyx-teeth eguaUing or exceeding the tube. 

1. S. fcimiaonenBey Benth, MSS. ; stemless, leaflets small subcoriaceoua 
obo?ate-oblong, bracts lanceolate, joints small firm turgid, sutures not bordered. 

KuiCAON, temperate region, alt. 9000 ft., Strache^ and Winterhottom. 

Ltates and peduncles in a dense rosotto from a thick woody rhizome. Z^a/^rachises 
4-6 in. long, including distinct petiole; leaflets 17-25, i-J in. long, obtuse, with a 
mnero, dark green, glabrous above, pale grey with adpressed silky hairs below ; veins 
distinct, huficreacence seen only in a late stjigo; pedicels very short. Calyx \-^ in. ; 
teeth setaceous, fr^m a lanceolate 1>ase, exceeding tube. Corolla |-| in. Joints of 
pod solitary in the specimens seen, rather downy, oblong, under \ in. long. 

2. B. sikkimense, Benth. MSS. ; stem dwarf, leaflets small linear- 
oUong subcoriaceous, standard and wings shorter than the keel, joints largo 
utemmanous with toothed borders. 


146 L. LSGUMDiosA. (J. G. Baker.) lHedjf9arum. 

Sncxm, alpine region, alt 1^16,000 ft, Hook,JU. 

Sterna slender, at first slightly downj, ^ ft or less high. ZM^-rachis 2-3 in. long ; 
leaflets 21-27« ^-^ ^°* ^^^S* obtuse, glabrous aboTO, obecnrely pubescent with raised 
Teins below. Heads dense, 1-2 in. long in flower; bracts linear, minute. Cb/fot 
pubescent, ^-| in. ; teeth lanceolate, as long as the tube. Corolla bright red, ^-| in. 
Joints of pod 1-3, roundish or oblong, J-} in. long ; sutures irregularly faintly eroso- 

3. B. Falooneri, Baker : caulescent, robust, leaflets large subcoriaceous 
OYate-oblongy keel and standard equal, joints large membranous with toothed 

West Tibbt, temperate region, Vr. Falconer. 

Stems H-^ ft. high, slender, firm, sulcata, glabrous. Xeq/'-rachises 6-0 in. long; 
leaflets 13-19, distant f-l^ in. long, obtuse, glabrous, full green abore, grey-green, 
obscurely caneecent with prominent veins below. .FVotcvr-racemes 3-4 in. long, 
moderately close ; bracts setaceous, rery small ; pedicel as long as the calyx. Calfx 
^ in. long ; teeth setaceous, as long as the tube. Corolla |-| in. Joints oblong, 
ftlabrous, ^ in. long, thin, with broad irregularly eroso-dentato borders. 

4. B. astrasraloides, Benth, MSS.i caulescent, robust, leaflets laige 
membnmous linear-oblong, corolla yellowish, xeel exceeding the standard, joints 
large membranous with crisped borders. 

KiSHTWAR, alpine zone, alt 11-12,000 ft, Thomson. Lahul, JaeschJke, 
Steins robust, erect, 2 ft high, densely canescent at first. jt«a/-rachi8es 4-8 in. 
long ; leaflets 21-29, not at all coriaceous, obtuse, with a minute mucro, j— 1 in. long, 
glabrescent above, persistently grey-canescent below. Floioer-T&cemcs very dense, 
2-3 in. long, the linear scariose bracts protruding beyond the buds ; pedicels shorter 
than calyx. Calyx \ in., finely silky ; teeth exceeding the tube. Pod distinctly 
stalked ; joints 1-2, oblong, with a distinct rather crisped wing on the lower side ana 
an obscure one on the upper. 

5. B. oaohemliianain, Benfh. MSS. ; caulescent, robust, leaflets 
large membranous linear-oblong, corolla red, standard exceeding wings and 
keel, joints large membranous with entire borders. 

Kashkib, temperate region, alt. 9-10,000 ft., Thomsont Falconer ^ WinterhoUom, 
Stem lA-2 ft. high, erect, glabrous, many-grooved. Zoz/'-rachises ^1 ft long; 
leaflets 21-27, thin, obtuse, f-l^ in. long; both sides green, glabrescent conoolorons. 
Bacemes very dense, 2-3 in. long in flower, the linear setaceous bracts pirotradiag 
beyond the buds ; pedicels very short. Calyx downy, | in. ; teeth as long as the 
tube. Corolla |-1 in. long. Joints l-3» ghibrous, oblong, A-J in. long ; both sutnies 
with a distinct entire wing. 

** CalyX'tecth shorter than the tube. 

6. B. laxlflomm, Benth, MSS,; stsniB slender, leaflets subcoriaceoitf, 
bracts minute setaceous, keel exceeding wings and standard, joints small entire 
not bordered. 

Wkst Himalaya, temperate or alpine region. West Tibet, Falconer. Vallsy of 
Kishengunga, Winterbottom. 

Stems lJ-2 ft. high, firm, slender, glabrous. Xaz/-rachis 3-5 in. long; leafleti 
21-31, close, firm, linear-oblong, ^-J in. long, green, glabrous above, grey, obseonly 
canescent with raised veins Inflow. Racemes lax, 2-3 in. long in flower ; pedicels as 
long as the calyx, finely downy. Calyx J in. ; upper teeth deltoid, lower lanceolato. 
Corolla J-} in. Joints 3-4, oblong, firm, glabrous, rather tuigid, not more thao J in. 

7. B. Btrobilifenmiy Baker ; stems robust, leaflets membranous, hncts 
large ovate-acuminate, corolla under twice the calyx, its petals equal. 

Sedymurwm,'] l. LVGUMiNOSiB. (J. G. Baker.) 147 

Kashmir, temperate region, Falconer, 

Stems above a foot high, densely clothed with short adpreesed whitish hairs. Leaf- 
raehisee 6-8 in. long; leaflets 19-25, oblong-lanceolate, obtose, 1-1^ in. long, flexible, 
gUbreacent aboTe, thinly white-sill^ beneath. Racemes dense, 2-8 in. long ; the 
bndfl quite hidden by the imbricated scariose ciliated bracts ; pedicels very short. 
Cdlux tubular, ^ in. long ; teeth deltoid-cuspidate, not more than {-^ tube. Corolla 
yellowish, under ^ in. long. Pod unknown. 

8. S. mlorooalyxy Baker', stems robust, leaflets large membranous^ 
bracts linear minute, corolla several times calyx, keel exceeding standard, joints 
laige membranous entire. 

Wbst HmAZATAS, temperate region; Gubwhal, Falconer; T^M^mnn^ Lanee; 
Laxul, Jaeeekie. 

Sterne 1^2 ft. high, stout, snlcato, glabrous. Zea/-rachise8 6-9 in. long; leaflets 
11-18, distant, oblong-lanceolate, ol^tuse or subacute, 1-1^ in. long; £>th sides 
green, glabrous. ^oto0r-racemes 2-4 in. long, lax ; pedicels ^-^ in. long, grey- 
pubescent. Calyx i in., campanubite, membranous, glabrous ; teeth minute, deltoid- 
cuspidate. Corolla bri|ht red, J-J in. Joints 2-3, oblong, ^ in. long, thin, 
glabrous, the sutures both distinctly margined. 

36. ST&ACBSYA, Benth. 

A tufted low shrub. Leaves odd-pinnate. Floicers axillary. Calyx-tube 
turbinate; teeth 5, lanceolate, as long as the tube. Corolla much exserted; 
standard broad ; keel as long as the other jpetals, incurved and obtuse at the tip. 
Stamens diadelphous ; anthers uniform. Odary linear, sessile, few-ovuled ; stvlo 
long, filiform, abruptly incurved, stigma minute capitate. Pod flat, not visibly 
jointed, muricated along the edge and face and marked with conspicuous trans- 
verse veiiia. — ^DisTBiB. A single endemic species. 

1. 8. tlbetloaf Benth, in Hook. Kew Joum, v. 306 ; Walp, Ann, iv. 645. 

Tibetan Himalaya.«i, alpine region, from Pangong eastwnnl to East Nipal« 
alt. 14-17,000 ft., Thomson, Strachey # Winterbottom, fc. 

Stems densely tufted, from a slender woody rootstock, the leaves and peduncles 
in a roeette at the sui^e. Leaves odd-pinnate; leaflets 11-15, oblong, obtuse, 
fiiintly haiiy ; leaf-rachis 2-4 in. long, including a distinct petiole, articulated at tho 
nodes. Flowers 1-d, shortly pedicellate, qn very short peduncles ; bracts lanceolate, 
sUky. Calyx \ in., densely pubescent. Corolla |-J in., reddish, glabrous. Pod 
gUbrons, membranous, 1 in. long. 

36. ZOmVXA, Gmel. 

Annuals, with large geminate coriaceous bracts and dotted leaflets in 1-2 
opposite pairs. Flowers in lax racemes. Calyx minute; upper teeth short, 
connate ; lowest shorter than the two middle ones. Corolla much exserted ; 
standard broad ; keel incurved, acute. Stamens monadelphous ; anthers dimor- 
phous. Ovary sessile, many-ovulcd ; style filiform, incurved, stigma minuto 
capitate. Pod of several small round flattened finely muricated 1-soeded inde- 
hiscent joints. — Distrib. Species 10, all but two American. 

Spanoyhe in Linmea, xv. 102. — Bheede Hort, Mai, ix. t. 82-3. 


148 L. LEGUHiKOSiB. (J. G. Baker.) IZorma. 

Plains from the Himatatas to Cbtlov and Bibma, ascending to 4000 ft. in 
KiJicAON. — DisTBiB. Everywhere in the Tropics, 

Stetna wiry, densely csespitose. Leaves petioled ; leaflets lanceolate, acute, glabrons, 
rigidly coriaceous, ^-1 in. long, dotted with black glands ; stipules lanceolate, with a 
long spur. Racemes 1-3 in. long, 3-12-flowered ; bracts ovate, acute, nearly or quite 
hiding the flower and pod. Joints 2-6, under ^ in., densely prickly. 

Yah. 1. zet/lonensis ; leaflets ovate, pod much longer than the bracts, joints 
twice as large densely bristly. Z. zeylonensis, Pers. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 317 ; WaU. Cat. 
5661 ; W. ^ A. Prodr. 217; Dah. ^ Gibs. Bomb. Fl. 62. Z. conjugata, amith t» 
RuSt CycHop. ; Thwaites Enum. 85. Hedysarum coi^'ugatum, WiUd. £^. PL iii. 1178. 
Plains of the Western Peninsula and Coylon. 

Vab. 2. Walkeri {Arn. Piigill. 12, sp.); leaflets oblong ^1 in. long, bracts 
downy at the edge, pod scarcely exserted from the bracts, joints small reticulato- 
venose with only a few small bristles near the edge. Walp. Rep. i. 726 ; ThwaiU^ 
Enum, 85. — Ceylon, Walker^ Thwaites. i 


Undershrube. Leaves rigid, piimately d-foliolate'' Flowers inconspicuous, 
in small dense heads. Cah/.v with an elongated filiform tube, and o teetii, 
of which the upper 4 are subconnate. Flowers polygamous, the fertile 
ones often apetalous. Petals inserted at the throat of tne calyx-tube ; standard 
orbicular; keel subrostrate. ^a^/i^n^monadelphous; anthers dimorphous. Ovary 
subsessile at the base of the calyx-tube ; style long, filiform, the lower part per- 
sistent, sti^a minute capitate. Pod with 1-2 flattened rugose joints. — 
DiSTRiB. Species about 16. Cosmopolitan, tropical. 

I. S. muoronata, WiUd.', DC. Prodr. ii. 318; WaU. Cat. 5664; 
W. 4- A. Prodr. 218 ; Bedd. Ic. PI. Ind. Or. t. 294. Aiachis fruticosa, Bstz. ; 
R03A. Hort. Beng. 54 ; Fl. Ind. iii. 282. Hedysarum hamatum. Burnt, Fl, 
Lid. 167 ; Fl. Zeyl. t. 106, fig. 2. 

Shores of Wrstehn Peninsula and Ceylon. — ^Distrib. Cape, Trop. Africa, Malay 

A low diffuse undershrub, with terete pul)escent branches. Stipules scariose, 
adnate downwards to the petiole ; leaflets j— ^ in. long, pale green, rigidly coriaceous, 
oblong or lanceolate ; under-side a little pubescent at first. Flowers 1 or few, in 
sessile terminal heads ; bracts persistent, striated, pubescent. Corolla J in., exserted. 
Pod 1-2-jointed, tipped with the falcate indurated lower part of the style. 

38. SMZTBZA, Ait. 

Herbs or undershnibs. Leaflets many, small, sensitive, leaf-rachis ending 
in a bristle ; stipules scariose, with large auricles. Flotcers racemose or axil- 
larj'. Calyx deeply 2-lipped, the lips usually entire. Corolla exserted ; stan- 
dard orbicular ; keel incurved, obtuse. Stamens in two bundles of 5 each ; anthers 
uniform. Ovary linear, many-ovuled ; style incurved, filiform, stitrma minute 
capitate. Pod of few or many minute flattened or turgid joints, folded together 
inside the calyx. — Distrib, Species 20-30, spread through the tropics of the old 

* Calyx rigid, its veins close, parallel, simple, 

1. S. sensltlva, Ait.; DC. Prodr. ii. 323; stems not bristly, leaflets 
small 4-20, flowers in short simple racemes, calvx-lips equal, corolla yellow. 
jRoxb. Hort. Beng. 66 ; Fl. Ind. iii. 342 ; Salisb. Par. t. 92 ; Wall. Cat. 5668, ex 

Smithia.'] L. lequminosje. (J. G. Baker.) 149 

parte ; W.^A. Pi'odr. 220, ex parte ; Dah, ^ Gibs, Bomb, FL 63. S. al)y88inicay 
Sbchtt. m Sckimp, PL Abyu, 1838. 

HncAXATAS to Tbatancorb and Bakooon, ascending to 3000 ft. in Khasia. — 
DisnuB. Madagascar, Aliyssinia, Java, China. 

Annnaly \-Z ft. high. Stems very slender, much branched. Xe^-rachis bristly, 
^I in. long ; leaflets ^-^ in. long, with subparallel edges, bristly mainly on the mi- 
arib below. Flowers 1-G, in close short-pednncled racemes from the axils of the upper 
leaves ; pedicels short, ascending. Calyx \-^ in. long ; lips acute, entire, with a few 
short deciduous scattered bristles. Jomts 4-6, densely papillose on the faces. 

2. S. gromlnifloraf Roth; DC. Prodr. ii. 323; stems not bristly, 
leaflets small 4-12, flowers in pairs in the axils of the leaves, calyx-lips eqiud, 
corolla yellow. S. sensitiva. Wall, et W. 8f A, loc, cit. ex parte, 

HocAULYAs (ascending to 1-3000 ft.) to Cetlon and Tavot. — Distbib. Java, N. 

General habit of the last. Leqflets obtuse, with parallel sides, |-J in. long, the 
bristles of the edge and midrib more copious and longer. Calyx \ in., with a few 
deciduous bristles ; both lips entire, acute. Corolla about twice the calyx. Joints 
4-6, very turgid and papillose. 

Var. 1. conferta; upper nodes congested into dense heads, leaves and calyx moro 
bristly. S. conferta, 8m. ; DC. loc. cit. S. capitata, Desv. Joum. Bot. i. 121, non 
Dalz. S. hispidissima, Zdling. Geneesk. Arch. iii. 56. 

3. S« purpureay Hook,- Bot. Mag. t. 4283 ; stems not bristly, leaflets 
small 12-24, flowers in sublax peduncled axillary racemes, lower calyx-lip 
shorter, corolla purple. S. laxiflora, Benth, PI, Jungh, 211. 

Plains of Concan. 

Annual. Stems yerj slender, ^2 ft. liigh. i«z/-rachis 1-2 in. long ; leaflets 
linear, J-j in. long, tipped with a long awn and furnished with a few bristles on thu 
xachis and oblique midrib. Flowers 6-12, in copious short-peduncled secund racemes 
from the axils of the upper leaves ; pedicels cemuous ; bracteoles acute or obtuse, 
^—J calyx. Calyx ^-| in. long ; upper lip obtuse, recurved, lower subacute, both with- 
out bristles. Corolla little exserted. Joints uf pod 10-12, reticulato-venose, not 

4. 8* Betnlosai Dalz. inKewJoum. iii. 208 ; stems densely bristly, leaflets 
large 10-12, flowers in copiously panicled secimd racemes, lower calyx-lip shorter, 
corolla yellow. Dalz, ^ Gibs. Bomb. Flora, 63 ; Bedd. Ic. PI. Ind. Or. t. 243. 

Plains of Coxcan, Stocks, Lalsell. 

A robust annual, 2-4 ft. high, the stems densely clothed throughout with deflexed 
bristles. Leaflets linear, }-l^in. loug, with a few bristles in the edge and subcentric 
midrib. Racemes 1-2 in. long, dichotomously forked, forming a long thyrsoid panicle, 
only the lowest subtended by a leaf; pedicels ascending. Calvx J in. long, densely 
clothed with minute bristles ; upper lip broad, obtuse, recurved ; lower much smaller, 
lanceolate^ acute. Corolla twice the calyx. Joints 10-12, reticulato-venose, not pa- 

•• Calyx membranous, its veins not so close and distinctly anastomosing. 

5. 8* bifiTominAf Dalz. in Keio Joum, iii. 208 ; stems minutely bristly, 
leaflets 4, flowers in short axillary racemes, bracteoles minute, joints C^ 
echinulate. Dalz, 8f Gibs, Bomb, Flora, 64. 

Plains of Cojccax, Stocks, Balzell ; Bekkan, near Poonah, Jacquemont. 
Annual, very difiuse, with very slender stems, 1 ft. or less high. Leaf-rfich\B J in. 
long; leaflets membranous, oblanceolate-oblong, obtuse, |-^ in. long, minutely bristly 

150 L. leguminosj:. (J. 6. Baker.) [£fmi^ita. 

oh the back and edge. Flowers 4-6, in copious short-pednncled zacemes ; bracteoles 
linear, ^ the calyx. Caff/jf g in., turbinate, densely bristle-ciliated; lips equal, upper 
truncate. Corolla yellow, twice the calyx. 

6. 8. ffraollis, Benth. in Hohen, Fl, Ind, Or, Kvsic. No. 1182 ; stems 
naked or minutely bristly, leaflets 4r-6, flowers in short axillary racemes, brac> 
teoles minute, joints C-8 reticulato-yenose. Benth, PL Jungh. 212. 

NiLOHmis, Schmidt, Wight, 

A diiilise, very slender, perennial, with the general habit and inflorescence of 
S. higemina. Leaflets obovate-oblong, ^f in., minutely bristlyt Calyx \ in., densely 
ciliated with minute bristles ; lips equal, narrower than in the last^ the lower acute ; 
bracteolcs linear. Corolla bright yellow, twice the calyx. Joints distinctly reined, 
not at all echinulato as in 8. bigemina. 

7. 8. oUlata, Bogle HI. 201 1. 35, fig. 2 ; stems not bristly, leaflets 6-16, 
flowers in dense axillary racemes, bracteoles large, joints 6-8 obscurely papillose. 
S. pumila, Bogle MSS, ; W, d; A. Prodr, 220. 

Simla and Eumaon to Ehasia and Sixkim, alt. 3-6000 ft. Farasnath in Brkab. 

Annual. Stems slender, ^2 ft. high. Z^aZ-rachis ^-1 in. ; leaflets linear, j-} in. 
long, obtuse, distinctly bristly on the edge and midrib below. Flowers up to a dozen 
in dense copious short-pedunded secund racemes ; bracteoles leafy, oblong, ciliated, 
nearly as long as calyx. Calyx j- in., densely bristly-ciliated ; upper lip truncate, 
finally \ in. broad ; lower lanceolate. Corolla yellow, little exserted. 

8. 8. oapltatay Dalz, in Kew Joum, iii. 208 ; stems not bristly, leaflets 
20-^0, flowers in globose terminal heads, bracteoles large, joints 5-6 smooth. 
Balz, ^ Gibs, Bomb, Flora, 03, mm Desv, ; Bedd, Ic, PL Ind. Or. t. 244. 

"Western Peninsula. 

An annuid, 1-2 ft. high, with firm shrubby terete branches. Xeo/'-radiis 
densely bristly, 1^-2 in. long ; leafiets linear, J-f in. long, bristly on the back and 
edge. Flowers in a dense globose head 1 in. thick, at the end of each branch ; pedicels 
Terj' short ; bracteoles oblopg, membranous, bristle-tipped, nearly as long as the calyx. 
Cfl/ya: I in. long; both lips broad, truncated, ciliat^ with long bristles. CoriUa 
purplisn, much exserted. Joints neither venose, nor papillose. 

0. 8« pyonantliaf Benth, MSS. ; stems minutely bristly, leaflets 0-8, 
flowers in globose terminal heads, bracteoles minute, joints 5-0 venose. 

CoNCAN, Stocks, Law. 

An erect annual, ^-2 ft. high, the stem clothed densely with small bristles dilated 
at the base. Leaves distinctly petioled ; leaf-rachis ^ in. or less long, densely bristly; 
leaflets linear, J-^ in. long, with a few minute yellow bristles in the back and edge. 
Heads 1 in. or more broad, formed of densely congested racemes ; pedicels shorter than 
the calyx ; bracteoles half the calyx, obtuse. CiUyx \ in., with copious sessile black 
glands and small yellow bristles on back and edge; lips equal, truncate. CoreUa 
yellow, half as long again as calyx. 

10. 8 • dlobotoma, Dalzell MSS. ; stems not bristly, leaflets 4-6, racemes 
forming a lax corj-mbose panicle, bracteoles minute, joints 10-12 papillose. 8. 
blanda, Hohen. Plant. Ind, Or, Exdc, No. 146, non WaU, 

Western Peninsula. 

Stems annual, very slender, little branched, 1-1 J ft high. Leaf-Taohis i in. or lc» 
long ; leaflets membranous, oblanceolate-oblong, obtuse, ^-f in. long, not anstate, both 
sides without bristles. Lower racemes of the panicles 5-6-flower©d, secund ; pedicel? 
ascending, J-J ^°' J bracteoles linear, J-J calyx. Calyx membranous, J in. ; lower 
acute lip slightly longer than the broad truncate upper one. Corolla yellow, half ai 
long again as the calyx. 

Smiikia.'] L. LEQUMnrosiE. (J. Ot. Baker.) 151 

11. 8. ir^Andla, Benth. MSS, ; stems robust not 'bristly, leaflets 20-24, 
racemes fonning a lax corymbose panicle, bracteoles ^ calyx, joints 20-25 

Base of the Himalayas in Sikjom, Herb. Griffith, Hook, JU., 

Stems stout, erect, 3-4 ft. high. Xeq/'-rachis 2^3 in. long ; leaflets linear, obtuse, 
vithout bristles, ^-f in. long; lower sUpnles 1 in. long. Racemes subsecnnd, 6-12- 
flowered, forming a corymlx^ panicle ^ ft. bro^ ; pedicels erect, |-^ in. long, with a 
few deciduous bristles ; bracteoles \ in., obtuse. Calyx } in. long ; lips equal, trun- 
cate, obtuse, with only a few small bristles at first. Joints latest of all, ^ in. 

12. 8. blanda, Wall, Cat, 5669; stems densely bristly, leaflets 6-10, 
laeemea copiously panicled, bracteoles half as long as the calyx, joints 5-6 reti- 
culated. JF, 8f A. Prodr. 221 ; Wight. Ic, t 986 ; Dalz, ^ Gibs. Botiib, Fl. 64. 

ElAffT Himalayas, tropical zone up to 4000 feet. East Bbxgal, Nilohiris. 

Ptavnnial, suffruticose. Steins 1^-2 ft. high, the bristles veiy dense, spreading, 
fine, fragile. Xeq/'-rachis under 1 in. long ; leaflets firm, obtuse, bristle-tipped, ^-J in* 
long, with copious fine deciduous bristles on the rachis, edge and midnb. Racemes 
fonning a dense terminal panicle, with corymbose branches ; pedicels -^-^ in., densely 
bristly. Calyx ^-\ in., densely clothed with fine bristles on back and edge ; lips 
equal ; upper broad, truncate. Corolla bright yellow, twice the calyx. Joints ^ in. 

Tab. 1. paniculata ; stems more slender, flowers foTi'cr smaller crowded at the 
end of the peduncles. 8. paniculata, Am. Fug, 12. — Hilly tracts of Ceylon, alt. 
2-7000 ft. 

Yak. 2. racemosa ; annual, more slender and fugacious, leaflets more membran- 
ous, calyx ^J in. lonp:, corymbs formed of a few close subsecund racemes l-lj in. 
long. 8. racemosa. Hegne in Wall. Cat. 6670 ; W. j- A. Prodr. 221 ; Bah. ^ Gibs, 
Bomb, Fl, 63. 8. hirsuta. Bale, in Kew Joum. in, 135 ; Balz. 4' Gibs. Bomb, Fl. 63.— 
Plains of Western Peninsula and Ceylon. 

39. JSSCSmrOMfiirfi, Linn. 

Erect herbs or undershrubs. Leaves with very numerous close sensitive odd- 
jnnnate small linear leaflets. Flowers in sparse racemes. Calgx deeply 2-lipped, 
the lips faintly toothed. Corolla fugacious ; standard orbicular ; keel not beaked. 
Stamens in two bundles of 5 each; anthers imiform. Ovary stalked, linear, 
many-OTuled ; style filiform, incurved, stigma terminal. Pod linear, with a stalk 
longer than the calyx and 4—6 flattened 1-seedod separating joints. — Distrib. 
Spmea about 30, spread everywhere in the tropics. 

1. JB. indloay Linn. ; DC. Prodr, ii. 320 ; stems slender much branched, 
peduncles viscid, calyx and small corolla glabrous. W, Sc A. Prodr. 219 ; Wt, 
Ic, t. 406 ; Balz, i^ Gibs, Bomb. Fl. iS2. jFj. aspera, Wall, Cat, 6606, n<m Linn. 
M. kashmiriana, Camb. m Jacauem. Toy, Bot, 40, t. 48. lledysarum Nell-Tali, 
Baxb. Hort Beng, 67 ; Fl. Ind, iii. 366. M. pumila, Linn. ; DC. Prodr, ii. 321. 
M. diflFusa, WtUd, ; DC. Prodr, loc. cit. ; WaU. Cat. 6666. JE, visddula, Willd. 
Enufh. 776. M, Roxbursrhii, Spreng, Syst. iii. 322. Smithia aspera, Boxb., 
Hort. Beng. 56 ; Fl. Ind. iii. S42—Bheede Hort, Mai, ix. t. 18. 

HucAi^YAS to Cbtlon and 8iax, ascending to 6000 ft. in Kashmib and 4000 ft. in 
KwAoy. — DiSTBiB. Japan and everywhere in tropics of old world. 

A sufi&uticose annual, 1-3 ft. high, glabroiis, pale green, with slender terete 
branches. Leaf -rachis 2-3 in. long; leaflets close, 41-61, linear, obtuse, 1-nerved; 
■tipales lanceolate, membranous, deciduous, with a large auricle. Flowere 1-4, in co« 
pious axillary racemes ; peduncle and pedicels usually viscid ; bracts small, lanceolate. 

152 L. LEOUMiNOSf. . (J. G. Baker.) [JE?«c7iy9iom«fM. 

rigid, gland-ciliated. Calyx under ^ in. long. Corolla fugacious, twice the calyx. Pod 
1-1^ in. long, straight or rather curved ; upper suture straight, lower more or less dis- 
tinctly indented ; joints 6-10, ^-^ in. broad, smooth or finally papillose on the face. 

2. SS. aspera* Linn, ; DC, Prodr, ii. 320 ; stems rot>uBt simple or litUe- 
bianched, pedimcles calyx and large corolla hispid. W, 8f A, Prodr. 219 ; Wt, 
Ic, t, 299. JE, indica, Wall, Cat, 5667, nan Linn, Hedysarum lagenar 
rimn, Roxb, Hort, Ben^. 57 ; FL Ind, iii. 365. ^. indica, /3 aspera, Hasw, FL 
Jav, Bar, 340. M, trachyloba, Miq, Flor, Ind, Bat, i. 276. 

Tropical Zone ; Bengal and Silubt to Malacca and Cetlon. — Distrib. -Malay 
isles, Tropical Africa. 

A tall erect swamp species, with stout |;labrous main stems, full of white pith. SSft- 
jmUs linear or lanceolate, aurided, deciduous; leaf-rachis 3-6 in. long; leaflets 
61-101, linear, obtuse, l-nerved. Racemes corymhoae, 2-4-flowered; pedicels and 
peduncles clothed with spreading bristles. Calyx ^ in., with a pair of round bracteoles. 
CoroUa tynce the calyx. Pod 2-2^ in. by ^ in. ; joints 3-6, smooth or echinate on the 
&ces over the seeds. 

M, suEATTENSis, W, ^ A. Pfodr, 219, is altogether doubtful, the description being 
probably taken in part from Sesbania actdeata, 

40. OaMOCAaPUM, Beauv. 

Shrubs. Leaves with odd-pinnate exstipellate leaflets and persistent striated 
stipules and bracts. Flowers in lax racemes. Calyjc-tube camponulate ; 2 upper 
teeth deltoid ; 3 lower lanceolate. Standard broad ; keel much incurved^ not at 
all beaked. Stamens in two bimdles of 5 each ; anthers uniform. Ovary linear^ 
few-OTuled ; style filiform, inflexed, stigma minute terminal. Pod of a few inde- 
hiscent turgid linear or oblong joints, tiie lower seedless, the faces rugose, naked 
or muricat«i with weak gland-tipped prickles. — Dibtrib. Species 6, spread all 
round the world in the tropics. 

1. O. sennoldeB, DC, Prodr, n, 315 ; Wall. Cat, 5658 ; W, ^ A. Prodr, 
216 ; Wt, Ic, t. 297. O. coronilloides, G. Dm Gen, Syst, ii. 279. Hedysarum 
Bennoides, Willd, ; Boab. Hort, Beng, 57 ; Fl, Ind, iii. 364. 

Plains of the Western Peninsula and Ceylon. — Distbib. Siam, Philippines, Poly- 
nesia, Trop. Africa. 

A low shrub, with terete slender branches, the branchlets and leaf-rachis yiscid. 
Leaflets 9-17, alternate, oblong, obtuse, membranous, deciduous. Flower^s 2-6, in 
copious short-peduncled axillary corymbose racemes ; bracts spreading, minute, deltoid; 
pedicels viscid, as long as Ciilyx. Calyx \ in. C^olla yellow, much oxserted. Pod with 
2-4 joints, linear or oblong, ^1 in. lung, horizontally plicate, smooth or muricated. 


DifTuso perennial herbs. Leaves simple or pinnately 3-foliolate, stipellate. 
Bracts large, imbricated. Flowers small, crowaed in dense terminal racemose 
heads. Calyx with a very short tube, and 5 subequal setaceous teeth. CbroUa 
minute, included ; standard broad ; keel obtuse. Stamens diadelphous ; anthers 
uniform. Ovary sessile, 1-ovuled ; style long, filiform, incurved, stigma capitate. 
Pod small, oblong, membranous, flattened, 1-seeded, opening widely along the 
ventral suture. — Uistrib. Two species, the other a plant of Madagascar. 

1. Zi. oonflTOBtay Benth, MSS, Nicolsonia congesta, Wight Ic, 1. 1056. 
Desmodium congestiuu^ Benth, PI, Jungh, 222, non W, d; A. 

El&ioHB.'] L. LEQDHiNOSJE. (J. G. Baker.) 153 

Tropical Zone ; Nilgeibis. Gardner, Schmidt, Wight, 

A perennial, with slender firm trailing csspitose stems 1-2 ft. long. Leaves short- 
petioled, membranous, 1 or 3-foliolate, the end leaflet the largest, orbicular or oblong, 
obtuse, |— ] in. long, a little hairy below. Flowers in copious oblong terminal capitate 
racemes under 1 in. long ; bracts ovate, scariose, finely pubescent ; pedicels ehort. 
CaJtyx \ in ; teeth densely plumose. Fod as long as calyx. 

42. fiXiBZOTZS, DC. 

An annual herb. Leaves usually 1-foliolate. Flowers in axillary racemes. 
Caiyx with a very short tube and 5 subequal setaceous teeth. Corolla mi- 
nute ; standard broad ; keel obtuse, adhering to the win^s. Stamens diadelphous; 
anthers uniform. Owxry subsessile^ l-ovuled ; style Siort, imcinate or nearly 
straight^ thickened at the base, stigma capitate. Tod of a single dimi- 
diate membranous veined joint, with a flattened straight dorsal and rounded 
yentral suture. — A single endemic species. 

1. B. Bororla, DC. Trodr, ii. 348 ; Wall, Cat, 6741 ; W, 8^ A, Prodr, 
231. £. monophylla, DC. loc, cit. Hedysarum sororium, Linn. ; Roxb. Fl, Ind, 
m, 352. Hallia sororia, Willd. S^, iii. 1170. Glycine monophylla, Bttrtn, FL 
Ind, 161, t. 60, fig. 2. 

Plains of Bumdelxitnd, WRarrsBN Pkninsula and Gbylon. 

An annual, with slender trailing densely csespitose glabrous stems, 1-2 ft. long. 
Leaves subglabrous, membranous, consisting usually of a single short stalked stipellate 
terminal leaflet, rounded or broader than long, emarginate, ^1 in. loDg, but occa- 
sionally with a pair of minute lateral leaflets. Flowers in copious simple lax axillary 
iBcemes ; pedicels spreading, downy, exceeding the calyx; bracts minute, ovate, 
flcarioee, deciduous. Pod \ in. long. 

43. PTCirOSPOaA, R. Br. 

A low shrub. Leaves pinnately 3-foliolate. Flotcers minute, racemed, 
Calyx deeply cleft, the upper teeth subconnate. Corolla much exserted ; 
standard roundish ; keel obtu£»e, cohering to the wings. Stamens diadelphous ; 
anthers uniform. Ovary sessile, many-ovuled ; style iniiezed, filiform ; stigma mi- 
nute capitate. Pod obloDcr, turgid, 2-valved, B-lO-seeded, continuous within, not 
jointed, but marked with transverse veins. — A single species, combining the 
habit of Destnodmm, with a pod like Crotalaria, 

1. P. l&edysaroldeB, R, Br, in Herb. Banks, P. nervosa, W, 8r A, 
Prodr, 197 ; Bah, ^ Gibs, Bomb. Fl. 76. Crotalaria P nervosa, Grah. in Wall, 
Cat. 5428. Indigofera desmodioides, Benth, in Hohen, PI. Ind. Or. No. 303. 

Tropical JBone ; Khasia (3-5000 ft.), Silhet, Tenassebiit, Wbstkrn Prninsuia, 
CKnx>N. — DiSTBiB. China, Philippines, N. Australia. 

A perennial herb, with slender densely csespitose trailing stems ^-2 ft. long. 
Leaws pinnately 3-foliolate ; leafiets oborate, obtuse, ^-1^ in. long, stipellate, sub- 
coriaceous, glabrous above, finely downy and reticulato- venose below. Flowers in lax 
terminal racemes ; bracts deciduous, scariose, ovate-cuspidate ; pedicels downy, 2-3 
times the calyx. Calyx ^ in. long or less. Pod §-^ in. long, finally black. 

44. P8BlJI>AaTBaZA, W. & A. 

IlaUt of Desmodium, from which it only difiers in pod. Oy/y^-teeth as long 
as the tulie, 2 upper subconnate. Corolla 2-3 times the calyx ; standard broad ; 
keel obtuse. Stamens diadelphous ; anthers imiform. Ovary subsessile, many- 
ovuled ; style filiform, stigma capitate. Pod linear-oblong, compressed, mem- 

154 L. L£OUMJNO&£. (J. G. Bakor.) IPseudarthrta. 

branous, indehiscent, continuoiis within^ the Butures not at all indented. — ^Dis- 
TRIB. Species 6, tlie others African. 

1. P. vlsolda, W. ^- A, Prodr. 209 ; Wi(/ht Ic, t. 286. Hedysanim visci- 
dum, Linn, ; Roxh, Ilort, Beng. 67 ; Fl. Ind. iii. 356. Desmodium yiscidum, 
DC. Prodr, ii. 336 ; Wall Cat, 5698. Rhvnchosia viscida, DC Prodr, iL 387. 
Glycine viscida, Wtlld. in Nova Acta, iv. 208. Desmodium Leschenaultii, DC. 
Prodr, ii. 336 P 

Tropical zone, Western Pexinstjla and Ceylon, up to 3000 ft. — Bistrib. 

Perennial, 2-3 ft. high, with slender stems, clothed with fine grej pubescence. 
I/eaves petioled, pinnately 3-foliolate ; leaflets stipellate, membranous or subcoriaceous, 
groen, obscurely bristly above, grey, densely pubescent, rarely subglabrescent below; 
end leaflet rouud-rhomboidal, obtuse or acute, 2-4 in. long. Raceme* axillary and 
terminal, sometimes branched ; flowers distant, fascicled ; pedicels spreading, 8-4 
times the minute calyx. Pod J— J in. long, 4-6-seoded, finely downy. 

45. XiOU&BA, Neck. 

Herbs. Leaves membranous, stipellate, 1-3-foliolate. Flowers in terminal 
simple or panicled racemes. Calyx membranous, acci*escent, the lanceolate teeth 
as long as the campanulate tube. Corolla equalling or exceeding the calyx ; 
standard broad ; keel obtuse. Stamens diadelphous ; anthers imiform. Ovary 
few-ovuled ; style filiform, inflexed, stigma capitate. Pod of about 4 small dia- 
tinct 1 -seeded smooth veined joints, included in the calyx. — ^All the species are 
East Indian. 

1. Xi. panloulataf Wall, Cat. 5673 ; leaves 1-foliolate, nearly twice as 
broad as long, racemes copiously panicled. Benth. PI, Jungh, 215. 

AvA ; Taong-dong mountains, Wallich. 

Stems erect, slender, finely downy. Leaves 2^3 in. broad, rigidly coriaceous, gla- 
brous ; lobes spreading, rounded at the point. 4-5-uerTed. base subcordate, apex rounded 
or slightly cmarginato ; petiole nearly as long as the blade. Racemes 1-3, forming 
copious terminal and lateral panicles; pedicels pubescent, cernuous, sometimes 
geminate, shorter than the calyx. Calyx slightly downy, finally J -J in. Jotnt$ 

2. Xi. VeBpertillonlB, Desv,; DC, Prod, ii. 323; leaflets 1 rarely 3 
glabrous 4-6 times as broad as long, racemes simple or slightly panicled. W. Sr 
A, Piodr. 221 ; Wight Ic, t. 285; WaU, Cat. 5671. Hedysarum Vespertilionis, 
Linn, ; Roxh, Hort, Beng, 57 ; Fl. Ind, iii. 352. 

Common in waste places throughout India. — Distrib. Tropics of both hemi- 
spheres, often planted. 

Stejus erects slender, finely downy upwards. Petiole ^1 in.; leaflets rigidly 
subcoriacoous, green, clouded usually with white, the end one 2-3 in. broad, \-^ in. 
long, with two linear or lanceolate spreading or slightly ascending 2-3>nerved halves; 
apex bristle- tipped, broadly emarginate ; side leaflets, if present, much smaller, ob- 
liquely obversely deltoid. Racemes 3-6 in. long ; pedicels pubescent, shorter than 
the calyx; lower geminate. Calyx finally ^-| in. long. Corolla not ezsertad. 
Joints 4-6. 

3. Xi. oboordata, Desv. ; DC, Prodr, ii. 324 ; leaflets 3 rarely 1 pilose 
beneath on the veins, terminal roundish or obversely deltoid, racemes usually 
simple. Hedysarum obcordatum, Poir. Diet, Suppl, ii. 426. H. renifonne, 
Lour, Fl, Coch, 447. L. reniformis, DC. loc, cit. L. microphylla, Wall. CW. 
6672. Desmodium priemorsum, Grdh, in Wall, Cat, 5703. 

Lonrea.'] l. LSOUMiNOSiE. (J. 6. Baker.) 155 

4. lam eampannlatay Benth. PL Jwngh, 215 ; teflets 3 rarely 1 obovate- 
oUong downy beneath, racemes copiously panicled. Uraria campannlata, WaU,' 

Ata ; TaoDg-dong mountains, Wallich, 

Erect, vith the habit of a Deamodium, Stems firm, slender, finely downy. Pe^ 
tioUs ^-} in. ; leaflets subcoriaceous, green, glabrous above, pale green, reticulato- 
Tenose below ; end one 2-3 in. long, obtuse, with a cuneate base ; side ones much 
smaller. Baeemea 4-6 in. long, forming copious terminal panicles, with densely pu- 
bescent rachises ; pedicels ^ in., curved. Calyx ^-^ in., densely pubescent. Corolla 
twice flower-calyx. Joints 2-3, pubescent. 

40. URAaZA, DesY. 

Saffimticoee perennials. Leaves stipellate, with 1 to 9 leaflets. Flowers 
rerj numerous, minute, racemose. Calyx-tvbe very short; two upper teeth 
short ; three lower usually elongated, setaceous. Standard broad ; wings ad- 
hering to the obtuse keel. Stamens diadelphous ; anthers uniform. Ovary ses- 
nle or short-etalked, few-ovuled ; style innexed filiform, stigma terminal. Pod 
of 2-^ small tuigid l-seeded indehiscent joints, often placed face to face. — Dls- 
IBIB. Species all here included. 

• Upper leaves 6-0~foliolate, 

1. Urn plota* Desv, ; DC. Prodr. ii. 324 ; leaflets linear clouded, pedicel 
clothed with short bristles. WaU. Cat. 5C74 ; W, <^ A, Prodr. 221 ; Dalz, ^ Gibs. 
Bomb. Fl. 65. Doodia picta, Roxb. Fl. Ind. iii. 368. Hedysarum pictum, 
Jacq. Ic. t. 667; Boxb. Hort. Beny. 67. U. linearis, Hassk. PI. Jav. Bar. 

HiKAiATAS to Cbtix>x, ssceuding to 6000 ft. in the north-west. — ^Distbib. Tropical 
Africa, Malay isles, Philippines. 

An erect little-branched suffriitieose perennial, 3-6 ft. high. Stems robust, finely 
downy. Petioles 1-2 in. ; leaflets 4-6, rarely 9, rigidly subcoriaceous, glabrous above, 
retiddato-venulose, minutely pubescent below, 4-8 in. long, \-l in. broad ; lowest 
simple, round or oblong. Flowers in dense cylindrical racemes, ^-1 ft. long, J-J in. 
broad ; bracts brown, scariose, deciduous, not distinctly ciliated ; upper lanceolate, 
lower ovate acuminate ; pedicels \-^ in., abruptly recurved at the tip after flowering. 
Corolla purple, slightly exserted. Joints 3-6, glabrescent, polished, often whitish. 

2. v. oiinltaf Desc. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 324 ; leaflets oblong not clouded, pe- 
dicels clothed with long bristles. Wall. Cat. 6676. U. picta, Wight Ic. t. 411, 
nonDesv. U. comosa, DC. l¥odr. ii. 324. Hedysarum crinitum, Lmn. : Bumi. 
Fl. Ind. 169, t. 66 ; Bavb. Hort. Beng. 67. Doodia crinita, Boxb. Fl. Ind. iii. 

Hdtalatas to Ceixon and Siah, ascending to 0000 ft in the north-west. — ^Dis- 
TBIB. China, Malay isles. 

(General habit of the last. Upper leaves 3-7-foliolate ; leaflets subcoriaceous, green, 
smooth above, paler, reticulatO'Venose beneath, 4-6 in. long, 1^2 in. broad, much 
zoonded at the base. Baoemes dense, reaching above a foot long, 1-1^ in. thick; 

156 L. LEOUMiNOSiE. (J. G. Baker.) [Uraria. 

lower pedicels ^| in. long with spreadiDg bristles 3-4 times their thickness ; bracts 
distinctlj ciliated. Co/yx -segments densely plumose. Corolla purplish, ^ in. long. 
Joints 4r-6, opaque. 

** Leaves 1- and ^foUolate mtermixed, 

3. U. lagropoldes, DC. Prodr, ii. 324; stems tiailiiig, leaflets small 
orbicular or oblong, heads short dense oblong-cylindrical, lower calyx-teeth elon- 
gated. TF. 4* ^' ^odr, 222, non Wall. Hedysarum lagopoides, Burm. Fl. Ind. 
68, t. 63, fig. 2. U. retusa. Wail. Cat. 5680. Doodia lagopodioides, Hoxb. FL 
Ind. iii. 366. Lespedeza lagopoides, Pers. Ench, ii. 308. U. hamosa, Wall. Cat. 
6681, A., non W. ^ A. 

Tropical zone. Nipal and Bbngal to At a. — ^Distrib. Malay isles, China, Poly- 
nesia, N. Australia. 

ikems densely csespitose, woody, slender, pubescent. "Petiole ^1 in. ; leaflets many, 
of both kinds, obtuse, broadly rounded at the base, 1-2 in. long, glabrous above, finely 
downy below. Heads always simple, very dense, 1-2, rarely 3 in. long, under 1 in. 
thick; bracts subpersi stent, distinctly ciliated; pedicels densely crinite, not longer 
than calyx. Calyx ^-\ in. ; lower teeth setaceous, densely plumose. Corolla scarcely 
exserted. Joints 1-2, brown, polished, finely pubescent. U. cercifolia, Desv. ; DC. 
Prodr. ii. 325, is probably a form of this with a single leaflet. 

4. U. lilflTopiiBy DC Prodr. ii. 324 ; stems erect, leaflets large oblong not 
cordate, heads long dense cylindrical, lower calyx-teeth elongated. Hedysarum 
arboremu, Don Prodr. 243. Uraria arboremn, O. Don Gen. Syst. ii. 2S7, U. 
lagopodioides, Wall. Cat. 6676, non DC. U. alopecuroides, Wight Ic. t. 290. 
Doodia alopecuroides, Rojcb. Fl. Ind. iii. 368. U. hamosa, WaU. Cat, 6681 C 
Hedysanuu alopecuroides, Roxb. Sort. Beng. 57. 

Punjab, along the Himalayas to Assam and Ava, ascending to 6000 ft in 


An erect undershrub, reaching 10-12 ft., with slender woody densely pul>escent 
branches. Leaves usually all 3-foliolatc, subcoriaceous, glabrescent above, reticnlato- 
venose, finely downy below ; end leaflet 2-4 in. long, 1^2 in. broad. Racemes copi- 
ous, botb terminal and axillary, resembling those of U. crinita, reaching 6-9 in. by 
1-1^ in.; bracts deciduous; pedicels 2-3 times the calyx, densely crinite. Calyx 
J-J in. Corolla purple, little exserted. Joints 2-6, dark or pale, dull or polished. 

6. U. repanda* Wall. Cat. 6677 ; stems erect, leaflets large cordate-ovate, 
beads dense cylindrical, lower calyx-teeth elongated. Benth. PL Junyh. 213. 

BiBMA, Wallich. 

General habit of the last, to which it is closely allied. Pubescence of branches 
shorter. Leaves simple and trifoliolate intermixed, the side leaflets of the latter mnch 
smaller than the end one, which is subobtuse or sul)acute, deeply produced at the base. 
Racemes 2-4 in. by |-J in. ; bracts ovate, acuminate, distinctly ciliated, not deciduous ; 
pedicels densely crinite, shorter than the calyx. Calyx | in. ; lower teeth long, 
setaceous, plumose. Joints 2, polished, glabrous, brownish-drab. 

6. U. bamosay Wall. Cat. 6681 B ; stems erect, leaflets large oblong not 
cordate, racemes lon^ lax cylindrical, lower calyx teeth not elongated. W. 4* 
A. Prodr. 222 ; Wight let. 284. Hedysarum hamosum, Raai. Hort. Beng. 
67. Doodia hamosa, Roxb. FL Ind. iii. 367. U. lanceolata and desmodioides, 
Grah. in WalL Cat. 6682, 6683. U. leptostachya, WalL Cat. 6684. Desmodlum 
Horsfieldii and dasyphyllum, Miq. FL Ind. Bat. i. 261-3. 

HiMAULYAs to Ckyix>n, BrBHAH and Pegu, ascending in Sixxni to 4000 ft — Bis- 
TBiB. Malay isles. 

Branches woody, slender, shortly pubescent. Leaves similar in texture to those of 
all the preceding, sometimes all simple, the end one obtuse, broadly roimded at the 

UrariaJ] l. lbguminos^. (J. G. Baker.) 157 

base, 3-5 in. by 2-3 in. Raeemea much laxer than in the other species, resembling 
those of a Desmodittm, oopioosly panicled, reaching ^1 ft long ; bracts orate, cuspi- 
date, pubescent, deciduous ; pedicels ^-^ in., often fascicled. Calyx ^ in., all the 
teeth deltoid-cuspidate. CoroUa 2-3 times the calyx. Joints 4-6, opaque, drab or 

*** Leaves usually all I'-foUolate. 

7. Urn pnmellflDfbllaf Grah, in Wall. Oat. 5686 ; stems erect, leaflets ob- 
long^lanceolate, lacemee short cloee oblong. Hedysarum hamatuniy Seyne 

KuMAOJtt alt. 3000 ft., Thomson. East HiuaxJlTAs, Griffith. 

Branches slender, shortly pubescent. Leqflet oblong or lanceolate, obtuse or acute, 
rounded at the base, 3-4 in. by 1-1^ in. ; petiole jf-\ in. Raoemes terminal, simple, 
1-2 in. by |-} in ; bracts small, lanceolate, deciduous ; pedicels 2-3 times the calyx, 
shortly bristly. Calyx ^-4- in., lower teeth twice as long as the upper. CoroUa 
under twice the calyx. Joints 3-4, placed end to end, opaque or polished. 

8. v. oordUblla, Wall. H. As, Bar. i. 33, t. 37 ; stems erect, leaflet cor- 
date-OTate, racemes elongated lax cylindrical. U. cordata, Wall. Oat. 6679. 

Pbomb and banks of the Irrawaddi, Wallich. 

Branches stout, woody, densely clothed with short spreading hairs. Leatfes casu- 
ally trifoliolate, reaching 6-9 in. long, nearly as broad, acute, conspicuously hairy on 
the raised veins below ; petiole A-2 in. Racemes lateral and terminal, |-lft. long, 
resembling those of U. hamasa ; bracts small, lanceolate, deciduous ; pedicels j-| in., 
densely crinite. Calyx i-^ in. ; teeth setaceous, nearly equal. Corolla scarcely ex- 
serted. Joints 2-3, opaque, pubescent. 

47. AXiTSZCAaPirS, Neck. 

Difiuse annnals or biennials. Leaves simple, rarely 3-foliolate, stipellate, sub- 
eoriaceous. Flowers in copious axillary racemes. Calyx glmnaceons; teeth 
deep, often imbricated, the two upper often connate. CoroUa not exserted ; 
standard broad ; keel obtuse, adhering to the wings. Stamens diadelphous ; an- 
thers uniform. Ovary nearly or quite sessile, many-ovuled ; style incurved, stigma 
camtate. Pod terete or turgid, composed of several indehiscent 1-seeded joints. 
— 5Di8TRIB. Species about 16; weeds everywhere in the tropics of the old 

* MicrooalyoinflD* Chlyx not longer than the first joint of the pod. 

1. A. monlllfery DC, Prodr. ii. 353 ; stems clothed with fine spreading 
hairs, pod distinctly moniliform turgid veinless. Wall. Cat. 5769 ; W, ^ A. 
Prodr. 232. Hedysarum monilifenim, Linn, ; Burm. Fl. Ind. t. 52, fig. 3 ; Roxh. 
Hort. Beng. 56 ; Fl. Ind. iii. 346. A. Rubibama, Wall. Cat. 5771, ex parte. 

Tropical zone ; Himalayas through India proper. Birma and Tknassebm, Wal- 
lieh. — LhsTniB. Nubia, Abyssinia. 

Stems densely tufted, f-1 ft. lonff. Leaves all simple, oblong, obtuse, glabrous, 
J-J in. long, often cordate ; petiole |~-J- in. long, finely downy. Racemes close, 4-8- 
flowered; pedicels very short. Calif x Jjr-jJ- in., obscurely hairy ; teeth linear, erecto- 
patent. Pod ^ in. thick, 4-8-jointe(l, J- J in. long, densely clothed with minute hooked 
pubescence, not at all reticulato-venose. 

2. A. bamoBUB, Edgew. Cat. Banda. PI. 47; stems densely clothed with 
short spreading hairs, calyx much shorter than the first joint, pod compressed 
leticalato-venoee not moniliform. A. rotundifolius, Wight MSS. 

158 L. LEOUMniosJE. (J. O. Baker.) lAlysiearptu. 

Plain of BuMDSLKXTirD aod Wbstebm Pbkxksxtia. 

Stemt 1 ft. or less long, with man^ erecto-patent hairy branches. Leaves all mmple ; 
leaflet orbicular, obtuse, cordate, hairy on the veins below, i-1^ in. long and br^id; 
petiole ^-^ in., hairy like the branches. Racemes short-peaunded, moderately close, 
4-6-flowered; pedicels as long as the calyx. Calyx J^ in. long, the linear teeth 
erecto-patent. Pod ^-^ in. long, by ^ in., distinctly pubescent, 3-^-jointed. 

3. A. ▼afflnaliSy DC, Prodr, ii. 353; stems glabrescent or with a little 
adpressed down, calyx as long as the first joint, pod terete reticiilato-venose not 
moniliform. W, ^ A. Prodr. 233 ; Dalz, ^ Gibs. Bomb. Fl. 64. Hedysanim 
Taginale, Linn. ; Roxb. Hort. Ben^. 66 ; Fl. Ind. iii. 345. A. Rubibama, WaU. 
Cat. 5771, ex parte. A. diversifolius, Wall. Cat. 5772. A. Hamieri, Schtoeinf. 
Ad. Kotsch. 24, 1. 19. 

HncALATAS to Malacca and Cetlon, ascending to [4000 feet in the Korth-west 
provinces. — Distmb. Through tropics of old world, A^hanistan, introduced in 

Stems robust, ascending, 1-3 ft. long in the type. Leaflets glabrous, ^-2 in. long, 
cordate at the base, usually oblong, obtuse, about twice as long as broad, rarely lan- 
ceolate, 3-6 times as long as broad ; petiole ^-\ in. Racemes elongated, 6-12- 
flowered, 2-3 in. long ; pedicels shorter than the calyx. Calyx ^ in., nearly glabrous ; 
teeth linear-setaceous, exceeding the tube. Pod |-} in. by ^ in., the joints half as 
long again as broad, &intly pubescent, rugose, usually a little thickened at the end, 
sometimes indistinctly moniliform. 

Vab. 1. nummulartfolius ; dwarfer, leaflets smaller oblong or roundish obtuse, ra- 
cemes more crowded. A. nummularifolius, DC. Prodr, ii. 853 ; Wall. Cat. 5767 ; IT. 
4' A. Prodr. 232 ; Daljr. ^ Gibs. Bomb. Fl. 64. A. varius, WaU. Cat. 6768. Hedysa- 
rum varium. Roth Sou. 8p. 354. H. cylindricum. Pair. Diet. Suppl. v. 400. H. 
nummularifolium, Linn. 8p. Plant. 1051. Hegetschweilera pulchella, Regel in Bot. 
ZcU. i. 47. — As common and widely Jspread as the type. 

Var. 2. heterophyUus ; leaflets lanceolate, simple and trifoliolato intermixed, ra- 
cemes elongated. A heterophyUus, Benth. M88. A. trifoliatus, Stoeks M8S. — Plains 
of Scinde, Dr. Stocks. 

Vab. 3. 8tocksii ; stems clothed with fine spreading hairs, leaflets thinner than in 
the type obovate oblong hairy beneath, racemes elongated. — ^Plains of Goncan, Stocks ^ 
Law. Intermediate between the type and A. rotundifolius. 

** MaorooalyoinflD. Calyx much longer than the first joint of the pod, 
its teeth imbricated in the fruiting stage. 

4. A. bapleaiifolliia, DC. Prodr. ii. 352 ; pedicels short, calyx ciliated 
only, joints of pod neither veined nor rugose. Wall. Cat. 5761, excl. B 8f F\ 
W. 4- A. Prodr. 233 ; Dalz. ^ Gibs. Bomb. Fl. 64. Hedysarum bupleurifo- 
lium, Linn. Sp. PI. 1051 ; JRoxb. Cor. PI. t. 194 ; Hort. Beng. 56 ; Fl. Ind. iiL 
346. H. gramineum, Betz. ; Boxb. Fl. Ind. iii. 646. A. ludens. Wall. CaL 
5762, excl. B ^ F. 

HiibCALAYAS to Ckylon and Bibma, ascending to 4000 ft. in Kumaon. — Dutrib. 
Malay isles, China, Philippines, Mauritius, Polynesia. 

Stems 1-2 ft., slender, ascending, glabrous. Leajlets glabrous, linear or lanceolate, 
1-3 in. long, acute, rather rounded at the base, rarely oblong, subobtuse. Racemes 
3-6 in. long, the flowers in 10-20 distant pairs ; pedicels very short. Calyx \ in., ad- 
prcssetl to the pod, hairy at the edge only ; teeth twice as long as the furrowed funnel- 
shaped tube. Pod stiilked, J-J in. long, ^ in. thick ; joints 4-6, glabrous, as long as 
smooth, slightly moniliform. 

Vab. 1. gracilis ; leaves oblong-lanceolate obtuse 1-2 in. long, calyx not more 
than i in. long, pod 1-2-jointed .included or little exserted. A. gracilis, Edgew. m 
Journ. Linn. Soc. ix. 312; Cat. Pt. Band. 46.— Bundelkund, Edgeworih. Weslen 
Peninsula, Wight, 

Aly$icairpu8.'] l. LBOUMiKOSiB. (J. G. Baker.) 159 

5. A. lon^ilbliuB, TT. ^ A. Prodr, 233 ; pedicels short, calyx slightly 

5abe8cent and dliated, articulations of pod glabrous finely reticulato-venose. WU 
c, t. 261 ; Dalz. <$* Qtbt, Bomb. FL 65. H^ysarum lon^foliuniyi^a^^/. ; Spreng, 
Sjf9t. ilL 319. H. bracteatum, Serb, Madr. A. vaginalis, WaU. Cat. 5763 B^ 
C m part. A. spicatus, JRoi/le MSS. 

Plains, scattered throughout India proper. 

Sterna stout, ascending, subglabroas, reaching 4-5 it. Leaflets oblong or lanceolate, 
8-6 in. long, subeordate, ciliated on the Teins below. Bacemea moderately close, 

r.l ft. long, the flowers adpressed to the finely hairy raehis ; pedicels ^^ in. Calyx 
in. ; teeth lanoec^te, 4-5 times the length of the fhnnel-shaped plicate tube. Bod 
4-6-jointed, usually exserted, -^ in. broad, tuigid, moniliform, marked only with a few 
funt raised veins. 

6. A. mgrosuSy DC. Prodr. H. 353 ; pedicels short, calyx ciliated, pod tur- 
gid moniliform deeply transversely plicate included or little exserted. Hedysa- 
rum rugosum, Willd. Sp. iii. 1173. A. Wallichii, W. ^' A. Prodr. 234. A. 
bupleunfolius, Wall. Cat. 5761 B, F. A. vaginalis, WaU. Cat. 5763 C, e.x parte. 
A. glmuaceus, WaU. Cat. 5764. A. glaber, E, Meyer Comm, 125. A. Hoch- 
stetteri, A. Mich. Fl. Abyss, i. 209. 

HnfATATAS {nn to 4-5000 ft.) to Cbtlon and BmiCA. — Distbib. Tropics of the 
old world. Cape, W. Indies. 

StetHs 1-2 ft., ascending, subglabrous. Leqfleta 1-3 in. long, subglabrous below, 
Qsoally oblong, obtuse, 2-3 times as^long as broad, rarely orbicular or linear-lanceolate. 
Raeemea dense, 1-4 in. long ; pedicels ^^-j^ in. ; fiowcrs adpressed to subglabrous rachis. 
Calyx ^— I in., glabrous on the back ; teeth lanceolate, much imbricated, reaching down 
nearly to the base, minutely ciliated. Pod S-d-jointed, included, glabrous, ^ in. 
broeid ; joints rather broader than long, marked with close prominent transverse 

Vas. 1. Heyneanua ; more robust, reaching 3-4 ft. high, stems and leaves below 
permanentiv pubescent, leaflets larp:o obovate-oblong, racemes longer often 4-6 in. not 
so close, calyx shorter ciliated on the edge only, pod ^ in. broad often exserted. A. 
Heyneanus, W. ^ A. Prodr. 234 ; Thwaitea Enum. 88. A. styractfolius. Wall. Cat, 
5770, non DC. Hedysarum styracifolium, Roxb. Hort. Beng. 56 .* Fl, Ind. iii. 347. 
A obovatus, Edyw, Cat, Band, Pi. 45. — Plains of Bundelcund, Western Peninsula 
and Cejlon. 

Vas. 2. atyracifoliua \ dwarf, difiiise, stems and leaves below finely pubescent, 
leatleUi small oblong obtuse, rarely {A. pilifer, Wall.) lanceolate, racemes short dense 
calyx J in. long conspicuously ciliated, pod ^ in, broad rarely exserted. A. styraci- 
folins, DC. Prodr. ii. 353 (excl. ayn.) \ W. f A. Prodr, 234 ; Dale. Sf Giba. Bomb. Fl. 
65. A vaginalis, WaU. Cat. 5763 A A pilifer, WaU, Cat. 5765. A. scariosus, Grah. 
in WaU. Cat. 6766 ; Thwaitea Enum. 88. Hedysarum glumaceum, Koen. in Boxb. Fl. 
but. iii. 247. A. lupulinus, Stocka MSS. — Ava and through India proper. 

Var. 3. ludena : leaves linear distant 2-3 in. long, racemes reaching ^ ft: long the 
lower flowers lax, calyx ^ in. long haiiy not much ciliated. Habit of A. bupliuri- 
fUiau, A. ludens, WaU. Cat. 5762 B^F. A. bupleurifolius, Boxb, Herb, non Cor.^ 
of Bengal, &c 

7. A. tetraflTonolobas, Edyw. inJourn. Linn. JSoc. ix. 312; Cat. Band, PL 
45 ; pedicels short, calyx pub^cent densely ciliated, pod tetra<^onous moniliform 
deeply transversely plicate distinctly exserted. A. quadrangularis, Edgw. MSS. 

Hains of Buxdelkuitd, Dbccan and Concan . 

Besembling closely the small forms of A. rugoaita. Sterna slender, |-1 ft., finely 
hairy. Leavea simple, oblong or lanceolate, ^"^h in., ciliated on the nerves beneath. 
Bacemea lax, 2-3 in. long, the lower fiowers in distant pairs ; pedicels 4^ in. Calyx 
}-| in. ; teeth lanceolate, acuminate, reaching down nearly to the base. Pod |^ in. by 

160 L. LEOUMiNOSJE. (J. G. Baker.) lAltsycarpus. 

^ in., d-4-joint6d, marked with an acute angle down tlie fiftce, glabrous, with as 
deep plications as in A, rvffosiu, 

8. A. pnbesoenSy Z<n(7 in Wight Ic, t. 260; pedicels 0, calyx densely 
clothed with long white cottony hairs, joints of pod deeply reticulated. 2>a&r. \ 
Q%b%. Boinb. Fl. 66. 

Plains of Concak and Beccan. 

Stems ascending, 1-1^ ft., clothed with short adpressed hairs. Leaves distant, 
linear or lanceolate, 1-2 in. long, hairy on the nerves below, strongly tripli nerved. 
Spikes close, 2-6 in. long, with a plumose rachis. Calyx J in. lon^ ; teeth lanceolate- 
setaceous, densely plumose, reaching down to the base. Pod 3-4-jointed, included in 
the calyx, moniliform, glabrous; joints globose, under ^ in. thick, the veins 

9. A. belflranmeiiBiSy Wight Ic, t. 92 ; pedicels elongated finely pubes- 
cent densely ciliated^ pod included finely pubescent reticulato-venose. Dalz, ^ 
Oibs, Bomb. Fl, 66. 

Plains of Concan, Dalzell, Ritchie. 

Stems 1-2 ft., clothed with dense short pubescence. Leaves casually 3-foliate, usu- 
ally simple; leaflets oblong or lanceolate, 2-3 in. long, suboordate, clothed with ad- 
pressed short hairs beneath. Racemes moderately close, reaching 6-9 in. long, 1 j~l^ in. 
broad ; pedicels curved, ascending, downy ^-} in. Calyx |-J in. ; teeth 5, lanceolate, 
reaching down to the base. Pod 3-4-jointed, subcompressed, scarcely moniliform, 
jf in. broad, marked on the &ce with fine raised honeycomb veins. 

Vab. 1. racemosus ; dwarf, diffuse, leaflets obovate-oblong under 1 in. long, racemes 
with much fewer more distant flowers, calyx smaller, pod y^^ in. broad slightly ex- 
serted. A. racemosus, Benih. in Hohen. PI. Ind. Or. No. 212 ; Bedd. Ic, Pi, Ind, Or, 
t, 292.— Nilghiris, Schmidt, Wight. Eolampally hills, Coimbatore, alt. 2500 ft, 

48. MfiCOPirS, Bennett. 

An annual herb. Leaves 1-foliolate. Flowers in dense racemes. Calyx-tube 
campanulate ; teeth lanceolate, the two upper connate. Standard broad ; keel 
incurved, obtuse. Stamens diadelphous; anthers uniform. Ovary stipitate, 
2-ovided ; style inflexed, stigma minute capitate. Pod of one small oblong 
reticulato-venose joint on a long stalk thrust down by the twisting of the top of 
the pedicel so as to approach the rachis. — A single species. 

1. M. nldalanB, Bennett PL Jav, Bar, 164, t. 32 ; Walp, Rep, v. 624. 
Uraria retrofracta, Watt, Cat, 6678. 

Hilly woods of Birma, Mabtaban and Tenassbbih. — Distrib. Malay isles. 

An erect annual, 1 ft. or more high, with numerous slender spreading naked 
branches. Leaves simple ; leaflet broader than long, membranous, glabrous, pale green, 
venose, truncate or faintly enuirginate ; base subcordate ; petiole filiform, articulated 
and minutely stipellate at the tip. Flowers in dense oblong poduricled terminal heads 
1 in. or less long ; pedicels fascicled, \-^ in. long, finely downy, exceeding the seta- 
ceous bracts. Calyx and corolla very small. Pod with a stalk 3-4 times as long as 

49. OUaSZirZA, Benth. 

Tree. Leaves pinnately 3-foliolate. Flowers in fascicled axillary racemes. 
Calyx-tvhe campanulate ; teeth small, upper 2 subconnate. Corolla much ex- 
serted *, standard broad ; keel obtuse. Stamens diadelphous ; anthers unifonn. 
Ovary sessile, linear, many-ovuled ; style filiform, incurved, stigma minute capi- 
tate. Pod linear, flat, smooth, formed of 2-6 large more or less distinct joints. 
— ^DiBiBiB. A single endemic species. 


Ougeima.'} L. LionMiKOSA. (J. Q. Baker.) 161 

1. O. dalbargrioldes, Benth. iY. Jungh. 316 ; Bedd, Fl, Sylv, t. 36 ; Brand. 
For. Flor. 146, t. 23. Dalbergia ougeinensis, Raxb. Hart, Beng. 63 : JFi, Ind. 
m. 220; WaU. Oat. 5851 ; WiglU Ic. t 391. 

Hillj tzacts of NoBTHBfDr ItnnA and Concan, ascendlDg to 4000 ft in Kuhaox. 
An erect tree, 20-40 ft. high, with slender terete grey branches. Leaves distinctly 
petioled, pinnately 3-foliolate, stipellate ; leaflets rigidly coriaceous, glabrous or downy 
below ; end leaflet roundish or oboyate, 8-6 in. long, obtuse, entire or obscurely crenate ; 
side ones smaller, opposite, oblique. Flowers very copious, in short fascicled racemes, 
from, the nodes of ola branches ; pedicels |-} in., filiform, downy or glabrous. Calyx 
^-^ in.; teeth obtuse. Corolla whitish or pale rose. Pod 2-3 in. long; joints 2-3 
times as long as broad. 

50. BSSMOBZVMv Desv. 

Shrubs or herbs. Leaves 3-foliolate or simple; stipellate. Flowers small, 
red, in copious usually dense racemes. Calyx campanulate or turbinate ; teeth 
longer or shorter than the tube, the two upper often subconnate. CoroUa ex- 
sortod ; standard broad ; wings more or less adhering to the usually obtuse keel. 
Upper stamen entirely or partially free, the other 9 united. Ovary sessile or 
stipitate, few- or many-ovnled ; style incurved, stigma minute capitate. Pod 
usnaDy composed of seyeral one-seeded indehiscent joints, the &ce6 compressed, 
neyer muricated, the upper suture rarely finally splitting open. — ^Dxbtbib. Spe- 
cies about 120; cosmopolitan in the tropics and several in the Cape and North 

D. CAJAXiFOLruM, DC Prodr. ii. 331 (Hedysarum cajanifolium, H. B. K. Nov. Gen, 
t. 528. H. mucronatum, Blume ; Walp. Rep, i. 746) a species widely spread in tropical 
America, has been introduced in Ceylon, and is included in Wallich's distribution from 
the Calcutta Guden as D. leptostachyum, WaU, Cat. 5697 A. 

Obxtthofus pxbfusiixus is in Schmidt's Nilghiiy collection, no doubt accidentally 

Abachis htpogsa is frequently cultivated, but has no claim to be regarded as 
a native. 

SiTBesN. 1. Sendroloblamy W, 4* ^^ Shrvbs with wood^ branches, 3- 
foliolate leaves, flowers in dense short-peduncled or sessile axillary umbels, 
minute deciduous bracts. 

1. ]>• uinbellatiimy DC, Prodr, ii. 325 ; branches terete, leaflets obtuse 
1-14 times as long as broad, joints of pod large 1^2 times as long as broad. 
W. 4- A. Prodr, 224 ; Bedd, Fl. Sylv, 87 ; WaU. Cat, 5687 ; Dalz, <$• Otbs. Bomb. 
Fl, 66. Dendrolobium umbellatum, Benth, PI, Jung, 218. Hedysarum imi- 
bellatum, Linn, Sp. 1053 ; Jacq, Hort, Schoen, t, 297, non Roxb, II. arboreum, 
Baxb. FL Ind. iii 360,—Burm, Zeyl, t. 51. 

Tropical zone ; Avi, Tenasskrim, Fexano, Malacca, Ceylon. — ^Distrib. Mascaren 
isles, Malaya, Philippines, Polynesia. 

A shrub, 5-6 ft. high, with densely downy young branches. Petiults 1 in. or less, 
slightly furrowed ; leaflets subcoriaceous, green and glabrous above, thinly grey-canes- 
cent or nearly glabrescent beneath, the veins not much raised ; end one larger than side 
ones, roundish or broad-oblong, 2-3 in. long. Umbels 6-12-flowered ; pedicels shorty 
unequal. Calyx ^ in. densely silky ; teeth shorter than or as long as the tube. Co- 
rolla 3-J in. Pod 1^-2 in. long ; joints 4-5, thick, glabrescent or silky, ^-J in. long. 
indented at both sutures. 

2. 9. Gepbalotesy Wall. Cat, 5721 ; branches triquetroiis, leaflets acutu 
2-^ times as long as broad, joints of pod small as long as broad. W. 4* A. 

VOL. n. M 

164 L. LsauMiNO&s. (J. O. Baker.) IDesmodium. 

laige 1-d-foliolate leaveB, flowers often 3 or seyantl from a node in long laeemes 
nmple or panicled, deciduous bracts and distinctly jointed pods. 

* Joints of pod indehucent, 3--5 times as long as broad (SooKPiUBXrs, Benth,) 

0. I>. ormooarpoldeSy DC. Prodr, ii. 327 ; petiole produced, leaves 
1-foliolate, joints 6-^ flattened distinctly constricted. D. zonatum, Miq, Flor. 
Ind, Bat. i. 260. Hedysarum ormocarpoides, 2>en7. M8S, H. adh»rens, Boir. 
Diet. Suppl. V. 15, non VM. 

Hills of Wbst Pbionsitla ; Wight, Beddome ; and Cetlok, Gardner, 7%waiigs, 
Stems woody, slender, obtusely ang^ar, finely downy when young. Lfaftet ovatii» 
acute, rigidly sabcoriaceous, 4-6 in. long, inconspicuously downy below ; petiole ^1 in. 
RacsTnes terminal only, 6-9 in. long ; fascicles of flower few and distant ; bracts mi- 
nute, setaceous; pedicels \-^ in., finally subpatent. Calyx '^^ in., pubescent; teeth 
short, deltoid. Pod pendulous, 3-4 in. long, under ^ in. broad ; joints ribbed horizon- 
tally, clothed with minute hooked hairs, dirtinctly constricted at both sutures. 

10. I>. teres. Wall. Cat, 5694; petiole yery short, leaves 1-foliolate, joints 
10-12 very narrow turgid Ar-6 times as long as broad, Benth. PI. Jungh. 225. 

AvA ; TaoDg-dong mountains, Wallich. 

Branches woody, terete, very slender, finely downy. Leaves oblong-lanceolate^ 
acute, 4-6 in. long, rounded at the base, subcoriaceous, glabrous above, retienlato- 
venose, minutely hairy on the ribs below; petiole ^-^ in. Racemes terminal and 
axillary, lax, 6-9 in. long, sparsely panided ; bracts minute, subulate ; pedic^ 
downy, J-i in., finally spreading, (kilyx A in., densely hairy ; teeth as long as the 
tube. Poa 1^2 in. by ^ in. br., clothed with minute hooked hairs, subsoBsUe, 
scarcely constricted between the joints. 

11. B. lazlflorom, DC. Prodr. ii. 335; leaves 3-foliolate, joints 6-10 
narrow flattened 3-4 times as long as broad. D. bicolor, Wall. Cat. 5719. D. 
elongatum, WaU. Cat. 5715. D. leptoetachyum, WaU. Cat. 5697 B. D. sul- 
catum, WaU. Cat. 5736. D. recurvatum, Orah. in WaU. Cat. 5717 ; IT. ^ X 
Prodr. 226 ; Wight Ic. t. 374. D. difl^isum, DC. Prodr. ii. 335, mm 886. 
D. Rottleri, O, Don Gen. Syst. ii. 296 P non Baker. Hedysarum recurvatum, 
Roxh. HoH. Beng. 57; J^. Ind. iu. 358; Wight Ic. t. 409. H. diffusum^ 
Boxb. Fl. Ind. iii. 357, non Willd. H. Roxburghii, Spreng. Syst. App. 292. 
H. Rottleri, Spreng. Syst. iii. 320. 

IlncAiATAs, temperate and tropical regions from Guukwual and Kusl^n to Assak^ 
ascending to 6000 ft. in Snuux and Kxtmaov. Wbstebk Pbninsula, Ata, "Basv-y 
Tknassrrim. — DisTRiB. Java, Borneo, Philippines. 

An erect undershrub, 3-5 ft. high, with obtusely angled branches, clothed with 
dense short hairs. Petiole 1-2 in. ; leaflets membranous or subcoriaceous, glabrous 
above, clothed with adpressed minute hairs beneath ; end one usuaUy ovate or broid 
oblong, acute, sometimes obovate, subobtuse, 4-6 in. long. Racemes copious, azillazy 
and terminal, the latter often compound, often a foot long ; fiowers several to a node 
and the nodes close ; pedicels ^-\ in., finally spreading ; bracts minute, linear-subu- 
late. Calyx imder ■}^ in., densely hairy ; teeth lanceolate, longer than the tube. Pod 
1-1 J in., rarely 2 in., by ^ in., clothed with minute hooked hairs, not at all or slight^ 
constricted at the joints. 

• • 

Joints of pod indehiscent, as broad as long, spirally ttcisted ; both sutvres 
deeply indented (Ohalarium, DC.) 

12. B. spirale, DC. Prodr. ii. 332 ; Benth, in Mart. Fl. Bras. xv. IC^ 
irifh many synonyms. D. Aparines, Hassk. PL Jav. 366, non DC. Hedysarum 
tii)irale, Swartz FL Ind, Occ. 1273. 

Beamodium.'] l. LEOUMiNOSiE. (J. G. Baker.) 165 

NotTH-^mr FBoynrcRs, Soyle; BitnbklcttnDi Edgeworth, — Distbib. Trop. 
America, Airicii, Fblynesia. 

A csBspitose erect annual, ^2 feet high, with very slender glabrous stems. Leaftes 
distinctly petioled, 3-foUolate, green, membranous, subglabrous ; end one ovate or Ian- 
eeolata, V-l^ in* long. Racemes copious, axillary and terminal, the latter much pa- 
nided ; bracts minute, setaceous ; pedicels filiform, patent, glabrous, |-^ in. Calyx 
^ in. ; teeth as long as the tube. Pod f-^ in. long, ^^^ broad, 4-6-jointed, glabrous. 

*** Joints of pod indeAiscent, longer than hroad, the lowest one distinctly 
Mtalhedy the constrictions reaching from the lower nearly to the upper suture, 
(PoiKMiiBFinM, Benth,) 

13. 9. podooarpnm, DC Prodr, ii. 336 ; corolla smaQ, bracts linear 
minute^ Btalk of pod 3-4 times as long as the calyx, pedicels short, joints 
tnmcate at the apex. WaU. Cat, 6711, non Hook, ($* Am, Bot, Beech, t. 98. 
D. japonicam, Miq, Ann, Mus, Lugd, Bat, iii. 46. 

Tomperate and tropical HnfAi.A.TAB, alt. 2-7000 ft. ; from Simi^ and Qxtbwhal to 
Kbasia and Sduuh, — Distbib. China, Japan. 

Stems 2-3 ft., herbaceous, angular, erect, finely pubescent. Stipules small, seta- 
ceous ; petiole 1-3 in. ; leaflets 3, membranous, boUi surfaces subelabrescent, the lower 
one pale ; end one roundish, subacute, 2-3 in. long, with a deltoid base. Racemes few, 
very lax, axillary and terminal, the latter reaching a foot long, copiously panided ; 
bracts minute, Imear ; pedicels under ^ in. Calyx turbinate, ^ in., slightly bristly ; 
teeth deltoid, very short. Corolla ^ in. Joints 1-2, \ in. long by half as broad, 
half-ihomboidal, pubescent, the upper suture flattened. 

Vab. laxum ; leaflets larger, tne end one 2-3 times as long as broad narrowed 
gradually to a point. D. laxum, DC. loc. cit, Hedysarum laxum, Spreng, Syst, App. 
292. B. trinerve, Grah. in Wall. Cat, 5720.— Kumaon, Nipal and Sikkim. 

14. ID. Oardnerlf Benth. Ft. Jungh. 226 ; corolla small, bracts setaceous 
minute, stalk of pod 8-12 times the calyx, pedicels moderately long, joints ob- 
lique or truncate at the apex. D. bambusetorum, Miq. Flor. Ind, Bat, i, 266 P 
D. podocarpum, Miq, Ann, Mvls, Lugd, Bat, iii. 4i3, non DC, 

WmsT PsNiMSULA, Shevogcrry hills, Dr. Wight. Cktlon, Gardner. — Distbib. 

Gkneiral habit of the last, of which it is perhaps a mere southern variety. Stipules 
linear, J-^ in. ; petiole 2-3 in. ; leaflets 3, membranous, subglabrescent, the end one 
Barrow-ovate, 4-6 in. long, narrowed gradually to a point. Pedicels ^— ^ in. ; bracts, 
ealyz and corolla of D, podocarpum. Joints 2-3, ^-J in. long, ^ in. broad, cut away 
in an oblique line ftY>m opposite the point to the base ; stalk of pod }-^ in. long. 

15. 9. dolabrtfomie, Benth. PI. Jungh. 226 ; corolla small, bracts mi- 
nute setaceous, stalk of pod 2-3 times as long as the calyx, pedicels short, joints 
oblique at the apex. 

Wbstkbn Penixsula, Cabnatic, near Courtallum, Wight ; Tinnevelley, Beddome, 
Leaves crowded on an erect stem a few inches high. Stipules small, lanceolate, 
peraisteDt ; petiole 1-1^ in. ; leaflets 3, membranous, both surfaces green, lower ob- 
•cmely pilose, end one ovate, narrowed gradually to an obtuse point, twice as long as 
broad, 1^2 in. Ions, base deltoid. Racemes simple, lax, lon^-pedunded, terminal, 2-3 
in. long ; pedicels ^-^ in., finally patent. Calyx ^ in., turbinate ; lower tooth lanceo- 
late, as long as the tube, upper deltoid. Joint solitary, half-rhomboidal, | in. long, 
three times as long as broad, narrowed gradually from above the middle to the tip and 

16. ]>• SoalpOf JDC, Prodr, ii. 334 ; corolla large, bracts large ovate, pe- 
dicel Terr long, stalk of pod twice as long as the calyx. D. strangulatmn, TV. 
4* A. Frcir. 228 ^ Wight Ic. t 985. D. trichocaulon, Hassk. PL Jav. Bar. 367, 

166 L. LEOUMiNOSii. (J. G. Baker.) IDesmodium. 

non DC. D. caffirum, Echl, ^ Zey, Herb, Cap, No. 1662. D. ScHmperi, Hochgt, ; 
A, Rich, Fl. Abf/88, i. 205. D. abyssinicum and repanduxuy DC, iVodr. ii, 338 
and 334 P 

Hills of the Wbstebx Peninsula and Cetlon. — Distbib. Malay and Mascaren 
isles, Abyssinia, Natal. 

SUttis 3-4 feet high, erect, woody in the lower part, densely downy. Stipules 
}-4 in., lanceolate, persistent ; petiole 2-3 in. ; leaflets 3, membranous, finely downy 
on both surfaces, often slightly repand; end one 2-4 in. long, roundish- or obovate-rhom- 
boidal, base and apex subdeltoid. Racemes very lax, mostly terminal, often a foot 
long, simple or forked at the base ; bracts boat-shaped, enclosing the buds, soon falling ; 
pedicels capillary, permanently ascending, lower 1-1^ in. long. Calyx \ in., downy; 
lower tooth lanceolate, as long as the tube ; upper deltoid. Corolla f-^ in., bright red. 
Joints 1-3, half-rhomboidal, ^-^ in. long by half as broad ; apex oblique ; upper 
suture rather recurved. 

17. D. oboordatum, Kurz in Joum, Asiat, Soc, Beng, zlii. 2, 229 ; co- 
rolla small, bracts large linear-subulate caducouS; stalk of pod not longer than 
the calyx. Uraria obcordata, Miq, Flor, Ind, Bat, Svppl, 114, 305. 

Tekassbbim, Kurz, 

A twining perennial, 3-4 ft. high, with puberalous stems. Stipules lanceolatsi 
\ in. ; petiole ^1 in. ; leaflets chartaceous, pale, thinly downy and prominently 
veined beneath, end one obcordate-lunate, ^2 in. broad, emargmate with a mucro, 
lateral ones smaller, deltoid. Racemes slender, pubescent, axillary and forming a 
terminal panicle; bracts very caducous. Calyx ^ in., pubescent; teeth lanceolate, 
acuminate. Corolla purple, under \ in. Joints of pod 1-3, round-hastate, ^ in. 
long and broad, flat, puberulous. 


Joints of pod indehiscent, once or twice as Umg as broad ; upper wturs 
straight or slightly indented ; calyx-teeth deltoid, never exceeding the tube (DoL- 
LINERA, JSndl,) All shrubby. 

t Leaves 1-foliolate, 

18. D. oblon^mn, WaU, Cat, 5714 ; leaflets 3-4 times as long as broad 
thinly silky beneath. Benth, Pi, Jungh, 224. 

Ava; Taong-dong mountains, WaUich, 

Stems slender, woody, finely downy. Leaflet oblong, 3-5 in. long, obtuse, rounded at 
the base, subcoriaceous, green, glabrous above ; petiole j-} in. Racemes very Iax, 
axillary and terminal, copiously panicled, 4-6 in. long, most of the flowers in distant 
pairs ; pedicels f-^ in. ; bracts | in., ovate-cuspidate. Calyx ^ in., lowest tooth 
lanceolate, as long as the tube. Corolla J in. Pod j-1 in. long, ^ in. broad, 6-7- 
jointed, thinly closely silky, the upper suture slightly indented. 

19. D. oblatmn. Baker; Kurz m Joum. Asiat, Soc, Beng. xlii. 2, 230; 

leaflet broader than long glabrous beneath. 

BiuMA ; forests of Pegu, Ava and Martaban, Kurz, 

Stems slender, woody, glabrous. Leaflet membranous, j-1 in. long, 1^ in. broad, 
green above, grey-green beneath ; petiole ^-| in. Racemes very lax, axillary and ter>> 
minal, the end one panicled ; pedicels erecto-patent, \-^ in. Calyx ^ m., thinly 
silky ; teeth as long as the tube, lowest lanceolate, the others deltoid. CoroUa 3-4 
times the calyx. JPod 1-| in. long, ^ in. broad, 3-4-jointed, subglabrous, distinctlr 
stalked ; upper suture slightly indented. — Very near D. reniforme^ DC, from which it 
differs by its longer pedicels and more deeply indented pod. 

tt Leaves S-foliolate, 

20. D. Blnnatum, Blume MSS. ; leaflets repand, pedicels shorti corolla 
small, bracts setaceous, joints many small clothed with minute hooked hain. D. 
strangulatum var. sinuatum, Miq, Flor, Ind, Bat, i. 255. 

Detmodivm.^ ^' lequminobj:. (J. G-. Baker.) 167 

KniLSiA, tropical sooe, alt. 3-5000 ft., Hook, JU, ^ ThoTMon, Mishmi, Griffith. — 
BiSTBiB. Malay isles. , 

Branches terete, woody, minutely downy. PetioU 1-lJ in. ; leaflets subcoria- 
ceons, pale, minutely downy or nearly glabroscent beneath ; end one roundish-rhom- 
boidal, obtuse, 2-3 in. long, conspicuously repaud in the upper half. Racemes copious, 
terminal and axillary, moderately close, not more than 3-4 in. long ; pedicels ^^ in., 
finely downy. Calyx ^ in. ; toeth as long as the tube. Corolla \ in. Pod 1^1^ in. 
long, under ^ in. broad ; joints 8-12, as broad as long. 

21. 9. floribandnm, O, Bon Gen. StfBt. ii. 297 ; leaflets entire, pedicels 
short, corolla large, bracts lanceolate laige, joints many small clothed with ad- 
pressed silky hairs. D. multiflorum, DC. Prodr. ii. 835; WaU. Cat. 5705. D. 
angnlatum, DC. Prodr. ii. 335, non WaU. D. dubimn, Lindl. Bat. Reg. t. 967 ; 
Bat, Mag. t. 2960. D. sambuense, DC. Prodr. ii. 835 ? Hedysarum floribim- 
dmn, Don Prodr, 244. H. Wallichianum, Spreng, Syst, App. 292. H. sam- 
buense, Dan Prodr, 243 ? 

HncAiAYAs, tropical and temperate zones, from the Upper Fukjab to Khasia, 
ascending to 7000 ft. 

Branches woody, an^;ular, densely pubescent. Slipxdes lanceolate, ^ in. ; leaflets 
subcoriaceous, green, with a few adpressed hairs above, densely clothed with ad- 
pressed grey silky hairs and finely reticulatO'Venose beneath ; end one obovate-oblong, 
3-4 in. long, obtuse or subacute. Bacemes very copious, axillary and terminal, mo- 
derately close, 3-6 in. long, often second ; bracts acuminate, ciliated, j- in. long ; pe- 
dicels j in., erecto-patent, finely hairy. Calyx | in. ; teeth as long as the tube. Corolla 
{-4 in* P^ f-1 iD> long, under | in. br. ; joints CU8, rather longer than broad. 

22. 9. oonfertum, DC. Prodr, ii. 385 ; leaflets entire, pedicels short, 
bracts and corolla large, joints few large 'densely clothed with spreading silky 
bairs. D. barbatum, Wall, Cat,, 5724, non Benin, (Hedysarmn, Linn.) 

CsifTRAL and East Himalayas, alt. 2-4000 ft. ; Nepal, Sikkiu and Ehasia. 

Branches terete, finely downy when young. Petiole 1-1^ in. ; leaflets subcoria- 
ceous, glabrous aboye, distinctly reticidato-yenoee, pale, minutely hairy below; end one 
oboyate or oblong, obtuse or acute, 3-6 in. long. Bacemes copious, short, dense, 
axillary and terminal, the latter panicled, often subsecund ; bracts 4- in. long, lanceo- 
late, scariose ; pedicels ^-^ in., ascending. Calyx ^ in., turbinate, subglabrous ; 
lower teeth lanceolate, as long as the tube ; upper deltoid. Corolla 3-4 times the calyx. 
Pod l-H in. long, under | in. broad ; joints 3-4, twice as long as broad, the constric- 
tion ^om below reaching more than half way through. 

23. D. oxjpliylliim, DC, Prodr. ii. 336 ; leaflets acute thinly silky be* 
neath, pedicels long, bracts lanceolate acuminate, corolla large, joints many large 
glabrescent. D. serriferum. Wall. Cat, 5708 B. 

Central and East Himalayas, tropical and temperate zones. Kumaok and Simla 
to Assam and Khasia, ascending to 7000 ft. 

Branches slender, terete, soon glabrescent. Petiole 1-1} in. ; leaflets membranous 
or subcoriaceous, green, glabrous aboye, pale, thinly grey-silky beneath ; end one obo- 
rate-oblong, usually twice as long as broad, narrowed gradually to a point, entire or 
obscurely repand, 2-4 in. long. Bacemes copious, short, moderately close, axillary 
and terminal, thelatter much panicled ; bracts lanceolate, acuminate, ciliated, \ in. long; 
pedicels ascending, subglabrous |-^ in. Calyx -^ in., subglabrous ; teeth yery short. 
Corolla |-^ in. Pod 2-3 in. long, ^ in. broad, shortly stalked ; joints 6-10, rather 
longer than broad. 

Tab. serriferum ; leaflets obtuse repand densely silky beneath, pedicels spread- 
ing or deflexed jk-J in. long clothed with spreading silky hairs like the calyx. D 
serriferum, WaU. Cat. 5708 A. D. polycarpum, WaU, Cat, 6710, non DC— Nipal, 

168 L. LBGUMINOSJB. (J. G. Baker.) IDetmodivm, 

24. D. tlUeDfolimn, O. Don, Oen. Sf/tt, ii. 297 ; leaflets obtuse or sub- 
acute densely hoary beneath, pedicels moderately lon^, bracts lanceolate, corolla 
large, joints many thinly clotned with adpressed silky hairs. Wall Gti. d707. 
D. nutans, Wall. Cat, 6706 ; Bot. Mag, t. 2867. D. argenteum, WaU. Cat. 
5713. Iledysarum tilisBfolium, Don Prodr, 244 

All along the Himaxatas from the Ufpbb Pukjab to Tayot, temperate and tro- 
pical zones, ascending to 9000 ft. 

Branches slender, terete, finely downy. Petiole 2-3 in ; leaflets thick, flexible, 
snbcoriaceons, green, glabrescent above, more or less densely persistently matted with 
whitish silky hairs beneath ; end one broad oboyate, 2-4 in. long, entire or obscurely 
repand, base deltoid or rather rounded. Sacemes copious, lax, often a foot long, ax- 
illary and terminal, the latter often copiously panicled, with lower brandies again 
compoimd ; pedicels ^-f in., ascending, finely downy. Cal^fx } in., downy ; teeth del- 
toid, shorter than the tube. Corolla f-^ in. Pod 2--3 in. long, \ in. broad ; joints 
6-0, longer than broad. 

••••• Jq(ji^ qJ po^ fj^ lYi ^ last group, but t/ie calyjyteeth narrower and 
longer, (Heteroloma, Benth,) 

t Leaves l-foliolate. 

25. D. fleiiiOBiiin« Wall, Cat, 5691 ; leaflet membranous orbicular gla- 
brous on the upper sur&ce. Benth, PI, Jungh, 224. 

BiBMA ; Frome hills, WaUich, 

Stems slender, woody, flexuose, trailing, clothed throughout with spreading or de- 
flexed bristly hairs. Leaflet 2-3 in. long and broad, obtuse, or obscurely cuspidate, 
rounded or slightly cordate at the base, thinly coated with adpressed grey hairs be- 
low ; petiole 1-1^ in. Bacemes terminal and lateral, distinctly pedunded, i-Z in. long, 
moderately close ; pedicels ^ in., slender, ascending ; bracts setaceous, minute. Cafyx 
^ in., bristly, teetn lanceolate. Corolla ^ in. Pod glabrescenl, &-6-jointed, only 
seen immature. 

20. D. graAgreticmn, DC, Prodr, ii. 327 ; leaflet membranous or sub- 
coriaceous oblong entire acute glabrescent on the upper surface. Wall, Cat, 
5689 ; W, ^ A. Prodr. 225 ; Wight Ic. 271 ; Dak, k Gibs. Bond,. Fl, 66. 
D. letifolium, Wight Ic. t. 272, non t. 270. Hedysarum gangeticum, Linn, ; 
Fl, Iiul. iii. 349. H. collinum, Boxh. loc, cit, 

Himalayas (ascending to 6000 ft. on the Chenab) to Pbqu and Ceyix>x. — Distrib. 
Trop. Africa, Malay isles, Philippines, China ; introduced in West Indies. 

Stems suberect, reaching 3-4 ft. high, woody, slightly angular, clothed with short 
grey down upwards. Leaflet oblong, usually 3-6 in. long, not more than j^-4 as 
broad, rounded at the base, narrowed gradually to an acute point, thinly dothed be- 
neath with adpressed grey hairs, not reticulato-yenose ; petiole J-1 in. Racemes 
copious, ascending, lateral and terminal, the latter sublax, 6-12 in. long, simple or 
with a few short ascending branches in the lower part; pedicels -^V-J i°-» ascending; 
bracts minute, setaceous. Co/y^r under -f^ in., finely downy; teeth lanceolate. Corolla 
i-^ in. Pod falcate, ^ in. long, ^-J in. broad, 6-8-jointed, glabrescent or dothed 
with minute hooked hairs. 

Vab. macvlatum; dwarf, a foot or less high, leaflet roundish-cordate 1 in. or 
less long. Bill. Hort, Elth. t. 141. fig. 168. D. maculatum, DC. Prodr. ii. 327 ; WidL 
Cat, 5690. Hedysarum maculatum, Linn. 8p, PL 1051. — Kohilcund, Upper Bengal, 

27. D. latifolimn, DC, Prodr. IL 327: leaflet ovate thick subcoriaceous 
obscurely repand usually subobtuse persistently scabrous with adpressed bristly 
hairs on the upper surfiaoe. Wall, Cat, 5692 ; W, ^ A, Prodr, 225 ; Wight Ic. 
t. 270 ; Dalz. <J- Gibe. Bomb. FL 66. D. collinum, WaU. Cat. 5693. D. 

DrnmodmrnJ] L. LBOUHixoSiS. (J. G. Baker.) 169 

lasiocarpiimy DC, loe, cit. D. virgatum, ZoUing in Flwa, 1847, 687. Hedysarum 
latifblium, Itaxb, Hort, Beng, 67 ; Fl, Ind. iii. 350 ; Ker, Bot. Beg. t, 355. 
Anarthrosyne cordata, Klotzich in Peters Mossamb, Bot. S9, t. 7. 

HncAiATAjs ^ascending to 4000 ft. in Sdcxim) to Bibma, Siau and Gxtlon. — ^Dis- 
TBiB. Tiop. Africa, Madagascar, Malay isles, Pmlippines ; introduced in W. Indies. 

An erect ondershrub, 3^-6 ft. high, Trith t-erete branches densely clothed with short 
brown pubescence. Leaflets 3-6 in. long, 1^2 as long, as broad, usually cordate or 
truncate, rarely deltoid at the base, reticulato-renose, densely clothed with short soft 
brown hairs beneath ; petiole ^-4^ in. Racemes copious, ascending, -2-6 in. long, ses- 
sile or short-pedancled, spike-like, usually dense, axillary and terminal, the latter 
compound ; pedicels ^ in. or less, densely downy ; bracts minute, setaceous. Calyx 
J^ in. ; teeth linear-lanceolate, as long as the tube. Corolla 3-4 times calyx. Pod 
f-f in. long, A in. broad, 4-6-joiQted, densely clothed with minute hooked hairs, the 
upper suture sughtly indented. 

tt Leaves 3-foliolate, 

28. ID. Tliwaltesily Baker ; herbaceous, stema slender terete, leaflets obo 
Tate entire, bracts lanceolate-acuminate middle-sized, joints twice as long as 
broad. D, strangulatum, var. minor, Thwaites Enutn. 87. 

Cbtlon, Thwaites CP. 3327. 

Stems a foot or more long, clothed upwards with dense spreading grey hairs. Petiole 
^~} in. ; leaflets membranous, green, glabrous above, clothed below witli short ad- 
pressed grey hairs ; end one 1-li in. long. Racemes few, long-peduncled, lateral and 
terminal, lax, few-flowered ; pedicels j-| in., spreading or ascending. Calyx under 
^ in. ; teeth lanceolate. Corolla } in. Pod 1-1^ in. by ^in. ; joints about 4, minutely 
pubescent, scarcely constricted at the upper suture. — Habit of Z>. polycarpum var, iri- 
doeanloHf from which it differs by its pod, long pedicels, and lax racemes. 

29. 9. Wiglitikf Grah, in Wall. Cat. 6718 ; herbaceous, stems slender an- 
gular, leaflets ovate-oblong acute subrepand, bracts minute setaceous, joints small 
as long as broad. W. ^ A. Prodr. 22Q ; Thwaites JEnum. 87. D. Walkeri, Am, 
Pug. 13. D. Pryoni, DC. Prodr. ii. 334 ? 

NiLGHiBi Hills and Ceylon. 

Stems erect, clothed when young with fine short spreading grey hairs. Stipules 
large lanceolate, acuminate, not amplexicaul ; petiole 1-lJ in. ; leaflets membranous 
or sulicoriaeeous, green and smooth above, grey clothed with short adpressed hairs 
benenth ; end one 2-4 in. long, narrowed gradually to a point. Racemes copious, lax, 
lateral and terminal, the latter reaching a foot long, usually simple ; pedicels \-% in., 
ascending or spreading. Calyx ^ in. ; teeth lanceolate, longer than the tube. Corolla 
3 times calyx. Pod |- j in. long, under ^ in. broad, glabresccnt, 4-6-jointed ; upper 
toture distinctly indented. 

30. 9. difitiBlim, DC. Prodr. ii. 336, non 335 ; herbaceous, stems stout 
angular deeply sulcate, leaflets obovate entire, bracts minute lanceolate, joints 
imall as long as broad. W. ^ A, Prodr. 226 ; Wight Ic. t. 298. D. dichoto- 
mum, DC. Prodr. loc, cit. D. Roxburghii, WaU. Cat. 6716. D. Willdenovii, 
6r. Don Gen, 8yst, ii. 296. D. auinquaugulare, Wight Ic, t, 293. Hedysarum 
iiflfttsum and dichotomum, Wilia. Sp. PI. iii. 1180. H. articulatum and quin- 
{uangiilatum, Boxh, Fl, Ind, iii. 366. 

Plains of the Westkrn Pkkinsxtla, BmfDBULUMD, Bengal and Paoxis, ascending 
bo 4000 ft. in the Vindhia chain (Edgeujorth). 

Stems 1-2 ft. long, diffuse^ C8»pitose, prominently angled, clothed with spreading 
g;R7 haim. Stipules large, leafy, amplexicaul, auricled ; petiole 1-1} in. ; leafleta 

170 L. LEaxjHiNOSJ&. (J. G. Baker.) IDesmocUwrn. 

subcoriaceons, rather scabrous above, witii obscure adpressed hairs, reticulato-Tenose, 
finely grey-downy below ; end one obtuse, obovate, rarely roundish or oblong, 2-3 in. 
long. Bacemes copious, lateral and terminal, lax or moderately close, reaching a foot 
long, the end one panicled ; pedicels ^{ in., pubescent, erecto-patent. Calyx J^ in. ; 
teeUi deep, setaceous. Corolla twice tne calyx, the smallest of all the species. PSa ^} 
in. long, ^-^ in. broad ; joints 4-6, densely clothed with minute spreading hooked grey 
hairs ; upper suture distinctly indented. 

31. D. seqnazy WaU, PL As, Rar, t 157; shnibby, branches terete, 
leaflets o^^ate-oblong acute repand, bracts very minute, upper suture slightly in* 
dented. Wall Cat. 6712. 

Along the Himalayas from Socla and Kumaon to Sikkiv , alt. 4-7000 ft. 

A shrub, reaching 2-30 ft. high, the branches clothed with dense short grey or 
brown pubescence. Fetiolea 1-2 in.; leaflets 6ubcoriaceou<<, subscabrous, with short 
obscure adpressed hairs above, grey and more densely hairy beneath ; end one 3-5 in. 
long, narrowed gradually to a point. Raceniea copious, moderately lax, lateral and 
terminal, 2-4 in, long, tne end one panicled ; pedicels ^-\ in., downy, spreading or 
ascending. Calyx ^ in. ; teeth lanceolate. Corolla 3 times calyx. Pod \-^ in. long, 
^ in. broad, 6-8-jointed, short* stalked, densely clothed with minute spreading 
hooked hairs. 

32. D. concinnmn, DC. Prodr. ii. 335; shrubbY, branches terete, 
leaflets oblong entire obtuse, bracts larpre ovate, upper suture not indented. D. 
pendulum, WaU. PL As, Par. t. 94. D. pendulinorum, WaU, Cat, 5727. D. 
paucinervium, DC, Prodr, ii. 336. 

All along the Hdcaiayas from the Upper Punjab to Sileet and Khasia, ascend- 
ing to 7000 ft. in Sdcul. Feou, McCldland, 

A tall shrub, with slender drooping branches, densely clothed at first with short 
grey pubescence. Petioles ^l in. ; leaflets subcoriaceous, green, smooth above, with 
raised parallel main veins and clothed with adpressed grey or brownish silky hairs 
beneath ; end one 2-3 in. long ; side ones smaller. Racemes copious, lax, lateral and 
terminal, the latter often ^l ft. long, usually simple; pedicels J-i in., ascending; 
bracts \-^ in., closely imbricated, densely silky. Calyx ^ in. ; teeUi lanceolate-del- 
toid. Corolla \-^ in. Pod |-1 in. long, ^ in. broad, short-stalked, 4-6-jointed,. 
minutely downy. 

Vaa. amoenum ; leaflets narrowed to an acute point, racemes most or all terminal 
D. amoenum, WaU. Cat. 5726. — Khasia and Siihet. 

•••••• Joints of pod smaU, as long as broad^ sometimes splitting along the lower 

suture ; upper svture straight , lower slightly constricted. Calyx-teeth long. (Nl- 
C0L80NIA (DC.)) 

33. D. retrofleram, DC. Prodr. ii. 336 ; pedicels sharply reflexed, 
leaves usually 1-foliolate, leaflet rotundato-cordate. D. orbiculatum, WaU, Oat 
5695. D. rotundifolium. Wall Cat. 5696. Uraria ? styracifolia, W. ^ A. I^odr. 
222. Hedysarum retroflexum, Linn, Mont. 103. H. styracifolium, Linn. MmU. 
103, nan aliorum. 

Assam, Silhet and Tenassbbim, tropical zone. — ^Distbib. China. 

Branches terete, woody, clothed with short spreading hairs at first. Leaves sub* 
coriaceous, thick, green, glabrous above, densely coated with adpressed white silky 
hairs beneath, 1-2 in. long and broad ; side leaflets when present much smaller than 
the end one ; petiole J-1 in. , deflexed at tip. Racemes copious, simple, axillary nd 
terminal, very dense, subsessile, an inch or less long ; bracts ovate, ciliated ; pedicel* 
^J in. Calyx ^ in., densely bristly. Corolla twice the calyx. Pod |-^ in. loog^ 
obscurely hairy, under ^ in. broad ; joints 3-5. 

34. D. capitatum, DC. Prodr. ii. 336 ; leaflets always 3 obovate-cuneate, 
pedicels shurply reflexed. D. obomtum, WaU. Cat, 5722 B. D. polycazpoai, 

Ikgmodium.'] L. LBauMiNOSiE. (J. O. Baker.) 171 

W, ^ A. Prcdr. 227 j ex parte, Hedysarum capitatnm, Btmn, FL Ind. 167, t. 
64, ^. 1. H. conicum, Pair, JSncyc, vi. 419. Pseudarthria capitata, Hassk, 
Ft, Jao. Bar, 390. 

GsTLON, Burmann, Pbomb hills, Wallioh, — Distrib. Malay isles, Philippines. 

Bramehes woody, terete, argenteo-canescent when young. Petiole ^1 in. ; leafleta 
sabcoriaceons, green, glabrescent above, densely persistently coated with adpressed 
white silky hairs below ; end one 1-1 J in. long, retuse. Bacemes copious, axillary and 
terminal, simple, dense, nearly sessile, 1-2 in. long ; pedicels ^-^ in. ; bracts small, 
crate-cuspidate, ciliated. Calyx ^ in. glabrescent ; teeth deep, setaceous. Corolla 
twice the calyx. Pod ^-} in. long, glabrescent, 4-6-jointed, ^ in. broad. 

35. 9. OriffitUaniim, Benth. PL Jungh, 222; herbaceous/ trailing^ 
leaflets 3, pedicels deflexed at the tip^ corolla small. 

KsASiA, alt. 4-6000 ft., Griffith, Hook.fil, ^ Thomson. 

Stems 1-2 ft. long, moderately robust, densely clothed upwards with fine spread- 
ing hairs. Petiole ^l in.; leaflets always 3, subcoriaceous, green, glabrous aboye» 
clothed with short inconspicuous adpressed hairs beneath ; end one obovate-oblong, ob- 
tuse, ]-l in. long. Bacemes terminal, peduncled, 2-6 in. long, dense in the upper 
part ; bracts ^-f in, OTate-cuspidate, densely silky ; pedicels ^^ in., silky, erecto-pa- 
tent. Cafyx f in., densely silky ; teeth deep, setaceous. Corolla twice the calyx. Pod 
^-J in- by -^ m., 4-5-jointed, obscurely downy. 

36. 9. braolljstaelljniinf Orah. MSS. ; herbaceous, trailing, leaves 
1-foliolate, pedicels reflexed at the tip. Benth. H, Jungh, 223. 

UvPKB Gakgstic Plain, Hamilton, Edgeworth, j-c. 

Stems csespitose, slender, a foot long, glabrous except at the top. Leaflets round- 
er bxoad-oblong, cordate, ]-l^ in. long, obtuse or emarginate, sulxxMriaceous, glabrous 
above, reticulato-venose and inconspicuous hairy below ; petiole ^ in. Bacemes copi- 
ous, dose, under 1 in. long, axillary and terminal, nearly sessile ; bracts lanceolate, 
under 4- in. ; pedicel ^^ in., abruptly cemuous at the tip, as in Uraria. Calyx ^ in., 
clothed all over with dense white hairs ; teeth long, lanceolato-cuspidate. Corolla 
twice the calyx. Pod sessile, 2-jointed, glabrous, not longer than the calyx. 

37. 9. mfesoens, DC, Prodr, ii. 335 P erect, shrubby, leaflets 3, pedicels 
finally spreading or cemuous, corolla large. W, <$• A, Prodr. 228 ; Wight Ic, t. 
064 ; Blust, t. 79. D. ferrugineum, WaU, Cat, 6732 ; Thwaites Enum. 87. 

NiLGHiBis and Cstlon, up to 4000 ft. 

An erect undershrub, with young branches densely clothed with short ferruginous 
•ilkj hairs. Petiole l-\\ in.; leaflets subcoriaceous, glabrous above, more or less 
densely argenteo-canescent beneath; end one obovate-oblong, 1-2 in. long, obtuse, 
with a mucro. Bacemes usually terminal, 3-6 in. long, dense in the upper part ; 
bracta ovate-acuminate, j^-f in., densely silky ; pedicels \-\ in., densely silky. Calyx 
I in. ; teeth lanceolate, exceeding the tube ; lowest linear. Corolla J-^ in. Pod 
ahoit-atalked, \-\\ in. by ^ in., 6-8-jointed, minutely downy. 

88. 9. polyoarpmn, DC, Prodr, ii. 334 ; shrubby, suberect, leaflets 3, 
pedicels ascending, corolla, bracts and joints of pod small. JV, 4* A, Prodr, 227 ; 
WtgAt Ic, t. 400, nan WaU, ; Dak. ^ Oibs. Bomb. FL 00. D. wigulatum, Wall. 
Cat. &72d ex parte, nan DC, D. ovalifolium, WaU. Cat. 6730. D. siliquosum, 
DC. Prodr. ii. 330. D. heterocarpum, DC. Prodr, ii. 337. D. retusum, O. 
Dan Gen. Sytt. ii. 297. D. gyroides, Hassk, PL Jan, Bar, 302, nan DC. D. 
Bneigeri, Mtq. Ann. Mus. Lugd. Bat. iii. 45. D. nervosum, Vogel. PL Meyen, 
28. D. patens, Wight Ic, t. 407. Hedysarum polycarpum. Lam. lU. t. 028. 
H. siliquosum, Bunn, FL Ind. 109, t 56, fig. 2. Ii. heterocarpum, Linn. ^. 
1064. H. purpureum, Boxb. Hort. Beng. 67 ; Fl. Ind, iii. 368. H. retusimi, 
Dan Prod. 243. H. patens, Boxb, Fl, Ind. iii. 302. 

172 L. LEOUMiNO&s. (J. O. Baker.) [Desmodium. 

Hdcalatas, (ascending to 5000 ft.) and everywhere in the plain to Bibxa* 
Malacca and CEYiiOK. — Distbib. Zanzibar, Malay isles, Philippines, China, Japan, 

An erect or suberect undershrub, with woody slightly angular slender branches, 
clothed upwards with short adpressed grey hairs. Petiole ^-1 in. ; leaflets subcoria- 
ceous, green, glabrous above, thinly clothed with adpressed grey hairs beneath ; end one 
obovate-oblong, obtuse, 1-3 in. long ; side ones smaller. Racemes terminal and lateral, 
dose, short-pednncled, 1-3 in. long, the end one sometimes branched ; bracts |^-| in. ; 
pedicels -k-^ in., glabrous. Calyx ^^ in, ; teeth acuminate, exceeding tube. Corolla 
under i in. Pod ^} in. long, j^in. br., glabrescent or minutely downy, 5-8-jointed. 

Vab. irichocaufon ; stems densely closed upwards or throughout with spreading 
ffej hairs, bracts larger. D. trichocaulon, DC. Prodr, ii. 335. D, tenue, Grah. in 
Wall Cat. 5731. D. serpens. Wall, Cat. 5733. D. angulatum, Wall. Cat. 6720, 
B, D, F, ex part^, non DC. D. distans, Royle M8S. — Bange of the type, ascending to 
7000 ft. in Kumaon. 

39. D. Jacandmiif Thwaites Enum. 411 ; shrubby, erect, leaflets 3,p6di» 
eels ascending, corolla bracts and joints of pod large. 

Cbylon ; Matello district, Thwaitee. 

An erect much-branched undershrub, the young stems densely clothed with short 
ferruginous silky hairs. Leaves coriaceous, the under side densely coated with ad> 
pressed grey or pale brown silky hairs, the main reins much raised ; end one obovatR^ 
oblong, obtuse, lA-3 in. long ; base subcuneate ; petiole ^1 in. Racemes terminal, 
peduncled, 4-6 in. long, close upwards ; bracts § in., ovate, silky ; pedicels 1 in. 
Calyx ^ in ; teeth lanceolate, acuminate, exceeding tube. Corolla \ in. Pod 1-lJ in. 
by I in. ; joints 4-6, rather longer than broad, minutely downy. 

40. D. rotandlfolimny Bakery turn Wall. ; annual, stems venr slender, 
leaves 1-foliolate, leaflet orbicular, racemes very lax few-flowered, pedicels 
ascending, corolla exserted. Alysicarpus rotundifolius, Dalzell MSS. 

Plains of Concan, Dr. Ritchie. 

Stems erect, under a foot high, with many ascending branches, thinly clothed with 
fine short spreading hairs. Leaflet round, ^-4 in. long, obtuse or obscurely cuspidate, 
slightly cordate, membranous, groy -green below with only a few obscure adpressed 
hairs; petiole ^J in. Kacetnes copious, terminal and lateral, the former forked, 
0-4 in. long, tne lower flowers in distant pairs, upper solitary ; pedicels ^-| in. long, 
arcuate, finely pubescent. Calyx J in., thinly hairy; teeth linear-setaceoos, very 
deep. Pod f-^ in. long, tmder 35 in. broad, falcate ; joints 3-5, glabrescent, reticu- • 

41. D. parviflonun, Raker ; annual, stems very slender, leaves oblong 
1- and 3-foliolate intermixed, racemes very lax many-flowered, pedicels ascend- 
ing, corolla included. Alvsicarpus parviflorus, Dalz. in Hook. Kew Joum. iii. 
211 ; Dalz. ^ Gibs. Bomb. Flora, 06. 

Plains of Concan, Dalzell, Ritchie. Anamallay forest, Wight. 

Stems diffuse, 1-2 ft. long, much branched, clothed with short spreading grey 
hairs. Leaflets membranous, mostly simple, oblong, 1-1^ in. long, obtose or subacute, 
subcordate, with only a few adpressed grey hairs beneath ; side ones, if present, much 
smaller ; petiole j— | in. Racemes usually terminal, simple, 4-8 in. long, the lower 
flowers in distant pairs ; pedicels capillary, J-} in., finely downy ; bracts ^ in., lan- 
ceolate-cuspidate. Calyx i in., clothed with short bristly hairs*; teeth setaceoiiB, very 
long. Pod sessile, falcate, J-i in. by ^ in., 4-6-jointed, glabrescent 

42. D. auricomnmy Grah. in Wall. 07^.6704; annual, stems very slender, 
leaves all S-foliolate, racemes very lax few-flowered, pedicels ascending, corolla 
included. Benth, PL Jungh. 223 ; Kurz in Jown. Asiat, Soc. Beng, xllL 2, 230. 

Plains of Mabtabak and Tskasbb&ix, Wallicht HeVer, Parish^ Kurz. 

Demnodmm.'] L. lkguhutosj:. (J. G. Baker.) 178 

AfMW cmpitose, difRue, 1-1^ ft, densely clothed throughont with spreading brown 
■ilkj hairs. Leava sobcGOiaoeons, pale green, nearly glabrous beneath ; end leaflet 
oboTate-oblong, obtuse^ f^ in. long ; side ones smaller ; petiole ^ in. Racemes ter- 
nunal, 2-9 in. long, the lower flowers in distant pairs, upper solitaiy ; pedicels \-\ in. ; 
bracts lanceolate, \ in. Calyx ^ in., shaggy with silky hairs, like those of the stem ; 
teeth linear-setaceons, very long. Pod sessile, silky, under ^ by ^ in., 4-5-jointed. 

SxTBGSK. 7. Saff otiaf Walp, Trailing herbs, with small 3-foliolate sti- 
pellate kayee, flowers in sparse lax Tsoemes or 1-2 in the axils of the leaves, 
deciduous boracts and distinctly jointed pods. 

* JFUnwen ail IS together without a common peduncle in the axils of the 

43. 9. trlflorum, DC. Prodr. ii. 334; WaU, Cat, 6734 excl F. ex parte : 
Bewth. in Mart. Fl. Brae, xv. 95, t, 26 ; Dak. ^ Otis. Bomb. FL 67. D. tri- 
flomm 0. minus, W, 8^ A. Prodr, 229 ; Wight Ic, t. 292. D. heterophyllum, 
WaU. Cat. 6701 0. Hedysarum triflorum, lAnn. ; Ravh. Hort. Beng. 67 ; Fl. 
Ind, iii. 363. H. stinolaoeum, ^i<rm. Fl. Ind. t. 64 , %. 2. Nicolsonia reptans^ 
MeiesH. in Linn. xxi. 260. Sagotia triflora, Walp. qf Duch. in Linn, xxiii. 

Everywhere in the plains throughout India, ascending to 4000 ft. in Kumaon and 
6-7000 ft. in Kashmir and on the Ohenab. — Distbib. Gmmopolitan in tropics. 

Stems cespitose, very slender, trailing |-1^ ft., copiously branched, clothed with 
flne spreading hairs. Stipules lanceolate, persistent ; petiole |-^ in. ; leaflets obovate, 
^1 in., truncate or emarginate, with a few adpressed hairs below. Pedicels j— | in. 
Calgx pubescent, -^-f in. ; teeth very long, setaceous. Pod ^-4 in< long, } in. br.» 
S-d-jointed, pubescent ; upper suture straight, lower slightly maonted. 

** Flowers some racemed, the others pediceUed in the axUs of the leaves. 

44. 9. renUbrme, DC. Prodr. ii. 327 ; leaves 1-foliolate, leaflet broader 
than long, calyx-teeth axid pedicels short. Wall. Cat. 6702 ; W. ^ A. Prodr. 
230; DaU. <$• Gibs. Bomb. Fl. 67. Hedysarum reniforme, Linn. Sp. 1061; 
Byrm. Fl. Ind. 1 62, fig. 1. 

East Himalatas, Lobb ; Prome, Ata on the Banks of the Irrawaddi, WalUch ; 
VfwBmMOt Pbxiicsuul, Wight.^-'JhBTBiB. Java. 

Stem 1 ft. or more long, veiy slender, glabrous. Leaflet rigidly subcoriaceous, 
half as broad again as long., ^-J in. long, truncate or emarginate, glabrous ; stipules 
linear, minute, deciduous ; petiole \ in., jointed at the apex. Racemes mostly ter- 
minal, laxly 10-20-flowered and a few flowers, solitary in the axils of the leaves ; 
braets linear, minute ; pedicels ^-^ in., flnally cernuons. Calyx under -h in., turbinate, 
^abioQS. Pod glabrous, ^-} in. by ^ in. ; joints 3-5, longer than broad ; upper suture 
straight, lower little indented. 

46. 9. lieteroplijlliimy DC. Prodr. ii. 334 ; leaves 3-foliolate, calyx- 
teeth and pediceb elongated. Wall. Cat. 6701, A, B, D. D. triflorum a. 
majus, W. 4* A. Prodr. 229 ; Wight Ic. t. 201. D. triflorum, WaU. Cat. 6734, 
F. ex parte. D. csespitosum, DC. Prodr. ii. 333. Hedysarum heterophvUum, 
Wmd. 8p. n. iii. 6201. H. reptans, Roxh. Hort. Beng. 67 ; Fl. Ind. iii. 364. 
Dicerma repens, Grah. in Wall. Cat. 5740. 

East Hiicaxatas, tropical zone; Khasia and Assam and along the gulf to Pen axo 
and Kalacca. Plains of PENUfsriJi and Ckylox. —Distbib. Malay isles, China, Phi- 
lippines, Mascarene isles. 

Stems 1-2 ft. long, copioiuily branched, clothed with dense spreading hairs. Sti- 
pules i in., lanceolate-acuminate, persistent; petiole |-4 in., pubemrent; leaflets 

174 L. LEQUMiNOSiE. (J. O. Baker.) {JDeimodium, 

oblong or oborate-oblong, ^1 in. long, hairy beneath. Flcwers Bolitary or geminate 
in leaf-axils and up to 6 in copious lax racemes ; bracts rather large, lanoeolatey de- 
ciduous; pedicels ^-} in. Calyx j- in., densely haiij; teeth yery long, setaceooa. 
Pod 4-i in., long, \-\ in. broad, glabrescent ; joints 4-6, as broad as long ; upper 
fiuture straight, lower considerably indented. 

••* Flotcers all in lax racemes, 

46. D. Sottlerlf Bakery non G, Don ; stipules much shorter than the 

E>tiole, calvx-teeth short, joints 1-2, constriction between them very deep. 
. praemorsum, Grah. in Wall. Cat. 6703 ? Eleiotis Rottleri, W. ^ A' Prodr. 
231. Iledysarum orbiculatum. Bottler MSS. Oxydium species, Bennett Pi. 
Jav. Bar. 166. Stylosanthes &cie oxalidea, Wall. Cat. 6074. 

Plains of Mysore, Bottler ; Pbome, Wallich. 

Stems 1 ft. or more long, copiously branched, finely downy at first Stipules linear- 
cetaceous, minute ; petiole jr-J in. ; leaflets 3, obovate, f-^ in. long and broad, tmn> 
cAte or emarginate, with a few adpressed hairs beneath. Bacemes copious, axUlary 
.and terminal, long-pedimded, laxly 6-8-flowered ; bracts boat-shaped, hiding the buds ; 
pedicels \-^ in. Calyx ^ in., campanulate; teeth subdeltoid. Joints J in. loi^ 
twice as long as broad, the constriction from below reaching nearly to the straight 
upper suture. 

47. D. parvifoliomf DC. Prodr. ii. 334 ; stipules as long as the petiole, 
ealyx-teeth long setaceous, joints 3-4 with shallow constrictions between them. 

WaU. Cat. 6700 ; W. 8f A. Prodr. 229. D. scoparium, WaU. Cat. 6600. D. 
microphyllum, Miq. Fl. Ind. Bat. i. 239, an DCf D. stipulaceum, Hatsk, PL 
Jav. Bar. 361. Hedysarum tenellum, Don Prodr. 243, non Kunth. 

Everywhere in the plains, from the Himalayas to Ckylox and Aya, ascending to 
the temperate region, reaching 7000 ft. in KiniAON. — ^Distrib. Malay isles, China, 

Stems densely csespitose and branched, wide-trailing, at first pubescent. Stipvles 
ji in., linear-setaceous, persistent ; leaflets oblong or obovate, pubescent below, often 
not more than ^i in. long, sometimes }-^ in. Bacemes copious, but usually terminal 
on the short branches, laxly 6-10-flowered ; bracts boat-shaped, deciduoua ; pedicels 
^-^ in., permanently ascending. Calyx ^-J in., densely pubescent Pod j-4 in. by 
^ m., finely downy ; joints as broad as long ; both sutures distinctly indented. 

Var. macrocarpum ; pod larger quite J in. broad, the sutures less indented, the 
upper one nearly or quite straight — ^Araam and Khasia, Griffith, Hook. fit. ^ 

SuBGEN. 8. Pleurolobinmy DC. Erect undershrubs, with laige leaTes, 
lacemose flowers and indistinctly jointed pods dehiscing in a continuous line 
along the ventral suture. — ^An aWrant group, which perhaps should be consi- 
dered a distinct genus. 

48. D. gijfTBikA^ DC Prodr. ii. 326 ; branches scarcely woody, end leaflet 
usually 4-6 times as long as broad, pod glabrescent or inconspicuously downy. 
WaU. Cat. 6726 ; W. ^ A. Prodr. 227 ; Wight Ic. t. 294. Hedysarum grrans, 
lAnn. ; Jacq. Ic. t. 662 ; Boxh. FL Ind. iii. 361. Pseudarthria gyianSy JSUb 
PI. Jav. Bar. 301. Codariocalyx gyrans, Haisk. in Walp. Bep. iL 891. 

All along the Himalayas from Hazara to Assam, ascending to 7000 ft ; Wmtbrji 
pEHCf suLA, CiEYLoif, Aya, Peou, Tkkasskrim.^Distrib. Malay isles, Philippines. 

An undershrub, 8-4 ft high, with subterete glabrous branches. P^iols j— } io.; 
leaflets 1-8, subcoriaceous, oblong-lanceolate, 3-4 in. long, obtuse, with a littlemeoii- 
fipicuouB pubescence beneath ; side ones, if present very small, moving by jeriu. 
BaetmMs azillaxy and terminal, the latter copiously panided, at first sh^ the flowoi 

DesmodiumJ] l. ubouminosj:. (J. G-. Baker.) 175 

hidden by the laige ovate deciduous bracts, finally 3-6 iiv loug ; pedicels ^ in., patent, 
finely downy. Calffx ^ in., campanulate; teeth deltoid, shorter than the tube. 
CaraUa J in. Pod 1-1^ in. long, |-J in. broad, falcate, 6-10-jointed, straight along 
the upper, slightly indented along the lower suture. 

Vab. Boylei; end-leaflet 3-4 in. long twice as long as broad, corolla rather 
Urgcr. D. Roylei, W, # A. Prodr, 227. 

49. 9. ^yroideSf DC. Prodr, ii. 326 ; branches woGdy^ end leaflet 2-3 
times as long as broad, pod loosely but copiously pubescent. WaU. Cat. 6728 ; 
W. ^ A. Prodr. 227. D. pseudogyroides, Miq. Flor. Ind. Bat. i. 244. Hedy- 
sarum gyroides, Boxb, Hort. Beng. 57. Codanocalyx gyroides, Hastk. in Flora j 
1842, wM. ii. 49. 0. conicus, JTomA;. in Walp. Bep. i. 744. Pseudarthria poly- 
carpa, Hoisk, PL Jav. Bar. 393 (excl. syn.), 

CsMTBAL and East HucaiJlTAS, tropical region ; Gubwhal to Khasia and Cachab ; 
Uffbb Bbnoal, Pbou, Cbtlon. — Distbib. Malay isles. 

Closely allied to the List, but decidedly shrubby, reaching 8-10 ft. in height. 
Leavei obtuse, oblong or obovate-oblong, thinly or densely pubescent beneath ; side ones 
often snppreesed. Sacemea shorter and the terminal ones not so copiously panicled ; 
bracts under \ in. long, narrowed suddenly at the point. Corolla j in., both standard 
and keel broader. Pod similar, except in vestiture. 

51. AB&DTSf Linn. 

Climbing shrubs. Leaves with niuuerous deciduous leaflets. Flowers small, 
in dense racemes on axillary peduncles or short branches. Calyx campanulate, 
equal ; teeth very short Corolla much exserted ; standard ovate, acute, adhering 
below to the staminal tube ; wings narrow ; keel arcuate. Stamens 9, united in 
a tabe slit aboye, the tenth absent ; anthers uniform. Ovary subsessile, many- 
ovrded ; style short, incurred, beardless, stigma capitate. Pod oblong or linear- 
oblong, flat or turgid, moderately firm, thinly septate. — Distbib. Species 5; 
cosmopolitan in the tropics. 

1. A. preoatorinSy Linn. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 381 ; branches and leaves 
beneath glabrous or thinly silky, leaflets ligulate-oblong, pod oblong tuigid 3-5- 
seeded. Boxb. Fl. Ind. iii. 268; WaU. Cat. 5818; W. Sf A. Prodr. 236; 
Dah, Sf Gibs. Bomb. Fl. 76. A. minor and pauciflorus, Desv. in Ann. 8c. Nat. 
iz. 418,'^Bheede Hort. Mai viii. t 39. 

HiXALATAS to Cbtlon aud SiAir, ascending to 3500 ft.>-DiSTBiB. Cosmopolitan in 
the tropics, often planted. 

A copiously-branched climber, with slender branches. Leaves 2-3 in. long ; 
leafletA 20-40, membranous, deciduous, f-^ in. by ^ -J in. Bacemes many-flower^, 
crowded, usually shorter than the lo:ives. Calyx ^ in., thinly silky. Corolla red- 
dish or white, 3-4 times the calyx. Pod 1- 1 J in. by ^-^ in. Seeds bright scarlet and 
black, black, or whitish, or mixed black and white, as large as a pea. 

2. A. iniloliellaSy Wall. Cat. 5819 ; branchlets and leaves beneath glab- 
TOVB or thinly silkv, leaflets ligulate-oblong, pod linear flat incurved 9^12- 
seeded. Thwaites ikum. 91. A. Isevigatus, JS. Meyer ; Marv. Fl. Cap. ii. 263. 
A. melanospermus, Hassk. ; Miq. Fl. Ind. Bat. i. 159. A. acutifolius, Blume ; 
Miq. FL Ind. Bat. i. 160. 

KmiaoH to CHrrrAooMO, Tbhasskbim and BniMA, ascending to 3000 ft in Sixxnc ; 
Orlok. — ^Distbib. Malay isles, Guinea, Natal, Kaffiraria. 

Genenl habit exactly of A. precatorius. Leaves 3-4 in. long ; leaflets 24-30, similar 
in texture, |~li in* by |-| in. Baoevus more numerously flowered, on longer pedun- 
das. Cb^ur and coxolla similar. Pod incurved, 2-2^ in. by ^ in., with thinner 

SSKMlh TllTSi. 

176 L. LEQUMDrosiB. (J. G. Baker.) [Ahnu, 

3. A. firatloiilosas. Wall. Cat. 5820; branchlets and leayee denaeW 
silky, leaflets minute ligulate-linear, pod linear-oblong flattish 4-6-6eeded. Jr, 
8r A. Prodr. 236 ; Wight Ic. t. 33. 

Forests of Mtsobb and the Gabka.tic, tropical region. 

Branches more slender than in the two others. Leaves and leaflets mnch smaller. 

62. OZOB&, Linn. 

Annual herbs. Leaves pinnate, rigid ; leaflets and stipules strongly veined, 
deeply toothed. Flowers solitary in the axils of the leaves. Cali/.r-^tufe oblique ; 
teeth lanceolate, subequal. CoroUa exserted ; standard broad, exceeding the 
wings and keel. iS^ain«9M diadelphous ; anthers uniform. Ovary sessile, 2 or 
many-ovuled ; style incurved beardless, stigma capitate. Pod sessile, oblong, 
tumd, narrowed into the persistent style. — Distrib. Species 7, Meditenanean 
and West and Central Asian, one widely cultivated. 

1. C. arietlnanif Linn. ; DC. Pt-odr. ii. 354 ; leaflets close oblanceolats 
or oblong, corolla scarcelyhalf as long again as the calvx, pubescence of pod 
short and fine. JRoxb. Fl. Ind. iii. 324 ; WaU. Cat. 6040 ; W. ^ A. Prodr. 
236 ; Wight Ic. t. 20 ; Bot. Mag. t. 2274 ; Boiss. Fl. Orient, ii. 660. 

Commonly coltivated in the northern provinces and Nilghiris. — ^Distsib. Cnlti rated 
in various temperate and tropical countries. 

A viscose much-branched annual. Leaves l-2]in., with usually a terminal leaflet; 
stipules small, with a few long teeth. Pedunde ^-} in. Calyx ^-J in. ; teeth linear, 
2-3 times the tube. Pod oblong, |-1 in. 

2. C. Boong'ariciiin, Steph, ; DC. Prodr. ii. 364 ; leaflets lax obovate- 

cuneate, corolla twice the calyx, pubescence of pod dense. Jaub. <$- Spa<A III. 
PI. Or. t. 43 B. G. microphyllimi, Bettth. in Royle III. 200. 0. Jacquemontii, 
Jaub. 8f Spach in Ann. Sc. Nat. ii. 18, 231 ; Boiss. Fl. Orient, ii. 663. 

Westbrn Himalatas, temperate and alpine region, alt. 9-15,000 ft. ; Pm, LAnrt, 
KuHAOX, Tibet, &c. — Distrib. Orient-, Afghanistan, Songaria. 

A very difluse annual, with wiry finely pubescent or subglabrous stems. Leavfi 
3-4 in. long, ending in a spiral tendril ; leaflets in 10-12 pairs, growing gradoally 
smaller upwards, subooriaceous, strongly veined; stipules J-^ in., deeply sharply pal- 
matifid. Pedicels \\ in., with a large bract at the curve. Calyx very gibbous, } in.; 
teeth lanceolate, 2-3 times the tube. Pod linear-oblong, 1 in. long. 

63. VZCZA, Linn. 

Annual or perennial herbs. Leaves eoually pinnate, ending in twisted 
tendrils. Flotoers subsessile, or in pedimclea racemes in the axils of the leaves. 
Calyx-tube campanulate, often oblique ; teeth long, often unequal. Corolla mora 
or less exsertea ; standard broad ; keel shorter than the wings. Stamens dift- 
delphous, the mouth of the sheath very oblique ; anthers uniform. Ovary 
nearly sessile, 2- or many-ovuled ; style short, filiform or slightly flattened, 
stigma capitate. Pod flattish, continuous within. — Distrib. Species 180, spread 
principally through the north temperate zone. 

SuBOEir. 1. Brvom, Linn, ex parte. Annuals, with flowers in s]^aiM 
peduncled racemes, rarely solitary. Style finely downy all round near the tip. 

Tieia.'} I.. LSOVMiHOSii. (J. O. Baker.) 177 

1. V. tetraftpermat Momieh Meth. 148; sterna glalnrous, peduncles 
l-2-flow«red, pods glabrous d--4rseeded. Bom. Fl, Orient, ii. 696. Ervum 
tetnepermum, Xmn. ; DC, Prodr, iL 367. 

KoBTH-wBST HucALATAS, temperate region, rare ; KnicAOif, &c — Thonuon, Edge- 
wortk, ftc. — DisTBiB. Europe, Orient, &c. 

Stems very slender, copiously branched. Leaves about 1 in. long ; leaflets 3-4 pairs, 
obtuse or acute, |-} in. long. Flowers on copious axillary peduncles about as long as 
the leavea. Calyx ^ in. Corolla lilac, distinctly ezserted. Pod linear-oblong, 
} in. 

2. V. Ursntaf Koch Synops. 191 : stems pubescent;, peduncles d-6-flowered, 
pods hairy 2-seeded. Botes. Pi. Orient, li. 695. Ervum birsutum, IJinn. ; W.^A. 
Prodr. 235 ; Boxb. Fl. Ind. iii. 323. E. filiforme, Boxh. in WaU. Cat. 6966. 
K Lena, WaU. Cat. 6964 0. 

KosTH-WBST FBoynfcss, from the Puitjab to Nipal, in the tropical and temperate 
region, firequent in cultivated grounds, ascending to 6000 ft. ; Nilokibis. — Distbzb. 
Europe, Orient, &c. 

I&ems rather stronger than in the last. Leaves longer, ending in an intricate ten- 
dril ; leaflets 5-8 pairs, \-\ in., truncate. Peduncles shorter than the leaves. Corolla 
smaller, scarcely exserted fh>m the calyx. Pod ^-f in. long, oblique, more turgid, 
finally black. 

SinBGKN. 2. Craooa. Perennials with numerous flowers in peduncled 
neemea. Style finely downy all round near the tip. 

3. V. tenera, Qrah. in WaU. Cat. 6928 ; leaflets 12-16 distant narrow 
lignlate, racemes laxly many-flowered as long as their pedimcles, lower calyx- 
teeth linear-subulate, corolla small pale. Benth. m Boyle III. 200. 

Wbsisbx Hixai^tas ; Simla, Gubwhal, KuMAOx,alt 3-8000 ft.; Silhkt, Wallick. 

A slender straggling subglabrous climber. Leaves 2-3 in. long ; leaflets mem- 
branous, \-\ in. by ^-^ in. broad, acute, finely silky beneath ; stipules small, deeply 
toothed. Baeemes D-20-flowered, 1-2 in. long. Calyx ^ in., subglabrous ; teeth 
very unequal, upper deltoid. Corolla } in. iW oblique, Unear, glabrous, rostrate, 
Hm, long, 6-8-8eeded. 

4. V. tennlfolia, Both; DC. Prodr. ii. 368; leaflets 20-24 narrow 
ligulate distant, racemes 20-40-flowered elongated long^pedimcled, lower calyx- 
teeth lioceolate, corolla middlensized deep blue. Boise. FL Orient, ii. 586. V. 
Giacca, Benth. in Boyle III. 200, not Liwn. 

NoBTH-WBST HniALATAS, temperate region ; Chenab valley, 6-8000 ft., Thomson. 
West Tnnn, Falconer. —Dibtkib. Europe. 

A subglabrous climber, a yard or more high. Leaves 4-6 in. long ; leaflets acute, 
membranous, silky beneath, 1^-1 1 in. long ; stipules linear, with a single tooth. Baeemes 
copiofus, reaching, as do the peduncles, | ft. long. Calyx subglabrous, ^ in. ; teeth very 
unequal, all shorter than the tube, upper deltoid. Corolla ^ in. Pod 1 in. long, with 
a stalk as long as the calyx-tube. 

5. V. molUflf Benth. MSS. ; leaflets 16-20 close narrow ligulate, racemes 
few-flowered close short-peduncled, lower calyx-teeth linear, corolla laige 

Valisy of the Kishengunga, Winterhottom. 

A anberect perennial, with the habit of V. sepium, with stems clothed with fine 
spreading hairs. Leaves 14-2 in. long ; leaflets J-f in. long, obtuse, clothed on boili 
sorfiiee with adpressed, silky hairs ; stipules broad, subentire. Baeemes from the 
upper axils only, seennd, an inch long. Calyx i in., densely silky ; teeth all linear, 
lover aa long aa the tube, upper ahorter. Corella nearly 1 in. long* 
TOL. n. m 

178 U LEQUMIN08A (J. O. Baker.) [Vieia. 

6. V. imlUda, Turcz, ; Led, Fl. J2om. i. 673 ; leaOets 16-34 difitant 
lineaiK>l)long membranous, racemes long^peduncled laxly many-flowered^ lower 
calvx-teeth deltoid-cuspidate, corolla pale lilac middle-sized. V. sylTataca, 
Benih, in JRoyle IlL 200, not Linn. 

Wbst Himalayas, temperate region ; Kashxib to Kuicaon, 4-9000 ft — ^Dibtbib. 

A tall straggling glabrous climber, with the habit of V. sylvatica. Leaves 2-4 in, 
lon^. ending in tendrils; leaflets obtuse, ^-} in., the upper growing graduaUy 
shorter; stipules small, narrow, deeply toothed. Racemes 12-20-flowered, on 
peduncles 1-4 in. long. Calyx ^ in^ glabrous, membranous; all the teeth much 
ahoiter than the tube. Corolla ^ in. iW 1-1| in. long, flat, glalnrous, oblique, dis- 
tinctly-stalked, 5-6-seeded. 

7. V. Oriffitlillf Baker; leaflets 12-lG distant linear-oblong manbnii- 
ous, racemes pedonded laxly 2-4-floweredy lower calyx-teeth lanceolatey oorolk 
lilac middle-fiixed. 

Punjab, at Rawul Pindee and Futteyjung, Dr. Aitckison. — ^Bistbib. 
Grijfitk. 1114. 

A straggling annual, 1-2 ft. high, with slender stems, finely tilli^ at first, sooo 
glabrescent. Leaves about 2 inches long ; leaflets obtuse, scattered, j~-j- in. broad, ob- 
scurely silky ; stipules deltoid, deeply palmately lacinmted. Racemes about as Umg 
as the leaTes. (idyx ^ in. long, ratner silky, the lower teeth half as long as the tube, 
the upper deltoid. Corolla more than \ in. Pod above 1 in. long, oblong, flat» ^a- 
brous, veined, 5-6-seeded. 

8. V. ligidiila, EoyU LL 200 ; leaflets 10-12 subdistant oblong venoee, 
racemes 6-20-flowered close long-peduncled. calvx-teeth all venr short, coioDa 
large reddish. Lathyrus himalensis. Comb, in Jacquein. Toy. jSot. L 44, t. 53. 
Y. dmnetomun, Benth. in Boyle III. 200 ? 

West Himalayas, temperate region ; Kashm ib to Kocaox, 7-9000 ft. 

A subglabrous or finely downy climber, 2-3 ft. high. Leave* 2-3 in. long, entSi^ 
in intricate tendrils : leaflets obtuse, i-1 in. long, firmer in texture than in the oChers, 
finely silky beneath, with veins raised like those of a T*pArosia ; stipules small, half- 
hastate, deeply-toothed. Peduncles 2-3 in. long. Calyx J-| in., glabrous: pedicels 
longer than in the others, fully ^ in. Corolla 3-4 times the length of the caljx. iW 
linear, glabrous, on a stalk nearly as long as the calyx, 5-6-seeded. 

STBessr. 3. Snwleia. Annuals or perennials, with the style coDspienoasly 
bearded on the lower side at the tip. 

9. V. BAtlTm« Zmji ; DC. Ptodr. ii. 360 ; annual, leaflets mnhijiu^ of 
upper leaves ligolate^ flowezs solitarv or geminate not lacemed. BarL IZ ImL 
ill 328; WalL Cat. 5957 ; Boi». Fl. Orimt. iL 574. 

NoBTH-wBST PBt>viKCBS, ascendiug firom the plains of Bbxgal to 7500 ft in 
KricAox, proltibly always cultivated. 

.Sl'fflw . slender, suberect, glabrous or obscurely downy. Z«^/liCt 8-11* of nipcr 
leaves ]-l in. long, of lower shorter, broader ; stipules small obUqnrij laBpioiifw, 
deeply toothed. Calyx | in. ; teeth lanceolate-subulate. Corolla red-blue, twiee tfat 
calyx. Pod glabrescent. li-2 in. long, S-lO-seeded. 

Vab. anyuatifoliOy Rot\ (Sp.). dwarfer, diffuse. leaflets shorter of lover learns 
deeply emarginate at apex, flowers and pod smaller. Boise. Fl. Orient. iL 574. V. 
Bobartii. Forst. in Lvm. TranA, zvi. 442. V. pallida, Jactgtum. MSS. (myeJtomJkmni 
firm). Plains of the nocth-west, a native^ — Dxstrib. Europe, Orient. 

10. V. perainriiiav Lnm. : DC IVodr. ii. 362 ; annul, leafleta anltij*- 
gattt iiguhte^ flown acditey. .Bout. FL OrimU. iL 576. 

Ttcui.] L. LEGTTMiKOSiB. (J. O. Baker;) 179 

Plains of Punjab, Aitehi8(m. — ^Distbib. Europe, Orient. 

Stena blender, glabrous, difinse. Leaflets 10-12, alternate or opposite, ^1 in. long ; 
ftipoles minute, bifid, with linear dinsions. Flowers solitary, on short pedicels in th* 
azila of tlieleayes. Calyx \ in. ; teeth lanceolate, the upper shorter, curved upwards. 
Corolia purplish-red, twice the calyx. Pod linear-oblong, deflexed, glabrescent, rather 
zecarveu, 1-1^ in. long, 5-6-8eeded. 

11. V. sepimn, Xntn. ; DC. Prodr, ii. 364 ; perennial, leaflets multijugate 
obloDgy racemes subsessile 2-6-flowered. Boies. Fl. Orient, ii. 568. 


KAsmna, temperate region. — ^Distbib. Europe, Orient, Siberia. 

Sterne finely downy, suberect, 1-2 fL Stipules small, deeply toothed ; leaflets 
10-12, membianous, truncate, ^1 in. long. Racemes very close, secund, confined to 
the axils of the upper leaves. Calyx ^ in., glabrous or downy ; teeth deltoid -cnspi- 
data, much shorter than the tube. Corolla reddish, twice the calyx. Pod linear-ob- 
long, obliqoe, rostrate, glabrous, 1 in. long, 6-10-seeded. 

12. V. narbonensis, Linn.-, DC. Prodr. u. 364 ; leaflets large of lowest 
leaves 2 of upper 4-6 obovate, racemes subsessile 2-6-flowered. Boiss. FL 
Orient, ii. 568. 

PuyjAB, near Peshawur, Vicary, perhaps introduced. — Distbib. S. Europe, Orient, 
probably the original of the cultivated Bean. 

A stout suberect annual, 1-1^ foot high, glabrous or finely downy. Stipules large, 
deeply toothed ; leaflets 1-2 in. long, entire in our plant. Calyx | in. ; lower teeth 
lanceolate, as long as tube ; upper deltoid. Corolla purple, more than twice the cilyx. 
iW 1^-2 in. long, downy, 6-7-seeded. 

EBvmcLENS, Linn.; Wall. Cat. 5954 (Cicer Lens, Willd. ; Hoxb. Fl. Ind. iii. 324) 
ths common Lentil, and Vicia Faba, Linn. ; Boxb. Fl. Ind. iii. 328 ; Wall. Cat. 5951, 
the Bean, are commonly cultivated, especially in the North-West Provinces. 

Vicia BBKOHALsirsis, Linn, seems to be the Mediterranean V. atropurpwrea^ Desf., 
and to hare no claim to be regarded as an Indian plant. 

54. XiATSnr&VS, Linn. 

Anmial or perennial herbs, with equally pinnate leaves, ending in a tendril or 
liristle. Flowers racemed or solitary. Calyx-tuhe campanulate, oblique ; teeth 
long or upper short. Corolla more or less ezserted ; standard bread ; keel sh'Orter 
dian the wings. Stamens diadelphoiis, the mouth of the tube not oblique ; an- 
thers uniform. Ovary subsessile or stalked, many-ovuled ; style flattened, 
l)eaided on the inner side, stigma capitate. Pod terete or flattish, continuous 
within. — ^DiBTRiB. Species described 170, spread principally through all the north 
temperate zone. 

SvBGEN. 1. Bnlathyms. Petiole terminated by a long tendril. 

1. ]«• Apliaoat Linn. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 372 ; annual, leaflets abortive, 
flowoTB 1-2 on a long peduncle. Eoxh. Fl. Ind. iii. 322 ; Wall. Cat. 5052 ; 
Bentk. m Royte lU. 200; Boiss. Fl. Orient, ii. 602. 

Spread through the northern provinces, ascending from the plains of Bengal to the 
temperate sone in Hazaua, Kashmir and Kumaok. — Distbib. Europe, Orient, Abyssinia. 

Stems slender, wingless, much branched. Stipules in pairs aapressed to the stem, 
'leaf-like, entire, truncate, hastate. Pedunde 2-3 times the stipule. Calyx 4- in. ; teeth 
equal, lanceolate, exceeding the tube. Corolla yellow, twice the calyx. Pod lincav- 
•obloQg, wingless, 4>6-8eeded. 

2. &• iMltlTiuif Lintu'j DC, Prodr, u. 373; annoaly stems winged, leaflets 


180 L. LSGumvosA (J. G. Baker.) {LaUyrm, 

2 linear or lanoeol&te, flowers solitair, pods oblong winged on the back. Boxb^ 
Fl.Ind.m.^li WaiL Cat.&QdS; BefUh. in Itoyle lU. 2O0 ; Bom.FL Onent. 

Spread through the northern provinces, ascending ftom the plsins of BmcuL to 
4000 ft. in KmcAOK. Often cnltivated. — Distrib. Enrope, Orient, Trop. AfKoa. 

Glabrous, mnch branched. Stipules broad, entire ; petiole winged ; leaflets ^-4 in. 
broad. Pedunde rather longer than the petiole. Calyx f-^ in.; teeth laocsoute, 
subequal, twice the tube. Corolla } in., red, bluish or white. IW 1| in., long, glab- 
rous, 4-5-8eeded, the dorsal suture with a narrow spreading wing on each side. 

The allied L, tingitanus, Linn., also much cultivated, with oblong leaflets and a 
linear many-seeded pod, is included in the set of Nilghiri plants distxiboted by Ho- 
henacker, but has no claim to be considered a native. 

3. Jm* spl&fleiioiis, B/etz, ; DC. Prodr. ii. 372; annual, atems winglan^ 
leaflets 2 narrow-linear, flowers solitary, pods linear wingless niaa7<-fleeded. 
Boia, Fl, Orient, iL 613. L. angulatus, Benth. in Boyle III. 200. 

North-West Provinces, ascending fiom Binn>KLKiJin>aad thePuxJAB to 6500 fL ia. 
KuxAON. — DiSTBiB. EuTope, Orient, Abyssinia. 

Stems glabrous, very slender, very copiously branched. Stipules linear, caudate ; 
petiole j-4 in., winged ; leaflets very narrow, reaching 3 in. long. Pedun^ shorter 
than or a little exceeding the petiole, with a conspicuous linear bracteole. 0iAf9 
under ^ in. ; teeth eoual, as long as the tube. Corolla reddish, twice the calyx. iW 
2 in. long^ 10-12-seeded. 

4. Zi. pratensiSy Linn. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 370 ; perennial^ leaflets 2 lanoeo* 
late, flowers many in long-peduncled racemes, calyx-teeth subequal. Benth, m 
Boyle lU. 200; BoitB. Fl. Orient, ii. 616. 

West Himaultas, temperate zone, alt. 6-BOOO ft. ; KisionB, Gubwhai., Sooul — 
DiSTuiB. Europe, Orient, Abyssinia. 

Stems slender, wingless, very difiuse. Stipules large, lanceolate-CHudate ; petide 
distinct, angular. Peduncles often much exceeding the leaves. Calffx \ in. ; teeth 
all linear, as long as the calyx. Corolla yellow, 3 times the calyx. Pod linear. Im 
cashmericust Boyle MSS., is a form with pubescent stems and calyx. 

5. Zi. altaioiiBf Led. Fl. Alt. iii. 355; perennial, leaflets 6^ oUonr, 
flowers few in long-peduncled racemes, calyx-teeth very unequal. Led, Ic, A 
Boss. t. 53. L. ovatus, Boyle III. 200. 

West Himalayas, temperate region ; Baltal and Ghenab vaUey, 6-8000 ft., Boyk, 
Thomson, Jacquemont — Distbib. Siberia. 

A suberect glabrous perennial, ^1 ft. high. Leaves 2-3 in. long ; leaflets glaacoiii> 
membranous, venose, ^-j in. broad; stipules lanceolate-caudate slightly toothed. 
Racemes secund, laxly 3-6-flowered ; peduncles 2-4 in. long. Calyx J in. ; lower teeth 
linear, nearly as long as the tube ; upper deltoid. Corolla reddish, twice the calyx. 

SuBGEN. 2. OrobuSf Linn. Petiole terminated by a mere bristle. 

6. Zi. InooiiBpioiiiiBf Linn, ; DC. Prodr. iL 372 ; annual, leaflets 1-3 
narrow linear, flowers solitary subsessile in the axils of the leaves. L. erectniy 
Lag. ; Boiss. Fl. Orient, ii. 613. 

Kashmir, 4-5000 ft, Thomson, Falconer. Scindb, Stocks. 

Habit of L. spheerieus, with which it coincides in stem, leaflets, pod and stipules. 
Petiole very short, not winged ; leaflets l-H in. long. Calyx ^ in. ; teeth sabeqoil, 
lanceolate-subulate, as long as the tube. Corolla lilac, twice the calyx. 

7. Zi. luteuSy Baker ; perennial, leaflets 6-8 oblong, flowers in peduncfed 
xaoones. Orobos lateii0» Linn. ; DC. Drodr. iL 378. 0. Ifiovigatas, JF.^K, Fl. 

Laikynu.'] L. lsouminosa. (J. O. Baker.) 181 

Bmff. t. 343. O. orientalis, Boiss. Diag. ix. 106. O. Emodi, WaU. Cat. 5846. 
0. ameiu, 8teo, ; Boin, Fl, Orient, ii. 621. 

Wwt Himalajas, txopieal and temperate zone, ascending from the Bait range in 
the PoiiJAB to 8500 ft. in Kuicaok and 10,000 ft. in EJOAOAy. — ^Dibtbib. Europe, 
Orient, Altai, Songaria. 

8temM snberect, glabrouB, 2-3 ft high. Stipules large, leafy ; leaflets membranons^ 
aente, 2-4 in. long. RacemM 6-1 2-flowered, equalling or exceeding the leaves. Calyx 
{-4 in. ; lower teeth lanceolate, upper deltoid. CoroUa bright yellow, twice the calyx. 
hod linear, beaked, 2-8 in. long. 

The genus Pisitm is principally distinguished from Lathyrtu by its thick laterally 
compreMod style. The tyro subspecies of the common cultivated Pea are both often 
cultivated in the northern provinces; P. sativuh, Linn.; Roxb, Fl, Ind, iii. 321 ; 
WM. Cat, 6960, with round seeds of uniform colour and 4-6 leaflets ; and P. abvxkss. 
Limn,, with compressed marbled seeds and 2-4 leaflets. Boyle considers the latter a 
trae native. 

65. AMPBZOAaPSA, EUiott. 

Widfr-twimng herbs, with d-foliolate stipellate leaves and persistent striated 
stipulflB and bracts. Fhwera with a strong tendency to dimorphism, those that 
bear die fully developed pods beinff, as in Viola, without petals. Calyx-ttihe 
loDgf equal, teeth distinct, une^uaL Corolla much exserted; petals equal in 
length; stuidaid and wings with a distinct spur on each sioe of the claw. 
Stamem diadelphous ; anthers uniform. Ovary ooecurely stalked, many-ovuled ; 
.style filiform, infiexed, beardless, stigma capitate. Pod flat, linear-oblong.— 
DisiKCB. Species 3, or 3 varieties of one, from the United States, Japan^ and 
Himalftyafly one in each country. 

1. A. Sd^ewortbii, Benih, PL Jungh. 231. 

Wjcst HiXAiATAS, temperate zone ; Simla, 5-6000 ft, Edyeworth, Thomson, 
Stems very slender, thinly shortly pul>escent. Stipules and bracts oblong or lan- 
ceolate, subobtuse or subacute, ^ in. long ; leaflets membranous, obscurely hairy ; end 
one broad ovate acute, side ones oblique. Flowers usually solitary or in pairs, but 
casually raoemed ; pedicels verv short. Calyx ^ in. ; teeth lanceolate-subulate, much 
shorter than the tube. Corolla \ in., redaish. Perfect pod 1 in. long, linear, re- 
curved, 2-8-seeded. Very near the Japanese species {Shuteria trisperma^ Miq. Ann. 
Xns. lAig. Bat. iii. 61) and the well-known American A, tnonoiea, both of which have 
obovate bracts and copiously racemed flowers. 

50. SBUTSaZA, W. & A. 

Olimbers, with 3-foliolate stipellate leaves, persistent bracts and bracteolos, 
mnd middle-fiised racemose uniform flowers. Calyx-tube gibbous ; teeth distinct, 
shorter than the tube. Corolla exserted ; exauriculate standard rather exceed- 
ing the keel and distinctly spurred wings. Stamens diadelphous ; anthers uni- 
iarm* Ovary subeessile, many-ovuled ; style incurved, filiform, beajrdless, stigma 
camtttte. Pod fiat, linear, recurved. — Distrib. One additional species, Trop. 

1. S> Testltaf W, ^ A. Prodr,2Q7'y stems densely hairy, racemes dense 
temle many-flowered, bracts and bracteoles conspicuous lanceolate, leaflets obo- 
fate-oUong or roundish obtuse. Benth, PI, Jwngk, 232 ; Wight Ic, 1. 165 ; Dalz, 
4- Oib$. Bomb, Fl, 68. Glycine vestita, Orah. in WaU, Cat. 5512. G. invo- 
lacntfty WaU. Cat, 5606 A, ex parte, 

EasT flncALATAS ; Khasia, Sikkuc, Bhotan and Mishxi, ascending to 6000 fL 
HUls of WxffmK PnmrauLA and Cxtlov, ascending to 7000 ft 

182 L. LIOUMIKOEUK. (J. O. Baker.) IShuieria. 

Stems BlendeTi woodj, glabrescent. SHptdes lanceolate, rigid, under i in. ; peti- 
ole 1-3 in., hairy or glabrous ; leaflets membranous or subcoriaceous, obscurelj 
hairy on both sides or glabrescent, the end one 1-2 in. long. Bacemes copious, dose, 
1-4 in.long, sometimes 2-3 from same node ; lower flowers often geminate ; bracta rigid, 
about as long as the densely hairy pedicels. Calyx ^ in., densely hairy ; teeth shoKter 
than tube, upper lanceolate-cuspidate. Corolla reddish, twice the calyx. Pod 1-1 J- in. 
long, linear, hairy, recurved, 6--6-seeded. 

Vab. 1. glahrata ; calyx and leaves nearly or quite glabrescent. 8. glabrata, W, ^ 
A. Prodr, 207. — Khasia, Simom, Nilghiris, Wight, 

Vab. 2. involucrata ; racemes laxer, their lower nodes bracteated by 2-3 redueed 
roundish leaflets {-^ in. long, leaflets obovate-oblong, calyx silky. S. involucrata, 
W,^ A, Prodr. 207 ; Benth, PI, Jungh. 232. Glycine involucrata, Watt. Pt. Am, Bar. 
jii. 22, t. 241 ; WaU. Cat. 6606, ex^aW^.— Kumaon, Gurwhal, Nipal. 

Vab. 3. densiflora ; racemes very dense, the flowers often several from the same 
node, bracts and bracteoles rather larger, oolvx pod and oblong subcoriaceous leaf- 
lets glabrous. S. densiflora, Benth. PI. Jungh. 232. Glycine involucrata. Well. Cat., 
6506, fx parte. — Gurwhal, Kumaon and Nipal, ascending to 7000 ft. 

2. S« lilrsutaf Baker', stems densely hairy^ racemes peduncled many- 
flowered, bracts and bracteoles long linear-setaceous^ leaflets ovate cuspidate. 

Khasia and Sikkim, 3-5000 ft.. Hook. fit. ^ Thomson. 

Stems firm, slender, densely clothed with conspicuous deflezed hairs. Stipules 
^-^ in. ; leaflets membranous, with a thin coating of adpressed hairs on both sides, 
aubconcolorous ; end one 2-4 in. long. Flowers in lax racemes, 2-3 in. lonfL on 
densely hairy peduncles as long as themselves, geminate at the nodes ; bracts ^^ is. 
(ktlyx ^-4 in., thinly hairy ; teeth shorter than tube, upper deltoid, lower linear. 
Corolla purple, twice the calyx. Pod recurved, densely hairy, many-seeded. 

3. S-T fermgrineay Baker ; stems densely hairy, racemes peduncled many- 
flowered, bracts and bracteoles lanceolate conspicuous, leaflets oyate-cospidate. 
Amphicarpaea femiginea, Benth. PI. Jungh. 231. Glycine fermginea, Orah, in 
WaU. Cat. 5614. G. cylindriflora, Wall. Cat. 6616. 

Nipal, WaUtch. 

Stems slender, woody. Stipules and bracts less persistent than in the other spe- 
cies ; petiole 2-3 in. ; leaflets membranous, green, with inconspicuous adpressed hairs 
above, glaucous-grey with dense hairs below, ferruginous on the nerves; end one 
2-3 in. long. Flowers 6-12 together, in short-peduncled racemes. Calyx under \ in., 
subglabrous ; upper teeth deltoid, lower lanceolate. Corolla ^— J in., reddish.— Re- 
codes to Glycine oy its subcaducous bracts and bracteoles. 

4. S. BUfitiltay Benth. PL Jungh. 232 *, stems glabrous, racemes very lax 
few-flowered, bracts and bracteoles linear very minute, leaflets obtuse roundish. 
Glycine suffiilta, WaU. Cat. 6607. 

Btrha ; Frome hills and Taong Dong, Wallich. Tekassbbim, HAfer. 

Stems firm, very slender.< Stipules linear, ^ in.; leaflets membranous, subgla- 
brous, glaucous-grey beneath, the end one }-l in. long. Bacemes nearly sessile, 1-2 in. 
long, 6-10-flowered, the lower nodes bracteated by reduced leaves as in S. vestita, var 
int:o!ucrata; bracts rigid, not more than ^ in. long; pedicels distant, solitary, v«y 
short. Calyx J in., with a few adpress^ hairs ; teeth all short, lowest lanceolate. 
Corolla 2 in., reddish. Pod IJ in. long, glabrous, recurved, 6-8-8ocded. 


Climbing herbs. Leaves 3-foliolate, with stipellate leaflets. Fhwen middle- 
sized, racemose. Calyx-tube cylindrical, very gibbous, witii a very oblique sub- 
truncate mouth. Corolla exserted ; petals equal in length ; standaid spurred on 

Dumana.'] l. lequmivosje. (J. O. Baker.) 188 

1)oth sides of the huae of the limb ; wings and keel adherent, with small blades 
and very long daws. Stainena diadelphous ; anthers uniform. Ovary linear, sub^ 
stipitate, few-ovuled; style long, flattened above its curvei stigma capitate. 
Fbd linear, fidcate, torulose. — Distrib. One other species, in Japan. 

1. 9. ▼illosa, DC. Menu Leg, 257, t. 44 ; Brodr, ii. 241 ; leaves and 
leaflets distinctly petioled, the latter ovate, corolla twice as long as the calyx. 
WalL Cat, 6523. JD. pubescens, DC, loc, cit, t. 46. D. congesta, Chrah, in Wall. 
CW. 6524; W. ^ A. Prodr. 20Q ; Wight Ic. t. 4M. 

HiMAiATAS, ^m SiMUk and Kxtvaon to SnuuH and Khasia, ascending to 
6-7000 ft. Hills of Wbstebn Peninsula and Cbtlon. — ^Distbeb. Java, Madagascar, 

Stems slender, densely clothed with grey or fsrmginons hairs. Petiole 1-2 in. ; 
stipalee minute, setaceous ; leaflets membranous, obtuse, green, with a few obscure 
ham above, grey, densely pubescent beneath ; end one 2-3 in. long. Racemee 2-6 in. 
long, lax or dose, 12-40-flowered, rarely (D. congeeta, Grab.) close, subsessilo ; bracts 
and bracteoles minute, setaceous. Calyx }-| in., with a few adpressed hairs. Corolla 
\-\ in., yellow or purplish. Pod 1 J in. long, velvety, 3-4-seeded. 

Vab. leioearpa, Benth. PL Jungh. 231, sp. ; pod and leaflets subglabrous. — Sikkim, 
Kbasia, Ceylon. 

2. O. oordUbliay Benth. M88. ; leaves and leaflets subsessile, the latter 
rotundato-cordate, corolla half as long again as the cal^-x. 

Khasia, 5000 ft, Hook. fil. # Thomson. 

Stems very slender, at first finely downy. Stipules linear, very minute ; leaflets 
membranous, glabrous, ^-1 in. long, firm, pale green. Flowers 6-10, in a close 
raceme, on a glabrous peauncle l-22iii. long ; bracts and bracteoles linear, very mi- 
nute. Caljfx glabrous, membranous, i^ in. long. Corolla pale yellow. 

68. OZiTOZNB, linn. 

Twining or suberect herbs. Leaves with 3-7 stipellate leaflets. Flowers in 
axillary racemes, with [minute narrow bracts. Calgx-tube campaniilate ; teeth 
distinct, long or short. Corolla mostly little exserted; petals about equal in 
length ; standard not distinctly spurred. Stamens more or less completely mona- 
delphous ; anthers uniform. Ovarg subsessile, many-ovuled ; style short, in- 
curved, beardless, stigma capitate. Pod linear or linear-oblong, straight or 
recurved, flat or rather turgid, few-seeded. — ^Distrib. Species about 12, spread 
through tropics of old world, and especially Australia. 

1. O. Jawaaioa, Linn. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 242 ; stems slender twining, leaf- 
lets 8, racemes elongated many-flowered, calvx-teetJi long setaceous, pod narrow 
amalL Benth. in Joum. Linn. Soc. viii. 26o. Soja Wightii and S. javanica, 
Grah. in WaU. Cat. 6630 & 6628. Notonia Wightii, W. 8r A. Prodr. 208. 
Johnia Wightii, W. ^ A. Prodr. 440. 

Plains of the Westkrk Pbxinsxtia and Cetlon. — ^Distbib. Trop. Africa, Natal^ 

Stems wide-dimbing, more or less clothed with grey or ferruginous silky hairs. 
Petioles 1-3 in. ; leaflets membranous, green, with a few adpressed hairs above, grey 
and pubescent below ; end one ovate, acute, 2-4 in. long. Racemes short-pedunded, 
dense or lax, 1-6 in. long ; pedicels very short ; bracteoles long, setaceous. Calyx 
j^ ia^ densely silky ; tee^ setaceous, plumose. Corolla reddish, little exserted. Pod 
uiMsr» straight, 1 in. by ^J in., 4-5-seeded, clothed with adpressed hairs. 

184 u LKQUMnrosjL (J. O. Baker.) TOhftime. 

S. €lk pastaphjllmv Dak. im JCnr Jomm, ir. 344 : staow sknder twiiiiq|, 

B0UJL M Jimm. Xran. ^Sbc. Tin. 206"; Dmk. ^ Gvbi. Bomb. Fl 08. 

Kmisix. a-^>00 tLy Beoi.JU. Jt TVhmmi, LM. Coscks. DalstB^ SSedki. 

&tmt wiie-dimbing, with a f«v adprnaed haixs. FiTioie 1-3 in. ; leaflets snbco- 
limoaoQS. vita a few adpreswd liaizs on both sides* gnen abore, grej below, distant; 
end one oV*<oni^U&ceoIale>, acn:e. 1-4 in. long. lUcewtft Ixx. nsoaLj diort-pednnded, 
im^hia^ $-$ in. loiur: prdieeU rerr short. £ucic]«d. CaJ^ ^ in.: t«cu& ddtoid, 
shorter ti^&n the tube. C->r^Ud zvdiish. twice the calriL Fad gUbroos. flat, nther 
varazTwi, 1^ is. by } in.. l-S-seeded. 

3. O. Scda, JM. <&- ZtkT. Fnm. Xat. FL /^ 11 : nems stout soberect, 
lenfleis ^. nicesn«s few-dow^ered oomzested seasile, enlTx>teetli long aetneaoos, pods 
1»»d. £f«i;i. » J'tfMni. Zwn. S0C, Tiu. dSGL So> luFpida. JVmwA : i>C. IVvd^. 
iL SS16 1 Tr4a. Oat. SSSS^ I W. & A. Phtdr. ^47. IK)lick» So>^ Xmn. ; ibii. 
Ftlmd.m.^14. Sojn nagosd&Jk, Jfif . JZ /«i. ilaC. L ±23. 

HimjiiJLTAS. tsoTseal regka ; Kouucix xo f^fyyrw. Knisi and Ata, often ciilti> 
mtvd. — ihsTVji. Ease Ajia. 

&/9W *-l»rwcJ :»T diaVinir nrw«rds. juirttsl, cess^'^.y c!:cb*d wiii fine fcnnginons 
hairs. Lr/.vrf^-petai.I?d : Ifr&f et5 iaera>!r*r;.»T». cTiie. akit*, JXPtix oHxise. 2—1 in. 
l<»u;. Co'^vT \ is.. deDM^rbasTT. C^-tmU reddish, linle exsealed. Pods nsaaDTonlr 
2~S 3fT«}.->p«^ is t^^e AiTii (tf 6ac2i ImI lineaxH^ucog. ivmred. densdj pnbnaoent, 
1 J-i in. It j- J is-, S l-aee c ei. snb4cjx!.Tse. 


TwiTiicr lie^ with exnrUy ib^ )a bit of GiwimtL OaipT-tmkr CEspuniklp : 

*<»«h viisuiict* foi'bwjiial or two -upr^eir dm jo Icjiur. Caroi^ii lini* ex£tf?:ad ; p^ 

a2T«T*.^:f- aniif-r? $;r:;al]. aV:rur?\ Onary svtjv^if-, nyiiy-C'Tolf^d ; srrle sboit, 
cjirr^.i. K-yirdjejs?.. fnxniia cjiptaTif-. Pttd liaaar. 'h X'tf^d wiih tbe wrsssrent style at 
tiie tijw iukr:i>b. ^psaxe beirineie::: Uk ^Midsw — I>is:Tax. Spedes 4. teiiiag ihf^ wcM 

1. T. Tatrtalfs, Sprmf. Sf/fs*. m. f^^: loai)v:> smU Mcicte or sobotowt 
raonc^ iJSoaillT Ti<»3tiDc}«i ftloiic«<^, «ilTT-T<»?ih a> loaic as tbr fnl*. BtmUi 
t« Jfncnk. Xriwe, Sdr^ viii. 2^. iilrcane ifi>afir:irs, JJi^r,. ; J? at?*. FZ Jni in. S18; 
IT. ^ .L Prod-. i?a?: Wiphs' lu t. It^- ; I^oh. *s- ^7*. J5onA. FL «?. 
O. Tisrnfl.t:^ Lrn.. ,- J)C ProHr, =i f?4:ir ; W.-Cl, Col, ,\>.if A-F, G. df^H&aiid 
sciD£»^V.Ti*iv. J'C r*-W-. ii. i?^i, G -jfcTif'TSR. irrnl. i/. TTrU. Caf., 551 S. G. 
witrrf*f2i*d?». J'flils. tii Xnr J«*r«k iii. i!lO; JmZi. ^- (riifk. Bomh. F2.6i^ G. 
TfiDcrrinias ^r/ri. in WaH Ofi", 55i?0 5 

I*it.ii» thf ffint nf the Vis^ HiVAxaTAS t.. Cm-.-^y. Bzkme aaid 
iViRnrrR. Onsinfa'.-il>*n is 'die trcyirtv Xaxal 

S\rr».f. wj5t'-:-:-*7i.>iini:, fOfmocs-. wiifc a few lisr- :i.^ijir«is<c "hiiim. Sr^fmdt9 
lairvfii:**. QfOJ^fHtf: prtifile f-'j in . )<*ii**;* Ti. TnnTr.yiTfciinc* or soiltccj 
gTt*en, -wTtb a frw n^imtrnd haiT* aJwr, rrry and innpf brjrr bcSmr. The ei 
o^iit or oiunnr. i-i :t^ )onc. .Sflflriwv 1-4 ir.. l^ou:. wniiklH *;jaL U» pedicfOs 
c)«d. CaiuT t--f^ 1&. : )«nh Uauwiilate. Cfm»Jhi Tt«adudi. JW limwfc g^ala— a, !»» 
canrad. 1^2 in. Jroii:. ^-42-iiM«ded. 

TaK. wudhf : lamit. md pndii tO.-cb«£ wr^ limpffi- vinre fip!*Mi£njr bain, k«flrts 
nbliB u r ia aeiii fr dimsrir pobimini bwiwatb rahr^T^K^i aboRv. G. sioIBr. W. ^ M 

Teramnui.'] l. leoxtmikosjb. (J. Q. Baker.) 185 

2. T> flexlllSy Benth, in Joum. lann, Soc, yiii. 265 ; leaflets laige acute, 
flowers in sessile congested racemes, calyx-teeth shorter than the tube. Glycine 
flexilis, Orah, in WaU. Cat. 6521. 

East Hocalatas ; forests of Assam, Sillbt and CHrrrAGoya. 

More robust than the last, of which it may be a mere variety. Stems, petioles and 
kares nearly glabrous. Leaflets subcoriaceous, the end one 3-5 in. long. Racemes 
1 in. or less long. Calyx-XjbQXh. lanceolate-deltoid. Pods glabrous, 2^-3 in. long. 

60. MVOinrA, Adans. 

Perennials and annuals of wide-twining habit. Leaves ample, stipellate, 
always 3-foliolate. Flowers large^ showy, usually dark purple, turning quite 
Uack when dried. Calyx-tube campanulate ; two upper teem quite connate ; 
lowest longer than the middle ones. CoroUa much exserted ; standard not more 
than half as long as the rostrate keel, which usually a little exceeds the wings. 
Stamens diadelphous ; anthers dimorphous, like those of the Oemstea, Ovary 
sessile, many-ovuled ; style incurved, beardless, stigma capitate. Pod very 
variable in shape and sculpture, usually covered with brittle needle-like irritating 
hristlee. — Distbib. Species above 20, spread everywhere in the tropics. 

SuBOEN. 1. Ainp]iiptera« Pod broadly winged down both sutures and 
the faces covered also by close oblique plaits. 

1. X> imbrioataf DC. Prodr. ii. 406. Carpopogon imbricatum, Roxh, 
Hart, Beng. 54 ; M. monosperma, WaU. Cat, 5623 0, ex parte. 

East Hocalatas, Silhbt, Sikjuu, Assah, tropical region, 1-4000 ft., WcUIieh 
Griffith^ Hook, JU. 

A woody climber, with slender glabrescent branches. Lea/lets membranous, with a 
few minute adpressed grey hairs below, glabrous above ; the end one oblong-cuspi- 
date, 5-6 in. long. Racemes few-flowerod, lax, on drooping peduncles 2-12 iu. long ; 
pedicels |-^ in. long ; bracts lary^e, roundish, soon deciduous. Calpx | in. long; with 
a few irritating bristles ; teeth all nearly as long as the tube. Corolla dull purple, 
%^\ in. long ; keel abruptly inflexed at the tip ; wings ^ in. broad ; standard half as 
long as the keel, 1 in. broad. Pod oblong, 4-6 in. by 2 m., 2-4-seeded, clothed with 
abundant deciduous, irritating bristles ; wings of sutures finally ^ in. broad. 

M. ACUMINATA, Groh, in WaU. Cat. 6621 from Pkxang, may perhaps belong to 
this gxxnip, but the fruit is unknown. The calyx is like that of M. imhricata^ but the 
eoToUa is smaller and the racemes are short-peduncled and corymbose like those of 
M. iHonosperma. 

Sfbgen. 2. Oltta* Lour, Pod with the faces covered by close oblique 
plaits, but not winged down the sutures. 

2. M. monospermay DC. Prod. ii. 406; leaflets with a little feiru- 
ginous down, racemes short-peduncled close, upper calyx-lip subtruncate, pod 
one-seeded nearly as broad as long. WaU. Cat, 5623 A, !d ; TVir^ht in Hook. Bot, 
MiMc. iL 346, Supjd, 1. 12 ; W, | A, Prod, 254 ; Dah, Sf Gibs, Bomb, Fl. 70. 
Gupopogon monospermum, Boxb. Hort, Beng. 54; Fl. Ind, iii. 283. M. 
enstMtAfMam. MSo, M. corymbosa, Grah. in WaU. Cat. 5622. M. anguina, 
WaU, jPi. Am* Bar, iii. 19, t. 236. Oarpopogon anguineum, Boxh. Cat. Hort. 

East Hocaiatas, tropical zone ; Khasia, Assam, CHrrTAOoxo, Peou ; Tatoy, 
Oomiz. Hills of Wxst Pbnixsula and Cetlon, up to 3000 ft. 

A woody climber, with slender glabrescent branches. Leaflets membranous or 
nbeoriacaoQS, thinly clothed with ferruginous pubescence beneath ; the end one ob- 
iDBg-cnspklate. 4-6 in. long. Racemes £-12-flowered, corymbose, 6hort*pedanclod« or 

186 L. LEOUMiNOSf. (J. O. Baker.) IMueuna. 

flubeessile ; bracts none seen ; pedicels ^} in. ; biacteoles linear, exceediDg the bud. 
Caiyx Jin., -with copious irritating bristles; lower tooth linear; side ones deltoid. 
Corolla 1^ in. long ; keel abruptly inflexed at the tip ; win^ i in., standard ^ in. 
broad. Pod 3 in. long, obscurely stipitate, clothed with copious ferruginous or dull 
brown irritating bristles ; wings ^-^ in. deep. 

8. M. atropurpureav DC. Prodr. ii. 406 ; leaflets glabrous, racemee 
long-peduncled drooping elongated often forked, upper calyx-lip more than half 
as long as the tube, pod two-«eeded twice as long as broad, JvalL Cat, 6620 ; 
TF. 4* A. Prodr, 254. Carpopogon aixopurpureum, Roxh, Hort, Beng, 54 ; Fl, 
Ind, iii. 287. 

Plains of Wrsterit Pbninsttla and Cetlon. Maulcca, Maingay, 
A woody climber, with yery slender glabrous branches. Leafletit membranous, 
subconcolorous, shining on the upper surface, the end one oblong-cuspidate, 4-6 in. 
long. Racemes pendent, not corymbose ; bracts small, ovate, soon deciduous ; bracte- 
oles oblong-spathulate, obtuse, \-^ in. Calvx ^f in. long, deeply bilabiate, with a 
few ferruginous iiritatin|; bristles. Corolla dark purple, 2-2^ in. long ; keel abruptly 
turned up at the end ; wings ^-f in., standard 1 in. broad. Pod sessile, 3 in. long, the 
faces traversed with close oblique plaits, and furnished with abundant yellow-brown 
irritating bristles. 

SuBGEN. 3. Oarpopogron, Roxh, Pod broadly winged down both sutures, 
but not plaited on the faces. 

. 4. M. iTiflrantea, DC Prodr. ii. 405; WaU. Cat. 5010; W. ^ A. 
Prodr. 254; Wight m Hook, Bot. Misc. ii. 361, Supid. t 14. Carpopogon 
giganteum, Roxb. Hort. Beaig. 54 ; Fl. Ind. iii. 286. Dolichos giganteus, niOd, 
Sp. PI. iii. \041.—Bheede Hort. Mai. viii. t. 36. 

Plains of the Western Peninsula ; Andamans, Kurs. — Distbib. Malaya, Philip- 
pines, Polynesia. 

A woody climber, with slender glabrous branches. Leaflets subcoriaceous, sob- 
concolorous, glabrous ; end one oblong-cuspidate, 6-6 in. long. Flowers ] '2-30 in long- 
peduncled drooping close racemes ; pedicels 1 in. long. Calyx |-} in., with a few 
irritating bristles; upper lip subtruncate. Corolla yellow, 1-1^ in. long; keel not 
abruptly inflozed at Uie end. Pod 3-6 in. by 2 in., flat on the faces, copiously clothed 
with abundant deciduous yellow-brown irritating bristles, 2-6-seeded. 

SuBGEN. 4. Stizolobianiy Pers. Pod without either distinct plaits on 
the faces or wings down the sutures. 

5. M. maorooarpay Watt. Cat. 5618; woody, branches and leaves 
glabrous, upper lip of calyx subtruncate, pod yery large sublignose glabreecent 

NiFAL and Silhet, WaUich. Khasia and Sncxnf, 1-6000 fl., plentiful. Book. fit. f 

Branchlets slender, terete. Lecfiets subcoriaceous, the undersurface with a few ad- 
pressed deciduous hairs ; end one ovate-cuspidate, 6-8 in. long. Racemes fiisdcled 
firom the old wood, short-pedunclod, with a densely brown- velvety rachis, the lower 
nodes sending out short branches ; pedicels |-J in., velvety, decurved ; bracteoles 
^} in. obtuse, oblong. Calyx nearly 1 in. long, with a few irritating bristles ; lower 
teeth as long as the tube. Corolla 2^3 in. long ; keel abruptly turned up at the 
tip; wings Jin. ; standard 1^ in. broad. Pod l-l^ ft. by 1^1} in., 8-12-Beeded, 
distinctly torulose, finely velvety at first, slightly channelled down both sides of botli 

6. M. braoteatay DC. Prodr. ii. 406 ; annual or perennial, branches 
mnd leaves below with a few adpresaed hairs, flowers purple in short-pedunded 

Mueuna.'] l. lsguiokosj:. (J. O. Baker.) 187 

noemes, bracts ovate extending to the peduncle, pod glabrescent at first covered 
with short grey velvety tomenl^m without longitudiniu furrows. Xurz m Joum, 
Atiat* Soc. Beng, zlii. 2, 231. Oarpopogon bracteatum, Roxh. Hort, Beng. 54. 

East Hiicalayas, tropical zone ; Assam, Masters, Khasu, Griffith, Hook, JU, f 
Thomson. CHrrrAOOKa, Roxburgh. Ava, Pbgu and Mabtabak. Kurz, 

Closely allied to M. pruriens, with which it quite agrees in calyx, corolla and 
shape and texture of leaflets. Leaves grey, with only a few obscure adpressed hairs 
below. Bachis of the racemes densely grey-pubescent ; bracts broader and more per- 
sistent than in the rest of the group, those of the peduncle acuminate, ^-| in. long. 
iW 3-4 in. long, similar in texture to that of M. pruriens and similarly abruptly re- 
curved at the end. 

7. SKa Ursataf 7F. 4* A, Prodr, 254 \ annual, branches and leaves below 
densely silky, flowers purple in long racemes, bracts small ovate or lanceolate, 
pod ribbed longitudinajly clothed with yellow-brown irritating bristles. 

Plains of Wbstkrn Peniksitla. 

Branches slender, densely clothed with short flue deflexed ferruginous or grey 
hairs. Lsafiets ovate-rhomboid, obtuse, with a cusp, membranous, thinly silky above, 
densely grey-silky beneath, ferruginous on the veins, 4-6 in. long. Bacemes short- 
peduncM, jU-4 ft. long, with a densely silky rachis. Calt/x and corolla as in M. 
pruriens. Poi 3-4 in. long, reflexed at the end, 6->6-Beeded. 

8. X> pmrieiuiy DC, Prodr, ii. 405 ; annual, branches with a few ad* 
meflsed hairs, leaves grey-silky beneath, flowers in elongated racemes, bracts small 
lanceolate, pod ribb^L longitudinally clothed with grey rarely ferruginous weak 
irritating bristles. Wttt, Cat, 5616 ; Wight in Hook. Bot, Misc. 2, Suppl, t, 
33. Oarpopogon pruriens, i^or^. Hort, Beng, 34; Fl, Ind, iii. 283. Ddichos 
prmiens, Lttm, 8p. 1020. M. prurita, Hook, Bot, Misc, ii. 348 ; W, 8^ A. Prodr. 
265 ; DaU, ^ Oihs, Botnb, FL 70. M. utilis. Wall. ; Wight Ic, t. 280. 

From the Himalayas, in the plains, to Cbtlok and Biuma. — ^Distbib. Cosmopoli- 
tan in the tropics. Often cultivated, as are the two following. 

An annual, with slender terete branches, glabrescent when mature. Leaflets 
membranous, ovate-rhomboid, green, glabrescent above, lustrous with fine grey silky 
pubescenee beneath, ^J ft. long. Bacemes short-peduncled, drooping, ^-1 ft. long, the 
axis finely grey-silky ; pedicels ^-| in. Calyx ) in. long, with a few imtating bristles ; 
upper lip^ and lanceolate teeth as long as the tube. Corolla purplish, l^-l^ in. long ; 
wings \ in. broad, rather shorter than the slightly incurved keel. Pod 2-3 in. long, 
5-6-8eeaed, turgid, clothed with dense persistent bristles which are usually pale 
brown or steel-grey. — M. utilis, Wall, is a cultivated variety with a velvety pod. 
A variety occurs in Ceylon with short usually two-flowered peduncles. An aUied 
plant from Assam, Masters, known in bud only, has closer laxer pubescence and 
large linear-setaceous bracts. 

9. X. oapitatay W, 8f A. Prodr. 255 ; annual, stem and under surface of 
the leaves glabrescent, flowers in short-peduncled few-flowered corymbs, bracts 
small lanceolate setaceous, pod shortlv velvety glabrescent ribbed longitudinally. 
Oarpopogon capitatum, Boub, Fl, ind, iii. 284. M. velutina, Hassk. Hort, 

Foot of the WssTKRN and Eastebk Himalatas. — Distbib. Java. 

Closely allied to M, pruriens^ of which it may be a cultivated race. Leaflets 
the same texture and shape, but with only a few adpressed hairs, not silky below. 
Corymbs wiUi 5-6 flowers, on short ascending peduncles. Calyx and corolla the 
same. Pod larger, 6-6 in. long, similarly turned up at the end, but the bristles much 
'shorter and deeiduoas. 

188 L. LEGXTHiNOSf. (J. G. Baker.) [Jftietmo. 

10. M. nlTea, DC, Prodr, ii. 406 ; annual, stem and leaves beneath gla^ 
biescent, flowers white in long drooping racemes, bracts small linear-lanceolate, 
pods shortly velvety glabrescent ribbed lo^tudinallv. Watt, Cat, 6624. Cai^ 
popogon nivemn, Roxb, Hcrt. Beng, 64 ; FL Ind, ill. 285. M. nigra, Ham, in 
WdS, Cat, 6617. 

AvA and Bbnoal, perhaps cultivated only. 

Like the preceding, perhaps only a cultivated race of M. pruriena, LeafUtM 
\-^ ft. long, distinctly rhomboidal at the base, both sides at first with a few adpressed 
nairs. Racemes pendulous, often exceeding the leaves. PedioeU, calyx and oonMa of 
M, pruriefiSf but the latter white. Pod half a foot long, black and destitute of 
bristles when mature, 6-8-seeded. 

61. APZOS, Moench. 

Twining herbs. Leaves pinnately 3-7-foliolate, stipellate. Flowers middle- 
sized, in lax racemes, with tmnid nodes ; bracts and bracteoles minute, deciduous. 
Calyx teeth shorter than the tube, two upper connate, lowest linear, the two 
others short, deltoid. Corolla much exsertod, the much incurved narrow keel 
exceeding the spoonshaped standard, the wings stiU shorter. Stamens diadel- 
phous ', anthers uniform. Ovary subsessile, many-ovuled ; style very long, fili- 
form, beardless, much incurved, stigma capitate. Pod linear, compressed. — 
DiSTRiB. Species 3, the two others Chinese and N. American. 

1. A. OBjeneVLf Benth, MSS, Oyrtotropis camea, WaU. Cat, 6627; PL 
As. Bar, 49, t. 62. 

NiPAi^ Wailich. Khasia, 4-6000 ft., Hook. fit. ^ Thomson, Lohb. 

Stems slender, soon glabrescent. Petioles 2-3 in. ; leaflets usually 5, rarely 3, 
glabrous, green above, pale beneath, membranous, opposite, oblong, acute, 3-4 in. 
long. Flowers in long*peduncled flezuose secund racemes 6-9 in. long ; lower pedicels 
&scicled, upper solitaiy ; bracts and bracteoles minute, linear, caducous. Calyx green, 
glabrous, ^-| in. Corolla reddish, quite twice the calyx. Pod 4-5 in. long, glabrous, 
straight, 12-16-seodfcd. 

02. BaVTBaZNA, Linn. 

Trees with prickly branches. Flowers large, cdral-red, in dense racemes, 
produced usually before the development of the lai^ constantly 3-foliolate leaves. 
Calyx oblique, spathaceous, finally slitting down to the base or campanulato-bi- 
labiate. Petals very une<^ual ; standard always much exserted and consideraUy 
exceeding the keel and wings. Upper stamen free down nearly to the base or 
connate with the others hcdf way up the filaments ; anthers imiform. Ovary 
stalked, many-ovuled ; style incurved, beardless, stigma capitate. Pod linear, 
turgid, torulose. — Distrib. Species 26-30, principally tropical, in both the new 
world and the old, and at the Cape. 

SiTBQEN. 1. StenotropiSy Hassk, Calyx spathaceous, oblique, not at 
all 2-lipped, finally split to the base down the back. 

1. &• Indloay Lam, ; DC, Prodr, ii. 412 ; caljrx 6-cleft at the tip, ke^ 
petals free, pod 6^8-seeded. Boxb, Fl, Ind, iii. 249; WaU, CW. 6968; W, ^ 
A. Prodr, 260 ; Bedd, Fl, Sylv, 87 ; Wight Ic. t, 68 ; Dab, ^ Oibs, Bomb. FL 70. 
E. spathacea, JFall, Cat, 6966. E. corallodendron, Linn, Sp. 992, sx parte. £. 
cuneata, Qrah, in WaU, Cat. 6QQ7.^Bheede Hort, MaL vi. t 7. 

Foot of the Hdcalatas to Cetloit, BnucA and Malacca, often planted.— DxrbiB. 
Java, Polynesia, 

L. LIOT7M1NOS2B. (J. G. Baker.) 189 

A tidl tne^ vith thin gnj bark, the prickles minute, conical, usaallj black. P«- 
HoUb 4>6 in., mostly nnarmed ; leaflets membranous, subconoolorous, glabrous, the 
end one lound-caspidAte, 4-6 in. long and broad, truncate or broad-rhomboidal at the 
base. Baeemes dense, ^ ft. long, on spreading woody peduncles ; pedicels ^-^ in., 
downy. Calyx 1-1| in. long, with a very oUique mouth from the first, subglab- 
zoos, minutely 5-tooUied at the yery tip. Standard 2-2^ in. long, the blade 1 in. 
broad ; wings and keel subequal, not more than half as long as the calyx. Pod ^1 ft. 
kog, distin^y torulose. — ^£. pcta, Xtnn. (Sumph, Amboin, t. 77) appears to be a 
mere fonn of this, with Tariegated leaves. 

2. B. Btiiotay Baxb, JSort. Beng, 53 ; Fl. Ind. iii. 251 ; calyx entire at 
the tip, keel-petals concate, pod 2-^-6eeded. W. ^ A. Prodr. 260 ; Dak. ^ 
OHm, ^omb. Florae 70 ; Bedd, Fl 8ylv. 1. 175. Micropteryx stricta, Walp. in 
Lrnnaoy rriii. 740. 

Wksterk Pbhutsttiji, common. 

A large tree. Prickles whitish, rarely extending to the petioles. Leaflets same 
shape as m JK. indica, glabrescent on both surfaces. Calyx subglabrous, ^ in. long. 
SUmdard oblong-lanceolate, 1^ in. long ; keel half as long as the standard, much ex- 
ceeding the truncate wing. Stamens as in the last. Pod 4-5 in. long, less torulose 
than in the last, narrowed to both ends, glabrous, its stalk longer than the 

SuBeEir. 2. Mioropteryzy Walp, Calyx campanulate, more or lesa 
distinctly 2-lipped, but not splitting down to the base. Pod tui^d and seed- 
througn its whole length. 

a B. resaplnata, Boxh, Cor. M. t. 220 ; Hort. Beng. 53 ; Fl, Ind. iii. 
257 ; herbaceons^ leaflets as broad as long, limb of standard oUong. DC, Prodr. 
iL 410 ; Brand, For. Fl. 141. 

Ufpbb Gakobtic plain ; Nawal Khar, Dr. Brandts. Oudh, J>r. Stewart. 

Baeemes direct f^rom the rootstock, under a foot high, dense, appearing before the 
leavee. Petioles and peduncles prickly. Leaflets round-coidate, 2-3 in. long and 
broad. Calyx ^ -^ in. long, campanulato-bilabiato. Standard 3-4 times the 
calyx ; keel half as long as the standard tinged with red, its petals united ; wings much 
shorter, greenish. Upper staman free from low down. 

4. B. orallfoUa, Boxb. Sort. Beng. 53 ; Fl. Ind. iii. 254 ; arborescent, 
leafleti twice as lon^ as broad, glabrous, Hmb of the standard as broad as long. 
WalL Qit. 5961 ; Wight lo, t. 247 ; Bedd. Fl. Sylv. 88 ; Benth. PI. Jungh. 237. 
£. pcta, Wall. Oat, 5060, non Linn. Duchassaingia ovalifolia, Walp, in Lki^ 
lueOf zziii 742. 

Fofcsts of SnusT, Assam, Bxxcoai., Gbtlon, Bibma and Malacca. — Distuib. Java, 
Pblynesia, and perhaps not distinct from American E, glauca, Willd. 

Brttftekes pale grey. Prickles usually black, not extending to the petiole. Leaflets 
subeoriaceous, glaucous, the end one ovate or obovate-oblong, very different in shape 
from that of any other species, often ^ ft. long, obtuse or subacute. Calyx J-^ in., 
biown-TeWety, splitting nearly down to the base in two halves. Standard deep scarlet, 
lf-2 in. by i^ in, emorginate ; keel petals adherent, half as long as standard ; wing 
rather shorter. Pod 6-^8eeded, ^ ft. long, distinctly torulose, narrowed into a short 

5. B. saberosa, Boxb. Hort. Beng. 58; Fl. Ind, iii. 253; arborescent, 
leaflets as loiu^ 9» broad matted with pubescence beneath, limb of the standard 
S-4 times bb long aa broad, pod turgid. Wall. Cat. 5950 ; W. ^ A. Prodr. 
aeO; Bedd. FL Sylv. 87 ; Dalz. 4* Gibi. Bomb. Fl. 70. fiiicropteryx suberosa. 

190 L. LEQUMiNOSA. (J. G. Baker.) lErythritia. 

Walp. in Linneea, xxiii. 744. ' E. alba^ Itoxb, MSS. E. Nahasuta, and E. 
leniformis, Hofn. in Wall, Cat, 6066, 6968. 

Himalayas to CbtijOk, ascending to 3-4000 in tho north-west. 

A tree, reaching 40-60 feet high, with corky deeply cracked bark. Prickles yel- 
lowish, longer than in the others. Leaflets green and glabrous above, 3-6 in. broad, 
often broader than deep, usually pointed, with a broad deltoid base, thickly matted 
with grey cottony down beneath. Racemes densely capitate. Calyx # in. long, fniintly 
downy, soon deeply bilabiate. Standard 1^-2 in. long, its blade J-| in. broad; keel- 

Setals connate, less than half as long as the standard. Upper stamen free from low 
own. Pod J ft. long, subterete, distinctly torulose, 4-5-seeded. 
Vab. sublobata ; Koxb. Fl. Ind. iii. 254 (sp.) ; leaflets larger conspicuously sinu- 
ated. W. 4- A. Prodr, 261 ; Bedd. Fl. Sylv. 87. E. maxima, Roxb. MSS. Macro- 
pteryx sublobata, Walp. in Linnaa, xxiii. 740. £. tomentosa. Ham. in Wall, CaL 
6964.— Orissa, Roxburgh, Mungger hills, Hamilton. Subalpine jungles of Western 
Peninsula, Beddome. 

6. Xi. arboresoenSy Roxb. Hort. Beng, 63 ; Fl, Ind: iii. 26G ; arbores- 
cent, leaflets as broad as long glabrous beneath^ limb of the standard 2-3 times 
as long as broad, pod firm flattish. Roxb. Cor. PI, t 219 ; WaU. Cat. 6962 ; 
Brand. For. Fl. 1^. 

Cemtral and East Hdcalatas ; Kumaon to Sikkix and Khasia, ascending to 
7,000 ft. 

A low tree, with few prickles on the branches. Leaflets membranous, greenish on 
both sides, tho end one pointed, truncate or rather cordate at the base, often }-l ft. 
broad. Flower yeiy like that of E. subermaf but the calyx larger and the limb of 
the standard broader. Pod much ciurved, ^-^ ft. long, 1 in. or more broad, 4-6- 
seeded, narrowed gradually to a distinct beak and stalk. 

SiTBOEK. 3. Bsrpaplionui, ITassk. Calyx as in the last. Pdd flat, 
seedless and indehisceDt in th^ lower half, bearing 1-3 seeds towards tJie tip. — 
Connects Erythrma with Butea and Spatholobus, 

7. X8. llthospemiay Blume, ex Miq. Flor. Ind. Bat. i. 200. E. secmH 
diflora, Hassk, PI. Jav. Bar. 378 ; BerUh. PI. Jungh. 237, non Brotero, 

Ranooow, McClelland. — Distbib. Java; Philippines, Cuming^ llCl. 

A tall tree, with branchlets often unarmed. Leaflets membranous, glabrous, 
greenish, the end one roundish, acute, 4-6 in. long. Racemes pilose, cotemporaneons 
with the leaves. Calyx velvety, i-| in. long, finally splitting down nearly to the 
base in two lips. Standard \\-l^ in. long, the limb oblong, obtuse ; keel and wings 
subequal, J in. long. Pod much recurved, 4-5 in. long, broader in lower half, with a 
stalk reacting l^-lj in. long. — Kurz (Joum. Asiat. Soc. Beng. xlii. 2, 69) bays 
Miquel's plant is not Blume's, and that it is E. sutnatrana^ Miq. Fl. Ind. Bat. SnppL 
804. I cannot, without specimens, clearly distinguish R holosericea, Kun loe. cit 
from this ; its pod is unknown. 

63. STaONOTZiODON, Vogel. 


Twining herbs, with the habit of Phaseolus, with stipellate 3-foliolate leaves. 
Flowers in long lax racemes. Calyx campanulate, gibbous ; teeth short, obtuse, 
imbricated. Corolla much exserted ; standard lanceolate, recurved ; wings ob- 
tuse, more than a third as long ; keel curved, as long as the standard, narrowed 
into a lon^ beak. 8tameM diadelphous; anthers unifoim. Oeary stalked^ 

Strongylodon."] .L. LEGUxiKOSifi. (J. G. Baker.) 191 

few-oTuled, style filiform, beardless, stigma capitate. Pod oblong, turgid. 
Seeds as lai^ as a bean, with a hilum running more tban half round. — Distrib. 
Species 3^ Polynesian. 

1. 8> jeuh^rfVoffel \ Walp, Ann, iv. 660; A, Gray Bot. Amer. Expior, 
Bjcpedk.^ 446, t 48 ; ThwaUes JEnum, 89. Rhynchosia lucida, DC. Prodr. ii. 

Cbylox, near Eornegalle, Thtoaitea. — Distuib. Pol3nie8ia. 

8tem$ firm, wide-twining, glabroas. Leaflets green, subconcolorous, glabrous* 
msmbranons, the end one roundish with a point, 4-6 in. long. Racemes copious, ax- 
illary, distinctly-peduncled, jhl ^> long ; pedicels geminate from the tumid nodes, 
filiform, droopinff, ^1 in. Ca/yx glabrous, ^-^ in., clasped at the base by a pair of 
'short round deciauous liracteoles. Corolla bright rod, 3-4 times the calyx. Pod ob- 
long, 3 in. long, distinctly stalked, 2-seeded. 

64. OaONA, Lour. 

Twimng herbs, with stipellate 1-foliolate leaves, deciduous stipules and bracts. 
Bacemes with obecurelyHswollen nodes. Calyx'-tuhe campanulate ; teeth elong^ 
ated, upper 2 shorter. Corolla distinctly exserted, its petals nearly equal in 
lengthy both standard and wings spurred *, keel obtuse, nearly straight. Stamens 
diadelphous; anthers uniform. Ovary subsessile, many-ovuled; style long, 
filiform, beardless, stigma capitate. Pod linear, turgid, septate between the 
seeds. — Distrib. Anomer species reported from Oochin Ohina. 

1. O. Orabamif BeiUh, PI, Jungh, 233; flowers in very kx fascicled 
racemes, bracteoles a quarter as long as the calyx. Glycine Grahami, WaU, Cat. 

A lax climber or trailer, the slender stems with a few adpressed hairs. Leaflet 
tuljcoriaceont, glabrous, subconcolorous, roUculato-venose, 3-6 in. long, acute, lower 
eordate-OTate, upper oblong-lanceolate; petiole J-lJ in. Racemes 2-3 from each 
node, 1-3 in. long, the flowers in pairs from the distant nodes. CaJyx glabrescont, 
^ in ; teeth all exceeding tube, lower linear, upper lanceolate. Corolla ^ in. reddish. 

2. O. DalxelUif Baker ; flowers in dense usually sessile heads, bracteoles 
as long as the (»lyx. Galactia simplicifolia, Dah, in Kew Joum. iii. 209 ; Dak, 
4 GAb. Bomb. Fl, 69. 

Plains of CoNCAK, Dal^ell, Stocks. 

A herbaceous twiner, the slender stems with a few adpressed hairs. Leaflets mcm- 
branoos, with a few adpressed hairs on both sides, green above, glaucous below, ovate, 
acut^, 2-4 in. long, lower cordate, upper rounded at the base; petiole J-I4 in. 
Fknpers ft-12, in copious dense cymes. Calyx ^ in., clothed with deoHo ferruginous 
f^ilky hairs; lower teeth lanceolate, upper deltoid. Corolla twice the calyx. Pod 
liimr, straight, hairy, 2-2|> in. long, 8-10-seeded. 

3. O. fllioauliSf Kurs in Jowm. Anat. See. Beng. zlii. 2, 232 ; flowers 

Panu, Kurs, 

Voluble, slender. Leaves broad cordate-ovate, obtuse, mucronate, 1-1^ in. broad, 
palmately nerved, thinly hirsute on both sides; petiole ^-§ in. Flowers small, yel- 
Ifiw, pedicellate, cirrhoso-pedunculate. Pod slender, linear, glabrous, 1 in. long, 
6-6-aeeded ; seeds shining, oliye-green, mottled with black.— Kurz, loc. cit. 

192 L. LE0UMIN08JB. (J. G. Baker.) lOalaeHa. 

65. OAZiAOTZA, P. Br. 

Twining herbs, with 3-foliolate stipellate leaves, like Glychw in habit, but 
with the nodes of the raceme slightly tumid. Calyx-tube short ; teeth linear or 
lanceolate, the two uppermost entirely fused in one. Corolla little exserted ; it» 
petals nearly equal in length ; keel oDtuse, nearly straight. Stamens diadelj^i- 
ous ; anthers imiform. Ouary subsessile, many-H)Yuled ; style long, filiform, beard* 
less, stigma capitate. Pod linear, flattened, recurved. — Diszbib. Species 45, 
mostly Tropical American. 

1. O. tenalflora, W, <$* A, Prodr, 206 ; leaflets small obtuse, flowers in 
pairs from the distant nodes of elongated racemes, hairs of calyx very short ad* 
pressed. Glycine tenuiflora, WUld. ; DC, Prodr. ii. 241 ; Roxb, Fl, Ind. iiL 

Plains from the foot of tho Hdc^layas to Ceylon and Siax. — Distrib. Natal, 
Zamhesi-land, Australia, Malay isles. 

Stems very slender, obscurely grey-downy. Stipules deciduous, minute ; petiole 
1-1| in. ; leaflets ovate or oblong, 1^2 in. long, membranous, green, glabreseent 
above, grey, obscurely silky below. Racemes copious, peduncled, ^-^ ft. long. ColKr 
j-4 in. long, finely grey silky ; teeth lanceolate acuminate, exceeding the tube. (^ 
rolia reddish, ^ in. long. Pod 1^-2 in. by i in., glabreseent, 6-8-seeded« 

Vab. 1. lucida ; leaflets linear-oblong subcoriaceous glabrous on both sur&ees 
sablucent above, flowers smaller. Glycine lucida, Grah. in Wall, Cat, 5511. G. 
graminea, Heyne MSS. — Western Peninsula. 

Vab. 2. minor \ stems very slender, leaflets and flowers smaller, the former 
oblong ^1 in. long thinly grey silky below, corolla J-^ in. long, pod 1 in. long 
glabrous 4-6-8eeded. Leucodictyon malvensis. Dais. ^ Gibs, Bomb, Flora^ 78. G. 
tenuiflora. Wall. Cat. 6509 .4.— Western Peninsula. 

Vab. 3. villosa ; stems leaves below and pods densely grey-downy, leaflets oblong 
1-1^ in. long, flowers fewer and smaller than in tho type. G. villosa, W, 4" -A,, Prodr, 
207. Glycine tenuiflora. Wall, Cat, 5509, B, C, G.'filiformis. Wall, Cat, 5510 and 
5619. — Western Peninsula. 

Vab. 4. latifolia ; stems and leaves below densely pubescent, leaflets subcoria- 
ceous roundish 1^-2 in. long, racemes elongated, calyx hoary more deeply clefL — 
Concan, Stocks. 

2. O. ? oxypbylla, Benth, PI, Jungh. 233 ; leaflets large acute, flowers 
2-4 in axillary nearly sessile cymes, hairs of calyx long and silky. Glyciiie 
oxyphylla, Grah. m WaU, Cat. 6622. 

Tbnassbbdc ; Tavoy, Gomez. Amherst, Parish. 

Stems slender, clothed with conspicuous spreading deciduous ferruginons hairs. 
Petioles 22-3 in. ; leaflets membranous, green, subconcolorous, with a few adpressed 
hairs on both sur&ces, oblong, 3-4 in. long, ^rac^ lanceolate, nervose, subpcfsisteDt; 
bracteoles linear, as long as the tube. Calyx f in. long ; teeth linear-setaceou8» 2-S 
times as long as the tube, plumose. Corolla reddish, \ in. long. Pod unknown. — Se- 
cedes from Galactia by its cymose inflorescence and persistent nervose bracts. 

66. OOOBXiXAirTBirS, Benth. 

A climbing herb. Leaves pinnately 3-foliolate, stipellate. Flowerg racemed. 
Calyx-tube campanulate ; teetn short, the lowest longest, lanceolate, the two 
upper fused into one. Corolla much exserted, the petals nearly equal in length; 
standard broad ; keel narrow, curved, rounded at the end in a semicircle. 8Uh 
mens diadelphous ; anthers uniform. Ovarji short-stipitate, maoy-oyuled ; s^ls 

CochUanthm.'] L. lequminorj:. (J. 6. Baker.) 193 

filiform incuryed ; stigma large, terminal. Pod linear, incurved, flattish. — 
DiBTRiB. A single endemic species with the habit of a slender Muctma, 

1. G. cr^ftoiliBy BerUh, PI. Jungh, 234 MucunaP gracilis, Orah, in Wall. 

NiPAi^ WalUck. 

A Alesder twining tnbglabrons herb, with both leaves and flower turning black 
when dried. Leaves distinctly petioled, 3-foliolate, stipellate, membranous, with a 
few adpressed hairs on both sur&ces, grey beneath ; end one ovate-rhomboidal, acumi- 
nata, 2-3 in. long. Flowers 6-20 in close racemes on drooping slender peduncles ; 
bncteoles setaceous, very minute, deciduous. Cal^x i in., densely clothed with ad- 
pressed silky hairs. Corolla 3 times as long as the calyx. 

67. SPATBOZiOBira, Hassk. 

Woody climbers, with 3-foliolate stipellate leaves. Flowers small or middle- 
sized, in ample terminal panicles, extending into the axils of the upper leaves, the 
pedicels densely fascicled at the tumid nodes. Calyx campanulate; teeth 
IftDceolate or oblong-deltoid, the upper two connate. Corolla distinctly ex- 
serted, its petals subequal, ^e keel obtuse, nearly straight. Stamens diadel- 
phous ; antners uniform. Ovary sessile or stalked, 2-ovuled ; style incurved, 
beardless, stigma capitate. Pod exactly like that of Bxdea. ^Distrib. Species 
10, the others Malayan and one Trop. African. By the pod dehiscing only at 
the seed-bearing apex this and Butea approach Dalberyiea. 

1. S« &Oz1liirsrl^U, Benth. PI. Jxmgh. 238 ; leaflets subcoriaceous grey- 
canesoent beneath, end one obovate-rhomboidal, flowers middle-sized, pod 
stalked usually equal in width throughout. Butea parviflora, Boxh. Hort. Beng. 
63 ; Fl Ind. ui. 248; DC. Prodr. ii. 415 ; WaU. Cat. 6440 ; W. ^ A. Prodr. 
281 ; Wight Ic. t. 210; Dah. ^ Gibs. Bomb. Fl. 71. B. sericophylla, Wall. Cat. 

Plains from the foot of the Wbst Himai^atas to Ceylon, Mabtabak and Tenas- 

A robust climber, with densely grey-downy branches. Pdiole \-^ ft. ; leaflets 
Bnbooriaceons. dull green, glabrescent above, obtuse or shortly cuspidate, deltoid at 
the base, 6-9 in. long. Panicle reaching 1-1 J ft. long; branches very downy; pe- 
dioels ^ in. or less long. Calyx ^-4 in., densely grey-velvety ; lower teeth lanceolate, 
nearly as long as the tube. CoroUa bright red, half as long again as the calyx. 
Pod 3—4 in. long, usually 1 in. broad, clothed with ferruginous tomentum, which is 
thickest and darkest towards the tip, narrowed suddenly into a stalk J in. long. 

Vak. 1. denudatus ; leaves nearly concolorous, calvate beneath, ^utea gyrocarpa, 
Wall. Cat. 5442, in part.—Teufing. 

Yam. 2. platycarpus ; pod nearly 2 in. broad conspicuously narrowed to the seed- 
basring tip. — Concan, Stocks. 

2. 8. tpyrocBTpUBf Benth. PI. Jungh. 238 ; leaflets subcoriaceous ferru- 
gineo-pubescent beneath, end one obovate-rhomboidal, flowers small, calyx 
densely grey-downy, teeth very short, pod sessile narrowed to the tip. Butea 
gyrocarpa, Wall. Cat. 6442, exports. 

Fonsts of PiNAMG and Malacca, WaUich^ &c. — Distbib. Philippines, Cuming^ 945. 

A robust woody climber, with densely ferrugineo-pubescent branches. Petiole 

4-4 in. ; Isaftets dull green, pubescent on the ribs above, not at all canescent, but beset 

wkh short spreading hairs and reticulato-venose beneath, the base rather rounded, the 

end one 6-9 in. long. Panicle 1 ft. long ; branches very downy ; pedicels vezy short. 

TOL. H. 

194 L. LEGUMiNOSJB. (J. O. Baker.) [8patholohu$. 

Calyx \ in. ; teeth deltoid. Corolla reddish, ^ in. long ; limb and standfird broader 
than deep, emarginate. Pod like the samara of a sycamore reversed, finely downy, 
3-5 in. long, more membranous than in the last 

3. S> aouinlnataSf Benth. PL Jungh, 238 ; leaflets subcoriaceous ob- 
long cuBpidate rounded at tiie base glabrous beneath, flowers smaU, calyx ob- 
scurely aowny, teeth oblong half as long as the tube, pod sessile narrowed to 
the tip. Butea acuminata, Wall. Cat. 6443. Pongamia rosea. Orah. m Wall. 
Cat, 6907. P. rigida, WaU. Cat. 6908 P 

Forests of Tbnassebim and Pbnang, Wallich, &c. 

A robust climber, with branches minutely downy at first, soon glabreacent. Petiole 
2-4 in. long ; leafiets subconcolorous, pale grey -green on both sides, much thinner 
than in 8. crassifolius, the end one 4-8 in. long. Panicle more than a foot long ; pe- 
dicels much shorter than the calyx. Calyx ^ in. Corolla bright red, three times the 
calyx ; limb of the standard as long as broad. Pod just like that of S. gyrocarpuM. — 
Here most likely belongs * Pongamia ? * Wall. Cat. 9064, trom Penang. We have 
a closely allied plant from Mishhi, Griffith, 1678, with a more rigid much r«HJurved 
larger pod half a foot long ; and another from Concak, Stocks (S. pdbpurbus, Benth. 
M88,) with very dense panicles, dark purple corolla, and longer pedicels, which no 
doubt is distinct, but of which the pod is unknown. 

4. S. orassifblluB, Benth. PI. Jungh. 238 ; leaflets very thick and rigid 
oblong cuspidate rounded at the base glabrous beneath, flowers small, calyx 
densely brown-yelvety, teeth deltoid half as long as the tube, pod stalked. Pon- 
gamia crassifolia, Wall. Cat. 6913. 

Forests of Silhbt and Pbnano, Wallich. Khasia, Griffith. 

Branches at first clothed with ferruginous pubescence. Lmfiets like those of S. 
ccuminatus, 6-9 in. long, thicker in texture, Tery shining on the upper surface, quite 
glabrous beneath from the beginning. Pedicels Tery short, the flowers densely clus- 
tered towards the end of the branchlets. Calyx ^ in. long. Corolla dark purple, 
scarcely twice as long as the calyx ; limb of the standard broader than deep, emargi- 
nate. Pod only seen very immature. 

68. BUTSA, Koxb. 

Erect trees or climbing shrubs, with 3-foliolate large stipellate leaves. FUncers 
densely fieiscicled, laige^ showy, in axillary racemes or terminal racemes or pani- 
cles. Calyx broadly campaniilate ; teeth short, deltoid. Corolla much exserted ; 
petals nearly equal in length, the keel much curved, subobtuse or acute. Sta- 
fnens diadelphous ; anthers uniform. Owiry sessile or stalked, 2-ovuled ; style 
filiform, curved, beardless, stigma capitate. Pod firm, ligulate, splitting round 
the single apical seed, the lowest part indehiscent. — ^Distrib. No other species. 

1. B. firondosay Boxb. Cor. PI. 21, t. 21 ; Fl. Ind. iii. 244; an erect tree, 
lower calyx-teeth deltoid, keel much curved acute 4 times as long as the calyx, 
pod distinctly stalked. WaU. Cat. 6669, ex parte ; W. ^ A. Prodr. 261 ; DC. 
Prod. ii. 416 ; Wight in Hook. Bat. Misc. iii. 102, Suppl. t. 32 ; Beddome F(. 
Sylv. t. 176 ; Dalz. * Oths. Bomb. Fl. 71 ; Brand. For. FL 142. Erythriiift 
monosperma, Lamk. Diet. i. 391. — Bheede Hort. Mai, vi. t. 16-17. 

Plains from the Himalayas to Cbylon and Birma, ascending to 4000 ft in the 

An erect tree, reaching a height of 40-60 ft. Shoots clothed with grey or brown 
silky pubescence. Petiole j-J fl. ; leaflets 4-8 in. long, coriaceous, glabrescent above, 
densely finely silky and strongly veined below ; end one roundish, with a rhomboid 
base, obtuse, often emarginate. Racemes A ft long; pedicels ^1 in., densely brown- 
velvety. Calyx J in. long, velvety. Prta/* oright orange-red, equal, thickly clothed on 
the outside with silvery tomentum, the standard 1 in. broad, the keel semicircular, 
beaked. Pod 6-8 in. by 1^2 in., argenteo-canescent, narrowed suddenly into a stalk 
longer t|uui the calyx 

Buiea,'} L. leguminos^. (J. G. Baker.) 195 

2. B. snperba, Itoxb, Cor, PL 23, t 22 ; ffort, Beng. 68 ; Fl Ind, 
iii. 247 ; a climber, lower calyx-teeth lanceolate-deltoid, keel mucli curved acute 
4-6 times as long as the calyx, pod distinctly stalked. Wall. Cat. 6488 ; 
DC. Prodr. ii. 416 ; W. ^ A, Prodr. 261 ; Dalz. ^ Otbs. Bomb. FL 71 j Brand. 
For. FL 143. B. frondoea. Wall. Cat. 6669, ex parte. 

Forests of Concak, Bengal, Orissa and Birma. 

Very near the last, firom which it differs mainly by its scandent habit, not by any 
botanical characters. Leaflets and flowers larger, the former reaching 20 in. long. 
Racemes 1 ft. long ; pedicels sometimes 3 times as long as the calyx. 

3. B. minor, Ham. in Wall. Cat. 6439 ; a climber, corolla three times the 
calyx, keel little curved subobtuse, pod subsessile. 

East Himalayas ; Nipal, Wallich ; Silhbt, Da Silva ; Khasia, 1-4000 ft, Hook. JU. 
4" Thomson, Loth. ; idisHHi, Griffith. 

Branches robust, clothed at first with grey or brown silky hairs. Petiole \-\ ft. ; 
leaflets obtuse or cuspidate, 6-15 in. long, coriaceous, scabrous above, finely silky 
beneath, the end one orbicular, with a rhomboidal base. Racemes ^1 ft. long. Calt/x 
J—J in., brown-velvety, as are the pedicels ; teeth very short. Corolla dull red, 1 in. 
long, densely velvety on the outside ; keel rather exceeding the wings and standard, 
which is J in. broad. Pod 3-3^ in. long by 1-1 J in., cuneate at the base. 

69. WA.STBBBZA., Benth. 

Calyx-tube turbinate ; teeth long, lower lanceolate, two upper connate. Co- 
rolla scarcely exserted ; petals nearly equal in length ; standard roundish ; keel 
obtuse, little curved. Stamens diadelphous ; anthers imiform ? Ovary sessile, 
many-oYuled ; style short, filiform, incurved, stigma capitate. Pod linear-ob- 
long, flat, indehiscent, the dorsal suture bordered by a narrow erect wing. — 
DiSTRiB. A single endemic species, combining the habit of Phaseolea with the 
pod of DaJbergtea. 

1. K. olelBtooarpa, Baker. 

East Himalayas, Assam and Mishmi, Wallich, Griffith. 

A woody climber, with firm t«rete glabrous branches. Leaves 3-foliolatei distinctly 
petioled ; leaflets subcoriaceous. stipellate, glabrous above, inconspicuously downy be- 
neath ; end one obovate-cuspidate, 5-6 in. long, rounded at the base. Racemes reaching 
a foot long ; pedicels \-\ in., geminate, from very tumid nodes. Calyx ^ in. long, th« 
tube hidden by a pair of large round striated bracteoles. Pod snining, very flat, 
8-6 in. by f-1 in. 

70. CA.MA.VA.ZiZA., DO. 

Large twining perennials or biennials, with stipellate 3-foliolate leaves and 
showy flowers. Calyx deep, the limb 2-lipped, the upper lip projecting, entire 
or enuuginate, the lower snortly 3-toothea. Corolla much exserted ; standard 
large, roundish ; wings shorter, equalling the incurved obtuse keel. Stamens 
monadelphous ; anthers uniform. Ovary obscurely stalked, many-ovuled ; style 
incurved, beardless, stigma terminal. Pod large, linear or oblong, fiattish, with 
a distinct rib on each valve near the upper suture. — Distrib. Species al)out a 
dozen, two widely- spread in the tropics, the others mostly American. 

1. O. ensiformlB, DC. Prodr. ii. 404 ; leaflets ovate or oblong usually 
e^nte, racemes manv-flowered, pod manv-seeded. Dolichos ensiformis, Linn. 
8p. PI. 1022. 0. gladiata, DC loc. cit. ; 'WaU. Cat. 6531 ; W. 8^ A. Prodr. 253. 


196 L. LBQUMiNOSiJ. (J. G. Baker.) ICanavalia. 

Dolichos gladiatus, Jaoq. Ic. t. 560 ; Roxb, Fl, Ind. iii. 300. 0. Louxeirii, O, 
Don Gen, Syst. ii. 363. 0. incurva, DC. loc. cit, — Bheede Sort, Mai, viii. t. 44. 

East Himaiatas to Obtlon and Siam, wild and commonly cultiTated. — Distbib. 
Everywhere in the Tropics. 

8tem8 wide-twining, perennial or biennial, glabrous. Stipules minnte, decidnons ; 
leaflets entire, ovate, membranous, glabrous, 4-6 in. long. Peduncles and laoemes 
each \-^ ft. long; pedicels very short, geminate from the very tumid nodes; 
bracteoles minute, ovate, caducous. Calt/x f-^ in., glabrous, the upper lip a third of 
the length of the tube. Corolla more than twice as long as the calyx, red or white. 
Pod 6-9 in. by 1-1^ in-» glabrescent, rather recurved, 8-12-8eeded. 

Var. 1. virosa ; leaflets obovat.e or obovate-oblong smaller more obtuse glabrous, 
axis of raceme more densely pubescent, pod 2-4 in. long 4-6-seeded, flowers smaller. 
Dolichos virosus, Roxb. Hort. Beng. 65 ; Fl. Ind. iii. 301. C. virosa, W. ^ A. Prodr. 
253 ; Dalz. 4' Cribs. Bomb. Fl. 69. — Perhaps rather the wild form of the plant than a 
proper variety. Seeds said to be bitter in the variety, eatable in the type. 

Var. 2. turgida^ G-rah. in Wall. Cat. 5534 (sp.) ; leaves like the last, but the 
pod larger and more turgid, 3-5 in. by 1^2 in. broad. Miq. Fl. Ind. Bat. i. 216. 
C. Stocksii, Dalz. # Gibs. Bomb. Fl. 69 ? 

Vab. 3. mollis. Wall. Cat. 5533 (sp.) ; branches leaves and calyx densely clothed 
with short grey pubescence, pod small oblong slightly downy till mature. W. ^ A. 
Prodr. 253. — Nilghiris and Dindygul hills, in the Carnatic. 

2. C> obtusifolia, DC. Prodr. ii. 404 ; leaflets obovate obtuse sometimes 
emai^inate, racemes few-flowered, pod few-seeded. Wall. Cat. 6632 ; W. ^ A. 
Prodr. 263; Clegh. in Madras Joum,, new serieB, vol. i. tab. iv. Dolichos 
obcordatus and rotundifolius, Roxb. Hort. Beng. 66 ; Fl. Ind. iii. 302-3. 0. 
rosea, lineata and rutilans, DC. loc. cit. Khyndiosia rosea, DC. Prodr. ii. 387. 

Coasts of Western Pkninsitla, Cbtlon and Malay pBNiNStJLA. — Distbib. Cos- 
mopolitan in the tropics. 

A glabrous perennial. Leaflets thicker than in the last, 2-4 in. long, more con- 
spicuously veined, often as broad as long. Racemes usually overtopping the leaves. 
Flovf^ like that of the last, but the upper lip of the calyx rather snorter. Pod 4-6 
in. by 1 in., glabrous, 4-6-seeded. 

71. DZOCZiSA., H.B.K. 

Climbing shrubs. Leaves pinnately 3-foliolate, stipellate. Flowers blue or 
white, in elongated racemes with thickened nodes ; bracts and bracteoles cadu- 
cous. Calyx-tube campanulate ; teeth as long as the tube, two upper quite 
connate. Corolla little exserted ; petals about equal in length ; keel incurved, 
but not beaked. Stamens monadelphous, but the uppermost free at the base ; 
anthers uniform. Ovary subsessue, few-ovuled ; style incurved, beardless, 
stigma capitate. Pod oblong, turgid, 1-2-seeded, flattened along the upper 
suture. — DiBTRiB. Species 16, all the others TropicaEkl American. 

D. lASiocARPA, Mart., a common Tropical American species with lax racemfs, 
small bracts, densely fascicled pedicels as long as the glabrous calyx and 6-8-8eeded 
strap-shaped pods 4-6 in. long, is contained in the Concan collection of Dr. Stocks, 
probably introduced. 

I. D. refleza. Hook. fl. Niger Flor. 306. Dolichos coriaceus. Orak, m 
WaU. Cat. 6662. Dioclea javanica, Benth. PI. Jungh. 236. D. Feigusomi, 
Thwaites Enum. 412. 

Forests of Silhkt. Hook. fil. ^ Thomson. Penano and Stncaporb, WdUA* 
Thnaj^skrim, Heifer. Ceylon, Ferguson. — Distrib. Malay isles, Trop. Africa, l^rop. 

Puerana."] L. LBGUMiNOSiB. (J. G. Baker.) 197 

A woodj cUmber, with terete branches, at first pubescent. Leaflets snbcoriaceoos* 
obtuse or acute, pubescent beneath, 4-6 in. long. Flowers in pedancled dense 
sabsptcate racemes ^1 ft. long ; bracts linear, reflexed, silky, ^ in. long. Calyx 
\-\ m., silky, with a pair of small obtuse bracteoles. Corolla reddish, half as long 
again as the calyx. Pod 3-4 in. long, glabrescent, but clothed at first with adpressed 
nlkj hairs. 


Twining shrubs or herbs^ with stipellate d-foliolate leaves ; leaflets some- 
times palmatifid. Flowers large or small, densely fascicled, in long often com- 
nomid racemes. Caiya>teeth long or short, the two upper connate. Corolla 
distinctly exserted ) standard ustudly spurred at the base, equalling in length 
the obtuse wings and keel. Stamens more or less thorooghly monadelphous ; 
anthers uniform. Ovary sessile or nearly so, many-ovuled ; s^le filiform, much 
incurved beardless, stiprma capitate. Pod linear, flattish. — Dibtrib. Only one 
East Asian species not here represented. 

SuBesir. 1. Pnerarla proper. Flowers produced after the leaves fall. 
Pod \-\ in. broad, with constrictions between the seeds that recall ihe articu- 
lations of HedysoresB. 

1. P. tuberosa, DC, Prodr, ii. 240; calyx densely silky, teeth subobtuse 
shorter than the tube, bracts very minute, lamina of wings oblique oblong, 
p^ clothed with weak bristles. Wall. Cat. 5352 , JF. 4- A. Prodr. 205, 449 ; 
mght Ic. t. 412 ; Dalz. ^ Gibs. Bomb. Fl. 67 ; Benth. in Linn. Soc. Joum. 
ix« 128. Hedysarum tuberosum, Boxb. Sort. Beng. 57 ; Fl. Ind. iii. 363. 

Wbst Hiualatas, tropical zone, ascending to 4000 ft. in Kxjmaon. Hills of 
WxsTKRN Pkkinsuul and Obissa. 

Root very large, tuberous. Stems shrubby, the branches finely grey-downy. 
Stipules minute, deciduous, cordate-ovate ; leaflets membranous, roundish, ^-1 ft. 
long, green, glabrescent above, densely clothed with whitish adpressed hairs beneath. 
Ffmsers in dense virgate leafless often panicled racemes, reaching 6-9 in. long; 
pedicels very short densely fascicled. Calyx ^-\ in. long, densely silky. Corolla 
oluish, not quite twice the calyx ; limb of standard orbicular, distinctly spurred. Pod 
2-3 in. long, membranous, flat, 3-6-seeded, clothed with long^ grey silky bristly hairs. 

2. P. Oandollel, Chrah. in Wall. Cat. 5355 ; calyx subelabrous, teeth 
acute as long as the tube, bracts exceeding the buds, lamina of wings semi- 
caiculAr, pod subglabrous. Benth. in Joum. Linn. Soc. ix. 123. 

Pbou, Wallickf McClelland. Moulmein, Lobb. 

Shrubby, with slender terete glabrous branches. Stipules in the last ; leaflets sub- 
eoriaceous, roundish, with an acute point, ^w| ft. lung, both surfaces greenish, glabres- 
eent. Racemes lax, virgate, panicled, reaching a foot or more long, the sulcate 
nidiises subglabrous ; pedicels -f^^ in. ; bracts linear, |-^ in. long. Galpx ^-| in., 
clasped by a pair of minute persistent ovate bracteoles. Corolla twice the calyx ; 
limb of standard roundish, spurred. Pod 3 in. long, few-seeded. 

SuBGEK. 2. If eostanthns, Benth. Let^lets entire, rarely faintly lobed, 
eontemporaneous with the flowers. Pod \-^ in. broad, not constricted, 4-12- 

3. p. pednnoulaiiB, Grah. in Wall. Cat. 5354 ; herbaceous, stipules 
basifiixed, flower-pedicels exceeding the calyx, calyx-teeth small deltoid, corolla 
middlensized, pod glabrous membranous. Benth. in Joum. Linn. Sk)c. ix. 124. 
Nenstantliufl peduncularis, Benth, PL Jungh, 235. 

198 L. LKQUMiNOSiB. (J. G. Baker.) IPueraria. 

East Himalayas and Ehasia Mts., temperate region, alt. 5-9000 ft; Nipal, 


Copiously twining, the slender firm branches clothed with short deflexed deciduous 
hairs. Ltafleta membranous, green, with a few short hairs above, grey, densely 
shortly downy beneath ; end one roundish, acuminate, 4-6 in. long. Racemes ^\ ft, 
short-peduncled, moderately close; nodes never produced into branches. Pedicels 
J— ^ in., spreading, densely fascicled. Calyx ^ in., finely grey-silky. Corolla 
reddish, ^ in. long ; standard \ in. broad, not spurred ; keel with a deep purple tip. 
Upper stamen at last nearly free. Pod quite straight, strap-shaped, 2-3 in. by \ in., 
quite glabrous, 4-8-seeded, turgid opposite the seeds. 

4. P. Walliohil, DC. Prodr. ii. 240 ; shrubby, stipules basifixed, flower- 
pedicels at most equalling the calyx, calyx-teeth deltoid, corolla middle-sized, 
pod glabrous rigid-coriaceous. DC. Mem. Leg. t. 43 ; Wail. Cat. 6363 ; Benth. 
vn Joui'n. Linn, Soc. ix. 124. P. composita, Grah. in Wall. Cat. 6570. 

East Hib£ALATas, tropical region; Nipal, Silhet, Khasia, Misuxi, ascending 
to 6000 ft. BiBMA ; Taong-dong, Wallich. 

Branches slender, terete, glabrous. Leaflets membranous or subcoriaceous, g^een, 
glabrescent above, grey with a few adpressed hairs beneath ; end one 4-6 in. long, 
obovate-cuspidate, with a deltoid base. RactTnes copious, j^^ ft. long, often fascicled 
or panicled ; pedicels finely silky, densely fascicled, the nodes often lengthened out 
into short branchlets (P. composita, Wall.). Calyx gibbous, ^ in. ; teeth obscure. 
Corolla reddish, ^-f in. long ; limb of standard twice as long as broad, not spurred at 
the base. Pod straight 4-5 in. long, the sutures sometimes slightly repand. 

6. P. Straobeyiy Baker ; herbaceous, stipules deciduous, flower-pedicels 
nearly or quite as long as the calyx, calyx-teeth large nearly as long as the tube, 
corolla large. 

KuMAON, Kalimundi, alt. 7300 ft., Strachey and Winterbottom. 

Branches slender, with a few short deciduous hairs. Leaflets membranous, very 
thin, with a few obscure adpressed hairs on both surfaces, green above, paler below ; end 
one obovate-oblong, cuspidate, rather rounded at the base, 3-4 in. long. Flowers in a 
long lax simple &ul>secund raceme, with a subglabrous rachis ; pedicels ^-\ in. Calyx 
sul)glabrou8, ^ in. long ; lower tooth lanceolate, ^ in. long, the others much shorter. 
Corolla reddish, j-J in. long ; standard J in. broad, distinctly spurred. Pod 

6. P. Thomsoni, Benth. in Jowm. Linn. Soc. ix. 122 ; shrubby, stipules 
fixed by the centre, pedicels very short, calyx-teeth 3-4 times the tube, corolla 
large, pod densely clothed with long silky hairs. Dolichos spicatus. Wall. Cat. 
5667 C. D. grandifolius, Grah. in WaU. Cat. 6666. 

East Himalaya, temperate region. Assam, Jenkins^ Mrs. Mack. Khasia, 5-7000 
ft., Griffith^ Hook.fil. and Thoms(m. Silhet, Gomez. 

A climber, with slender branches, clothed with deciduous deflexed fine brownish 
hairs. Stipules persistent ^-} in. long ; leaflets membranous, green, with a few 
obscure adpressed hairs above, grey with dense thin hairs beneath ; end one roundish, 
obtuse or cuspidate, 6-9 in. long, rarely faintly lobed. Racemes close, simple, 6-9 in. 
long. Calyx J in. long, densely silky ; teeth lanceolate. Corolla reddish, half as 
long again as the calyx ; standard ^ in. broad, distinctly spurred. Pod 4-5 in. by 
J-^ in., flat, straight, membranous, 8-12-seeded. 

7. P> Btriotay Kurz in Joum. Asiat. Soc. Beng. xlii. 2, 264 ; herbaceous, 
erect, pedicels longer than the very small calyx, pod glabrous 7-9-9eeded. 

PHaxj and Mabtabak, Kure. 

A perennial, 2-4 ft. high, with subterete branches, tomentose when young. Leaflets 

Pueraria.'} L. leguminosa. (J. O. Baker.) 199 

chartaceous, thinly clothed with adpressed hairs on both sides ; end one ovate acute, 
2-3 in. long. Racemes canescent, axillary and forming a terminal panicle ; fruit* 
pedicels ^ in. ; bracts small, subulate, persistent. Calyx 1 in., puberulous. Corolla 
unknown. Pod linear, 1-1^ in. by } in., flat, pale. — I have seen no specimens. 

8. P. blrantay Kurz in Joum, Asiat, Soc, Beng. xlii. 2, 254 ; herbaceous, 
twining, pedicels very short, calyx very small, pod clothed with few spreading 
hairs 2-4-fleeded. 

Pboxj, Kurz. 

Perennial, the obtuse angles of the branches beset with retrorse adpressed hairs. 
Leafiets chartaoeous, furnished, especially below, with sparse adpressed hairs; end 
one ovate or ovate-lanceolate, 2^3^ in. long. Racemes axillary, densely pilose, 
usually 2-3-nate; bracts caducous; fruit-pedicels ^ in. CoroUa unknown. Tod 
linear-oblong, ^-1 in. by | in., flat, slightly torulose. — I have seen no specimens. 

9. P. braohjoarpa, Kurz in Joum. Asiat. Soc. Beng. xlii. 2, 243 ; xliii. 
2, 186; herbaceous, twining or diffuse, pedicels as long as the calyx, calyx very 
small, pod with a few adpressed hairs 6-6-«eeded. 

Fbotj, Kwrt. 

A perennial, with long branches, clothed on the acute angles with retrorse hairs. 
StipuUs small, lanceolate acuminate ; leaflets chartaceous, with scattered adpressed 
hairs on both surfaces ; end one ovate or ovate-lanceolate, 1^-2 in. long. Racemes 1-2, 
stiff, axillary, pilose ; bracts minute, subulate, persistent. Cafi/x ^ in., pubescent. 
Corolla unknown. Pod linear-oblong, 1 in. by J in., pale, compressed, torulose. — I 
have seen no specimens. 

Sttboen. 3. Sohizophjllon. Zea/kts usually deeply lobed, contem- 
paraneous with the flowers. Fod |~-^ in. broad, rather turgid, recurved at the 
tip, 10-15-seeded. 

10. P. pbaaeoloidea, Benth. in Joum. Linn. Soc. ix. 125. Dolichos 
phaseoloides, Roxb. Fl. Ind. iii. 316. Neustanthus subspicatus and phaseoloides, 
Benth, PL Jungh. 234, 235. Dolichos viridis. Ham. in WaU. Cat. 5559. D. 
SDicatus, WaU. Cat. 5557 A. B. Phaseolus decurrens, Grah. in WaU. Cat. 5612. 
Pueraria subspicata, Benth. in Joum. Linn. Soc, ix. 125. D. ficifolius, Grah. in 
WaU. Cat, 5563. 

East Hdcalatas, tropical region ; Assam, Sikkim, Khasia, Silhet, CHiTTAGOKa, 
BiRMA, Pegu, Tenassebim, Pbnano and Malacca. — Distrib. China, Malay isles. 

Stems wide-twining, often scarcely woody, clothed with dense spreading brown 
hairs. Stipules small, lanceolate, basifixed; leaflets membranous, green above, 
thinly clotlied with adpressed bristly hairs, grey and densely matted beneath ; end one 
very variable in size and tihape, roundish, broad ovHte or rhomboidal, entire or 
ihallowly or deeply 3-lobed, 3-6 in. long. Flowers fascicled in copious long-peduncled 
racemes ; pedicels very short ; bracts and bracteoles lanceolate, strongly nerved, like 
those of Shuteria, the latter subpersistent. Ca/i/x ^-| in. long, densely clothed with 
adpressed bristly hairs ; lowest tooth lanceolate, as long as tube, others shorter, all 
setaceous at the tip. Corolla reddish, twice the calyx ; blade of standard roundish, 
distinctly spurred. Pod glabrescent, 3-4 in. long. — N. skricans, Miq. Flor. Ind. Bat. 
i. 218, is a form with thin adpressed pubescence and large entire leaflets. 

Vab. javanicuSy Benth. (sp.) ; leaflets small thick entire obtuse densely pubescent, 
end one nearly as broad as long with a deltoid base. Pueraria javanica, Benth. in 
Joum. Linn. Soc, ix. 125. Neustanthus javanicus, Benth. PI. Jung. 235 ; Miq. Fl. Ind. 
Bat. i. 218, t. 4 B. Pachyrhizus mollis, Hassk. Cat. Bogor. 280.— Khasia and 

200 L. L£onMiNOS£. (J. G. Baker.) [Phaseoliu, 

73. PBA.SBOZiUS, Linn. 

Twiners, usually herbaceous, with 3-foliolate stipellate leaves. Flowers in 
copious axillary racemes ; bracteoles usually conspicuous and persistent. Calyx 
campanulate, tne lowest tooth usually longer than the rest and the two upper- 
most subconnate. Corolla much exserted, the keel prolonged into a very loog 
beak which forms a complete, or in § Dysolobium, nearly complete, spiral. 
Stamens diadelphous ; anthers uniform. Ovary sessile, manyK)vuled ; stjrle 
filiform, twistea round with the keel, conspicuously bearded down the side 
below the very obliaue stigma. Pod linear, rarely oblong, subterete or suh- 
compressed, more or less distinctly septate between the seeds. — Distrib. Species 
about 60, mostly tropical, many widely cultivated, especially in America. 

SuBGEN. 1. PhaaeoluB proper. iS^t)mZe« small, basifixed. Pods^-^m. 
broad^ subcompressed. Keel prolonged into a complete spiral. 

1. P. lunatUBy Linn, ; DC, Prodr. ii. 803 ; twining, racemes lax short- 
peduncled many-fiowered, pedicels longer than the calyx, corolla small greenish- 
yellow, bracteoles minute, pod recurved oblong 2-4-seeded. Hoxb, Fl. Ind. iii. 
287 ; W,^A, Prodr. 244. P. vulgaris, Wall. Cat, 6596, non Lhm. 

Everywhere cultivated, probably a native of America. — Distbib. Everywhere in 
the tropics. 

A tall biennial, with stems at first minutely downy, soon glabrescent, easily dis- 
tinguished from, all the other species by the shape of the pod^ which is 2-3 in. by 
f-} in., less turgid than in any of the others, with the upper suture recurved and the 
lower broadly rounded. Racemes reach ^ ft. long, the lower fascicles distant, with 
2-4-flower8 to a node ; pedicels finally f^ in. long. Calyx ^ in. ; teeth all very 
short. Corolla 3-4 times the calyx. Seeds large, very variable in colour. — P. 
iNAM(Ei«us, Linn.^ Xuaresii, Zucc., pubebulus, H.B.K.^ and txtnxineksis, Lour., are 
cultivated varieties. 

2. P. ▼ulgTArlB, Linn, ; DC, Prodr, ii. 302 ; suberect or twining, racemes 
lax subseesile few-flowered, pedicels longer than the calyx, corolla middl&^zed 
white or lilac-purple, bracteoles often exceeding the calyx, pods linear recurved 
4-6-seeded. Roxh. Fl. Ind. iii. 287 ; W. ^; A. Prt^dr. 243, won WaU, P. 
nanus, Linn. ; DC.', Ro.vh. ; W, Sf A. loc. ctt. P. compressus, oblongus^ sapo- 
naceus; tumidus, heematocarpus, spheericus and gonospermus, DC. he. cit. 

Universally cultivated, but not anywhere clearly known as a wild plant — 
Distbib: Spread everywhere, both in tropical and temperate regions. 

A subglabrous annual. Stems low and suberect (P. nanus, Linn.) or twining to a 
height of 6-10 ft. (P. vuloabis, Linn.). Racemes much shorter than the leaves; 
pedicels finally \-^ in. long ; bracteoles ovate or roundish, persistent. Pod 4-6 in. 
by i in., glabrous, rostrate, turgid. — The Scarlet Runner, P. muitiflobus, Willd. ; DC. 
Prodr. ii. 392 ; W. ^ A. Prodr, 244 ; P. coccinbus. Lam., differs by its bright scarlet 
casually white flowers, arranged in long racemes which often overtop the leaves. 

3. P. adenanthna, G. F. Meyer, Prim. Fl. Esseq. 239 ; twining, racemes 
dense capitate, pedicels very short, corolla large red, poa linear recurved many- 
seeded. P. rostratus, WaU. PI, As. Bar. t. 63 ; Wail. Cat, 6610 ; W, ^ A, 
Prodr. 244 ; Wiaht Ic. t. 34. P. alatus, Poxb. Hort. Beng. 64 ; Fl, Ind. iii. 
288, non Linn. P. amarus, Boxb, MSS. P. cirrhosus and truxillensis, B.,B.K.\ 
DC, Prodr, ii. 301, 392. P. senegalensis, GtUU. ^ Per, Fl, Seneg, 217. 

PhoieoUu.'] L. leguminos^. (J. G. Baker.) 201 

Spread in the plains from the Himalayas to Cxtlon, not cultiTated. — Distbib. 
Cosmopolitan in the Tropics. 

A Bubglabrons perennial, with firmer leaves than in the cultiTated species. 
Stipules ^ in., often reflezed ; leaflets entire, 3-4 in. long, subacute. Flowers verj 
showj, crowded in a short-peduncled raceme. Calj^x j- in. ; lower teeth lanceolate- or 
deltoid-aetaoeooB. Standard nearly 1 in. broad. Pod 4-6 in. by ^ in., glabrous, 
much recurved, 10-15-seeded, subtorulose. 

SuBeBN. 2. BKaGroptllimn. Connects § 1 and 3, agreeing with the 
fonner in its basifixed stipules and with the latter in its narrow turgid pods. 

4. P. tenoioauliSy Baker ; a subglabrous slender twiner, stipules minute 
lanoeolAte, racemes few-floweied crowded subsessile, bracteoles lanceolate very 
minute, calyx canipanulate with deltoid teeth, corolla small. P. sublobatus 
Tar. ? tenuicauliB, Grah. m WaU. Cat. 6598. 

BiRXA ; Proroe hills, Wallieh. 

Stems very slender, annual ? at first minutely pubemlent. Stipules not more than 
X in. ; leaflets membranous, glabrous, the end one ovate, acute, entire, 2-3 in. long. 
Sacemss 5~6-flowered ; lower pedicels shorter than the calyx. Calvx glabrous, ^ in. 
Corolla 3 times the calyx, reddish. Pod unknown, so that its position is doubtful. 

6. P. OrabamlanoSy W, ^ A, Prodr, 244 ; a glabrous perennial twiner, 
stipules minute lanceolate, racemes lax short^peduncled, bracteoles lanceolate very 
minute, calyx campanulate with deltoid teeth, corolla middle-sized. Thwaites 
Enum, 90. 

Cabkatic ; Courtallom, Wight. Cetlok ; on the shore at Batticaloa, Thwaitss. 

Copiously twining, with slender woody branches. Stipules as in the last ; leaflets 
quite glabrous on both sides, the end one ovate acute, 2-3 in. long, rather deltoid at 
the base. Racemes 2-4 in. long ; peduncles about as long as the leaves ; pedicels 
geminate, the lower flnally as long as the calyx. Cali/x ^ in. long. Corolla reddish, 
3-4 times the calyx. Pod linear, glabrous, rather recurved, many-seeded, 2^3 in. by 
^ in. 

6. P. BemlereotuSy Linn. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 396 ; shrubby, suberect, with 
'flexuoee branches clothed with long deciduous deflexed hairs, stipules con- 
spicuous lanceolate-setaceous, peduncles and racemes very long, bracteoles seta- 
ceous, calyx tubuloso-campanulate with aristate teeth, corolla middle-sized. 
j^. Ic. t. 658 ; Bat. Reg. t 743. P. psoraleoides, W. ^ A. Prodr. 244 ; 
Wtght Ic. t. 249. 

Spread through the Wbbtbbn PEinwstrLA and Cetlon, but probably not wild. — 
DiSTKiB. Trop. America, Malaya. 

Stems tall, suberect and shrubby in the lower part, quite terete. Stipules \-^ in. 
long; leiiflets entire, membranous, soon glabrescent, thicker than in most of the 
species, the end one ovate, entire, acute or subobtuse, 2-3 in. long, usually deltoid at 
the base. Peduncles reaching a foot and racemes half a foot long ; pedicels very short, 
geminate. Calyx under \ in. long, split open by the pod. Corolla deep purple and 
white, 3-4 times the calyx. Pod 3-4 in. by ^ in., glabrous, rather recurved, many- 

Susesir. 3. Strophoatjles. Stipules inserted above the base. Pods 
under \ in. thick, subterete. Keel prolonged into a complete spiral. Flowers 
yellow. Racemes very close. 

7. P. trllobiuiy Ait. Hort. KeWy iii. 30 ; stems slender difiuse glabrous 
or slighth^ hairy, stipules oblong, leaflets more or less deeply 3-lobed with the 
central diyisiun spatnulate, racemes capitate, bracteoles ovate, flowers minute. 
Ro^. FL Ind. iii. 298 ; WaU. Cat. 6688 A-K. ; W. ^ A. Prodr. 246 ; Wight 

202 L. leguminosj:. (J. G. Baker.) IPhoBeolw. 

Ic. t. 94 ; Dalz. ^ Gibs. Bomb. Fl. 71. Dolichos trilobatue, Lmn. ; Burm, FL 
Ltd. t. 60, fig. 1. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 399. 

H1MA1.ATAS to Cetlon and Birma, wild and commonly cnltiyated, ascending to 
7000 ft. in the north-west. — Dirtrib. Afghanistan, Malay isles, Nubia, Abyssinia. 

Perennial or annual. Stems trailing to a length of 1-2 feet, glabrous or fiimished 
with a few deciduous spreading hairs. Stipules |-} in., attached near the base; 
leaflets membranous, glabrous, or with only a few obscure loose or short hairs, rhom- 
boid or orate, 1-2 in. long, very rarely entire (var. oxalideus, Grah., P. cobnutus, 
Blume), usually shallowly lobed in the annual cultivated, deeply lobed in the perennial 
wild form, the central divisions broad, spoon shaped, obtuse. Flowers in a close, 
deltoid head, on a peduncle that usually overtops the leaves ; pedicels very short 
Calyx campanulate, j^-pj in., pale yellow ; teeth deltoid. Corolla under \ in. long. 
Poa 1-2 in. by J in., subcylindrical, glabrous, recurved, 6-12-seeded. 

8. P. aoonitifoliUBy Jacq. Obs. iii. t. 52 ; stems slender suberect or diffuse 
slightly hairy, stipules lanceolate, leaflets deeply S-lobed with the central 
division ligidate, racemes capitate, bracteoles linear, iiowers minute. Roxh. 
Fl. Lid. iii. 299 j W. i^ A. Prodr. 2'i7 ; DC. Prodr. ii. 394. P. trilobus, WaU, 
Cat. 6688 L-N. Dolichos dissectus. Lam. Diet. ii. 300. 

Himalayas to Cbylon, tropical region, up to 4000 ft. in the north-west. 

Closely allied to the last, with which it agrees in flowers and general habit. Stans 
more copiously clothed with loose deflexed fine brownish hairs. Stipules much 
smaller and narrower. Peduncles hairy, like the stems ; bracteoles twice as long as 
the calyx, their setaceous ciliated tips protruding beyond the buds. Pods rather 
stouter than in P. trilobus and seeds larger. 

9. P. grrandlB, Dalz. <5- Gibs. Bomb. Fl. 72, non WaU. Cat. 6603; 
stems stout suberect, stipules very large obovate, leaflets obovate entire or dis- 
tinctly lohed, racemes close, bracteoles enclosing the calyx and corolla, coroUa 

CoNCAK, on the highest ghauts east of Bombay, Stocks, Dalzell. 

Stems as robust as in the Common Bean, 2-4 ft. high, clothed with adpressed- 
deciduous blackish bristles. Stipules persistent, ciliated, obovat-e-ppathulate, 1-2 in. 
long, attached a little above the cordate base ; leaflets rather fleshy, 3-4 in. long, 
clothed with short deciduous firm grey bristles, deltoid or rather rounded at the base, 
lobed only in the upper half. Racemes copious, on short or long suberect densely 
bristly peduncles ; bracteoles nerved, obovate-oblonpj, \-^ in. long. Calyx ^ in.; 
teeth liinceolate. Pod 2-3 in. long, at first densely bristly. 

10. P. panoifloruB, Dalz. in Keio Joum. iii. 209 ; stems very slender 
twining subglabrous, stipules minute lanceolate, leaflets membranous entire or 
faintly lobed, racemes capitate, bracteoles linear, flowers minute, pod glabroiv^ 
Dalz. ^ Gibs. Bomb. Fl. 72. 

Southern Concan, common, Dalzell, Stocks. 

Steins very slender, climbing, quite glabrous when mature. Stipules J in.; 
leaflets ovate, acute, l}-2 in. long, green above, paler beneath. Flowers 2-4, at the 
end of a slender peduncle about as long as the leaves ; bracteoles twice as long as the 
calyx ; pedicels shorter than the calyx. Calyx not more than ^ in. ; teeth shorter 
than the tube, lowest lanceolate. Coiolla \ in., pale yellow. Pod 1^2 in. by J iOn 
subcylindrical, slightly recurved, 6-10-seeded. 

P. srBLOBATus, Wall. Cat. 6598 C, from the estuary of the Irrawaddi, is closely 
allied to this, but at present is known only in the flowering state. It has firmer 
leaves, thinly clothed Avith adpressed grey bristles, 6-12-flowered short-pedunded 
racemes not closely capitate, and lanceolate bracteoles not longer than the calyx. 

Phageolus,'} L. leouminosj:. (J. G. Baker.) 203 

11. P. BfnngOy Xtnn. ; i)C. Prodr. ii. 395 ; stems suberect or flexuose 
more or less densely clothed with loose deflexed hairs^ stipules ovate^ leaflets 
memluimoiis entire, rarely faintly lobed, racemes capitate, bracteoles ovate or 
lanceolate, flowers middle-sized, pod clothed with long spreading deciduous 
silky hairs. Roxh, Fl. Ind. iii. 292 (seeds green) ; Wall. Cat, 6689 (m greater 
part) ; W, ^ A, Prodr. 246. P. Max, Poxb. Hort. Peng. 66 ; FL Ind. iii. 296 
($eeds black) ; WaU, Cat, 6606. P. aureus, Ham, in WaU. Cat, 6690 {seedB 
yeUow), P. hirtus, Retz, Obs. iii. 38, non Wall. 

Wild and uniTersally cultivated in the plains throughout our limits in a large 
number of forms, ascending to 6000 ft. in the N.W. Himalayas. — Distrib. Spread 
through tropics of Old World. 

Stems annual, suberect in the typical form, J -2 ft. high, copiously branched from 
the base, clothed with fine long deciduous brownish silky hairs. Stipules \-\ in. 
long, attached near the base ; leaflets membranous, with scattered adpressed hairs on 
both sides, 2-4 in. long, roundish, acute or subobtuse, deltoid or rather rounded at 
the base. Flowers about half a dozen at the very end of short peduncles, clothed like 
the stems ; pedicels very short. Calyx ^-4 in. ; lower tooth deltoid or lanceolate. 
Corolla J-J in., yellow. Pod 1^-2^ in. long by ^-\ in., subcylindrical, slightly 
recurved, ld-15-seeded. 

Yab. 1. glabeTf Boxb. Fl. Ind. iii. 291 (sp.), non Schlecht. ; habit of the tjrpe, 
but stem leaves and pod quite glabrous. Wall. Cat. 5604. P. Mungo, F., Wall. Cat. 
5589, ex parte. P. glabresoens, Steud. Nomenc. edit. 2, ii. 317. A cultivated form. 

Vab. 2. Wightianus, Grab, in Wall. Cat. 6591 (sp.) ; stems elongated slender 
flexuoae finely hairy, the hairs short and grey, leaflets thinner. P. Wightii, W. ^ A, 
Prodr, 245. P. subvolubilis. Ham. in Wall. Cat. 5605. 

Vab. 8. radiaius, Linn, (sp.) ; stems elongated twining densely clothed, as are the 
peduncles and pod with long ferruginous deflexed silky hairs, leaflets firmer than in 
the last, similar to those of the type. Boxb. Fl. Ind. iii. 296 ; WaU. Cat. 5592 ; DC. 
Prodr, ii. 396. P. Roxburghii, W. ^ A. Prodr. 246. P. Mungo, WaU. Cat. 5589, ex 
parte. P. setulosus, Dalz. in Kew Joum. ii. 33 ; Dalz. ^ Gibs. Bomb. Fl. 72. Vigna 
opisotricha, A. Bich, Fl. Abyss, i. 220. 

12. P. trlner^lna, Heyne in Wall. Cat. 6603 ; stems twining densely 
clothed with deflexed ferruginous hairs, stipules middle-sized oblong, leaflets entire 
or faintly lobed persistently pilose on both surfaces, racemes close, bracteoles 
oblong-lanceolate, pod at first densely silky. W. ^ A. Pi-odr. 246 ; Dah. ^ 
Giht, Bomb, Fl, 71. P. farinosus, Lmn. ; DC. l^odr. ii. 396 ? 

Plains of Wbstbrk Peninsula and Cetlon, ascending to 4000 ft.— Distkib. 

PerenniaL Stems copiously twining, never suberect Stipules like those of P. 
Mungo, but apparently attached higher up. Leaflets thicker in texture, often dis- 
tinctly lobed, ovate, acute, 2-4 in. long, dark green, scabrous, with adpressed grey 
bristly hairs above, still more hairy beneath. Flowers 6-12, on long downy peduncles, 
the raceme finally 1-2 in. long ; pedicels very short. Cizlyx ^ in. ; teeth deltoid. 
Corolla 3-4 times the calyx, yellow or reddish. Pod 2-2 J in. long, 10-l2-seeded, 
slightly recurved. — Closely allied to P. Mungo, var. radiatus, and probably a fourth 
variety of that species. 

13. P. oaloarataSy Boxb. Hort. Beng. 64; Fl. Ind. iii. 289; stems 
saberect or flexuose clothed with fine deciduous deflexed hairs, stipules lanceo- 
late, leaflets entire or faintly lobed, racemes not capitate, bracteoles linear, 
flowers middle-sized, pod glabrous. WaU. Cat. 6611; W. 8f A. Prodr. 2^, 
P. sublobatufl, WaU. Cat. 6698 A, B. P. hirtus, WaU. Cat, 6693. P. Mungo, 
WaU, Cat, 6689 0, ex parte. P. pubescens, Blume ; Miq. Flor. Ind. Bat. i. 200. 

HnfALAraa to Cetlon, in the tropical zone, both wild and commonly cultivated, 
ascending to 5000 ft. in Khasia. — Distbib. Malaya. 

234 L. LB0UMiN08£. (J. O. Baker.) [^PhaaedUu. 

Closely allied to P. Mungo, and equally rariable in general habit. Hairs of the 
9tem short, but spreading, not fprruginous. Stipules much smaller and narrower; 
leaflets membranous, subglabrous, 2-4 in. long, the end one broad-ovate, acute. 
Flotoers 10-20, the lower pedicels as long as the calyx, and the raceme finally 2-3 in. 
long. Calyx jf in. ; teeth short, deltoid. Corolla i in., yellow. Pod 24-8 in.^ by 
^-l in., not so cylindrical as in P. Mungo^ 8-12-seeaed, glabrous from the beginning, 
considerably recurved. — P. toeosus, Boxb. Fl. Ind. iii. 298, is probably a cultivated 
form, with short suberect stems and subsessile congested racemes. 

SxTBeEN. 4. Djrsolobiiiin. Stwuies small, basifized, caducous. Pod 
linear, subterete, densely velvety or oristly. Wings distinctly ahorter than 
the other petals. Keel prolonged into a lonjr incurved beak but not forming 
a complete spiral. — Gonnects Phaseolus and Pigna, 

14. P. ftuioas, WaU. Pi, As. Rar. 6, t. 6; Cat. 5613; stemB slender 
annual, leaflets ovate acute twice as long as broad softly downy^ racemes short- 
peduncled few-flowered lax, corolla middle-sized. Dunbaria fusca, Kurx «• 
Jottm, As. Sac. Beng. xliii. 2, 186. 

BiRMA ; Prome hills, Wallich. 

Stems firm, wide-twining, with many grooves. Leaflets membranous, dull green, 
thinly pubescent above, grey-green, more densely downy beneath, always entire, rounded 
at the base, narrowed gra<Uially to a point, the end one 3-4 in. long. Peduncles 1-1} 
in. long. Racemes 2-3 in. long, copious, much shorter than the leaves; pedicels 
geminate, spiieading, -h-^ in. Calyx under ^ in., subglabrous, very gibbous, with a 
few long deciduous briBtles ; teeth ciliated, the lowest lanceolate, shorter than the 
tube. Corolla } in. ; standard } in. broad, yellowish with jed-brown lines externally ; 
keel and wings yellow. Pod linear, 2-^ in. by }-} in., brown, clothed with spreading 
brownish hairs, many- seeded. 

15. P. TelatlnnB, Orah. m WaU. Cat. 5615; stems woody, leaflets 
roundish cuspidate glabrescent above, racemes lon^i^peid uncled many-flowered, 
corolla large. P. grandis, Wall. Cat 5602, rum DalzeU, Canavalia grandis, 
Karz in j^mrn. As, Soc, Beng. xliii. 2, 185. 

East Himaiayas, tropical zone ; Nipal, Assam, Chittaooko. Ata, Moulmbot, 

A woody climber, with very large leaves and flowers, by far the most showy of all 
the species. Stems terete, minutely pubescent. Leaflets thin, but flexible, full green, 
subscabrous at first above, paler green beneath, with copious obscure bristly hairs, 
broadly rounded at the base, 6-9 in. long. Riiceme-s and woody terete pednndef 
reaching each 6-9 in. long ; pedicels ^\ in. ; bracteoles roundish, minute, adpreesed 
to the calyx. Calyx ^ in., finely silky ; lowest tooth lanceolate, shorter than of the 
tube, the others much shorter still. Corolla reddish, more than twice as long as the 
calyx : standard 1 in. broad. Pod almost woody, subcylindrical, straight, J-^ ft. lij 
} in., deeply channelled down both sutures, densely brown-velvety. 

74. VZaMA., Sa\i. 

Twining herbs or slirubs, with exactly the habit of Phaseolus, irom which 
they dififer by having the style and keel much less curved and lenffthened oat 
Calyx campanulate ; teeth long or short, the upper often connate. VoroUa much 
exserted ; Keel truncate or in § Plectrotropis prolonged into an ascending or 
slightly recurved beak. Stamens diadelphous ; anthers uniform. Ovary seme, 
many-ovuled ; style long, filiform, bearded along the inner face below the oldiqas 
stigma. Pod linear, subterete, subseptate. — Distrib. Species 40-^60, mostly 
tropical, one widely cultivated. 

Vigna.'] l. leoumikosje. (J. G. Baker.) 205 

VoAHDBSiA STTBTBRBANBA, ThouoTS ; DC. Prodr. u. 474, vhich is allied to Vupia, 
but may be easilj known by its 1-2 ovulate oTary, which, by the torsion of the pe- 
duncle is tbruBt below the soil to ripen, and becomes a taber-like pod, is occasionally 
oultiTated, bat lees frequently than in Tropical Africa. lis native country is not 
dearly known. 

SiTBeEV. 1. Vigrna proper. Eeel not prolonged into a beak. 

1. V. repensy Baker ; stems trailing very slender, stipules minute lan- 
oeolAte basifixedy lee^ets membranous entire acute, flowers 1-2 together on very 
short geminate pedimcles. Phaseolus repens, Orah, in Wall, Cat, 5608. 

ButMA, near Prome, Wallich. 

Stems herbaceous, wide-creeping, glabrous. Leaflets firm, glabrous; the end one 
ovate, acute, 2-8 in. long. Pedicels very short, pubescent. Calyx \ in., slightly 
downy ; teeth lanceolate-deltoid, shorter than the tube. Corolla reddish, 3 times the 
length of the calyx. Pod unknown. 

2. V. lutea^ A. Gray in Bat, Wilkes Exped. i. 452; stems perennial 
trailing, stipules minute lanceolate basifized, leaflets obovate obtuse rather fleshy 
entire, racemes many-flowered long-peduncled, pods short few-seeded. Dolichos 
luteus, Sw. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 398. Vigna anomaia, Walp. Rep. i. 779. V. retusa, 
Walp. Btp. i. 778. Phaseolus obovatus, Grah. in Wall. Cat. 5609. 

Kartaban; Amherst, Wallich. Ain>AMANS, Kure. Maiacca, Griffith. — Dis- 
Tsnk Trop. America, Africa, Polynesia, Cape, N. Australia. 

Stems wide-trailing, perennial, much stouter tiian in the last. Leaflets glabrous, 
with a subdeltoid base, the end one 2-3 in. long. Peduncles equalling or exceeding 
the leaves. Flowers 6-20, in a close raceme. Calyx campanulate, subglabrous, ^ in. ; 
teeth deltoid. Corolla yellow, 3-4 times the calyx. Pod 2-3 in. by | in., quite glab- 
rous from an early stage, subtorulose, 4-6-seeded. 

3. V. luteolai Benth. in Mart. Fl. Bras. xv. 194, t. 50, flg. 2 ; stems 
slender herbaceous wide-twining subglabrous, stipules minute lanceolate basi- 
fixed, leaflets ovate acute membranous entire, racemes many-flowered long-pe- 
dunded, corolla middle-sized, pod short few-seeded. Dolichos luteolus, Jacq, 
Sort. Find. i. 39, t. 90. D. gangeticus, Boxb. FL Ind. iii. 310 ; Wall. Cat, 
6546. Vigna glabra and villosa, Savi; DC. Prodr. ii. 401. 

Bbmoax; Sunderbunds, "Roxburgh^ G. Thomson, Cbylon, Thwaites, Peott, 
EMrg. — DisTBiB. Cosmopolitan in tropics, Cape. 

A trailing or twining perennial. Leaflets glabrous, or with a few spreading grey 
iilkj hairs, narrowed gmuually to a point, always entire, the end one 2-3 in. long. 
Flowers 12-20, on peduncles equalling or exceeding the leaves ; pedicels slightly 
downy, finally as long as the calyx ; bracts and braeteoles very minute. Calyx ^-^ in., 
flul^labrous ; lower tooth lanceolate, as long as the tube, the others deltoid. Corolla 
8-4 timt« the calyx. Po<2 glabrescent, recurved, 2-4 in. hj ^ in., 6-12-seeded. 

4. V. OatlaJigrf Endl. ; Miq. Flor. Ind, Bat, i. 188 ; annual, suberect or 
twining, stipules large attached above the base, leaflets membranous ovate- 
rhomhoidal entire or slightly lobed, racemes few-flowered long-peduncled, pod 
veary long many-seeded. Dolichos Oatiang, Linn ; DC, Prodr. li. 399 ; Boxb, 
FL Ind. iii. 303 ; Wall, Cat, 5549. D. sinensis, Linn, ; DC. loc, cit, ; Boxb, 
FL Ind, ilL 302; WaU, Cat. 5550; Bot. Mag, t, 2232 ; W. ^ A, Prodr, 250. 
Vigna sinensis, F!ndl. ; Hassk. PL Jav. Bar, 386. Dolichos tranquebaricus, 
Jacq, Hart, Find, iii. t. 70. D. monachalis, Brot, ; DC, Prodr, loc, cit, 

Native and nnivereally cultivated in the tropical zone. — Distrib. Tropics of old 

206 L. LEQUMiNOSiE. (J. Q. Baker.) IVigna. 

Low and suberect ( V.Catiang) or tall and voluble ( V. sinmm), always glabrous or 
nearly bo. Stipule* f-^ in. long, attached and persistent as in Fhaaeolm § 8troph&- 
ttt/lis; leaflets membranous, 3-6 in. long, acute, very variable in shape, broad or nar- 
row ovate, or ovate-rhomboidal, with the two sides below the middle prolonged into 
obtuse lobes. Peduncles often exceeding the leaves, 3-6-flowered ; pedicels very short 
Cali/T glabrous, under J in ; teeth lanceolate or deltoid* cuspidate. Corolla yellow or 
reddish, twice the calyx. Pod in some of the cultivated forms 1 or even 2 feet long, 
under ^ in. broad, edible ; seeds 10 to 20. 

SiTBGEN. 2. PleotrotroplB. Keel prolonged into a distinct beak, so that 
this group connects Viffna proper with PhaseoluB, 

5. V. vexlllata, Benth, in Mart. Fl. Bras, xv. 194, t 60, iig. 1 ; stems 
herbaceous with a few deflexed brown hairs, leaflets membranous ovate or lan- 
ceolate acute, flowers 2-4 at the end of long peduncles, corolla large, pod 
slender glabreecent. Phaseolus vexillatus, Linn. Sp. PI. 1017. P. sepiarius, JMz. 
in Kexc Joum. ii. 33 ; Bomb. Flora, 72. P. pulniensis, Wight Ic. t. 202. P. 
angustifolius, WaU. Cat.. 56D6. P. fusiformis, Grah. in Watt. Cat. 6607. 
Vigna carinalis, Benth. Bot. Sulph. m.—BiU. HoH. EUh. ii. t. 302. 

Himalayas, from Sihia to Kumaon and Khasia, ascending to 8000 ft.. Hills of 
Wbst Peninsula and Cryix)n. — Disthib. Cosmopolitan in tropics, (^pe, Australia. 

Root fusiform, perennial. Stems wide-twining, glabrescent when mature. Sti- 
pules jj— J in., lanceolate, basifixed ; leaflets with few or copious adpressed brownish 
or grey hairs, varjring in shape from broad ovate to lanceolate, 2-6 in. long, always 
acute, the base rounded. Pedundes J-1 ft ; bracteoles setaceous. Calf/i j-J in- 
silky ; teeth linear-lanceolate, as long as the tube. Corolla reddish-purple. 1 in. or 
more long ; standard 1-1^ in. broad. Pod 3-4 in. by \ in., thinly silky at first, 

Var. Stocksii, Benth. ; leaflets small ovate, brown hairs of the leaves and stem 
more abundant and persistent. Concan, Stocks, 

6. V- braohyoarpa, Kurz in Joum, Asiat. Soc. Beng. xliii. 2, 186 ; stems 
herbaceous slightly hairy, leaflets chartaceous linear or lanceolate-deltoid acu- 
minate, flowers few crowded at the end of long peduncles^ corolla small, pod 
linear-oblong with a few long hairs. 

Arracan, Kurg. 

A perennial climber, with filiform stems. Stipules J— J in., linear-oblong, peltate ; 
petiole 1-1^ in., pilose ; leaflets 1-2 in., thinly hairy on hoih sides. Peduncles equal- 
ling or exceeding petioles : pedicels very short. Calyx glabrous, jf in. ; teeth broad, 
short, acute. Corolla, yellow, ^ in. Pod 1 in. by I in., stiff, compressed, black, many- 
seeded. I have seen no specimens. 

7. V. Wlgrl&til, Benth. MSS. ; stems woody finely grey-downy, leaflets 
subcoriaoeous small ovate subobtuse, flowers 2-3 on the end oi long peduncles, 
corolla large. Bedd. Ic. PI. Ind. Or. t. 296. 

Carnatic ; Courtallum, Wight, Thomson, 

A slender twiner, with slender sulcate glabrescent stems. Stipules minute, lan- 
ceolate, l)a8ifixed. caducous ; loafiets glabrescent above, thinly silky below, 2-8 in* 
1< ng. Peduncles reach 6-9 in ; pedicels very short ; bracteoles minute, setaceou 
Calyx Jin., finely downy; lower teeth linear, nearly as long as the tube. Corofk 
reddish, 1^ in. long; standard roundish, emarginate, 1^ in. broad. Pocf not known. 

8. V. doliohoidea, Baker ; stems woody with short adpressed grey 
hairs, leaflets subcoriaoeous roundish cu«»pidato with copious adprf>89ed bristlT 
hairs, racemes many-flowered short-peduncled, corolla middle-sized, pod stout 
gbort clothed with dense firm spreading grey silky hairs. Phaseolus dolicho* 

Vigna.'] L. lboumtnoss. (J. G. Baker.) 207 

ideB, jRoxh. Rort, Beng, 54 ; Fl Ind. iii. 290 ; Wall. Cat. 6600. Mucirna 
recta, Wall. Cat. 6625. Dolichos dasycarpus, Miq. Flor. Ind. Bat. i. 186. 
GanaYalia dolichoides, Kurz in Joum. Asiat. Soc. Beng. xliv. 2, 185. 

East Himai.ata8, tropical sone ; Silhbt, Khasu and Assam. — Distrib. Java. 

Sterna wide-twining, clothed densely with persistent rather bristly pale brown 
hairs. Stipules lanceolate, minute ; leaiflets always entire, as broad as long, flexible, 
4-6 in. long, densely clothed, especially below, with short bristly hairs. Bacemea 
2-3 in., conical in bnd, sometimes nearly sessile ; pedicels shorter than the calyx ; 
bracteoles minute, lanceolate. Calt/x ^ in., clothed with adpressed hairs ; teeth del- 
toid, lowest lanceolate. Corolla reddish, 8-4 times the calyx. Pod 2-3 in. by J in., 
firm, cylindrical, 5-6-seeded, the very dense spreading velrety hairs persistent. 

9. V. pUoMif Baker 'y stems slender woody finely grey-downy , leaflets 
membranous oyate acute with a few short adpressed hairs^ racemes many- 
flowered sliort-peduncled, corolla middle-sized, pod slender clothed with dense 
silky luurs. Dolichos pilosus, Boxb. Hort. Beng. 55 ; Fl. Ind. iii. 312 ; DC. 
Prodr. ii. 397 ; W. ^ A. Prodr. 249. Phaseolus difforniis, WaU. Cat. 5599. 

East Himalayas, tropical zone; Assam, Nipal, Sikkix, Pboicb, Westrrn 
FDmrsuLA and Orissa. 

Branches reiy slender, but firm, glabrescent. Stipules minute, lanceolate, cadu- 
cous; leaflets usually twice as long as broad, narrowed gr<idually to a point, 4-6 in. 
long, thin, but firm, both sides subscabrous. Bacemes 2-3 in. long, much shorter 
than the leaves ; pedicels finally j^ in. ; bracts and bracteoles minute. Calyx \-^ in., 
thinly silky, oblique ; lower tooth lanceolate, as long as the tube. Corolla reddish, 
twice the calyx. Pod 4-6 in. by under \ in., beaked, rather recurved, 8-12-seeded,. 
the short fine brown hajrs spreading and persistent. 

10. V. InoenSy Baker ; stems woody glabrous, leaflets entire membranous 
OTEte acute glabrous, racemes sublax many-flowered about as long as the leaves, 
corolla middle-sized, pod slender densely velvety. Phaseolus lucens, Wall. Cat. 
6601. Ganavalia lucens, Kurz in Joum. Asiat. Soc. Beng. xliii. 2, 185. 

Tatot, Gomes. 

A wide-climbing perennial, with only the youngest branches clothed with a few 
adpressed grey hairs. Leaflets green on both sides, rounded at the base, narrowed 
gradually to a point, 4-6 in. long; stipules minute, lanceolate, caducous. Bacemes and 
peduncles each 2-3 in. long ; pedicels very short ; bracteoles minute, ovate, Calvx 
\ in. long, nearly glabrous ; lower tooth lanceolate, shorter than the tube. Corolla 
nddish, 8 times the calyx. Pod beaked, many-seeded. 

75. PA.CBTSBZZUS, Rich. 

Wide-climbing herbs. Leaves pinnately 3-foliolate with stipellate lobed 
leaflets. Bacemes long, with tumia nodes and fascicled pedicels ; bracts and 
bracteoles setaceous, caducous. Calj/x 2-lipped, the limb as long as the tube, 
the upper lip emarginate, the lower deeply 3-toothed. Corolla much exserted, 
the petals subequal ; keel obtuse, ^aniens diadelphous ; anthers uniform. 
Ovttry subsessile, many-ovuled ; style long, circinate at the apex, bearded down 
the inner side below the very oblique stigma. Pod large, linear, tui^d, deeply 
depressed between the seeds. — Distrib. Specfles 2 or 3, the others Mexican 
md Angolan. 

1. P. BXkgjaatOBf Bich. ; DC. Prodr. ii.402; Wall. Cat. 6626; W.^ 
A. Prodr. 251. Dolichos bulbosus, Linn. ; Boxh. Fl. Ind. iii. 309. P. trilobus, 
DC. los. cat. 

208 L. LEGUMiNOSS. (J. G. Baker.) IPachyrhizHS. 

CultiTated throughout our limits, but not known in a wild state. — ^Distbib. 
Everywhere in the tropics. 

Root a large tuber, like a turnip, which is eaten both raw and boiled. Stenu wide- 
twining, suffiruticose, clothed with short deciduous pubescence. Leaflets large, mem- 
branous, glabrous, as broad as long, deeply or shallowly lobod in the upper half, the 
base deltoid. Bacemes lax, ^1 ft., the lower nodes often prolonged into shoit 
branches ; bracteoles setaceous. Calyx ^ in., as long as the pedicel. &rolla reddish, 
1 in. or more long. Pod 6-9 in. long, 8-1 2-seeded, straight, glabrescent 

76. CZiZTOSZA., Linn. 

Scandent or suberect undershrube, with the most showy flowers of all the 
PhaMcle<Bj 3-7-foliolate leaves^ stipellate leaflets and persistent membranous small 
stipules and bracts and large bracteoles. Calyx membranous, tubular; teeth 
deltoid or lanceolate. Corolla much exserted ; standard spoon-shaped, very 
large ; wings and incurved keel much shorter. Stamens monadelphous or 
diadelphous; anthers uniform. Ovary stalked, many-ovuled; st^le incurved, 
flattened, bearded along the inner side. Pod linear, flattish or turgid. — Distbib. 
Species 27, in tropics of old and new world, mostly the latter. 

SuBOEN. 1. Tematea. Pod flattish, the valves not keeled on the &ce. 

1. C. Temateay Linn. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 233 ; stems terete sr^ndent, pe- 
tioles short, leaflets 6-7, flowers solitary, bracteoles large. WaU. Cat. 6344 ; 
Bat. Mag. t. 1642 ; Roxh. Fl. Ind. iii. 321 ; W. i^ A. Prodr. 205 ; Dah. ^ 
<xibs. Bomb. Fl. 08. 

Tropical zone from the Himalayas to Cktlon, Birka, and Malacca. — Distbib. Cos- 
mopolitan in the tropics, common in cultivation. 

A dimbeTy with slender downy stems. Stipules minute, linear ; petiole ^-1 in. ; leaf- 
lets ovate or oblong, obtuse, subcoriaceous, 1-2 in. long. Bracteoles roundish, obton^ 
j— ^ in. long. Calyx ^-} in. ; teeth lanceolate, half as long as the tube. Corolia 
1^-2 in. ; standard 1 in. broad, bright blue, with an orange centre. Pod 2-4 in. long, 
6-10- seeded. 

Var. 1. pUosiUaf Wall. Cat. 5347 (sp.) ; leaflets and flowers much smaller, the 
former ^-} in. long, standard white an inch long. — Guzerat, Stocks. 

2. C« bifloraf Dalz. in Kew Joum. ii. 36 ; stems suberect angular, petioles 
very short, leaflets 6, flowers geminate, bracteoles large. Dalz. ^ Gribe. Bomb. 

In the CoKCAK, common ; Dalzell^ Stocks, Law. 

Scarcely shrubby, the young branches densely pubescent. Stipules minute, lan- 
ceolate ; petiole \-i( in. ; leaflets membranous, 2-3 in. long, ovate or oblong, usually 
acute. Flowers copious, scarcely p^uncled ; bracteoles j— ^ in., ovate or lanceolats 
aristate. Calyx ^| in. ; teeth shorter than the tube, lanceolate, aristate. CotoUm 
like that of the last, but much smaller. Pod 1-2 in. long, firm, 5-6-seeded. 

3. C« marlanaf Linn, ; DC. Prodr. ii. 234 ; a climber, petioles long, leaf- 
lets 3, bracteoles small, flowers 2 peduncled, calyx glabrous, teeth much shorter 
than the tube. 0. mexicana, Xtri^. Enum. Hort. Jaerol. ii. 236. C. acuminata, 
Qrah. in WaU. Cat. 6346. 0. Grahami, Stmd. ; Benth. PI. Jungh. 232. 

Khasia, temperate region, alt. 5-6000 ft.. Hook. Jil. j- Thomson^ Lobb. Tavot, 
WaUich. DiSTBEB. Mexico, United States. 

<S^em« slender, terete, glabrous. Stipules lanceolate, ^-^ in.; petiole 1^2 in.; 
leaflets membranous, glabrous, ovate, pale beneath, 2-4 in. long, acute or subobtuse. 
Peduncles ^-2 in., with a pair of minute lanceolate bracts at the apex ; bracteoles las- 

CUUnria.'] L. LEOUMiNOSiE. (J. G. Baker.) 209 

ceolate, jkj in. Calyx |-} in. Standard pale blue, 2 in. by 1^ in. Pod more turgid 
than in the two preceding. 

4. O. maorophjUa, Wall, Cat, 5345 ; a climber, petioles long, leaflets 
3, bracteoles small, flowers 3-6 fascicled in the axils of the leaves, calyx downy, 
teeth as long as the tube. Benth. PL Jungh, 232. 

Mabtaban, Pariah. Thnassebim, Heifer. Birxa, Wallich. 

Similar to the last in general habit, bracteoles and corolla. Petiole 2-3 in. ; leaf- 
lets snbcoriaceous, glabrous, oblong or obovate-oblong, 3-5 in. long, grey beneath. 
Calf/x } in. long, yeined like the stipules bracts and bracteoles ; teeth lanceolate, acu- 
minate. Pod 2 in. long, flattish, 6-8-seeded. 

SvBGEir. 2. Wenrooarpam. Pod turgid, with a rib along the face of 
the TalTea. 

5. 0« C^JanaDfoliay Befnth. m Mart, Fl. Bras. xv. 121. Neurocarpum 
cajansefolium, Pretij Symb, 17, t. 9. N. retusum, Hassk. PL Jav. Mar. 376. 

MAI.ACCA and Succaforb, G. ThofMon, Griffith^ &c. — Distrib. Java, Trop. 

A snberect undershrub, with terete pilose branches. Leaflets 3, oboyate or oblan- 
ceolate, snbcoriaceous, 2-5 in. long, obtuse, grey-canescent beneath ; petiole scarcely 
any. Flowers usually 2, distinctly peduncled ; bracteoles small, OTate or lanceolate. 
Calyx } in. ; teeth much shorter than the tube. Corolla pale violet, twice the calyx 
or more ; standard 1^ in. broad. 

77. DOZiZCBOS, Linn. 

Twining herbs, with stipellate 3-foliolate leaves and minute subpersistent 
bncts bracteoles and stipules. Flowers racemose or axillary. Calyx-ivbe 
campaoulate -, teeth long or short. Corolla much exserted ; its petals usually 
equal in length ; keel obtuse or rostrate, not spiral. Stamens diadelphous ; an- 
thers uniform. Chary nearly sessile, many-ovuled ; style filiform or thickened 
upwards, bearded down the inner face or round the terminal stigma. Pod flat, 
linear or oblong, recurved. — Distbib. Species about 20, wide-spread in tropics 
of both hemispheres. 

SvBGEir. 1. Ziablab, Savi. Style thickened upwards, narrowed to the 
base, bearded down the inner edge. 

1. !>• Ziablaby Linn. ; Boxb. FL Ind. iii. 305 ; pod recurved-oblong 
2-4-fl6eded, flowers middle-sized, pedicels short, keel narrow rostrate. Bot, 
Mag. t. 896. Lablab vulgaris, Sam ; DC. Prodr. ii. 401 ; WaU. Cat, 5536 ; W, 
4" A, Prodr, 250. Dolichos lignosus, Linn. ; Roxh. Fl, Ind, iii. 307 ; Bot. May. 
t 380. Lablab lignosus, Or^. in Wall. Cat. 5537. L. cultratus, DC. Prodr, 
iL 402; W, ^ A, Prodr, 251. L. microcarpus, perennans, leucocarpus and 
oankinensis, DC. loc. cit, D. benghalensis, Jacq. Hart. Find. t. 124. D. 
purpureus, Linn, ; Bot, Bey. t. 830. D. festivus, W(Ul. Cat. 5551. D. cuspi- 
datoB, Orah, in WaU, Cat, 5566. D. Curtisii, O, Don Qard. Diet, il 357. 

Wild and universally cultivated throughout India, ascending in the Himalayas 
to 6-7000 ft— DwTRiB. Tropics of the Old World. 

Snbglabroos, wide-twining, perennial, or under cultivation annual. Stipules lanceo- 
late, basifixed ; leaflets as broad as long, always entire, acute, 2-6 in. long, broad 
ovate, membranous, rarely downy beneath. Racemes and peduncles each reaching 
1-} ft. long ; pedicels densely f&scided, ^ or finally \ in. ; bracteoles oblong, some- 
times as long as the calyx. Calyx ^-\ in. ; teeth short, deltoid. Corolla red- 

VOL. n. p 

210 L. LEGUMiNOSiE. (J. G. Baker.) [DolichoB. 

dish or white, i-J in. Podl\-2\n. by J-3 in., tipped with the hooked persistent 
base of the style. — Roxburgh describes fully 13 cultivated Tarieties. 

2. D. braoteataSi Baker ; flowers large^ pedicels exceeding the calyx, 
keel broad subobtuse, pod linear many-seeded. 

Plains of Concan, Stocks. 

A robust glabrous perennial twiner. Stipules ^ in., lanceolate, basifixed ; leaflets 
entire, membranous, glabrous, acute or obtuse. ^-} ft. long, and broad, the base deltoid. 
Racemes long-peduncled, reaching a foot or more long ; bracts minute, linear-lanceo- 
late, deciduous ; pedicels ^-^ in. ; bracteoles firm, oblong or roundish, as long as the 
calyx. Calf/x ^ in., glabrous ; teeth deltoid, short. Corolla reddish, 1 in. long. Pod 
much recurved, 6-6 in. by | in., 10-12-see(Ied. 

SuBGEN. 2. Kaorotyloma, W. 4* A. Style filiform, minutely podcil- 
late round the stigma, not bearded down the edge. — Connects Phaseote^B and 

3. D. blfloruB, Linn. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 398 ; leaflets entire, flowers 1-3 in 
the axils of the leaves, calyx-teeth long setaceous, corolla yellow, pod linear 
downv 5-6-8eeded. Roxh. FL Ind. iii. 313. D. uniflonis, Lam, ; AC. Prodr, 
he. cit, ; Wall. Cat, 6638 ; W, ^ A. Prodr. 248. Johnia congesta, I>abL J 
Oibs. Bottib. FL Suppl. 23. Glycine uniflora, Dalz, in Joum, Linn. Soc, xiii. 
146, cum icone, 

HmALATAs to Cbylon and Birma, ascending to 3000 ft. in Sikkim, sometimef 
cultivated. — Distbib. Everywhere in tropics of Old World. 

Annual, suberect {D. unifloms) or lengthened out and twining (i). biflorus)^ downy, 
rarely glabrescent. StipuUs basifixed, \ in., lanceolate, scariose ; leaflets membran- 
ous, ovate, acute, 1-2 in. long, at first finely pilose on the faces. Flowers 1-4 toge- 
ther, in the axils of the leaves, without a common peduncle. CcUyx \ in., downy; 
teeth lanceolate- setaceous, much exceeding the tube. Corolla J-} in. long ; keel nar- 
row, obtuse, rather shorter than the standard. Pod 1 J-2 in. by \-^ in., much recurved, 
tipped with the persistent style. 

4. D. lanoeolatas, Grah. in Wall. Cat. 6647 ; leaflets entire, fiowen 
1-2 on a short common peduncle in the axils of the leaves, calyx-teeth shorter 
than the tube, corolla reddish. 

BiBMA ; Prome hills, Wallich. 

Stems very slender, wide-twining, with only a few short adpressed hairs, ftysfa 
minute, lanceolate; leaflets 1-H ^^' lo^S* moderately firm, oblong, acute, with afev 
adpressed hairs on both sides, narrowed to a rounded base. PediSels shorter than the 
cal3rx ; bracteoles ovate, persistent, rather shorter than the calyx. Calyx under \ in-, 
sUky. Corolla 3 times the calyx ; petals subequal ; keel distinctly incurred at the 
tip, subobtuse. Style rather thickened upwards, so that it connects the two seetioM. 
Pod unknown. 

6. D. oUiatUB, Klein ; DC. Prodr. ii. 398 ; leaflets entire oonspktt- 
ouslv ciliated on the edge, flowers 3-6 in subsessile cvmes, calyx-teeth setaoeooB) 
corolla yellow, pod linear-oblong glabrous 3-4-seeded. WdU, Cat, 5568 ; W> 
^ A. Prodr. 249. D. prostratus, Koenig ; Boxb. Fl. Ind. iii. 310. 

Plains of the Westkrn Peninsula and Cbtlon. 

Root tuberous, perennial. Stems slender, firm, clothed with short spreading deddnoos 
grey hairs. Stipules small, nervose, lanceolate, basifixed ; leaflets oblong, rounded it 
the base, 1-3 in. long, with only a few adpressed hairs at first on the faces. Ptikdt 
shorter than the calyx ; bracteoles minute, ovate, nervose, persistent. Calys under 
\ in. ; lower teeth lanceolate-setaceous. Corolla ^ in. ; standard as in ditoria, moA 

DoUchoi,'] L. LEGUMiNOSiE. (J. G. Baker.) 211 

exceeding the wings and keel Pod 1-1^ in. by ^ in., tipped with the hooked base of 
the style. 

6. O. fUoataa, Klein ; DC. Prodr. ii. 398 ; leaflets entire or slightly 
S-lobed, flowers 2-8 on a short eommon peduncle, calyx-teeth deltoid, corolla 
yellow, pod linear j^labrous 6-8-seeded. Boxb. Fl. Ind. iii. 311 ; TT. 8r A. 
'Prodr. 240. D. trilobatus. WaU, Cat. 6541, non Linn. 

ESmalayas, from KtiCAON to Khasia, ascending to 7500 ft. Plains of Wkstkbk 
Pkwucsula and Cetlon. 

Root taberoos. perennial. Sterna wide-twining, very slender, pilose or glabrescent. 
StipuUe small, lanceolate, reflexed, persistent ; leaflets membranous, 1-3 in. long, 
ovate, acnte, entire or obtuse, 3-lobed, finely pilose on the faces, or nearly glabrescent. 
BedmncUe 1-2 in. long, sometimes scarcely any; pedicels ^p-^ in. Calyx glabrous, 
underpin.; teeth very short. Corolla twice the calyx, its petals nearly equal in 
length ; keel broad, obtuse. Pod substipitate, 2-3 in. by f in., slightly recurved. 


D. SITBCARK08U8, W. ^ A. Prodr. 249, is a plant from the Western Peninsula, 
of which the flower is unknown and of which the place is therefore doubtful. It has 
■mall ovate acute entire leaflets, many-flowered distinctly- peduncled racemes, and a 
narrow linear nearly straight glabrous many-seeded pod 3-4 in. long. 

D. suBJBQUAus, Grah. in Wall. Cat. 5639, is another doubtful plant, of which 
the flower is unknown, gathered by Wallich in Ava, which has been referred through 
tome confusion to Psophocarptis paluatris, from which it totally diflers. It has slender 
terete woody snberect stems, with short deflexed deciduous grey pubescence, caduc- 
ous stipules, membranous stipellate leaflets with a few adpressed bristly hairs on both 
fides, the end one oblong subobtuse or cuspidate 4-5 in. long, many-flowered short- 
peduneled racemes and a 2-3-seeded ligulate flattish pod J-1 in. by ^in., thinly clothed 
with long adpressed grey hairs, faintly depressed between the seeds. 

78. PSOPBOCA&PUS, Neck. 

Twining herbs, with large tuberous roots. Leaves 3-foliolate, stipellate ; sti- 
pules flattened above the base. Flowers rather large, lilac. Cali/x teeth shorter 
than the tube, the two upper connate. Corolla much exserted, the petals equal 
in length ; keel much incurved, but not beaked. Stamens monadelphous, the 
upper free downwards; anthers uniform. Ovary substipitate, many-ovuled ; 
style long, much recurved, flattened laterally, densely bearded round the termi- 
nal stigma. Pod square, with a distinct wing to each angle, distinctly septate 
lietween the seeds. — Distrlb. Species 3-4, all tropical in the Old World. 

1. P* tetraponolobnay DC. Prodr. ii. 403 ; leaflets entire ovate mem- 
Innoua, racemes few-flowered, pedicels elongated, bracteolee much shorter than 
the calyx, pod large glabrous. W. ^ A. Prodr. 262 ; Hassk. PI. Jav. Rar. 388. 
Dolichoe ovatus, Orah. in WaU. Cat. 5540. D. tetragonolobus, Linn. \ Roxh. 
Fl. Ind. iii. 305. 

Pbomb and Martaban, Wallich^ perhaps only introduced. Cultivated else- 

Root large, annual. Stems weak, wide-twining, glabrous. Stipules lanceolate each 
way from the attachment ; leaflets broad, ovate, acute, 3-€ in. long, 2-6 in. broad, 
^bnms, base subdeltoid. Racemes lax ; peduncles \'^ ft. ; pedicels geminate, as long 
as the calyx ; bractefdes ovate, ^ in. Calyx ^ in., glabrous ; side-teeth oblong ; 
loweet shorter, deltoid. Porf J-J ft. by 1 in., the wings J-^ in. broad, usually much 
€3rMMd and toothed. 


212 L. LEGUMiNOSA!. (J. G. Baker.) IPsophocarput, 

2. P. palnstrls, Desv. in Ann. Sc. Nat. ix. 420 ; leaflets ovate entire or 
lobed, racemes many-flowered, pedicels short, bracteoles as long as the calyx, pod 
small glabrous. Dolichos sumiltus, Grah. in Wall. Cat. 5564. P. longe- 
pedunculatus, Hassk. PI. Jan. Bar. 388. P. palmettorum, Guill. ^ Per, 1%. 
Seneg. 222. Diesingia scandens, Endl. Atakt. 1, t. 1-2. 

Cultivated in the tropics of both hemispheres ; a native of Africa. 

Sterna slender, glabrous, firmer than in the last Stipides similar ; leaflets broad 
orate or roundish, 2-4 in. long, acute, sometimes with two distinct obtuse lobes in the 
lower half. Racemes long-peduncled, \-^ ft. long, dense upwards ; bracteolea oblonff, 
glabrous, quite enveloping the young calyx. P^ 2-4 in. long, ^\ in. broad, indod- 
ing the wings, 4-8-seeded. 

We have what may prove a third species from Assam. Masters, with pubeaeent 
stems and leaves, entire lanceolate subcoriaceous prominently-veined leaflets 4-6 in. 
long, short sessile. racemes, a straight square 6-8-8eeded pod 2-2^ in. long, with Bach 
less prominent wings than in the preceding, the faces densely clothed, with persisteDt 
firm short spreading.grey hairs. Flowers, stipules, and bracteoles unknown. 

79. ATTXiOSZA, W. & A. 

Herbs or ahrube, erect or twining. Leaves d-foliolate, sometimes subdigitftte, 
often exstipellate, gland-dotted beneath. Flowers axillary or racemed. OalifX 
teeth distinct, longer or shorter than the tube, the lowest the longest. OoroOa 
more or less exserted, marcescent or caducous ; keel not beaked. St€tmens dia- 
delphous ; anthers uniform. Ovary sessile ; ovules 3 or more ; style filiforoii 
incurved, glabrous, stigma capitate. Pod linear or oblong, tur^d, marked with 
transverse lines between the seeds, which have a conspicuous divided strophiole. — 
DisTBiB. Species about 20, spread from India to Australia and Mauritims. 
Dififers from Cqjanus mainly by its ariUate seeds. 

SrsGEN. 1. Atylia, Benth. Petals marcescent, remaining till the pod ii 

* Erect. Flowers in sessile or stalked pairs. Pod not distinctly UneaU be- 
tween the seeds, 

1. A. Candollei, W. ^ A. Prodr. 257 ; petiole short, leaflets obovats- 
oblong or oblanceolate densely silky reticulato-venose beneath, pairs of flowers 
usually stalked, corolla large, pod 3--4-seeded densely silky. Wight Ic, t, 754. 
A. major, W. df A. Prodr. 257. Ctollaea trinervia, VC. Mem. Leg, p. 247, t. 41 ; 
Prodr. ii. 240 ; WaU. Cat. 5571. Odonia trinervia, ^reng. Syst, Suppl. 279. 
Rhynchosia Wightiana, Qrah. m WaU. Cat. 5500. 

NiLomRis and Ceylon, up to 4000 ft. 

An erect shrub, with rigid sulcate branches, densely clothed with grey or browniih 
subpatent hairs. Stipules lanceolate, minute, silky, caducous; petioles ^-4 in.; 
leaflets very thick and coriaceous, almost digitate, 2-3 times as long as inoadL 
shortly pubescent above, the underside with the veins and veinlets in relief, denselj 
clothed with thick grey or brownish silky pubescence, usually obtuse, the end one 
1-3 in. long. Peduncles rigid, erecto-patent, of the lower pairs of flowers 1-8 in* 
long, of the upper often suppressed ; bracteoles oblong, caducous ; pedicels )-j^ is* 
Calyx ^i in., densely silky; lowest tooth linear, twice the tube, the others laneeo* 
late. Corolla reddish, 1 in. long ; limb of standard oblong ; keel with a short ohtui 
beak. Pod straight, oblong, 1-1^ in. by ^ in., densely clothed with soft short spnid- 
ing grey or pale brown silky pubescence. 

2. A. §;etaiMk1Mor9Lf Dak. in Joum. Linn. Soc, xiii. 185 ; petiole prodaoad, 

AiyUma,'] L. LEGUMiKOSiE. (J. O. Baker.) 213 

leaflets orbicular thinly hispid on both surfiBkces, flowers in stalked pairs, corolla 
flmally pod hispid 5-7-6eede(l. 

Wkstxkn India, DaheU. 

Branches suberect, flexaose, clothed with spreading fulvous hairs. Petiole 3 in. ; 
leaflets membranous, 3-nerTed, pellucido-punctate, with scattered golden glands, 
1^2^ in. long ; stipules acuminate from a broad auricled base. Calyx tomentose ; 
teeth acuminate, twice as long as the tube. Corolla ^ in. long. Pod almost membran- 
ous, roonded at both ends, 1-1^ in. by ^ in., its hairs bulbous at the base. £!r Dah. 
• toe, eU. 

3. A. lineata* W.S^ A. Prodr. 258 ; petiole short, leaflets oboyate-oblong 
pilose beneath not reticulato-venose, pairs of flowers not peduncled, corolla smaU 
o times the calyx, pod 2-3-8eeded finely pilose. Cajanus lineatus, Grah. in 
WaU, Cat. 657S. Atylosia Lawii, Wight Ic, t. 93; Dalz. ^ Gibs. Bomb, 
FL 74. 

Hills of the Wbstbbn Peninsula. 

Ad erect shrub, with long straight sulcate branchlets, densely clothed with short 
grey pubescence. Stipules minute, setaceous ; petiole \-^ in. ; leaflets subooriaceous, 
greenish and thinly pilose above, densely shortly grey-downy below> triplinerved, 
nearly digitate, obtuse, the end one J-1^ in. long. Pedicels as long as the calyx. Calyx 
^-4 in., densely downy ; teeth deltoid-cuspidate, the lowest as long as the tube. Co- 
roila twice the calyx ; keel obtuse. Pod oblong, straight, j-£ in. by \ in., thinly 
clothed with fine spreading grey hairs. 

4. A* serloeay Benth, MSS. ; petiole short, leaflets oblanceolate silky on 
both aurfaces especially beneath, pairs of flowers not peduncled, corolla small 3 
timea the calyx, pod small densely pilose 2-seeded. 

CoNCAir, Stocks^ Lavj^ Ritchie. 

An erect shrub, with long straight terete branches, with many grooves, densely 
clothed with fine short whitish subpatent silky hairs. Stipules setaceous, subpersis- 
tent, J-J in. ; petiole ^1 in. ; leaflets flexible, moderately thick, subdigitate, 6-8 
timee as long as broad, subacute, triplinerved, persistently grey-silky, 1-2 in. long. 
Ptdicels very short. Calyx J in., silvery ; teeth lanceolate, as long as the tul>e. Co- 
rolla J in., led ; keel with a ^ort obtuse beak. Pod oblong, | in. long, densely softly 
peraisteotly grey-downy. 

•• Twinen withjlowers in lax peduncled racemes and distinctly lineate pods. 

5. As molllSf Benth. PI. Jungh. 243 ; branches and leayes beneath shortly 
densely grey-downy, stipules minute caducous, end-leaflet short-stalked, pod pei*- 
gistently grey-canescent. Collsea mollis, Grah. in Wall. Cat. 5674. G. cine- 
rascens, Grah. in WaU. Cat. 5575. Dolichos reticulatus. Ham. in Wall. Cat. 
5552. D. crassus, Grah. in Wall. Cat. 5553. D. blandus, Grah. in WaU. Cat. 
5668. Dunbaria Horsfieldii, Miq. Flar, Ind. Bat. i. 179. Atylosia glandulosa, 
Ikdz. in J&um. lAnn. Sue. 13, 185. Cajanus glandulosus, Dalz. ^ Gibs. Bomb. 
Flora, 78. 

Himalayas, from Gabwhal and Kumaon to Nipal, ascending to 5-6000 ft Con- 
CAjr, Stocks, DalzeU. Ava, Wallich. Pegu, McClelland.— Distutb. Malay and Phi- 
lippine islee. 

Bramehes firm, slender, terete, glabrescent. Petioles 1-2 in. ; leaflets coriaceous, 
shortly pilose, greenish above, densely persistently grey-downy beneath, finally reticu- 
lato-venoee, distinctly stipellate, the end one 2-4 in. long, roundish-obovate, cuspidate, 
spathnlately narrowed to a rounded base. Racemes 2-3 in. long, lax, short-peduncled ; 
pedicels geminate, ^-| in. ; bracteoles large, roundish, reddish, forming a conspicuous 
tnft befi>re the racemes expand. Calyx 4 in., finely grey-downy ; lowest tooth lan- 
ceolate, as long as the tube. Corolla yellow, twice the calyx. Pod straight, 1-2 in. 

214 L. LBOUMiirosiE. (J. G. Baker.) [Atyhtia, 

by f in., 4-9-seeded, rounded at both ends. — Dolichos hlandus is an imperfect flower- 
ing specimen, without locality, which resembles this closely as £ir as it goes, but has 
a much smaller corolla and shorter calyx-teeth. 

6. A. vUlosay Benth. MSS. ; branches and leaves below thinly' gi^* 
downy, stipules minute caducous, end-leaflet short-stalked, pod densely clothed 
with long spreading hairs. 

Lower hills of Sikkim, alt. 4000 ft., Hook. fil. 

Known only from two flowerlees examples, which as far as they go difier from 
the last principally in the vestiture of the pod. Leaflets su1>coriaceous, obovate-cus- 
pidate; petiole ^ in. Pedicels decurved, finally \ in. long. Pod 1-1 J in. long, f in. 
broad, 5-6-8eeded, densely clothed with persistent fine spreading pale brown silky 
hairs, rounded at both ends, tipped with the persistent pilose base of the style. 

7. A. kolnenslBf Dcdz. in Joum, Linn. Sac. xiii. 186 ; branches thinly 
clothed with fine spreading hairs, leaflets subglabrous, the end one short-stalked, 
stipules membranous subpersistent, pod clothed with long spreading hairs. 
Oajanus kulnensis, Dalz. in Kew. Joum. ii. 264 ; Dalz. ^ Gibs. Bomb, Fiora^ 72. 

CoxcAN, near Kulna, in the Warree Country, Stocks^ Law, DaUell. 

Branches firm, slender, terete, glabrescent. Stipules ovate-lanceolate, ^-\ in. ; pe- 
tiole 1-2 in. ; leaflets thin, but firm, green on both sides, with a few obscure hain on 
the ribs below, scabrous with glands above, the end one obovate-rhomboid cuspidate, 
1 ^-3 in. long ; stipellse subulate, persistent. Racemes lax, short-peduncled, few-flowered ; 
pedicels |-^ in. ; bracteoles round, enclosing the buds. Cali/x ^ in., finely downy, 
lowest tooth linear-acuminate, exceeding the tube. Corolla half as long again as the 
calyx. Pod 1^ in. by |-^ in., 6-6-8eeded, marked with distinct oblique depreaMd 

8. A. grrandlflora, Benth. MSS. ; branches minutely downy, stipules mi- 
nute caducous, leaflets membranous glahrous the end one long-stalked, pod 
clothed with fine spreading silky hairs. 

KunAOir ; Bagesar, alt. 3000 ft., Sirachetf and Winterbottom. Upper Gabweai^ 

Branches terete, firm, slender, glabrescent. Petioles 2-3 in. ; leaflets thin, green 
on both Hides, minutely hairy on the ribs beneath, the end one obovate-cuspidate, 
rounded at the base, 3-4 in. long; petiolule | in. long; stipellje distinct, setaceoos. 
Racemes lax, few-flowered; pedicels finally |-^ in., recurved. Ckilyx J-j- in., finely 
downy : lowest tooth linear-setaceous, 3-4 times the tul)e ; the others lanceolate. Oh 
rolla slightly exceeding the calyx. Pod 1 J-2 in. by ^ in., 5-6-Heeded. 

SiTKaEN. 2. Cantharospennain, W,^A. P<e^a28 falling before the pod 

• Leaflets mbdigitate. 

9. A. nivea* Benth. PL Jungh. 243 ; shrubby, erect, leaflets ohovate ohton 
ripidly coriaceous white-canescent beneath, racemes few-flowered shortrpedun- 
cled, calyx-teeth short, corolla much exserted, pod 4-6-seeded canescent. Oa- 
janus niveus, Qrah. in Wall. Cat, 6581. 

BiBMA ; Prome and near Zeranghuen, Wallwh. 

Very like.^. albicans, with which Wight and Amott join it, ^ut suberect, not twin- 
ing. Branches slemler, woody, terete, grey-canescent. Petiole 1 in. ; leaflets exstipel- 
late, rigidly coriaceous, 1 in. long, rounded at both ends, thinly grey-canescent above^ 
densely beneath. Racemes falling short of the leaves, sulxrorymboee ; pedicels cernv- 
ous, \-jf in. Calyx ^-^ in., finely downy ; all the teeth deltoid. Corolla 4 times sf 
long as the calyx; keel obtuse. Pod l-l^ in. by ^ in., distinctly lineate, fliBi 
rounded at both ends. 

Atylosia,'] L. lequmikosj;. (J. G. Baker.) 215 

10. A. albicans, Benth, PL Jungh. 243 ; a shrubby twiner, leaflets obovate 
obtuse or subacute rigidly coriaceous white-canescent beneath, racemes lax short- 
peduncledy calyx-teeth short, corolla much exserted, pod 6-6-Beeded thinly 
canescent. Gantharospermum albicans, W, 8f A. Prodr, 266, excl. syn. Oa- 
janus albicans, Orah. %n Wall, Cat, 5582. 0. Wightianus, Qrah. in Wall, Cat, 

Hills of the Western Peninsula and Ceylon. 

BranckUts slender, thinly canescent, with many grooves. Stipules minute, 
cadncoos ; petiole 1-2 in. ; leaflets 1-2 in. long, densely finely persistently white- 
eanescent beneath, not reticulato-yenose, greenish and obscurely canescent above, 
mach Darrowed in the lower half, the base subdeltoid, or a little rounded. Ra- 
cemes •^12-flowered, often corymbose, usually shorter than the leaves; bracts small, 
round, sUTery on the back, caducous ; pedicels ^-} in. Ca/i/x ^-^ in., thinly canes- 
cent ; lowest tooth lanceolate, upp^r oolong or deltoid. Corolla 3 times as long as 
the calyx. Pod 1-1^ in. by f-^ in., straight, distinctly lineate, narrowed to the 
base, beaked with the base of the style. 

11. A. elonflTAta, Benth, PL Jungh, 243 ; a slender herbaceous twiner, 
leaflets membranous obovate-cuspidate obscurely hairy beneath, racemes 2-4- 
flowered long-peduncled, calyx-teeth long, corolla little exserted, pod 3-4-seeded 
glabfeacent. I)olicho8 elongatus, Or ah. in Wall, Cat, 5543. 

NiPAL, Khasia and Assam, ascending to 6000 ft. 

Stems veiy slender, wide-twining, clothed with fine spreading grey hairs. Stipules 
minute, caducous; petiole 1-4 in.; leaflets greenish on both sides, paler and incon- 
spicuotisly pilose on the ribs below, always pointed, 1-1^ in. long, narrowed from the 
middle to a rather rounded base, exstipellate. Ptduncles 1-2 in.; pedicels as long as 
the calyx. Calyx |-^ in., densely pubescent ; lower tooth setaceous, twice the tube, 
the others similar but shorter. Corolla scarcely exceeding the calyx. Pod oblong, 
I in. long by half as broad, narrowed to the base, distinctly lineate, beaked, clothed at 
first with iiiort spreading hairs. 

12. A. niflrOBay W. ^ A, Prodr. 257 ; a woody twiner, leaflets thick obo- 
▼mte obtuse densely grey-canescent reticulato-venose below, flowers usually in 
stalked paiis, calyx-tee tn long, corolla little exserted, pod 3-4-seeded densely 
caneaoeDt. Rhynchosia velutina, Grah. in Wall. Cat. 5501. 

NiLOHiBis and Cetlon, ascending to 6000 ft. 

Branches slender, sulcate, densely shortly grey-downy. Stipules minute, ovate, 
eadoeous ; petiole ^-l^ in. , leaflets coriaceous, flexible, rugose on both sides, rounded 
at the base, 1-2 in. long, grey, thinly canescent above, densely persistently grey-ca- 
nescent below, with the veinlets in relief, exstipellate. Peduncles \-l^ in., the flowers 
rarely 4 to each ; pedicels as long as the calyx ; bracts small, round, thick, caducous. 
Calyx ^-| in., densely canescent ; lower tooth linear, exceeding the tube, the others 
lanceolate. Cvrolla half as long again as the calyx. Pod |-1 in. by f in., densely 
grey-canescent, rounded at both ends. 

13. AeScarabflDOideSy Benth. PL Jungh. 243 ; a herbaceous twiner, leaf- 
lets oboyate-oblong subcoriaceous downy beneath, coiymbs few-flowered short- 
pedunded, calyx-teeth long, corolla little exserted, pod 4-0-8eeded clothed with 
fine spreading hairs. Dolichos scarabseoides, Linn, Sp. 1020. Oajanus scarabseoi- 
dea, Thauars ; G^ah. in Wall. Cat, 5580. Rhynchosia scarabaeoides, DC, Prodr, 
ii. 387. R. biflora, DC, loc. cit. Cantharospennum pauciflorum, W, ^ A, Prodr, 
255; Dalz. <$• GOm, Bomb. FL 73. 

Uniyersally spread in the plains throughout India, reaching 5-6000 ft. in the 
West Himalayas. — Distrib. China, Malaya, Mauritius, Madagascar. 

A biennial, with slender trailing or twining densely grey -downy stems. Stipules 
minute, caducous ; petiole 4-1 iQ* ; leaflets 1^ in. long, flexible, twice as long as broad. 

216 L. LE6UMTN06A. (J. G. Baker.) {^Atyhsia, 

8K8tipellate, obtuse or subacute, triplinerved in the lower half, thinlj grej-canescent 
above, densely beneath, with usually only the main nerves raised. Peduncles short, 
densely pubescent, 2-6-flowered ; pedicels as long as the calyx. Calyx ^-\ in., densely 
grey-silky ; teeth linear, the lowest twice as long as the tube. CoroUa yellow, ^-}in.; 
keel abruptly incurred at the tip. Pod straight, distinctly lineate, f-1 in. by | in., 
clothed with fine spreading grey or pale brown silky hairs. — C. nervosum^ Royle MSS., 
is a form with thick leaves, with the veinlets raised on the under side. The descrip- 
X'lOVLS oi Dolicho8 scarabaoides Midi medicagineue in Roxburgh, Flora Indica, iv. 316, 
have been accidentally transposed. 

* * Petiolule of the end leaflet elongated, 

14. A. platyoarpa, Benth. PI. Jungh. 243 ; a herbaceous twiner, leaflets 
exstipellate membranous roundish both surfaces finely pilose, flowers 1-2 pe- 
duncled, calyx-teeth long, corolla little exserted, pod straight thinly pilose 
6-7-seeded. Oantharospermum ? distans, Royle MSo. 

Ckntral Himalayas, Garwhal, &c., alt. 1-8000 ft. 

Branches very slender, climbing or trailing, densely clothed with short spreading 
grey hairs. Petioles 1-4 in ; stipules minute, linear, caducous ; leaflets round-cuspi- 
date, 1-3 in. long and broad, greenish on both surfaces, paler beneath ; petiolule ^| 
in. Peduncles shorter than the petioles, suppressed at the end of the shoots, where the 
leaves also are much reduced ; pedicels as long as the calyx. Calyx }-^ in., densely 
pilose; teeth linear-setaceous. P>(^ flat, 1-lf in. by ^ in., distinctly lineate, clothed 
with fine short deciduous spreading hairs. 

15. A. roBtratay Baker ; a woody climber, branches glabrescent, leaflets 
exstipellate roundish subcoriaceous obscurely canesoent below, flowers in long^ 
peduncled lax racemes, calyx-teeth short, corolla much exserted, pod bristly 
recurved S-lO-seeded. 

CoNCAN, Stocks. 

Branches firm, terete, at first minutely downy. Stipules minute, caducous ; petiole 
1-3 in. ; leaflets as broad as long, 3-4 in. each way, green and glabrous above, nar- 
rowed to a deltoid point, suddenly narrowed in the lower third or quarter ; petiolule 
1 in. Racemes overtopping the leaves, the flowers much the most showy in the 
genus; pedicels ^-| in. Calyx ^ in., broadly campanulate, with only a few deciduous 
bristles, all the teeth shorter than the tube. Corolla 1 in. long; keel broad, beaked; 
limb of standard 1^ in. broad. Pod linear, distinctly lineate, 2^-3 in. long, | in. 
broad, narrowed at the tip, thinly clothed with stiff grey bristles with bulbous bases. 

16. A. barbata. Baker \ a woody climber, branches densely pubescent, 
leaflets roundish stipellate subcoriaceous thinly shortly pubescent, flowers in 
long-peduncled racemes, calyx-teeth long, corolla little exserted, pod straight 
densely pilose 5-6-eeeded. A. goensis, Dalz. in Joum, Linn. Sac, xiii. 186. Dun- 
boria Wrbata, Benth. PI. Jungh. 242. D. calycina, Miq, Fl. Ind. Bat, i. 180. 
Dolichos barbatus, WaU. Cat. 6548. D. omatus. Wall. Cat. 6561. Rhynchosia 
vestita, WaU. Cat. 6506. Cajanus goensis, Dalz. in Kew Jowm. ii. 264 ; Dot. 
4- Qibs. Bomb. Fl. 73. 

Assam, Martaban, Tenasserim, Cokcak. — Distrib. Java. 

Branches firm, densely clothed at first with short spreading grey pubescence. SH' 
pules \ in., lanceolate, caducous ; petiole 1-4 in. ; leaflets 3-4 in. broad and long, 
cuspidate, broadly rounded at the base, green above, paler and greyer beneath, both 
surfaces minutely permanently pubescent; petiolule ^1 in. ; stipelle minute, setaceous. 
Peduncles often overtopping the leaves ; racemes at first close, finally 4-6 in. long, the 
rachis densely pilose ; bracts roundish or ovate, with a cusp, shaggy, exceeding the bods ; 
pedicels ^-\ in. Calyx ^ in., shaggy ; teeth lanceolate, exceeding the tube. Standard 
half as long again as the calyx ; keel equalling the calyx ^ in. broad. Pod H^2 in. 
by f in., straight, densely clothed with bug grey spreading hairs, narrowed to both 

Cc^anus,'} L. LBGUMiNOSiE. (J. G. Baker.) 217 


An erect shrub. Leaves d-foliolate. Flowers racemed. Calyx-tribe cam- 
panulate; teeth short. Corolla much exserted, its petals equal in length; 
seel truncate. Stamens diadelphous ; anthers uniform. Ovary subsessile, few- 
OYuled; style long, filiform, much upcuryed, stigma capitate. Pod linear, 
straight, narrowed at both ends, d-5-seeded, torulose with oblique linear 
depressions between the non-fltrophiolate seeds. — Bistrib. The only species. 

1. O. indions, Snreng. Syst, iii. 248 ; W. ^ A. Prodr. 260. C. bicolor, 
WaU, Cat, 6677. 0. flavus and bicolor, DC. Prodr. ii. 400. Oytisus C^an, 
Linn,; JRoxh. Fl, Ind. iii. 326. 0. pseudo-cajan, Jacq. Hart. Vmd. t. 119. — 
Bheede Hart. Mai. vi. t. 13. 

Wild? and cultivated throughout our limits, ascending to 6000 ft. iu the 
Himalayas. — Distrib. Everywhere in the tropics, probably native of the Old 

An erect shrub, with slender sulcate grey-silky branchlets. Stipules minute, 
lanceolate; leaflets 3, minutely stipellate, oblong-lanceolate, entire, subcoriaceous, 
thinly silky above, densely beneath, indistinctly gland-dotted. Flowers in sparse dis- 
tincUy-peouncled corymbose racemefi, often forming a terminal panicle ; pedicels 
downy, 2-3 times the calyx. Calyx \ in. Corolla 3 times the calyx : standard yellow, 
(C Jlavus) or beautifully veined with red (C bicolor). Pod 2-8 in. by ^J in., finely 
downy, tipped with the lower half of the style. 

81. DUWBA&ZA, W. & A. 

Woody or herbaceous climbers. Leaves 3-foliolate, distinctly gland- 
dotted beneath ; stipelke rarely present. Flowers racemose or axillary*. C(dy.v- 
teeth long and narrow, the lowest distinctly exceeding the others. Corolla 
more or less exserted, marcescent or caducous; keel usually not beaked. 
Stamen* diadelphous, anthers uniform. Ovary sessile or stalked, many- 
OYided ; style infiexed, filiform beardless, stigma capitate. Pod linear, flat, not 
marked with depressed lines between the substrophiolate seeds. — Distrib. 
Three more species, reaching North Australia and Japan. 

SuBOEN. 1. Sndonbaria, Benth. Corolla large, marcescent, lasting till 
the pod reaches full size. 

1. O. ferragrinea* W. ^ A. Prodr. 258; stems closely pubescent, 
stipules minute caducous, leaflets thick as broad as long densely pubescent 
beneath, standard exceeding the wings and keel, pod puberulent. CoUaea 
▼enosa, Grah. in WaU. Cat. 6673. 0. gibba, Grah. tn Wall. Cat. 6672, B.C. 
Dunbaria latifolia, W. ^ A. Prodr. 268. 

Hills of Westebk Pbniksctla and Cbylon. 

A woody twiner, with slender stems and densely downy branchlets and petioles. 
Leaflets roundish-deltoid, entire, coriaceous, 2-3 in. long, glabrescent or thinly downy 
above, clothed with soft grey or ferruginous pubescence beneath ; stipellae sometimes 
present. Racemes lax, many-flowered, distinctly peduncled ; pedicels downy, gemi- 
nate, ^-j in. ; bracts large, boat-shaped, soon falling. Calyx ^-j in., densely downy ; 
lower tooth linear, as long as the tube, the others lanceolate. Corolla l-l| in. long, 
the standard 1 in. broad, exceeding the wings and keel. \-^ in. Pod sessile, straight, 
1^2 in. by f-| in., 4-5-8eeded, tipped with the hooked base of the style. 

2. II. Bejmei, W. <J- A. Prodr. 268; stems thinly clothed with fine 
spreading hairs, stipules membranous persistent, leaflets thin twice as long as 

218 L. LEQUMiNOSA. (J. G. Baker.) [Dwibaria, 

broad sub^labrous, petals subequal, pod clothed with fine spreading hairs. 
Collflea giboa, Grah. m Wall. Cat, 5672 A. Dimbaria oblonga, Am. in Nov. Ad. 
Nat. Car. xviii. 333. 

Hills of Mysore and Cbtlon, up to 3000 ft. 

A woody climber, with slender terete glabrescent stems and petioles. Stiptdet 
lanceolate, ^-^ in. ; leaflets green on both surfaces, with a few minute deciduous hairs, 
membranous, the end one nearly sessile, obovate-oblong, cuspidate, 3-6 in. long; 
sdpelbe minute, caducous. Racemes few-flowered, lax. distinctly peduncled ; pedic^ 
j— ^ in. ; bracteoles large, oblong, caducous. Calyx ^-| in., finely downy ; lowest 
tooth acuminate, exceeding the tube. Corolla twice the calyx ; standard j in. broad ; 
keel subtruncate. Pod lf-2 in. by ^ in., straight, densely pilose at first, 'i-5-8eeded. 

3. I>. puloliray Benth. M8S. ; stems finely downy, stipules caducoos, 
leaflets thin twice as long as broad obscurely downy, standard exceeding the 
wings and keel, pod clothed with fine spreading hairs. 

Lower hills of Sikkm, 1-2000 ft., Hook.JU, 

A woody climber, with slender terete glabrescent branches. Leaflets membranous, 
green, glabrescent above, greyish -puberu lent beneath, the end one oblong, narrowed 
to a rounded base, and a long point, distinctly petioled, 3-4 in. long, stipellate. 
Racemes few-flowered, lax, distinctly peduncled ; pedicels J-J in. ; bracteoles large, 
navicular, caducous. Calyx finely downy, J in. long; lower tooth setaceous, 2-3 
times the tube, the others much shorter, lanceolate. Corolla 1-1 j in. long; limb of 
standard round. Pod as in the last. 

SiTBOEN. 2. RliTiloolobiuin, Benth. Corolla small, caducous, little 

4. I>. debUlB, Bakery stems filiform, leaflets subcoriaceous ligulate- 
oblong obtuse 3-4 times as long as broad, fiowers solitary in the axils of the 
leaves, pod sessile glabrous. 

Khasia Mts., alt. 4-5000 ft., Hook, fil, ^ Thomson, Lobb. 

A twining herb, with very slender finely downy stems and distant nodes. Stipules 
minute, setaceous, persistent ; petiole :j— J in. ; leaflets grey-green, thinly canescent 
above, densely so beneath, prominently nerved, the end one short-pet ioled, rounded at 
both ends, 1-1^ in. long. Pedicels as long as the calyx. Calyx \ in., grey -downy ; 
teeth linear, the lowest as long as the tube. Corolla yellowish, half as long again as 
the calyx. Pod recurved, glabrescent, 1 J-2 in. by J in., 8-10-seeded. 

5. I>. oonspersay Benih. PI. Jungh. 241 ; stems filiform, leaflets mem- 
branous round-rhomboid, flowers 1-2 together in the axils of the leaves usually 
not peduncled, pod sessile glabrous. Dolichos conspersus, Grah. in Wall. Cd. 
664^. D. rhynchosioides, Miq. Flor. Ind. Bat. i. 186. D. punctatus, W. ^ A. 
Prodr, 247. D. Finlaysonianus, Chrah. in Wall. Cat. 6666. Atylosia punctata, 
Doha, in Joum. Linn, Soc. xiii. 186. 

Eastbrk Himalayas, tropical region ; Silhet and Assam. Western PENtNSXTLA, 
Wight. pROME, Wallich. — Distrib. Malaya, China, N. Australia. 

A twining herb, with very slender finely -downy stems. Stipules minute, linear; 
petiole 1 in. ; leaflets thin, flexible, green, glabrescent above, pale green, obscurelr 
downy, distinctly gland-dotted beneath, not stipellate ; end one distinctly petioled, 
1-1^ in. long and broad, subacute. Pedicels very short ; flowers rarely 3-4 on a short 
peduncle. Calyx \ in., grey -downy; lowest tooth as long as the tuVe. Corolla 
reddish, f-J in. ; keel distinctly beaked. Pod linear, 1^2 in. by ^ in., recurved, 
6-8-seed^. — The Japanese Atylosia subrhombea and Javan Dolichos iruncatus of 
Miquel both belong to this section of Dunbariay and are near this species. 

6. D. podooarpa* Kurz in Joum. Asiat. Soc. Beng. xliii. 2, 186 ; stems 
herbaceous, leaflets broad ovate acuminate, fiowers in pairs in the axils of the 
leaves on a very short pedtmcle, pod puberulous distinctly stalked. 

JDunbaria,'] L. leguminos^. (J. G. Baker.) 219 

TszTASSKBiic, Kurr. 

A perennial twiner, with fine yellowish pubescence. Petiole ^1 in.; leaflets 
pnberulooB, pale beneath. Pedicels pubescent, i in. Calyx ^ in., with adpressed 
yellowish pubescence ; teeth lanceolate. Corolla middle-sized. Pod 1 j-2 in. by 
^ in.. Hat, acuminate, many-seeded ; stalk f in. — ^Ex Kurz loc. cit. 

7. II . oiroinallBy Baker; stems woody slender, leafletB thin broad- 
oyate acute, flowers many in close subseesile racemes, pod distinctly stalked 
clothed with fine spreading hairs. Phaseolus circinalis, Ham. in Wall. Cat. 
65&4f ex parte. Atylosia circinalis, Benth. PI. Jungh. 244. 

MouLMsnr, Griffith. Tenassebim, Heifer. Assam, Wallich. 

A slender woody climber, with terete glabrescent branches, finely grey-downy at 
first. Stipules minute, caducous ; leaflets flexible, green, glabrescent above, finely 
grey-downy beneath, obscurely stipellate ; the end one acuminate, distinctly stalked, 
1-1|- in. long and broad, broadly rounded at the base. Racemes 6-10-flowered, 
shorter than the leaves; pedicels short, densely grey-downy. Cali/x i in. ; lowest 
tooth lanceolate, as long as the tube. Corolla little exsorted ; keel with a recurved 
beak. Pod incurred, 2-3 in. by 4 in., 8-10-seeded, with a stalk {-^ in. long. — 
The Wallichian specimen includes the pod of a true Phaseolus. 

82. CTXiZSTA, Ait. 

A climbing shrub. Leaves 3-foliolate. Flowers racemed. Calyx-tvhe cam- 
panulate; teeth scariose and persistent, the lowest much the largest boat- 
shaped, the two side ones smaller than the two upper. Corolla enclosed in 
the calyx, the petals equal in length ; keel much incurved, truncate. Stamens 
diadelphous ; anthers uniform. Chart/ subsessile, l-ovuled ; style long, filiform, 
stigma capitate. Pod small, oblique, oblong, enclosed in the calyx. — Distrib. 
The only species. Dififers from JRni/nchosia only by its peculiar calyx. 

1. O. Boariosa, Ait. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 410 : Boxb. Cor. PL i. t. 92 ; 
Fl. Ind. iii. 320 ; WaU. Cat. 6686 ; W. ^ A. Prodr. 269 ; Wight Ic. t. 1697 ; 
Daiz. 4- Gibs. Bomb. Fl. 74. 

Woods of CoNCAN, Dbccan, Cakara, and Orissa. 

A woody twiner, with slender finely downy branches. Leaflets minutely 
stipellate, snbcoriaceous, ovate or subrhomboidal, acute, 2-4 in. long, thinly grey- 
downy above, densely downy below. Flowers in copious distinctly-peduncled lax or 
dense racemes ; bracts large, membranous, ovnte, caducous ; pedicels short, densely 
pubeacent. Corolla yellowish-red, ^ in. long. Calyx finally 1-1^ in. long, the 
scariose conspicuously veined lower lip 1 in. broad. 

83. S&ZOSSKA, DO. 

Shrubs or herbs, mostly suberect, with 1-3-foliolate leaves. Flowers ra- 
cemed or axillary. Calyx campanulate ; teeth 6, as long as the tube. Corolla 
distinctly exserted *, limb of standard roundish, auricled at the base ; wings and 
aUghtly beaked keel shorter. Stamens diadelphous; anthers uniform. Ovary 
sessile, 2-oyuled ; style filiform, glabrous, stigma capitate. Pod oblong, tuigid, 
1-2-eeeded ; seeds oblique, the funiculus attached to the extremity of a linear 
hilum. — Distrib. Species about 60, mostly Trop. African and American. 

1. B. olilnensey Vogel, PI. Meyen. 31. Orotalaria tuberosa, HamiU. in 
Don Prodr. 241. Rhynchosia virgata, Grah. in Wall. Cat. 6603. R. Orahami, 
Wall. Cat. 6604. Pyrrotrichia tuberosa, W. ^ A. Prodr. 238. 

Himalayas from EriCAON and Gitbwhal to Ehasia and Assam, ascending to 

220 L. LEGUMiNOSiE. (J. G. Baker.) [BhynehoBta, 

6000 ft. Ceylon, WaJker. Malacca, Griffith. Pegu, McClelland. — Distbib. 
China, Philippines, N. Australia. 

Boot a small woody perennial tuber. Stems 1-2 ft., slender, erect, woody, little 
branched, densely pubescent. Stipules linear, persistent; leaflets short-petioled. 
simple, linear-ligulate, 1-2 in. long, subcoriaceous, greenish with a few adpressed 
hairs above, glaucous, densely grey-ciinescent, brown on the ribs beneath. Flowers 1-2, 
short-pedunded, in leaf-axils. Calyx A-^ in., densely pilose. Corolla twice the 
calyx, yellowish, purple-black when dried. Pod oblong, | in., densely pubescent. 

84. RBTNCBOSZA, Lour. 

Twining or erect herbe or shrubs. Leaves pinnately d-foliolate, gland-dotted 
beneath ; stipellse present or absent ; stipules and bracts caducous. Flowers 
axillary or racemed. Calyx-tube short ; teeth equalling or often much exceeding 
it; usually not accrescent, slightly so in § Phylloinatia, the upper often more or 
less connate. Corolla included or exserted ; keel incurved, not distinctly 
beaked. Stamens diadelphous ; anthers uniform. Ovary subsessile, usually 
2-ovuled ; style long, iilirorm, much incurved, stigma capitate. Pod round or 
oblong, flattish or turgid, usually continuous between the seeds, the hilum 
parallel with the sutures and funiculus centrical upon it. — Distrib. Species 
about 80, spread everywhere in the tropics and reaching the Cape and United 

SuBGEX. 1. Phylloinatia, W. ^ A. Calyx-teeth broad and marcescent, 
but not so excessively enlarged as in Cylista, in which Graham placed the species. 
Seeds with a large grooved white waxy arillus, as in Atylosia. 

1. &. rufesoenSf DC. Prodr. ii. 387 ; pedicels distinct solitary distant, 
calyx-lobes narrowed to an obtuse point, pod globose one-seeded. W, ^ A. 
Prodr. 2:39; Hook. Ic. PI. t. 189. Glycine rufescens, JVUld. Nov. Act. 
Ber. 1803, p. 222. G. pondicheriensis, Spreny. Syst. iii. 196. Cylista suaveo- 
lens, Gra/i. in Wall. Oat. 6687. Cyanospermmn javanicum, Miq. Flor. Ind. 
Bat. i. 167. Lespedeza indica, Spreng. Syst. iii. 202 ; W. 8f A. Prodr. 281. 
Hallia trifoliata, Roth Nov. Sp. 362. Flemingia Rothiana, DC. Prodr. ii. 361. 

Plains of Western Peninsula and Ceylon. Dacca, Clarke. Kuasia, Crtiffith. — 
DiSTEiB. Java. 

Suberect, shrubby, with long trailing shoots, clothed with fine short grey pubes- 
cence. Petioles erecto- patent, 1-2 in. ; stipules minute, caducous ; leaflets sub- 
coriaceous, minutely stipellate, ovate or oblong, 1-3 in. long, acute, rounded at the 
base, minutely pubescent, the end one distinctly stalked. Racemes nearly sessile, 
laxly 2-6-flowered; pedicels ^-\ in., cernuous. Calyx downy, J in. deep, cut down 
nearlv to the base into 5 subequal scariose lobes ^-^ in. broad. Corolla not exserted. 
Pod |-J in. long, roimdish, turgid, finely downy. 

2. R. Beyneiy W. 8r A. Prodr. 240 ; flowers scarcely pedicellate gemi- 
nate or ternate, calyx-lobes lanceolate narrowed at the base, pod two-seeded 
twice as long as broad. Cylista reticulata, Heyne in Wall, Cat. 6684. R 
coodoorensis, Bedd. Ic. PL Ind. Or. t. 297. 

Plains of Mysore, Heyne. Nilguiris, Beddome. 

Shrubby, with densely shortly grey-downy elongated slender branches. Stipules 
minute, caducous; petiole 1-1^ in. ; leaflets oblong, acute, rounded at the base, sub- 
coriaceous, minutely pubescent, the end one 2-3 in. long, distinctly stalked. Flewert 
in short-pednncled 2'4-nate racemes of 1-2 distant clusters. Calyx ^-J in., downy; 

Bhynchosia.'] L. legctminosj:. (J. G. Baker.) 221 

lobes subacute, rounded at the base, ^-} in. broad. Corolla included. Pod oblong, 
^ in. long, obliquely lineate, minutely pubescent. 

SuBOEN. 2. NomisMniay W, Sr A. Trailing herbe with narrow setaceous 
or acuminate calyx-teeth. Seeds with a waxy arillus. 

3. &• nmiunalarlat DC. Ttodr. ii. 386 ; annual, leaflets green on both 
sur&cee finely pubescent broader than long, racemes elongated few-flowered, 
calyx-teeth as long as the tube, pod globose 1-seeded. Wall, Cat. 5493. Glycine 
nummularia, Lmn, Mont, 671. Nomismia nmnmularia, W. Sf A. Prodr^ 237 *, 
Wight Ic, t. 283. 

Plains of the Western PsmNSULA and Cetlon. 

SUtm trailing to a length of 2-3 ft., clothed with fine grey spreading hairs. 
Stipules minute, ovate ; petiole 1-6 in. ; leaflets subcoriaceous, i-2 in. broad, 
truncate or emarginate, glabrescent above, finely pubescent on the edge and lower sur- 
&ce, the end one distinctly-stalked, broadly deltoid at the base. Racemes 2-6- 
ilowered, distinctly psduncled, equalling or exceeding the leaves ; pedicels geminate, 
Terj short, cemuous. Calyx ^ in. long, densely pubescent ; teeth lanceolate. Corolla' 
I in. Pod 4 in. each way, plicate, lenticular, clothed with fine deciduous hairs. 

4. &. anreat DC, Prodr, ii. 386 ; annual, leaflets green on both surfaces 
finely pubescent obovate-rhomboidal, racemes close many-flowered, calyx-teeth 
3-4 times as long as the tube, pod globose 2-seeded. K. elongata, DC. loc, 
cit» R. densiflora, Wall. Cat. 6492 D. R. capitata, DC. Prodr. loc, cit. Glycine 
aurea, WiUd. in Nov. Act. Ber. iv. 1803, 18. G. elongata, Hoth. Nov. Sp. 347. 
G. capitata, Heyne in Roth. Nov. Sp. 346. Dolichos rufescens, Grah. in Wall. 
Cat. 6544. Nomismia aurea, W. ^ A. Prodr. 237. N. capitata, W. ^ A. Prodr. 
237 ; Wight Ic. t. 296. 

Plains from the foot of the Himalayas to Cktlon. 

Stems wide- trailing, very slender, clothed with fine spreading hairs. Stipules 
minute, lanceolate, caducous ; petiole 1-3 in. ; leaflets subcoriaceous, as long as 
broad, ^2 in. each way, glabrescent above, obscurely pilose below, broadly deltoid at 
both ends, exstipellate, the end one distinctly stalked. Racemes short-peduncled, 
((-30-flowered, about on a level with the leaves; pedicels ^-^ in., densely pubescent 
Calyx f-4 in., densely pubescent ; teeth setaceous, the lowest the longest Corolla 
bright yellow, scarcely exserted. Pod membranous, subcompressed, j— ^ in. each way, 
with a faint line between the seeds, thinly clothed with fine spreading hairs. 

6. S. filipeSy Benth. in Hohen. PI. Ind. Or. Rvsic, No. 1184 ; perennial, 
leaflets thick obovate white-canescent reticulato-venose beneath, flowers pe- 
duncled solitary, calyx-teeth as long as the tube, pod oblong two-seeded. 


Stems woody in the lower part, wide-trailing, slender, densely tomentose. Stipules 
minute, lanceolate ; petiole under 1 in. ; leaflets coriaceous, very thick, ^-1 in. long. 
greenish, obscurely canescent above, covered with persistent thick white tomentum 
below, the end one short-stalked, obtuse, with a minute mucro, rounded at the base. 
Flowers on thread-like pedicels ^1 in. long, with a persistent silky lanceolate bract 
a short distance below the calyx. CaJyx ^-^ in., densely silky ; teeth lanceolate. 
Corolla little exserted. Pod ^ in. long by half as broad, finely downy, reticulato- 
venose, not lineate between the seeds. 

SuBOEN. 3. Ptyoliooeiitniin, W. ^ A. Erect undershrube, with 
lanceolate acuminate calyx-teeth. Seeds with a waxy arillus. 

6. S. BuaveoleiiB, DC. Prodr. ii. 387 ; leaves minutely downy, flowers 
in pediincled pairs casually solitary, calyx-teeth twice the tube, corolla half as 
long again as the calyx, pod minutefy downy lineate externally septate in- 

222 L. lequminosj:. (J. G. Baker.) [Bhynchosia, 

ternally. W. <$* A. Prodr. 240. Glycine suaveolens, Linn. Suppl, 326. Oajanns 
suaveolens, Orah, in Wall. Cat. 6679. 

Plains of Ceylon and both sides of the Wbsteen Phkiksula. 

An undershrub, 1-3 ft. high, with many stiff erecto-patent branches, clothed "with 
fine short grey pubescence, sometimes lengthened out and half twining at the ends. 
Stipules minute, lanceolate; petiole 1-2 in., stiffly erecto-patent; leaflets almost 
membranous, pale green, minutely downy, especially beneath, sometimes stipellate, the 
end one roundish, with a long cusp, distinctly stalked, 1-3 in. long. PeduneUt 
slender, erecto-patent, downy, seldom above 1 in. ; pedicels shorter than the calyx. 
Calyx i in., downy ; teeth linoar-setacoous. Pod oblong, J-j in. long, turgid, 

7. &. oanat DC. Prodr. ii. 386; leaves minutely downy, flowers in 
peduncled pairs, calyx-teeth exceeding the tube, corolla twice the calyx, pod 
minutely downv neither lineate externally nor septate internally. Wall. Cat. 
6498 ; W. ^ A. Prodr. 240. Glycine cana, WUld. Sp. iii. 1063. 

Plains of Cbtix>n, and both sides of the Wbstbbn Pkitinsula. 

A dwarf undershrub, with very numerous erecto-patent slender shortly downy 
branchlets. Petioles 1-2 in. long, erecto-patent ; leaflets obovate or oblong, obtuse 
or subacute, thicker in texture and deeper in colour than in the last, thinly pilose 
above, densely or thinly grey downy benefith, 1-2 in. long, exstipellate, the end one 
distinctly stalked. Peduncles slender, J-1 in. ; pedicels shorter than the calyx, with 
a small persistent lanceolate bract at the base. Calyx ^ in., densely silky. Pod 
oblong, ^j in. long, turgid, glabrescent, 2-8eeded. 

8. &. aTenslBy Benih. MSS. ; leaflets densely tomentose beneath, flowen 
in peduncled racemes, lowest calyx-tooth 3-4 times as long as the tube, pod 
densely hairy lineate externally not septate internally. Oajanus candicans, 
Wall. Cat. 6676. Atylosia candicans, Kurz in Joum. Asiat. Soc. Peng, xliii. 2, 

AvA ; Taongdong, Wallich. Pson, near Rangoon, McClelland. 

Branches slender, woody, virgate, densely clothed with grey tomentum. Stipules 
caducous ; petiole 1-2 in., stiffly erecto-patent ; leaflets thick, coriaceous, greenish, 
thinly canescent above, densely persistently thickly grey-canescent beneath, the end 
one ovate-acuminate, 3-4 in. long. Peduncles equalling or exceeding the petioles ; 
pedicels ^^ in. ; bracts lanceolate, caducous. Calyx ^-} in., densely silky; all th« 
teeth linear-setaceous, the lowest the longest. Corolla not exserted. Pod oblique, 
oblong, firm, J-f in. long, 2-seeded. 

0. &. Beddomel, Baker-, leaflets argenteo-canescent on both sides, 
flowers in subsessile congested racemes, calyx-teeth much exceeding the tube, 
corolla not exserted. 

Westbrn Pbxinsuia ; Cudrapo hills, Beddome. 

An erect shrub, with terete white-canescent branches. Petioles erecto-patent, |-J 
in. ; leaflets oblong or oblong-lanceolate, acute, subcoriaceous, thinly persistently 
argenteo-canescent above, densely so beneath, the veins conspicuously raised, the end 
one short -stalked. Flowers in copious cymes from the axils of reduced leaves; 
pedicels much shorter than calyx. Calyx ^ in., thinly silky. Corolla bright yellow. 
Pod 1 -seeded, not seen fully mature, oblong, thinly canescent. 

SxTBOEN. 4. Cyanospennuin, W. ^ A. A woody twiner with broad 
foliaceous calvx-teeth. Seeds without au arillus. 

10. &. oyanosperma* Benth. in Oliv. Flor. Trop. Africa j ii. 218. Oy»- 
aoepermum tomentoaum, W, ^ A. Prodr, 260 ; Wiffht lU. t. 81 (84) ; Dah. ^ 

Ehynehosia,'] L. lequminos^. (J. G. Baker.) 228 

Oib§, Bomb. Fl, 76. Oyliflta tomentosa, Hoxb, Cor. PL iii. t. 221 ; HoH. Bmg. 
55 ; Fl. Ind. iii. 319 ; DC. Prodr. ii. 410 ; WaU. Cat. 6685. Ojlista albiflora, 
Bot. Mag. t 1869. 

Jungles of the Wbsteen PEioNsrLA and Ceylon. — Distbib. Mascaren isles, Zam- 

A robust woody climber, with stems clothed with short grey or brown pubescence. 
LeaJUts subcoriaceous, flexible, softly pilose on both sides, 4-6 in. long, the end one 
orate-cuspidate, distinctly stalked; stipellse large, setaceous, persistent. Racemes 
close, distinctly peduncled, ^-1 ft. long; bracts large, round-cuspidate, caducous. 
Calyx membranous, f in. long, densely clothed with grey hairs ; tube short, teeth 
^^ in. broad. Corolla included, marcescent, bright red or white. Pod as long as 
the calyx, deeply torulose, persistently grey-caneucent ; seeds large, globose, shining, 

SuBOEN. 6. Paeado-oajany Benth. An erect shrub with narrow acumi- 
nate calyx-teeth. Seeds without an ariUus. 

11. &. paendo-oitfanf Camb. in Jacq. Toy. Bot. 46, t. 66. R. incaua, 
Boyle MSS. 

Western Himalayas ; Hazara to Gxtrwhal and Kumaon, ascending to 9000 ft. 

An erect shrub, 4-6 ft. high, with virgate slender branches, clothed with per- 
sistent fine grey tomentum. Petiole \-\ in. ; stipules minute, caducous ; leaflets 
snbcoriaceous, 1-2 in. long, exstipellate, grey-green, thinly canescent above, densely 
persistently grey-canescent beneath, with raised yeinlets ; the end one oblong-rhom- 
boidal, distinctly stalked, apex deltoid, subacute. Flowers in short-peduncled close 
corymbs; pedicels shorter than the calyx. Calyx f in., densely grey-canescent; 
lowest tooth linear-setaceous, exceeding the tube; me others shorter, lanceolate. 
Corolla J-| in. ; standard thinly silky. Pod oblong, an inch long, | in. broad, 
straigfat, bard, persistently grey-canescent, subcompressed, bearing 1-2 seeds in the 
upper half. 

SuBOEN. 6. SurliTiiolioaia, W. ^ A. Twining herbs or shrubs with 
acuminate calyx-teeth. Seeds without an arillus. 

* Ltc^U smallf Bubcoriaceotia or menibranouB, utuaUy obtuse. Pod much 
exeeediny the calyx (Oopisma, B. Meyer). 

12. St. ^fw<^<Tw^ DC. Prodr. ii. 386 ; stems and leaves nearly or quite 
glabrescent, leaflets as broad as long deltoid in the lower half^ racemes lax 
elon^ted, calyx-teeth exceeding the tube, pod 3-4 times the calyx small. R. 
medica^ea, DC. Prodr. ii. 386 ; W. ^ A. Prodr. 238 ; Dalz. ^ Gibs. Bomb. 
Fl. 74. R. rhombifolia, DC. Prodr. loc. cit. R. prostrata, Gh'ah. in Wall. Cat. 
5496. R. microphvlla, Wall. Cat,. 6497. R. nuda, DC. Prodr. ii. 386 ; W. ^ 
A. Prodr. 238 ; Wall. Cat. 6494. R. ervoidea, DC. loc. cit. Glycine rhom- 
Infolia^ WUld. Sp. iii. 1066. Dolichos minimus, Linn. Sp. PI. 1020. D. medi- 
cagineus^ Lam. Diet. ii. 297 ; Boxb. Hort. Beng. 66. 

Everywhere in the plains, from the Himaiatas, where it ascends to 4000 ft., to 
CxTi>ON and BiiuiA. — Distrib. Cosmopolitan in the Tropics, Cape, United States. 

A twining or wide-trailing annual, with very slender stems, with only a little 
short pubescence at the beginning. Stipules minute, lanceolate, caducous; leaflets 
saboonaceous or membranous, j— 1 in. broad and deep, obtuse, usually exstipellate, 
the end one distinctly stalked, mostly conspicuously gland-dotted beneath. Racemes 
<k-12-flowered, short-peduncled, usually exceeding the leaves ; bracts minute, linear ; 
pedicels short. Cdyx ^-^ in., pubescent; lowest tooth setaceous, twdce the tube. 
Corolla yellow, twice the calyx. Pod ^-f in. long, under \ in. broad, glabreacent, 
turgid, slightly recurved, mostly 2-seeded. 

Vab. laxiflora; glabrous, leaflets larger 1^-2 in. long acute both the upper and 

224 u LEGUMiNOSiE. (J. G. Baker.) [Bhynchosia. 

lower half subdeltoid, racemes laxer 2-4 or even 6 in. long. R. laxifloia, Camb, in 
Jacquem. Voy, Bot. 44, t. 64. R. Candollei, Becne.; Miq. Flor. Ind. Bat. L 170. B. 
tenuicaulis, Wall. Cat. 5495. K. filicaulis, Grah. in Wall, Cat. 5502. Bolichot 
fatmensis, Hochst. ^ Steud. in Schimp. Arab. Exsic. No. 873. 

13. &. Kemnonia, DC. Prodr. 386; stems and leaves clothed with 
minute persistent grey pubescence, leaflets as broad as long obtuse deltoid in the 
lower half, flowers few in lax racemes, calyx-teeth exceeding the tube, pod 
small 3-4 times the calyx. Boiss. Fl. Orient, ii. 625. R. pulverulenta, Stocks 
in Hook. Kew Joum. iv. 147 ; Boiss. FL Orient, loc, cit. Glycine Memnonia, 
Deiile Fl. ^ffypt. 100, t. 38, fig. 3. 

SciNDK, near Kurrachee, Stocks. — Distrfb. Arabia, Trop. Africa. 
Scarcely more than a variety of the preceding, from which it only differs in 

14. R. ▼elntlnay W. ^ A. Prodr. 233 ; young branches minutelv downy, 
leaflets thinly grey-canescent beneath as broad as long obtuse deltoid in the 
lower half, racemes 2— 4-flowered cymose, calyx-teeth equalling or exceeding 
the tube, pod middle-sized 4r-6 times the calyx. 


Stems wide- trailing, rather stouter than in R. minima ^ glabrescent when mature. 
Stipules minute, linear, caducous ; leaflets subcoriaceous, j-l^ in. long and broad, 
green, glabrous above, persistently thinly grey-canescent beneath, exstipellate, the 
end one distinctly stalked. Cymes 2-4-flowered, shorter than the leaves ; pedicels 
j— J in. Calyx \-^ in., finely silky ; lowest tooth linear-setaceoue, twice the tube, 
the others much shorter, lanceolate. Corolla ^ in. Pod much recurved, 1-1 } in. by 
I in., glabrescent, 2-8eeded, narrowed very grauiually to the base. 

15. &. pUosa. WaU. Cat, 5499 ; branches and leaves clothed with long 
fine spreading grey hairs, leaflets oblong rounded at the base, racemee abort 
few-flowered, calyx-teeth with long setaceous points exceeding tiie tube. 

BntMA ; banks of the Irrawaddi at Segaen, Wallich. 

Stems very slender, twining. Stipules linear, ^ in., subpersistent ; leaflets sub- 
coriaceous, grey-green above, grey beneath, clothed on the edge and below with con- 
spicuous long fine hairs, exstipellate, the end one oblong or ovate-oblong, rounded at 
both ends, 1^-2 in. long. Bacemes like those of R. minima, the buds like dense 
tufts of silky hairs ; pedicels shorter than the calyx ; bracts minute, lanceolate. 
Calyx ^ in., all the teeth with long setaceous points. Corolla half as long again as 
the calyx. Pod unknown. 

16. &. Faloonerl, Baker; branches and leaves clothed with abort 
spreading grey hairs, leaflets ovatenoblong rounded at both ends, racemes loi^ 
peduncl^ lax few-flowered, lowest calyx-tooth linear exceeding the tube, pod 
middle-sized 4-5 times the length of the calyx. 

GuBWHAi^ Falconer. 

Stems wide-trailing, slender, densely clothed with short firm deflezed grey hairs. 
Stipules |-^ ^°-* Bubpersistent, linear or lanceolate; petiole 1-2 in.; leaflets sub- 
coriaceous, 1-1^ in. long, rounded to both ends, greenish beneath, thinly clothed on 
both sides with persistent moderately firm grey hairs, exstipellate, the end one dis- 
tinctly stalked. Racemes 4-6-fiowered; peduncles much exceeding the leaves; 
pedicels shorter than the calyx. Calyx pilose, J in. ; teeth linear. Corolla half as 
long again as the calyx ; standard slightly pilose. Pod 1 in. by f in., finely pubes- 
cent, 2-seeded. 

** LeqfUU larger, flexible, not coriaceous, mostly acute. Pod tnuch exceeding 
the calyx. 

Bhfnchotia.'] l. lkguiiinos^. (J. G. Baker.) 225 

17. TL TteiNMMtt DC. Prodr, ii. 387 ; pul)e8cence minutely glandular, end- 
leaflet acuta 80 broad as lonff, pedicels very short, lowest calyx-tooth as long as 
the tube much shorter than Uie corolla. R stipulosa, A, Rich, FL Ahun, i. 229, 
t 4S. R. yilloeula, ThwaUe» Enum. 412. Bolichos glutinosus, Roxh, Fl. Ind 
iii. 812; WaU, Cat, 6660; W, ^ A, Prodr, 248. 

Plains from the Hulilatas to Cktlon. — Distiub. Malaya, Trop. Africa, Mauri- 
tins, Madagascar. 

8Um9 lather woody, wide-twining, clothed with deciduoas fine short grey Tiscous 
pabeeeence. StifuU^ small, deltoid, subpersistent ; leaflets green on both surfaces, 
finely gland-dotted, often glabrescent, lA-3 in. long, the apex deltoid, the base 
broadly ronnded, sometimes faintly S-looed, rarely stipellate, the end one on a 
petioluie ^-\ in. long. Racemes long-peduncled, lax, 2-4 in. long ; pedicels ^^ in. ; 
bracts minute, ovate-cuspidate, deciduous. Calyx \ in., finely g]and-downy ; upper 
teeth deltoid. Corolla twice the calyx. Pod \\ in. by | in., 2-seeded, turgid, finely 
pubescent, straight, tipped with the base of the style, narrowed to both ends. 

18. S. hlmalenBls, Benth, MSS, ; pubescence fine glandular, end leaflets 
acute longer than broad, pedicels elongated, lower calyx-tooth as long as the 
corolla S-4 times as long as the tube. 

Western and Central Himalayas, alt 3-7000 ft. Hazard, Simla, Garwhai,, 
Kvx AO«, &e. 

StemM wide-trailing, slender, terete, clothed with fine short grey viscous pubes- 
cence. Stipules lanceolate, \ in., subpersistent, reflexed ; leaflets thin, finely pubes- 
cent on botn sur&ces, not at all coriaceous, a much paler green beneath than above, 
exstipellate, 2-3 in. long ; the end one ovate-acuminate, distinctly stalked. Racemes 
\-\ ft. long, lax, distinctly peduncled ; pedicels \ in. ; bracts ^-\ in., oblong-lanceo- 
late. Cmljfx ^ in., densely downy ; lowest tooth linear-setaceous ; the others lanceo- 
late-eetaceoas, twice the tube. Standard glabrous, yellow, very conspicuously veined 
with purple. iW 1-1 1 in. by | in., finely downy, 2-seeded, rather recurved, narrowed 
to both ends. 

19. S. serto^ikf Spanoghe in Linruea, xv. 106; pubescence dense soft 
spreading, end-leidSet rotundato-rhomboidal obtuse or suoacute^ pedicels short, 
lower cfdyx-tooth linear as long as the tube much shorter than the corolla. 
Dolichoe tomentosus, Roth iVov. Sp, 346 ; DC. Prodr, ii. 401 ; JF. ^ A, Prodr, 
248. D. macrodon, Orah, in WaU. Cat, 6666. 

Central and Western Himalayas, ascending to 5-6000 ft., and hills of Wbst 
PunysuLA. — DisTRiB. Malaya. 

Stems woody, slender, wide-climbing, densely clothed with soft short spreading 
grey glandular hairs. Stipules lanceolate, |-f in., subpersistent ; leaflets not at all 
eonaceoiia, soft with dense short pubescence on ooth surfaces, sometimes stipellate, pale 
ffreen both above and beneath, the end one distinctly stalked, deltoid at the tip, thn 
lower half narrowed suddenly to a rather rounded base. Racemes many-flowered, 
moderately close, including the long peduncle reaching a foot in length ; pedicels 
mach shorter than the calyx ; bracts lanceolate, silky, exceeding the buds. Calyx 
\-\ in., densely grej-silkv; upper teeth deltoid-cuspidate, shorter than the tube. 
CoroUa l-# in. ; standard dark purple inside, callose, distinctly auricled, silky on the 
Wk. Pod \-\\ in. by J in., tinelv-pubesceut, turgid, 2-8eeded, rather recurved, 
tipped with the long persistent base of the style. 

20. S. braotaata, Benth, MSS. ; pubescence very short canescent not 
giandular, leaflets rotundato-rhomboidal cuspidate, pedicels short, lower calyx- 
tooth linear exceeding the tube shorter than the corolla. Dolichos bracteatus. 
WM. Cat. 6664. 

Uppbb Gakoxtic Plain, near Benares, Madden. Birma ; Prome, Jenanghaen and 
IWong-doag, Wdlliek, 

TOL. n. a 

226 L. LEGUMiNosiE. (J. Gr. Baker.) {^Bhynchosia. 

Branches twining or straight, woody, many-grooTod, persistently pilose. Stipules 
minute, cadacons ; leaflets 2-4 in. long and broad, thick, subcoriaceoos, green, thinly 
downy above, densely soflly grey -downy beneath, exstipellate. Race nun moderately 
close, distinctly peduncled, much exceeding the leaves; pedicels shorter than the 
calyx. Calyx ^\ in., densely downy ; upper teeth deltoid or lanceolate, shorter than 
the tube. Corolla ^ in.; standard canescent externally. Pod \-\\ in. by ^ in., 
turgid, 2-seeded, narrowed in the lower half, minutely downy. 

21. A. aoutlSBlmaf ThwaiteSy Enum. 413 ; pubescence short not glandular, 
leaflets oblong-rhomboidaJ, pedicels exceeding the calyx, lowest calyx-tooth 
lanceolate much shorter than the corolla. 

Travancor, Beddome. Cbtlox, near Hantani, alt. 3000 ft., Thwaites. 

A twiner, with stems clothed with short pale brown tomentum. Stipule lanceo- 
late, caducous ; leaflets 2-5 in. long, very acuminate. Racemes equalling or shorter 
than the leaves; pedicels geminate, \-^ in. long; bracts lanceolate-acuminate, 
deciduous. Calyx | in. ; teeth lanceolate, the upper pair subconnate. Corolla ^ in., 
yellow veined with red. Ovary 2-ovulod. Pod not seen. 

• •• 

Leaflets not at all coriaceous. Calyx as long as the corolla, Clearly as Umg 
as the pod, (Arcyphyllum, EUiott). 

22. a. densiflora, BC. Prodr. ii. 386 ; WaU. Cat. 5492, ejrcl. D. ; 
W. «$• A. Prodr. 239. Glycine densiflora, Roth Nov. Sp. 348. Hedyaarum 

5unctatum, Rottl. in Berl. Mag. 231, non Poir. Desmodium punctatum, DC. 
^rodr. ii. 338. 

Plains of both sides of the Wbstkrn Pknixsula. — Distrib. Zambesi land. 

Stems very slender, woody, wide-twining, finely grey-downy. Stipules minute, 
caducous ; leaflets ovate-rhomboidal, obtuse or acute, 1-2 in. long, flexible, minutely 
grey -downy, especially below, sometimes stipellate, the end one short-stalked. Ftowen 
^ 20-40 or more in dense nearly sessile heads usually shorter than the leaves ; pedicels 
much shorter than the calyx ; bracts linear, J-J in., persistent. Calyx J-j^ in. ; teeth 
all lanceolate acuminate ; tube very short. Corolla glabrous. Pod oblong, J-f in 
by \ in., 2-seeded, pubescent, oblique, narrowed suddenly at thelip. 


DoLiCHOS CANDiCANS, Wall. Cat. 6567, from Ava, belongs either to § 3 or 5, bat 
the seed is not known. It has densely tomentose virgate branches, thi^ ooriaoeom 
obtuse leaflets rather broader than long densely persistently grey-tomentose on the 
lower side with the veinlets raised, the end one distinctly stalked 1-2 in. long, 
racemes short-peduncled closely few-flowered, small lanceolate bracts, pedicels shorter 
than the calyx, calyx densely grey-pubescent J in. long, lowest tooth linear exceeding 
the tube, the othe^ shorter, lanceolate, corolla scarcely exserted. 

R. MOLLissiMA, J)aU. injoum. Linn. Soc. xiii. 186, from Kandesh, which I have not 
seen, is said to differ from R. sericea principally by the want of callosities and auricles 
to the standard. 

85. FXiBXZWaZA, Roxb. 

Shrube, rarely herbe, with leaves digitately 3-foliolate or simple, gland-dotted 
below. Inflorescence various ; pedicels very short, not bracteolate. Calyx4vbe 
short ; teeUi narrow, acuminate, the lowest often the longest. Corolla httk or 
not at all exserted; petals equal in length; keel obtuse or slightly lOBtiale. 
Stamens diadelphous ; anthers tmiform. Owxry subsessile, 2-ovuIed ; stfle fili- 
forui, beardless, stigma capitate. Pod oblong, tuigid, small, usualh^ two- 
seeded ; seeds not strophiolate, the funicle centrical. — Distbib. Chily 3 Trop. 
African species not here represented. 

SuBGEN. 1. OBtryodioin, Deso, Shrubs. Leaves simple. Flowvt in 

Flemingia,'\ L. lbouminosje. (J. G. Baker.) 227 

small cjmeS; each hidden by a large folded persistent bract, closely distichously 
arranged in copious simple or slightly branched racemes^ both in the axils of the 
leayes and above them. 

1. F. StrobUifera, H. Br. in Ait. Hort. Kew ed. 2, iv. 350; leaves ob- 
long subacute broadly rounded at the base^ axis of racemes zigzag, bracts 
pointed or faintly emarginate. DC. Prodr. ii. 351 ; Wall. Cat. 5753 ; W. ^ A. 
Prodr. 243 ; Wtght Ic. t 267 ; Balz. ^ Gibs. Bomb. Fl. 75. Hedysarum stro- 
biliferum^Xtitn. Sp. 1053 : Roxh. Fl. Ind. iii. 350. Zornia strobilifera, Pers. Ench. 
u. 319. F. abrupta, Wall. Cat. 5755. 

Himalayas firom Simla and Kumaon, ascending to 8000 ft. to Assam, Khasia, 
Cbittaoono, SiAM, Malacca, and Ceylon. — Distrib. Malayan Islands, Philippines, 
Timor. Introduced in Mauritius and West Indies. 

An erect shrub, 5-10 ft. high. Branches slender, terete, velvety. Leaves subco- 
riaceouB, 3-8 in. long, green, glabrescent above, thinly silky, especially on the raised 
parallel erecto-patent ribs below ; stipules scariose, linear, \-^ in. ; petiole stiffly 
erocto-patent^ ^1 in. Racemes 3-6 in. long, usually simple, the slender zigzag rachis 
densely grey-downy; bracts erecto-patent, short-petiole<i, deeply coniate, ^1 in. long, 
membranous, finely downy, rather broader than lung, obscurely cuspidate in the typical 
form. Calyx \ in., finely pilose ; teeth lanceolate, exceeding the tube. Corolla 
purple, little exserted. Pod oblong, turgid, ^| in. long, finely downy, 2-8eeded. 

Vab. 1 . bracteata ; racemes copious dense panicled, bracts slightly emarginate. F. 
bracteata, Wight Ic. t. 268 ; Benin. PL Jungh. 245. Hedysarum bracteatum, Roxb. 
Fl. Ind. iii. 351. F. chloroatachys, IVall. Cat. 5756. — Forests of East Himalayas and 

Var. 2. fruticulosa ; habit low and branches trailing, leaves smaller pliaite, ra- 
cemes fewer-flowered, bracts ^-^ in. slightly emarginate. F. fruticulosa. Wall. Cat. 
5764 ; Benth, PI. Jungh. 245. — Temperate region of Central Himalayas. 

2. P. Oliappar, Ham, in Wall. Cat. 5757 ; leaves rotundato-cordate cus- 
pidate, rachis of racemes straight, bracts deeply emarginate. Benth. PI. Jungh. 

EAaTRRK Himalayas, Hamilton. Beuar, Dr. Hooker. Ava, Wallich. 

General habit and inflorescence just that of the last. Branches terete, with a thin 
coating of adpressed hairs. Leaves nearly as broad as long, subcoriaceous, 2-4 in. 
♦ach way, green, glabrous above, minutely grey-downy below; petiole longer than in 
F. ftrobUiJera. Racemes often panicled ; rachis more woody than in the last, and the 
pabeflcence shorter ; bracts firmer, less distinctly veined, much broader than long. 
CalffX ^-\ in. ; teeth lanceolate, as long as the tube. Corolla twice the calyx. Pod as 
in the last. 

SuBOEK. 2. OlialartOt W. 4* A. Erect shrubs. Leaves simple or 3-folio- 
late. Bracts minute, caducous. Flowers in lax panicled racemes. 

3. 7. paAioulata, Wall. Cat. 5759; leaflets simple large cordate-ovate 
cnapidate Shin not plicate, flowers mostly in a terminal panicle, bracts navicular 
as long as the calyx. Benth. PL Jungh. 245. F. Phursia, Ham. in Wall. Cat. 

Central and Eastern Himalayas, tropical zone ; from Kumaox to Sixxim. Moul- 
MXDT, H/dfer. 

An erect shrub, 4 to 6 ft. high, with finely downy slender terete branchefi. Leatfes 
sabeoriaceons, thin, full green above, paler beneath, glabrous except on the ribs of the 
UDdersnrfiice, 3-6 in. long; petiole 1 in. or less long; stipules minute, lanceolate, ca- 
ducous. Axillary racemes sometimes simple, sometimes fascicled, the end ones forming 
a thyreoid panicle 4 ft. long, with densely ^ey downy branches, rather laxly flowered 
nearly down to the base ; bracts ovate, pilose, scariose ; pedicels shorter than the calyx. 
Calyx J-J in., densely grey-downy; teeth lanceolate, acuminate; tube very short. 
Corolla reddish, little exserted ; keel rostrate. Pod ^ in., oblong, finely downy, 


228 L. LEOUMiNOSf. (J. O. BakerJ IFUmingia. 

4. F. llneata, Boxb. Hwi, Bmg. 56 ; Fl, Ind. iii. 341 ; leaves 3-folio- 

late oblanoeolate-oblong deeply plicate, flowers in copious axillajry and tennioal 
panicled racemes, bracts very minute linear. Wall, Cat, 6762 ; DC. Prodr, n, 
361 ; W, ^ A. Prodr. 242 j Wight Ic. t. 327. Hedysarum lineatum, Lkm, 8p, 
PI, 1064. Lespedeza lineata, Pers, Syn. ii. 318. 

Plains from the . Hihalatas to Cbtlon, Bibma and Siax. — Distbib. Malayan 
Islands, N. Australia. 

An erect shrub, with the ultimate branchlets angular andgrey-canescent. SiipuUi 
lanceolate, scariose, subpersistent, ^-} in. ; petiole j-2 in., erecto-patent, deeply 
sulcate ; leaflets rigidly subcoriaceous, 1-3 in. long, obtuse, or with a slight cusp, del- 
toid at the base, ezstipellate, both surfaces especially the lower finely grey-caneecent, 
sablucent. Panicles irom the axils of most of the leaves, erecto-patent, 2-4 in. long, 
the flowers crowded towards the end of the branches and absent from the lower part; 
pedicels very short. Calyx ^-^ in., densely grey -downy ; teeth lanceolate. Corolla 
uttle ezsert(9d ; keel beaSied. Pod |-^ in., finely downy, rounded at both ends, 

SuBGSN. 3. Flemlngriastruniy DO. Erect shrubs. Leaves digitatdy 
d-foliolate. Flowers in dense subspicate axillary racemes ; bracts linear or Ibs- 
ceolate, caducous. 

6. F. Btrtota, Roxh. Cor, PI, iii. t. 248; Hort, Bmg, 66; FL Ind. iii. 
342 ; branches triquetrous, leaflets thin large acuminate obscurely silky on the 
ribs below, bracts linear firm much exceeding the buds, calyx silky. DC, 
Prodr. ii. 361 ; WaU. Cat, 6746, ejcd. E', W, ^ A, Prodr. 241 ; Wight Ic. i 

Tropical regions of Snucni , Silhet, Assam ; Bibma, Tbnassbhim, and the Western 
Peninsula.— Distbib. China. 

A tall shrub, with woody triquetrous branches, clothed with only a few short 
adpressed hairs. Stipules Inrge, lanceolate, rigidly scariose, soon fslling; petiole 
3-6 in., triquetrous, deeply sulcate, not winged ; leaflets subcoriaceous, ^1 ft Iod^ 
oblong, narrowed to both ends, smooth and glabrous above, with only a few short 
obscure hairs on the ribs below. Bacemes dense, oblong-cylindrical, often finsricled, 
?-3 in. long, the lower bracts larger than the others and subpersistent, the upper onei 
rigidly scariose, linear, ^-f in. long, shortly silky, densely imbricated ben>re the 
flowers expand ; pedicels very short. Calyx \-^ in. ; teeth linear, the lowest twice as 
long as the others. Corolla as long as the lower tooth, much exceeding the others ; keel 
obtuse. Pod ^^ in. long, glabrescent. 

Vab. pteropus, Baker \ petiole distinctly winged, leaflets lanceolate acominate 
plicate, spikes more slender densely fascicled, bracts and flowers smaller. — Pegu, 

6. F. Orahamianav W. ^ A, Prodr. 242 ; branches subterete, leaflets 
obovate obtuse or subacute thinly silky below, bracts linear firm small, calyx 
shaggy. F. pycnantha, Benth. in Hohen, PI, Risic, No. 1211 ; PI. Jungh. 246. 

NiLOHiBis, Wightf Gardner, &c. 

A low erect shrub, with tomentose young shoots. Stipules lanceolate, \-^ in., 
caducous ; petiole ^-1 in., erecto-patent, not winged ; leaflets subcoriaceous, 2-3 io. 
long, plicate, glabrous above, grey-silky especially on the ribs beneath many of the 
veinlets raised. Spikes dense, oblong, 1-2 in. long, often fascicled ; bracts under 
it in. long, erecto-patent, subrigid, subpersistent. Calyx f in. ; teeth plumose, liDfa^ 
( etaceous, subequal. Corolla not exserted. Pod oblong, J in. long, finely pubeseeot, 
and often covered with red viscous glands. 

7. F. oongresta, Boxb, HoH. Beng, 66 ; Fl, Ind. iii. 340 ; bfanches snb- 
tarete, leaflets oblong acuminate silky on the ribs below, bracts neither rigid 
nor protruded, calyx silkv. DC. Prodr. ii. 361 ; Wall. Cat, 6747, m gredsr 
part', W.SfA. Prodr. 241; Wight Ic. t. 390; Dalz. ^ Oib$. Bamk It ?«. 

Flemmgia,'] L. lbguminosa. (J. 6. Baker.) 22D 

F. angnstifolia, Boxh, Fl, Ind, iii. 841 P Orotalaria macrophylla^ WiUd. Sp. 
iiL 982. RliTDchosia crotalarioides, 1)C, Prodr. ii. 387. 

Ckktsai. HncALATAS to Cbtlon and Malacca, in the tropical region. — Distbib. 
Kalay isles, China, Philippines. 

An erect woody shrub, 4-6 ft. high, with terete glabrescent old and rather angular 
solcate silky young branches. Stipules linear, ^ in., caducous ; petiole 1-4 in., sul- 
catedown tneface, not winged; leaflets subcoriaceous, thin not plicate, 4-6 in. long, 
narrowed to a long point, and downwards to a rather rounded base, green and glabrous 
aboTe, thinly grey-silky beneath. Racemes oblong, dense, 1-2 in. long, sessile, often 
fiiscicled ; bracts lanceolate, ^^ in. long, silky on the back, like the calyx, deciduous, 
HOC at all rigid ; pedicels very short. Calyx j-i in., densely clothed with adpressed 
diining pale brown silky liairs; teeth linear-lanceolate, the lowest exceeding the 
others. Corolla scarcely exserted ; keel obtuse. Pod oblong, | in. long, obscurely 
dowoy, 2-«eed6d. 

Vab. 1. semialaia ; general habit and leaflets of the type, but the petiole narrowly 
winged, the racemes often rather laxer and calyx-teeth narrower. F. semialata, Soxb, 
Fl. Ind. iii. 340 ; Don Prodr. 242 ; W. 4- A. Prodr. 241 ; Wi^ht Ic. t. 326 ; Wall. Cai. 
6746, til greaUr part. F. stricta. Wall. Cat. bl^b E. F. prostrata, Roxh. Fl. Ind. iii. 
338 (a low trailing form). — Kange of the type, ascending to 5000 ft. in the Central 

Vab. 2. latifolia; taU, very robast, leaflets larger acute 6-9 in. long, bracts |— ^ in. 
long like the calyx densely clothed with shining adpressed brown silky hairs. F. 
latifolia, Benth. PI. Jungh. 246 ; Miq. Fl. Ind. Bat. i. 163.^Khasia, 2-3000 ft. Hook. 
JU. and Thomson^ Chriffith. — Distbib. Java. 

Var. 3. Wwktiana ; erect, branches densely silky, leaflets smaller thicker densely 
clothed with adpressed grey or ferruginous silky hairs below with the veinleta raised, 
petiole not winged, pubescence of calyx and raceme-rachis denser and less adpressed. 
F. Wightiana, Grah. in Wall. Cat. 6761 , W. 4r A. Prodr. 242. F. ferruginea, WaU. 
Cat. 6760.— Nilghiris, Wight. Bhotan, Oriffith. Ava, at Taong-Dong, Wallich. 

Var. 4. nana; a low diffuse undershrub, leaflets obtuse 1-2 in. long plicate reti- 
ealato-mgose beneath, heads few subglobose few-flowered sometimes shortly peduncled, 
calyx-teeUi deep very narrow, pod slightly downy. F. nana, Boxb. Hort. Beng. 56 ; 
FL Ind. iii. 339 ; Wall Cat. 5748 A ; Wight Ic. t. 389 (suberect). F. procumbens, 
Boxb. Fl. Ind. iii. 338 ; Wight Ic. t. 408 (trailing diffuse) ; Dalz. ^ Gibs. Bomb. Fl. 76. 
F. capitata, Ham. in Wall. Cat. 6749. — Central and Fastem Himalayas, 2-6000 ft., 

8. F. Walliollli, W. <$- A. Prodr. 242 ; branches subterete, leaflets obo- 
vate obtuae or subacute finely downy beneath^ bracts small not at all rigid, calyx 
shaggy. F. semialata, var. yestita. WaU. Cat. 5746, 6. F. nana, WaU. Cat. 
b7&f B. F. sencans, Kurz m Joum. Asiat. Soc. Beng. xliii. 2, 186. 

Hills of Wbstbrk Pbm insula. Pbomk, Wallich., Mabtaban, Kurz. 

Branches slender, erect, densely clothed with short spreading hairs. Stipules small, 
eadncoas ; petiole 1-2 in., faintly winged ; leaflets obovate -oblong, 2-4 in. long, gla- 
brous on the upper surface, nearly flat. Heads dense, oblong, sessile, 1-2 in. long, 
•olitaiy or fiucicled. Calyx |-^ in., shaggy, with dense persistent firm spreading 
gie^ hairs, slit down nearly to tne base into subequal linear plumose teeth. Corolla 
included. Pod oblong, as long as the calyx, finely downy. Not clearly distinct from 
the last, from which it mainly differs in vestiture. 

SuBenr. 4. Ziapidocomat Jungh. An erect shrub. Leaves dkitately 
d-foliolate. Flowers in dense globose heads surround^ by large bracts (uke the 
eapitula of Compositee). 

9. r. involuorata, JBenth. PL Jungh. 246. F. capitata, ZoUing. ; Miq. 
Flor. Ind. Bat. i. 166. Lespedeza inyolucrata^ WaU. Cat. 6742. Lepidocoma 
trifoliatam, Jtmgh. JReise, 3Sb. 

230 L. LEGUMiNOSiE. (J. G. Baker.) [Flemtngia, 

Eastern Himalayas, Assam and Sikkim, ascending to 3000 ft. Pbott, MeCleUatid, 
Kurz. CoNCAN, Stocks, — Distrib. Java. 

An erect shrub, 2-4 ft. high, with slender terete zigzag woody finely downy 
branches. Stipules large, scariose, caducous ; petiole |-J in. ; leaflets oblong or 
lanceolate, narrowed to both ends, 2-3 in. long, subcoriaceous. glabrous above, grey and 
finely downy below. Heads copious, both terminal on the branches and. axillary on 
short peduncles, an inch broad, encircled by alx>ut a dozen lanceolate acuminate sca- 
riose persistent bracts J in. long. Calyx ^— f in. long, shaggy with long dense grey 
hairs ; teeth very long, the two upper subconnate. Corolla included ; keel obtuse. 
Pod small, oblong, included, form, downy, 1 -seeded. 

SiTBGEN. 5. AliynollOBloldeB. Trailing berbe with herbaceous roots. 
Leaves digitately 3-foliolate ; bracts minute, caducous. 

10. S". TeBtltat Benth, MSS. ; leaflets obovate-cuneat« minutely pilose, 
stipules large persistent, flowers 4-10 in dense long-peduncled heads, corolla 
much exserted. Dulichos vestitus, Grah. in Wall, Cat. 5545. 

Himalayas ; fh)m Simla, Garwhal and Kumaon to Kuasia, ascending to 7000 ft. 
Sometimes cultivated for the sake of its tuberous esculent root. 

Stems trailing to a length of 1-2 ft., branched, densely clothed with short grey 
hairs. Stipules ^-J in., lanceolate, scariose ; petiole ^-1 in. ; leaflets brought close to 
one another by their e<iges, not at all coriaceous, full green above, pale green beneath, 
minutely hairy on both sides, exstipellate, obtuse or shortly cuspidate, J-1 in. each way. 
Flowers 3-6 together, in dense heads like Lotus, on pilose peduncles overtopping the 
leaves ; pedicels very short; bracts ^ in., silky, oblong or roundish, cuspidate. Cali/x 
J-J in., densely brown-velvety ; teeth subequal, exceeding the tube. Corolla bright 
red, half as long again as the calyx ; keel much incurved, distinctly rostrate. Pcd 
oblong, included, subcylindrical, 1 -seeded, finely hairy. 

Var. nilqheriensis ; leaflets smaller firmer more acute, hairs of stem and petioles 
longer and denser, flowers a dozen or more in a head, calyx-teeth linear, corolla 
scarcely exserted. F. procumbens, Wight Ic. t. 087 ; Dalz. ^ Gibs. Bomb. Fl, 76, Jton 
Roxb. — Hills of Western Peninsula. 

11. F. tuberosaf Dalz. in Ketv Joum, Bot. ii. .34; leaflets lanceolate 
glabrous, stipules minute caducous, flowers very lax in few-flowered peduncled 
dichotomous corymbs, corolla not exserted. Dalz. ^ Gibs. Bomb. Fl. 75. 

CoNCAN, Dalzell, Stocks. 

Stems 2-3 ft. long, copiously branched, thinly clothed with fine spreading hairs. 
Leafiets rigidly subcoriaceous, acute, 1-2 in. long, those of the lowest leaves shorter, 
oblong. Corymbs copious, terminal and axillary, distinctly peduncled, exceeding the 
leaves, the last branches erecto-patent, 1-2 in. long, the flowers usually solitary, rarely 
geminate at their tips ; bracts and bracteoles minute, rigid, ovate, like those of Shu- 
teria. Calyx J in., strongly ribbed, densely pilose ; teeth lanceolate, exceeding the 
tube. BUide of standard round ; keel very narrow, abruptly incurved at the tip. Pod 
oblong, 1-2-seeded, if the latter slightly exceeding the calyx. 

86. DAXiBSaaZA, Linn. fil. 

Trees or climbing shrubs. Leaves with alternate subcoriaceous leaflets. Flowers 
copious, small, in terminal or lateral panicles. Calyx campanulate ; teeth 6, 
distinct, usually short. Corolla exserted ; standard broad ; keel obtuse, with 
its netaJs only joined at the tip. Stamens 9-10, monadelphous or the sheath 
slit aown the keel ; anthers minute, basifixed, with the cells oack to back, and the 
slit mostly short and apical. Ovary stalked, few-ovided ; style short, incurved, 

flahrous, stigma capitate. Pod oblong or strap-shaped, usually tldn and flat, 
-4-8eeded, indehiscent, not thickened or winged at the sutures. — DiSTBlB. 
Species 60-70, cosmopolitan in the tropics. 

DaJbergia.'] l. leguminosje. (J. G. Baker.) 231 

SuBeEK. 1. SlSBoaf Benth, Stamens usually nine in one bundle, the 
alieath of filaments being slit only along the top. Pod straight, thin, 1-4- 

* Leaflets large, 

1. I>. SlSBOO, Roxb. Hort, Beng. 53 ; Fl. Ind. iii. 223 ; erect, leaflets 
^-o roundish with a very distinct cusp, flowers in short axillary panicles with 
racemoBo-corymbose branches, pedicels short, pod 1— i-seeded not veiled opposite 
the seeds. bC. Ptodr, ii. 416 ; W. ^ A. Prodr. 264 ; Wall. Cat. 5860 ; BeiUh. 
in Jaum. Linn. Soc. iv., Suppl. 40 ; Bedd. Fl. Sylv. t. 25. D. pendula, Tencre 
Cat, HoH, 2>feap. 84. 

Plains through India proprr, ascending to 5000 ft. in the Central Himalayas. — 
DiSTRiB. Afghanistan, B^^loochistan. 

An erect tree, with finely grey-downy branches. Leaf-rtxchie zigzag; leaflets 
firm, soon glabrescent, 1-3 in. long. PanicUs much shorter than the leaves, the 
erecto-patent branches densely pnbescent. Calyx J in. deep, downy ; teeth veiy 
short, the lowest rather the longest, lanceolate. Corolla yellowish, twice the length 
of the calyx ; standard with a long claw and round limb. Stamnuf 9. I^d thin, 
strap-shaped, pale brown, glabrous, 1^4 in. by ^-J in., obtuse with a stalk twice 
as long as the calyx. 

2. I>. latifolUkf Boxb. Cor. PI. ii. 7, t. 113 ; erect, leaflets 5-7 orbicular 
obtuse, flowers in lax axillary panicles with subcorymbose branches, pedicels 
elongated, pod 1-3-eeeded not veined opposite the seeds. Boxb. Fl. Ind. iii. 
221 ; DC. Prodr, ii. 416 ; W. 8^ A. Prodr. 264 ; Wight /c. t. 1156 ; Wall. Cat. 
5852 J Benth. in Joum. Linn. Soc. iv., Suppl. 38 ; Dalz. Sr Gibs. Botnb. FL 77 ; 
Bedd, Fl, Sylv. t 24. D. emarginata, Boxb. Hort. Beng. 53 ; Fl. Ind. iii. 224 ; 
WaU, Cat. 5858. 

Common through the Wbstebn Penimsxtu^ Sikkim and Behab, Hook, jil, B|7n- 
DBLCUND, Edgeworth. 

An erect tree, glabrous in all its parts. Leaves 4-6 in. long ; rachis straight ; 
leaflets 1^2| in. long, firm, greenish or glaucous below, often emarginate at the 
point, cuneate at the base, the petiolules unusunlly long. Flowers in lax broad 
panicles, shorter than the leaves ; pedicels as long as the calyx. Calyx ^^ in. ;^eeth 
obtuse, rather shorter than the tube. Stamens 9. Corolla white, twice the length 
of the calyx. Pod firm, brown, strap-shaped, rather shining, 1^3 in. by ^-} in., 
in the place of the seotis distinctly marked but not wrinkled. 

Var. sissoides ; leaflets rather narrower in proportion to their length and some- 
times obtusely pointed. D. sissoides, Grah. in WaU. Cat. 5876 ; W. <$' A. Prodr. 265 ; 
Benth. in Joum. Linn. Soc. iv., Suppl. 39. D. javanica, Miq. Flor. Ind, Bat. i. 132? 
— Nilghiris. Distrib. Java? 

3. I>. ovatai Grah, in Wall. Cat. 5854 ; scandent, leaflets 5-7 oblong 
acute, flowers in axillair panicles with crowded corymbose branchlets, pedicels 
very short, pod l-3-6eedea not veined opposite the seeds. Benth. in Joum. Linn. 
Soc. iv., Suj^, 40. D. ghiuca, WaU. Cat, 5862. 

Mabtabak, Wallich. Pegu, Kurr, 

Wbole plant glabrous, except the branchlets of the panicle. Z^fl/-rachi8 2-3 
in. long ; leaflets firm, greenish or slightly glaucous below, the upper oblong, 3-4 
in. long, narrowed gradually to a point, the lower shorter round-ovate. Panicle 
broad, about as long as the leaves, made up of distant congested clusters, the 
main branches spreading or even deflexed. Flower and pod just like those of D. 

Vab. obtusifolia-, leaflets oblong or obovate-oblong obtuse emarginate 3-5 in. 
long. — Birma, Griffith^ Kvrg. 

4. I>. Obampionif Ihwaites Enum. PI. Zeyl. 95 ; scandent, leaflets 1-5 

232 L. LEOUMiNOSA. (J. 6. Baker.) [Dalbergia. 

obloDg acute, flowers in lax axillary panicles with sabcorymbose Inranches, 
pedicels as long as the calyx, pod not veined opposite the solitary seed. BetUh, 
m Joum. Linn. Soc. iv., Suppi. 39. D. pseudo-sissoo, Miq, Fl. Ind, Bat, i. 128 ? 

Ceyix)n, Gardner, Walker, &c. — Distrib. Malay isles. 

Branches glabrous, twining. LeafleU firm, glabrous, green on both surfaces, oblong. 
2-4 in. long, rounded at the base, narrowed suddenly to a point. Panicles as long 
as or shorter than the leaves, the branches finely grey-downy. Calyx ^ in., sob- 
glabrous ; teeth sbort, obtuse. Corolla twice the length of the calyx ; cmwR of the 
rtals as long as the calyx. Stamens 9. Pod strap-shaped, obtuse, S-4 in. by 
^ in., always 1 -seeded. 

6. D. rimoftay Bovh, Hort. Beng. 53 ; Fl, Ind. in. 233 ; erect, leaflets 
5-9 oblong obtuse or acute, flowers very small in axillary and terminal panicles 
with corymbose branches, pedicels very short, pod thickened and veined opposite 
the solitary seed. Wall. Cat. 5853 ; Wight ic. t. 262 ; Benth, in Joum. jAtm, 
Soc. iv., Svppl. 32. 

Eastern Himalayas, tropical zone, ascending to 4000 ft. ; Khasia, Silhst, Assam. 

Leaf-TAchiB straight, 2-4 in. long ; leaflets moderately firm, oblong or obovate- 
oblong, 2-4 in. long, bright green above, grey with a thiu coating of grey short 
adpressed hairs beneath. Panicles broad and corymbose, with finely grey-downy 
branches, the very numerous small flowers in crowded corymbs. Calyx ^ in., 
finely downy; teeth obtuse, subequal, about as long as the tube. Corolla white, 
twice as long as the calyx ; claws of the petals very short. Pod oblong, glabrous, 
2-3 in. by 1-1^ in., much thidsened opposite the large seed. Seeds very rarely 2. 

6. D. follaoea, Wall. Cat. 5856 A, 0, B ; erect, leaflets 9-13 dongate- 

oblong obtuse or acute, flowers small mostly in ample terminal panicles with 
corymbose branches, pedicels short, pod thickened and veined opposite the 
usually solitary seed. Benth. in Joum, Linn, Soc, iv., Suppl, 41. 

Forests of Ava, Prou, and Martaban. 

Le{{f-T&chi8 straight, 3-4 in. long ; leaficts rigidly subcoriaceous, glabrous, aot 
glaucous beneath. Panicle ^-^ ft., the main branches wide-spreading, rather 
decurved, the branch lets clotnea with thin grey-brown pubescence. Calyx A in-, 
finely downy, the lowest tooth about as long as the tube. Corolla twice the length 
of the calyx, the claws of the petals short. Pod just like that of D, ritnosa. 


Leaflets fexD, smaU, 

7. D. rablgrinOBav Boxh. Cor. PI. ii. 9, 1. 115 ; J?. Ind, iii. 231 ; scandent, 
leaflets 5-7 oblong obtuse glabrous beneath, flowers in short crowded axillary 
panicles, pedicels very short, petal-claws as long as the calyx, ovaries 3-4-ovnlea. 
jDC, Prodr, ii. 416 ; W. i^ A, Prodr, 265 ; Benth. in Joum, Limn, Soc, iv., 
Suppl. 43. 

WESTBRii Pbninsitla. — DiSTRiB. South China. 

Uabit of D. monosperma, from which it may be readily known by the stamens 
and ovary. Branches glabrous, twining. Leaflets firm, not conspicuously veined, 
1-2 in. long, rather glaucous beneath. Panicles 1-2 in. long, sessile, the branchletn 
finely pubescent. Calyx scarcely ^ in. long, finely browu-silky, with a pair of smaU 
obtuse persistent bracteoles ; teetn short, obtuse. Corolla twice the length of thi 
calyx. Pod unknown. 

8. D. congresta, Ch'ah, in Wall, Cat. 5872; scandent, leaflets 7-11 
oblong obtuse more or less clothed with brown pubescence beneath, flowers io 
short crowded axillary panicles, pedicels very short, petal-claws as long as ths 
calyx, pod 1-2-seedea not veined opposite the seeds. W, Sf A, Prodr, 266; 
Benth, in Joum. Linn. Soc, iv., Suppl. 43. D. Gardneriana, BevUk. loo. eU, 

Dalbergia.'] L. LEOUMiNOSii. (J. 6. Baker.) 283 

N1LQKIBI8, Ntftan, Gardner, &e. 

Closely allied to />. rubiginoaat of which it is perhaps a Tarietj. BranchleU and 
IfftTee below at first densely clothed with brown pubescence. Leafieta very thick, 
l-\\ in. long, emaiginate. Panides 1-2 in. long, dense, the branches densely brown- 
Telrety. Pedicels f^ ^ in. Calyx ^ in., with a pair of conspicuous adpreesed 
bmcteoles ; teeth short. Corolla twice the length of the calyx. Pod thin, brown, 
glafaroas, distinctly stalked, strap-shaped, 1^-2^ in. by ^ in. 

9. I>. oultrata, Grah, in Wall, Cat. 5861 ; erect^ leaflets 7-11 obovate- 
oUong obtuse emarginate glabrous, flowers in short axillary fascicled panicles 
with racemose branches, pedicels as long as the calyx, petal-claws short, pod 
1-3-fleeded not veined opposite the seeds. Benth, in Joum, Linn, Soc. iv., Suppl. 

PBom Hills, Wallioh. Fbqu, McClelland. 

General habit like that of D. lanceolaria. Branches and leares below glabrous. 
Leaflets 1^2 in. long, moderately firm, green on both sides. Flowers in copious 
rather lax panicles, with slender ascending subglabrous branches. Cah/x ik in., sub- 
glalsoiis ; teeth short. Corolla twice the calyx. Pod just like that of D. lanceolaria, 
from which it can only be distinguished by the fiowers. 

*** Let^ltts many^ small. 

10. I>. XnnflTl^ubniif Benth. PI. Jungh. i. 254 ; scandent, leaflets 9-15 
obloxu^ fflabrous obtuse, flowers minute mostly in ample terminal panicles with 
crowded cymoee branches, pedicels and petal-claws very short, pod oblong not 
▼allied opposite the solitary seed. Benin, in Jowm. linn. Soc, iv., SupjH. 33. 
D. parriflora, Boxb. Fl. Ind. iii. 225 ? 

Malacca, Griffith^ Maingay.—DisTuiB, Malay isles. 

Branches slender, glabrous, often twisted. Leaves 2-3 in. long; leaflets thick, 
rigid, i^H in. long, truncate or emarginate, glabrous, slightly glaucous below. 
Branches of the panicle downy, the ultimate branchlets forming distinct scorpioid 
cymes. Calyx glabrous, under ^ in. ; teeth short, obtuse, the lowest the longest. 
Corolla ^ in. Pod thin, membranous, greenish, glabrous, distinctly stalked, 2^-3 in. 
by 1-1^ in. 

11. I>. confertifloraf Benth. PI. Jungh. i. 255; scandent, leaflets 11-15 
oblong glabrous obtuse, flowers mostly in ample terminal panicles with crowded 
corymbose branches, pedicels and petal-claws short, pod l-2-8eeded strap-shaped 
rather yeined opposite the seeds. Benth. in Joum. Linn. Soc. iv., Suppl. 41. 
D. paniculata, Wall. Cat. 5848, E&l,ex parte. 

OuDH and Sillbt, Wallich. Concax, Stocks^ 

Habit of D. volubilis, from which it can only be safely distinguished by the 
stamens. Lratfes 4-6 in. long; leaflets moderately firm, 1-2 m. long, obtuse or 
emarginate, much paler below than above, but scarcely glaucous. Branches of the 
panicle densely pubescent. Calyx ^ in. ; upper teeth short, obtuse, lowest lanceolate. 
Corolla not more than hnlf as long again as the calyx. Por/ thin, glabrous, brownish, 
2-3 in. by f-} in., narrowed to the point and to a stalk nearly half an inch long. 

12. I>. welatllia, Benth. PI. Jungh. 255 ; scandent, leaflets 13-17 oblong 
obtuse ferrugineo-pubescent, flowers in peduncled axillary panicles with corym- 
bose branches, pedicels short, petal-claws long, pod 1-3-seeded strap-shaped not 
▼eined opposite the seeds. Benth. in Joum. Linn. Soc. iv., Suppl. 43. D. stipu- 
li^ WaU. Cat. 6868 A, B ex parte. 

Khasia, Silubt, and Eastxrk Pbiciksula. 

Branches^ pedicels, and leaves, especially on the underside, at first densely clothed 
with dark brown tomentum. Leaves 6-9 in. long; leaflets moderately firm, not 

234 L. LEGUMiNOSiE. (J. G. Baker.) [Dalbergta. 

veined, rather glaucous beneath, 1^2 in. long ; stipules large, laoceolate, velvet j, more 
persistent than in the other species. Panicle di^stinctlj peduncled, ^-^ as long as the 
leaves, the branches densely brown-pubescent, spreading or ascending ; pedicels 
shorter than the calyx, furnishe<l 'with small subpersisrent bracts and bracteoles. 
Calyx ^ in. ; upper teeth very short ; lowest lanceolate, rather longer. Corolla twice 
the calyx. Pod thin, obtuse, brownish, short-stalked, 2-3J in. by |-j in. 

13. I>. Stooksliy Benth. in Joum. Linn. Soc. iv., Suppl. 42 ; scandent, 
leaflets 11-15 obloDg obtuse with a few obscure adpressed hairs^ flowers in 
copious axillary panicles with corymbose branches, pedicels and petal-claws 
short, pod thin oblong veined opposite the large usually solitary seed. 

CoNCAN, Stocks. 

Branches finaly grey-downy. Leaves 4-5 in. long; lea6ets thin for the genus, 
j-l in. long, emarginate, with only a few obscure short adpressed hairs below when 
mature. Panicles copious, distinctly peduncled, nearly or quite as long }»8 the leaves; 
branches slender, densely finely grey -downy, densely corymbose at the tip, the lower 
ones distant. Calyx oblique, -^ in., densely grey-downy ; teeth half as long as the 
tul)e. Corolla twice the length of the calyx. Pod quite characteristic, thin, glabrous, 
J—H in. by ^ in., the usually solitary seed filling up the greater part, subacute, 
cuneate at the base with a very long stalk. 

14. I>. B3nnpat]ietloa9 Nimmo in Grah. Cat. Bomb. PI. 55 ; scandent, 
leaflets 11-15 oblong obtuse thinly grey-silky , flowers in dense short axiUary 
panicles with dense corymbose branches, pedicels and petal-claws short, pod 
thin greenish oblong 1-2-seeded not veined opposite the seeds. Benth. PI. Jungh. 
255 ; Joum. Linn. Soc. iv., Suppl. 42 ; Dalz. Sr Cribs. Bomb. PL 78. D. firon- 
dosa, Wall. Cat. 5855 B; W. ^ A. Prodr. 266, ex parte ( Wt. Herb. 918). 
D. ferruginea, Ilohen. PI. Can. Exsic. No. 343, n<m Boxb, 

Hills of the Western Peninsula. 

Trunk arme<l with strong large curved thorns, the branches often twisted, the 
young ones finely grey-downy. Leaves 4-6 in. long ; leaflets moderately firm, obtuse 
or emarginate, ^-1 in. long, thinly silky at first, especially beneath. Panicles dis- 
tinctly pedimcled, with finely downy ascending curved branches, the ultimate branch- 
lets secund. Calyx Jj in., silky, with a pair of small obtuse adpressed bracteoles; 
teeth short, obtuse. CoroUa twice the length of the calyx. Pod membranous, obtuse, 
2-3 in. by f-1 in,, with an unusually short stalk. — Closely resembles D. fAlubUi$ in 
leaves and general habit. 

15. D. tamarlndifolla, Roxb. IIoH. Beng. 53; Fl. Ind. iii. 233; 
scandent, leaflets 25-41 thinly pubescent crowded trapezoid-oblong, flowers in 
congested sessile axillary panicles with corymbose branches, pedicels short, 
petal-claws as long as the calyx, pod thin 1-3-seeded strapHshaped not veined 
opposite the seeds. Wight. Ic. t. 242 ; WaU. Cat. 5870 ; Benth. tn Joum. Linn. 
Soc. iv., Suppl. 44. D. livida, Wall. Cnt. 5866 A, ex parte, B. D. rufa, and 
D. multijuga, Grah. in Wall. Cat. 5864, 5865. D. Blumei, Hassk. PL Jav. 
Bar. 400. Derris pinnata. Lour. PL Cochin. 432. 

Eastern Himalayas ; Nipal, Sikkim, Silhet, Khasia. ascending to 4000 ft., and 
frequent down the gulf to Malacca. Hills of Western Peninsula. — Distreb. Malay 

Branches densely clothed with fine brown pubescence. Leaves \-\ foot ; leaflets 
quite different in shape to that of all the other species, nearly sessile, oiducoai), 
moderately firm. ^-1 in. long, glaucous, thinly clothed with brown pubescence 
beneath, especially on the midrib. Panicles sessile, 1-2 in. long, the branches densely 
brown-pubescent ; pedicels shorter than the calyx ; bracts and bracteoles minute^ 
downy, persistent. Calyx J in., downy; teeth short, obtuse. CoroUa white, 2-S 
times the length of the calyx ; blade of the standard orbicular. Siamems 10. IW 
thin, bright brown, glabrous, long-stalked, 1 J-3 in. by J-j in. 

DaJherguu'] L. leguminosje. (J. G. Baker.) 235 

Var. 1. pubescens; branches and leares below clothed with persistent dense thick 
pubeflcence. — Concan, Stocks. 

Var. 2. acaeiafolia ; leaflets thicker very oblique rigidly coriaceous glabrous 
bright green above glaucous beneath. D. acacisefolia, Dah. in Kew Joum. ii. 37. — 
Con can. 

SuBOEN. 2. Dalbergrarta, Benth, Sheath of filaments slit both along 
the top and bottom, so that the stamens are in two bundles containing five each. 
Pod straight, thin, l-S-seeded. 

16. I>. lanoeolarla, Linn,; DC, Prodr, ii. 417; erect, leaflets 11-15 
glabrous obtuse, flowers in copious ample terminal and axillary panicles with 
corymbose branches, pedicels bracteate as long as the calyx, calyx-teeth nearly 
as long as the tube, pod glabrous usually 1-seeded rather thickened and veined 
opposite the seed. Benth, in Joum. Linn. Soc. \\.^ Suppl, 45; Dalz. 8f Gibs. 
Bomb, Fl. 78. D. frondosa, Roxb. Hort. Beng. 53 ; Fl Ind. iii. 22Q ; DC. 
Prodr. ii. 417 ; W. «J- A. Piodr. 260, in part ; Wiaht Ic. t. 266 ; Wall. Cat. 
5856, A, 0,1); Bedd. Fl. Sylv. 88. D. zevlanica, Bo.rb. Sort. Beng. 53; 
Fl, Ind. iii. 228 ; Wall. Cat, 5847. D. arborea, Heyne ; DC. Prodr. ii. 417. 
D. robusta, Wall. Cat, 5840 A. D. hircina, WaU. Cat. 5871 A, not B. 

Plains ttom the Wbstebn HnnALATAS to Cbtlon. 

An erect tree, reaching 60-80 feet in height, with glabrous branches. Leaves 3-6 
in. long ; leaflets rigidly subcoriaceous, with slightly raised veins, green al)ove, paler 
and rather glaucous below, 1-2 in. long, rounded at both ends, emarginate at the 
apex. Branches of the panicle wide-spreading, silky or subglabrous. Calyx jf in., 
more or less silky ; teeth obtuse, the lowest rather Ioniser. Corolla 2-3 times as long 
as the calyx, the standard j- in. broad, with a large callosity at the base of the limb, 
the keel much shorter than the wings. Pod lJ-4 in. by |-} in., bright brown, 
flexible, narrowed to the point and gradually at the base into a long stalk. 

17. I>. purpureaf Wall, Cat, 5869 ; scandent, leaflets 11-13 glabrous 
obtuse, flowers in copious ample terminal and axillary panicles with corymbose 
branches, pedicels eoracteate as long as the calyx, calyx-teeth much shorter 
than the tube, pod glabrous 1-seeded rather thickened and veined opposite the 
seed. Benth. tn Joum. Linn. Soc. iv., Suppl, 46. 

Mabtaban, Wallich, Griffith. Pegu, Kurz. 

Closely allied to D. lanceolaria, from which it differs by its scandent h.ibit, 
■mailer flowers (under \ in. long), and shorter calyx-teeth. 

18. 1>. volubUls, Roxb, Cor. PI. ii. 48, t 191 ; Fl Ind. iii. 231 ; scan- 
dent, leaflets 11-13 glabrous obtuse, flowers in copious ample terminal and 
axillaiy panicles with corymbose branches, pedicels very short ebracteate, calyx- 
teeth minute, pod glabrous l-2-8eeded rather thickened and veined opposite the 
seed. DC. Prodr. ii. 417 ; WaU, Cat. 5874 ; W. ^ A. Prodr. 265 ; Benth, in 
Joum. Linn. Soc. iy., Suppl, 46 ; Dalz. 4* Gibs, Bomb. FL 78. 

Cbctbal and Eastebk Himalatas, to Pbgu and Ckyix)^. 

Clocely allied to the two precedinc:. Branches of the panicle densely clothed with 
brown velvety pubescence, the main ones horizontal or even decurved, the ultimate 
corymbs densely congested. Calyx ^ in. long, densely velvety. Corolla 2-3 times 
the length of the calyx. Pod just like that of D. lanceolaria. 

19. I>. assamioaf Benth, PI, Jungh, 255; scandent, leaflets 15-21 
obtuse glabrous or nearly so, flowers in axillary panicles much shorter than the 
leaves with corymbose branches, pedicels as long as the calyx, calyx-teeth 
nearly as long as the tube, pod glabrous flexible l-2-8eeded. benth, in Joum, 

Soc. iv., Suppl. 45. 

23G L. LEOUMiNOSf. (J. Gr. Baker.) [Dalbergia. 

Tropical Himalayas, from Kamaon eastwards ; Assam, Grriffitkt Jenkins, 
A twiner, with glabrous branches. Leaves 6-10 in. long; leaflets the same shape 
and size as in 2). lancfolaria, but rather thinner, with a few hairs at the be^nning on 
the under surface. Panicles deltoid, moderately close, 9-4 in. long, with slender fine 
silkj branches. Cak/x ^ in., finely silky, the lowest tooth lanceolate, as long as the 
tube, the others obtuse, rather shorter. Corolla under ^ in. Pod just like that of D. 

20. D. panioulatav JRoxh. Cor. PL ii. 8, t. 114 ; J7. Ind, iii. 227 ; eiecti 
leaflets 9-15 obtuse glabrous or nearly so, flowers in copious axillary and ter- 
minal paniclee with racemose-corymbose branchlets, pedicels very short, calyx- 
teeth as long as the tube, pod glabrous l-3-6eeded rather thickened and Teined 
opposite the seeds. DC. Ptodr. ii. 417 ; W. ^ A. Prodr. 266 ; WaU. Oat, 
5848, A to D; Daiz. ^ Oibs. Botnb. Fl. 78; Bentk. in Jaum. Lmn, Soe, it., 
Sufyd. 45 ; Bedd. FL Sylv. 88. 

Plains of the Wbstkbn PEJuufSuiA. 

A tall erect tree, the ultimate branches clothed with short erect grey-brown siU^ 
pubescence. Leaflets like those of D. lanceolaria in shape, size and texture. Psntew 
very different, mainly terminal, but much less ample, the branches always densely 
dotted with brown silky pubescence, the main ones erecto-patent. Calyx ^ in., sub- 
sessile, densely silky. Corolla twice the length of the calyx, the limb of the standard 
not more than ^ in. brocid, without any callosity at the base, the keel much shorter 
than the other petals. Pod just like that of D. lanceolaria. 

21. D. grlomeriflora, Kurz in Jaum. Amat. Sac. Beng, xlii. 2, 70; 

erect, leaflets 7-0 acute slightly pubescent beneath, flowers in congested 
panicles, pedicels nearly obsolete, calyx-teeth obtuse, pod unknown. 

BiBMA, at Prome, Kurz. 

A middle-sized erect tree, with ftdvo-tomentose branchlets. Leaflets OTate-oUong 
or oboyate, 2-2^ in. long, thinly coriaceous, glabrous above. Panuis subcapitate, 
with villose branches. Calyx glabrous, ^ in. Corolla white, a little longer than the 
calyx. — Ex Kurz loc. cit. 

22. !>• liirolna^ Benth. in Jownu Linn. Sac. iv., Suppl. 46 ; erect, leaflets 
17-25 obtuse both surfaces clothed with short persistent grey hairs, flowers in 
short congested axillary corymbose panicles, pedicels ebracteate as long as the 
calyx, calyx-teeth nearly as long as the tube, pod small glabrous 1-S-aeeded 
slighUy thickened but not Teined opposite the seeds. Wall. Cat. 6871 B, 
not A. 

Central and Eastern Himalayas, tropical zone ; from Gabwhal and KmAOX to 
Bhotan, ascending to 4000 ft. 

Leaf-rackis 6-10 in. long, finely grey-downy; leaflets obtuse at both ends, firm, 
with veins rather raised, emarj^nate at the apex, 1-1 1 in. long. Panicles short- 
peduncled, 1-2 in. long, with densely pubescent ascending branches. Calyx A io. 
long, densely pubescent. Corolla scai^ly more than twice the length of the calyx ; 
standard obovate, ^ in. broad ; keel distinctly shorter than the wings. Pod much 
smaller than that of its allies, often 3-4-seeded, 1-1^ in. by j- in., obtuse or 8ubttcnte» 
narrowed gradually into a stalk twice as long as the calyx. 

23. D. Tbomsonly Benth. in Joum. Linn. Soe, iv., SupfL S3 ; scandent, 
leaflets 9-11 glabrous obtuse, flowers in copious ample termual and axiUaiy 
panicles, ultimate branches secund cymoee, pedicels very short minutely biac- 
teate, calyx-teeth minute, pod thin greenish rather oblique slightly thickened 
and veineid opposite the solitary seed. 

Uppkb Assam, Griffith. Easia, 2-4000 ft, Hook.fll. f Thommm, 


Dalbergia.'] L. leouminosa. (J. O Baker.) 2S7 

A climber, with even the branches of inflorescefice nearly glabrous. Leaflets very 
firm in toxtore, greenish on both sorfaces, f-1 in. long, obtuse, slightly emarginate. 
b^fion^eenoe mainly terminal, the principal branches erecto-patent, the ultimate ones 
Ibnning distinct elongated scorpioid cymes. Flowers much smaller than in any of its 
neighbours and very deciduoas, the minute pedicels subtended by lanceolate bracts as 
bng as themselves. Calyx ^ in., subglabrous. Corolla under ij^ in. long. Pod 2-2^ 
in. by } in., thin and not turning brown, narrowed from the middle to a very short 
stalk, the lower suture much more rounded than the upper one. 

24. 1>. eana, Orah, tn TFaU. Cat, 5859 ; scandent, leaflets 15-10 acute 
glabraeoenty flowers in short axillary panicles with corymbose brancblets, 
pedicels ebracteate as long as tbe calyx, calyx-teeth shorter than the tube, pod 
tlun flat one-seeded softly pubescent not at all thickened or veined opposite the 
seed. Kurt in Joum, Aeiat, 8oc, JBeng. xlii. 2, 70. 

MouLiuaN, Wallich. Paou and MARTABAif, Kure. 

Branches, leaf-mchises and leaves below thinly clothed with deciduous brown 
silky hairs. Leaves ^-l ft. long; leaflets riaidly subcoriaceous, 1^2^ in. long, 
nnmded at the base, narrowed to a point, the veinlete rather raised on the undersurface. 
Ftmides sparse, much shorter than the leaves, the erecto-patent branches finely 
brown-silkj. Calyx subglabrous, ^^ in. ; teeth lanceolate-deltoid. Corolla twice 
the length of the calyx. Pod strap-shaped, straight, 2-2^ in. by ^-| in., pale dull 
brown, narrowed suddenly at the base to a stalk twice as long as the calyx. 

25. I>. stlpnlaoea, Itoxb. Hort, Beng. 53 ; Ft, Ind, iii. 233 ; scandent, 
leaflets 17-25 obtuse glabrous or nearly so, flowers in copious axillary panicles 
with elongated racemose branches, pedicels lon^rer than the calyx with con- 
spicaous persistent bracts and bracteoles, calvx-teeth as long as the tube, pod 
firm glabrous one-seeded thickened and veined opposite the seed. Wight. Ic, t. 
453 ; Benth, in Joitm. Linn. Soc. iv., Suppl. 47. B. femi^nea. Baxb, Fl. Ind, 
iiL 228. D. tingens, WaU, Cat, 5860. D. cassioides, Wall Cat, 5863. D. 
livida, WaU. Cat, 5866 A, in part, B. rostrata, Orah, in WaU, Cat. 5867. 

Eastern Himalayas, tropical zone, ascending to 4000 ft. in Solkiv ; Assam, Khasia, 
SiLHvr, CHriTAGONO, Pbgu, Martaban, TKNASSBRnc. — DiSTRiB. Malay isles. 

Branekes glabrous, or at first finely grey-downy. Leaf-rachis 4-6 in. long : 
leaflets moderately firm, obtuse, 1-1) in. loni;, glabrous, or at first minutely hairy 
beneath, green above, subglauoous beneath. Panicles much shorter than the leaves, 
with only a few lax ascending branches, the infiorescence readily distinguishable 
from that of all the others by the conspicuous persistent oblanceolate glabrous bracts 
and bracteolee. Calyx subglabrous, ^ in. lon^; lowest tooth linear, exceeding the 
othen. Corolla purplish, twice the length of the calyx ; blade of the standard 
roondish. Pod the largest and thickest of the group, 2-4 in. by 1 in., strap-shaped, 
obtuse, narrowed suddenly into a stalk twice as long as the calyx. 

SuBesar. 3. Selenolobioniy Benth, Stamens in two bundles of 5 each. 
iW obliquely orbicular-oblong, ratlier recurved, usually 1-seeded. 

26. I>. monospermaf Dalz, in Kew Joum, Bat, ii. 36 ; scandent, spine- 
less, leaflets 5-7 obtuse moderately small, pod flat. Dalz. 4* ^i^. Bomb. Fl. 78 ; 
Benth, in Joum, Linn, Soc. iv., Suppl. 48. D. torta, Ch'oh, in Wall, Cat. 5879. 
D. paniculata, WaU. Cat. 5848 I, ex parte. 

Shores of the Wbstbrn Pbninstla, Crtlon and Malayan Peninsula. — Distrlb. 
Malay isles, China, Philippines, N. Australia. 

A wide-twining shrub, with lithe much-twisted black glabrous branches. Leaflets 
Qsoallj 5, obovate-oblong. glabrous, obtuse, often emai^nate, 1-1 ^ in. long. Mowers 
in sessile congested axillary panicles, 1-2 in. long, the branches only inconspicuously 
fknmj ; pedieals shorter than the calyx. Calyx ^ in., subglabrous, with a pair of 

2S8 L. LEGrMixosj:. (J. G. Baker.) IDalbergia, 

minute oUose l^racteoles ; Ueth short. oLtuse. C^yrolla | in. ; cUvb as long as the 
cah-x; stands zO. mirr'>w. P"*/ I'Dwd. flat, glabrous, under 1 in. long, the upper 
sntuiv recurvcii ; stalk as lon^ a» tbt- calyx. 

27. I>. splnosaf JRoib. Fi Ind. iii. 233: erect, branchlets spine-tipped , 
leaflets 7-0 small obtuse. i>od flat. W. A- A. Prodr. 266; BftUh, in Joum. 
Linn. Soc. iv., Smppl. 4i>. 1». horrida. Grah. in Wall, Cat. 5877. 

Shopps of the Risterx and W ester st PEXixstXAS. Chittagoxo. Rarbmrffk, 
A stiff erect shral>. with i;umen>u> short round horizontal branchlets. ending in 
pungteot spines. Leaves crowdeil. frt>m. the i.sde» of the branchlets. l-l^ io. long; 
leaflets fiiin. oborate-oblomr. \-^ in. long. Flotrfrt in cing^'sted sessile eonrmbose 
panicles, with minutely downy l>rinehes ; pedicels shorter than the caljx. Ca/fx 
^ in., minutely downy; teeth short. o>-tu<«. CorcJ!^ whitish, twice the length of the 
calyx. Pi-d I in. long, brown, glabrnus. renifurm. 

2S. D. reniformis, JRorb. Hart. Beng. 5:3: FL Ind. iii. 226; eiect, 
spineleps, leaflets S>-11 lanre acute nearlT or quite prlabrous, pod tuigid. 
flight let. 261. D. flexuosa. Grah. in Wall. Cat. 5>75. B^ntJk. in JowrtL 
Ltnm. Soc. iv., Svppl. 48. I), stipulata. Wall. Cat. 586S B, es parte. 

SiLUT. Riixlmrpk, ITaZ/ir*. PEor. K»r^. TEXJL^Ranf. Grifitk, 
A large crv^k^i bushy tree, with fine brown-*ilky bnincWets. Leaves \-% in. 
long: learitrts rigidly coriaceous, elabr»-s,x'nt. lJ-2 in. long, bpoadlr round<9d at the 
base. Fhtrerf in deltoid close axillary p-inicles, shorter than the leaves, the branch- 
lets racenv^se. den^iely brown- velvety. Cafyj- ^ in., campanul^te. densely silky: teeth 
deltoiii, shorter than the tube. C<*r\'Ua twice the length of the caljx, white: 
standai\l obovate-emarginate. Pvd glabrous, rigid, usually one-aeed«d. an inch brad 
by |-^ in., narrowed suddenly into a stalk \-^ in. long. 


20. I>. Stanoearpa, Kurz in Joum. Asiat. Soc. Beng. xUt. 2, 205. 

Shrub, with the young ptirts clothed with golden or fulvous silky pabescrace. 
l/a^^s h-^ in. loEg: le.-iflets 9-13. oblong. l-l§ in. long, retuse. with a minute mucio, 
chartaceous. glaucc«oent and thinly pi!o«i« l«eneath. Pamicks axillary, much shorter 
thMi the leaves : lachises pilose : jidicels -^ in. Calgx ^ in., pilose : upper tooth 
very short, obtuse : lower very b.'ng. snlmitte. C<'*rolI<i and stamens nnkaown. i^W 
line.'U', 1-2 in. by | in., flat^ bV>wn. thin. narr\>wed gradually to a long stalk, indis- 
tinctly veined, l-o s««ded. Pitd of i>. ^«».vo and habit of D. Utmetto^aria. Sikkim at 
Pankabari, Gasjtiie. — Er Kwrs /«. ci:. 

87. PTSSOCA&PirS, Linn- 
Erect trees. Leaver with alternate coriaceous eistipelkte leaflets. Flmtert 
yellowish, in copious panioled racemes : bracts and bracteoto minute, caducous ; 
pedicels distinctly articulated at the apex. Ox/y-r turbinate, curred before ex- 
pansion, the teeth short. Petals exserted. with long claws ; staDdard and wiiurs 
crisped : keel obtuse, the petals scarcely or not at all coherent. Stamumal sheath 
slit both above and below, or above only ; the upper stamen often neariy or quite 
free ; anthers versatile, Orary stalked. 2-ovuleJi ^ style incurved, stigma tenni- 
nal. Pod orUcular. rarely other than l-«eeded. ^«ci\h abroad liirid wing, the point 
turned down to opposite the basie or near it, — DisniiB. Species about 15; 
cosmopolitan in the Tropics. 

1. F. tndlcfiB, WWd. : DC. Prodr. ii. 410 ; le^^ts 7-11 ovate acute, 
Teinii^ fine, laoemes panicled. pedic^els as lon^r as the calyx, stamens 2-8- 
addphous, stalk of pod exceedinir the calvx, >>e(ak of ?^^ * *P^ above the out« 
base. BemtJk. im Jomm. Limm. Soc. iy.'S^ppi. TZ ^Be^ *?' ^- > *^n!' 
daHngioidea, JKai*. Serf. Bem^. 53 ; FL Ind. ^. 23^. ^<^- ^T^' ?-^' 
WM,Cm.SSi3',ir.^A.FhJr.20r. P. W-aK:::Schn.^-^^^^«^'**^ 

PterocarpuB.'} l. lbouminosje. (J. G. Baker.) 239 

Eastkrx and Westerx — Distbib. Malay isles, Philippines, China. 

A tall tree, -with ascending glabrons branches. Leaves ^-} ft. long ; leaflets mo- 
derately firm, 2-4 in. long, glabrous, rounded or deltoid at the base, always narrowed 
to a point ; petiolules J-^ in. ; main veins fine, distant. Flowers in copious terminal 
and axillary panicles, wiUi subsecund racemose branches, clothed with fine brown pu- 
bescence; pedicels ^-X in., furnished with a pair of linear spreading caducous bracte- 
oles at the apex. Ccut/x J- J in., finely brown-silky ; teeth rounded, the two upper 
much the largest. Corolla exceeding the calyx ; standard J-i in. broad. Pod orbicular, 
2 in. broad, silky and Teined against the seed, the wing |-| in broad, the style a con- 
siderable distance abore the base, pointing outwards, at a right angle with the stalk. 

2. P. macrooarpiiSy Kurz in Joum. Anat. Soc. Beng, xliii. 2, 187 ; 
leaflets 7-11 ovate-oblonfr pointed, racemes simple, pedicels as long as the calyx, 
stamens diadelphous, beak of pod at the basal comer. 

Martaban and TfiNASSEuiif , Kurz. 

A tree, with fulro-pubescent branchlets. Leaves J-§ ft. ; rachis fulro-puberulous ; 
leaflets coriaceous, 1^2^ in. long, at first fulvo-pubescent beneath ; petiolules -^-^in. 
Raetmes simple, axillary, fulvo-pubescent ; pedicels j— J in. Calyx \ in., velvety. 
Corolla slightly exceeding the calyx. Pod canescent, roundish, 1^-2 in. broad ; wings 
sabplicate. Ex Kurz he. cit. 

3. P. nantalinws, Linn.JU. ; DC. Prodr, ii. 419 ; leaflets 3 ovate obtuse, 
yeining fine, pedicels rather shorter than the calyx, stamens 2-3-adelphoas, stalk 
of pod mudi exceeding the calyx, beak of poa at the basal corner. Roxh. Fl. 
Ind, ill. 234 ; WaU. Cat. 6844 ; W, ^ A. Prodr, 266 ; Benth. in Joum. Linn. 
Soc. iv., Suppl. 76 ; Bedd. FL St/lv, t. 22. 

Wksttbrn Pkninsula. 

Branches obscurely grey -downy. Leaflets 3 in all our specimens, but said to be 
sometimes 5, 2-4 in. long, rounded at both ends, slightly emarginate, clothed with ob- 
scure adpressed grey hairs below. Racemes shorter and less copious than in P. indi- 
eus, the pedicels shorter. Calyx ^-\ in. ; teeth deltoid, minute. Limb of standard not 
longer than the calyx. Pod silky at first, the same size as in P. indicus, but the centre 
more turgid, wing narrower and style brought down to the basal comer. 

4. P. KarsapiaaHy Bovb. Cor. PI. ii. t. 116; Fl. Ind. iii. 234; leaflets 
5-7 oblong usually obtuse, veins close and prominent, pedicels shorter than the 
calyx, stamens monadelphous, stalk of pod scarcely exceeding the calyx, beak of 
pod at the basal comer. DC. Prodr. ii. 418 ; TV. ^ A. Prodr. 266 ; Wall. Cat. 
6842 ; Bedd. Fl Sylv. t. 21 ; Balz. ^ Gibs. Bomb. Fl. 76. P. bilobus, Roxb. 
MSS. ; O. D<m, Gen. Syst. ii. 376. 

Plains of the Whstbrx Peninsula and Cbtlon. 

Leqftets thicker than in the others, green and glabrous on both surfaces, 3-5 in. long, 
obtuse or subacute, sometimes slightly or deeply emarginate, often twice as long as 
broad, the main veins much closer, more numerous, and more prominent than in the 
others. Racemes ample, copious, lateral and terminal, the branches thinly clothed with 
brown pubescence ; pedicels ^p- ^ in. Calyx i-| in., finely brown-downy ; teeth deltoid, 
the two upper ones the largest. Corolla twice the length of the calyx; sheath of 
ftameus sometimes finally split down the keel as well as the top. Pod 1-2 in. broad, 
the nme shape as in the last, but the seed smaller and wing broader. 

88. POWaAKZA, Vent. 

Arboreecent or fruticose. Leaves odd-pinnate. Flowers racemed. Calyx 
eampanulate, nearly truncate. Corolla much exserted ; standard broad ; keel 
obtuse, the petals cohering at the tip. Stamens monadelphous, the upper fila- 
Qient free k>w down; anthers oblong, yersatile. Ovary subseesile, 2-oyuled; 

240 L. LiauniNOSJS. (J. G. Baker.) IPongamia. 

fityle incurved, fflabrouB, etiprma capitate. Pod woody, flattened, oUong, inde- 
hiscent, not at all winged or thickened at the sutures. — IDistbib. A single spedes, 
with the habit of Derris from which it difiers only in the pod. 

1. F. g'labra, Vent. Jard. Malm, t 28; DC. Prodr. ii. 416; WalL CaL 
6878 ',W.^A. Prodr. 262; Wiffht Ic. t. 69 ; Dak. ^ OiU. Bomb. Fl, 77; 
Bedd. Fl. Sylv. t. 177. Qaledupa indica, Lam. ; Eaxb. Fl. Ind. iiL 239. Q. 
arborea, Paxb. Hort. Beng. 6o. Robinia mitis, Linn. Sp. 1044. Balbeigia 
arborea, Willd. Sp. iii. 901. Legum. indet. WaU. Cat. 5Q79.—Bheede Mori. 
Mai. vi. t. 3. 

Centbal and East Hixalatab, to Cetlon and Maulcca, especially near the oout 
-^DiSTsiB. Malay isles, N. Australia, Polynesia, Seychelles. 

A tall erect tree or climber, with glabrous branches and leaves. Leaflets 6-7i op- 
posite, subcoriaceous, oblong or ovate, pointed, stalked, 2-4 in. loDg. Flowers in simple 
peduneled axillary racemes, nearly as long as the leaves ; pedicels 2-4-nate, {-^ m., 
with a pair of minute bracteoles in the middle. Corolla ^ in. ; standard silky on the 
back. Pod. woody, glabrous, ^-\ in. thick, 1^2 in. long, with a short decurved pcnnL 

89. BS&&ZS, Lour. 

Climbers, rarely erect trees. Leaves odd-pinnate, with € j^tipellate leaflets. 
Flowers copious, usually fascicled, showy, in axillary or terminal racemes or pti^ 
nicies. Calyx campanulate, nearly truncate. Corolla much exserted ; standanl. 
broad ; keel obtuse, the petals cohering slightly. Stamens usually mo: 'idelphouSy 
the upper one free in § Aganope ; anthers versatile. Ooarg sessile, few-ovideA 5 
style incurved, filiform, stigma capitate. Pod rigid, thin, flat, indehiscent, oT 
long if one-seeded, strap-shaped if few-seeded, with a distinct wing down ik^i 
upper or both sutures. — Distrib. Species about 40, belting the worid in 
tropics, but most abundant in our area. 

Sect. 1. Braohyptemm, W.^A. JWthin, strap-shaped, nanow (^ 
or less broad), winged along the upper suture. Stamens monaoelphoua. 
comparatively small. Climbers or erect trees. 

1. I>- BoaAdens, Benth. in Joum. Linn. Soc. iv. Suppl. 103; acandeofc, 
leaflets 9-18 obtuse or acute equal at the base, flowers in very long racemes witiB> 
distant nodes and many flowers to a fascicle with imequal pedicels. Dalbeigiflk 
scandens, Roxh. Car. PI. ii. t. 192 ; Fl. Ind. iii. 232 ; DC. Prodr. ii. 417 ; TTdf- 
Cat. 6867 ; W. ^A. Prodr. 264 ; Wight Ic. t. 276. D. timoriensis, DC. Proir^ 
ii. 417. Pongamia coriacea, Chrah. in Wall. Cat. 6906. Brachypterum scandeiPy 
Dalz. ^ Gibs. Bomb. Fl. 76.— Pheede HoH. Mai. vi. t. 22. 

Eastbbn HiiCALATAS, Benoal, Westkrn Peninsula, Chittagono, Siax, CiTLOir. 
— D1STRIB. Malay isles, China, N. Australia. 

A wide-climbing shrub, with branchlets and leaves below at first obscurely grejT" 
downy. Leaves \^ ft. long ; leaflets rigidly subcoriaceous, oMong or obovate-obbng:* 
short-stalked, bright green, 1-2 in. long. Flowers in very copious short-pedondod 
simple axillary racemes, often twice as long as the leaves, with raised nodes, pro- 
duced sometimes into short branches, bearing each a cluster of pedicels ^-\ in. loa^ 
the different flowers from the same node expanding at different times. Caljfx \ in-v 
thinly grey-silky ; teeth obscure. Corolla pale rose, 3 times the length of the alyx* 
Ovules 6-8. Pod 1-3 in. by |-4 in., narrowed to lx)th ends, l-4-!<<»edfd, glabrous^ 
turgid, and smooth against the seeds, the wing not more than ^ in. broi;d. 

2. I>. parviflorm, Benth. in Joum. Linn. Soc. iv., Supjil. 106 ; smndent, 
leaflets 7-9 subacute equal at the base, flowers in simple racemes shorter thsB 
the leaves, pedicels 1-^nate subequal. Brachypterum elegans, ThuMUh 
Enum. 93. 

rw.] L. LEOUMiKOSA. (J. G. Baker.) 241 

^Yix>ir, ThwaiieM. 

i climber, quite glabroiu in all its parts, even the pedicels and calyx. Leaflets 
Uj snbooriaceons, oblong or obovate-oblong, 1 1-2 in. long, green above, rather 
jooiis beneath. Racemes axillary, short-peduncled, 2-4 in. long ; pedicels twice the 
th of the calyx. Calyx campanulate, X in. ; teeth deltoid, minute. Corolla \ in., 
daws of the petals as long as the calyx. Ovules 2. Pod ligulate, glabrous, 
2} in. by ^ in. 

8. I>. robuBtaf Benth. in Joum. Linn. Soc. iv. Suppl, 104 ; erect, leaflets 
9 usually acute oblique at the base, flowers in elongated racemes, pedicels 
)qual several to a fascicle exceeding the calyx. DiSberffia robusta, JRoib, 
rt. Benff. 63 ; DC, Prodr, ii. 417 ; Wight Ic, t. 244. D. Krowee, JRoxb. FL 
i iii. 229. D. Orowei, DC, Prodr, loc. cit. Brachypterum robustum, Dah, 
OQfs, Bomb, FL 77. 

Eastbbx Himalayas, Western Pkniksula and Cbtix>k. 

An erect tree, 30-40 ft. high, with branchlets and leaves below obscurely grey- 
cy. Leaves \-^ ft. long; leaflets 1-2 in. long, not so coriaceous as in D. scandens, 
en and glabrous above, grey and obscurely silky beneath. Racemes like those of D, 
ndens, but seldom exceeding the leaves, the flowers densely fascicled and nodes 
»leto be produced in the same way ; pedicels i-J in., finely grey-downy. Calyx 
n. long ; teeth minute, deltoid. Corolla whitisn, 3-4 times the calyx ; standard 
*, with a round blade. Pod l-5-8eeded, narrowed to both ends, glabrous, 1-2^ in. 
U i in* broad, the wing more distinct than in D. scandens, sometimes ^ in. 

4. D. dalber^rtoldeBf Baker ; erect, leaflets 25-33 obtuse rather oblique 
h» base, racemes close shorter than the leaves, pedicels unequal densely 

Maktaban, Parish, Tenasskrim, Heifer, Malacca, JMain^ay. — Distbib. Java. 
A small spreading tree, 1 ^20 ft. high, with branchlets, pedicels and calyx brown- 
y. Leaves 6-8 in. long ; leaflets close, short-stalked, not more than an inch long, 
tided at both ends, emarginate, rigidly subcoriaceous, glabrous, dark green above, 
) green beneath, the veins immersed. Flowers in copious short-peduncled racemes, 
> Uiose of D. seandens and robusta, but the nodes more crowded ; pedicels and calyx 
b about A in. long ; teeth minute, deltoid. Corolla rose-coloured, 4 times the 
Sth of the calyx ; blade of the standard oblong. Pod just like that of D. 

%BCT, n. ZSnderris. Robust climbers, with the habit of MiUettia and Lonr- 
earpw. Leaflets large. Flowers showy, in copious axillary racemes or 
deles, with the nodes often produced into short bnmchlets. Stamens mona- 
|ihous. Pods flattened, broader than in the last group and distinctly winged 
vvn one or both sutures. 

* Pod distinctly winged doum the upper suture only. 

t Lei^Uts/ew; standatd not callose at the hose. (Euderris, Benth,) 

^. D. iillflrlnosat Benth. PL Jungh. i. 262 ; branches glabrous, leaflets 
^ middle-sized rigidly subcoriaceous oblong subacute, flowers middle-sized in 
c^^peduncled axillary racemes which are sometimes obscuielv panicled. Benth, 
^ounu Linn, Soc, iv. Suppl, 107 ; Dah, ^ Oibs, Bomb. FL 77, PouKamia 
igiuosa, DC. Prodr. ii. 416 ; WalL Cat. 5879 ; W. ^ A. Prodr. 262. P. leli- 
ota. Wt. in Hook. Bot, Misc. iii. 301. P. triphylla, Wt, loc, cit. Suppl. t 41. 
^Wopa oliginosa, Roxh. Hart, Beng. 53; I'L Ind. iii. 243. Kobinia uligi- 
•a, WiUd. Sp, Pi. iii. 1133. Dalbergia heterophylla, Willd.; DC, Prodr, 


242 L. LEOUMiNOSiE. (J. 6. Baker.) IDerrit. 

Eastbbx HivAi^TAs, Wbstrrn Pbnixstia and Cetlon. — Distbib. Ohina, N. 

Australia, Polynesia, Madagascar, Zambesi-land. 

A wide- climbing shrub, with branchlets and leaves quite glabrous from an earij 
stage. Leavrs distinctly p«tioled, ^ ft. long ; leaflets usually 5, distinctly stalked, 
narrowed to a point, 2-4 in. long, the lowest pair shorter, ovate, the veins not promi- 
nent on either surface. Racemes short- peduncled, 2-4 in. long, the lower nodes often 
produced into short branches ; pedicels fascicled, as long as the calyx. Calyx cam- 
panulate, ^^ i°M subglabrous ; teeth obscure. Corolla rose-red, } in. long ; blade of 
standard round, not callose. Pod sessile, glabrous, I-2-seeded, obliquely roundish or 
oblong, 1-1^ in. by 1 in., thin, flat, prominently veined, with a distinct narrow wing to 
the upper suture. — ^A plant gathered at Malacca by Griffith differs by its thicker and 
more rigid leaves and longer pedicels. It is referred by Bentham to D. trifoliata, 
Lour. Fl. Cochin, 433 (D. af&nis, Betith. PI. Jungh. i. 252), but the pod is unknown. 

6. I>. TeBtitaf Baker ; branches clothed with dense Isrown pubescence, 
leaflets 6 large obovate-oblong rigidly coriaceous, flowers middle-sued in ses- 
sile congested axillary racemes. 

Maulcca, Maingay. 

A climber, with the branches and under surface of the leaves densely covered with 
soft short brown pul>escence. Leaflets 3-6 in. long, glabrous and rather glossy abore. 
rather rounded at the lia'te, pointed, with conspicuous main veins raised on the under- 
surfiice. Panicles 1 -2 i n. long, sometimes fascicled ; pedicels equalling or rather exceed- 
ing the calyx. Calyx -^.j in., finely pubescent ; teeth obscure. CorMi red, } in. long ; 
standard with a round not callose blade. Pod just like that of D. uUginasa in textoie, 
veining and shape, but thinly clothed with fine brown pubescence. 

7. D. eleiTAiiSy Benth, Pi. Jungh. i. 262 ; branches clothed with ^ 
brown pubescence, leaflets 5-7 large obovate-oblon$r subcoriaceous, flowers ]iiffi 
in short sessile axillary racemes. Benth. in Joum. Linn. Soc. iv. Suppl, 109. Fon- 
gamia elegans and P.floribunda, Grah. in Wall, Cat. 588S, 6884. 

Blrma ; Phanoe and Trogla hills, Wallich. Tbnassbrim, Gr^ffUk. 

Lcavts, including thej^etiule, a foot long, thin but subcoriaceous, thinly clothed be> 
neath with evanescent fine brown puliescence ; leaflets narrowed to a subobtuse p(Hiit, 
rounded at the base, the end one 6-8 in. long. Racemes dense or sublax, 2-4 in. looft 
clothed with fine brown pubescence on the rachis and pedicels ; pedicels ^-^ in., th* 
lower nodes sometimes produced. Calyx under ^ in., broadly campanulate ; teeth ob- 
scure. Corolla bright red, ^ in. long ; blade of standard round, not callose. iW jut 
like that of D. vestUa. 

8. D. paAionlatay Benth. in Joum. Linn. Soc. iv. Suppl. 106 ; hnocUbti 
clothed with fine very short brown pubescence, leaflets 5-7 middle-sized obofits- 
oblong rigidly coriaceous, flowers verv- small in copious peduncled elongttsd 
panicles. Brachypterum Benthami, Thwaites Enum. 93. 

CKYLOjf, Walker, Thwaites. 

Branches slender, terete, soon glabrescent. Leaflets subacute, rounded at the Un. 
thick and rigid in texture, 2-4 in. long, not prominently veined, glabrescent firoB an 
early stage. Panicles copious, reaching a foot long, with numerous slender corred 
branches, clothed with finely silky brown pul>e8cence ; pedicels -^-^ in. Calyx -k is^ 
lietwecn tubular and campanulate, brown-silky, with short ol«cure teeth. Corowcndi 
scarcely \ in. long. Pod 1-2-seeded, 1-2 in. by | in., rigid in texture, tuigid againK 
the se^, persistently brown-silky, not veined, with a wing under ^^ in. luoad dots 
the upper suture. 

tt Leaflets many. Standard with two callosities at the base of the W>> 
(Paraideins, BentJh.) 

9. D. obloniTB'f Benth. in Joum. Linn. Soc. iv. SuppL 112 ; brandMl 

Derrii.'] L. leguminos^. (J. G. Baker.) 243 

luliglalirouB, leaflets 9-15 small oblong or oblanceolate-oblong, racemes much 
ihorter than the leaves^ standard glabrous, pod broad. D. ovalifolia, Benth PL 
hmgh, i. 252, in part ; Thwaites JEnum, 92. Pongamia elongata. Chrah, in Wall. 
QU, 6915, not 5886. 

CoHCAV, Stocks. CJeylon, Gardner, &c. 

The most like a Dalbergia in foliage of the species of this section, but veir different 
B the fiowtfn. Leaves distinctly petioled, not more than half a foot long ; leaflets the 
nudlest of the group, 1^2^ in. long by ^-} in., obtuse or subacute, quite glabrous, 
rigidlj subcoriaceous when mature, rather glaucous beneath, the veins immersed, ifa- 
VIMS copioas, moderately close, subscssile, many of the nodes produced into short 
^yreading branchlets ; pedicels rather exceeding the calyx, finely grey-silky. Cali/x 
\ ID. long. Corolla \ in. long ; standard reflexed, nearly ^ in. broad. Pod one-seeded 
n all cor specimens, oblong, l^in. by }-| in., thin but firm, glabrous, with a distinct 
ring down the upper suture. 

10. I>. cmneifdllaf Benth, PL Jungh. i. 253 ; branches subglabrous, leaflets 
S-11 middle-sized obovate-oblong subcoriaceous, racemes much shorter than the 
leaTes, standard glabrous, pod narrow. Benth. in Journ. Linn. Sac. iv: Suppl. 
L12. G aledupa marginata, i2ar6. i7or/. i?en^. 53; FL Ind, iii. 241. Ponga- 
nia marginata, Orah, in Wall. Cat. 5806. P. cuneifolia and P. monadelpha, 
Grah. in WaU. Cat. 5887, 5906. P. obovata, WaU. Cat. 5897. 

Eastern Himalayas, Nipal, and Sikkim ; ascending to 5000 ft. in Sxlhet and 
EAtnour Psminsuul. 

Leaves distinctly-petioled, ^-f ft. long ; leaflets usually 5-7, moderately firm, 
Jigfatly silky at first beneath, 3-5 in. long, subobtuse or acute, the veins immersed. 
Viawers very copious, the nodes of the racemes usually produced into branchlets ; ra- 
mnes sometimes fascicled ; pedicels finely grey-downy, ^-^ in. Calyx ^ in., subgla- 
arons, broadly campanulate. Corolla |— ^ in., bright red ; blade of the standard 
round. Pod 1-3-seeded, 2-3 in. by ^| in., thin, flat, glabrous, with a narrow dis- 
inct wing down the upper suture ana sometimes a trace of one on the lower. 

11* !>• mloroptentf Benth. ijt Journ. Linn. Soc. iv. Suppl. 113 ; branches 
laliglalirous, leaflets 5-9 large memlM^nous obovate-oblong cuspidate, racemes 
ODgand lax, standard glabrous, pod broad. 

Sdlxix, alt 2-5000 ft., Hook. fil. 

Closely allied to D. cuneifolia, and even more showy. Leaves a foot or more long, 
iistinctly petioled ; leaflets 3-6 in. long, twice as long as broad, membranous, green, 
rlabrons on both surfaces from an early stage, with a very distinct cusp. Racemes 
wdnnded, flexuose, ^1 ft. long, with distant nodes, the axilH and pedicels nearly 
^broos, the nodes not produced into branchlets; pedicels ^-^ in. Ctdi/x ^ in., 
iroadly campanulate. Corolla ^f in., bright red ; standard erect, J-J in broad. Pod 
-2-seeded, 1|- 3 in. by 1 in., glabrous, thin, firm ; wing very narrow. 

12. I>. elllptloaf Benth. in Journ. Linn. Soc. iv. Suppl. Ill ; branches 
leDsely clothed with brown pubescence, leaflets 9-13 large subcoriaceous obo- 
«te-ODlong, racemes lax elongated, standard silky on the back, pod narrow. Pon- 
lamia eUiptica, WaU. PI. As. Bar. iii. 20, t. 237 ; Cat. 5881 ; Wight. Ic. t. 420. 
Jaledupa elliptica, Barb. Hort. Beng. 53 ; Fl. Ind. iii. 242. Pongamia dubia, 
Irak, in WaU. Cat. 5899. P. volibilis, ZoU. Sr Montz. Verz. 3. P. Ilors- 
ieldii and hypoleuca, Miq. Flor. Ind. Bat. i. 148-9. 

Mabtabak, Birma, Penang, Malacca. — Distrib. Siam, Malay isles. 
A large handsome climber, easily distinguished from all the other species by its 
silky on the outside. X^avM long-petioled, afoot or more long ; leaflets thin, but 
im when mature green and glabrous above, glaucous and thinly brown-silky beneath, 


244 L. lkouminosj:. (J. G. Baker.) IDerrit. 

4-6 in. lon^, usually twice as long as broad, obtuse or pointed. Racemes ^-1 ft. long; 
obtuse, very lax, with nodes copiously produced into branchlets, the axis and pedicels 
densely cloUied with brown pubescence ; pedi eels ^-^ in. Calyx very broad, densely silky. 
Corolla bright red, j in. long ; blade of standard round, ^-f in. broad. Pod 2-^ in. by 
I in., 1-3-seeded, thin, flat, with raised sutures, the upper one with a narrow distinct 

** Pdd more or less distinctly winged down both sutures (DipterodeniB, 

13. I>. brevlpeSf Baker ; leaflets 6-7 glabrous obovate-oblong middle- 
sized acute or subobtuse, racemes copiously panicled with densely pubescent 
branches, pedicels shorter than the calyx, corolla middle-sized, pod peisistently 
silky the lower wing obscure. Derris Heyneana, var. brevipes, Benin in JoiurtL 
Linn, Soc. iv. Suppl, 110. 

CoNCAN, Slocks, NiLOHiRis, Hoheuacker. Mysore, Cleghom. 

Branches and leaves on both surfaces glabrous. Leaflets moderately firm, 2-8 in. long, 
rounded at the base, obtuse or acute, the upper surface rather glossy, the veinfi below 
little raised, the colour grey-green. Flowers crowded on the short branchlets of 
copious ample axillary panicles, which are as long as the leaves, with ascending 
branches, densely clothed with short, brown pubescence. Calyx under ^ in., densely 
silky. Corolla red, Z times the length of the calyx ; standard obovate, not callose. 
Pod broad, oblong, 1-seeded. IJ-IA in. by 1 in., persistently brown-silky, with a narrow 
wing down the upper and a very obscure one down the lower suture. 

Var. coriacea, Benth. ; leaflets much thicker and very rigid glossy above, floweri 
nearly sessile. — ^Nilghiris, HohenacMer, 1598. 

14. B. enalata, Bedd. Ic. PI. Ind. Or. 42, t. 186; leaflets 7-9 oblong 
middle-sized obtusely pointed, racemes copiously panicled with densely puboi- 
cent branches, pedicels as long as the calyx, corolla middle-sized, pod glabronB, 
lower wing as broad as upper. 

Western Prnixsula ; common in plains of South Canara and Malabar, and at ths 
foot of the Coorg ghauts, Beddome. 

A gigantic creeper, with brown silky branchlets. Leaflets subcoriaceous, glafarons, 
2-3 in. long, the veinlets little raised. Fl**wers in axillary racemes and an ample 
panicle often 1 ft. long at the end of the branches ; pedicels fascicled, ^-^ in. Cal^ 
j^ in., densely brown-silky. Corolla reddish, scarce ^ in. ; standard not callose. Bsd 
ligulate, thin, 4-5 in. by 1-1 J in., 1-3-seeded, each wing J in. broad. 


15. D. Beyneaaa, Benth. PI. Jungh. i. 252 ; leaflets 5 glabrous obo^ 
yate-oblong middle-sized subobtuse, racemes copiously panicled with obscnrelT 
grey-downy branches, pedicels as long or longer than the calvx, corolla small, 
pod glabrous with a distinct wing down the lower suture, benth, m Jaum, 
Linn. Soc. iv. Sujypl. 110; Dalz. 8f Gibs. Bomb. Fl. 77. Pongamia Heyneaoiy 
Orah. in Wall. Cat. 6916. 

Mysore, Hepie. Concan, Stocks, Law. 

A slender climber, glabrous in all its parts, except the branches of the panicle. 
Leaflets moderately firm, grey-groen, obtusely pointed, broadly rounded at the lMU^ 
2-4 in. long, the veins immersed. Panicles copious, axillary, as long as the leaves, 
with numerous very slender ascending branches, with the subdistant nodes prcdneed 
into short branchlets ; pedicels ^^g-J in. Calyx ^ in., subglal)rous. Corolla ro6e>ied« 

rj^ in. ; bbide of standard roundish. Pod oblong or ligulate, 1-3-secded, lJ-4 in. by 
i in., thin, firm, rather glossy and veined, the wing of the upper suture ^-^ in. 
broad, of the lower much narrower. 

Var. paniciilata ; leaflets 5-7 considerably smaller and especially narrower* pa- 
nicles a foot long very lax with branches clothed with fine silky pubescence, pec&dl 

DtffTM.] L. LEOUMiNOSiB. (J. G. Baker.) 245 

3 times as long aa the caljx. P. paniculata, WUiht, Herb. 920. P. Heyneana, W, ^ 
A. Prodr. 268.— Western Peninsulu, Wight. 

16. 9. TOkmr^iBLBt^ Benth, Ft. Jungh, i. 232; leaflets 5-7 large subcori- 
aoeous obovate-oblong glabrous, racemes copiously panicled with glabrous branches, 
pedicela 3-^ times the calyx, corolla middle-sizea, pod glabrous very distinctly 
winfiped. down the lower suture. Benth, in Jaum, Ltnn. Soc. iv. Suppl, 111. 
Dalbergia marginata, Itoxb. Sort. Beng, 58 ; FL Ind. iii. 241 ; Wight. Ic. t. 87. 
Pongamia emarginata, WaU. Cat. 5909. P. reflexa, Grah. in Wall. Cat. 5898. 

EiaTBBK HiMAULTAs, tpopical zone, Ehasia and Silhjbt, ascending to 3000 ft. 

A showj climber, glabrous in all its parts. Leavea ^-f ft long ; leaflets mode- 
ntely firm, rather glossy above, \-\ ft. long, narrowed into a distinct cusp, the veins 
little raised. Panicles as long as the leaves, with several spreading slender lax- 
fiowered branches : pedicels usually solitaiy, \ in. long. Caiyx ^-^ in., broader than 
deep when expanded. Corolla pale red, ^-^ in. long ; standard ^ in. broad, not callose. 
IW thio, flat, ligulate-oblong, glabrous, flexible, finely veined, 3-4 in. by IJ-IJ in., 
the npper wing :f-| in. broad, the lower narrower, 

17. 9. platjptaraf Baker ; leaflets 5-7 large subcoriaceous oblong sub- 
aeitte glabrous, racemes copiously panicled with silky branches, pedicels as long 
as the calyx, corolla middle-sized, pod glabrous very distinctly winged down the 
lower suture. 

Mai.! BAB ; near Calicut, Wight. 

BroftcAM glabrous. Leaves \-\ ft. Ibng; leaflets obtusely pointed, 3-6 in. long, 
broadly rounded at the base, thin, flexible, finely reticulato-venulose ; petiolules \ in. 
Panieiia as long as the leaves, with numerous short ascending fine silky branches ; pe- 
dicels close, but not &scicled. Calyx ^ in., subtruncate, finely silky. Corolla under 
I in. iW 8*4 in. by 1 in., including the wings, thin, fiat, glossy,. glabrous, reticulato- 
venulose, one-seeded, narrowed to both ends, the upper wing ^;in. broad. 

18. 9. amosnaf Benth. Fl. Jungh. ii 252: leaflets 5-7 subcoriaceous gla^ 
brous middle-sized not glaucous- beneath, racemes in copious panicles with glab- 
TDOt blanches, corolla small, pedicels exceeding the caWx, pod glabrous narrowly 
wipgod down the lower suture. Benth. in Joutm. Linn. Soc. iv. Suppl. 110. 
Pongamia amoena. Wall, Cat. 5912. 

^ MASTABAir, WaUich. Tekasserim, Griffith. Malacca, Maingay. 

A climber, glabrous in all its parts. Leaves about ^ ft. long: lenflets moderately 
firm, glossy above, 3-4 in. long, oblong-cuspidate, the veins not pn)mincnt: Panichs 
equalling or exceeding the leaves, the nodes often produced into bninchlets, theflowori- 
dinse and pedicels densely fascicled ; pedicels ^-^ in. Calyx ^ in. Corolla under 
J in., bright red. Porfthin, glkbrous, liguljite-oblong, flexible, finely veined, 3-4 in. by 
I-I^ in., the upper wing ^ in. broad, the lower distinct, but much narrower. 

19. 9. Kainirayanay Baker ; leaflets 5-7 oblong rigidly coriaceous 
middle-aized glabrous glaucous beneath, flowers in panicled racemes with glabrous 
branches, corolla middle-«ized, pedicels equalling or rather exceeding the calyx, 
pod glabroui narrowly winged down the lower suture. 

. Maingay. 

Cloaeiy allied to Z>.*amdrna, with which it agrees in general h<abit, pod and inflo- 
raeeence, differing in its rather larger more rigidly coriaceous leaves glaucous beneath, 
and larger flowers, which are j in. long with a standard with a round ecallose wing, 
nmnded suddenly to a long claw. 

20. 9. ferrairinoa, Benth. Fl. Jungh. i. 252 ; leaflets 5-9 large obovate- 
oUong finely fJerrugineo-pubescent beneath, racemes copiously panicled with 

246 L. LEGUMiNOSiE. (J. G. Baker.) iDerris. 

densely pubescent branches, pedicels exceeding the calyx, corolla middle-sized, 
pod finely pubescent with the wing down the lower suture distinct or obscure. 
Bmith. in Joum. Linn. Soc. iv. Suppl. 109. Robinia femiginea, Roxh, FL Ind, 
iii. 320. Pongamia femiginea, Wail, Cat. 5885. P. oblonga, Wail. Cat. 

ExsTBBx Himalayas, tropical zone, Assam and Silhbt. Birma, Wallieh, 
Branchlttt clothed with aense ferruginous pubescence. Leaflets 4-6 in. long, cos- 
pidate or subobtuse, rounded at the base, subcoriaceous, green and glabrous above, 
linely pubescent, especially on the main raised veins beneath. Panicle f axillaiy, pedan- 
cled, ^1 ft. long, with slender ascending branches, clothed with dense fermginoiu 
pubf'scence; pedicels \ in., fascicled and nodes often produced into branchlets. CaU/s 
jf in. ; teeth deltoid, minute. Corolla rose-red, three times the length of the calyx; 
standard emarginate, \ in. broad. Young pod densely brown-silky; old nearly gla- 
brescent, 2-3 in. by 1 in., oblong or ligulate-oblong, rigid in texture, obscurely veined 
4)n the faces, the sutures much raised, the wing of the upper ^-^ in. broad, the wing of 
the lower one sometimes not perceptible. 

21. D. oanarensiB, Bak^; leaflets 15-21 middle-sized oblanceolate- 
oblong pubescent beneath, flowers in terminal panicles with pubescent branches, 
standara callose, pod winged down the lower suture. Pongamia canarenais, 
Dalz. in Hook. Kew Jowm. ii. 37. Brachypterum canarense, Dalz fy Oibt, 
Bomb. Fl. 76. 

CoxcAN, near Garsnppa, Dalzell. 

Leavfs a ft. long ; leaflets 2-2^ in. by ^ in., glabrous above. Panicles terminal, 
shorter than the leaves; racemes simple, the branches ferruginoo-pubescent ; pedicels 
fascicled in threes. Corolla reddish. Ovary hirsute, 2-3 ovuled. Pod flat, oval (V 
elliptic, ^>ointed at both ends winged on both sides, 1^ in. long. JkUzeli, loc.cit.^ 
Appears to connect Paraderria and Dipteroderria. 

Skct. in. Agranope, MiquH. Ilabit of Eitdern's, but the racemes in 
ample th>Tsoid panicles, witli the nodes not produced into branchlets, and the 
upper stamen distinctly free from the rest down to the base. 

22. D. sinuata, Thwaifes Enum. 93 ; leaflets subobtuse half as lon^ 

again as broad, pedicels as long as the calyx, pod large deeply indented between 

the seeds narrowly winged down the upper suture. Benth. m Joum. Lkm. Soc. 

iv., Suppl. 113. Pongamia sinuata, Wall. Cat. 5911. P. grandifolia, Orak. » 

Wall. Cat. 6882, not Zoli. Sf Montz. 

Pbou, Martabax, Trnassrrim, Malacca, Ceylon. — Distbib. Malay isles. 

A robust climber, with glabrous branches and leaves. Leaflets 5-7, ovats- or 
obovate-oblong, 4-6 in. long, rigidly coriaceous, all but the main veins immened. 
Panicles J-1 ft. long, with numerous ascending thinly brown-silky branches; pedicel* 
Ji-\ in. Caly.T J in., thinly silky. broatUy campanulate, circumscissile above thebsrt- 
Corolla ^ in., turning dark purple when dried ; standard erect, with a round ecsUw* 
blade. Pod very diff*erent from that of any of the other species, 1-4-seeded, 2-6 is. 
by 1-1^ in., smooth, firm, finely veined, the wing usually not imare than jjjin. twsA 
and sometimes not perceptible. 

23. D. thjrsiflora, Bevfh. in Jovt-n. Linn. Soc. iv. Suppl. 114; leifle*" . 
acute twice as long as broad, pedicels close very short, pod comparatively snaM 

Eastern Aimaiavas and the Euasia Mts., ascending to 4000 ft.; Easiwut PWD'* 
srLA. — DiSTRiB. Malay isles. 

A robust climber, with glabrous branches and leaves. LeaflUs 5-9, olJoBg « 

Derris.'] L. leguhinosa. (J. G. Baker.) 247 

obovate-obloDg, rigidlj subcoriaceoos, 4-6 iu. long, the yeinlets distinct in the dried 
specimens. Panicles ^1 ft. long, -with very numerous ascending or spreading 
VraDcliM, clothed with dense brown-silky pubescence, the upper ones growing 
gndoallj shorter ; pedicels crowded, but not fascicled, much shorter than the calyx. 
Calf/x jf in., thinly silky. Corolla whilish, 3-4 times the calyx. Pod 1-3-seeded, 
H-^i m. by 1-1^ in., thin, flat, glabrous, finely-veined, each wing ^-^ in. broad. 


Of the following species of § Euderris the fruit is unknown. 

I). ACUMINATA, Beftth, PI. Jung, i. 252. (Pongamia elongata, Grah, in Wall. Cat. 
5886, non 5915. P. acuminata, Grah. in Wall. Cat. 6001.) A large climber, with 
glabrous branches and leaves. Leaflets 5-7, elongate-oblong, 4-6 in. long, with a 
long very distinct cusp, green on both surfaces, with the main reins raised below. 
Racemes 6-9 in. long, the flowers fascicled at the distant no<les, the rachis, pedicels 
and calyx with a little brown pubescence ; pedicels ^-^ in., equalling or exceeding 
the calyx. Corolla mse-red, | in. long. Ovary silky, 5-6-ovuled. — Nipal, Wallkh ; 
and a plant with 0-11 leaflets of similar shape, and shorter closer racemes of con- 
siderably larger (| in. long) bright purple flowers in Sikkim. Hook. fil. This last 
closely resembles V. micropterat but the standard is not callose. 

D. BSCUXDA, Baker. (Pongamia secunda, Grah. in Wall. Cat. 5890. Amerimnum 
secundum, Hamilt. MSS.) Leaflets 7, oblong with a long cusp, 2-3 in. long, rigidly 
coriaceous, ^brous rather shining above, the veins immersed. Bacemes like those of 
J), scandens^ but in a terminal panicle and in the axils of upper leaves ; rachis and 
pedicels finely brown-silky, the latter densely fascicled, exceeding the cal3rx. Calt/x 
fk in. Corolla reddish, f in., the blade of the standard oblong, not callose. Ovary 
silky. — Assam, Hamilton. 

D. POLT9TACHTA, Benth. in Joum. Linn, Soc. iv. Suppl. 114. Branches and 
leaves below glabrous. Leaflets d-7, subcoriaceous, acuminate, pale green on both 
rarfiices, twice as long as broad. 3-4 in. long, with a distinct point. Racemes long and 
narrow, ^-1 ft. long, from the upper leaves and forming an end panicle, the nodes 
copiously produced into branchlets, the rachises finely obscurely pubcscout ; pedicels 
exceeding the calyx, crowded on the branchlets. Calyx ^ in., slightly pul)escent. 
Cbro/fa |-J in., rose-red. Ovary silky, with about 4 ovules. — Khasia, 2-4000 ft., 
Hook. fil. 4" Thomson. 

D. 0YALIF01.1A, Benth. PI. Jungh. i. 252, ex parte. (Pongamia ovalifolia, W. Sf A. 
Prodr. 262 ; Wight Ic. t. 328.) A climber, glabrous in all its parts, with general 
habit and leaves very like Dalhergia voluhilis. Leaflets 9, long-stalked, oblong, 
obtuse, emarginate, 1^-2 in. long, membranous, with raised veinlets. Racemes 
copious, axillary, ^ ft. long, sometimes geminate, with nodes produced and very 
abundant small bright red fiowers ; pedicels twice the calyx. Calyx ^ in., broadly 
eampannlate. Corolla \ in. ; standard with a long claw and a broad blade, not 
callose. Ovary slightly hairy, 2-ovuled. — Westbrk Peninsxtla, Wight. 

The following are probable species of § Dipteroderris, of which the flowers are 

D. DiscoLOB, Benth. in Joum. Linn. Soc. iv. Suppl. HI. A robust climber, 
gUbrous throughout. Leaves long-petioled ; leaflets 5-9 cbovate- oblong, 3-5 in. long, 
olJlUiely pointed, bright green above, v<»ry glaucous below, rigidly coriaceous, with 
immersed veins. Pod oblong, 1 seeded, thicker than in the other species, 1^-1^ in. 
l*y J-J in., both sutures rais^ and furnished with a narrow distinct wing.—SixKix 
iadSiLHST, Hook. fil. ^ Thomson. A diflferent type of the pod to the admitted 
■pwies, like that of Pongamia glabra in shape and texture, but with a double wing. 

^ D. WioHTii, Baker, A slender glabrous climber. Leaflets 5-7, oblong, obtusely 
pointed, broadly rounded at the base, 1-1^ in. long, rigidly subcoriaceous, with 
iBuaened veins, pale grey-green on both surfaces. Racemes much exceeding the leaves 

248 L. LEGUMiNOSA. (J. G. Baker.) lEuchresia, 

with produced nodes. Pod l-2-8eeded, 1-2 in. by ^-| in., thin, bat fiim, nther 
Teined, persistently brown-silky, with a narrow wing down the upper and a very 
obscure one down Uie lower suture. — Western PsNiMsuLik ; Sheyagerry hills, WtffHU, 
Pod clothed like that of D. brevipea, but narrower and leaves much smaller. 

90. SVCB&BSTA, Bennett. 

Shrubs. Leaves odd-pinnate. Flowers racemed. Cafyx deeply campum- 
late, very oblique; teetn 5, deltoid, very short. Corolla much exserted; 
standard narrow ; keel obtuse, its petals scarcely cohering. J^amens diadel- 
phous (0, 1), but the filaments fastened ver^r slightly ; anthers versatile. Ooory 
long-stalked, 1-2-ovuled ; stvle filiform , stigma capitate. Fod the size of an 
olive, turgid, rather fleshy^ filled up willi the solitary seed. — Bistbib. Spedet 
2f the other Japanese. 

1. S. BorBfleldll, Bennett FL Jav. Far. 148, t. 31 ; Bcnth. in Joum. 
Linn. Soc, iv., Suppl. II 8. Andira Horsfieldii, Lesch, in Ann. Mus, 16, 481, 
t. 12 ; DC, Fi-odr, ii. 476. 

Khasia Mts., Hook. fil. ^ Thomson. — Distrib. Java, Formosa. 

An erect shrub, yaixh. glabrous leaves and branches. Leaves long-petioled ; leaflet* 
8-5, oblong, acute, i ft. long, subcoriaceous, opposite, subsessile, pale green, the 
veins immersed. Flowers (not seen in Indian specimens) in simple pedunded 
racemes ; pedicels geminate, minutely bracteate, shorter than the calyx. Corolla 
pure white, ^ in. long, twice the length of the calyx. Pod oblong, purpliah-black, 
f-l in. loEg. 

91. BAXiBOVSZSA, Grah. 

A climbing shrub. Leaves 1-foliolate. Flowers in axillary corymbs. Caljfx 
campanulate ; teeth short, deltoid. Corolla exserted ; petals eaual in length ; 
standard broad ; keel obtuse. Stamens free ; anthers imiform, oolong, versatile. 
Ovary subsessile, few-ovuled; st}'le filiform, stigma capitate. Fod oUong, 
subcompressed, dehiscent, rijridly coriaceous, continuous within, l-S-seeded. — ^A 
single species, with a peculiar distribution, as it is known only in the East 
Himalayas and Angola. 

1. B. bracteata, Grah, in WaU, Cat, 5339; Wight Ic. t 265. Poda- 

lyria bracteata, Foxh, Cor, Fl, iii. t. 269 ; Fl, Ind. ii. 31*7. 

Eastrkk Himaiatas, tropical region, Assam, Silhet, and CHiTTAQOiro. 

A subscandent shrub, with slender finely grey-downy branches. Leaves simple, 
distinctly petioled, oblong, acute or obtuse, rigidly subcoriaceous, glabrous, 4-12 in. 
lonp:; stipules small, lanceolate, subpersi stent. Flowers in sparse lax subsessile 
axilliiry corymbs about as long as the petioles, terminal on the branchlets. which 
have several pairs of round membranous large persistent striated bracts ; bracteolcs 
like the bracts, but larger, completely hiding the flowers. Calyx ^ in., silky. Corolla 
whitish, twice the length of the calyx. Pod 2-4 in. long, the thick discoid seeds an 
inch broad. 

92. SOPBO&A, Linn. 

Trees or shrubs. Leaves odd-pinnate. Flowers showy, yellow or violet^ 
purple, racemed or panicled. Calyx oblique, broadlv campanulate ; teeth 
deltoid, very short. Corolla much exserted ; standard broad ; petals equal in 
length, all with long claws ; keel obtuse, or appendiculate in § OoeMioj with 
a small hooked mucro. Stamens free, or obscurely connate at the very base; 
anthers uniform^ versatile. Ovary stalked, many-ovuled ^ style incurved^ Btigma 

Scphora.'] L. LEOUMiKOSA. (J. G. Baker.) 249 

CApitate. Pod monilifonn, sublignose or membranouB in oiir species, usually 
inaehiacent, the joints turffid^ terete or in § £dwardgia furnished with four 
wings. — DiSTRiB. Species aooTe 20, widely spread in warm countries. 

S BllAOpllora. Pod wingless. Keel obtuse, without a mucro. 
* Stymies penuterUf ipiny. Pod JinaUy dehiscing, 

1. 8. Koororoftiaaaf BevUh, MSS. Astragalus Moorcroftianus, WaU, 
Cat, 6833. Garagpana Moorcroftiana, BetUh, in Boyle III. 198. 

Wefitem Tibet. Ladax, Moorcroft Nubra valley, alt. 10-12,000 ft., Thomson. 
KiiiHinB, Bellew. — Distbib. Kashgar, Bellew. 

A low oopioQBly-Lranched c^hrub, with doDsely grey-downy branches, armed with 
fine pungent spines, which are the stipules that persist, as in Caragana, long after 
the leaves £dl. Leaves 1^-2 in. long; leaflets 11-17> caducous, obovate, obtuse, with 
a long awn, J-^ in. long, bubcoriaceous, pale green, finely grey-silky on both surfaces, 
finally nearly ^labrescent. Flowers in copious sparse axillary racemes; pedicels 
shorter than the calyx. Calyx I in., densely grey-silky; teeth short. Corolla 
yellow, more than twice the length of the calyx ; blade of standard oblong. Pod 
thinner than in the other species, 3-4 in. long, 5-6-6eeded, densely pubescent. 

** Small spineless trees with usually indehiscent pods. 

2. S. tomentosay Linn.; DC. Prodr. ii. 96; leaflets 15-19 obovate 
obtuse densely grey-downy beneath^ pedicels as long as the densely grey-downy 
calyx, flowers yellow, pod finely grey-downy. Wall. Cat. 6333 ; Ro.vh. Fl. 
Ind. ii 316 ; W. fy A. Prodr. 179 ; Bedd. Fl. Sylv. 89. S. glabra, Hassk. ; 

Flor. Ind. Bat. i. 126. 

Shores of the Eastern and WssrEBN Peninsulas, and Cktlon. — Distbib. Cosmo- 
politan in the Tropics. 

Branchlets viigate, thinly persistently grey-downy. Leaves ^ ft. long ; leaflets 
flexiUe, subcoriaccous, 1-2 in. long, dull grey-gr«*«n, thinly downy above, the veins 
immersed on both surfaces. BaceTnes t^miinal, ^ ft. long ; pedicels densely silky, articu- 
lated a little below the calyx. Calyx ^-| in., nearly truncate, very oblique. Corolla 
|-j in. ; blade of standard round, vein<^. Pod \-^ ft. long, 6-8-6eeded, the oblong 
noary joints separated by a narrow neck as long as themselves. 

8. 8. ▼iolacea, Thwaites Envm. 94; leaflets 19-21 oblong obtuse 
glabrous, pedicels as long as the subglabrous calyx, flowers violet, pod glabrous. 
Bedd. Fl. Sylo. 90. 

Cztlon; Galle district, Thwaites. 

A middle-sized shrub. Branches slender, virgate, obscurely silky at first. Leaves 
^-) ft. long ; leaflets suljdistant, membranous, glabrouH, }-l m. long, bright green 
above, glaucous beneath. Racemes axillary, close, short-peduncled, 3-4 in. long; 
pedicels very slender, articulated below the apex. Calyx very oblique, both at the 
base and throat ; teeth obscure. Corolla twice the length of the calyx ; blade of 
standard oblanceolate-spathulate, \ in. broad, with a very long claw. Ped 3-4 in. 
long, 4-6-8eeded ; joints oblong, veined, hard, with a narrow neck between them. 

4. 8. fflanoaf 2>«cA. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 96; leaflets 21-26 acute densely 
silky beneath, pedicels shorter than the densely silky calyx, flowers purple, pod 
persbtently velvety. Wall. Cat. 6334 ; W. ^ A. Prodr. 179 ; Wight Ic. t. 
679 ; Bedd. Fl. Sylv. 89. S. velutina, Lindl. Bot. Beg. t. 1186. Jklwardsia 
madcnnaspatana, Wight Ic. t. 1064 (except the pods). 

Hills of the Western Pkninsuul. 

Branches clothed with dense persistent grey or brown velvety pul^escence. Leaves 
^ ft. ; leaflets oUong, not acuminate, rarely subobtuse, f-1 in. long, subcoriaceous, 

250 L. LEauMixosJS. (J. G. Baker.) [^Sophora. 

green, glabrescent above, densely grey-silky beneath, finally nearly glabrescent, the 
hairs on the midrib brown, the reinlets immersed. Racemes dense, terminal, short- 
peduncled, \-^ fc. long ; pedicels densely silky. Cali/x ^ in. ; teeth disUnct. Corolla 
twice as long as the calyx ; blade of standard obovate, \ in. broad. Pod Z-A in. long, 
moderately firm, d-6-seeded, finally dehiscing, but little moniliform when all the 
seeds are matured. 

5. S. heptaphjlla, Linn, ; DC. Prodr, ii. 9G ; leaflets 7-13 oblong 
acuminate glabrescent beneath^ pedicels exceeding the finely silky calyx^ ooroUa 
small yellow, pod glabrous. Am, Pug, 10; Beii, Fl, Syh. 89, ex parte, 

CBTiiOy, alt. 4-7000 ft. — Distrib. China. 

Branchlets at first brown-silky. Leaves |-A fl. ; leaflets conspicuously alternate, 
subcoriaceous, bright green above, 2-3 in. long, the reins rather raised on both snr&ces, 
gteueoofl benc-ath. rounded at the base. Race^nes short-peduncled, moderately close, 
:}-A ft long ; pedierls ^J in., articulated at the middle, thinly silky, the lower in 
pairs. Calyx ^ in., thinly silky Mt first. Corolla twice the length of the calyx. Pod 
2-3 in. long, rigidly coriaceous. 2-4-seoded, the joints oblong, ^-f in. broad, with a 
broad neck between them when the seeds all mature, the faces distinctly veined. 

6. S- Wlgrbtilf Baker', leaflets 11-15 oblong acuminate thinly pubescent 
beneath, pedicels exceeding the finely silky calyx, corolla middle-sized yellow, 
pod glabrous. S. heptaphylla, Wight Ic, t. 1165 ; Dalz. ^ Gibs. Bomb, Fl, 79; 
Bedd. Fl, Sylv, 89, in party non Linn, 

Hills of the Wkstrrn Peionsula, Mysore, Cleghorn. 

Branchlets persistently brown-velvety. Leaven j^ ft. long ; leaflets suboortaceons, 
2-3 in. long, bright green above, very glaucous with a thin coating of bright brown 
pubescence, especially on the midrib l)eneath, the voinlets on both sides rather raised. 
Racemes lax, axillary, short-pedunded, as long as the leaves ; pedicels twice the 
calyx. Calyx i in., oblique at the mouth, persistently brown-silky ; teeth obscure. 
Corolla more than twice the length of the calyx. Pod 3-4 in. long, firm, indehis- 
cent ; joints oblong, distinctly veined on the faces with a deep constriction between 

7. S. aouminataf Benth, MSS,-, leaflets 15-19 oblong acuminats 
obscurely silky beneath, pedicels shorter than the finely silky (»1yx, corolli 
yellow middle-sized, pod glabrous. Ormosia acuminata, tFaU, Cat, ^973. 

Eastern Bengal and the Eastbbn Himalayas, tropical zone, ascending to 4000 it; 
Khasia, Assam, Bhotan, Mishmi. 

Branchlets thinly grey-silky at first, soon glabrescent. Leaves }-l ft. ; leaflets 
subcoriaceous, 3-4 in. long, narrowed to a very long point, the upper cuneate, the 
lower rounded at the base, bright green above, glaucous beneath, with a few obecnrt 
adpressed hairs. Racemes peduncled, moderately close, axillary much shorter than 
the leaves. Calyx ^-^ in., very oblique, membranous, thinly grey-silky; teeth 
obscure. Corolla bright yellow, more than twice the length of the calyx. Pod 3-4 
in. long, 3-4-seedpd, moderately firm, indehiscent, with deep constrictions between the 
oblong strongly-veined joints. 

§ § Ooebellay Bunge in Boiss. Fl. Orient, ii. 028, Gen. Pod winglefls, inde- 
hiscent. Keel appendiculate, with a mucro like Ort/tropis. 

8. S. alopeouroldeSy Linn. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 96. Goebelia alopeco- 
roides, Butige loc, cit. 

Western Tibet, temperate region, alt. 10-12,000 ft., Thomson, Fakoner.-^ 
Distrib. Afghanistan, Orient. 

An undershrub, with virgate branches, clothed with short adpressed grey pubes- 
cence. Leaves^ ft. long; leaflets 15-25, pale green, oblong, subcoriaceous, obtusei 
j-1 in. long, thinly grey-downy above, densely beneath. Flowers in dense terminal 
racemes J ft. long ; pedicels shorter than the calyx. Calyx ^-J in., very obliqn^ 

Sophora,^ L. LEGUMiKOSf. (J. 6. Baker.) 251 

deoaelj pfobeflcent ; teeth distinct, deltoid. CoroUa bright yellow, 3 times the length 
Mt tiia calyx. Fod \ in. brood, sublignose, finely downy, 6-I2*8oeded, the seeds close 
and emitaietions slight except where the oTules do not develop. 

SS§ BdwttHMMf Salitb, Pod furnished with four distinct wings. — Key- 
ieHmffia, Bunge. 

9. 8« molllBf Grah. in Wall. Cat. fSSSS ; flowers smaller developed before 
the lefiTes in short crowded racemes. Edwardshi voUis, Jtot/le III. t. 32, fig. 2. 
Sophora Houghiana, Wall, Cat. 6336 B. 

Plains and low hills of the north-west ; Hazara and the Salt rakgb to 'Kifvaow 
and NiPAL, ascending to 4000 ft. 

A low spineless shrub, with finely grey-downy branches, the flowers developed 
first in copious short simple ancending racemes, the leaves appearing witli the fruit. 
Lmpes ^ h. long ; leaflets 21-25, rigidly coriaceous, pale, grey green, ^} in. long, 
obtuse, emarginate, prominently veined, finely grey-downy. Bacemes 2-3 in. long ; 
pedicels equBlling or exceeding the calyx. Cali/x ^-J in., very oblique, finely grey- 
downy. Corolla yellow, J-f in. Pod glabrous, 3-4 in. long, d-6-8eeded, the joints 
with four distinct crustaceous wings and separated by distinct constrictions. 

Tab. hydaspidis; leaves and calyx more densely and persistently silky, flowers 
laiger. — Salt Range, Punjab. 

10. 8. interrapta, Bedd. Ic PI. Ind. Or. i. 165; Fl. Sylv. 90; 
AnaL Oen, t. 12, ^. 6; flowers larger developed at the same times as the 
leaves in their axils. Edwardsia maderaspatana, Wight Ic. 1. 1054, as regards 

Hills of Mtsork, alt. 2500-3000 ft., Wight, Bfddome. 

A tall erect shrub. Xeflwf/ ^-j ft. long ; leaflets 19-29, obtuse, emsrginafe, j-l;}^ 
in. long, thinner than in the, with a few obscure hairs beneath. Racemes dis- 
tinctly peduncled, shorter than the leaves : pedicels twice the length of the calyx. 
Calyx \ in., very oblique, obscurely silky. Corolla bright yellow, }-J in. lonff; 
blade of standard round. Pod just like that of 8. mollis. — Tliis is doubtless the 
plant intended by Wight, but all except the fruit in the plate appears to be drawn 
from S. glauca. 


A plant from the top of Parasnath, in Behar, seen in pod only, doubtless a new 
species, comes nearest to 8. Wightii, but the 13-15 leaflets are obtuse, with thinner 
texture and flner veining, and the joints of the fruit smaller, with a tendency to 
dehisce down the sutures. 

93. CAXiPUSNZA, K Meyer. 

Shrubs or trees. Leaves odd-pinnate, with numerous leaflets. Flowers 
yellow, racemed or panicled. Calyx broadlv campanulate ; teeth deltoid. 
CoroUa much exserted ; petals equal in length ; ieel obtuse, rather incurved, its 
petals coliering. Stamens free ; anthers small, oblong, versatile. Oimy linear 
stalked, many-ovuled ; style filiform, stigma capitate. Pod strap-shaped, flat, 
membranous, many-seeded, indehiscent, with a narrow wing down the dorsal 
Buture. — DiSTRiB. Species 6, the others Cape and Abyssinian. 

Vtrgilia eapetisis, Lam., a well-known Cape plant, allied to Calpumia, is included 
in Hohenacker's Nilghiry plants, but is only cultivated in India. 

1. C. anrea. Baker in Oliv. Flor. Trop. Afric. ii. 252 ; Bedd. Fl. Sylv. 89 ; 
Anal. Gen. t 12, fig. 5. Virgilia aurea. Lam.; DC. Prodr. ii. 98; W. «$• A. 
Prodr. 179. I^binia Ileynei, WaU. Cat. 5053. 

Western Pesttnsula, near Courtallum, and on the Denkinacottah hills in moun- 
tain jungles. — DisTBiB. Abyssinia. 

252 L. LEGUMiNOSJE. (J. O. Baker.) [Peneopni. 

Branches slender, finely gprey-silky. Leaflets 13-21, membranous, oblong, obtuse, 
glabrous, 1-1^ in. long. Racemes copious, short-pedunded, as long as the leayas; 
pedicels finely silky, much exceeding the calyx. Calyx ^-\ in. Pod pliable, 3-4 
in. long, d-6-seeded, glabrous. 

04. PS&ZCOPSZS, Thwaites. 

A tree. Leaves odd-pinnate, with large coriaceouB leaflets. Fhwen 
racemed or panicled. Calyx large, cleft to below the middle, the upper teeth 
ehortest, subconnate. Corolla little exserted ; standard rounds reflexed, rather 
shorter than the obtuse wings and keel. Stamens free, as long as the corollai 
recurved at the end ; anthers uniform, versatile. Ovary staUced, few-ovuled ; 
style long, filiform, recurved at the end, stigma oblique. Pod like that of a 
Derrts, rigid, indehiscent, flattish, strap-shaped, with a narrow wing down each 
suture. — DisTRiB. A single species, enaemic in Ceylon. 

1. P. Koonlana, Thwaites Enum. 413 ; Bedd, FL Sylv, 1. 187. Dal- 
bergia Mooniania, Thwaites Enum, 93. D. lanceolaria, Moon Cat, 51^ turn 

Cetlon, southern and central districts, Thwaites^ Ferguson, 

A large tree, with slender subglabrous branches. Stiptdes, bracts and bractaoles 
minute, caducous ; leaflets d-7, glabrous, subcoriaceous, conspicuously alternate, 
broad oblong, subacute, 2-3 in. long. Flowers in sparse axillary racemes and 
terminal corymbose panicles. Cali/x pedicellate, glabrous, ^ in., leathery; teeth 
lanceolate. Corolla dark purple, yellowish at the base ; keel-petals slightly cohering. 
Pod 3-5 in. by 1 in., 4-5 seeaed, glabrous, polished. 

05. O&KOSZA, Jacks. 

Erect trees. Leaves odd-pinnate. Flotoers usually in dense terminaL 
racemes. Calyx campanulate, deeply 5-cleft, the upper teeth the shortest^. 
Corolla not much exserted ; petals all with short claws, about equal in length ^ 
standard round ; keel-petals and wings oblong, obtuse, the former not connate « 
Stamens free, much incurved, often exserted when the flower expands ; anther-^ 
oblong, versatile. Ovary subsessile ; style long, filiform, circinate at the eid , 
stigma oblique. Pod thick, rigid or rather fleshv, turgid, 2-Talved, continuot^a 

within, the sutures not winged. Seeds with a bright scarlet aril or testa. 

DiSTRiB. Species above 20, cosmopolitan- in the tropics. 

• Leaflets glabrous beneath. Seeds (where known) large, 

1. O. robustay Wight Ic t. 245 (Sophora in tab.) ; leaflets 7-11 oUang 
lanceolate dark green, racemes crowded in terminal panicles, pedicels shorter 
iJian the calyx, pod oblong with the valves round on tbe back. O. floribund^, 
W(dl, Cat. d337. Sophora robusta, Roah. Hort. Beng, 31. Arillaria rolmat*» 
Kurz in Jovm, Asiat, Soc, Beng. vol. xlii. pt. 2, 71. 

SiLHBT, Roxburgh, Wallich. Pegu and Tenasserim, Kurz. 

A large tree, with thick sulcate thinly grey-downy branches. Leaflets oppo»i.**» 
3-5 in. long, acute, rounded at the base, rigidly sulicoriaceous, dull green bcoie^^'^ 
the veins fine, rather raised. Racemes in a large end panicle and also fpo* 
the axils of the upper leaves, the branches finely grey-downy ; bracts lanceol^'**» 
minute, subpersistent ; bractooles 0. CaJyx under ^ in., brown-silky, the teetla JjJ 
long as the tube. Corolla twice the lengtn of the calyx. Ovary densely silky. -^^ 
oblong, glabrous, bright yellow, rather fleshy, but two-valved, usually 1 •seeded, % — '*i 
in. long, sometimes 2-Beeded. Seeds oblong, 1^ in. long, * enveloped inaoomp^^ 
tjiick fleshy scarlet aril.' — Kurz. 

Ormotta.] L. leguminosa. (J. G. Baker.) 253 

2. O. travaaoorloaf Bedd, FL Sylv, t. 45; leaflets 7-9 oblong dull 
gieeo long-fltalked, racemes crowded in terminal panicles, pedicels very short, 
pod oblong with the valves rounded on the back. 

Tbataxcorb bills, Beddome, 

A tall tree, with flnelj grej-downy branchlets. Leaflets opposite, oblong, cuspi- 
date, rigidly coriaceous, 2-8 in. long, dull grey-green beneath, rounded at the base, 
slightly downy on the midrib, the veinlets immersed ; petiolules 4-^ in. long. 
Fhwerg crowded on the finely grey-downy branches ; bracts very minute. Calyx 
bfown-silky, j-J in., deeply 6-clet't Corolla whitish, under twice the length of the 
calyx. Pod glabrous, hard, oblique oblong, subacute, 3 in. long, 1* seeded. Seed 
ohloDg, 1 in. long, with a bright scarlet testa. 

3. O. maorodlsoaf Baker; leaflets 7-9 rigidly coriaoeous pale green 
oblong, short-stalked, racemes crowded in terminal panicles, pedicels shorter 
than the calyx, pod large orbicular with subcompressea thick valves. 

* Kalaool, Maingay. 

A large tree, with very thick grey glabrous branchlets. Leaflets very thick and 
tigid in texture, pale grey-green on both surfaces, acute, broadly rounded at the base, 
3-^ in. long, quite glabrous, the veins immersed. Branches of the panicle stout, 
solcate, glabrous ; bracts and bractooles minute, subpersistent ; pedicels brown-silky 
i4 in. Calyx i-J in., densely brown-silky, cleft considerably below the middle. 
Cmlia half as long again as the calyx ; standard | in. broad. Siamefts consider- 
tbly exserted. Pod harid, thick, 3 in. broad, fiat at first, turgid when the usually 
iolitaiy seed swells. Seed oblong, 1 in. long, with a large black adnate pitted 

4. O. S'lanoa, Wall. PL Anat, Bar. ii. 23, t. 125 ; leaflets 7-9 oblong 
dull pale green distincUv stalked, flowers in axillary racemes, pedicels as long as 
the calyx, pod unknown. WaU. Cat. 5338. 

KiPAL, Wallich. 

A tall tree, with thinly brown- velvety stout sulcate branchlets. Leaflets rigidly 
SQbcoriaeeous, obtusely cuspidate, 3-4 in. long, dull pale green on both surfaces, the 
▼■aim immersed ; petiolules f^ in. Flowers in peduncled racemes, shorter than the 
*•*▼«• ; bracts and bracteoles minute, caducous. Calyx ^ in., obscurely silky ; teeth 
f^long as the tube. Corolla white, twice the length of the calyx. Ovary linear, 
'^'^^-wlky, 8-4-ovuled. 

** Lea/tets beneath and branchlets velvety. Seeds small. 

I ^- O. mloroBpermaf Bakery leaflets 11-13 acute short-stalked, vein- 
^^beneath slender raised anastomosing, pedicels shorter than the calyx, pod 
'^ooompreflsed with thin valves, seed oblong turgid. 

ACCA, Griffith, Maingav. 
^ .'^ middle-sized tree, with thick densely brown-velvety branches. Leaflets oblong, 
y^^l^ coriaceous, 2-4 in. long, grey-green, rather glossy above, broadly rounded at 
^^ 5^®» densely persistently shortly pubescent beneath ; petiolules ^ in. Branches 
g^^^e panicle rigidly erecto-patent, densely velvety. Calyx j— J in., with a pair of 
^JJ2 lanceolate bracteoles at the base, densely velvety ; teeth as long as the tube. 
J^'T'^^'b twice as long as the calyx. Ovary densely silky, 3-4-ovuled. Pod orbicular 
^.| "^tteded, ^-J in. long, oblong if 2-seeded, lineate between the seeds, the valves 
Q ''* *igid, glabrescent Seeds bright scarlet, \ in. long, exnrillate. — Closely resembles 
th ^^^^l^t^ Jacks, in Trans. Linn. Soc. x. t. 25, from Guiana, and nearly allied to 
f>^ j^^ layan Macrotropis sumatrana, Miq. Fl. Ind. Bat. Snppl. 294. Kurz refers here 
^'^ekbmm septemjugum and decemjvgumy Miq. Fl. Ind. Bat. SuppL 302. 

^- O. parrlfollaf Baker ; leaflets 9-13 amaU acute^ longHstalked, veins 

254 L. LEOUMiNOSj;. (J. O. Baker.) lOmuma. 

beneath inconspicuous, pedicels very short, pod subcompressed with thin valTen, 
seeds oblong turgid. Macrotropis boncana, Miq, FL Ind, Bat. Suppl, 296? 

Malacca, Griffith, Maingay. 

Branches slender, persistently browD-Telrety. LetiJUts rigidly coriaceous^ grey- 
green, oblong, distinctly cuspidate, the end one 2-2^ in. long, rather glossy aboTe, 
thinly hairy beneath, the veins fine and scarcely at all raised ; petiolules* ^-^ in. 
Bacemes short ; flowers crowded ; bracts and bracteoles distinct, ovate-lanceolate, sab- 
persistent. Calyx ^ in., brown-silky, cleft half way down. Corolla twice the length 
of the calyx. Ovary silky. Pod and seeds just like those of O. microtperma. 

7. O. ▼enosa, Baker \ leaflets 7 obtuse or subobtuse nearly sessile on the 
rachis with thick much-raised parallel main veins beneath, pedicels long, pod- 
valves thick turgid, seeds orbicular subdiscoid. 

Malacca, Maingay. 

A tall tree, with branches clothed with persistent dense velvety pubescence. 
Leaflets obovate-oblong, rigidly coriaceous, 3-4 in. long, grey- green and glabroui 
jibove, densely persistently tomentose beneath. FlovDers crowded in terminal lacomn, 
tlie branches densely velvety, not rigid as in the two preceding; bracts and bracteoles 
minute, but distinct and subpersistent ; pedicels as long as the calyx. Calyx ^ in., 
densely velvety, cleft down to the middle. Corolla half as long again as the calyx. 
Stamens distinctly exsorted. Pod obtuse or subacute, oblong or obovoid-oblong, 
glabrous, 1^1} in. long, 1 in. thick. Seeds bright scarlet, exarillate, |-^ in. broad. 

96. CJBSAXiPZNZA, Linn. 

Robust erect trees, shrubs or woody prickly climbers. Leaves large, abniptL 
bipinnate. Floioers showy, yellow, in copious axillary racemes. Calyx deepl 
cleft, with the disk confined to its base, the lobes imbricated, the lowest 
largest, cucullate. Petals spreading, usually orbicular with a distinct claw, 
uppermost smaller than the others. Stamens 10, free, declinate ; anthers obli 
uniform, versatile. Ovary sessile or subsessile, fe^-ovuled ; style filiform, sonm? 
times clubbed at the tip, stigma terminaL Pod oblong or ligulate, thin a:ac 
flat, or thicker and subturgid, indehiscent or dehiscent, smooth or in sabg«3S 
GuUandina armed all over with wiry spines. — Distbib. Species about 40, wia^^T 
spread in the tropics of both hemispheres. 

SuBGEN. 1. G-nilaadina (Linn.) Pod ^rjj armed on the &C88 
abundant wiry prickles. Petals narrow. 

1. C. Bondnoella, Fleming in Asiat. Bes. xi. 159; leaves stimil 
leaflets small, bracts squarroee. B(kvb. FL Ind. ii. S67, Guilandina Bonduos* 
Linn. ; Wall. Cat. 6803. G. Bonduc, W. Sf A. Prodr, 280 5 Dak. ^ Gib$, 
FL 79, m part. 

From the Himalayas, throughout India, ascending to 2500 ft, in Kotlm^**"* 
DiSTRiB. Cosmopolitan in the tropics. 

Branches finely grey-downy, with abundant small hard falcate yellow pric^ 
Leaves a foot or more long, with a pair of reduced pinnae persistent at the base ; pi- 
moetly 12-16; leaflets oblong, obtuse, mucronato, membranous, usually ^1 in. l' 
rather downy beneath. Bacemes long-peduncled, simple or panicled, dense at th 
lax downwards; pedicels as long as the calyx, finely brown-downy. 
^J in. Petals oblanceolate, yellow, little exserted. Pod short-stalked,obloDg,*— ^ " 
long. Seeds 1-2, large, oblong, lead-coloured. 

0<B8alpmia.'\ l. LSQUMiNOSiB. ~ (J. G. Baker.) 255 

2. O. BonduOy Itaxb. Sort. Beng, 32 ; FL Ind. ii. 362 ; leaves without 
stipules, leaflets larger, bracts ascendiug. Guilandina Bonduc, Linn, ; DC. 
Jhrodr, ii. 480; IFaU. Cat. 5806; W. ^ A. Prodr. 280, ex parte. G. glabra, 
MUl. Diet. No. 8. 

Eastbkx and Wsstebx Pbkinsvuls. Cetlon. — Distbib. Malay isles, Polynesia, 
West Indies. 

Very near C. BanduceUa, from which it differs by its more robust habit, less 
downy branches, larger leaflets (often 2-3 in. long), the absence of the reduced sti- 
pular pinns, by its smaller not squarrose bracts, and more tropical dispersion. 

SuBeEir. 2. SuoaDsalpinla. Pod dry, naked on the valves, indehiscent or 
finally dehiscing, the sutures thin except in C, sepiaria. Petals broad. 

8. O. HuiTih ^^* Sort. Kew, iii. 32 ; glabrous, pinnae 4-6, leaflets 4-6 
luge ovate, stamens little exserted, pod woody broad-oblong 1-seeded. Gui- 
landina Nuga, Linn. % PI. 546. 0. paniculata, Poxb. Hort. Beng. 32 ; Fl. 
Ind. ii. 364 ; DC. Prodr. ii. 481 ; W. ^ A. Prodr. 281 ; Wight Ic. t. 36 ; 
-Dofc. ^ Oibs. Bomb. Fl. 70. 0. sumatrana, WaU. Cat. 6831 B, 6, nan Poxb. 
C- Wjuga, Wall. Cat. 5833, non Sw. 0. scandens, Kcmig : DC. Prodr. ii. 482 ; 
Jf^aU. Cat. 6829. 

Cbittaoono, Sii^kbt, Eastebx and Western Psninsuuls, and Chylon. — Distrib. 
«lay islet, Philippines, China, N. Australia, Polynesia. 

^rasiekea slender, very flexuose. Prickles copious, dark-coloured, hooked. Leaf- 

^'^^ distinctly petioluled, 1^-2 in. long, obtuse, glossy. Racemes axillary and terminal, 

^^pioualypanicled, with spreading branches; pedicels as long as the calyx. Calyx 

^^bpons, ^J in. Petals scarcely exserted. Filaments densely woolly in the lower 

rf^. Pod 2 in. long, broad, oblong, beaked, hard, glabrous, indehiscent^ rather 

^ ^ 0. SappaUy Linn. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 482 ; subglabrous, pinnae 20-24, 
^«eta 20-30 moderately small oblong very oblique, stamens little exserted, pod 
^[^^ue oblong woody 3-4-seeded. Poxb. Cor. PL i. 17, 1. 16 ; Hort. Beng. 32 ; 
^•- -Oirf. ii. ^7; WaU. Cat. 6838 ; W. ^ A. Prodr. 281 ; Bedd. Fl. Sylv. 90; 
'^•**'. Gen, t. xiii. fig. 1. Bianctea Sappan, Todaro Hort. Bot, Panorm. 3. 

**a^Ti|N and Western Peninsulas and Pbou. — Distrib. Malay isles. 
g^^^ •mall tree. PrtcAr^M small and few. Leaf-TAchiB J-1 ft. lon^; leaflets close, 
J*****©, tabcoriaceons, ^-J in. long, attached at the lowest corner. PanicUs often as 
j^^^ «M the leaves, the young branches slightly ferrugineo- pubescent ; bracts large, 
^^^^•olate, caducous ; pedicels J-| in. Cafgx J in., glabrous. Filaments densely 
^^^y in the lower half. Ovary grey- velvety. Pod 3-4 in. by 1 J in., subcompressed, 
'^ ^^ed, indehiscent, with a hard recurved beak at the upper angle. 

2f\ ^' 0. pnloherrlmaf Swartzj Obs. 166; glabrous, pinme 12-18, leaflets 
^ «4 small oblique-oblong, stamens much exserted, pod thin ligulate flat gla- 
25*^** 6-8-eeeded. Poinciana pulcherrima, Linn. ; ^ot. Mag. t. 996 ; Poxb. 
1^5 -f^. ii 356 ; DC. Prodr. ii. 484 ; Wall. Cat. 6813 ; W. ^ A. Prodr. 282.— 

Hort. Mai. vi. t. 1. 

^^^ ^xiivemlly cultivated through India and elsewhere in the tropics; the native 
^^***t;*y not clearly known. 

^1^^ idirab or small tree. PrickUs few and scattered on the branches. Leaflets sessile, 
VoB^* membranous, ^-} in. long, not so oblique as in the last, very obtuse. Racemes 
jj^ry ^noad, the lowor pedicels 3-4 in. long. Calyx i-J in., glabrous. Petals round, 
***"'^ reddish-yellow, with a very distinct claw, the largest and most showy of all the 
Filaments bright red, 3-4 times the length of the corolla. Pod nearly straight, 
iQ. long, the narrowest and thinnest of that of any of the species. 

256 L. LEQUMiNOSA. (J. O. Baker.) lOcstalpinui. 

6. O. seplarlaf Roxb, JSbrt. Beng. 82 ; FL Ind, ii. 360 ; downy, piniUB 
12-20, leaflets lG-24 small obloD^, stamens little exsertedypod oblong^ligulate 
subturgrid veined 4^8-seeded. Wall. Cat. 6834, aiW. //. ; W. ^ A. Pirodr. 288 ; 
Wii^ht Ic. t. 37 ; Balz. ^ Gibs. Bomb. FL 80. C. ferox, Hoisk. Pi. Jav. Bar. 
400. C. japonica, Sifb. ^ Zucc. Fl. Jan. 0. 0. crista, Thunb. Fl.Jttp. 179, ntm 
Linn. Reicnaniia decapetala, Both ; 2>C Prodr. ii. 484. Bianoea scandena, 
Todaro Jlort. Bot. Panorm. 4, t. 1. 

HiHAiAYAS to Cktlok and Ata, ascending to 4000 ft. in the North-West — Dis- 
TRiB. Malay isles, China, Japan and introduced in Tropical America. 

Bravches more or less densely coated with grey or brown pubescence. Pricklet 
small, copious, hooked, pale brown. Leaves l-l ft. long; pinns distinctly stalked: 
leaflets membranous, very obtuse, ^-1 in. long, green and glabrous above, glaucous 
and slightly pul)escent beneath. Racemes simple, distinctly-peduncled, 4-1 ft. long; 
pedicel;* rigidly erecto-i>ntent, twice the length of the calyx. Calyx f- j in., mora or 
less pubescent. Corolla \ in., bright yellow. Fila,ments densely woolly in the knrsr 
half. Pod 3-d in. by a1x)ve 1 in., sublignose, glabrous, rather recurved, with the upper 
suture dilated into a narrow DerrU-Wie wing, subindehiscent. 

7. 0. mimosoldeSy Lam. Bl. t. 335, fig. 2; downy, pinnsB 20-60, leafleti 
20-40 oblong very small, stamens little exserted, pod recurved oUong veiy 
tiirgid 2-8eeded. 'DC. l^odr. ii. 482 ; W. 8f A. Prodr. 281 ; Wight. Ic. t 382; 
Dalz. ^ Gibs. Bomb. Fl. 80. C. Simora, Ilam. m Bo.rb. Hbrt. Btmg. 32; jF7. /Mt 
ii. 350. 0. resupinata, Bo.rb. HoH. Beng. 32 ; Fl. Ind. ii. 362. 0. honidt, 
WaU. Cat. 5836. C. arniata, Grah. in Wall. Cat. 5840. Biancsa mimoaoidei» 
Todaro Hort. Bot. Panorm. 3. 

BiRXA at Chappedong, Wallich. Western Pexinsittjl. CBnx>y. 

Branches armed with copious irregular small prickles, passing down giadnll^y- 
into aciculi, bristles and hairs. I^eavea 1-1. V ft. long, much narrower than in theoth^tx* 
species ; leaflets sessile, membranous, sensitive, glal}rous, j-} in. long. Baeemes la^L, 
simple, 1-2 ft. long, the rachis densely prickly and like the rigidly erecto-pttST^t 
prickles vory rough with hard mise«i jwints ; p^icels 2-3 times the length of t^e 
ciilyx. Caft/x :{— J in., more or less downy. Petals broad, bright yellow, scarcely ex 
serted. Filaments densely woolly in the lower half. Pud under 2 in. long, more 
turgid than in the other species, half an inch thick, narrowed to the l)a8e, hard, sub 
indehiscent, clothe<l with minute d(H:iiIuous bristles, truncate at the end with a fliort 
recurved l>cak, the sutures not at hU thickened. t 

SuBGEN. 3. Cinolldooarpna (Z. & M.). Pod rather fleshy, indehisoenf, 
naked on the faces, the sutures much thickened. Petals broad. 

8. C. difiryna, Bottl. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 482 ; leaflets 10-20 memfaranoiu, 
pedicels spreading 2-4 times the length of the calvx. WaU. Cat. 6830; IT. ♦ 
A. Prodr. 281. 0. oleosperma, Borb. Hort. Benq. 32 ; Fl. Ind. ii. 36a 0. 
flavicans, Grah. in WaU. Cat. 5825. C. gracilis, Miq. Flor. Ind. Bat. i. H^ 
Pterolobium lacerans, WaU. Cat. 5841, F. & I. 

EIastern Himalayas, EASTsny and Wbstbon Peninsulas, and Cfnoy*" 
DiSTKiii. Malay isles. 

Branches glabrous or slightly downy ; prickles scattered, uniform. Leaves J^^ 
long; leaflets close, oblong, obtuse, st^sile, J-i^ in. long, dark green and glsbw^* 
alx)ve. grey and glabresoent or ol^seurely downy teneath. Racemes podunded. liinp^ 
equalling or exceeding the leaves ; pedicels ^1 in., slender, glabrous, spreading hort* 
zontally or rather detiexed. Calyx glabrous, J-J in. Stamens little exserted, wooUj- 
Po(2 oblong, glabrous, 1^2 in. long, 2-4-seeded, turgid, torulose. 

0. C. oinolldooarpa, Miq. Flor. Ind. Bat. i. 110 ; leaflets 28-36 np^, 
BubcoriaceouB, racemes copiously panicled, pedicels erecto-patent as long u tl 

wsalpima.'] L. lioumihosjb. (J. O. Baker.) 257 

lyx. OindidocarpiiB nitidas, ZoU. ^ Moritz, Nat. Oeneeik, iii. 74. 0. mi* 
ophylh, mnnilt. m WtOl. Oat. 6826. 0. tortuosa, Wail. Cat. 6827 D. 

Ati4ic and SiLBBT. — Distbxb. Java. 

Obeenrely downy. Prickles scattered, uniform. Leaves a foot or more long; 
inns 20-24 ; leaflets doee, sessile, obtuse, ligulate, caducous, ^} in. by ^| in., elossy 
bore. Panicles often as long as the leaves, with finely downy rachises and pedicels. 
Uyx }-| in. Petals round with a claw, bright yellow. Stamens little exserted. Pod 
UoQg, indehiscent, 2-3 in. by 1 in., glabrous, 8-4-8eeded« 

10. O. tortaosa. Haxb. Hart. Beng. 32 : Fl. Ind. ii. 866 ; leafletR 
10-60 rigidly •ubcoriaceous, lacemes simple^ pedicels erecto-patent as long as Uie 
Bdyx. Wak Oat. 6827 A, B, 0. 

Tbtassbbih, Wallich. — Distbib. Malay isles. 

'Bnmches slightly downy. Prickles small, scattered, uniform. Leaves 1-1^ ft. 
loif, ^inna 30-40; leaflets close, glossy, sessile, narrow ligulate, obtuse, ^-^ in. by 
\ in., lust like those of the last in shape and texture. Racemes as long as the leaTos. 
Oslffg I in., glabrous. Pod just like those of the two preceding. 

07. PBXiTOPBOSirM, Vogd. 

^ Tbn ananned trees. Leaves abruptly bipinnate. Flowers showy, yellow, in 
KJUaiy and panicled terminal racemes. Calyx with the disk confined to the 
**e ; teetH subequal, very deep, imbricate. Petals oblong or roundish, imbri- 
^^^ spreading. Stamens 10, free, declinate ; filaments with a dense tuft of 
*^ at the base; anthers uniform, linear-oblong. Ovary sessile, free, few- 
T'^Ied ; style long, filiform, incurved, stigma large peltate. iW oblong, flat, 
^9 hard, indehiscent, with a firm broad wing on each suture. — ^Distbib. 

^^ 6, cosmopolitan in the Tropics. 

}« P. fermiT^eiiin, Benth. Fl. Austral, ii. 270; flowering pedicels at 
*t as long as the calyx. Orosalpinia ferruginea, Mi^Flor. Ind. Bat, i. 111. 
ttborea, Miq, loc. cit. 112. 0. Glenniei, Thwaites Fnum. 414. 0. inermis, 
*. FL Ind. ii. 367. Poinciana Roxburghii, G. Don Gen. Syst. ii. 433. 

ixcAPORi; Malacca, Andakaks, and Cktlon. — ^Distbib. Malay isles, N. Aus- 


*oung branches clothed with thin bright reddish-brown tomentum. Leaves dis- 

f petioled,^! ft. long; pinnse opposite, 16-20, ^^i ft. long; leaflets 20-30, 

liffulate-oblong, sessile, obtuse, unequal-sided, |-f in. long, rigidly subcoriace* 

i^tly tomentose below. Branches of the panicle numerous, stiffly erecto -patent, 

inoosly ferrugineo-tomentose, as is also the calyx ; bracts minute, lanceolate, 

us. Calyx \ in. deep. Pod 1-4-seeded, rigid, glabrous, 2-4 in. by 1 in., narrowed 

ends, closely longitudinally veined. 

P. daSTntehlSf Kurz MSS. ; flowering pedicels 3-4 times as long 
calyx. Ofesalpinia dasvraclus, Miq. Flor, Ind. Bat. Suppl. 202. O. 
wiana, Grah. m Wall. 'Cat. 6071. 

JCCA^ Griffith t Maingay. — Distbib. Java, Sumatra. 

near P.ferrugineum, with which it agrees in vestiture and leaves. Flotoer' 

-9 in. by 3 in. ; lower pedicels patent or rather reflexed, 1-lJ in. long ; 

lar, Bubpersistent^ ^ in. long. Flowers rather larger. Pod the same shape 

r larger, thinner and not reticulately veined. 

08. MBZOHBimirM, Derf. 

woody prickly climbers. Leaves abruptly bipinnate. FTowers fa 
:led racemes. Calyx very oblique, usually deeply cleft, with the ^^ 

258 L. LEQUMiNOSJE. (J. G. Baker.) [Mezoneunm. 

confined to the base or extending upwards, the lobes imbricated, the lowest the 
longest, remarkably hood-like. Petals spreading, obovate-spathulate, subequaL 
Stamens free, declinate, usually exserted ; anthers oblong, uniform. Ow«y see* 
sUe, many-ovuled ; style filiform, incurved with the stamens, stigma small capi- 
tate. Pod large, oblong, flat, thin, indehiscent, with a broad wing down toe 
upper suture. — Distrib. Species 10, mostly Trop. Asiatic, confined to the old 

* Smnezoneuron. Calyx deeply cleft ; disk basal. 

1. M. ououllatum, W, f A, Prodr. 283 ; leaflets 8-10 large ovate acute 
glabrous, stamens much exceeding the calyx. Dak, ^ Gibs, Bomb FL 80, 
OsBsalpinia cucullata, Roxh, Hort, Beng. 32 ; FL Ind. ii. 358 ; 0» Don Oen, 
Syst, ii. 431 ; WaU, Cat, 5828, exd, B. M. macrophyllum, Blurne ; jlfi^. Fkr, 
Ind, Bat, i. 104. 

Eastern Himalayas from Nipal, ascending to 4,000 ft. to the Khasia hill^ 
Bruar and the Western Peninsula. — Distrib. Malay isles. 

Branches glabrous, with small dark hooked scattered prickles. Leaf-ra^hiB ^1 ft. 
long; pinnse 4-10 long-stalked ; leaflets rigidly subcoriaceous, 1-2 in. long, glabrons, 
dark-green above, subdistant, rather glaucous below. Racemes simple or forked, 
sometimes as long as the leaves, the rachis virgate, tinged with yellow; pedicels as 
long as the calyx, which is the most oblique of all the species, with the posterior sepal 
and petal very cucuUate. Calyx } in., glabrous, tinged with yellow. Petals bright 
yellow, streaked with red. Fuaments fiiintly ciliated near the base. Pod like that of 
a DalberyiOf with a single large seed in the middle, 3-4 in. long, with a wing like 
the valves in texture J— | in. broad. 

Var. grandisy Heyne in Wall. Cat 5830, under Caesalpinia. sp. ; larger in all its 
parts, the leaflets 3-4 in. long, and wing of the pod ^ in. broad. Guilandina macro^ 
carpa, Grah. in WaU. Cat. 6804. — Distribution of the type. 

Rheede Hort. Mai. vol. vi. t. 20, on which is founded Guilandina axillaris, 
(Caesalpinia? axillaris, DC. Prodr. ii. 481) is probably made up of the leaf of this 
pod of Casalpinia Sappan. 

2. M. grlabmmy Desf. in Mem, Mus, iv. 2iQ, t. 10 ; leaflets 14-16 
glabrous oblong obtuse distinctly stalked, stamens much exceeding the caly:^ 
DC, Prodr. ii. 484. Caesalpinia furfuracea, WaU. Cat. 5835. 

Tenasserim, WaUich. — Distrib. Philippines, Timor. 

Branches glabrous, the falcate prickles almost restricted to the base of the pisix 
Leaves 1 ft. long; pinnae 12-14, distinctly stalked; leaflets membranous, cadraot^' 
close, dark green, sdternate, ^-} in. long. Racemes simple or forked, as long as 
leaves ; pedicels exceeding the calyx. Calyx glabrous, ^ in. long, less oblique than 
the last, the upper teeth reaching half down, the lowest twice as long. FHame 
densely ciliated near the base. Pod 5-6 in. by 1^ in., 2-4-seeded, with a wing Y\ 

3. M. enneaphyUum, W. ^ A. Prodr. 283 ; leaflets 18-22 small 
brous oblong obtuse subeeesUe, stamens slightly exceeding the calyx. 
pinia enneaphylla, Roxh. Hort. Beng. 32 ; FL Ind. ii. 3& ; Miq, Flor, 
Bat. i. 104, tab. 2 B. 0. sepiaria, Wall. Cat, 5834 H. 

Cacuar and Chitt.voono, Hook. fil. and Thomson. Tavot, Gomez, Pmav, 
land, Cetlon, Tkwaites. — Distrib. Malay isles. 

Branches slender, glabrous ; prickles copious, minute, falcate. Leaves f-1 ft. \ 
pinnae 16-20, distinctly stalked, 2-3 in. long ; leaflets sensitive, glabrous, membra 
J-4 in. long. Racemes copiously panicled, sometimes a foot long ; pedicels slen^^ 
ghibrous or pubescent, twice as long as the calyx. Flower smaller than in the 1**^ 
Cali/x J-4 in., glabrous. CorollaWight yellow. Filaments densely woolly at the b*** 
Pod 3-4 in. long by less than 1 in., thin and glossy, 4-6-seeded ; wing J-| in* bpo^d-"^ 
Very like Casalpinia sepiaria in habit and inflorescence. 

Mezoneurum,'] l. leouminosj:. (J. O. Baker.) 259 

4. M. pubesoenSy Desf. m Mem, Mus. iv. 246, t. 11 ; leaflets 12-16 
SDuill oblong obtuse pubescent subsessile, stamens slightly exceeding the calyx. 
Caeealpinia hymenocarpa; Wall. Cat. 5832. 

Ata ; TaoDg-dong, Wallich. Cbtlon, Thwaiies, — Bistrib. Malay isles. 

General habit and inflorescence of the last. Branehea^ ieayes below and calyx 

densely finely grey-downy. Pinna 12-24, distinctly stalked; leaflets sensitive, 

i-^ in. long. Bacemes close, copiously panicled ; pedicels erecto-patent, twice the 

oilyx. Flowers larger than in the last, bright yellow. Filaments densely woolly near 

the base. Pod 3-4-seeded, 3-4 in. by 1 in. bro«d, without the wing. 

•• TnbloalTZ, Miq. Flor. Ind. Bat. i. 1081. Calyx shallowly cleft with 
the disk extending above the base. 

5. M. smnatraniiiny W. 4* ^- P»'odr. 283. Osesalpinia sumatrana^ 
-fito6. ffort. Beng. 32 ; Fl. Ind. ii. 366 ; WaU. Cat. 5831, A, not B and 0. 

Halacca, Griffith^ Maingay. — Pistrib. Malay isles. 

Branehe* thick, rather downy, armed with copious smaU falcate prickles. Leaves 

* foot or more long ; pinnae and leaflets both 8-10, the latter obovate-oblong, rigidly 

<^riaceoas, glabrous, obtuse, 2-3 in. long. Bacejnes as long as the leaves, forked ; 

'*<^ viigate, woody ; pedicels very short. Cak/x glabrous, |-^ in. long, the upper 

teeth pot more than ^ in. deep, the lowest rather longer, the tube splitting off at the 

insertion of the glabrous filaments. Petals little exserted, reddish-yellow, much nar- 

^wer than in the other species, permanently imbricated, oblanceolate-spathulate. 

~^ thin, 3—4 in. by 1 in., 3-4-seeded, with a moderately broad wing. — The structure 

J^the flower is so different from that of the other species that it would probably be 

°^ttr to separate it generically, and place it next to Wagatea. 

99. PTBSOXiOBZirM, H. Br. 

^oody climbers, with the habit of Coisalpmia, from which they differ only 
J? pod. Calyx deeply cleft, with the disk near the base, the lobes imbricated, 
SA^ lowest longer and more hooded than the others. Petals spreading, oblong 
•^d clawed, equalling the calyx. Stamens 10, free, declinate, little exserted ; 
r^^ers oblong, versatile. Omry sessile, 1-ovuled ; style filiform, stigma small 
'l^'^^iiaL Jrod indehiscent, samaroid, with a large horny oblique terminal 
^**^. — JDlBTBiB. Species 4, spread through the Tropics of the old world. 


P^ 1. p. Indloiiinf A. Rich. Fl. Abyss, i. 246. Csesalpinia lacerans, Roxb. 
^t^nd. iL 367. Pterolobium lacerans, WaU. Cat. 5841. A to E ; W. ^ A. 
^^^' 283 ; Wt: Icanes, t 196 ; Kurz in Joum. Asiat. Soc. Beng. xlii. 2 71 «imi 
^- -w. Reichardia hexapetala, Roth ; DC. l^itdr. ii. 484. 

j^^^'oaijAw slender, finely downy; prickles minute, hooked, uniform. Pinn<B 8-16 ; 
^^•et« 12-16, close, sessile, oblong, obtuse, membranous, sensitive, ^ in. long, glabrous, 
•TV? S^Mn. Racemes 2-3 in. long, copiously panicled at the end of the branches ; 
^^l^^ls finely downy, spreading, |-J in. Calyx glabrous, J-j[ in. ; lowest sepal longest. 
i^T^^ yellow, not showy, as long as the lowest sepal. Pod 1^1^ in. ; wing j-1 in. 

» . ^ AR. 1. micropkylluTn, Miq. ; Kurz, loc. cit. sp. ; racemes copiously panicled, leaflets 
^ ^ ^ODg, pod 2 in. long with an obtuse or obliquely acute wing l^-lj in. by ^ in. — 

*^*«serim, ffelfer. Malacca, Maingay. — Distrib. Malay isles. 
p^l^AR. 2. macropterum, Kurz, loc. cit. sp. ; branches stouter, leaflets much larger, 
52^ ^i"?t i°« loog ▼ith an obtuse wing 1^-2 in. by f-J in. — Pegu, Martaban, 


|, KViS"*-^ ,**.•*'** r.-'-^.SSS 

WagaieaJ] L. lequvinosje. (J. O. Baker.) 261 

1. W. spioata. Dalz. in Kew Joum. iii. 90; Wight Ic, t. 1996 ; JDab. <$- 
Oibt. Bomb, FL 80. Caesalpinia mimosoides, Hevne in Wall, Cat, &BS7, nan 
Lam, C. ferox, Hokm, PI. Ind. Or, Exs, No. 414^ non Hank, 

Hills of Wbstbbn Pbniksuia. 

A robust woody pr ckly climber. Leaves f-1 ft long and broad ; pinnse 8-12 ; 
leaflets 12-14, nearly sessile, oblong, obtuse, or subacute, 1-2 in. long, rigidly subcoria- 
OBous, glabrous, venulose. Flowers in long simple or panicled dense subspicate 
lacemes with a thick furrowed woody finely brown -downy axis ; bracts minute, lan- 
eeolate^uspidate. Cdyx | in., scarlet. PetaU orange. Pod like that of CtBmlpinia 

GuDiTSCHiA siirxNsis, Linn. ; Wall, Cat, 5811, is known in India in cultiyation 

103. OASSZA, Linn. 

&Mrt shrube or trees^ rarely herbs. Leaves simpley abruptly pinnate. Flowers 
Qsually large and showy, in axillary racemes and terminal panicles. Cali/x^ 
'vAe Teiy short ; sepals broad or narrow^ imbricated. P^als 6, imbricated, sub- 
dual, usoaUy broad. Stamens normally 10, but rarely all perfect, 3-5 being 
<^^ reduoea to staminodia or altogether absent ; anthers mostly but not inva- 
'T^Uy baaifized, dehiscing by terminal pores or with the slit more or less con- 
^oeid longitudinally. Ovary sessile or stalked, many-ovuled ; style incurved, 
^^igiDA terminaL Pod very variable, terete or flat, usually septate, the aJbumi- 
^<^*tt seeds flattened, sometimes parallel with the yalyee, sometimes with the septa, 
^Tf dehiscent or indehiscent. — Distrib. Species 340, spread everywhere in the 
^pic8, a few eztra-tropicaL Monographed by Mr. Bentham in Trans. Linn.. 
Soc, xxvii. p. 1503, t. 60-3. 

SiTBGBK. 1. nstulaf DC. (Oassia, Roxh.) Sepals obtuse. Stamens all 
■i^^HQg anthers, of whidi those of the 2-3 lowest are larger than the others 
'^ tlie filaments longer. Po€ls very large, terete. Seeds compressed parallel 
^th the dissepiments. — ^Trees. 

1- O. nstulaf Linn. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 400; leaflets 8-16 large narrowed' 
^ the point, flowers in long lax racemes, bracts caducous, petals veined bright 
y^^w. Raxh. HoH. Beng. 31 ; Fl. Ind, ii. 333 ; WaU. CM, 5302 ; W. ^ A. 
^^»*-. 285; Dah. * Qil>s. Bomb. Fl. 80 ; Bedd. Fl, Sylv. 91. 0. rhombifolia, 
*<*a*. Eort, Beng. 31 ; Fl. Ind. iii. 3:J4 ; Wight. Ic. t. 269. 

^^SRTHAL and Eastern Himalayas to Ckylon and Malacca, ascending to 3000 ft. 
*^ Kuiuoif, wild and often planted. — Distrib, China, Malay isles. 

A middle-sized erect tree, glabrous in all its parts. Leaves a foot or more long ; 
l<atets 2-6 in. long, ovate,, distinctly stalked, usually acute, rigidly subcoriaceous, pole 
p^^ strongly veined. Racemes as long as the leaves ; pedicels spreading, lA-2 in. 
^^- QUyx |-i in., glabrous, caducous. Petals obovato, shortly clawtd, J^l in. 
**•?• iW 1-2 ft. long, above an inch thick. 

2. 0. nodosaf ffam. ; Roxb. Sort. Beng. 31 ; Fl. Ind. iii. 336 ; branches 
J%Hily downy, leaflets 12-24 moderately larjre pointed, racemes short corymbose, 
^pti persistent, petals moderately large reddish not veined. WaU. Cat. 5331 ; 
*^ Ic. t, 410. 

Sisnuf HiMALATAs and to Malacca. — Distrib. Malay isles, Philippines. 

A tree, reaching a height of 60 feet. Leaves a foot or more long ; leaflets oblong, 
**"<«, distinctly stalke-l, 2-4 in. long, mther oblique at the base, glossy, subcoriaoc»- 
^ stron^y veined, with a few ol«cure short hairs below. Raoetnts from the old 

262 L. LEOUMiNOSA. (J. O. Baker.) [CoMia. 

branches, dense, under half a foot long ; bracts silky, lanceolate, persistent ; pedicels 
twice the length of the flower, lower deflexed. Se^pais downy, J— J in. Petals ob- 
long, acnte, J-1 in. deep. Pod a ft. long, ^ in. thick. 

8. C. marcrlnataf Borh. Hort. Beng, *S1 ; FL Ind. ii. 838 ; branchleU 
densely tomentose, leaflets 80-40 small obtiise, racemes short subcorymbose, 
bracts persistent, petals small reddish not veined. 0. Roxburghii, DC. Prodr, 
ii. 489; WaU, 0^.5308; W, Sc A, Prodr, 2m \ Bedd, FL Sylv, 1 180 ; Wight 
lUust., t. 88. 

Crtlox and "Westbrn Peninsula. 

Branches slender, sulcate. Leaves \-\ ft. long ; leaflets oblong, deeply emaiginate, 
with a distinct mucro, 1-1 J in. long, rigidly subcoriaceous, very oblique, strongly 
veined, persistently grey-downy beneath. Flowers in copious short axillary racemes 
and terminal panicles; bracts ovate-cuspidate; pedicels under 1 in. long. — Flowers 
and pod like that of C nodosa^ but much smaller. 

4. C renlgrora, Wall. Cat. 5807 ; branches densely pubescent, leaflets 
80-40 moderately small obtuse 8-4 times as long as broad, flowers unknown. 
Benth. in Trans. Linn. Soc. xxvii. 518; Kurz in Joum. Asiat. Soc. Bena. xliL 

BiRMA ; Taong-dong mountains and ))anks of the Irrawaddi, Wallich. 

Closely allied to C. marginata. Leaves 1 ft. long ; leaflets close, nearly ms- 
eile, ligulate-oblong, 1 ^2 in. long, broadly rounded at both ends, slightly oUiqne, 
rigidly coriaceous, finely grey-downy below ; stipules oblong, cuspidate, large, mem- 
branous, persistent, fastened above the base. Pod 1 foot long, cylindrical, indehiscent, 

SuBOEN. 2. Senna (Boxb. ex parte, as a genus). Sepals obtuse. Perfect 
stamens 7, the anthers subequal or those of the 2-8 lowest larger than the 
others; three posterior filaments without anthers. Pods compressed, rarelr 
terete, the seeds usually flattened parallel with the valves. — Some trees, some 
shrubby herbs. 

* Leaf tcith a single large gland placed just above the base of the commtm 

o. C. oooldentaliB, Linn. : DC. Prodr. ii. 497 ; leaflets 6-10 ovate- 
oblong. Boxb. Hort. Beng. 31 ; W. Sf A. Prodr. 290; Bot. Beg. t. SS; Dak 
^ Gibs. Bomb. Fl. 81. Senna occidentalis, Boxb. Fl. Ind. ii. 343. 0. foetid*, 
Pers. Syn. i. 457. 0. Sophera, Wall. Cat. 6317, ex parte. 

Scattered from the Himalayas, to Ceylon, probably introduced. — Distwb, Coe* 
mopolitan in the tropics. 

A diffuse subglabrous undershrub, a few feet high, usually only of annual dura- 
tion. L*-aves \ ft. long; leaflet* glaucous, foetid, acuminate, 1-3 in. long, glabroMor 
finely pube.^cent. Bacemes short -peduncled, few-flowered, corymbose, axillary aad 
forming a terminal panicle ; bracts thin, orate-acuminate, caducous ; pedicels spreadingi 
^-j in. Sf pah ohXwse, glabrous, \~^ in. Petals \ in. pule lilac, conspicuously veined. 
Pod 4-6 in. by ^ in., rather recurved, glabrous, subcom pressed, distinctly torulow- 
Seeds 15-30. 

6. C. Sophera, Linn.\ DC. Prodr. ii.492; leaflets 12-24 oblong-lftMSO- 
late. Boxb. Hort. Beng. 31 ; Wall. Cat. 5317, ex parte ; W. Sf A. Prodr. 287; 
Dalz. Sr Gibs. Bomb. Fl. 81. Senna Sophera, Boxb. Fl. Ind. ii. 347. a eic»- 
lenta, Boxb. Fl. Ind. ii. 340. Cassia esculenta, i?ar6. Hort. Beng. 31. C. chi- 
neusis, Jacq. Ic. t. 73. 0. frutescens, Mill, Diet. No. 2. 0. coromandeliii*^ 
Jacq. Fagm. 67, t. 100,— Bheede Hort. Mai. ii. t. 52. 

OoMta.] L. LEGUMINOBA. (J. O. Baker.) 263 

HncALAYAs to Cetlon and Penang. — Distrib. Cosmopolitan in the tropics^ pro- 
bably natiTe in Asia only. 

Uloselj allied to C. occidentalU, from which it differs bjr its more shrubby habit; 
more numerous smaller narrower leaflets and shorter broader more turgid pods, which 
are not usually torulose when mature. 

Vab. purpurea ; Roxb. Hort. Beng. 31, sp. ; leaflets smaller more obtuse not more 
than 1 in. long, branches slender purple. C. purpurea, Bot. Reg, t. 856. Senna pur- 
purea, Roxb, Fl. Ind, ii. 342. 

** Leaf furnished with glands on the main rachis between the leaflets, 

7. 0« Tontf Linn, ; DC. Prodr, ii. 493 ; glabrous, leaflets 6 obovate-oblong^ 
perfect stamens subequal, pod very lon^ slender subtetragonous, seeds uniseriate. 
Roxb, HoH, Beng. 31 ; Wall, Cat, 6316; W, ^ A, Prodr, 290 ; DaU, ^ Gibs, 
Bomb, Fl. 81 . Senna Tora and toroides, Ro.rb, Fl. Ind. ii. 340. G. obtusifolia^ 
Linn, Sp. Plant. 539. C. foetida, Salisb. Prod. 326. 0. humilis and gallinaria, 
CoUad, Hist, 96. 0. toroides, Roxb, Hort. Beng. 31. — Rheede Sort, Mai. ii. 

UniTersally spread through our limits in a truly wild state, ascending to 5000 ft. 
in the Cbntbal Himalayas. — Distrib. Cosmopolitan in the tropics. 

An annual weed, growing up into an undershrub. Leaflet distinctly petioled ; 
leaflets 1-1 1 in., glaucous, membranous, glabrous ; stipules large, linear-subulate, cadu- 
cous. Flowtrs usually in nearly sessile pairs in the axils of che leaves, the upper 
crowded. Corolla small, bright yellow. Pods ^-J ft. by \ in., membranous, the sutures 
▼ery broad, the seeds flattened in the same direction as the pod. 

C. BICAP8ULARI8, Linn, ; DC. Prodr. ii. 404 ; glabrous, leaflets 6-8, stamens 
Tery unequal, pod thick terete, seeds biseriate. Roxb, Hort. Beng. 31 ; Wall, 
Cat. 6313 ; W. ^ A, Prodr, 286. Senna bicapsularis, Roxb. Fl. Ind, ii. 342. 

A native of Tropical America, not unfrequently introduced. 

A shruK with virgate woody branches. Leaves distinctly petioled ; leaflets green, 
membranous, obtuse, J-^ in. ; stipules small, subulate, caducouts. Racemes copious, 
corymbose, as long as tho leaves. Flowers middle-F>ized, bright yellow. Pods mem- 
branous, curved, sausage-shaped, ^ ft. long, ^ in. thick, the sutures very narrow. 

C. TOMEWTOBA, Linn. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 496 ; densely pubescent, leaflets 12-16, 
stipules narrow caducous, pod narrow turgid many-seeded. W. 8f A. Prodr, 2'^. 
C. Wightiana, Grah, in Wall. Cat, 6329. 

A native of Trop. America, introduciKi in the Nilghiris and Ceylon. 

A tall fhrub, with the branches and leaves beneath densely matted with grey to- 
i&entum. Leaves short-petiolcd, 3-4 in. long; leaflets oblong, obtuse, oblique at the 
base. Flowers bright -yellow, middle-sized, in copious distinctly peduncled corymbose 
racemes. Lower anthers much larger than tho others. Pod linear, membranous, 
4-5 in. long, finely downy. — C., Wail. Cat. 5304 is C. hirsuta^ Linn., a 
totally different species, also a native of Tropicjil America. 

8. O. aurionlataf Linn, ; DC, Ptodr, ii. 406 ; finely downy, leaflets 
16-24, stipules broad persistent, pod thin broad few-seeded. Roxl^ Hort. 
Beng, 31 ; Wall. Cat. 6303 ; W. ^ A. Podr. 290 ; Dalz. ^ Gibs. Bomb, Fl. 81. 
Sezma auriculata, Roxb. Fl. Ind. ii. 349. 

Wild in the Ckntbal provinces, the Wbstbbw Peninsula and Cetlon ; often 
planted elsewhere. 

A tall shrub, with the virgate branches and underside of the leaves finely grey- 
downy. Leaves nearly sessile, 3-4 in. long; leaflets obovato-oblong, rigidly siibeoria- 
ceona, J— 1 in., obtuse or emarginate, with a mucro ; stipules large and foliaceous. 

264 L. LBQUMDrosji. (J. G. Baker.) [Outto. 

Fi€wer9 very large and showy, an inch deep, bright yellow, in oopions ooiymboae 
cemes. Pod 4-5 in. long by ^-| in., straight, ligulate, glabrous, flexible, dark brown^ 
with a distinct space between the uniseriate seeds. 


Leaf-^achis without glands. 

9. O. obovataf CoUad, Hist, Cass, 92, t. 16, A; stipules lanoeoki 
persistent, leaflets 8-12, racemes narrow, pod flat oblong much recurred with 
crest on the middle of the valve opposite each seed. Wall. Cat. 6319 ; Boin, ' 
Orient, ii. 631. 0. Senna, Linn. S^. Plant, 639, ex parte, G. obtusa, 
Hart. Benp. 31 ; W. ^ A. Prodr. 288 ; Wight. Ic. t. 767. Semia obtusa, 
Fl, Ind. ii. 344. 0. Burmanni, Wight in Madras Joum. vL t. 6. 

Punjab, ScnfDB, Wbstsbn Pkniksxtla. — Distbib. Arabia, Egypt, Abyssinia. 

Subglabrous, scarcely shrubby, 1-4 ft. high. Leaves distinctly petioled, 2-3 -^ ^^ 
long; leaflets obovate- oblong, membranous, very glaucous, obtuse, with a mii^-^-^^ 
mucro, ^1^ in. Racemes distinctly peduncled, equalling or exceeding the lea^^^^. 
pedicels very short. Sepals glabrous, very obtuse. Corolla middle-sized, pale yel^<:^^^.' 
Stamens very unequal. Fod thin, glabrous, flexible, 1-1^ in. by |-} in, short-»tal3c^Kf * 
narrowed suddenly at both ends, 6-1 2-seeded ; sutures very thin. — C. amoxj8Tifo^^,U4 ' 
Vahl. (C. lanceolata. Wall. Cat. 5318, Roifle III. t. 37, W. # A. Prodr, 288; S^x^n^ 
officinalis, Roxh. Fl. Ind. ii. 346), with 10-16 oblong-lanceolate acute leaflets ^od 
nearly straight oblong pods without crests, is a native of Tropical Africa and hmM xio 
claim to be considered indigenous in India. 

10. C. alataf Linn.\ DC. Prodr. ii. 492; stipules deltoid persiBtezit, 
leaflets 10-28 larcre, racemes narrow, pod long ligulate with a broad wing do^wTi 
the middle of each valve. Roxh. Hort. Beng. 31 ; Wall. Cat. 6301 ; W 4' ^. 
Prodr. 287 ; Wight Ic. t. 263. Senna alata, Roxb. Fl. Ind. ii. 349. 0. brae 
teata, Linn.JU. ; DC. loc. cit. C. herpetica, Jacq. Obs. ii. d4, t. 46, fig. 2. 

LowBB Bknqal, Wbstbrn Fkxinstla, Birma and Malacca. — Distrib. Cofmo- 
politan in the tropics, 

A shrub, with very thick finely downy branches. Leaves subsessile, 1-2 ft. long; 
leaflets oblong, obtuse, 2-6 in. long, minutely mucronate, rigidlv subcoriaceous, gpla- 
brous or obscurely downy beneath, broadly rounded, oblique at the base ; rachis tkBi" 
rowly winged on each side of the face. Racemes peduncled, A-1 ft. ; bracts large, mem- 
branous, caducous. Corolla yellow, very distinctly veined. Stamens very unequal* 
Pod membranous, dehiscent, straight, glabrous, 4-8 in. by ^-| in. Seeds 50 at mors. 

11. C. slamea, Lam.'y DC. Prodr. ii. 499; stipules minute caduoou8» 
leaflets 12-28 with a minute mucro, racemes corymbose forming a long f^d 
panicle, pod ligulate flat not winged, the sutures slightlv thickened. 0. florid»» 
Vahl ; DC. Prodr. ii. 499 ; W. ^ A. Prodr. 288 ; Bedd. Fl. St/lv. t 170. 0. 
sumatrana, Ro.vb. Hort. Beng. 31 ; DC. Prodr. ii. 606 ; Wall. Cat. 6306. Seni» 
sumatrana, Roxb. Fl. Ind. ii. 347. 

Wbstkrn Peninsula, Ckylon, Malayan Pkninsula and Siam. — Distbib. Btoj 

A low tree, with virgate finely grey-downy terete branchlets. Leaves f-l ft- J 
leafiets pblong, glaucous, subcoriaceous, emarginate, strongly veined, subglabrous, di** 
Unctly stalkwi, 2-3 in. long. Corymbs crowded, both axillary and in a termiB^l 
panicle ^1 ft. long, with grey-pubescent branches. Sepals downy, very obtw** 
Petals middle-sized, bright yellow, not veined. Stamens subequal. Pod nearly 
straight, flat, distinctly stalked, 6-9 in. by \ in., flrmer in texture and with thidctf 
sutures than in the two next. 

12. C. inontana« Heyne\ DC. P-odr. ii. 499; stipules minute cadnooaB^ 

• •, 


leaflets 20-30 with a large mucro, racemed corymbose forming a long end pt* I i- 

L. LiQUMiKOBiB. (J. G. Baker.) 265 

ignlate thin flat not ¥miged, with thin sutures. W, ^ A, Prodr, 
I- ViU. Bomb. FL 81. 0. setigera, DC. Prodr. loc. cit. ; Wall. Cat. 

the Wmtbbh PfioysiTLA. 

with slender glabrous obscurely downy virgate branchlets. Leaves peti- 
; leaflets membranous, firm, oblong, obtuse, glabrous, glaucous, 1-lX in. 
rith a conspicuous bristle. Corymbs copious, both axillary and forming long 
u Sepals obtuse, glabrous. Corolla yellow, middle-sized, not veined, 
sqnal. Pod stalked, nearly straight, 3-6 in. by ^-f in., glossy, brown, 

fcimoriensiBf DC, Prodr. ii. 499; stipules persistent foliaceouSy 

^with a minute mucro, racemes corymbose forming a long end 

ligulate thin flat not ¥miged; the sutures thin. C. palmata, WaU. 

iARTABAir, TsxASSKBOf, Cktlon. — DisTBiB. Malay isles, Philippines, N. 

te, with slender finely downy branches. Leaves \-\ ft., distinctly petioled ; 

ig, obtuse, 1-2 in., membranous, pale green, finely downy below. Sepals 

obtuse. Corolla bright yellow, middle-sized, slightly veined. Pod 

1, glossy, flexible, dehiscent, 5-6 in. by |-| in., distinctly stalked, 12-20- 

3. Psilorheirmaf Vogel. Like the last, but all the ten stamens 
h subequal anthers. 

fflauoa, Lam. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 495 ; WaU. Cat. 5312 ; W. ^ A. 
; Bedd. Fl. Sylv. 91. 0. surattensis, Burm. Fl. Ind. 97. C. arbo- 
kl Symb. iii. 56; Roxb. Hort. Beny. 31. C. fastigiata, VaJil Symb. 
§■ A. Prodr. 290. Senna arborescens, Boxb, Fl. Ind. ii. 345. 

AS to Cetlon and "Malacca. — ^Distrib. Malay isles, Trop. Australia, 

je, with glabrous terete branchlets. Leaves distinctly petioled. ^-} ft. ; 
I, acute or subobtuse. 2-4 in. long, subcoriaceous, very glaucous ; rachis 
nous glands between the lower, rarely {C. fasti g lata, V^ahl), between all the 
lies narrow, caducous. Racemes corymbose, not panicled. Sepals large, 
wers large, bright yellow. Pod flat, thin, strap-shaped, glabrous, 6-8 in. 

broad, distinctly stalked, 20-30-8eeded. 

Iruticosa, Koenig; DC. Prodr. ii. 496, sp.; leaflets 16-18 smaller more 
>tu8e 1-2 in. long, flowers and pods much smaller, the latter not more 

long 10-l2-8eeded. C. suffruticosa. Wall. Cat. 6311 ; W. dr A. Prodr. 
ciosa, Roxb. Hort. Beng. 31. Senna speoiosa, Roxb. Ft. Ind. ii. 847. C. 
\iiq. Fl. Ind. Bat. i. 99. — Distribution of the type. 

, 4. Xiaslorhegrmc^f Benih. Sepals narrow. Stamens 5-1 0, all 
od small, strap-shaped, flat, dehiscent, the seeds compressed pandlel 
Ives. — Difl'use low slender annual or perennial herbs. 

t$ 4, large, membranous. 

AbsuSy Linn. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 600; Roxb. Hort. Beng. 31 ; WaU. 
W. Sr A. Prodr. 291. C. exigua, Roxb. Hort. Beng. 31. Senna 
:b. Fl. Ind. ii. 340. S. exigua, Roxb. Fl. Ind. ii. 339. 0. coccinea, 

he Wbstkrn Himalayas to Ceylon. — Distrib. Everywhere in the tropics 

266 L. LGOtniltfORX. (J. O. Baker.) 

An erect ADDoal, 1-2 ft. high, with stem aDd leaves clotbsd vith gnj I 
COM hairs. Leanei long-potioled ; leiiflpta oblong, vrrj oblique, 1-2 in. loi 
or subacute : etipulee small. linear, pereietent. Racemei narroir, equalling 
ing the leares. Stpalt lanceolate, liriatif, ^-^ in. Corolla reddiBh-yellow, i 
Pod obtiqne, ligulitte, I-l^ in. loLg, &-6-6eEded, the thin Talvea beset with g 

* * Leaji^l very nunintntt, elotif tmall, narrmn, rigidly 

10. O. pvnilla, £<im. ; DC. Prodr. li. 604 -, gland of petiole 
rtamens 5, Be«da 6-12. Wall. Cnt. 5.127 ; W. ^ A. Prodr. 292. C. 
Soji. HoH. Beng. 32 ; Dah. ^ Oibs. Bomb. Fl. 82. Senna proatnU, 
Ind. ii. »62. 

Fmm the Himalayas (ascending Co 6-7000 ft.) to Cbtlok. — Dtant 
iHlen. Trop. Austmlin. 

A tow very diffuse shrnb. with slender finely down; branches. Ltaf t -S 
leafli-ts 20-40. j-^ in. long, disiinctly murroDnte. the midrib clwcto the up[ 
BtipulOB linear, nc^d. persistent. Flowrrt usnnllj solitarj in the mils of 
on very short peiliccls. Sfpali i m, Corelta Utile eiHerted. Antkeri b ei 
3J-1J in. liy j-J in. — ProbttCly this and tlie neit are mere Tarietiea o 

10, B 

Westww Prsimsula and Cutlos. — Distbib. Java. 

Very like C. pumtla. but more rubust, the branches thin); or dense 
Leajtfia 20-40, reduced to 8-12 on the lowert leaves, 3-) in. long, rigidly ( 
strongly ri'incd, with a distinct olilique miicro, the miilrib close to the app 
Floweri 1-3 together in the mile of the liMves. on d<iwny Iiriwteiil« pedice 
\-i in. Petale obovaCo, tittle eiscrlcd. I'od l\~t in. lung, rather recuri 
iith, glabrescent. 

18. O. mlntOSOldes, Linn.; DC. Prodr. ii. dOS ; gknd c 
Mfsile, stAiuens 10 nkrely C. seeds 10-20. C. angustissiiua, Lam.; D 
loe. eit. ; W. * A. Prodr. 21)2. C. Roiburphiana, Oroh. m WnU. C 
C. amrena, Ilrim. in ff'alL CM. 5321 . C. twusitiva and tetiella, Rarb. U 
32. Senna sensitiva and tenella, Riub. FL Ind. 353^. 

HiuALATAs, ascending to 5-0000 ft in Kl'haok and Kuasia, to Cbttwi 
LACCA. — DisTRin. Cosmopolitati ia Tropiss. 

A low diffuHe perennial, with blender shrubby Anety downy branches 
1-3 in. long, with a solitary sessile glund on Uie nichis lietow the lenflett 
00-100, linear, rigiilly eoriaceonf, i-i in. long, obliquely mucronate, with t 
close (« the upper border; stipuli-s lar)ie, linear-subulale, persistent. FJovxn 
tber in the awls of the leaves on short pcdictls. SepaU fri in., lanceolate-i 
bristly. Corolla little exserted, Stnimiie 10, nltcrnalely longer and shot 
strup-shnped, flat, dehiscent, lA-2in. by ^ tn, nearly straight, glabreacent 
downy ; sepia mure or less oblique. 

VaB. 1. dimidiala ; Boxb. Uort. Beng. 32, sp. ; leaves and flowers of th« 
the stamens 6 only. Senna dimtiiiata, Biich. in Roxh. Fl. lad. ii, 362. — Hii 

Vah. 2. iVatlicMana ; UC. Prodt. ii. 605, ap. ; finely downy, leaflets larg 
long and leas rigid, flowers larger J-J in. long. Hal/. Cat. 6320 ; W. ^ . 
293. C. Leachenaultii. Wall. Cat. 3326. C. myriophylla, H'all. Oat. I 
Telfiiirinna. Wall. Cat. 5324 ; Bol. Maq. t. 6874.— Distrilnitioti of the type. 

Var. 3. auricoma ; Orah, in Wall. 'Cat. S322. ap. ; flowers and leares oi 
l)ut the branches densely clothed with fine spreading hairs. 

Cassia.'} L. leguminosjs. (J. G. Baker.) 267 


C. JATANICA, Ztfin.; DC. Prodr. ii. 490, JVail. Cat. 5309 (C. Bacillus, Ga€r(n.; 
ISoxb. Fi. Ind. ii. 337. W't Icones, t. 252) differs from C. nodosa by its smaller and 
more obtuse leaflets. It is sometimes caltivated within our limits and is wild in the 
Malay isles. A plant gathered by Griffith near Prome is either a variety with lenilets 
densely pubescent beneath or a new species. The inflorescence of both this and the 
Malay plant corresponds with that of C. nodosa. 

104. OTNOMBTHA, Linn. 

Erect unarmed trees. Leaves with few coriaceous odd-pinnate leaflets. 
^lonen copious, minute, in axillary corymbs or racemes. Cal^x with a very 
sHort tube and suhbasal disk ; divisions 4-6, oblong, imbricated. Petah 6, 
oblanceolate, equal, not exserted. Stamens 10, or in C. polyandra indefinite, 
^Junents erect, free, filiform, exserted ; anthers small, oblong, versatile, dehis- 
<ijg longitudinally. Ovary sessile or short-stalked, :i-ovuled-; style filiform, 
•^igma capitate. Pod turgid, oblique-oblong, with very thick indehiscent 
"•ttftUy ruffose tough somewhat fleshy valves. Seed exalbuminous, central, 
^ng up me ca\'ity. — Distrib. Species 20, spread everywhere in the tropics. 

SuBOEN. 1. SuoTnometra. Stamens 10. 

1. 0. ramlfloray Linn. ; DC. Pi-odr. ii. 509 ; leaflets 2-4, racemes 
JJ5?*^y solitary corymbose axillary from the branchlets, pod turgid rugose. 
'^- * A. Prodr. 293 ; Dalz. (J- Gibs. Bomb. Fl. 83 ; Bedd. Fl. Sylv. t. 315. 0. 
^^'Aliflora, WaU. Cat. 6816, ex paHe. 

WaaTKBX Peninsula and Ceylon.— Distrib. Malay isles, Philippines, N. Aus- 

. ^^ecfiets 1 -jugate and 2-jugato mixed or often all 1 -jugate, subsessile, if 2-jugate 
'Uf- kettrophyllaj Thwaitcs) the upper much the largest, oblong, subacute very 
?***^Ue, 3-6 in. long; petiole A-l^ in. Racemes few -flowered, corymbose, sessile 
"^Jn the axils of the leaves of the branchlets, with the primary axis not prcducKl, 
r^'^'y geminate ; outer scales ovate, ^-^ in. ; pedicels \-^ in. Stpuh ^ in. Pods 
^*8^<l, very rugose, J-l in. long, subsessile. 

^ ^AB, mimosoides^ Wall. Cat. 5817, sp. ; leaflets all bijugate not so unequal as in 
?"^ Ijijngate form of the type much smaller 1-3 in. long more obtuse aud thicker, 
j^^^rsand pod smaller, the latter pointed and very deeply wrinkled. C. bijuga, 
^**'**y- ; -^/ij. Flor. Ind. Bat. i. 78. — Western Peninsula, Pegu, Tenasserim. 

^2. c travanoorioaf Bedd. Fl. Sylc t. 316 ; leaflets 2, flowers in sessile 
^^Oibe from the branchlets, pod flat smooth. 

SfKuth Tbavancobb and in the Cabnatic near Tinnevelly, alt. 2-4000 ft., Beddome. 
, -Petioles J-i in.; leaflets always unijug»te. oblique ol>long-lance*)late, suljacute, 
^^«t)u«, 2-3 in. long. Racemes solitary, copious, rounded, lew-flowered, with the 
^^tral axis not at all produced ; bracts ^ in., deltoid ; ptdicels erecto-patent, ^\ in. 
^P*Us ^ in., finally reflexed. Filamentat twice the length of the sepids. Pod flat, 
^*^*^>th, firm, semicircular, sessile, 1-1^ in. long. 

3. O. InflDqnifollay A. Gray Bot. U.S. Ripl. Fj-pedit. 473 ; leaflets 
l^> flowers in very dense oblong sessile solitary or geminate racemes from the 
^^ichlets, pod flat smooth. 

^Ialacca, Maingay. — Distrib. Philippines, Cuming, 1297. 

J^eafUs subcoriaceous, rigid, glabrous, oblique, obovate-oblong, subequal, in our 
fP^^imens 2-8 in. long. Flowers in very dense oblong sessile cone-like racemes, 1^-2 
^ long, the central axis produced ; outer bracts round-cordate, ol.ituse, | in. ; pedicels 

^68 L. LEQUMiNOs^. (J. G. Baker.) ICynomdra, 

erecto-patont, ^\ in. Sepals | in., permanently ascending. FUamenis twice the 
calyx. Pdd i in. thick, woody, oblique oboToid, 2-2^ in. long, not at all wrinkled. — 
Col. Beddome has found a plant in South Canara wiUi 3 pairs of leaflets and siiiiilv 
bracts, of which the flowers are not yet known. 

4. O. oanllfloraf Linn. ; DC, Prodr. ii. 609 ; leaflets usuallj 2, flowers 
in dense seeeile congested racemes from thick branches with the axis produoedi 
pod turgid ^Tinkled. Roxh HoH, Beng. 82 ; Wall. Cat. 6816, ex parte ; 
)r. §■ A. Prodr, 203 ; Bedd, Fl, Sijlv, t. 315 (analyne). 

Wbstbkn Pknutstla, Cktlok, Malacca. — Distbib. Bialay isles. 

BranchUts Blender, glabrous. Petioles very short ; leaflets very rarely bijugate^ 
and if so VAiy unequal, rigidly coriaceous, sessile, glossy, obovate, very oblique 
obtuse or subacute, 3-6 in. long. Racemes congested in dense rounded masses, not 
more than an inch long, the central axis of each produced, the short erecto-patent 
pedicels subtended by small roundish spreading persistent bracts. Calyx ^ in. Pod 
like that of C. ramijCoray oblique oblong, very turgid, 1-1^ in. long. 

SuBOEN. 2. PseudooTnometray W, ^ A. Stamens indefinite. 

6. C. polyandra, Boxb, Cor. Pi. iii. t. 286 ; Sort. Beng. 32 ; FL Ind. 
ii. 372 ; DC. Prodr. ii. 600 ; WaU. Cat. 6816 ; W. ^ A. Prodr. 204. 

Khasia, Silhet, Pbnang, Malacca. 

Branchlets slender, glabrous. Leaves nearly sessile, |-f ft. ; leaflets 4-6, usually 
the latter, sessile, oblique-oblong or obovate, 2-4 in. long, rigidly subooriaosoQi, 
acute or sulx)l>tuse, glossy. Flowers in dense corymbs, sessile in the axils of the 
leaves of the branchlets ; pedicels downy, ^-1 in. Sepals J in., reflexed. 
40-60, much exserted. Pod oblique oblong, smooth, woody, 2 in. long. 

106. SZHDOHA, Miquel. 

Unarmed trees. Leaves abruptly pinnate; leaflets few. Flowen 
panicled. Calyx with a very short tu\}e and basal disk ; segments 4, valvate, tlfe 
two upper being connate. Petal one, the same size and shape as the upper Ift. 
of the calyx. Stamens 10, the upper one free from the others, shorter aok , 
anantherous, the rest declinate, suortly monadelphous, unequal^ the uppcui 
longest, exserted ; anthers oblong, versatile, dehiscing longitudinallv. Omrv-w 
2-ovuled, short-stalked ; stigma long, filiform, ciicinate, stigma minute tez^ 
minal. Pod like that of Guilandrnaj oblique, round-oblong, dehiscent, the ILwkt, 
hard valves armed all over the face with straight large firm prickles. — ^Dmaxs. 
Another species or variety in Sumatra. 

1. S. Walllchli, Benth, in Hook. Ic. t 1017-8 ; branchlets and leaves 
below shortly tomentose, leaflets 4-6, bracts pt^jrsistent, calyx prickly. Omlan- 
dina Wallichiana, Grah, in Wall, Cat. 6806. Echinocalyx, Benth. 'Oen. PUmL 

SiircAPORK, Wallich ; Malacca, Griffith, Maingay. 

A Bmall erect unarmed tree, with branches clothed with short brown pabeecencA. 
Ijcaflets rigidly coriaceous, 2-3 in. long, sulobtUHe, oblong, glossy above, clowly 
pul>OHecnt beneath. Panicles dense, axillary and terminal ; bracts cordate, roondidii 
Hprcading or reflexed ; pedicels nearly us long as the calyx. Calyx \ in., hrowB" 
downy, the sepiils armed towards the tip with large firm prickles. Pod gUbfOO^ 
KublignoMe, 2-3 in. long. 

Vae. 1. siamensis, Teysm., sp. ; leaflets 6 obovate distinctly emaiginate luf^ 
thinner strongly veined the end one 3-4 in. long. — Siam, Teysmann, 

Var. 2. intermedia. Baker; leaflets 6-8 smaller more acute, flowen SBf^> 
and receding towards tlie next by its shorter pedicels, caducous bracts, calyx withoit 
prickles and more densely velvety sepals and branches. — Malacca, Maingay. 

SuuZom.] L. LBOUMTNOSA. (J. O. Baker.) 269 

2. 8. Telntinaf Baker ; branchlets and leaves below densely tomentose, 
kafletB 10-12y bracts caducous^ calyx not prickly. 

Mal^cxia, J>r, Maingay. 

Ltam$ ^--} ft. Pubeiomce of branchlets calyx and underside of leaves much 
longer and more dense than in the last, bright brown. Leaflets 3-3^ in. long, oblong, 
■Qbaeate. very thick and rigid. P^iceU very short. ButU ^ in. long. Ovary and 
lover part of filaments more densely pubescent than in the last. Pod not seen. 

106. DZAXiZlTM, Linn. 

Erect oDarmed trees. Leaves odd-pinnate, with alternate leaflets. Flowers 
copoag. small, obscure, in ample terminal panicles. Calyx-tube very short ; 
>0psli lanoeolate or ovate-lanceolate, subequal, much imbricated. Petals 0. 
^Uunens 2, erect, included ; anthers dehiscing longitudinally, attached near the 
jiMie. Otimy sessile, 2-ovuled ; style filiform, stigma terminal. Pod firm, dry, 
uideluaeent, oUong, 1-seeded; endocarp pulpy. Seed albuminous. — Distrib. 
Species about 10, cosmopolitan in the tropics. 

* Sepaii Mang4anceolatej not more than '^^ in. broad. 

1* Oa OTOidemilf Thwaites Enum. 97 ; leaflets 3-5 the end one cuneate 
St the base, branches of the panicle ascending, pedicels nearly as long as the 
^yx, pod brown-velvety. Bedd. Fl. Sylv. t. 181. 

^^LON, districts north of Kandy, Thwaites. 

. A tall tree. Leaflets conspicuously alternate, rigidly subcoriaceous, thinner than 

'"^* following, glabrous on both sides, strongly reined, not glossy above, 2-4 in. long, 

ypbtose, narrowed gradually from the middle to both ends ; petiolules ^\ in. 

?^**^ ample, with slender finely grey-downy branches. Bud lanceolate, \ in. long. 

^P^ subpetkloid, lanceolate, under t\j in. broad, thinly grey-downy. Filament 

*^i^ as long as the anther in the developed flower. Pod ovoid, slightly compressed, 

"9 .m. long, eatable, with an agreeable acid flavour; seeds round, compressed, 

J**'*!^, yellow or reddish-brown. — Closely allied to the Javan JD. indum, Linn. 

^1^1^ t PI. Jav. Bar. t. 30), which is not known within our limits, and differs by 

obloDg bods and shorter filaments and petiolules. 

^* ]>• Mainff ajrlf Baker ; leaflets 9 rounded at the base, branches of 
^ panide ascending, pedicels short, pod brown-velvety. 

^«*CAPOB«, Dr. Maingay. 

*f^fl«ts more crowded on the rachis than in the last, distinctly alternate, oblong- 

?<date, glabrous, 3-4 in. long, rigidly coriaceous, glossy above, dull and paler 

"^ ; petiolules ^-^ in. Panide ample, close, with rigidly erecto-patent main 

^^htBf the lowest springing from the axils of the upper leaf; pedicels ascending, 

^lore than half as long as the calyx. Sepals ^ in., oblong- lanceolate, thinly 

^ on the back with grey-brown pubescence. Filaments much shorter than the 

Pod oboToid, 1 in. long, firm, persistently brown-velvety. 

. ]>• lanrinilinf Baker ; leaflets 7 rounded at the base, branches of the 
le Mceoding, pedicels short, pod not velvety. 

U.AGCA, Dr. Maingay. 

^Uts oblong, broadly rounded at the base, narrowed suddenly to a subobtuse point, 

. long, rigidly coriaceous, glossy above, glabrous, opaque, strongly veined beneath ; 

\lfla |-^ in. Panicles axillary and terminal; pedicels very short, ascending. 
roid-oblong, ^ in. long. Sepals oblong- lanceolate, densely grey-downy on the 
WUaments very short. Pod roundish, 1 in. deep, fragile, black, thinly coated 
^^yish-bcown down. Seed as large as a bean. 

270 L. LEGUMiNOSJE. (J. G. Baker.) [Bialium. 

4. 9. patens, Baker ; leaflets 3-5 rounded at the base, branches of the 
panicle spreading, pedicels as long as the calyx, pod not yelvety. 

Malacca, Griffith^ Maingay. 

Leaflfts opposite or subopposite, oblong, rigidly coriaceous or subcoriaceous, 
glabrous, 3-6 in. long, obtusely pointed, finely Teined, rather glossy; petiolules 
^\ in. Panicles l)Oth axillary and terminal, ample, fiexuose with the distant msib 
branches spreading or even sometimes decurved ; pedicels ascending, spreading or 
cernuuus. Bud ^ in., ovoid- oblong. Sepals oblong-lanceolate, subpetaloid, thinly 
grey-downy. Filaments very short. Pod 1 in. long, round-oblong, firm, black, 
thinly coated with grey- brown down ; seed oblong, f-} in. long. 

*• Sepals ovate-lanceolate |— J in. broad, 

5. B. platysepaloni, Baker. 

Malacca, Griffith, Maitiffai/. 

Leaflets 5-7, distant, conspicuously alternate, oblong, pointed, 4-6 in. long, 
rounded or the end one subcuneate at the base, rigidly coriaceous, rather glosf^ 
al>ove. finely veined beneath, with a persistent coating of bright yellowish-brovD 
silky puliescence ; petiolules \ in. Panicles ample, deltoid, moderately close, ter- 
minal and axillary, the branches clothed with fine brown silky pubescence, the 
main ones erecto- paten t ; pedicels ascending or cernuous, much shorter than the 
calyx. Bud ovoid, under \ in. long. Sepals leathery, densely brown-velvety on 
the back, reflexed when the flower is fully expanded. Filaments thick and fleshy, 
nearly as long as the anthers. Pod round-oblong. |-f in. long, hard, persistently 
brown-velvety. Seeds obhmg, compressed, glossy, chestnut-brown. 

Vab. Wdllichii, Baker ; leaflets 9-1 1 closer smaller oblong-lanceolate acuminate, 
th^ upper 2-2 J in. long, petiolules shorter. "Connaracea?" Wall. Cat. 86S4.— 
Sincapore, Wallich. Malacca, Mainpay. 

107. BA&BWZCKZA, Roxb. 

Unarmed trees. Leaves abruptly pinnate, with few leaflets. Flowers tcit 
abundant, minute, panicled. Calyx with scarcely any tube and a subbww 
disk ; sepals usually 6, rarely 4, oblong, imbricated, subpetaloid, persistent 
CoroUa 0. Stamens twice the sepals in number, included or exsertedj 
filaments filiform ; anthers versatile, dehiscing longitudinally. Ovary seBsitef 
2-ovuled ; style filiform, stigma capitate. Pod subindehiscent, dry, with ooly 
the upper ovule perfected ; seeds exalbuminous. — Distrib. One other species, 
Trop. African. 

1. B. blnata, Roxh Cor. PL iii. 6, t. 209; leaflets 2 sessile oUiqo^ 
flabellately veined, stamens included, stigma large peltate, racemes fe^' 
flowered, pod strap-shaped thin wnth the seed at the tip. Boxb. Fl. Ini »• 
423; DC I'rodr. ii. 487; WaU. Cat. 6808; TV. ^ A. Prodr. 2Uj JMt. 9 
Gibs. Bomb. FL 83 ; Bedd. FL Sylv. t. 26. 

Brhar and AVestbbn Peninsula, ascending to 3500 ft. 

A tree 100 feet high, with slender glabrous branches. Leaflets like those of* 
Bauhinia, oblique, ovate-trapezoid, 1-3 in. long, obtuse or subacute, with ^"J* 
radiating from the base. Panicles axillary and terminal ; pedicels as long aa thj 
calyx, not bracteolate. Sepals oblong, obtuse, under ^ in. long. Pod like th*t » 
SpatholobuSj thin, flexible, 2-3 in. long. 

2. B. pinnata, Boxb. FL Ind. ii. 425 ; leaflets 4-C alternate petiolali^ 
not oblique, stamens exserted, stigma minute, racemes dense narrow, P^ 
obovoid or oblong nearly or quite filled up by the seed. WaU, Cat.^'^ 
DC. Prodr. ii. 487 ; W.^^ A. Frodr. 284; Bedd. FL Sylv. t 266. 

L. LBOUMDiosiE. (J. G. Baker.) 271 

of Caitaba, Tbavaitcobe and the Cabnatic. 

oblong, rigidly coriaceous, acute, 2-4 in. long, venulose, the upper of the 

pair sometimes apparently terminal ; midrib central, veining pinnate ; 

»-} in. PanicUs copious, axillary and terminal, formed of dense slender 

racemes ; pedicels spreading, j^ A in. Calyx broadly campanulate, under 

with a pair of minute adpressed bract eoles. Filaments twice as long as 

Pod turgid, 1^-2 in. long, rigid, sublignose, not at all oblique. 

108. C&UBZA, Schreb, 

us shrubs or trees. Leaves odd-pinnate^* with conspicuously alternate 
Flowers in terminal or lateral racemes. Calyx- tvhe very short, with 
nearly basal; segments 4, oblong, imbricated, persistent, reflexed. 
Stameins 10, exserted, filaments free, filiform ; anthers oblong, 
lehiscing longitudinally. Ovary stalked, few-ovuled ; style filiform, 
minal capitate. Pod flat, rigidly coriaceous, 2-YalycMl. Seeds exal- 
— ^DiSTBiB. Species 10, one African, the rest Trop. American. 

Beylanioa, Benth, in Trans. Linn, 8oc. xxv. 314 ; Bedd, FL Sylv, 
^tarium zeylanicum, Thwaites £num. 414. 

', near Caltura, Thioaites. 

roe, with slender glabrous branchlets. Leaflets 3-5, oblong, short-stalked, 
bcoriaceous, rather oblique, obtusely pointed, bright green above, paler 
rongly veined. Racemes dense, terminal, on short branches, as long as or 
n the leaves ; pedicels refloxed, finally ^ in., equalling the reflexod coria- 
tfl. Ovary distinctly stalked, oblique-oblong, densely clothed with pale 
entum. Ovules 3-4. Pod not seen. 

109. SARACA, Linn. 

trees. Leaves abruptly pinnate, glabrous, rigidly coriaceous. Fhtoers 
sessile corymbose axillary panicles, with subpetaloid reddish brae- 
*alyx with the disk at the summit of a cylindncal tube ; divisions 4, 
nequal, subpetaloid. Corolla 0. Stamens 3-8, exserted with long 
laments, ana oblong versatile anthers opening longitudinally. Ovary 
led with a stalk produced beyond the disk ; style long, filiform, stigma 
pitate. Pod flat, dehiscent, rigidly coriaceous. Seeds exalbuminous. — 
opecies 6, restricted to India and Malaya. 

indloaf Linn. Mont. 98 ; leaflets 6-12, petiolules short, bracteoles 

ascendinff, sepals about half as long as the calyx-tube, stamens 

Bedd. Fl. Sylv. t. 67. S. arborescens, Burm. FL Ind. 86, t. 26, 

minor and ZoUingeriana, Miq. Fl. Ind. Bat. i. 84. Jonesia Asoca, 

*Ind. ii. 218 ; DC. Prodr. ii. 487 ; WaU. Cat. 6822 ; W. ^ A. Prodr. 

fht Ic. t. 206; Bot. Mag. t. 3018; Datz. ^ Gibs. Bomb. FL 82. 

I, WiUd. Sp. Fl. ii. 2S7.—Bheede Hort. Mai. v. t. 69. 

he Ckmtbai. and Eastbbk Himaulyas, ascending to 2000 feet in Kxtmaox, 
id Malacca. — Distrib. Malay isles. 

erect tree. Leaves sessile or subsessile ; leaflets oblong or oblong- lanceo- 
• or obtuse, 3-0 in. long rigidly subcoriaceous. Corymbs dense, 3-4 in. 
dicels stout, \-\ in. long, below the oblong-spathulate ascending amplexi- 
eoles. Sepals \-^ in., obovate-oblong. Filaments three times as .long as 

* Wrongly given as equally pinnate in the Key. 

272 L. LEGUMiNOSA. (J. G. Baker.) ISaraea, 

the sepals. Pod 4-10 in. by 1^2 in., like that of a MilUttia, 4. 8-— dod. Sseds 
oblong, compressed, 1^ in. long. 

2. 8. oaullflora, Baker; leaflets 10-12, Detiolules long, bracteolBS 0, 

corymbs dense from thick old branches, sepals hall as long as the calyx-tube, 
stamens about 7. 

Malacca, Griffith, Maingay, 

Fetiolules | in. long; leaflets rigidly subcoriaceous, strongly veined; upper 
oblan^eolate-oblong, acute, a foot or more long; lower shorter, more oblong. 
Corymbs solitary or geminate, nearly sessile, ample, dense, 4-6 in. broad ; main 
branches stout, woody ; pedicels of lower flowers disarticulated at the base before the 
upper expand ; bracteoles none to be seen in the specimens. Flowers the same aise 
as in the last, but the tube and pedicels more slender. — Closely approaches tba 
Malayan S. declinata, Miquel, in habit, foliage and inforescence, but t£at has only 4 

3. 8. XiObbianaf Bakery leaflets 10-12, petiolulee short, braetooles 
large caducous, corymbs sparse from young slender' branches, sepals half as long 
as the calyx-tube, stamens 7-8. 

Martaban ; foot of Mount Kola, Moulmein, Lobb. 

A tree 40 feet high. Fetiolules \ in.; leaflets thinner than in the, two last, 
oblanceola to-oblong, subacute, ^l ft. long. Corymbs solitair from leafless slender 
branches, with only a few erecto-patent branches ; bracteoles »-^ in., oblong^spathu- 
late, navicular, amplexicaul, falling before the flowers expana. Sepals oblong, ^ in. 
deep. Stamens twice as long as the sepals. Flowers yellow, turning to reddish. 

4. 8. triandraf Baker \ leaflets 4r-S, petiolules short, bracteoles spreading 
persistent, stamens 3-4. Jonesia triandra, JRoxb. FL Ind, ii. 220. J. scandemii 
Boxb, loc, cit, f 

Tenassbrim, Malacca. — Distrib. Siam, Sumatra. 

Petiolules i-\ in. ; leaflets oblanceolate-oblong, subcoriaceous, subobtuse or sub- 
acute ; upper ^-1 ft. long. Corymbs sessile from the side of slender branches, roand, 
very dense, sometimes 6-8 in. broad ; bracts persistent, spreading or reflezed; brac- 
teoles oboTate, under ^ in. long, not boat-shaped or amplexicaul, brigbt>coloared. 
Sepals under \ in. long. Filaments 3-4 times as long as the sepals. Pdd oUong, 
5-^ in. by 1^-2 in. — Very near the Malay S. maoroptera aadi palet^nmica, Hiqual. 

110. AWBS&8TZA, Wall. 

An erect tree. Leaves abruptly pinnate. Flowers lacemed. Calyx with a 
long cylindrical disciferous tuoe; sepals 4, oblong, the two lowest oonnate. 
Petals only 3 developed, the upper very broad, with a long claw, the two latenl 
as long, but narrower, oblong-spathulate, the two lowest rudimentary. Stamem 
diadelphous, 9 lower having the filaments connate in a long tube, njtemately 
larger and smaller, the upper ft'ee from the base ; anthers versatile, deliisciiig 
longitudinally. Ovary stalked beyond the disk, many-ovuled ; style loDg, 
filiform, stigma capitate. Pod large, flat, almost woody, dehiscent. Seeds 
large, round-oblong, compressed, ezalbuminous. — Distrib. A single endemie 

1. A. nobUls, WaU, PL As. Bar, i. p. 1, t. 1-2; WM (M. 606; 
O, Don Gen. Syst, ii. 437. 

Martaban, Tenassbrim and Malacca, often planted. 

An erect unarmed tree. Leaves very large, abruptly pinnate; leaflets ohioqgbs 
acuminate, ^1 ft., opposite, glabrous, subcoriaceous. Flowers in ample pendnkns 

Tbmarmdm.'] l. LXGUMmosiB. (J. G. Baker.) 278 

tli6 most showy of tliose of the Indian Legnminosse ; pedicels 2-4 in., with a 
pair of laxge lanceolate persistent colonred bracteoles at the apex enclosing the buds* 
Sepals membranous, colonred, 1 in. long. FetaU mixed brilliant red and yellow, the 
npper one 2 in. long and broad ; tnbe as long as the sepals, cylindricaL JPod like 
t&at of a itfilMta, \ ft. bng, 1^ in. broad, glabrons, tnmoate, 4-6-seeded« 

111. TAMASZHBUS, Linn. 

A spineless tree. Leaves abruptly pinnate. Flowers racemed. Cbfyj>tube. 
tnrbiDate ; disk produced some distance above its base ; teeth lanceolate, muck 
imbricated^ the two lowest connate. Petais only the three upper dereloped, 
tile two lateral ovate, the upner hooded, the two lower reduced to scalesw 
monadel|^ou8, only 8 aevebped, tiie others reduced to mere bristles at 

the top of the sheath j anthers oblong, versatile, dehiscing longitudinally. 
Ovary manj-ovuled, with a stalk adnate to the calyx-tube; st^e filiform, 
stiffma capitate. Fod ligulate, many-seeded, with a udn crustaceous epicarp 
and thick pulpy mesocarp. Seeds exalbuminous. — A single species. 

1. T. Indioa, Xsrm. : DC. Prodr. iL 488 ; Roxh. Fl. Ind. iii. 215 : WdO. 
Cat. 5824; W. ^ A. Prodr. 285; Dak. ^ Gibs. Bomb. Fl. 82; Bedd. Fl. Sylv. 
1. 184. T. occidentalis, Oaertn. ; DC.loc. cit. T. officinalis, Hook. Bot. Mag. 

DiAised through India and the Tropics generally, probably indigenous in 

A large unarmed tree. Leaves abruptly^ pinnate, with 20-40, glabrescent, close 
obtuse opposite oblong leaflets. Flowers few together, in copious lax racemes at the 
Mid of ue brandilets ; pedicels articolated at the base of the calyx ; bracts boat- 
■h^;*^^, enclosing the buds, caducous. Petals under \ in. long, yellow, striped with 
zed. Pod 3-4 in. by 1 in. or more, 3-10-seeded. 

112. BITMBOXiBTXA, Vahl. 

Unanned erect small trees. Leaves abruptly pinnate, with ^rsistent usually 
peltate stipules. Flowers small, in copious racemes, each furnished with a pair 
of peraiatent coloured bracteoles at the base. Calyx-ixibe turbinate, with the 
diiK produced some distance above its base ; sepals 4, obloiu^, subequal, im- 
bricated. Petals 5 or 3, oblong-spathulate, clawed, subequal, exceeding the 
calyx. Stamens 5, equal, exs^tea, alternating . with 6 minute staminodes^ 
fikunantB fiUfonn ; anthers oblong, versatile, dehiscing longitudinally. Ovary 
wiUi a stalk immersed in the disk, linear, few-ovuled ; style very long, filiform^ 
stigma terminaL Poe^ flat, dehiscent, rigidly coriaceous. iS^sec^B exalbuminous. — 
DiSEBiB. Species 5, the otiier Tropical A&ican. 

L S» lamilbliav Vahl; DC. Prodr. ii. 488; branches hollow, nodes 
ooofltricted, stipule-spur lanceolate, leaves nearly sessile, leaflets 8-10, petiolules 
abort, petals 5. B. Br. in WaU. PI. As. Bar. iii. 18 ; W. ^ A. Prodr. 285 j 
Wif^ Ic. t ie05; Bedd. Fl. Sylv. 93. Batschia laurifolia, VaM, Symb. 39^ 

MATAWAtt and CanoK. 

A low tree, with the intemodes of the branchlets conspicuously swollen. Ijeavee 
|--1 ft long; leaflets obbng, cuspidate, rigidly subcoriaceous, glabrous, 8-4 in. long ; 
sdpnles coriaceous, very la^e, oblong-lanceolate, 1 in. or more long above the atta^- 
menL Baeemes dense, axillsry, drooping, nearly sessile, 3-6 in. long ; pedicels 4-|- 
in. ftower 1 in. long, exclusive of the exserted stamens ; bracteoles oblong-spathu- 
laUb half aaUmg as the calyx. Poit rigid, ligulate-oblong, 3-4 in. long, /8Mc 3-4* 

T0]u n. s 

274a L. LEOUHiKOS£. (J. G. Baker.) IHumboldiiat 

2. B. nntlagray Bedd, Ic, Fl, Ind, Or, 1. 108 ; branches solid, nodes ndlf 
^nstricted, stipules not Bpurred, leaves and 2 leaflets subsessile, petals 6w 

Tbayakcobb mountains, alt 3-45(K) ft., Beddome. 

A large tree, glabrous in all its parts, with terete slender braiichlets, SH^ul^ 
lanceolate, j- in., rigidly coriaceous; petiole very short, broadlj flattened and 
hollowed out on the face; leaflets oblong-lanceolate, rather ol^ue, 5-6 in. long, 
obtusely acuminate, glossy on the upper surfeuse. PsdiceU J-4- in., spreading, finely 
silkj ; bracteoles obtuse, half as long as the calyx. FJower | in. long, ezdusiTe A 
the ezserted stamens. Petals bright red. 

S. B. BnmonlSy Wall. PL As, Bar. m. 17, t, 233 ; branches solid, 
nodes not constricted, spur of stipules rounded, leaves nearly sessile, leaflets 
4, petiolules short, petals a WaU. Cat. 2332; W. ^ A. Prodr. 285; WifM 
Ic. t. 1606 ; Bedd. Fl. Sylv. 9a 

Ghauts of Kixjghibis and Coobo. 

Branchlets slender, terete. Petiole not flattened ; stipules small, lanceolate above 
the attachment, with a transyerse oblong spur ; leaflets oblong, rigidly snbooriaceooi, 
glabrous, obtusely cuspidate, 4-6 in. long. Bacemes axillary, distinctly peduncled, 
equalling or exceeding the leaves ; pedicels ^-^ in., spreading or ascending ; brscte- 
oles and calyx grey-downy. Flower J-f in. long, exdusiye of the exserted stament. 

4 B. Valtliana, Wight Ic. t. 1607-8; branches solid, nodes not con- 
stricted, spur of stipules rounded, leaves distinctly petioled^ leaflets 6-8^ petiolnks 
long, petals 5. Bedd. Fl. Sylv. 93. 

KiLOHiBis ; jungles about Conoor, Br. Wight. 

Branchlets slender, terete. Stipules 1 in. or more long, lanceolate above, 1nn«- 
versely oblong below the point of attachment ; leaf-rachis 6-7 in. long, indudiog the 
1 in. petiole ; leaflets oblong-lanceolate, acuminate, glabrous, rigidly ooriaceoos, 6^ 
in. lonff, both sides finely venulose. Bacemes peduncled, subspicate, l-S-oato; 
bracteoles and sepals very downy on the back, the latter } in. long. Petals rerj 
caducous, not exceeding the sepeJs. Pod almost woody, ^ ft. by 1^ in., narrowed to 
the point. 

lia ArZSXiXA, Smith. 

Erect unarmed trees. Leaves abruptly pinnate, with few naizs of opponto 
leaflets. Flowers in copious terminal panicles. Calyx with tne disk proauoed 
to the top of its elongated tube ; sepals 4, much imbricated, slightiy unequal 
Developea petal one, orbicular with a distinct claw, the others absent or 
rudimentary. Stamens 3-9, declinate, filaments long, pilose ; anthers mioofte^ 
oblong, opening lon^tudinally. Pod large, oblong, flattish, sublignosOi sob* 
indehiscent, — Histrib. Tropics of the Old World ; species 10. 

1. A. retasa, Kurz in Joum, Asiat. Soc. Beng. zliL 2, 73; lesM 
2-6, racemes simple, pedicels glabrous^ calyx-tube as long as limb, fictile 
stamens 3. 

Malacca, Chriffith, Akdamans, Kurz. 

A shrub, glabrous in all its parts. Leaflets stalked, oblong, subcoriaceous, S-S 
in. long, obtuse, conspicuously emarginate. Flowers in simple corymbose tenuo*| 
racemes ; pedicels |-^ in. Calyx-tv^Q^ i-| in., cylindrical ; sepals \ in. broad, f^ 
twice as long as the sepals ; blade roimd, ^ in. broad. Pod oblong, subooriftoe^)^ 
5-4 in, by 1-1 J in. 

2. A. bQagra, A. Gray Bot. Amer. Bxpl. Expedit. 467, t 51 ; lesflsto^p 
panicle corymbose, pedicels pilose, calyx-tube as long as limb, fertile stameni ^ 

Afxdia.'] L. LEQUMiNOSA. (J. 6. Baker.) 275 

Oatea Injuga, DC. Prodr. ii. 611 ; Wall. Cat. No. 6823. Macrolobimn bijugum, 
Cbleb. in TroM. Linn. Soc. xii. 369, 1. 17. 

"Malay peninsula, WaUiek, Griffith. — ^Distbib. Seychelles and Malay isles and 

An erect tree, 50 feet high. Leaflets stalked, obliquely oblong, subcoriaceons, 
^bcoiik, 2-6 in. long, subacute or obtuse. Flowers in a dense terminal corymbose 
panicle; pedicels -fg-^ in., grey-downy. Oa^yx-tube cylindrical, i~} in. Petal 
ezserted, round, witn a long claw. Filaments above 1 in. Pod rigid, flat, oblong, 
6-S in. long; seeds 4-6. 

3. A* palembanioai Baker; leaflets 6-8, panicle corymbose, calyx- 
tube as long as limb, fertile stamens 3. Intsia palembanica, miq. Flor. Ind. 
Bat. SuppL 289. 

Ifir^ocA, Griffith ("The best Malacca timber tree")» Maingay. Amdaxans, 
Xirr. — DiSTBiB. Malay isles. 

A tall unarmed erect tree. Leafiets stalked, oblong, subcoriaceous, obtuse, emar- 
ginate, 2r-4 in. long ; lowest pair distinctly smallest Flowers in a dense terminal 
eocymbow panicle ; pedicels -ftg-^ in., grey-downy. Calyx-tab^ cylindrical, ^-^ in. 
VeUd not exserted. Filaments ^1 in. Pod oblong, almost woody^ glossy, 6-10 in. 
ly 8 in.y straight or rather curved. 

4. A.T ooriaoea. Baker-, leaflets 4-6, panicle thyreoid with racemose 
InmcheSy calyx-tube much shorter than the limb, fertile stamens 9. Intsia 
eoriaoea, Mamgay MS8, 

MATAmA, Maingay. 

Leq/Uts stalked, oblong, glabrous, very rigid and coriaceous, 3-4 in. long, obtuse, 
emarginate. Flowers in copious elongated terminal panicles, with distant racemose 
brandies, clothed like the pedicels and calyx with thin rusty tomentum. Oa/yx-tube 
Tezj short ; sepals \ in., much narrower and less imbricated than in the two other 
vpedea. " Filaments alternately longer and shorter (5 long, 4 short), in bud, connate 
into a partial tube at the base," Maingay. Pod not seen. — Maiy prove a Pahudia, but 
ve have young buds only. 

114. BAUBZirZA, Linn. 

Unanned erect trees or climbers with circinato tendrils. Leaves simple, 

usually deeply cleft from the tip, rarely entire or fully divided into 2 leaflets. 

JTowert shov^y, in copious simple or panicled often corymbose racemes. Calyx- 

tube with the disk ]^roduced to the top, sometimes long and cylindrical, some- 

timeB short and turbmate ; limb entire and spathaceous, or cleft into 2 or 6 

tieetlL Peials 6, subeoual, usually with a distinct claw. Stamens 10, or 

nduced to 6 or 3, if fewer than 10 with sterile filaments absent or present, 

filaments free, filiform; anthers versatile, dehiscing longitudinally. Ovmy 

stUked, many-ovuled ; style long or short, stigma small or lar^ and peltate, 

^obbefininal or oblique. Pod linear or rarely oblong, fiat, contmuous within, 

deSuscent or indehiscent. Seeds albuminous. — Distrib. Species 130, spread 

■•'Wywhere in the Tropics. 

Sbci. 1. Paiiletlaf Cav. FertUe stamens 10. Calyx with a very short 
^ii^aiid ^thaoeouB limb. Pod narrow, dehiscent — ^Erect shrube with large 
''^^owy flowers and connate leaflets. 

, I. B* tomentosai Linn. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 614 ; flowers usually in axillary 
^^^ petals much longer than the entire calyx-limb, pod stalked not ribbed near 
^ upper suture. Boxb. HoH. Beng. 31 ; Fl. Ind. ii. 323 ; Wtdl. Cat. 6790, excl. 
^ ^ G; Bot. Mag. t. 6660; W. ^ A. Prodr. 296: Bedd. Fl. Sylv. 92. B. 
*^ * Boxb. ; WaU. Cat. 6791. 


2HQ L. LEOUMiNoajL (J. G. Baker.) [J 

NoBTK WasT Ftoyiooes to Owruax and Pbtano. — Butbib. Haltj if 
Trop. Africa. 

An erect shnib, vith downy branches. Lec^ broader than long^ n 
coriaceons, 1-2 in. deep, cleft less than half way down into two dbtoaa lo 
cent below, 7-nerved. Flowers nsuallr in ahort-pednnded purs from, the a 
leavea, raielj 1 or 8 ; pedicels with a pair of larse pernstent linMr 
CkdyX'Wxah broad-oTate, finely downy, ^ in. Maia ll>2 in. long, obovata- 
yellow, thenpper with ared blotch on toe &ce. 8tjfU\~^ in. JMi diatind 
4r-5 in. by ^ in., 6-10-seeded, glafarons. 

2. B. braol&yoarpay WaU, Cat, 6786 ; flowers racemose, pod 
sile not ribbed near the upper suture. Benth. FL Jungh. 261. 

Ata; Taong-dong mountains, WalUoh, 

A donbtftd plant, known only in fruit. Branches slender, glabrous, 
date, roundish,- thin, glabrous, 9-ribbed, cleft a third down into two obtuse 
cemee short-peduncled, many-flowered, about as long as the leares ; pedie 
ing, i-|iii« Bod H-l^ in. by } in., narrowed to both ends, 2-8-seeded, de 

3. B. irolyoarpa* Wall. Cat. 5787 ; flowers in long racemes^ c 
entire, pod nearly sesidle not ribbed near the upper suture. Benth, 2 

Mabcabak ; banks of the Attran riyer, Wattieh. 

Another doubtful species, known only in bud and pod. Leaves suborbieui 
cordate, 3-4 in. long, glabrous, flexible, obtusely lobed ^\ down. Flowen 
close short-peduncled axillary regular racemes 3-5 in. long. Pedicels sb 
the bud, wnidi is glabrous, oyoid-lanceolate, \ in. long. Bod 3-4 in. 1 
broad, glabrous, dehiscent, nearly straight, 6-10-seeded. 

4. B. aomnlnataf Ztnn. ; DC, Brodr, ii. 513 ; flowers in dc 
racemes, petals as long as the calyx-limb which is cleft into 6 subul 
the tip, pod with a rib on each side of the upper suture. Roxh, Hor 
Fl. Ind. ii. 324 ; WaU, Cat, 5794 ; W. ^ A, Prodr. 296. B. purj 
Cat. 6797, D. B. Candida, Ait, ; DC, Prodr, loc, cit,, non Roxb, 

NoBTH West Froyinces to Crtlok and Malacca. — Distbib. 

An erect shrub, with obscurely downy angular branches. Leaves b 
flexible, 3-6 in. long, Q-ll-nenred, the > lobes acute or subobtuse, no 
way down, at first finely pubescent beneath. Bacemes axillary, shor 
rymbose ; pedicels erecto-patent, ^-f in. long, with linear-subulate I 
teoles. Calyx 1-1^ in., narrowed into a long point, cleft at the tip 
whitish. Style J in. Bod 4-6 in. long, f-j in. broad, firm, glabrous, 8 
\ in. long. 

Sect. 2. Pileostiflrmay Hochst. Fertile stamens IC 
short tube and spathaceous or 5-cleft limb. Pod narrow, in 
shrubs, or climbers witli small flowers and connate leaflets. 

6. B. raoemosaf Lam. Did. i. 390 ; erect, leaves sma' 
neryed, flowers in lax simple racemes, calyx-limb entire, stig 
A, Prodr, 296 ; Hook, A t, 141 ; Dalz, ^ Oibs. Bomb, Fl. 
t. 182, rum Vahl. B. parviflora, Vahl ; DC, Prodr, ii. 614 : 
31 ; Fl. Ind, ii. 323. B. spicata, Koenig ; Wall. Cat. 67 
Decaisne in Nov. Ann, Mus, iii. 466. Pileostigma re 
Junffh, 262. 

"^^'TAB and Garwsal to Ceylon and Pbou. — Distbib 

JniMita.] L. LEGUMmosiE. (J. G. Baker.) 277 

, A mil erooked bushy tree with drooping branches. Leaves broader than long, 
^fp^j txmniodoua, 1^-2 in. long, slightly collate, clothed more or less densely be- 
'i^ with grey pnbeecence. Bacemea short-peduncled, lax, terminal and leaf-opposed, 
jh4 ftk loog, vita densely grey-downy rachises ; pedicels ^l-} in., erecto-patent. tkUyx- 
^M tnrbiDate, not more than ^ in. long ; limb \"^ in^ not splitting up. Petals oV 
JB^^Mlate^ yellow, as long as the limb. Pod ^1 ft by ^-1 in., not venulose, fSUcate, 
'ittf sJbbrons, turgid ; stolk above an inch long. Seeds 12-20. 
^^ BIITBBCBW8, lAm. ; DC. Prodr. ii. 614, which is sometimes cultivated, diflfors 
^on this by its yery small leaves, seldom over half an inch deep, short style, and 
ttiallar pod. It is a native of Tropical Africa. 

^ ^ B. malabarloai Raxh, Hart. Seng, 31 ; jF7. Ind, ii. 321 ; erect, leaves 
/-O-nerved slightly cordate deeply bifid, flowers in short mostlv simple 
^^"T^ubB. bracts minute, lower pedicels 1^2 the calyx, calyx-limb 5-cleft, style 
5^Uced. Wall. Cat. 6703 ; W. ^ A. Prodr. 294 ; Balz. ^ Gibs. Bomb. 
^ B3; Bedd. Fl. 8ylv. 02. B. tomentoea, WaU. Cat. 6790 F^ O. Pileostigma 
^^buicfty BefOh. PI. Jungh. 261. 

. ^^estem and Gentzal Himalayas (ascending to 1000 ft. in Kuuaon and 4000 feet 
^ 3«Bab) through India proper and to BmiiA. — ^Disram. B. aeida, Beinw. (B. pur- 
'""'^^ DO. of Muay isles and Timor scaroelv more than a variety.) 

An erect low boshy tree. Leaves broader than long, rigidly coriaceous, the same 
^, ^ ss in the last, but longer, with two obtuse lobes reaching about a quarter down, 
Tl'^ooas, Bub(^bxous or finely orey-downy beneath. Eaeemes sessile, dense, axillary, as 
r*?^^ as long ; pedicels ascending, very slender, ^1 in. long. Calyx clothed with 
J**® Inrown £>wn ; tube cylindrical, turbinate, ^J in. ; limb \ in. Petals oblong- 
^^tHulate^ little exserted. Pod 1 ft. by |~1 in., nearly straight, firm, glabrous, rather 
^''feUi, zetiddatQ-venulose, rostrate with the style, 20--30-seeded ; etaSs. 1 in. long. 
^^^^jkB. rmifomus, Boyle MSS., sp. ; leaves as small as those of J9. raosmosa, densely 
It beneath. — ^Nrnth-west provinces. 

«^ ^. Ba iinffiiloiiiatay JSaker ; erect, leaves 7-nerved cordate aeepiy 
r^^?^, flowers in short simple corymbs, bracts large, pedicels 3-4 times the calyx, 
L-Hmb 5-cleft, style produced. 

^lAlc, 8irB. Sekomburgk. 

CDloM^ allied to the last. leaves broader than long, rigidly subcoriaceous, 2-3 in. 
~ r> ^brous beneath, with two obtuse lobes reaching \-^ down. Sacemes short-pe- 
~ d,as long as liie leaves; bracts under ^ in., oblanceolate, reflexed; pedicels 
r, lower li-2 in. Calyx thinly grey-downy externally; tube cylindrical, tur- 
^ ■> ,< , ^.| in. ; limb J-^ in. Petals ^^ in., pilose, with a round limb equalling a dis- 
^^^t daw. Cvary downy, with a distinct stalk and style. Pod unknown. 

<|. €. B. &awll| Benth. MSS.] scandent, leaves deeply cordate shortly 
^^^«i 16-17-n6rved, racemes dense forming ample terminal panicles with re- 
^^^«d branches, odyx-Umb shortly 6-cleft, stigma sessile. F B. foveolata, Dalz. in 

Soc 13, p. 188. 

Goirciy, Xov. 

JSromeklets slender, terete, ecirrhose, thinly grey-downy. Leaves orbicular, rigidlv 
^aceous, 4-9 in. long and broad, finely downy, the numerous ribs thick and much 
^9ed on the under sur&ce. Raeemes forming an ample deltoid panicle \ ft. long and 
,^^^ad, with numerous deflexed densely pale-brown downy branches, the lower com- 
^^^od ; bimets deltoi^ minute ; pedicels erecto-patent, very short. Co^yx-tube ^-^ in., 
?^^row, turbuiate; lUnb J-^ in., shortly 5-cleft. Petals twice the calyx. Sttgrna 
rj^^lge, peltate, ^ in. broad. Pod unknown. — ^Agrees with the description of Dalzell's 
^«^nt except that it is not dicDcious. 

^^ Sect. 3. ^TSipliyllanii Benth. Fertile ttamena 10. Calyx with a long 
^^4e and 5^1en limb. Pod broad, indehiscent. — Leaflets distinct 

L. LEouMnroas. (J. G. Baker.) iu%»^.. 

. B. Blanoolf Baker : edrrhose, corymbs equalling the leaves, flowen 
J, tube equalling the ovoid bud. Flianera Blanco!^ Bmtk, FL Jungh. 964. 

Sum, Sir R. Schomburgk. — Distrib. Phili^ines, Cuming^ 1518. 

A glAbzous erect shrub. Leaflets \\ in., rieidly sabcoriaceoos, obtue, fineljTeinad, 

iply rounded below the point of insertion, flowers in dense azilUzy corymbB ; pedicels 

n., erecto-patent. Ca/yjr-tubo cylindrical, }-} in., finely yelvety ; sepals laneeolalie, 

nailing the tube. Petals much oxserted, oblong-spathulate, coaxaely pnbesoenL JM 

Btinctly stalked, glabrous, 5-6 in. by 1-1 ^ in., 8-10-soeded. 

10. B. dlpl&yllay Hamilt. in Symee It. Aveiu. t, 24 ; cirrliosey xacemea 
auch exceeding leaves, flowers large, tube much shorter than the lanceolate bud. 
WaU. Oat. 6784. B. Buchanani, JDesv. in Ann. Sc. Nat. Hist. Par. $er. L voL 
iz. 430. Phanera diphylla, Benth. PI. Jungh. 204. 

Ck>xcA2r, Stocks. Birka, WaUicht Maingay. Malacca, Griffith. 

A glabrous twiner, with circinate tendrils. Leaflets rigidly coriaceous, 2-S in. long; 
roundMl at both ends. Flowers in lax axillary racemes, with msty-downj braadMSi 
pedicels ascending, 1^ in. Caiyx-tubo 1 in. long, narrow turbinate ; sepals lanoeoIatB, 
coriaceous, 1-1 1 in. Petals rather exserted, oblong, with a long claw. Pod jkl ft. \/f 
l|-2 in., thin, glabrous, indehiscent^ many-seeded down the centre ; stalk flnaUy 
l|-2in. long. 

Sect. 4 Pbanera, Low, Fertile stamens usually S, sometimes 4-(SL 
Cb/yjvtube mostly uroduced ; limb usually 6-cleft, sometimes spathaoeoosj^^ 
Erect or scandent ; flowers large or smalL 

* Leaves narrowed gradually or suddenly to an entire point. 

11. B. oomlfolia. Baker ; leaf half as long again as broad gradQaDy 
pointed, calyx-tube 3-4 times as long as the limb, petals o1ilanoeolateK>Uaqg 
not clawed. 

Pbnaxo, Griffith. 

Branches slender, glabrous, without tendrils, thinly rosty-downy. Leaves 8-8 
rigidly subcoriaceous, slightly cordate, 5-noryed, thinly brown-silky beneath ; 
1 in. Flowers in dense terminal corymbose racemes, 3 iu. long and broad ; 
erecto-patent, lower above 1 in. long. Calyx thinly rusty-downy exteniaUy; tal 
cylindrical, k-\ in. long ; bud ovoid, under \ in. Petals more tban twice the ~ 
of the calyx-limb. Ovary downy, with a short distinct style and stalk; stigma 

12. B. FlnlaTSonlanay Qrah. in WaU. Cat. 6801 ; leaf once and a 
to twice as long as broad gradually pointed, calyx-limb as long as the tal 
petals orbicular with a distinct claw. Phanera Finlaysonianai BeM, 
Pungh. 262. 

Malay PsmNSULA, Finlayson. 

Branchlets slender, glabroscont, without tendrils. Leaves 3-4 in. long, rigidly 
riaceons, glabrous, shortly cordate, 3-5-nerved, narrowed gradually from the mkL 
to a point ; petiole very short. Racemes terminal and axillary, dose, 8-4 in. k^ 
the rachis thinly rusty-downy ; pedicels \ in. d/yr-tube \ in., cylindzieaL ' 
ovoid. Petals ^-| in. long, glabrous. Ovary rusty; style and stalk both 

13. B. emarflTlnata* Jack, in Mai. Misc. i. 75; Comp. Bat. Mag. L 
leaf rather longer than broad suddenly obtusely pointed, calyx-limb as Ic 
as the tube, petals orbicular with a distinct claw. 6. ludda, Wtdl. CW. IJ770 
B. cordifolia, Roxb. Fl. Ind. ii. 332 P Phanera lucida, Benth. PL Jungh. 20^- 

PssTANo, Porter. — Distrto. Sumatra. 

A cirrhose twiner, with glabroscent branches. Leaves rigidly coriacecfQS, glatszoiH 

SauhkniaJ] l. leottminosj:. (J. G. Baker.) 27^ 

S-6 in. long, 6-7-iierTed, distinctly cordate. Flowers in copious pedonded terminal 
tt cemae 3-4 in. long; pedicels erecto-patent, lower 1 in. or more long, like the calyx 
densely brown-downy. Calyx-tahe between cylindrical and turbinate, ^^ in. ; bud 
oiboToid. JPgtaU twice the length of the calyx, densely silky on the outside. Otfary 
downy, with & short distinct style. 

** Leaves round^ordate, cleft only at the very tip, 

^ 14. B. retnsa, JETam. ; Eoxb, JETart. Beng. 31 ; Fl, Ind, ii. 322 ; erect^ 
6dn)io0e^ pubescence grey> calyx-tube turbinate yery short. B. emaa^ginats^ 
Wda. Oat. 6792f rum Jack. Phanera letusa, BerUh, PL Jungh. 263. 

Western Himalayas ; Suojl, Gubwhal, Kuxaon, ascending to 40(K) ft. 

Leaves rigidly coriaceous, rather broader than long, 4-6 in. long, 9-nerved, gla- 
Ivous beneath, usually deeply cordate. Flowers in ample terminal paniclss, some- 
times a Ibot long and broao, with corymbose branches dothed with fine grey silky 
pohosoenee^ the lower springing from the axils of reduced leaves ; lower pedicels 
Meiading, |w} in. long ; bracts and bracteoles minute, caducous. Cedt/X'tabe scarcely 
enj; limb ^ in. long, irregularly deft; bud oyoid. Petals oblong, clawed, twice 
the sepals, yellow. Sh/le produced, stigma large. Pod hard, flat, 6-6 in. by 1}-I^in., 
^Ivoos, wte in dehiscing, short-stalked, 6-8-seeded. 

15. B. inteir>tfoliav Boxh, Fl, Ind, ii. 831 ; scandent, eirrhose, pubes- 

^^Booe fermginouB, calyx-tube cylindrical not exceeding the limb, oyaiy densely 

Wfcy short-AtalkBd. JFaB. Cat. 5780. Phanera integnfolia, Benth, Fl. Jimgh. 

^ocARO and Halacca. 

Xaseet rigidly snbooriaceons, glabrous, 9-neryed, deeply cordate, 3-6 in. long, with. 

^^Attoid apical sinus, b^floreseenee as in the last, a long panicle with yery dense. 

^ y-flowraed ascending racemose branches, dothed like the calyx with bright rusty 

r pubescence; bracts small, lanceolate, subpersistent ; pedicels ascending, lower 

in. Cb/yar-tube ^-j- in. ; sepals deltoid ; bud globose. Petals obovate, clawed, 

i the sepals, densely rusty-silky. Style long ; stigma small. Pod oblong, hard, 

shoTt-stalked, 5-6 in. by 2 in., late in dehisdng. 

^6. B. bidentataf Jack in Mai. Misc. i. 70 ; Hook. Comp. Bob. Mag. 

^^ ; scandent^ cirrtiose, pubescence ferruginous, calyx-tube cylindrical exceed- 
l;^' ^e Iknby oyaiy usually subglabrous long-stalked. WaU. Cat. 5778. Phanera 
'^^^oitata^ Benth. PI. Jungh. 203. 

lAifo and Malacca. — Distrib. Philippines. 

''ery near B. integr\folia, with which it agrees in leaf, yestiture and inflorescence. 

*«r pedicels 1-2 in. long ; bracts caducous. Co^yx-tube cylindrical, }-} in. Bud 

[^|^i>d-oyoid or subglobose. CalyxAimh under } in., slit down to the base. Petah 2-3 

the length of the sepals, oboyate, clawed, more or less silky. Style long ; stigma. 

pdtate. Pod unknown. 

^** Leaves deqdy deft, persistently pubescent beneath. 

yi. B. Valiliiy W. 4* '^' Prodr. 297 ; cirrhose, pubescence dense grey or 

^nouSy leaf-lobes obtuse, pedicels long^ calyx-tule cylindrical, petals much' 

ied densely pilose. Ddlz. ^ Gibs. Bomb. FL 83. B. racemosa, vaMf Symh. 

; DC. Prodr. ii. 515 ; Roxh. FL Ind. ii. 325 ; WaU. Cat. 5775, non Lam. 

Yahlii, Benth. PL Jtmgh. 203. 

^oot of the OsKTBAL and East Hdcaiatas, ascending to 2500 feet in Kumaon.. 

^AB, Dr. Hooker. Cokcan, Stocks. Cibcabs, Boxburgh, 
. .An enormous dimber, with densely pubescent branddets and abundant drdnate 
^^^^bils. Leaves riffidly subcoriaceous. rather broader than long (i-U ft), deeply 

,80 L. LsouxiNOSjB. (J. O. Baker.) [B 

Mndate, ll-lS-nerred, dit 4-^ down with an open rimu, pernstMitlj dowBj all ovtt 
beneath. BmotmeB long-pednnded, tenninal, dense, Babcofymboee ; kywer paaicela 1-S 
in., with persistent linear bracteoles. CEi/yjstabe slender, ^-^ in. ; Umb under 4 faki 
netting into two lobes. PHaU 1 in. long, oborate, with a short daw. Oimivmib- 
gineo-tomentose, with a short stalk, long style and minnte stigma. Fod MbugnoHk 
rosty-downy, |~1 ft. by 2 in., 8-12-seod6d, finally splitting open. 

18. B. rosaOf Kurz in Joum, Aiiat, Soe. Seng, xliL 2, 7S ; pnbeioeDOe 
fkdvoiUy kaf-lobes obtuse, pedicels long, calyx-tube Bhort, petaia mneh ezMrted 
alightly plose. 

Mabtabak^ Brandiiu 

A climber, with pubescent branchlets. Leaion xoond-cordate, 8-6 in. each way, 
fluLrta^*fwwiff, slit ^ down, glabrescent above, clothed with yerwstent ftdvoni pttbesesnee 
benaath. RaemM$ termiuil, cor^bose ; pedicels l)-2 in. ; bracts linear-laaoeolat^ 
acnninate, ^ in. Co/yx -teeth linear-lanceolate, ^ in., free aind reflezed iHlien mataiib 
Ma2f } in., with a long claw and linear-oboTate ondnlated blade. Ovarjf ftiXfo^ft* 
lota ; style thick, shorter than the ovaiy. IW unknown. £r Kurg^ loe, eiL 

19. B. mflft, Grah, in Wall, Cat. 5708 ; ciirboee, pubeaceoee tiiin duk 
ferruginous, leaf-lobes acute, pedicels long, tube slender cymidrical, petals mndi 
eoeited densely silky. Phanera ru&, Batth, R, Jtm^ 98S. 

SiLHR, WaUioh, 

Branches, petioles, leaf-ribs beneath, pedicels and calyx densely fe rrug iu eo- toi— i 
tose. Leaves rigidly snbcoriaceous, 4-^ in. long, deeply cordate, ll-lS-nerred, with 
deltoid sinus reaching ^ down and deltoid lobes. Corymb dense, terminal, anhsesals 
pedicels 1^-2 in., more slender than in B, VaUii. Cafyx'tahe ^-^ in. ; limb aq 
ling the tube, membranous, irregularly slit. Pietals oblong-q^athulata, twiea 
length of the ciUyx-limb, densely silky on the back. Omry densely aiUqr, 
abort stalk and long st^le, stigma smalL Pod unknown. 

20. B. weliitliiay Wall. Cat. 5781 ; edirhose, pubeaoenee tJiin grey p-mx.-^ 
berulent, leaf-lobes obtuse^ pedicels very abort, tube cylindrical, petals n fejfc^B ie 
exserted obovate with a very long pilose claw. Phanera velutina, BenilL "^ 

TEsrASSBBiM, WaUich, Griffith, Heifer. 

Habit and inflorescence of B. purpurea and varkgata. Leaves broader than 
xigidly coriaceous, pale greon, deeply cordate, 9-11 -nerved, with an open sinns m 
inff ^-^ down. Racemes few-flowered, short-peduncled, axillary, corymbose ; nedi 
\~% in. ; bracts deltoid, very minute. Caigx thinly grey-imbcHMent ; tnbe f-l 
■epals distinct, lanceolate, as long as the tube. Claw of tAe pettds three timr~ 
lonff as the limb. Ovary grey-tomentose, narrowed gradually into a long stalk 
style, stigma small. Pod unknown. 

21. B. semiblfida, Roxh. Hort. Beng. 81 ; Fl. Ind. ii. 330; edxrhoflc^ 
pubescence thin dark ferruginous, leaf-lobes obtuse, pedicels elongated, calyx* 
tube stout ampulleeform, petals oblanceolate glabrous little exserted. Wall I^ 
As. Bat. t 253 ; Cat. 5783 ; Wight. Ic. t. 263. Phanera semibifiday Bentk H 
Jungh. 203. 

Malacca, Griffith. Tbcasskbix, Heffer. 

Branchlets f lo^-ribs beneath, pedicels and calyx clothed with bright tanpae^ 
silky pubescence. leaves rigidly subcoriaceous, 2-3 in. long, deeply cordate U" 
nnred. Bacemes terminal, subsessile, 8-4 in., long; pedicels 1-1 J in. Ca/f*-}^ 
^ in., narrowed from the base towards the neei ; sepals lanceolate, disdnCt, cerises 
ous, reflexed, as long ns the tube. Ovarg densely silky, distinctly staUoMi, with • 
short thick stylo and largo peltate stigma.-~Closely allied to B./ermginmu 

Bau&mto.] l. legumikosa. (J. O. Baker.) 281 

22. B. ^tonflTAtaf Karthah m 29at, Verh. Bat. 89. t. 24 ; edirhose, pube»- 
emce thin dark fermginous, lea^lobes obfcuse, pedicels short, calyx-tube cylindri- 
ealy petals oblanoeolate glabrous little exserted. B. moUissiiiiay WaU, Cat. 6782. 
Plymera ehxngata, Benth. PL Jungh, 262. 

F]Di4MO» WaiUek, BtsicA, Maingay. — ^DnrriuB. Malay ides. 

BfamMeU, pedicels and cidyx clothed persistently with fine ferrnginofis tomentnm. 
IsaQft zigidly sabcoriaceons, deeply cordate, ll-lS-nerved, 4-6 in. long, with an open 
sbask readiiiiff about \ down. Cdrytnha semile, few-floweied, azillazy ; bracts sm^ 
Uncsolate, sabpenistent ; pedicels orecto-patent^ lower \-\ in. C%i(yjr-tnbe slender, 
1^1 in. ; sepals as long as the tnbe, distinct, lanceolate. Fetals oblanceolate, clawed. 
Ovary tomentose, narrowed into a vezy long stalk and style, stigma smalL 

**** Ldtnei deeply cUft, with acute or subacute lobes, nearly or quite glabrous 
besMA when mature. 

S8. B. omata, Kurz m Joum. Asiat. Soc. Beng. zliL 2, 72 ; edrrhosey 
IfltTas d-ll-nerved, pubescence ferruginous, pedicels long, flowers small, c&lyx- 
tele short turbinate^ sepals 6 rather exceeding the tube, petals slightly exserted. 

Hbu, Kutm. 

BrameUits clothed with decidnons bright fermginons silky pubescence. Leaees 

^[•Bply coida t eb Ann, membranous, reaching nearly a foot long, the acute contiguous 

'pbv TCiehiiig half way down or more, the slender veins clothed at first with ferru- 

jf'^^e^s hsirs. FUnoere in dense rounded pedunded simple terminal corymbs ; bracts 

*~, lanceolate, tomentose, persistent; pedicels slender, an inch long, clothed with 

spreading hairs ; lower deflexed, Calyx thinly silky ; tube ^ in. ; limb reflexed, 

^liirano«s» irregnlsrly deft. Petals ( in., oblong, clawed, silky on the l^ck. 

%. Oeary snbsessild, densely rusty-silky; sQrle |-j^ in., stigma smiJl 

^4. B. kliasianaf Baker ^ ecirrhose, leaves O-ll-nerved, pubescence 
.^e hrifffat ferruginous, pedicels long, calyx-tube cylindrical-turbmate, limb 
^"^Ifi^i as long as ths tube, petals slighfly exserted. 

hills, alt. 1-8000 ft.. Hook, fit. # ThMnson. 
climber, with branchlets dothed with bright rusty silky pubescence. Leauss 
% lazgs, thin, glabrous, the diyergont su^ute lobes reaching about a third 
turners in numerous contiguous short-pedunded corymbs, forming a broad 
Hal eoxymbose Danide* the lower branches subtended by large leaves ; pedicels 
*^~'\t 1-1^ in. long, like the calyx densely dothed with very bright rusty silky 
DS ; bracts caducous. Calyx-tfohe }-^ in. ; bud subglobose; limb irrqg;ularly 
^^^^ Petals obovate, clawed, densely silk^ on the back. Stamens 3. Ovary short- 
^"l^vd, densdy rusty-silky ; style short, stigma small. 

_^6. B. irlateilbliav Baker ; ecirrhose, leaves 0-nerved, pubescence thin 
^j pedicels long, flowers smalj, calyx-tube turbinate, limb rather exceeding 
^« petals little exserted. Phanera glabrifolia, Benth. PI. Jungh, 2^. 

He\fer, and sent from the Calcutta gardens as B. jriperifolia. 
slender, at first finely grey-silky. Leatfes shallowly cordate, rigidly sub- 
glabrous, shining above, moderately large, the acute lobes reaching ^-( 

PUnosrs in dense many-fiowered, short-pedunded corymbs, forming a broad 

H^^k^inal eoKymbose panide ; bracts minute, lanceolate ; pedicels dender, ascending ; 
^^«ir ]-l in., clothed like the calyx with adpressed grey silky pubescence. Calyx- 
~ ^ in. ; bud globose ; limb not usually fully 5-deftw PeiMs obovate, clawed, 
fy silky on 3ie back. Ovary glabrous, short-stalked; style produced, stigma 



V^ S 6. B. maorostaol&ya, WaU. Cat. 6774; cirrhose, leaves O-nerved, pu- 
^"•usmee thin grey, pedicels moderately long, calyx-tube turlunate very oUique, 

282 L. LEQUMiNOSf. (J. G. Baker.) [Pau&titui 

Bepab deltoid^ petals much exserted. B. scandens, Hoxb, Hort, Benp. 31 ; jR 
Ind, ii. 326; Wight Ic, t, 264^ non Linn^ Phanera maaostachya, Beaik, I\ 

SiLUET, Boxburghf WaUieh. Assam, Hamilton. 

Branches glabzooff, with copious stalked geminate tendrils. Leaves loimd-ooKdati 
rigidly snbcoriaceons, subglabrous, 3-4 in. long, with an open deltoid siniis readiiof 
^^i down and deltoid subacute lobes. Flowers in forked or simple peduncled nanoi 
Bublax racemes }-} ^* ^^^^S ! bracts minute, deltoid ; pedicels J-^ in., dothed lik 
the calyx with fine grey silky pubescence. Co/yr-tnbe \ in. ; limb campanolate, i m. 
regularly 5-cleft half-way down. Petals \ in., oboyate, clawed, densely silkj. (/mtj 
densely ferrugineo-tomentose ; stalk and style short Pod ligulate, 4-6 in. bj 2 in. 
flat, indehiscent, persistently tomentose, 2-4-seeded. 

27. B. dlTersTonSi Bakery cirrhosey leaves 7-iieryed; puhescence thii 
grey, pedicels yery short, calyx-tube cylindrical, limb spathaceous entire as Ioiq| 
as tiie tube, petals much exserted. 

BntXA, GHffith, 

Stems slender, scandent, glabrescent. Leaves rigidly subcoriaceous, slightly tat 
date, glabrous, broader than long, 3-4 in. long, with a broadly rounded sinus iwdniK 
half way down and diyeigent ddtoid acuminate lobes. Baeemes copious, few-flowoM 
congested, sessile, azillarjr ; pedicels scarcely any ; bracts minute, deltoid. Os/jin^td^ 
^f in. long ; limb tough, entire, ) in. broad, lumens 5. Petals oblaneeolate^ iStam 
times as long as the limb, glabrous, not clawed. Immature fod narrow, } fU ]on| 
glabrous, with a long stalk* 

28. B. braotaata, Qrah, in Wall. Cat. 5802 ; ciirhoee, leayes 9-II 
neryed, pubescence gre^^, pedicels yery long, bracteoles linear, calyx-tube shot 
turbinate, limb exceeding the tube, petals much exserted. Phanera hractoali 
Benth. PI. Jungh. 264. 

TsivAssBRnr, Griffith^ Hdfer. Siakbsb gulf, Finlayson. 

BranchUts finely grey-downy, with copious stout drcinate tendrils. XeoMi rigidff 
coriaceous, slightly cordate, rather longer than broad, 4-6 in. long, g^brous, with a 
sinus reaching half way down, so narrow that the dimidiate deltoid subacute lobes 
touch each other. Cotymbs many-fiowered, short-peduncled, axillary, \-^ ft long; 
bracts laige, lanceolate, persistent ; pedicels ascending, slender, clothed like the esl]^ 
with fine grey pubescence, furnished with a pair of opposite linear bracteoles shots 
the middle^ the lower ones 2-3 in. long. Co/yx-tube }-4 ^^* > sepals |-| in., Itoei^ 
late, subconnate. Petals above 1 in. long, with a tomentose claw, exceeding the eor* 
date crisped limb. Ovary grey-downy, with a long style and stalk, stigma smslL 

29. B. involaoellatai Kurz m Joum. Asiat. Sac. Beng. xUL 3» 7S; 
leaves 9-11-nerved, pubescence thin, pedicels very long, bracteoles large oUooSi 
flowers laige, calyx-nmb as long as the tube, petals much exserted. 

'MARTABXSf Br. Brandis, 

A climbing shrub, with thinly puberulous young branches. Leaves thinly ehir* 
tacoous, cordate-ovate, 3-4 in. long, glabrous, with a sinus reaching half-way cunnor 
more, the lobes narrowed to a subobtuse point Baeemes lax, terminal, glafaresosnt; 
pedicels 2-2^ in. ; bracteoles oblong, subobtuse, } in. long, velvety within.. A^ 
velvety ; tube j- in. or more long ; teeth lanceolate acuminate, flnally free and leflflS^ 
Petals pale rose, 1^ in. long, with an ovate-oblong obtuse blade as long as theelsv* 
Ovary glabrous ; style thick, moderately long. iW unknown. Ex Kurs loe. dt* 

••••• Leaves deeply clefts with obtuse or rarely subacute khesy nearly or jrf' 
glabrous beneath when mature. 

30. B. CTlaaoa, Wtdl. Cat 6786-, cirrhose, pubescence thin fenuginoa^ 
leaves T-O-nerved cleft below the middle, pedicels moderately long, calyz-fiinft 

f c»«^nta.] L. L£OUMiKoa£. (J. G. Baker.) 283 

S^irwljed much shorter than the c^lmdrical tuhe, petals glabrous ezserted. 
f^axMBii, BmtJL H. Jungh. 266 'j Miq. Fl. Ind. JBat. i.68^t.2^A. 

TmAgSKam, Xastabait, Pbtaho. — ^DnmuB. Hslsj islos, CShina. 

J^ronMeU vlender, soon glabrescent, with eopons tendrils. Leaves the smallest 

deepest cleft of the section, cordate, firm, 1-3 in. long, the ribs at first pilose, the 

apa«al lobes always obtnse. Flowers in copious dense short-pednncled or sessile ter- 

jKumaleoiTmbs ; pedicels slender, erecto-patent, ^1 in., with several setaceous persis- 

hia^eoles. CeUyx'tube ^-} in. ; limb % in., reflexed, thinly silky. Fertile 

8. Ovary glabrons, with a diort stalk, moderately long style and small 

B)d thin, &m, indehiscent, glossy, 6-8 in. by l]-2 in., with 10-12 small 

down the middle, like B, diphytta, — Only distinguishable from the Chinese B, 

Boih, ; Wall. Cat. 6388, by its broad indehiscent pod. A plant gathered 

\fy Xodksr ai»i Thomson in Khasia, without flower, has a pod like B, glauca, but the 

lBa;wM Bxe larger, thinner, and much less deeply cleft. 

Tab. forvifMOf Teysm. & Binend. sp. ; leaves very small }-} in. long cleft nearly 
to iNie dothed beneath with fine fermginous silky pubescence, corymbs few- flowered. 
SnrcAPoaB, 2^. Oxley. 

SI. B. fbrmffineay Itoxb, FL Ind, ii. 831 ; cirrhose, pubescence bright 

%ni|ginoii8. leavea 9-11-nerved not deft down to the middle, p^cels long, calyx- 

fimb 6-ebfi rather exceeding the ampullflBform tube, jpetials exserted densely 

nlky. Wall. Oat. 5776 ; Karth. in Nat. Verh. Bot. t. 23. B. Pottsii, Q. Dan 

G^sM. Byd. ii. 462. Phaneia ferru^ea^ Benth. Fl. Jwigh. 262. 

Hkaxo, "WATJimA, SnrcAPosB. — DiSTBiB. Malay isles. 

fifndiUU soon glabrescent, with a few stout woody tendrils. Leaves rigidly sub- 
'^'■ttoaoos, deeply cordate at both ends, 2-4 in. long, with the ribs at first rusty* 
P^iK'^iOBnt. Jnowers in ample terminal racemes, ^-^ ft. long ; pedicels erecto-patent, 
dothad like the calyx with bright rusty silky pubescence, 1^2 in. long ; bracts mi- 
^^% Uaceolate, oaducons. Calyx-tohe ^ in. long ; sepals lanceolate, coriaceous, 
i!^^ iVte/is oblanceolate, clawed. Stamens 3. Ovary densely rusty-silky, with 
«^ ^r?i *t*Ik and style and very large oblique stigma* Pod smooth, thin, ^ fL long, 
^ 'ihuhrosd. 

t'0 )^^ 1* GriHUMana, (Fhanera Griffithiana, Benth. PI. Jungh. 263), a form with 
lbitf[ ^^^nrnnd persistent stipules. — ^Malacca, Griffith, Mamgay^ 

1^ ▼ Ai. 2. excdsa, (Phanera excelsa, Blume ; Miq. Fl. Jna. Bat. i. 62) ; calyx-tube ob* 


t ^ wf i~i in. long much stouter than in the type (i-^ in.), sepals above an inch long. — 
'^^titta, Griffith. Distrib. MaUy isles. 

«% B. narrosaf Wall. Cat. 6777 ; dirhose, pubescence thin ferruginous^ 
^'^ 11-15-iienred not lobed half-way down, pedicels long, calyx-limb 6-cleft 
itloiig ngthe cylindrical tube, petals silky exserted. Phanera nervosa, Benth* 
^ ^h. 262. 

^mr, WaXHeh. Assaic, Griffith. Khasia Mts., 1-8000 ft., Hooh.fil. f Thomson. 
^^ robust climber, with thinly silky branchlets. Leaves rigidly subcoriaceous, deeply 
r^'l^te, middle-sized, rather Icnger than broad, at first thinly sillnr on the ribs, tlia 
j^^^Qous lobes sometimes subacute. Flowers in copious elongated terminal racemes, 
?^ tranches dothed with bright rusty-silky pubescence; bracts lanceolate, silly, 
^_ ?JjW0BS ; pedieels erecto-patent, lower j|-2 in. long. Cai^x-tube A-j in., not narrowed 
am fS^^ ' "^P*^ coriaceous^ finally distmct. Petals, stamens ana ovary as in the la^ 
^1 ^ i ft long, 2 in. broad, thin, firm, strongly veined. 

^^^ B. pbCBliloeaf Hieyne in Watt. Cat. 5800 : ecirrhose, leaves 0-nerved, 
2^*|^aeeDoe thin dark ferruginous, pedicels short, sepals not fully distinct as long^ 

? ^ cylindrical tube, petals glabrous Uttle exserted. W. ^ A. Prodr. 29£ 
g^BonthBini, Bedd. Ic. 1. 107. B. ruficarj 
^^'^^Hoa phamoea, Benth. Fl. Jvmgh. 262. 

ificarpa, Dem. in Ann. Sc. Nat. ix. 430 P 

284 L. LEOUMiKOS£. (J. G. Baker.) IBauhmia, 

GluratB of Tbayancobb and Cait asa. 

Ad ezteDnye dlmber, with slender branches, elothed at first with fine fe fr ug iiw i 
pubescence. Leaves rigidly snbcoriaceous, slightly cordate, thinly silky on the ribs 
when yoong, the obtuse lobes reaching J-^ down. Baeemee few-flowered, shoit-pe- 
dnncled, aziUary and terminaL Cal^X'tahe ^-jl in. Fertile §tammu 6. IVmt 
oblanceolate, with a distinct daw as lozig as the limb. Oveay densely ms^-dowi^, 
with a long style and stalk and small stigma. Pod flat, finely msty-downy, § ft. loiig» 
an inch broad, with a raised rib on either side of the upper sutoxe. 

84. Mm porpiireaf lann,; Saxb. Hort, Seng. 31; FL Ind, n. S80; 
^eirrhosoy leaves 9-11-iierved, pubeecenoe grey, pedicels BHorty Bopala not faSbr 
distinct exceeding the turbinate tube, pe^ls obhwceolate glabioiu exsertoi 
Sam, in Trans, £inn. Soc, xiii. 497 ; JraU. Cat, 6797, excL A, E, /, ex ftrts\ 
W, ($- A, Prodr, 296; Bedd. Fl, 8yh, 92, non DC, B. tziaadn, Soih. Eaii. 
Beng, 81 ; JFV. Ind, iL 320; WaU, Cat, 5799. B. cotomandeliaoay DC. Preir. 
ii. 515. Phaneia purpurea, Benth. Fl, Jungk, 262. 

From the foot of the West Hocaiatas and Ehasia Mts. (alt. 4000 ft^), to Cnunr 
andPswAiro. — ^Distbib. China. 

A middle-«ized erect tree, with moderately stout glabrescent braaehletB. L m m 
rigidly subcoriaceous, glabrous, shallowly cordate, the lobes obtuse or subacute, nteh- 
ing^-4way down. Flowers in terminal and axillary short-peduncled fiBw>flovind 
corymos; bracts minute, deltoid ; lower pedicels \-^ in. Cb1^jr-tube \^ in.; Kdb 
]-l in., coriaceous, slit into two Talves, which show a division into 6 teeth. JMib 
oblanceolate, with a long claw, reddish, twice the calyx. Fertile stamens 3-4. Ovsrff 
grey downy, with a long stalk and style and moderately huge oblique stigmat jM 
|wi ft, by ]-l in., firm, flat^' glabrous, late in dehiscing, rather oeeurved, 1S-1§* 
scm e ci. 

85. B. Tariegrataf Linn, ; DC. Prodr, ii. 514 ; edirhoee, leaves 9-11-* 
nerved, pubescence grey, pedicels short, calyx-limb entire apatliaoeous ^QJJ'^ 
ing the cylindrical tube, petals ^brous obovate clawed much exserted. &■»•• 
in Trans, Linn, Soc, xiii. 496 ; Boxb, Hort. Beng, 81 ; FL Ind, iL 819; WA 
Cat. 5795 ; Bedd, Fl. Svlv, 92. B. purpurea, WaU, Cat. 5797, ex parts. 3- 
candida, Boxh, HoH. Beng, 81 ; Fl. Ind. ii. 818; WaU. Oat. 679Q,fumA0^ 
Phanera variegata, Benth, PI, Jungh, 262. 

From the foot of the Wbstebzi^ Himalayas, and Sixxix, alt 4000 ft., and tJnoig^ 
India proper, to Bibica. — Distrib. China. 

Genei^ habit of the last, to which it is closely allied. leaves rather broadorthftS* 
deep, middle-sized, rigidly subcoriaceous, deeply cordate, the obtuse lobes reichitftf 
h-i down. Corymbs few-flowered, lateral, sessile or short-peduncled; bracts Bmnft^ 
deltoid; pedicels erecto-patent, i-^ in. Cali/x-tdbe ^-1 in.; lunb oordateHyfrti^ 
remaining to the end spathaceous and entire. Pdtals 1 ^-2 in. long, an inch or more hnm^* 
white, brautifully variegated with red and yellow, sometimes pure white (B. ussrfj^^ 
Boxb.) Stamens 8-6. ' (harg with a long stalk and style and a minute stigna. 1^ 
^1 ft. long, 1*1 in. broad, hard, flat, glabrous, rather decurved, dehiaoentk 10-1^ 

Sect. 5. Lasiobemaf Korthals, gen. Fertile stamens 8; Q^fx-^^ 
Bcaicely any. Flowers minute, in copioualy panicled lacemes. 

86. B. angralna, Boxb. Cor. PI, iii. t. 285 ; Fl, Ind. ii. 828 ; DC. Ttdr. 
ii. 516 ; WaU, Cat. 5778 ; W,^A, Prodr. 298. B. scandenB, Xmn. Sp, H^ 
edit. i. 874, ex parte (Kheede Hort. MaL viii. t. 80-^1). Ladobema aqguinft ^m 
Horsfieldii, Miq. Fl. Ind. Bat. i. 71. 

From Eastebk Bengal and Sixxnc to Birma and EAsTBiiir and Wflff^ 
Pezonscla. — DisTBiB. Malay isles. 

(.] L. LEQUMiNO&s. (J. Q. Baker.) 886 

bing gUbrouB shrab, with cojpions circinate tendrils. Leaves thin, deeply 
•T-nenred, the cleft very yanable, sometimeB scarcely perceptible^ some- 
ep deltoid sinos and the points acuminate. Baoemes cylinorical, 2-6 in, 
nged in ample axillary and terminal panicles; bracts minute, linear; 
in., erecto-patent, finely downy. Calyx ^ in. long, broadly campanulate, 
boid teeth. Petals white, oblanceolate, twice the length of the calyx. iW 
dUong, glabrous, indehiscent, stalked, 1^2 in. long, 1-2-seeded. 

6. Gasparea* DO. Os/yx-tube fosifomi; limb spaihaceous. 
mien one. 

kf Kurz in Jaum. Asiat, 8oo, Beng. zlii. 2, 73. 

, Dr. Brandts. 

branches puberubus. Leaves roimd-ovate, truncate at the base, palmately 
chartaceous, 1-1^ in. long, glabrous aboye, downy on the ribs below, cut 
Sown into two rounded lobes. Bacemes short, terminal, pubescent; pedicels 
densely puberulotis; bracts minute, subulate. Calyx downy externally. 
in., oboTate-cuneate, glabrous, undulated, probably wnitish. Ovary stalked, 
•e ; style slender, twice as long as the ovary. Pod unknown. — Ex Kurs 


IDA, WaU. Cat, 5779 B (totally di£R)rent from 5779 A), grown in the Oal- 
len from Penang, has the fblly divided leaves of section I^siphyllmm, but 
is unknown. The half-leaves are dimidiate cordate-ovate, twice as long as 
Towed gradually to a point, rigidly subcoriaceous, 3-4-nerved, with the ribs 
tlothed with adpressed ferruginous tomentum. It may be the Malayan 
liptera, Miq. Flor. Ind, Bat, i. 70. 

■BOOUA, Boxb, Ft, Ind, ii. 327 (Fhanera, Benth. PI. Jungh. 262), from the 
forests of Silhet, is said to be a climber with entire cordate 6-7-nerved 
dd leaves, terminal panicles and 1-2-Beeded round-oval pods. 

115. WBPTmrZA, Lour. 

i without prickles. Leaves bipinnate, with persistent stipules and 
1 small stnp-shaped sensitive membranous leaflets. Flowers minute, 
lus, in dense h^ids on axillary peduncles^ polygamous, those of the 
it of the head bearing only protruded flattened staminodia. Calyx 
ampanulate, 5-toothed. P^als 5, strapHshaped, connate near the base. 
3f tne perfect flowers ezserted ', anthers glana-crested. Ovary stalked, 
lied: style filiform, stigma club-shaped. Pod coriaceous, flattened, 
V oUong, 2-valv6d. — Distrib. Species 8 ; cosmopolitan in the tropics. 

. oleraoeat Lour, ; Benth. in Hook, Joum. iv. 354 ; stems almost 
nostrate, leaflets 16-30, sterile flowers numerous, pod oblique oblos^ 
led. Dalz. 4* ^>^* Bomb, Fl. 84. Mimosa natans, Roxh, Cor, Ft. 
Tort. Beng, 40 ; Fl, Ind, ii. 553. Desmanthus natans, Wilid, ; DC. 
\, 444 ; Wall, Cat. 5295 ; W. ^ A. Prodr. 270. D. lacustris and 
', DC. Prodr. he, cit. 

X WxsT provinces, to Oetlon and Malaoca. — ^Distbib. (Cosmopolitan in 

stout, annual, wide-creeping, rarely throwing out suberect branches, pro- 
spious fibrous rootlets from the same nodes that bear the leaves and 
u Pinna 4-6, 2-3 in. long ; rachis glandless ; leaflets glabrous, obtuse, ^-^ 
Peduncles ascending, ^1 ft. ; bracts small, ovate, snbobtuse. Staminodes 
tnp-shaped, yellow, drdla ^ in. Pod ^-1 in. long, rostrate, dry, soon 
; by the upper suture. 

286 L. LEGUMiNOSJS. (J. Q, Baker.) [Nepiuma, 

2. W. triquetral Benth. in Hook. Joum. Bot. iv. 355; stems slender 
ascending, leaflets 28-30 small, sterile flowers few, pod oblong not oliliqcie 
4-8-seeded. Dah, jr 0^* Bomb, Fl, 84. l^mosa triquetra, VM ; Boxb. Bart. 
Beng, 40 ; Fl Ind. ii. 652. Desmanthus triquetrus, Willd. ; DC. Prodr. u. 
444; WaU, Cat. 5206; W. ^ A. Prodr. 270; Wiyht Ic. t. 756. 


A low diffuse perennial, with slender stems, angular upwards. SHpides small 
acute ; pinnae 2-6, sin inch or less long, with a ^and on the rachis between the 
lowest pair; leaflets |~j- in. Heads small, globose, long or short-pednndel 
Corolla yellow, j^ in. long. Sterile flowers somebmes ^uite absent from the hods. 
Pod ^1 in. long, with more membranoiis valves than m the two others, and a raj 
minute beak. 

N. PLENA, Benth. in Hook. Joum. Bot. iv. 355; stems stout ascending, 
leaflets 40-60, sterile flowers numerous, pod oblong-ligulate 15-204eeded. 
l^Qmosa Adenanthera, Boxb. Fl. Ind, ii. 554. Desmanthus Adenantheia, WidL 
Cat, 5298. D. plenus, punctatus and polypbyllus, DC. Prodr. ii. 444-5. 

NoBTH West provinces and Cetlox, introduced. A native of Tropical Amaries. 

Glabrous throughout. Stems comparatively stout, sufi&uticose, several feet high. 
Piii9k9 6-10, with a gland between the lowest pair ; leaflets like thoee of the latt. 
Stipules and bracts copious, cordate-ovate, acuminate. Heads copious, oUoqg* 
Flovjers and heads just like those of N. oleraceOt but the pod twice as long. 

116. XTZiZA, Benth. 

Tall unarmed tree. Leaves bipinnate. Flowers in round beads, moitl'^ 
perfect. Calyx tubular, 5-tootbed at the tip. Petals 5, valvate, slightiy vmie^ 
at the base, httle longer than the calyx. Jkamens 10, free, ezserted ; antfa ftg^ 
gland-crested in an early stage. Ovary sessile, many-oviiled ; style filifini^^ 
stigma minute terminal. Pod large, woody, oblong-ralcate, finally dehi Bcin#^ » 
flat, septate between the oblong compressed seeds. — A single species. 

1. X. dolabrlformls, Benth. in Hook. Joum. BU, iv. 417. DaU, 8f QJ^^ 
Bomb, Fl. 85 ; Bedd. Fl. Sylv. t. 186 ; Brand. For. Fl. 171. Mimosa xylc 
Boxb. Cor. PI. t. 100 ; HoH, Beng, 40 ; Fl, Ind, ii. 543. Inga xylocarps, 
Prodr, ii. 430; WaU. Cat, 5277; W, ^ A, Prodr, 260. I. lignoea, Qrok 
WaU, Cat, 5278. I. dolabriformis, Grah, in WaU. Cat. 5279. 

Western Peninsula, BmHA, Singapore. — ^Distrib. Philippines. 

A tall tree, without prickles. Pinna 2 ; leaflets 4-10, opposite, with so 
one on the outside and with a gland on the rachis between each, oblong, M 
subcoriaceous, glabrous, 3-6 in. long, the lowest much shorter. Flowers sesBile, ^^ 
dense globose pedunded heads, crowded on short branchlets developed with tz^^ 
young leaves. Corolla \ in. Pod 4-^ in. by 1-2^ in., 6-10-8eeded. 


117. SNTADA, Adans. 

Woody unarmed climbers with tendrils. Leaves bipinnate. Flowert ^ 
long narrow spikes, minute, yellowish, polvgamous. Calyx minute, campa0^ 
late, equally 5-toothed. Corolla oblong m bud, the 5 long equal nanow lolM* 
falcate in expansion. Stamens 10, me, shortly exserted, maments filifono; 
anthers crowned with a gland. Ovary subsessile, many-ovuled ; style S^kn^ 
stigma concave terminal. Pod flat, woody, very large, composed of many disco* 
one-seeded joints, the endocarp persisting round the large compressed orbienltf 
aeeds. — Distbib. Species 10, the others Trop. African and American. 

L. LEGUMnroas. (J. G. Baker.) 287 

Mideiuiv JBenth, in Hook. Joum. Bot, iv. 332. Brcmd. For, Fl, 
8»tha, DC. Prodr. ii. 426; WaU. Cat. 5298 \W.^A. Prodr. 267 ; 
Bomb. Fl. 83. E. monostachya, DC. Prodr. loc. cit. ; WaU. Cat. 
leedei and Parrana, Spreng. Syst. ii 325. E.' Purssstha and E. 
4^. in Natuwr. Tifdschr. Ned. Ind. xxxii. 99, 1 16-18. Mimosa 
in. ; Eoxh. Fl. Ind. ii. b^-Sheede Sort. Mai. viii. t. 32-34 ; ix. 

1 Eastern Himalajas, Nipal, ascending to 4000 ft. in Snuuic, Wssterit 
ITLON, Malacca. — Distrib. Cosmopolitan in the tropics. 
86 climber, with slender terete woody branches. Leaves long-petioled, 
lally endiag in a tendril ; pinnae stalked, mostly 4 ; leaflets oblong or 
le or acute, 1-2 in. long, ngidly coriaceous. Spikes pedunded, ^ ft. 
usually panicled from the nodes of old leafless branches, sometimes 
he axils of the leaves (E. monostachya, DC). Flowers X-^ in. long, 
short pedicels. Pod 1-2 ft. or more by 3-4 in., curved, constricted 
3eds. Seeds 2 in. broad. 

118. ADSNAWTBS&A, linn. 

» without spines or tendrils. Leaves ample, bipinnate. Flowers 
oarrow spike-like racemes, hermaphrodite, usually pentamerous. 
aulate, equally toothed. Petals valvate, equal, lanceolate, cohering 
eiy base. Stamens 10, free, equalling the corolla ; anthers tippea 
1. Ovary sessile, many-ovuled; style filiform, stigma minute 
)od strap-shaped, torulose, falcate, the coriaceous \^yes much 
they separate. Seeds small, bright-colouied. — Dibtbib. Species 4, 
jh tropics of Old World. 

lavonlna, Linn.; DC. Prodr. iL 446; pinnee 8-12, leaflets 
I, seeds concolorous usually bright scarlet. JRoxb. Fl. Ind. ii. 370 ; 
300; W. cfc A. Prodr. 271; Wight iW. t 84 (80); Bedd. Fl. Sylv. 
I. For. Fl. 168. 

ALATAS (ascending to 4000 ft. in Sikkim), Wbstebn Pkninsttla and 
I of Malay gulf. — Distrib. Malay isles, Timor, China, Philippines, 
nrt-stalked, 4-8 io. long; leaflets oblong, alternate, short-st^ed, not 
•1^ in. long. Bacemes short-pedunded, 2-6 in. long, ^ in. broad, 
iie axils of the leaves and panicled at the end of the branches ; 
ogas the flower, ^-^ in. Pod 6-9 in. by ^ in., falcate, 10-12-seeded. 

ioolor. Moon ; Thwaites JSnum. 98 ; pinnffi and leaflets 6-8, the 
seeds half black half bright red. Bedd. Fl. Sylv. 94. 

Valker, &c. Malacca, Griffith, Mavngay. 

ort-stalked, 2-3 in. long. Leqfiets ovate, rigidly snbcoriaceous, f-l^ 

ceme and pod just like those of A. pavonina, the flower perhaps 

119. PROSOPZS, limu 

SB or shrubs with scattered prickles. Leaves bipinnate, with small 
its. Flowers minute, in narrow spikes or subspicate racemes, poly- 
Uyx minute, campanulate, subentire or fiEuntly 5-toothed. Petals 5, 
coherent at the base. Stamens 10, &ee, slightly exserted, filaments 
iters crowned with a gland. Ovary stalked, many-oyuled ; sl^le 

288 L. LBOUMiKOSiR. (J. G. Baker.) [Profopit. 

filifonn, stigma minute tenninal. Pod tumd, ^lindrical or oUong, with a thick 
spoDgy mesocaipi septate between the seecb. — ^Dibibib. Species lo, coBmopolitaa 
in the tropics. 

1. P. spiolirera, Xtnn. ; DC Prodr. ii. 446 ; pinn» mostly 4^ laehis 
glabrous^ floweis sessile, calyx truncate not ciliated, pod slender cylindricil 
torulose. Roxh. Cor. Fl. i. t. 63; WaU. Oft. 6299; W. ^ A. Firodr. 271; 
Dalz. 4- Gibs. Bomb. FL 84 ; Fedd. FL Sylv. t. 66 ; Brand. For. Flor. 109, 
t. 26; Boim. Fl. Orient, ii. 634. P. spicata, Burm. Ind. 102, t. 26, %. a. 
Adenanthera aculeata^ Foxb. FL Ind, iii. 371. 

Punjab, Scdtde, Wbstkrn Pbnik8X7i.a. — ^Distbib. Aflffehanistan, Persia. 

A low tree, with slender grey branches. Prickles copious few or none^ ^-^ in., 
nearly straight, at first straw-coloured. Pinna 1-2 in. long; leaflets 16-24, sesstle^ 
i-^ in., ligalate, with an ascending cusp, grey, glabrous, rigidly coriaceous, caduooos. 
ilowera in short-pednncled axillary spikes, ST-S in. long, and tenninal panicies. 
Corolla ^ in. long. Pod straight, edible, glabrous, 4-6 in. long, \ in. thick, osr- 
rowed gradually into a short stalk, the mesocarp &rinaceous. Bseds 10-16, dnH 
brown, oblong. 

2. P. Stephaalanat Kunth ; Benth. in Hook. Joum. iv. 347 ; jdnnai^ 
6-10, lachis downy, flowers short-pedicelled, ^od thick oUong. Baia^ P^^ 
Orient, ii. 633 ; Brand. For. Fl. 170. Lagonychium Stephanianum, M, Biti^^ • 
DC. Prodr, ii. 448. Mimosa agrestis, Sid>. ; Spr. Syttt. ii. 206. 

Punjab, near Peshawur, &c., Faleoner, Stewart. — Distbib. Caucasus, Ori 

A low bushy tree, with downy slender whitish branchlets, armed with copii 
slender stramineous prickles. lAoflets like those of P. epicigera, but smaller 
downy. Flowers rather larger. Pod oblique oblong, ^1 in. long, 4 in. thid:, ~ 
rugose, obtuse, contracted abruptly into the stalk; mesocarp pulpy. Seeds 


Shrubs. Leaves bipinnate, with minute coriaceous leaflets